The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on September 13, 1893 · Page 2
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 2

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 13, 1893
Page 2
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UPPISH MSB MOCSffB: At^OHA, IOWA, \ DUKJNG THE WEEK. house of bill bv a On the JStb the English lords rejected the home rule vote of 4W to 41. A uispatcher at Colehour, Jnd, the Pennsyluania railroad, made blunder and allowed two trains going in opposite directions to enter a single track. Twelve persons were killed, as many tnore injured and both trains badly wrecked. The operator is under arrest. Nancy Hanks trotted a mile at Indiana; oils last week in 2:04%. Hamilton F&h, -secretary ol state under President -Grant, died on the Vth .at his hoaae in New Vork. At the National Ewcaujpmetst of the O. A. R. at Indianapolis Past Commander-in Chief Merrill nominated Capt, J. <;. K. Adaios of Massachusetts for commander -iu-ehief to succeed Weissert. Hurst of Ohio, withdrew oud Adains wasehosen by acclamation, amid tremerdous chiieriiig. Jraa K. Walker of it-ndiaau-poHs was chosen si-nior vice commander, aud J. C. Jiij*- ger of Texas, ijuuior vic<i comma nder- Pittsburg was the successful bidder for next year's •encampment. Wr. T. Thatcher Graves, the convicted poisoner of Mrs. Josephine Haruaby, committed «uicide Iu bis cell at the county jail an JJeever, Col., presumably by taking poison. He was found stiff aud cold iu death at nine o'clock the next -morning by the "trusty" who has been caring for hi in. On his person was found the following letter; DXKVKH, Colo., Aug. V, IHW. — To the -coroner of Denver—Dear 8ir: Please d« not hold an autopsy on my remains. The cause of death may be rendered as follows: Died from persecution, worn out, exhausted. Yours respectfully, T. TJUA-JX-JUKI'.UUAVKS. Evidence is all in in the electric con spiracy trial at Pittsburg and th arguments have 'began. The gunboat Castine oil a. four hours' trial at Hath, Maine, averagec JS.O knots, thus beating the record o the M acinus. Sheriff Urooks of Jackson, Miss. was shot by .John Williams, a. net'ro prisoner, and will probably die. VVil- Jiums escaped. i-ouis Sherwood, a railroad grader, was arrested at Vankton, K. D., charged with rmirdi-riug Minnie Kaw- yer, who was found dead in her bed. He had become insane and minutely described the murder. JJy the breukirjg of a board over a coal pocket in the Miluesvllle colliery at Hax.leton, Pa., .Michael Cheviu and John Androse w«re precipitated into the coal bin. A gondola was being loaded from it at the time and tho men were drawn down. When taken out Ohevin was d«ud and Androse fatally injured. The posse iu pursuit of tin: two Mexicans who killed William T. Walsh, a young Englishman from Washington, J), C,, mot them at Stonewall, N. M. Ji'ivo men of the posse w«re led into ambush and lircd on, One deputy wus wounded a/id two hoises killed, Another posse of ftevenfy-five men hus been sent out. .1, M. Fisher, eusbier of the First Wutional bunk of <<Vnevu, Neb., hus {Tone, plueintf the time Jock of the bank viiujt seventy-two hours ahead. Investigation shows that he took with him f 1-1,-too, l-esides borrowing %;t,eo(j from a neighboring (own and putting lip his ban 1 ' "ini- 1 ' us ''olliii.nnij, MACKIiy IN MOKE TROUBLE. CONGRESSIONAL. 8EJJJITE. Sept. 2.—Peffer sent to juusciary committe? a bill in favor of a se- rs-ts- of constitutional amendments on (-urgency question by which ^overnmeat loans , through the states, with security oa lend 01 j -and interest at 8 per cent are" provided. ; Palniw presented joint resolution for I election of moatore by direct vote. .Bill j appropriating .'.OM.UOO for enforcement of I Chinese exclusion act was debated tind re- i ferred to committee on foreign relations. norm;. Debate en rules tvai= tiontinued without aw/ion vf general interest. SENATE. « «F.hinet'.in. Bept 4.— Kyle offert-d a free uuicnduient to the repeal tall, wliict v.-us referred to the tiuauce committee. Kepeal bill vra« tbeu taken up and .^ulkiM: favored its passup*. Coke «poke against it. JVffer epoke iti favor ef bis providing for free coinage and still speaking wheii the senate ad- BOBBK&S SHOT MAD. MEN OF THE DALTOH COME TO GRIEF. STYLE 1-hnse Men JEot«r « Bank at Delta, Colo., Kill the Cashier and Arc linc-apirij.- wlth the Boot; When Two of Them. Are fibot W<;ad. rU)«!<)lv<ir /Immbiutit fur i,|i« & T«IT« Hum ii, JNKW YOIIK, Hepl, H.—KvnnsvilJe .V, '.K-rra JliuHe OK very slight trun^ae- tions declined sevi-ii poinls yesterday had been appointed for that road, 1.liter it VVIIM learned that the uppoint- meilt of a rei-ejver hud been i-:ecured by a (rich und the stock recovered. 1 ho following <liiijmti;h win-; ree.eived by J, I), Muehey on the Kiibjeet,; "\Vo an- jutji infoi-nie<l that Uie eourt in iii-een I'oiinly in Ihe suit of ''row- dec, by collusion of lironiei 1 , hus up- puillfed (iri)vei- reeelver of the Kviins- VillO \: TelTe Haute, Cniwiler heeiiic illllO'.'rlit, mill if the. report is true will hiivi) il, unduiit! wiihlii i.weniy-foiu 1 liiiur.i, |L is a l.riek und euniioi. stand. Will iu!vihi! you Inter. "iNni.KHAKT I A tloriiey for A I, U t-.peelul Hh-,'|,in;V of Ihe Of the Kviuihvilln A- Terre Hi J-iiinl eoiii|i;iuy yesl.i'rdiiy u iv, Wllti lll|o|il,:,l dl'irljll-lllg' tlllll, eeiver wilM appointed wil.hoiil. I" Mm ei)in|iiiliy or iUi iil-lin-iii-v und III 1 "!! II le;;iil.ioiih of iiit.iilvene.v 'whlel, Hi'" wil,|ioiil. liny finiiidiil Ion' In fuel. Illid tlnil Uu, riniipiiuy it, ,,,,! V1 -nl, iu every i-i'hpei-(. 'Ihe boiird l.ln-refor,; I'lli'UiiMly proleM ii|!iil|ih|. Ihn nelion llri Hliu'ii u 1 -. lit.'iiiiiM. I lie i-illiipuliy and il:, hllldei'h. WOIJI..U IIUII.U A Ililclhulili |) uml •Nl--'\\ Yollli, t-'epl. ,-i llui-tholdl .-\iiiri-u-:i i.', lor I tin iiiiiii-e.-i FESATJE. . Sept. 5.- Stewart addressed re -senate iu favor of silver. .Better introduced a bill for a department of eduea- •tiwi and an appropriation Uu sJuuiiuuin wms > of Rsiio.wu.UOO. But little tine was •ooae when ati adjournment M«.S takeu. SV.NATE. WaKhiujrton. Aug. li.— Culk>an.utroduced « bill to it-peni ull acts f or thw creation aud uiaiuUinauw of u sinkiug f uud. The sen ate. 87 to 21. agreed to a luotioa by Voor- hew thul th>- resolutiuu of Mwrguu for u .loiut selet-t t-o:utuitt*e «i; iinauee g;y to the calendar, and the seiiuti; proceeded with the diNeustikiu of the repeal lull. This is luterjjretfed an a tcriporarv victory for the repeal im-u. Ktewurt coutinued his speech beK'tu yesteraay. 'J'elJer mterrupt'jd to suj- that he w<juld see tiiat a ouoi-uiu was present during debate on repeal. Wlewart had not yet liuitcbed his speech when the senate udjuurutd. isorsj-:. J'he dr-bat:- ou j-ult»s was <joiitinuud. The rule making one hundred tueu a quorum was ubouduuttd by the coujuiittee imd the old rule malaug tLe uiajyritv of the house a quorum IVUK restore! . Uolli ver defended e.x-Hpeaker Koed iu his course as speaker bprjUKeruttuckbd it. Jleplvinjr. Jieed «aid iihbusteriu); wasa modern" iti veutiou aud tliere wus no remedy until it became a chronic disease. The power of the chair is tho power of the house. Jt is- impossible to do what the house wuut Itiw to dy. Ihereture. w hatever chai-ges had bueu made ugujust him as upeuker of the Fifty-first house should jjrojjerly have b«eu lodged against that house, which uniformly sustained him. He prophesied that the democratic house would in time approve his course. The rules were adopted without divisiou. SIJXATE Wasliingtiju. Hi-pt. T.— A resolution w«s ugi-1-i-.d to directing the secretary of the treasury to iufoj in ihu senate to what extent the appropriations heretofore made for the enforcement of the Chinese «x- cluKiun ux-thuve been exjjeinl<;d. <ind what portion of the fuiids ui'e miwavailable. and whether iu his opinion further appropriations ure jiewi-.sary in order to curry out the provisions of the bill, uud what will be romjjred for the current fiscal ysar of the act. «tewurt yielded the floor' to \ValthulJ of Missiotiri, who favored repeal. Ktewart followed and (.-lijj-ed his argument uga» S.KSATK. Wusliington. h-ejit. H.- KH ujk tier .-iddn-sn- (id the senuti; ou re)wnl. lie KUK! he would vote fur Ihe repeal bill, |jut ilei-lared iie would jjrcsent an amendment, for Ihe coin- UKH ol ¥:(.Ul)l),()(JO of silver per month until were in r-irculuUoii. Ho predicted a deficit of $50,OOU.UOU this l!sc;;l year. After uuliuportunt uiMn.-iise^ by three senntors, senate adjourned, t COAL COMBINE KNOCKED OUT lo Hull fa From lli<; ri<-]<i oiu — J'rlc«« <;„ J>owj>. Minn., Kept u.— Tlie c-ii/ipany has col- eo up<;ll<frl to lloiid lilt lllle|-|:.'.|l, Hid mid r.lii, hi .HIM-,, Mill, -ilv< all, !,l 1C. ill'liiilr. 'I'll Alljjlliil, I 1 ! Iclldy illdelil.cii l"l »i. in I |m llpnei I'l'ii ill liiih I'oneei vitil III. \vlli. Il hi! i;, n|, M. Hiirllioldi Inu I'eiidy eul h liUlU 1 tiiuiii eiiil.Mdiirilig II,,, ,,),.„ of es ' ''-''' mi Aiiieri.-iiii imiitlu-oii tin llnilluo'i. bluinl. tlu> IIHHIlieiui \\'i hl-illllll III' l.ibei-ly, while III llm bi(.-,'i' would lui iiliii'i-il'thn ,•olo^^,,^l s|uI lies ol \\iiNhiii'.'Uiii uml l.iu'iiyt'iie, whirli ih< lU'lii.t i.', now ii'.hiiru'iiii;- U | rhic'ii|;-o, HUH thu luiirf liM of Aiui'i-li-llll idute.v UH'li mill Uerue.s iu peiieu iimlwili <-(Uila bo i-opiVMiute,l |,y upproiii'iiili StnUiiU'V. M. |iiu il u ,' •• ' lust uii-lti ul hi.-, hoi •l pace. , MTCIIIUll.J MtU'till, lit IMI.AND. 'Ml III 'J'l-usl. Furenl In Ml fin <• HT. I'A:U.. Minnesota Coal Jupsed. Jt h:is been abandon the Held through fright. The amendment of the trust law last winter and the reeent activity of the committee of lifty lias driven the combine to the conciiih--jn that it would lie extremely um-ufi) to operate any longer in this stale. <.Th« new law mukes i-ombinution for the purpose )f raising the prices of food "' ''»«! 'i penitentiary offense, without the option of a line. The :oal eombine bus therefore abolished t.-t f.'ii/ilral o/)iee, Ittmwn as the Afinne- >ota bureau of i;oal statistics, aud dis- iharged its ehii-f oliieej-, ./oh// .1 diodes. The dealers will hereafter u:L UK individuals, und several firms lave already mude a cut of fifty ei-nth L I'm on iiuthra-Hii eoal. (tight on lie, heelrt Of tills er/ujcs the aiUjOlHii-c- ;ient •<( a lea.llng fir,;, that l/.-j/njniu/' b Monday il. will hi-ll eoal for .-ash' ollur under the present quoted •'''• '•}•! a i,'/n is not an iinin'n: of the eolltip-e of (,'n- WJCI.TA, Colo,, Sept. {).—The most daring- robbery erer committed in this part of Colorado occurred here *in broad daylight yesterday morning 1 , the object of the attack being- the Farmers and Merchants' bank, and vrhile the sum secured was small the robbiiry resulted in the death of three persons—the cashier of the bank and two of the hig-h way men who made the attack. The robbery was planned on the lines of those that have been so successful in Kansas towns, particularly at Coil'evville. where the JJaltons secured so much money la 1 -! year. The beJtef is that the bandits, jf not raetn- b:-rs of that gang, have at least been identified with other robberies of a similar nature The bank opened for business as usual at I'J o'clock in the morning. At 30:30 three mounted men rode up to the door of the bank, and entering- quickly rushed up to A. K Blachlv, -cashier, presented guns aud demanded Ti-hat money he had. The eashier refused to give it up. IJie robbers then made a grab through the window, securing sr,0(), and-opened fire. The cashier fell, being instantly killed. The robbers then lired at If. H. Wolbert, assistant cashier but missed him. The shooting attracted the attention of citizens, and Hay ftimpson, a leading hardware merchant "and a "dead shot.," ran for his Winchester and started for the alley in the rear of the bauk, where the robbers had tied their horses. The robbers had started out of town when Mr. Hi/np.son got there, but he succeeded in killing two of them by shooting them through the head. A third, shot killed one of the robbers' horses and together man and animal fell to the ground. After killing two of the robbers Mr. .Simpson continued after the third one, taking several shots at him, but without success. Mr. Kirnpson then returned to the town, and, getting together a posse, started at once in pursuit. The robber is thought to have about a mile start, and is mounted on a fine horse, going in the direction of the mountains. If the outlaw is acquainted with the country there is a chance of his escaping: otherwise the posse will capture him dead or alive. In the latter case he will undoubtedly be Lytiched on his return here. The ivvo dead robbers were well mounted, and the horse that was not killed was caught by the citizens. Four hundred dollars was recovered, he escaping robber carrying awav the other SIM). 'l'he suspicion that the men impli- ;att«t in the robbery are remnants of the famous Dal ton 'gunfr seems to be general. They arc not known here :md their identification has not yet been secured. The dea-J bandits are both youug men of fair complexion and one of them sirikingly good looking. The coroner has taken their remains i/i charge. Mr, HJa'ihly, the dead cashier, was an old resident of thin place and leaves a wife and large family of young children, the oldest being probably ir, years of :ige, He and a Mr. Baldwin owned the bank. Delia is the county seat of Delta county and has a population of liOO. HART y*uk8 tt? Editor Brltiflb Qnackg Medical Jtmnml B*T* At* X>ane*rcm*. Sept. B. — The third general session of the Pan-Atnerican medical congress opened yesterday with a prayer froin the Ber. G org-e Elliot. The attefadance -w-as small. Venezuela was represented by Dr. Francisco Resqnez. wlo expressed the thanks and congratulations of his g- ernment. J)r. Adams presented the report of the committee of arrangement. The delegates listened attentively and applauded enthusiastically the address of Mr. Ernest Hart, editor of the British Medical Journal. Mr. Hart's remarks -were in substance as follows: Every profession should have a code of etiquette. To break the code was to dishonor the profession (Juaeks and homeopaths must both be excluded. Fame should come by hard work and not by notoriety. To possess a secret remedy was a source -of public danger. The physician so acting was a traitor to the confidence of his profession. He must be debarred by the code. Likewise to adhere to a doctrine was to belittle science and science was the life of medicine. For that reason homeopathy had no place in the profession. To consult with homeopaths was irrational, not respectable. Maeoulc Koval aud .Select JlIaRteru. I'fMKiA, 111., Kept. 8.—A number of distinguished Masons arrived in the city 'yesterday to attend the last day of the convention of lioyal and Kelect Masters. Among those from Chicago are George M. Gross, Grand Marshal John H. Hunck and Past Grand Master George AV. Warvelle. This morning the visitors were given a carriage ride about the city. A business session is being held this afternoon, and this evening Mr. Warvelle will deliver an address and confer the degrees. Lawyer gued for Slander. DANVIJ.KK, 111., Sept. 9.—George G. Mabin, a prominent attorney of this city, was sued for .?5.000 damages by Mrs. Mary Barker yesterday for alleged slander. Cblo-Hgo Board of Trade. CHICAGO, Kept. 7.—The bull market in wheat of yesterday wan reopened with a flourish aud with the help of a very strong corn market prices were given a lift of %c from last nizht and put '^c over the high point of \\ediiesday. With Ream, Logan and Champlin aud scalpers buying- the market went to «t)c for September and to •OJ^c for Decombor. With these same people and many ; others selling tho market went buck more than Ic in an nour to 69irc for December, or %c under last night Ihe Price Current called attention to the shortage in fall B eed- ing, owing to dry weather and hard ground. Tho export clearances were again large at 625,000 bu, wheat and flour Liverpool by the early public cable was barely firm after two days' good advance bere. Ihe great American shipments were given as the cause of flat English markets A London cable said offerings of Russian wheat are large. Chicago received 115,000 bunnd shipped only 24,000. Kansas dity had 217 can, the same as a year ago The MANYONTHEBOEDEE BOOMERS ANXIOUS OPENING OF THE FOB THE STRIP- Thousands of Them Gathering at the Principal Points AJonff the Border, Prepared to Make the Grand Bash for Free Homes. of « . e Isorthwestern markets had 018 earn against A('A a. year aco. Ten davs n-m ,.11 ,,,i_ year ago. inary "markets per cent of ANOTHER Tli«; Navy RHVOLT IN JJcmaudH Tlmi I In: 'MlMjy/IH'd I H>!X\lfll. BRAZIL J'«,l (; ral lll.e. ( likely eolll Ilill HONOR '('O THIi lnyllJllif:|UH t'fli'lin, H: i In- ItWM'ii •;.-pt. •„. 'i iii-ir Ic, KOMK, Kept. '.>.— An official dispatch from Hid Janeiro says: The lira/Ulan /ninihier of foreign ad'riirij has in formed the repr<;si.ntutlvi;s of foreign countries that the naval mjuadron has revolted against the government which, he said, V/;IK stron}/ 1 enough to maintain order. The minister udded that tint government would be unable to prevent any attempt, that might be imtde l.o bombard Kio •lani-.iro, TJia dispatch states that the I tail-in i-ruiscr has urrived at UioJaneiro and Ui:.t U/e l,)(j K :i\ a is on her way thero ! from liahiu, i Hi i-;xo!i AVHI-H, Kept. !) —Advii-os I from Kio Janeiro re.'eived y<^terda'y j r,ay that, three ve-se| h of i|,,. 'jinu'.illu'ii | •-.•ii/:.dron riTVoMed uud dcmund(!d ihut I Lhe //overnlneiil, n-KJgn Th,, latter i r ( -.ln;-.,.d. Th.- /.fiirrlM,;, ul, the fortrcthK j '.'' i 1 ""' 11 - ' nl ''- re.i.nliifj loynl (.„ u,,, I I ei -.1,1.0 I'ovenimenl, aid : (li-i-i-;,:.;u y to o|/ell lire oil | Vl-;.:-e|tj l! lid l-.illli I li in. Ten days ago nil pri were getting about ,„ .- . - - -- Jttst year's receipts, 1 o-day jinmury points had 9412,000 bushels uguinst I.HK.OUO ayear ago, running onlv •M,WO behind the bf K movement of Jost year when prices were higher and the cron larger. I-rom the dip to UU-Vfe before midday thero was ^c rally later and an hour before the close the December price was at the low point at 0'J^@09^c. 'l'he realizing Bales continued to the close when the low point for the session was reached Ben December to O. T., Sept 9.— A colony £00 arrived from Arkansas last and all morning' a continual stream of Trasrons has been pouring in from the south. Over 300 wagons and nearly 100 horsemen arrived and went into camp and there are many more coming. Many come from southeast Texas and Louisiana, A number died on the road and several are seriously sick. A little company of six colored men arrived on foot to-day from North arolina. The booths "on the line north of here are now ready for business, and fully J.OOO people are gathered about them waiting an opportunity toregister. Oneboomer from Jasper county, Missouri, left his team and •wagon in the quicksands while ford- ng the Cimarron and barely escaped with his life. At Still-water about 2,000 people are gathered at the booth "ocation, among them being a lot of ;owa Indians, who claim the right to take homesteads. Their allotments are only eighty acres each, so ther are aot barred out by the i GO-acre clause. 1'hey have certainly never received the Benefit of the homestead law and are itizens, BO there is>nothingto prevent hem from taking homesteads. They an easily outride the white men and vill get the choicest claims. The lorse market is overstocked here, and 'ood animals all saddled and bridled re offered to-day for $50. George Alexander, a j-oung aeronaut of Muscotah, announces that he will leave on Sunday with his balloon for Arkansas City and start from that point on opening day to sail into the .strip. He will take a parachute along, so as to make the descent in safety in case tome one should take a shot a t the balloon. He does not expect to take a claim, but will make the trip for the novelty of it. He thinks he can keep up with the crowd. ARKANSAS CITY, Kan., Sept. 8.— The registration bonds south of here were put up yesterday by soldiers. There ire three sixteen-foot tents, with four- foot walls, and they are three-quarters of a mile east of the Santa Fe track on the strip. They will be in charge of the troops until registration officers arrive Irom Washington. There is not a drop of water within a mile and Chiloz'co creek, a mile away, is dry. There will no doubt be a great deal of trouble on this account Several joint- ists have already made arrangements to put up joints near the booths, and shelters from the sun will be erected by speculators. A far-sighted speculator has bought up all the camp chairs in this part of the country and has ordered all tiiat the chair factory can turn out. Ex-Secretary Inffl. MILLS GOING AGAIN. tocn'i Weekly Kerlew of Traap catc* Marked improrement. JvKW YOKK, Sept. 3L—H. G. Dun * CO/B weekly review of trade says- "Improvementhasextended frotnth. banks to the mills. The condition of great industries has distinctly mended though still seriously depressed. Mow important by far than any rise in stocks is the fact that more i hare resumed during the last than have stopped operation, so tha» theprodscing force of the countrr after months of constant decline har» began to increase. The money'mar kets are more healthy, the premium mi currency has almost vanished, the em barrassments in domestic exchanges have well nigh disappeared, and white very little money is yet availabl- for commercial industrial loans there 5» some relief in that respect also "Sales of wool have been the'lowest on record for years, 3,271,000 pounds at the principal market, for the last week, against 7,030,800 for the Kama week last year, the average of 104 grades being 17 cents, the lowest for many years. In wool manufacture it can hardly be said that recovery ar, pears. In cotton mills resumption of work is quite general. The n an pr business is doing better. Shinments of boots and shoes from Boston werT again 32 per cent smaller for the week than last year, and in three months they have been about 600,000 C as« against 3,050,000 last year. ChicaVo receipts of cattle in August were SCO 2^1 head, aeainst 318,551 last year 'a decrease of over 35 per cent ' "These evidences of the extent of the depression are needed now be cause they show why the sudden recovery which some look for is not possible. It must take time to revive business after such a shock as it has sustained, and there is no occasion,' for disheartenment if recovery is slow "The prospects for corn have not improved and the injury done by drought seems to msure a much! smaller yield than was expected The- price during the week has advanced fully IX cents. Cotton has advanced to Scents, with assurance that a new treasury arrangement will facilitate the supplies of money for moving the crop. After touching 8 cents the price, nas fallen a sixteenth and crop re ports are still favorable on the whole m spite of damage by the store in bouth Carolina. ,. ''^complete returns of assets and liabilities for the month of August show that the liabilities in about 1,580 Failures amounted to $55,446,030, and ,,. WsfoOfltfc, May 7«^c, or ahout %c under last night for ull mbnthg. The corn trade ngain had the leadinE market, on the Door for the day Liyo£ pool was very strong and ]4<\ up on spot ', : °m'i. JI !°, rao Y e " 10 " tllore yesterday was bullish with 4aa,(«KJ bu in nud 5511,000 out more than offsetting the big receipts The receipts to-day were under the moderate eijtlnmloatMBcarH. Out insnection was I horal at 44 1,000 | )u . The Price Current dispatch Bald corn is pa<t help, the erop seriously Impaired, and feeding increasing because of short pastures Topeka dispatcher HB ,d Kansas prospects much reduced and corn, it was said, wi 1 ho needed for early feeding. The early hulge WBM from 43c to 44,^ on May co n- iraetM. llnswiis I'^c up from last night u .lump from 40,'^c last mid prepared if nor ui/d l'i <it her ,-,!../,-n.-. wh pet-win \vii,h,.,| |.| M l"' 1! ""I 1 Hi "I'MtH, Ihlllj.-,, I,/ h||| Vl ..x II,,,I il. i,:,,l,,,,,,l lleedlehh lo ,-ny ||,.,|. UN- iloin/.-. of I,,,. dll.V Illel. wil.ll eoiuplH,. , ,,,. ,,,.., ', j fl . 'trdiii- day inn);,-,,,,, wa,, ,.„„' ,.„,.,.(,,,! ,, I|L lin K inai/nlll -eile..., Ah -,-.,wi| )„ uud f^eii hi of' ivMill, I'l-miHyh'iiniii h'a,| „, , fluil, will u-ds id u rivii of mol I of diu>. ,,,,, (>„„„ jd, II. V -ni furl h, h'-iiu,'ii. nu-iii 'tin l; '"''>"" ; ". HI-, f-'i l.eui'eo .liii-nh ."-elnv ll'Hlleil Me.'ihillll, |dli Ilil'HV number of lu P/illllllK Ili'llM.. T li>r ii Imv-win-h whirli > I' 1 ' 1 '!""' 1 "! '»". I found lo w tln> lliee.s ii| hi.-, "aiiu'e/h " enl,, i.-, nud plueiil upciii Hie !,, vvilh u |,,ei.| l'Ml M'e I.,, I,,, „*,,,! liw«!nfiir|.|i rli well on | (. w j 1 1 | |( . ii ••|i,-ii.v t .ii"' i ul iMii'ti. t the liivU lu'ur South -!'. rim j'u.s- "i t'.u- fiiuo (ui,! !>>:--vi;- : -<".> i-a UIU < UUACK FO|(|-:ST IIOmtOH. i 1 ! HfiMi'il al Nit!,i ,,inl l-',,,,i- (iui^i, l!i:t(l l\, S,i|)t. i. -| | (1 , | ul(ol |U I'^u-h, u huiiilu: in die \Vurl l''Uu-U l''«'i'es|, \s u.'. Inn-mi UTd.iy lu.-fiiiu; ll'i'tU , i .i>;»inv I l|i< Illlll.M' li Illi •! t of t-> i•>. a;.!' save Kio i ir-i YoifKSHim; <• «lf I riHlllill I'dll,.,! | ( , || ( . I lie. I "Illi'l-l,.,,, 1 / A I - - 1 •'''' from rloloiii, di,-,|.ri<;i.i, " "- 1 " 1 "• i( ' i-..;|,,.,'|,-,| u, 1L |, '"'• '•' "f Ihe London ()0 . will f.l.url, on a ,,j,eei,,| I-he. i»eeiie,., ,,]' ,|| K . I l.i- (,1.1-llcei-.-, ill Hie vill-ioiiti ) orl.niiii-i! huvii hfiuaed a 'it I'JH-II vloleiieit, A I, I'VliUi- d.iy i.hey wrei-l; (1 i| l.he ollle ( > ii eolliery iim! drove '"I »r<> now iu M ,i,j Tim polii'n |en.|i, of oil'' 1.1 who irie.i io hold ha wiii-i-. Jifhii-lo'd wilh elu lt '" 1 W1;l " I"" 1 '" Hi.<;bl. Tro.iph have I" I'ViiUmi'ht.oim (.„ rcKto,... uud hloiies HlNU'll'lll III' (illllMl, lilllli.l, Ihe hinnllfsl, M.punil.,, ,,nd in. lle|»e|lllen|, I elTI lor V | M | | lt , W orlll is UmiiUii III llm IIIWHI- I'yi-i'iuutN, iihout ten in lei, I'm,,, U|,MO,I, lni|,\vi'ttii thd liomidiirU'Mil 1 l^niuee nud Sinvin, The |ieii|ile f,|ui|il/. n, liiii|..-iui)!-ii of thulr own, >i eron'j iii!i.wiien li'n.neh uml 'iiwiill. U A report \V.\i.lll.MirnN, Stt|i|. "" I'" 1 Illiwiillim iieslioii is | bolnjf |iri'pin-,.|| bySci'i-etiiry (ire.sluuu, wiio will Mibiull. il l,, |'n. h |,ii,|,t t'lt'vi'- l. '""I il 1 will HUM, I,,, inm.suiiitra " i-uiuri-esfi. .Minister liloiiut had .M'viTiil iiiti'i-viowii with Mi;. < U'veliinil on lluwiiiiiiu uiViili-s nud it is ivhorti'il HUH ,| di'i-Uiuii on tlui umiti-i- no fin- u-, ||,„ I' ol' the KiiVi'|-uiiu>l\t' Ls bo Ulinonnred. over hist ulL'lit. Although the'eor'u wfniUonud with whont the close wo« y.c or moroovur hint. iiMit. L.ust prices waro .iij|,c, top-lOe; Oi-toher, il'J^e; May, 4H) 6 @ Tlufi-B WIIH HOIIIO H||;II ,,f increased husi- IK.-SH ill i.rovlsloiiH onrly. The ouly pHeos mm „ on porU onrly \voro $H..(() October, 51,110 .liiniiiti-y. hntoi- the suiiiosold *M !)5 iiinl fi:t.(ir>. hm-il for the Sfiino mouths Ill-mod up to .*«.!() unit *7.W!< with tlio ud- vnnei. lost Inter. October rih.-i ^ot to §w 10' :«!<• .ivor l.-isl, nlRht, and dropped hack" to ,;'H(|(|. JlioSfifiloinliorstiiirwns vorystronc nil iiriiiiiiil, I'IM-U was not iiuotnd Lard lor thu month wont, to J8.H5 oil tlio curly liiiyinx. iSi>|iutinliur rihs lo 1 oyorvthiuc itlin, uolni? to {Jii.rri, a jump fromf.i.Hint tliu eloHo onlay. l.'iiulnlinns \voro: lllglu .-10 .4ll'.( .•1(1} 111.00 H.JO IS. 10 .li.-. 10 ,50 75 10 00 (IT)" ,' ir> no l-l.Hft 8 25 S UU 7.-I5 . O.'JU I.-I.OSINO. !->opt. 0. 1C.. 00 H.H5 S.80 S .0(1 T.05 U.'.lll John W. Noble is expected here on Saturday to address the old soldier boomers. He has been brought here to educate the boomers as to their duty in the matter of registration, running for a claim and tiling. All the old soldiers in Kansas have been invited to meet him whether they expect to make the run or not. Special Land A-ren 4 , \Vomac-k, who went through here last evening, stopped off locg enough to say that he had received orders from Washington that boomers would not be allowed to enter the strip from the east side. The boomers who expect to go in from the Osagc, I'onca and. the Otoe reservations will be taken care o'f by the troops, who will establish a constant patrol along that border. Ho also said that the question of registration would be satisfactorily settled by the employment of l.OOu clerks, if necessary, to handle the business. Forty registration clerks from Washington will arrive here over the Santa Fe to-night. IlENNKfisv, O. T,, Sept. 8.—Twelve men from Illinois, with some of the best horses of that state, arrived yesterday and made a great display of their stock, but the general impression among the bystanders was that these horses would not be in it in a twenty-mile race. ClmrKi'iI with a IJoiilila Crime. Sioux Crrv, Iowa, Sept. !).—Jack Skinner of Cherokee was arrested yesterday by thu shcriil of Cherokee county on suspicion of connection with the murder of Mart'n Schultx and wife nour Cherokee, Aug. 10. Tho old couple were deliberately butchered in bod and tho house ransacked in search of money supposed to bo secreted. Skinner is iiO years old and has a bad reputation. Ho has been suspected ever since the murder, but vigorously doilies any knowledge of it. Ho was put in jail hero for fc-ar ho would bo mobbed at Churokee. 15.75 14.HO rj.oo fi.O) 7.115 7.87>.; Sl.iO 7.S!) and no water the engines t''\-Mnif Ml Mil' 1 ., S ( '|i! rU'uvu with Milan AinnrlvHii-Hnru Sailor*. Tho paucity of Amorioan-boi-n sailors iu tho I'nitoil Stato;; navy has oxi-itod a "rreut dual of comment. A ivi-ord of tho scumun serving in the navy since tho t'stublLslunont of this systciii show-s that- not more than four poi- tvnt of the lads who are graduated from tho appreutii.'i! training .-ystom i-ontiiuio in tho .survive of tho I'nitoil .Stales. Tho record 3 fui-thoi-i-hoxv that- of tho 7,L ; ,V> sea- mod f.llowod by |;n\- in tho navy. loU than ouo-half of ttio.-o who cn'list at tho roooiviiii,' ships uro Suffering for Water. Anroi.A, 111., Sept. !i.— Arcola is Mift'ering from a water j'amiuo which threatens to bo quite serious. lOvery public, well in town is dry and at least nine-tenths of tho private wells Pho water works reservoir is empty can be secured to run at tho cleclric light plant and as a consequence the town is in darkness. Crave fears are entertained of a lire, as tho citi/.ons would be powerless to protect their property. How JU-st to Help Iri<luiul. WAHIUXOTOX, Sept. 0.—Mrs. Kmst Hart, the manager of ouo of tho Irish villages at tho World's Fair, i s to an- pear before the ways ami means committee on Saturday to make argument in favor of a reduction of tho duty on Irish linen and other productions of the (ireeij Isle, which sho savs will not interfere with production iu America. It is her belief that this is a better way of doing the Irish u ,,. 00( | turn than by raising subscriptions iV them. ,,, the returns for the remaining failures of the month will probably raise tho amount above 800,000,000. The assets, reported were 367,828,210, and while 734 of the failures with 8iS,742,029 liabilities were at the west, there were 548 with 821,230,007 liabilities in eastern states, and 300 with 35,407,004 in southern states. This body of defaulted liabilities for the single month of August exceeds the aggregate for any entire quarter except live during- the last sixteen vears. "The monetary situation lias- changed but little, for there has heen- an abundance of money and only confidence in employing it is lacking. "Failures for'the week have been- only -i23 in number against 385 last week. While one large mortgage company swells the aggregate of liabilities for the week, the average of other- failures were lower than usual, 202 being for less than §5,000 each, and only four for over §100.000 each." ROBBERS ON TH EC RAND TRUNIC I'usHnngcrs I'liuulcrcil While They Sloop• Trulu Delayed Soveral Hours. BUFFALO, N. Y., Sept. 11.—Complaints have been numerous for some time of extensive operations of sneak thieves on the Michigan Central and (•i-ar-d Trunk trains between here and Chicago, particularly In Canada. According to a story told here there was a rather startling train robbery on the Grand Trunk express train last night. It took place between Detroit and Suspension Bridge. The robbers were not of the mask arid revolver variety of highwaymen, but were sleek fellows, who purloined many valuable articles while- the passengers slept in their berths. Inc. passengers did not discover their losses until this morning, when the conductor was telling a story of a train robbery and boasting that nothing of the kind had ever occurred on Ins train. Very shortly after this the passengers began to discover that their belongings were missing, and it was not long 1 before the conductor was surrounded by an excited lot of tourists. Much to his surprise the conductor found that his own purso had been abstracted. At .Suspension Bridge yesterday morning the Canadian chief of police boarded tho train and every porter and oiliccr on the train was thoroughly searched, as were all the passengers. Thu train was much delayed and was five hours late on reaching 1 Buffalo. Short lit Ilia Acvuu-iiti. Dies MOIXKS, Iowa, Sept, '.).— Walter Seott. member of the drug firm of 0 \\. Uopg- &, Co., has been found to bo short in his accounts with tho firm about s;!,0;)u, po.,sibiv ir.oro. Hisi, terost m the, business has been turned over to the remaining members tind thu .natter will bo settled will.oiit proceedings, lie Ls „,.„,. it-nt socially uud wus nut known to «»vo any had habits.. \Yh,.- e uiouey has gone is a mystery tho MAY HAVE A ' OW WITH CHINA Knl'oruciiioiit of llm <;uury Linv IJkcly l.o I<i*iiil to Trouble. AVAsmxriTo.v, Sept. 11— Thero was a cabinet meeting yesterday, and it is understood that the topics which came up for consideration included the government finances, V;he ilawiian question, the trouble in Braxil and the Cliinesu exclusion act, It is believed to be set I led that the government w 11 enforce the Geary act to the full extent of the funds available for that purpose and that congress will be asked to make an additional appropriation to onahle a thorough enforcement of the law. In view of the practical determination of the government to enforce itlie- Geary law and the belief that the Chinese will not accept this action peacefully, arrangements have beett nuule in strengthening- the United States naval force iu Chinese waters. .Nearly tho untiro present fleet of wooden vessels will bo replaced with new steamships. Tho change is now iu progress. 2 Coi-tlflfiiU'H to Uoi-lorH. i.i), 111., Sopt '1-The Illinois Htatu Board of Health has issued state cortitlcates to tho following physicians: Otto VY. Hennsler, (ierald "'Jtiloy, Harriot A. Kice; .John B. Singleton, JL-remiali Klatterly, Charles Stolt/, Chicago; 11. AY. Bartscher, St. l.ouis; Thomas L. Daniels, Kerens,^Vu.; Johnston Fnink, Jr., Mew LiV' lu-ty; L. W, legate, Colchester; A. S. Kii-kiKitrick, Lincoln: Virgil JS1. I'W lor, \ViwUor: O. L. Thompson\Vya-netf tiuvj J. Weir, Mtvtou.

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