The Oregon Daily Journal from Portland, Oregon on February 2, 1919 · Page 33
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The Oregon Daily Journal from Portland, Oregon · Page 33

Portland, Oregon
Issue Date:
Sunday, February 2, 1919
Page 33
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PORTLAND, f OREGON, -SUNDAY MORNING; FEBRUARY ; 2, 1919. WOMEN OF WORLD THANK WILSON FOR FOSTERING President Makes Touching Reply to French Women Who Call at .Villa Murat to Greet Him. DESIRE FOR A NEW WORLD Vy Unspoken Suffering of Heart One of Tragical Things of War v Borne by Wives' and Mothers. By fearrr. Hansen pll Cbl. to Th. Journal and Th Chlcfo Daily New (CopyriBht. 1919. by Chicago Daily New, Co.) ( Paris. Feb. 1. The' question , of the position of women in the various counT tries cannot be taken up by the peace conference because it is an internal matter and the likelihood of the conference doing anything; for women depends entirely upon what it Will do for labor, of which women's labor a naturally a. part, and which is now made an international '. issue..:. . This was the stand tak by President Wilson in an address , to a delegation of 80 French women who' called at the Villa Murat to express their gratitude for his hare in ending the war and also to plead that he sweep aside 'all egotism and selfishness of peoples and - not be tempted by compromises. In his extemporaneous response the president said ; " "In the great matter that you have o much at heart the right of women to take their full share in the government of the nation to which they belong that is necessarily a domestic ques tion ior me separate nations. A conference of peace, settling the relations , ' of nations with each 'other, would be . regarded as going very much outside of Us province if it undertook to dictate to the several states what their internal policy should be. t Praise for "Women of France "At the same 'time those considerations apply also to the conditions of labor and it does seem likely that the conference will tafte some action by way of expressing its sentiments with regard to the international aspects, at . least, of labor and I should hope some action might ba offered for the case of the women, not only of. Franca but their sisters all over the world, ts be" pre- ' nen ted to the consideration of tha-con-tetence." " - v ' -..;. president Wilson declared ' that what he had most at heart was an opportunity vtoj express his admiration, for the women of France. The chief work had fallen oti them and they . had displayed the strength of the human spirit. - The women of France, he .sataT had strained their hearts to sustain the world, not only lo relieve r mnce. uui mo wuiiu, ui the enemy. This chief strain in this war waa not at .the lines, but behind the .lines. lAs I have said." continued the president, "to those with whom I am at present associated, , it must be a people's peace because this was the people's war the peoples won this war and- not the governments and, therefore, the people mut reap the benefits of the . war at every turn. ' Center of Home Is Woman ' "We must see to it that this is not an j . adjustment between governments, but an arrangement for the peace and security j of men and women everywnere. . ine 1 little, obscure suffering, the daily unknown privations, the unspoken suffering of the heart, are the tragical things ' of this war and they have been borne at home and the center of home Is : woman." .Mile. Valentine Thomson introduced the -women and expressed their desire for a new world, for a strong league of nations and for a binding peace. She said that Mr. Wilson meant security and peace to women. Mme. Avril de Sainte ' Croix, president of the. National Council of Women, reminded Mr. Wilson of her visit to Washington when' she brought the homaere of the women of France. "We say from all our hearts," she con- j eluded; "that we are -witn you to xne end and thank you for the women of the entire world." Bring Belgian Tots ' Back to Homes, Plan Of Broad Movement j . ' . By Harry Hansen Special Cabla'to The Journal and the Chicag-o Daily Nawfc I Copyright, iflia. by Chk6 Dally News Co. ' Paris. Feb 1. "Tho queen's children" is the name that has been given to the forlorn little Belgian refugees who are scattered over Belgium and northern 'France. The fairy godmother who has come to their aid is Queen Eliza- ' beth, who is personally interested herself in the movement to provide for their future weffare. The problem is a large one. as there are from 6000 to 7000 little folks, many of them unable to speak their own name or that of their home village. They became separated from -their families when the villagers fled in terror before the Ger- man guns. ., , The present-, movement centers in Brussels. .-' It r-provides for bringing tvery Belgian"' child ; back to Belgium and giving it an education under state provision. Several plans are being considered. Among them, ts'one for a large children's colony, in which an attempt will be - made to avoid the defeats of asylums by giving the children as much home life aa possible. . - - r - - - - - - i . . - ; X I Z I I i t I on uampaign " Money Eliminated , , ' ' Washington. Feb. WI. N. S.) Prohibitive taxation of campaign contributions was wiped out of the revenue bill when the- aenate .conferees - on the pneasure ;-i.nis atiitsi iiuvii rweueu ur withdrew their support from the sen-; ate amendment providing for such tax- atlon.. r , i A T'LEAST not at Lipman, Wolfe's. Here, through new merchandise "f policies (conceived long ago but just nowf becoming operative) mer chandise is "turned over" more frequently slow-moving stocks are moved at once instead of waiting for the usual time of clearances -and the result is -new, fresh goods practically all through the house at a time when everyone else is offering stocks that have been shown for some time. Ty UT why buy fresh goods when I can buy "old" goods for much less? you ask. . - . . :yy -tJ A fair question but in addition to showing new, goods, we show them at .; prices as low and lower than others' "old goods." We buy hese new stocks at manufacturers' clearance periods and pass the savings on. -Test this out for yourself in this stbre on Monday, bhop aroqnd if you - will. Monday's Offers Are Full and Sufficient Proof of the Wisdom of Shopping at This Store First Spring Is jui$ around the corner. The calendar may not say so, but so far as. the fem-initre mind fs concerned the first glimpse of new Spring raiment means that Spring is here. For example: Ne w Colored Cotton Blouse $5 to $6 -Stripesl Yes, but, happy stripesv Victorie red n d tan, French blue and tan, in the pretty new satin striped tussah. with smart Betsy. Ross collar; and loVehr or chid, sunset and new blue high-neck striped voile blouses. Third Floor Lipman, Wolfe &Co. A Blue and Cherry Satin Hat - That is, the hat is blue and satin and the cherry part comes in he soutache-Iike,jtraw braid tmrrstai son edge and winds in and out around the crown and turned-up brim. It is priced $12.50. Delightful New Neck Fixin's Frilly: bits of. color to enliven your sober-hued frocks and suits; some in teiSC cherry, straight ana round; some in cherry and French blue. Street Floor Lipman, Wolfe &Co. IIUS ' BH " " C '-lSS' J Sale of 1 000 Yards of New 36-Inch Gold-Edge Satins at 21 New Shades Not Shown Before And the moment you see this handsome, lustrous satin you will realize how radically it is underpriced. It has just come in by express and every yard is crisp, fresh and new. Such lovely shades as ivory, cream, champagne, flax, nutria, henna, taupe, nickel, smoke, j as jter, twilight, navy, dark blue, swallow, sapphire, damson, plum, raspberry, Russian, blue devil, black. Second Floor Lipman Wolfe & Co. , Sale of 37- to 40-Inch Filmy Georgette Crepe All New Eight Shades $1.50 Not Shown Before Georgette, the beautiful, the Versatile, which is equally effective for a smart tailored blouse or a formal gown. How important a part it will play in the fashions of the coming season, one has but to glance at the fashion magazines. tSo, then, this sale will be of extreme interest to women planning their Spring wardrobes. ( - . Second Floor Lipman, Wolfe & Co. Styles in NEW CHEMISE All Specially Priced at $ 1 .65 Even better values than we offered in our January White Sales, for these were ordered for the White Sales and came too late. Some of the prettiest styles we've ever shown are in this group. All are made dainty with pretty laces and insertions, attractive emhrodery yokes and shirrings. Regulation or strap shoulder styles. 200 NEW MUSLIN GOWNS y Specially Priced at $r.95 Gowns of e'xcellent quality material, lace or embroidery trimmed. Also some empire styles, with th daintiest beading and lace trimming. V, round and square-neck styles, and some with high neck and Long sleeves. Fourth Floor, Lipman, Wolfe & Co. T f m A New Corset for Medium Stout Figures Specially Priced $3.95 A corset that slenderizes and gives the long, straight lines so necessary for "smartness" these days.! These are made of coutil, in medium low bust style, with extra long hips and back. Elastic at bottom, front and back-gives ease in sitting and bending. Three pairs of hose supporters are attached to each corset and injure even straighter lines. Fin- -ished at top with embroidery. Sizes 22 to 30. Fourth Floor Lipman, Wolfe & Co. Whitney's Outfit for Valentine Making, 25c KiddTes and grown-ups, make your own valentines this year. Here's an outfit with bunnie's and flowers and red, red hearts and paper lace that makes ten lovely valentines, Valentines that are different; all kinds. A great assortment; all fresh and new. Table decorations as well for the party. Street Floor, Lipman, Wolfe & Co. New Spring Pumps and Oxfords Are Ready -Fashion reports show that pumps and oxfords will be the favored footwear for Spring. Tb Wichert, omoui Quality, vol House ever synon-with Shoe surpasses it-' self in the beauty, the quality of these new pumps ana! oxfords. Patent Colt Oxford The last word in long, narrow- toed smartness $9.50. V Black Kid Oxford Built on the same lines and in-- eluding same sizes, 2 to 9, AAA to C $9.50. Koko Calf Oxford Fine heavy 'welt sole, medium high and military heels; approted style for waffk- ing7$10.00. , , I , Patent' Colt Opera, also bark Brown Calf Long. beautiful, entrancing slenderness. About all sizes $12.00. I ... 1 Second, floor Lipman, Wolfe & C,o. 9x1 2 Seamless Tapestry Brussels Rugs in a Special Monday Sale $24:85; Handsome designs, oriental and conventional, in colors suitable for living-rooms, dining-rooms, bedrooms and libraries. Splendid rugs at remarkable savings. Time now to plan for Spring refurnishing days to come. 500 Yards Inlaid Linoleum At $1.33 a Square Yard Splendid quality inlaid linoleum, in fresh-colored patterns, attractive, for kitchen, bathroom and. office usage, and particularly pleasing for. restaurants.: . ; . "Fifth Floor Lipman, Wojfc & Co. ' Two weeks agotoday we advertised 65 Jersey Suits to be sold at Half Price Monday... These were all sold before noon and there were so many calls for these suits after that time we wired our buyer, who is. now in Ne,w York? to make a special purchase if possible so for tomorrow we can offer - i 45 New Fine Jersey S Advance Spring Types -1 7 Styles All $22.50 Every suit made to sell for much mufh more and they are remarkable suits any way you look at them. In fact, they're so smart, so altogether good and desirable, we doubt if this lot will last until noon. The only difference between these suits and the last lot is that these are newer models advance Spring models with Mines a little straighter, sleeves a little tighter, skirts a little narrower and touches of new cording and pleats.. Such colors as Pekin, orchid, tan, dark tan, purple, Nile, light and navy blue, coral, jade and tobacco. All sizes from 16 to 40 but of course, needless to say, early shopping is to be desired Monday. Third Flop, Lipman, Wolfe & Co. i ' 3 V-- ' . .V 1 . - . BABY, NEW "BOBBY" BEDS FOR BABIES A SALE AT $5.95, . $7.95, $8.95 Sweet little white enameled beds.; for weenie wee ones. These at 5.95 .are In very attractive styles, withl prlngs to make them more comfortable. All have rubber- tired wheels. At 17.95 v there are three styles, one with fancy slat sides, small or large ; - one with attractive high back, and .another pretty sty,le With round slats. , At S8.B5 there are "two models, one large. with wide slats, and the other in bassinet . sises "frith round back and fancy woven sides. With rubber tired wheels. - OTHER "BABY" COMF,ORTS : Blankets for Crib Cejr-In double" size with dainty colored borders "and bound edges. . Priced $1.75 d $1.95. Red Star Diapers .Ready made; and hemmed. Size 24x24 inches-Very special for this sale, $4.00 doua. 1! Beacon Blankets for Baby Dainty pink or blue ones, with pretty nursery designs 85c, ':,J - New Nightingales - Cunning new ones, white. wKh pink or blue. scalloped or rpsejjud trimming 3$c r. . -Fourth,,. Floor, Lipman, Wolfe & Co. TV New Spring Woolens Falling so easily in the new soft folds of Spring, this lovely material comes to us with the entree that is gained only by meeting the approval of fashionable Pacis. Suede Velour Coatings, 56 Inches, $6.50 Yard Visualize the completed, coat in any one of the lovely shades of reindeer, green, tan, ultra-smart Blue Devil blue, or the new dust shade. Trico tines, More Wanted Than Ever, $7 Yard Smart, indeed, will be the suit, coat or frock of this versatile material. All the Spring shades. Gabardines, Kashmere Twills, 56 Inches, $5 Yard Light and dark solid colors, and the handsome black and white checks, so suggestive of Spring smartness. Second Floor, Lipman, Wolfe & Co. . Ni ew opnng Cottons A very riot of Spring colors In the Cottpn Goods Section awaits the curiour shopper. Here you'll see the fulfillment of promises of vivid "Victorie" shades, of soft, pastel-like colors of happiness color reigns supreme, j , ' j V " j, '-;';' New Beech Cloth, 36 Inches, 65c Yard i j Like linen withoufthe "wrinkles," lovely, hew Spring shades, of course. '''. I-"'-1 Devonshire cloth, 32 inch, 50c yard. Dainty plajds stripes and plain colors. Especially desirable for house dresses ana the like. 5 . of,--- - Imported Gingham. 32 Inches, 95c Yard We'll wear colorful frocki of gingham this year as we did last only more so (more coloring we mean). Gay plaids abound, as do the new designs in this popular fabric. - Second Floor. Lipman, i Wolfe I & Co. t " I Labor Saving Appliances Buy Now for Spring Usage All Sold on Easy, Convenient Terms Hoover Suction Sweepers TAKE OUT GREASE SPOTS Surprised, a r e n't you? Well, they do and .we should be glad of an opportunity to demonstrate this in your own home. The Hoover is the only sweeper with an electric vibrating machine. By suction, the carpet is lifted off the floor and the brush beats every particle of dust out of the carpet and removes all Ifnt. Sold on easy terms, $5 down, 5 monthly. First Floor. Ejectric Corner : Lipman, Wolfe & Co. , "The FREE" Sewing Machines Do you realize that you Can. buy these splendid machines with so many points of superiority and pax for them at just about the I Vlrti nie -rate that it costs you to rent inferior, used machines of other, makes, "there are so many points of- improvement in a "Free" it will take a personal, investigation to show you. Terms, JtS down, i a week. - Famous "Model" Dress Forms These forms are adjustable in so many ways, it is quite simple to; "fit yourself at any time.. Every section locks automatically, so there is no danger df the form becoming "disarranged," Sold on easy terms- $1 dows, 50c a week- ; -Mezzanine FloorLipman; Wolfe & Co. sm m C;JESjJ ' ' a 5 ESS Maytag Electric .Washers take the' "wash" but of washday. They work while you play. And your laundry is always handled under iafe,! sanitary conditions when it is kept in your own home. Let us demonstrate a Maytag in your home.. ,c .i.;;,;. ,.:T':; Sold oneasy, terms 10 down, $2 weekly. ' , Housefcold Sectkn, Basement-Lipman, Wolfe "2t' Co. :,v" 1 00 Sets Nippon China Plates,, Cups and Saucers $1.95 See ; of 18 Dainty sets of thin Nippon china," with narrow band of gold. Set of six tea plates, six tea cups and -six saucers, eighteen pieces5 on sale Monday only at' 1.95. Sixth Floor; ' - i Llpman.J. Wolfe & Co. . Creme ;Oil Soap . 4 for 25c 2 "Complimentary" cake with each purchase of three for 2Sc all this week. Of proven merit and satisfaction. r: ' First Floor. I " 1 Lipman.-Wolfe & Co. j Hundred of Special Offerings for Mon i 0 ' ....... i . . , -

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