The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on September 13, 1893 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 13, 1893
Page 7
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f m THE UPPEE DES MOINEg; ALGONA, IOWA, WEDNESDAY; SEPTEMBER 13, 1803, 1 - .-g.-..-.--.i.-i.-^E^' J -.-.~---J."i-.r-^j-i-^^^. J -^.-a:--:-.-•_...•. -^-- .'-•^-- ••. ~-i- •••.: 1 -:*.•.-.,:^ i.-.!.-..-.- -• - :v- ---.•-->:; -.;..*•• :--.•--.- -.^ .-'.-. ju;^- --'.-:.-.. ,--j ;.-.. ~ -.•• —„>-- .- -i .• ~!.vr.-.: .. .* ;.--?: . M. ..._.,.:„_•..„•... - ... '....,.. - ... ; ........ .... ., -.-,..-.-.-.- .",..;.....-........._... . ' K»H's Cio-PCf Itoftt. Thspreftt Wood Purirtor, (rli-ei<{rpi<hnpB« ...„« to the Oomn.i'X on an.l cure* Onsl.inntlon. 26o. SOo, Some of the organ's sweetest notes co:n* from pipes that are out of sight. An honest critic is a eood friend. m KNOWLEDGE Brings comfort and improvement and tends to personal enjoyment when rightly used. The many, who live better than others and enjoy life more, with less expenditure, by more promptly adapting the world's best products to the needs of physical being, will attest the value to health of the pure liquid laxative principles embraced in the remedy, Syrup of Figs. Its excellence is due to its presenting in the form moat acceptable and plcas- nnt to the taste, the refreshing and truly beneficial properties of_ a perfect laxative ; effectually cleansing the system, Dispelling colds, headaches and icyers and permanently curing constipation. It has given satisfaction to millions and met with the approval of the medical profession, because it acts on the Kidneys, Liver and Bowels without weakening them and it is perfectly free from every objectionable substance. Syrup of Figs is for sale by all druggists in 50c and $1 bottles, but it 19 manufactured by the California Fig Syrup Co. only, whose name is printed on every package, also the name, Syrup of Figs, and being well informed, you will uot accept any substitute if oflered. ! have been troubled with dyspep- lf * M sia « but after a fair trial °f August ?$ t '^j.Flower, am freed from the vexatious ^.^'I'^trouble—J. B. Young, Daughters '' "^i4*College, Harrodsburg, Ky. I had |S|lieadache one year steady. One bottle Js^pf-August Flower cured me. It was ositively worth one hundred dollars ;,f%ome—J. W. Smith, P.M.'andGen. w|f Merchant, Townsend, Ont. I have 1't ^iised it myself for constipation and Vif '^dyspepsia and it cured me, It is the I f v best seller I ever handled—C. Rugh, Mechauicsburg, Pa. ® It is delicious", DIGESTED. Process No Alkalies — on— Other Chemicals are used in the preparation of W. BAILEE & CO.'S ireakfastCocoa whicli is absolutely pure and soluble, It lias more than three times the of Cocoa mixed with Staruh, Arrowroot or Sugar, and is far more eco- >,ing less than one cent a cup. — nourishing, and E.ISIX.X' Sold by Grocers everywhere. \ W. BAKER & CO., Dorchester, Mass. in the World I A. .1. TOWOR, BOSTON, MASS. ".. r ' I EWI8* 98% LYE R POWDERED AND PERFUMED tin (t'ATKNTEll) Tlie strongest and purest Lj r o msiiie. UnliUe other Lye, it being a line powder nnd packed in a cnu with removable lid, the contents are always ready lor UKC. Will niake the lest perfumed Hard Soap \n'20 minutes without Uoilini/. II Is I lin lieKtlbrclennsiu,'; waste pipes, disinfecting sinks, closets, v/ashing bottles, paints, trees, etc. PENNA. SALT MTG CO. (!en. Agts. I'hiln., Ttt. nts, Trade-Marks, , tpxnmiimtloii ami Aclvi™ us lo J'atonlablllty o£ }n»?iulon. Mend for "IiiventorB 1 Oiiide, or »o«- [o Oft OTAKBELL, WASHIHOTON, D. 0. people who have weuk lungs or Asth nin.shoulduao Piso'sCurc Cansumution. It 1ms cm n HIGHLY ENDORSED. Ij l The Professor of Physiological Client-1 I iStyy at Yulo College suys: " l Jliid Kick-, Indian Stinwa to be an extract of t . *,,J(s, Jturka uiul Herbs of I'tiliiuOle Jteut-' r edfal Action, without aiiyjiilneral or oilier ( f Itdnn'^l oAtmixtures. ~~ ~ _ <rl ^. - lucllun L<|^gnu is tlio graiul- f fai Liver, Sloinuch. and Nerve .,,„---!>' Known, plenuscs, ji'm-iiiosi FISH AND GHOST. The Old Mini Win Much Disturbed by Hia Experience. "A few years affo," said an old gentleman, to a Forest and Stream writer, "I was a-cutting and piling driftwood on the lake shore when a party from the village came down to fish through the ice. It was a cold, raw day. They told mo if I'd let, them use my fishing shanty and they had any luck they would give me some iish. Well, at it they went. Just as I was a-picking up at night to go home they fetched me a pickerel that would a-pulled down six pounds good and strong. I brought him home and put him up in the crotch of that apple tree over there. Then I done my chores, eat my supper, got the pickerel and thought I'd clean him; but ho was froze hard as a brick, so I run a string through his gills and hung him up back of tho stove to thaw out. , "I'd got a good grip on the sleep that night, and was plowing ahead on the gallop, when my wife woke me up and said that there was someone at the door. I listened a bit and heard a noise jost like some feller was a-knocking on the door with mittens on his hand. I wore a bit vexed, slid out of bod, pulled on my pants and boots, but did not strike a light, grabbed a big cano which stood at the head of my bod, hurried to the door, opened it and jumped out, ready to Jg^ock tho stuflin' out of anything. But, rnj dear sir, there weren't anything to knock. I run round the house; not a living critter could I sec, nor oven any tracks in the snow. .. ;,-„• "To bod I went ag'iu, and was jest dropping off when tho old woman, she nudged me hard and- whispered: 'Hear that? Jest listen; there it goesag'in!' "I sat up in bod, and jest as plain as day I could hear a dull sort of thump, thump. I begun to feel agerish like; mought have trembled a bit; then hollered: 'Who's there?' No answer. "I kinder shivered for 'bout half a minute, when them was thcdanidest racket out in the kitchen you over heard; sounded as if some one was a- kickin' 1 a tin pan all around the room and my dog came a-yelpin' and howl- in' in the bed room and crawled clear under tho bed, where he kept up a- whinin' and a ye'pin'. My wife screamed and crawled down under the bed-clothes. I had not only the ager, but tho chills—sweating chills, good and strong. "I was rattled, badly rattled. Jest had sence enough left to crawl out of bed, grab my gun, which was loaded, and creep carefully to the kitchen door. There was certainly some fellow out there, barefooted, and he was having a hull dancing school all to himself. I located him as near .-as i could in tho dark, then, without making any noise, brought my gun ito my shoulder and let her go. •"The flash of the gun was jus't long enough to let me see what the matter was. I went back, lit a .candle, and then went to the kitchen. There, right in the middle of the floor, was that cussed pickerel having the liveliest kind of a circus all by himself. He was .cutting up in groat shape with his flipity-fl.op, hipity-hop, jest as lively as if he had jest been pulled •out of tho water. With a stick of stove-wood I busted that show quick- er'n you could say shoo. -'You see, I hung' him up in a good, •warm place to thaw out, directly •over the old woman's dish pan, right under the pan being a good, warm, out-of-the-way place tho dog used to sleep. As that infernal pickerel began to thaw out his old cussedness crept back into him. Between the flappings of his tail and the workings of his jaws ho broke tho string, then dropped onto tho dish and both fell onto the dog." Caught in tho Toils : Ofthnt lurking foe, chills nnd fever, we often struggle vainly to free ourselves from its clutch. Palliatives there arc without number, but if you want n real remedy, us of couiB3 you do if nflhctod with this abominable malady, hasten to procure unct persistently use Hos.etter's Stomach Bitters. If you follow this suggestion, permanent restoration to health will reward you. Every form ot malarial iliseiise is permanently eradicated by the Bitters, winch is likewise a reliable safeguard against maladies of this type. Not alone on this continent, but throughout the tropics, it is justly regarded as a complete antidote to iviiasinu jjoison in air or water, No less effective is it for disorders of the stomach, liver and bowels, rheumatism, kidney complaints and nervousness. No one sojourning 111 a malarious region, or who is subjected to outdoor exposure in rough weather, or to excessive mental or physical strain, Blioulil bu without this Hue defensive tonic. The devil never gets anybody to follow him until ho has managed somehow 01 other to cover up his cloveu hoof. An Unequalled Opportunity of visiting the liiiest portions of the Grout West at small cost is offered by tlio Burlington Route's Columbian Year Harvest Excursions of Atigust :.'2d, September IStli and October Kith. On those dates, round trip tickets to all Burlington. Koute points in Nebraska, Kansas, (Jolorado, South Dakota .and Wyoming will bo on sale at extremely low rates. Tickets are good for twenty days aud admit of stop-over at any point west of the Missouri Hiver. Get up a party and visit the 100-bushols- to-the-acre cornfields of Nebraska and Kansas; the rich wheat lands of eastern Colorado, or the wonderfully irrigated districts of northern Wyoming. For information about rates apply to your nearest ticket agent. For pamphlets, etc., write to J. FHANCUS, Gen'l Pass'i Agent, Burlington, Route, piuaha. Neb. There isn't very much light in the lii'e o! a man who keeps his church letter in tin bottom of his trunk. ONE dose of Beech am's l j tlls relieve) sick headache in twenty minutes. Foj sulo by all druggists. 25 cents a box. In 1031 the invention of milling the edge, ol! coins, to prevent clipping, was iutro ducod. F1TS-A11 fH« snipped irw uy r.;;. KJUKK'B (iiim 1 •KKUVK HIOTIMIKH. Ku (It *luir llrst dliy'B UBI-. Will Tdous turns. Truiulsuitutltti.bVtrliUbuiili! fruu lo t'l BMes. UunU tol)r. Klino.uai ArcliSt.,l'iiiladvl|>Jilu < ra People '.vho can talk about themselves t| the satisfaction of others are very scarce. Tho man who gives happiness to uuothe) cnuuvt Iv altogether nmeiaWe b!ws>elt. "BUNKUM." American Origin nnd Signification «f tho Word. Tho meaning of this word, or at least the impression conveyed by tho word, has slowly altered, in this country at least, within the last forty years, says tho London Review. It originally meant according to all American dictionaries, talking for talking'? sake, or talking to one audience for tho benefit of another. A congressional member for a district of North Carolina named Buncombe insisted on delivering a speech to an impatient house of representatives, and when taxed with his conduct defended himself by declaring that he was compelled to make a speech which his constituents could read and that in fact he was "talking to Huncombe." This is certainly the sense in which Judge Halibut-ton, tho author of "Sam Slick," used tho expression; and our recollection is that in ] 840-60 it was so employed within quotation marks in criticising parliamentary speeches. The Americans, who catch any much-needed phrase of the kind with extraordinary quickness, speedily degraded "Buncombe" into "Bunkum, and the vulgar spelling was slowly adopted in England, but with significant change of meaning. Tho word being American, and all American oratory uttered for effect having one peculiar note in it, "bunkum" came to signify speech uttered solely through its tone ot patriotic exaggeration. The man who talks bunkum is not talking vaguo nonsense or stuff intended to occupy time,but is uttering "highfalutin" llattory cither of the people or of tho ' country, or of the future which is before eitlior. Nobody would say, foe example, that when tho lato Mr, Biggar was reading excerpts from blue books he was talking bunkum, though if ho did ho would be close to the original meaning; while everybody would say that bunkum was the great defect of Mr. Sexton's often very eloquent oratory. Tho thing, in its modern sense, is almost exclusively American, Irish or French, and differentiates oratory delivered for either of those peoplo from oratory delivered for Englishmen, in a nearly inexplicable way. Why do wo English not "bunk," when our kinfolk and our rivals do? Some years ago, while discussing oratory, we endeavored to explain the habit as resulting from the absence of the pride begotten of a great history; and if it were confined to tho Americans and the Irish, we should still consider that explanation sufficient. A people unsupported by history sustains its pride by self- praise, and in particular by magnificent disquisitions upon the glorious future which, it is satisfactory to assume, lies opon before it. American history is too short for pride except when tho pride takes the form of statistics — which, no doubt, are startling in America, and are therefore quoted with frequency and pleasure—while Irish history, is to Irish minds, an endless narrative of failure, oppression and continuous but baffled aspirations. The proud coldness of the Englishman, on tho other hand, which induces him to regard self praise as vulgar, and tho uttering of grand aspirations as, at best, a weakly rhetorical form of appeal to sentiment, is based on a history of a thousand years, which ho regards, in part erroneously, in part accurately, as a, narrative of nearly unbroken success. (He has done great things, he lost America; he has never either conquered or conciliated Ireland, and he is far from perfectly contented with his own civilization.) Xo SnakPH la Nnwroundhind. Everybody knows that there are no^snakos in Ireland, but very few know that Newfoundland is just like Ireland in that respect—and there is no record that Newfoundland had.a St. Patrick to drive the snakes oil', either. There is plenty of game in Newfoundland, but- not a reptile of any kind—snake, toad, frog lizard,or even turtle. Another queer thing about the province is that, while some wild animals aro abundant there, no one over saw a squirrel, porcupine, mouse or lynx anywhere within its boundaries. Thin is all tho more singular because tho adjoining provinces of Nova Scotia and C.'upo Breton have all these animals and many kinds of snakes and other reptiles. MustiK'hi'S Atm>»£ Women. A learned German scientist makes tho astonishing unnouncomont that among women mustaches aro commoner in tho present day than they used to bo in tho past. In Constantinople one out of every ton women have unmistakable evidences of down on their upper lips. A similar proportion of mustachod women is to be noticed among ladies in Madrid. And in Philadelphia a physician in (.-old blood has observed t.hat fully tlnee per cent of the women aro mustached. What do these facts indicate? A certain Mr. Mott thinks they indicate tho improvement of tlio human race, for. according to his theory, the race is destined eventually to bo completely covered with hair. A Outti-r Old Trunk. Old chests and trunks have a high volnc as curios, and are largely taken by thu deulera in the like. As paper was costly in the eighteenth century, many Hiiuh articles wore lined with newspapers then current, and if pleasantries are to bo trusted, oven with rejected manuscripts, A curious old trunk with pentagonal ends recently turned up in tho .shop of a dealer in old furniture. It still bore H weather-stained card .showing that its lust doliyory had boon u> somebody in Pearl street. It wan linad with a Phikulelphia newspaper of ] 77o uncl the pugos exposed boiy; tho tax list of that year in pounds, a!,i!lini,-j ,.)ic| pence. WAS QUICK WITH; HIS GUN. Dick Tod, on Wlio-n no Jinn Ever Snc- rnrdPtl in Getting tlio Ill-op. Dick Tod was one of the characters in a Western town, says tho -Detroit Free Press. Ilo was active in politics and horseraces and was a man who, while not quick to provoke a row. was quick to end it his way when once it started. Everybody in town was afraid of him and his prowess was held to bo invincible. On one occasion a new editor, displeased with Mr. Tod's methods, announced in his paper that the gentleman was a liar. Two hours after tho paper appeared a man rushed into tho editor's office, perspiring like a porpoise. "I hope you'll excuse me," he said to tho astonished editor, taking a tape line from his pocket, "but I didn't see tho paper until a few minutes ago." "What do you want?" exclaimed tho editor. "Want to take your measure, of course." he said, as if the editor ought to know what ho was there for. "But 1 don't want any clothes," urged tho editor. "Clothes nothing; I'm no tailor." "Well, what in thunder aro you?" "I'm the undertaker. Didn't you call Dick Tod a liar?" That night the editor got out of town and Dick was pacified before ho came back. At another time a political opponent got into a difficulty with Mr. Tod and published a card of a very personal character. "Hello," said a friend meeting him shortly after tho card appeared, "have you seen Dick Tod?" "No," was tho short answer. "Of course you haven't," apologized tho friend. "I'm a blamed fool to bo asking a live man a question like that." Once again Mr. Tod had some trouble over a race. "How's this?" said a fiiend to him the next morning. "1 heard Blinker say in a crowd last night that you had sold the race." "Oh, that's all right," laughed Tod. "Blinker's funeral won't tako place until Sunday afternoon, as wo couldn't postpone tho races." But Mr. Tod went the way of others of his kind. In a saloon one night when he was not expecting it u, woman whipped out a revolver and shot him through the body. Ho lived about ten minutes and his last words were: "Well, boys, good-bye, and remember that no man ever got the drop on Dick Tod." Couldn't Divide. "Do you realize," said the editor to tho foreman, "that you have taken terrible chances on bringing discord into half tho families of the city." "Why, no. What's tho matter? Anything libelous?" "No, sir. The damage is more far reaching than that of evon a libel :ould be. 1 tremble to think of the number of husbands and wives you may have separated." "How?" "By putting the base-ball news and the fashions on the same page." The faith that moves mountains began im grains of sand. Cloven feet are often found in patent leathers. He Was in the Background. "This mnp of the proposed new railroad isiniperfoct." sold the judge. "Imperfect, your hon'ort" "Yes; hero's your station: there's your water tank, yonder's your coal sh-.tte: now where in thunder's vonrrocetveri" She Protests. '•It is measures, not men, that we want," spontprl the stump speaker. "It isn't anything of the kind." exclaimed a summer'girl, and she left the place. Why Not Move to Nebraska, Whore land is cheap? Where just as good farms as are selling for SOO and ?70 an acre in iown. Illinois and Missouri, are to bo had for S10 or SI5 an acre? Where the soil, tlieclimnto. the surroundings are all that can be desired f Where there's MONEY in farming! Why not move! Five years—nay. three years—hence will bo too Into. The "cheap 'laud' 1 days will have gone by forever. Move now! AVrite to ,T. Francis, General Passenger Aprent, Burlington Houto, Omnlia. Ned., for descriptive pamphlets. They'll help you to decide on a location. Write to-day. You needn't enclose a stamp. The pamphlets are free. The man who says the world owes him a living always has an up-liill time in collecting his debts. Three Harvest ExcursTons Via tho Chfciiffo, Mllwsuilcoe it St. I'ntii railway lo nil the best fnrmlnp;sections of the West mill Northwest S3pti'i«l>Pf 13- ''^'< 1J ', October 10, 18fl;i. Return tickets good for twenty d:ive. Low rule?. All coupon ticket mfcnts sell tickets via the Chicago, Milwaukee it St. 1'uul railway. (!EO. II. 1IKA1-TOHD, lii'nertil Passenger Agent, Chicago. , City Ticket Oflluc, Ch!cit?o, 20T Clark St. Tho first English gold coins were minted in liTT, in tho forty-second year of Henry Harvest Excursions. Tho Wabnsh llallroad will sell round trip tickets good i!0 days on Aug. '«!2nd, .Sept. 12th ami Oct. 10th. to points in tho Great West, Northwest, South and Houthwost at extremely low rates. For full particulars apply to any Wabnsh ticket agent or to V. CUANDI.EH, G. P. &T. A., St. Louis. Mo.; or L. M. MAIITIN, Commercial Agout, Ues Moiues, la. There aro things that look much bettor from heaven than a milk wagon at a preacher's door on Sunday morning. F. J. CHENEY &CO., Toledo. O.. Proprs. of Hall's Catarrh Cure, oll'er i?lOO reward for any case of catarrh than cannot bo cured by taking flail's Catarrh Cttrj. Send for testimonials, free. Sola by druggists, 7Gc. When n man is praying for a corn crop God expects him to do something with the hoe. The full line i>f gcitsral Dry Goods displayed ly C/tns. E. J\'isscr iS 0 firo., J)>-s Moincs, .fij-'fij; IValnttt, surpasses any in the city. An old and reliable firm. Call or try them with mail orders. Every time a sinner hoars a story without repentance the devil gives his lire another stir. "Hanson's Slngio corn salve." Warranted to cure, or niuney refunded. A«k your druggist 1'orlt. Price 25 uc'nbj. It takes either a good deal of push or pull to got through tho doors of life. If tho Ituby 1» Cutting: Tuctb, U? euro and use tlikt old and well-tried remedy, Mits. "A'I'KHI.OW'S SOOTHINU Svitui 1 for Children Tcuttilug. Introduce wisdom into a lovo affair nnd you will In-oak it up. Ilegftnmn'H Camphor Iiutivllli Glycerine. Tint original nnd only Komilnc. Curi'sChamiodllamlu and FUL-U, Oulil sores, &e. U. O. Clark Co.,N.llaven,CI. Some preachers try EO hard to feed a few worldly giraffes that they almost starve tho Lord's sheep. It doesn't make a lie any whiter to put it on a tombstone, Birds with bright feathers are not always fat. People with no faults have few friends. The United States Government reports > ROYAL a pure cream of tartar || baking powder, highest of all in leavening strength. 8 " The Royal Baking Powder is undoubtedly the purest and most reliable baking powder offered to the public." . . /(U ///? Late Unifed States A/IS,/'' tx Government Chemist. ROYAL BAKING POWDER CO., 106 WALL ST., NEW-YORK. DES MOIN^S MANUFACTURKNC & SUPPLY CO. -JIAXl'J-'ACTUHEUS OF- ENGINES, BOSLERS, PUMPS, ETC., FLOUH, CORN ANJ) OAT MEAL MACJI1NE8 AND MACHINERY OF ALL KINDS, MAIL OF OFFICE AMD WORKS, |.-tl,l,|.;i> i-J{()MlTi.V. ALL KINDS. 101 TO 121 EAST COURT AVENUE. j,,« , VI ,HNKS. KWA \Vi>liiivoin-liolc-o list of Improvuil Fiirms iiml i-ruirlc- J,tuuls now ' .-""".'I I'.i'yaionl clown uiul huliinou ou lon« tlmu If duflruil, t Otirp I).vspep<'ln nntl Cnnoiii nr. SiiO'.ip's r.rstonitlvi- Norvo I'llls pmit free wllh Mortlcnl Boot: tn pr.ivc merit, for 'A' stamp. Drnu- KIKts 2,'ic. Hi:. Slump. Flux W.. Itnrlni!. Wls. There is one thing to lie snid in favor of summer. One hns wnrnior friends than In •winter. 'ft CnnATtmptlcm <*nt*ft Is poM on a pnjinintt.i-. it i-urcs Jncipici-t. ronMimp- tlotl. It . lathe In-st. l.'oi.Kli Ciii-i-. a r n..|.i..WutB. &S1.0O. People -who lilow their own horns seldom furnish good music- for other folks. Evpry drop of rnin tlmt strikes the enrlli docs its best to Rive man broad. T> A "PPW i)AitD 1 1 J. sui'pMKs.ANi* 1'imxr- TdKK. 41. I)!'] MAAN Ss <'<).. .11)8 l.ocnsl. ItiiiHtrntiMl I'ntnloxiic Free. "llciillli Hook for Mothers mnl Dnnnlitcra" imilloil frt-o to imy nildrcss. Vlnvl Co.,8IH Ki|iiltnhle lllilff, Den Moincs. The Cclcrntpil Urecn Steel Homo iiml Stumlard, for I'lthiM- Iliuil or Soft Coal. Kcnnmiilunl, Ilnrnhlc. 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Good endowments, excellent bniluUij;'!, 5(i able Instructors. 907 stmlcnls. Location nmi general .surroundings unsurpassed. Catnlo»>ue free. Address, JDralte Dulvei'MllJ', IJes Moinea, la. Wo have a limited number oC these beautiful Souvenirs ot the World's Columbian Exposition, which we will send postpaid on recciofc of regular price, $1.00. Address WESTERN NKW8PA- PER UNION, 31fl Locust .street, De» Iowa. Kanllc Boro S!W} Thompson's Eye Water* T/"I?1?T WV .INSTITU'riC ot Uoil Oak, Jowa- IV Il/il/.ljJ'J 1 \Vrll.e for Tho tlneut Institute In tliu wont. KndorBiul by Or. Koolov. M'iCAil AH'3 W Ar Ei"<o, UKlorpc'cl ilty iJhyKlcliinsu.s tlio liONt local remedy H r " r I't'iiiali) AlliniiiitH. Knsy to usu, 3 l ' ll " l "ly> •'"" l ««ro to cure. Two tiiccA'a-* treatment fire.. AddruKS MICAJAH & co.. WARREN. PA. Dr. Wa Kuo'n Uheurit»U« Care is the most marvelous permanent cure ion Rheumatism ever odercd the American! people. Ask your druggist for it, or send $i to Dn. WA Cnu FUNC MHD» Co., Sleilacootn, Wasli., U. S. A. I-J893 In beautiful nnd bright colors, and tho Uimigna ImiulBouioly' etched on silk, takonfrom Oil Paintings mid tlio celebrated, world-rcn nwnod inoiK'ta 1 now on exhibition nt the. World's Fair. Outhutop. is tho famous portrait, after 1 Iforo, ol' Christopher 1 Coluinbus, in tho cmilor iai tin exact rnprnduclion of th« Santa Maria in fn.ll sail, Bhowinpr tho brave crow thnc assiBtedln discovering AMERICA, on tho bottom in a <lot*i£ic showitiB two GloboH—tho Old and tlio now worlds—ononeaido is Christopher Columbtia, Bnr- roundod by h is crow, roproeent- ing tho firbt InndinK on ,onr p BliorcB.nnil on thoothoracom- „,._._,_ ph-to bird's eye view of the WORLD S FAIR. IB jironouiiuod one of tho limul- Bouiust and inoat ntrraotivo nipmon (OCB yot iasand' us a Souvenir of the Rrrnt Kicjuisitiun, Cau be» usod as a Iladye-i Buok-Mark, or au an ornament, for the parlor. Adopted uy SocieKft, Clubs, Churches, and the: tntbllatoiuenKriil. J'rice, jse.earh, or two for Ma. AGENTS WANTED Everywhere. Price per doi., $1. Special tonns for ]HI-K»lots. Muilinlanddclivurcil fr«o to liny part of the U.S. or Cuuodiu " J. McLEAN & CO., 157 S. CLARK ST., CHlCflbtt BAD BLOOO. ISIotclic.s, Sores, Scales and CriiKlK-r-A Komarldibln (,'lisu Ciiruil—,Siift"t!rml All u Ainu Could Suffer itnd l.lvo—l^iei), Neulc and Ililiid.s Cuvorod Willi Awful Stirou—IJeud mill JIo Coiivlnucii. ''j Mr. John Voy, a promlnuiu CerliK'.n ol'Sf' rs*^! 1 ^:?^ ftnyllung n largo soro would uomo. 1 Bu/Turcd terribly; cuulii not work, or rest day oriiifjl-t. Kvcniny rlfhi side l.ecamo almost useR'KS, felt muiili anil could nol use it \Vaa ttfralcl 1 wus goiii!} 10 huvo paralysis. I wont aiirt saw spmo of tho best physicians in this city, but they could do ino no pood. I was in despair while in this miserable and pitiable condition, i lii'iirci ol tlio success Dr. Hathaway was nuvlni; in such diseases and concluded to try him. When 1 called upon MinDus told me ho could cure me in three months Tne llrstwock that I used the Doctor's medicine I obtained Hie greatest relief and comfort and I commenced to improve at once, and at the end of three monUis am cured under Dr. Hath- awuy's skillful treaiment." The facts in the above ease can be readily vended by ciUliiiK or addressing Mr. Vey at his residence, above address. ^tmiB Homember Ur. Hathaway & Co. treat nil forms of chronic diseases peculiur to men and women 1 rivate uNoases of bolli sexes. Female troubles cured ill homo without inslntinenls. They cure where others fail. Do not fai! to write thorn If alllicti'd. They are ihe Icaitltif,' and successful specialists of HUM country in their line Address Dr. Hathaway & Co., Cor. •lili and Nebraska Sts., Slou.x City. Iowa. Vf. N. U.

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