The Oregon Daily Journal from Portland, Oregon on July 3, 1909 · Page 12
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The Oregon Daily Journal from Portland, Oregon · Page 12

Portland, Oregon
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 3, 1909
Page 12
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12 THE OREGON DAILY : JOURNAL1, PORTLAND, , SATURDAY EVENING, JULY - 3, r,UDSUMMER DULLNESS IS NOT HERE IN PORTLAND Record in Construction Work Shows March of Building , Goes'Steadily On Permits Are Issued for : ' r $200,000 in Week. ' Building permit Providing for $200, : 000 of new construction is not' bad record for a midsummer week ia Portland, With tli exception of the Arling ton club, for which a $35,000 permit was : taken out this week, every permit Issued this week provided for new. residence Announcementa were made of several - new apartment houses to be. erected on the west eld this lumntr. This class or building la rapidly taking the lead in Portland. Two years ago there , was not above a flown ao called apartment houses here, while now there -are prob ably 108 sucn puiiainga, some or mem being sumptuous affairs of stone and . brick, In which all the modern convenience known to apartment house con- traction are to be found. , : j Big XnTeetmeata Made. ' In the vicinity of King nd Washlng-J ton streets nearly $500,000 haa been Invested In thee, buildings during the .past 18 months. . Mrs. Jennie 3. 6hef field and associates have closed a deal with K. G. Aus plund for a B0 by 100 foot lot at the southeast corner of Twelfth and Harrison streets, on- which It Is planned to erect a large modem apartment house. Two five room cottages are on the -lot, 'but are to be removed at once, that work may begin on the nlw Improvement .' The German Building A Construction company Is preparing to erect for C l Derby a two atory brie building at the " corner of Second and Flanders streets. The first story of the building will be divided into five store rooms, and the second . atorjr will be arrthged f or a rooming house consisting of 22 rooms. Its cost will approximate $15,000. , OVaee Kay Build. f O'Shea Brothers, who own & Quarter block at Union avenue and. Alberta : street, "will, it is reported, build a three story brick business block on the site. - .While nothing definite has been given out with reepect to the proposed Improvement. It is known, thst architects are at work on the plans, and that the cost of the proposed structure will approximate $30,000.- B. J. Hay has begun .the erectlon of a three story concrete building at the corner of Union avenue and Going; street The estimated cost of the) Improvement Is $20,000. There Is a report to the of-1 APARTMENT FOR EAST SIDE LOT ,W.'Ii. iTorgariTlans Three Story Brick for Grand Av-enue' and East tark.: W. I Morgan has completed plans for -er-three story brick and million stroctlon store nd apartment "building on the quarter block on - the southeast corner of Grand avenue and East Stark ' street 'The lower floor Is to b one ' largo store room and the two- -upper stories will be arranged Into 8 three room apartments. In each suite will be a orivata bath. When completed this building; - will ' represent an expenditure of about $40,-000 and will be one of the handsomest of the new .Grand avenue improvements. ' Natural gas from ; certain wells In Kansas is found to contain two per oent of helium and scientific " experts are workina; on the oroblem of extracting It Ourfixtures Are Beauties . O. Jarre Xaaxon Morrison BcctficrCor ELECTRICAL CONTRACTORS 891 East Morrison St Vbone East Bias 3B-1625 . THREE .TRAINS DAILY The Oriental limited The Southeast Express The fast Mail Eastern Excursion Rates. July 2-3, August 11-12 rhtVao-r and return. $72.SDr New York and return. S St Louis and return, $6?i0; Boston and return, $110.50; St Paul, Minneapolis, Duluth, Winnipeg, Kansas City, St ' Joseph and Omaha and return, $60. Proportionate fates 1 to otbef points. Final return limit October 31.' Stopovers allowed. Choice of routes going- either, via SEATTLE or Via ' , i The Spo!iane,Porlland & Seattle (THE NORTH BANK ROAD) Direct connections either way. ing tickets, rates, routes and. sleeping car reservations from ." y'. .''' i , ... n. DICKSON. City Passenger & Ticket Agl. - 122 Third Street. Portland, Oregon. v - Telephones feet that a bank will occupy the corner room over the srrouad floor, and that a general merchandise store will occupy J the remainder or me nrst noor. A. R. Rice, who has jusi compieieo m tin flftu reidenc On and Holladay Park, Is now buuains; a $6000 dwellfnr on, the adjoining lot. This house, like th on Just finished," is to be a modern up to date house. P. M. Crawford Co. are Just corn- rl leting a $6500 residence on as hetween Knott an( Eighteenth street RraW Thn hnuee la to be handsomely flnlsned and equipped witn su moaern conveniences. r palmar Flans Rouse. ! H. "P. - Palmer has taken out a permit for a $7000 frame building on i nompsuu hetween East Eighteenth and East Nineteenth streets. It Is to be a two story residence of strictly up to oate areni t.uM onri construction. G. 8. Blake has let the contractor a h&ndsome rrame resiaence a n mciru nn vt fleventH hetween Schuyler and Colfax. The contract prlca of the building is S7C09. ' V. F. B. Bowman A Co. havs taken- out a permit for a two story". frame dwelling which they are erecting on East Twentieth ,nut hetween Thomnson and Bra- See, streets. The building will coat about $7000. 1 - . Two tanno residences are being erected by the City Land company on East Eleventh street between Thompson and Brasee. . . . .'. V ' . Mrs. M. Bryant has let the contract for a two etonr frame dwelling to be erected on East TwentV-elahth between Clackamas and Wasco streets. The building is of modern design, and-will post about $6000. j. . Two Story SJtore. C. Bkooge has taken out a permit for a turn atorv rrame store and residence structure to be erected on East Thirtieth street between- Alberta and Biimirer. tm Strocture will cost approximately $4SO0. J. M. Brry nas pegun me erection oi a IS500 resiaence ,onL;jaicKaniM inwi hetween East Twentysecond and East Twentv-fourth. ; streets. It Is to be a two story frame of modern design and handsome Interior finish. . George P. Knowles has broken ground for a one and a half story cottage on Broadway and East Thirty-fourth street, which is to cost $3750. . TWO APARTIIIT I. A. Peters Buys Valuaole Sites and Will. Make Im-mediate Improvements. -I. A. Peters has purchased two val uable apartment house -sites and will at once proceed with the erection of fl rat class improvements on each. At the corner of Fifth and College streets, ne win Duua a tour story oricg on a 60 by 70 foot slU, at a cost of 130,000. On Th'urman, Just west of Twenty- seventh street- he will build a two story , frame apartment house containing four suites' of 6 rooms each. This structure will be colonial in design and will cost about $8500. CLERK FIELDS' .HEP0ET ; SHOWS BIG INCREASE County Clerk Fields' report for-June shows -that 2809 Instruments were recorded during the-.... month, compard With 3134 for June, 1908. This speaks well for- the state of the -real estate market further shown by the facts that receipts from recording: amounted tc $334, against $2570 for the correspond ing raonin iasi year. ... Marnaare licenses far the tnnnth num. bered 862.- Last June the dumber was 140. The office Issued nine hunters' licenses, 897 for anglers and 88 combination for both huntlnsr and flshlna-. Total receipts for,, the month cannot be given, as , the figures for the circuit court department are not yet available. VISITING NURSES TO TALK ON WEDNESDAY Wednesday, July 1' In the kindergar ten rooms at the Chautauqua, at 3:30, the Visiting Nurses' associations begin their lectures i - f , . Wednesday. Thursday and FVIdav Miss Glttlinger and her assistants havs cnarge or tne program. . Saturday, July 10, at 3:80, Dr. Pohl will - lecture on contagion and disln- xection. onay, jiut 1 2,. ai e:ao. ur. Timm nas lor ner subject, "The Baby . and its care-: Tuesday. July is. at S:80. ur. a. Kiewe, ' Jye, isar. Nose and Throat": Wednesday. July 14. at 3:30. ur. fierce, juoercuiosia .... ... .. ' Pull Information concern Mam 680, A-2286.- r HOUSES PLAHNED 108.50: i I I i mrnmm- s bmi . . . ' - - m - " '.V"-'''' ... , . .... , trl il if" f fef -n-..--ftsn- - UliZJ EOlSOfl II1VEHTS E Perfects Plan of Steel Mold by, Which Whole Build-. ing Is One Piece. Thomas A. Edison, known the world over as a wizard in . electrical oevei- onment. haa recently achieved fame In another field - of endeavor, and while bis latest success, which consists of greatly reducing the cost of residence construction bv the use of concrete as a building material, will not prove sj universally benencial to manKino as nis scores of useful electrical Inventions, It will yet prove a great boon to the dwellers in the crowded tenement-dis tricts of the large eastern cities. juuison s invenuon is noining mors nor less than a steel moid Dy means of which a six room residence may be constructed out - of cement at a cost of about $1250, which is less than half tne cost or sucn a Duiiaing pui -up witn appliances new in use. Hew Ksthod of xuxing. - Edison has also perfected -a method of mixing concrete wjilch will allow of its nowlng unoDStrucreaiy 10 aii pans of the mold. By actual demonstration recently made near Edison's laboratories at Orange. N. J., this house form was set uo and 1 filled with the concrete mixture in less than 10 hours, witmn a week the forms may be removed re vealing a comfortable stone dwellings sll in one piece, which Will last for all' time to come. - - Mr. Edison s one tnougni xnrougn au the eight years he has been studying this nroblem has been to evolve some thing to make the struggle for exist-ence easier for the wage earner. That he has succeeded in nis eiioris, puo- llahiul renortSwln the eastern dally press and In technical publications devoted to the use of cement leave no room for doubt ... . . Reports are jExaggeraiea, . Much has ' been published about the Edison house much that was errOne nn a and ridiculously exaggerated. ' Writ ers in the eastern press have spread an tmnresalon abroad that this house was a magical object that the inventor could produce in some way oy me. mere wave of . a wand. But as a matter of fact Edison has proceeded only -along sane lines, simply malting use or me materials nature naa proviaeo xor me uuuuer. t . .. r Architects ana engineers, ana in isci ail iecnnicai men wnu m huvfi- edare of therproperties- --of -nconcrete greeted the first announcement two years ago of the- Edison poured house witn increauuiy ana irauw ?-- Were Many Objections. "The most freauent objection or crltl clBm - off f ered was the apparent impracticability of pouring concrete into aa intricate set of molds and securing a - surface throughout that would be frA from Imnerfections. "Tt will eloar ." "it will not flow." were expressions heard on all sides. Objec tlons were also offered on artistic grounds." "Imagine a elty of houses, every one of which is like all the others. ' It Is preposterous," was said, Edison has answered all these objec tions to the . full satisfaction . of the most critical. He has produced a mix ture of a consistency almost like water which holds the stones or aggregates in suspension, allows the mixture to now frAelv to all oarta of the mold and se cures a uniform distribution of the ag gregates throughout tne mass. Molds Are Varied. - The molds are adapted to variations of arrangement thus making it pos sible to change the style and -design of the : house with the same set ol molds. Therefore with half, a dozen sets of molds, a wide variety, of stylo 1 possible. An important- fact - about Edison's house is that it is of one piece, including the roof, floors, bath and even the laundry rfubs. , ' ,,, The doors and window frames- will be the only parts of wood or metal, so If" will be practically, fireproof. The mixture composing it is both water- nrnnf and vermin nroof." .So far a is known no effort has t been made to secure the- right to uild the Edison house in Portland.- DEAD BODIES UNDER FALLEN DOCK WALL (nnited fnm Vni Wire.) Newport Wales, July S. Jour dead bodies and 14 Injured men have been removed from the ruins of the Alex andria dock wall which collapsed yesterday. It Is estimated that the total death list- will number at least 80. Rescuers are working on the ruins and ex act to recover more bodies Derore night ieveral oorpsea have been sighted be neath the debris, but -have not. been reached. . Father Drowns; Son Rescued. (BpeelO Dispstcb' to Ts JoanuLt Stella. Wash., July . -Gabriel Berg, a 'resident of tills place, was drowned while trying to rescue bis- little boy from the river, 'Whlle watchlng his "father fish, the-lad lost his balance and fell Into the river. Berg Jumped in af ter him, but was unable to swim. Their cries brought rescuers who saved the boy. Berg leaves a wife and family. CO CRETE U Thomas A. Edison's New Poured Concrete ROHM EARS FRANCHISE SUIT Attorneys Afgfue Blanket Ordinance Before the "Court ' Presiding Judge ' Bronaudh now- has under advisement a demurrer In the suit brought by W. H. Bradford to test the right of the "Portland j Ballway, Light- & Power company to proceed with the construction of lines under the blanket - franchise - granted by the city council. The argument on" - de-mflrrer took place -yesterday, - L, A. McNary and Isaac Swett appearing for Bradford, while'the& railway company was represented by i Fred, V. Holman, Franklin T. Griffith and Charles H. Carey ... ,,- v.' ; ; . Interpretation of the f eferendum law Is the point at Issue. It Is contended on -the one hand that the state law al- lowing 20 days for the filing of a referendum .petition Is of superior force to the city rule that an ordinance shall take effect, within IB days unless a referendum is , filed In the meantime. This the attorneys for- the street railway deny. The referendum- against the blanket franchise, which was backed by the labor unions, was Sled within SO days, but not within IS. 'If the right of referendum is sustained the railway will not be able to extend its line to the Swift -plant and to make the other extensions-planned until after the election of 1910, and -then only on approval by-- the popular, vote, but It would be possible for the city council to pass a new ordinance covering the lines for which, there is the roost , urgent demand. '' . " Rainier Logger Killed. - (Special Dlipatch to The Journal.) Rainier, Or., July 3. C. W. Johnson was killed Instantly, while unloading losrs. A large log strucs: him in tne side, tearing It open. , He was employed in the C. C. wnson mm, m was about 88 years old and a stranger. Woman loves a cfear, rosy complexion. Burdock Blood Bitters purifies the blood, clears the skin, restores ruddy. sound health. -. -Torturing ecjeema spreads Its burning area every day. uoan i ointment qufcklv stops Its spreading, instantly relieves the Itching, cures it permanently. At any drug store. . Doan's Reguleta cure - 'constipation. tone the stomach, " stimulate the liver, nromote dicestion ' and appetite and easy passages of the boWels. . Ask your druggist for them. Z5 cents a box. There's riothlnr' so - good for ; sore throat as Dr. Thomas' Eclectrlc On. Cures it in a few boura Relieves any pain In any part EDDuDinrBwis . :T017ABIDS Many people who are uiukiug kuwoiua wiigui o wiscasc, wutui, n House. ART ASSQClATlUf TO HAVE SCHOOL Miss Kate Cameron Simmons of New York Will Instruct ' in Rudiments of Work. The Portland Art association has for a number of years desired to establish an art . school not , for the . benefit of, the city o Portland alone, but for the upbuilding of the art interests of the entire northwest In establishing a school, the trustees have constantly had In mind the necessity of furnishing only the highest grade of instruction and the standard from the first should be of the highest Such a school Is now assured through the generosity of the Arts and Crafts society of this city, who have guaranteed the Art association against loss for one year. Idas Simmons Chosen. Mis A. B. Crocker, the new curator of the association, while in the east on her way to Europe, made a careful Investigation of the Qualifications of various teachers and finally recommend Miss Kate Cameron Simmons of New York city. Negotiations have resulted in her accepting Jhe position, .and the trustees of the Art association and the Arts and Crafts society-feel, that they have been very- fortunate In- securing such a thoroughly equipped' instructor. - Miss - Simmons holds two - diplomas from Pratt Institute and has done a large amount of work at Teachers' ol-lece,New" York. At present she is teaching art in the larsest high school In New York cityr Miss - 8immons lIs one of the teachers who were sent from New York last fall to visit the English schools and Inspect the art work in the art trade and tralnlnr schoola On her return, she spoke at Pittsburg on "The English Schools" at the annual convention of the' Eastern Art-Teachers' association. Until the arrival of Miss Crocker from Europe and Miss Simmons from New York, which will be about' September 1. It will be impossible to an. nounce the different courses with exactness, but Instruction will undoubtedly cover the following supfects: - . The Vew . Courses. - i ? Design Study of the- fundamental principles or constructive and decorative -aft, and application of these prin ciples in original prooiems in and - line compositions, - dark- and and color. space light General Drawing Study of principles of perspective and light and shade. Drawing from still - life, the antique, and the portrait and figure from life. Color Water color or oil painting from flowers, groups of still life, ..eta Sketch Class Sketching of the costumed figure fti . black and whiter and color. Arrangements will also be made for. illustrated lectures on architecture, sculpture and painting. The association, in starting its work, win take a Stand for as low tuition fees as possible, and in no ease will they exceed those charred . at the best ' eastern schools. . Fuller Information will be given later, .-In the meantime, some- mm neglecting symptoms of J stops IfTCgiilarities, strengthens the urinary organs and builds vi mc aiuucs so taey win penorm ineir luncnons prony. tieaitny iridneys strain out the Impurities from the blood as it passes through them. Diseased kidneys do not. and the poisonous waste matter, is carried by the circulation to every part of the body causing dizziness, backache, stomach trouble, sluggish liver, Irregular heart action etc! uXon b-ve any Sirns of Kidney or Bladder Trouble commence taking FOLEY'S KIDNEY CURE at once, as it will cure a slight disorder ia a few days and Drereht a fatal malady. It is pleasant to Uke and benefits the whole system - - llow,to FInd OuU i Yon can easily determine if your kidneys art . at of order by settle; Aside for 24 hours a -botte of the urine passed upon arising- If upon examination it is cloudy or milky or hu a brick-dust sediment or small particles float about in It, your kidneys arr diseased, and FOLEY'S JuDNSY CURS should ba taktt At oat. ..- r:: - ..;.;" ... ' 1-:- - y Twa SOLD L'J MCOEZEO CY Z . . ALI ' DRUGGISTS V V , - FISHED, TOOnSEN & CO. , "The Biff Paint Store" FRONT AND MORRISON STREJETfl . llsssfsctsren tzA Jctitrs EverytUsg la P!sts Si i CASTINGS, V. FOR MACHINE: AND STRUCTURAL WORK ; - The Independent Foundry Co. V : TWENTY-THIRD AND YORK STS. Phones-Mtln 2323, A4241 HOULADAY'S ADDITION The one best place In Portland to buy. alrabls residence orooertv in the city. Seeing- Is believing. Better ge is. Better ge Improvements construciion ana tne THE OREGON REAL 854 OSAJTD ATM. . John A. Melton CAmnarra asb sttzlis Factory And Offiee SSI Second . .s streat near Main, Pboneat Main 17STi A17Sf ' Repair Work Given Prompt Attention Ju iuildlng and PHOENIX IRON WORKS EHGIMMBRS Offloe and Works SEawthorne Avenue amd Xaat Xhixd Street. what greater detail can be procured at the Museum of Art corner of Fifth and. Taylor streets. , - t -- -; Am&L ftoUego Jubilee. Amos, Iowa, July S. CItlaens of Story county and of the neighboring counties aa well rounded up here In large numbers today to help In the biggest cele kidney trouble, hoping "it atuuc uuuuic lu U11C OI US Q IX Curhans Testifies After Four. Years. ; - C. E Buxhans of Carlislo "About tern years age I wrote yen stating thst I had ben entirely eored of a eevere kidney trouble by taking less than two bottles of roleys Kidney Core. It entirely stopped the trick-dust sediment sod riln sad sympteus of Udacy disease disappeared. 1 aa clad te eay that fasve sever bad a retara ef any ef those symptoms during the four years that have elapsed, end J ass evidently cured testay cured, sad bearUly icommfod Fol.T i Kidaay Core te eay eae suffering from anesey or Madder trouble." -.t - - . """" CIzcs, ,-GO Cents end 01.C3. f PJoivIslheTime to get one of our easy running lawn mower,- All you have to d6 Is to steer, the mower wilt do the rest You will -also find among our hardware all klnda of garden tools; -Come and cat your outfit where the reputation of our hardware la too good to permit us offering any but the bast. AVERY&CO.N 8 Third St. Bet: Pine & Ash inif.1- iik iTilli"! .-fKt Railing M -aa CRtittmnwacnrmfNiisiisiri tLtYAI OR CABS Sflki RWOHS. WIOK IUIJN(AnCeUPUlIL p9RnflKt0rejon. Geographical center and most da- ad see v going on. aed see the many oholoe residences andet ESTATE COMPANY yOSTLAlTD, OUtfOI. Office and Store nxtures built and remodeled.. . Altering and repairing , houaea. - - Bhev -es and Counters built, Founder. Machinists and Boilermakers, Structural Work. Phoae Sast ts. rosT&Ajnv oxzoom, bration .of the glorious Fourth ever seen In this section of the etae.In addition to the Independence Day observance- ,the celebration was also Intended to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the location of the . Iowa SUte college In Ames. The principal exercises, of the day were held on the college campus. 7V-,. will wear away," are WOlSI lOimS. up the worn-out tissues.! Center, N. Y.. writes: - - - i 4

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