The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on September 20, 1893 · Page 5
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 20, 1893
Page 5
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THE UPPER DES MOINES: ALGONA, IOWA, WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 20, 1893. ,1 J We have just received a big line of Ladies' Cloaks <£X •4 to which we call the attention of the ladies. Our Cloaks are all of The Latest Styles; nice and fresh ; we had no old ones left over. We bought from the eastern manufacturers and can sell them cheap. t We also invite the ladies -to look over our immense stock of Dry Goods. We never kept a more complete stock. Chrischilles RAILWAY TIME CARDS. Chicago, Milwaukee £ St. Panl Railway. IX3CA1, TRAINS •WTSST. Sioux City, Slonx Falls and Pa- clflo Coast trains— ?o. 1 departs at 8:30 am No. 9 departs at 4:58 pm Freights that carry passengers— o. 71 departs at 0:15pm o. 03 departs at 11:55 a tn TRAINS EAST. St. Paul, Minneapolis and World's Fair trains— io. 2 departs at 10:12 a m No. 4 departs at. 5:45 p m Freights that carry passengers— io. 76 departs at ll:00pm io. 04 departs at 1:45 p m No. 71 carries passengers between Mason City and Spencer. No. 03 carries passengers between Mason !lty and Sanborn. No. 76 and No. 04 carries passengers to Mason City. R. F. HEDKICK, Agent. Chicago A Northwestern Railway. South- Pass Mixed 2:33 p m 0:07 p m North- Mixed 8:18 a m 3:31 pin Freight 10:00 am Pass, arrives at Chicago Dos Moines at S :15 p m. Lv. Des M. 2:30 a m Mixed connects with Hyer and arrives at Chi cago at 8 a. in. F. H. VESPKR, Agent. Freight .... 10:00 a m rvr\ «+•. *7 n m • nvtMvnc fit. CALL/ OPERA HOUSE. ALGONA, IOWA. torse Payton Comedy company will play a four-nights' engagement during the fair, commencing Wednesday, Sept. 27, -Wim"MY KENTUCKY HOME." Wednesday night, Children's Night. Tickets now on sale at Dingley*s. THE CITY CIRCUIT. A reading room meeting will be held Friday at 3 o'clock. Kossuth will do Indianapolis up on ;he grand army foot race. Mrs. Dan Rahm died in Prairie Saturday. She was buried Monday. The old reliable house of Chrischilles & Herbst have a word this week. S. J. O'Neill has sold hislumberyard .nterest at Wesley to J. J. Budlong. ' A little girl at W. F. Carter's last evening is the occasion of happiness. A professional sprinter beat our racer, Scott, Monday evening and got $10. The Algona Knights of Pythias go to Britt tomorrow night to help institute a new lodge. At the two stations at Algona 55 tickets wora sold last week for the world's fair. A man was here last night arranging 10 exhibit a fur seal at the fair. He las a live one. Horsemen will be interested in the premiums offered this year for " gener- 11 purpose" horses. Street Commissioner Stebbins has graded the street to the cemetery, and .t is now a handsome avenue. A ten-pound girl baby at A. F. But- terfleld's in Irvington Monday is making it pleasant. It is the first child. Church services at Irvington Sunday at 3 o'clock. Sacrament of the Lord's supper, and admission of new members. Morris Chapin moved last week to the Chas. Walker place he traded for, and Fred Fuller moved to the house he left. The school board met yesterday and re-elected John Reed treasurer and C. M. Doxsee secretary for the ensuing year. J. W. Gillespie secured Gillie Rutherford's trotting horse while here last week and will give him a touch of high life in Chicago. We can furnish the Weekly State Register till Nov. 17 for 13 cents. If you want a good campaign paper this is the chance for it. Miss Jessamine Jones was able to begin her school work Monday. Miss Jessie Smith and Miss Gertrude Clarke also began at the normal. That Jas. Taylor is in good spirits again can be told by reading his fall announcement this week. He is ready for trade with a fine stock. It is said that Rev. Bennett Mitchell will make an active canvass of the state for governor. He is 61 years old and is said to be in vigorous health. The greatest attraction ever seen at a county fair will be the trotting dog, Jack. He can out trot any horse that is likely to be here for the races. C. J. Brown of Ruddick, 111., bought four miles east of Algona a year ago. He is out now and says a large colony of Illinoisians will be here in December. The democratic county convention comes next week Thursday. Then we shall know whether the outside candidates are in it or not. They name the county ticket and representative together. Frank Jenkinson is putting some more blooded stock on his Union farm. Last week he was over at Rockford and bought a 17-months shorthorn bull of the best blood. We have noticed more corn cut and shocked this year than ever before about Algona. There is more feed in corn stalks than in hay, and the wonder is that they are not all cut. Friday afternoon a lot of young men were on the fair ground and got up a half-mile foot race. Thirteen started, Frank Coffen of Burt winning the race. The time is not given, but it was a good race. The Mason City schools have drawn quite heavily from Kossuth. The principal of one school is Frank Slagle of Algona, and two of his assistants are Misses May and Bird Hotelling of Whittemore. For the fair week admission at the opera house will be at the the lowesl prices yet offered. General admission will be 25 cents, balcony and front rows of parquet 35 cents, parquet 60 cents. ana dress circle 75 cents. All of S. I. Plumley's personal prop erty was sold Saturday. J. J. Ryan bought his two Kossuth bred colts, one two year and one yearling, for $61, or $11 more than the service fee. Horses are rather down these days. The populists meet next week Wednesday to nominate a full county ticket. Wh,en A. J. Westfall van they had 85 votes in the county and this is jhe basis of representation. Only two ownships are entitled to delegates, aside from the two from each township ~.n the county. The annual Methodist conference occurs at Sioux City next Tuesday. All :he preachers from this section will at,end and get their new appointments. :lev. Bagnell returns to Algona, where 10 has been so successful the past year. About the most expert bicycler in Algona is little Miss Orma Vesper. 3he has a little wheel about 12 inches ligh, but it goes just as fast as a big one. She says she doesn't like to ride with her father; he don't go fast enough. The normal school is planning Io mve an exhibit at the county fair nuxt week. At present the intention is to lave Prof. Johnston write cards for visitors, besides displaying some of liis ine pen work. It will'be nn attractive "oat u re. Judge Carr wns hero Monday to see ibout appointing a receiver for the stock of Parish & Wilcox until they get dissolved. The matter will bt! irgued at Humboldt this afternoon. eo. E. Clarke appears for Wilcox and J. W. Sullivan for Parish. A man from Kankakce county, 111., was hero last week. He snys tho farmers there have boon cutting their corn ;o feed their cattle. Tho corn was worthless for anything but hay, and .he cuttle had nothing else to live on. Drouth has clone, the business. Letters uncalled for in Algona, post- office for Mrs. Emma Bellman, K. P. Boyor, S. A. Dunn, Mrs. Flora R. Pitch,Henry Hensinger. John D. Iret, Wm. J. Kirk, Miss Minnie Johnson, Mrs. Libbio S. O'Donnoll, Miss Anna Toigs, Pastor Unitarian Society. Madeline Merit and an excellent com- mny played to a small house last oven- .ng. , She is a fine actress and tho aresentation of the piny was as good as ias often been seen in Algona; It was )ne of the best companies we have yet md, and should have had a full house. Will. N. ChaiTce attended the ilax palace at Forest City hist week adverting the normal school. He says the vttendance was not largo. Monday he vent to Britt for the county fair. He las space there and will exhibit pen work and other features of tho school. Land sales are picking up. Up at Bancroft the Register credits Geo. Holoway with two big sales, while here in Algona a number of pieces have gone .n the past two weeks. The states cast of us have lost their crops again and Illinois men are hero looking for farms. An examination of the drinking .vater at Swea City has been made and ;he result published by the township 3oard. The doctors name several wells of impure water, say that tho disease is .ntermittent fever, that only seven are now sick, and that they are getting well. Wm. K. Ferguson is converting the willow hedge along the old Walkley 'arm into stove wood, and setting an example worthy of imitation. He has vlso built a big fine barn this season, had several hundred loads of manure tiauled out, and otherwise fixed up the place since he bought it. It is reported that Mrs. J. H. Grover of Portland had her pocket picked at the world's fair grounds. She is one of the very few who are reported as being troubled. The police regulation of the grounds is one of the remarkable features of this big fair. Mr. and Mrs. Grover are visiting in Wisconsin. A circular letter on road improvement in Iowa is being addressed to candidates for the legislature by the Iowa committee. Thos. F. Cooke is acting in the matter. The letter outlines the plan substantially as suggested by the Kossuth farmers'meeting last summer, and asks for an expression on its merits. Old friends of Prof. Geo. E. Reed will be pleased to learn that he is likely to be nominated for county superintendent of Clay county. He is one of the most thorough educators ever in northern Iowa, and full of energy, and if he is chosen the public schools will be the gainers. We wish him success. He deserves it. Sheriff Graham came home from Chicago Saturday. He has been collecting evidence in his suit against tho railway company which injured Mrs. Graham. This is to be tried in Fort Dodge early in November. Geo. E. Clarke appears for him and Judge Cook for the company. The Social Union club meets Friday evening. Rev. Davidson will talk on the world's fair, C. B. Matspn read a paper, and Lizzie Wallace give a recitation. Miss Lillie Ranks will sing, Misses Wadsworth and Kundert will give a piano duet, and Cornie Inghnm a solo. All should attend this opening meeting of the fall. T. H. Conner was up in Seneca last week at his farm and he says the crops are simply magnificent in that section. He says they are better up there than further south. Last year the best corn was in the north end of tho county, which is a queer commentary on the belief of a few years ago that nothing could be raised in that section. The opera house company have decided to make Wednesday night, the first night of the fair, children's night, at which time all school children will be admitted at half price. The Payton company play only at the best towns and are rated first-class. Miss Reed, the leading lady, is the highest-salaried lady now playing repertoire. Marsh Stephens is the lucky owner of 100 acres of beans this years, 70 acres breaking and 30 old ground. The breaking will yield 20 bushels at a moderate estimate, the rest alittleless, and he has been offered $1.75 a bushel. The total crop figures up about $3,000, which shows that there is more than one way to get money out of a small patch of ground. As soon as the work of the county fair is out of the way S. S, Sessions will take an active part in the campaign and speak in various parts of the county on the issues. No arrangement of places or dates has been made, but one will be announced in due season. The contest is to be open and above board and on a fair statement of what is involved in the election. While in Chicago Rod Jain found Dr, Mason, who came to Algona before the war and was our M. p. for awhile, in charge of the bee and honey department in the anthropological building. He now lives in Ohio. He asked for he old settlers of the county, and wants all who are in Chicago to call on him. All the real old timers will remember )r. Mason. Mayor Thompson was down Saturday with one of the fighting democrats from Bancroft. Wo could not learn the ex- ct occasion of his coming, but surmise that he was looking the field over on representative matters. THE UP- 5 Eii DES MOINKS has done nil it could o assist his boom, but here in Algona vithout much avail. Wo fear that •here is some line Italian hand work foing on and that he won't bo in it. TheY. M. C. A. will give a "hard ,i«ies" banquet tomorrow evening at he court houso. Tho exercises will consist of music by Messrs. Hamilton, fellicr, Doxsee, and Doxsee; n toast by frank Tellior: "Reminiscences of Pioneer Timesi" Mrs. J. 13. Stacy; 'Poor dvicluti'd's Advice," Harvey "iighnm; "Advantages of Hard Times," "_i. H. Mnyne, and music by Mrs. Bow- •er and Vesper, Misses Rundiill mid LVcetl. All for'26 cents. Tho Bancroft Register has an item vhich would indicate that Germania lad been swindled in gelling its cream;ry: "Tho Farmers' Co-operative Creamery company of Oei-mania is after wo agents, C. II. Bradley and one Murphy. It is alK-god these two men jollaeted and embezzled notes to the ^^nounl of l?,'i,ol)0. Tho n gents then skipped out of tho state. Tho alleged crimes were committed in Lcdynrd ownship, Kossuth county, in August." We have heard nothing 1 further. This tern was in a Cedar Rapids paper. Prof. ChaiTeo this week announces limsolf as a candidate for counly sup- rinlondent. Ho makes no reference O the conventions, and, we judge, intends to run as an independent cancli- late, although ho may bo nominated. THE UPPER DES MOINKS will support ,ho nominee of tho republican convon- .ion, because it has como to Ihe conclusion, afler considerable experience, that one year with another tho nomi- ices are as well fitted for office as anyone, and also because quarrels over minor offices distract voters from consid- ring the important issues parly organizations are maintained for. But it an say of Prof. ChaiTeo, however he lecides to make the race, that ho is veil qualified for the position and vould make an excellent official, if elected. The 600 or more present on that occasion will remember tho brilliant pic- rial on Europe by S. R. Elmer, lately iven at the Congregational church under the auspices of the county teachers' institute. It is now proposed on Monday evening next, Sept. 25, at tho Congregational church to present another of the series of Prof. Elmer's, this line on travels in America, Egypt, or he Orient as may be decided. The en- icrtainment will be good, tho lecture to be brilliantly illustrated by 80 or more scenes, differing of course from the Drogramme given before tho institute. !t will be worth paying for and will be jnder the auspices of the city schools for the benefit of their library and ap- mralus fund! Tho character of the mtortainment is out of all proportion to the small cost of the admission, which will be 15 cents for adults. NOTWITHSTANDING the financial crisis we can now place a few choice real estale loans. A. D. Clarke & Co.-26t2 Good Clinnco for a Trade. Wo are about to close out our business and any person wishing to engage in the machine business can trade for our machine business at the rink on •easonable terms. Will trade for a 'arm or other property. We have the agency for some good machines, which is of itself a good start for any man who wants to engage in business. 2512 BRADLEY & NICOULIN. FIRST-CLASS water tanks furnished on short notice at the Algona Tub "actory. Also brackets, corner blocks, porch columns, spindles, etc. Give us a call and we will save you money. 28t4 SPURBECK & LAMBERT. Lost. On Sunday morning, between C. B. Hutchins' place and Sec. 10—96, 28, a light brown capo. Finder will please leave it at THE UPPER DES MOINES office.—2512 ANNA LARSON. Man Wanted. I want to hire a man to take charge of my grain elevator at Algona. He must be a good judge of grain and have experience in running a steam engine. None but thoroughly competent men need apply.—25 C. L. LUND. NOTWITHSTANDING the financial cri sis we can now place a few choice real estate loans. A. D. Clarke & Co.-26t2 Notice. Having bought out Jas. Patterson's interest in Patterson Bros.' grocery, I agree to pay all bills contracted prior to Sept. 1, 1893, and to collect all accounts due said firm. 24t3 A. W. PATTERSON. STOVE wood, hard or soft, in lengths desired, also soft four-foot wood for sale by M. B. Dalton.—24 FARMERS, we have n customer to renl a 160-acre farm. List at once. Skinner Bros. PLENTY of money at Skinner Bros. WE have a fine line of changeable surah silks. Geo. L. Galbraith & Co LADIES' and Misses gossamers to close at 60 cents each. Geo. L. Gal braith & Co. JAS. ORR can be found at the olc stand and he will do good reliable worl in his lino. His work speaks for itself You know that Orr does good paint ing. He is back at his old stand read; for business. • FOR SALE, Square piano in good or der, on easy terras. Call at Dingley'i drug store,-25t4 ^ . ^ WHEN you want the freshest an< best things to eat, go to the Opera Houee Grocery. i REMEMBER Orr when you h$y§i iff (\riinf\ $ \ it $7,000 Clothing Sale. $7,000 WORTH of Men's, Boys' and Children's Clothing for sale at special low prices, in order to make room; we are overstocked and must make special effort and special prices to move our Clothing, consisting of Men's, Boys' and Children's Suits, Overcoats, Odd Pants, Vests, Fur Coats, etc. This special sale continues For Thirty Days Only So don't miss the golden opportunity, but call and see our goods and prices. We also have some special bargains in Dry Goods, Ladies' and Children's Cloaks, Shawls, Blankets, Flannels, Boots, Shoes, Hats, Caps, G-loves, Mitts, Trunks and Valises. •),ooo yds of Remnants of all kinds at wholesale prices. Everything in our line must go. Yours truly, Jno. Goeders jr. JOHN GROVE, [SUCCESSOR TO G. M. HOWARD,]—DEALER IN Our Specialties are the Round Oak Stoves, G-lidden Barb Wire, and Minnesota Linseed Oil Company's Paints. We have a first-class tinner, and do all kinds of tinwork and repairing, plumbing, and furnace fitting. and everything kept in a first-class hardware store. Oom.e euM.d. See "CJs. THE AL60NA DEPOSIT AND LOAN ASSOCIATION, The books are now open for subscriptions to the capital stock of this Association. They invite the scrutiny of all persons desiring an absolutely safe investment, with a guaranteed intiome, to their Dividend prepaid stock, Classes B and D, bearing 0 per cent and 8 per cent, semi-annual interest. Their common and prepaid stock, Classes A and C, entitle the holder to his pro rata share of all the profits of the Association, Tho former is payable in monthly installments of 65 cents per share, and is the most desirable for those wishing to put by a portion of their earnings each month. The officers will be pleased to explain the plan to anyone, and hope you will call upon some one of them and learn more about it. The more you investigate the better you will like it. They have secured the corner suite of rooms over the Algona State Bank, where the secretary will be found. The following are the officers and dl- Thoe, J 1 , Cpoke, President, I will sell you better FLOUR and other mill products for less money than you can buy elsewhere, or no money. Every sack warranted and delivered, J. J. WILSON. Thoriitoii TWs house has been thoroughly refurnished, and is

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