The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on September 6, 1893 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 6, 1893
Page 7
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TJPPEfc BBS MOINESi ALGONA, IOWA, WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 6 r 1893. ' HALL'S CATARRH CURE is a liquid fead Is taken internally, and acts directly on the blood and mucous surfaces of the System. Send for testimonials, frae. Sold by Druggists, 75c. K J. CHENEY & CO., Proprs., Toledo, O. Money is like n good newspaper; the larger the circulation tho more good it does and the more useful it is. Karl's Clover ttooe. , The rreat Klood Purifier, xlvea freshness and clefti-nest to the Oomp.ex'ori ami cures Onnstip'ntton. 25o, COo. • * • ' 1 . f l :> The man who has no business of bis own to attend to generally goes to .bed' tired. "German Justice of the Peace, George Wilkinson, of Ivowville, Murray Co., Minn., makes a deposition concerning a severe cold. Ivisten to it. "In the Spring of 1888, through exposure I contracted a very severe cold that settled on my lungs. This was accompanied by excessive night sweats. One bottle of Boschee's German -Syrup broke up the cold, night sweats, and all .arid left me in a good, healthy condition. I can give German Syrup my most earnest commendation." © BAD BLOOD. Blotches, Sores, Scales and Cruatit—A Remarkable Cano C'uroil—Suffered All B Man Could Suffer and Live—Face, Neck and Hands Covered With Awful Sores—IS end and Be Convinced, Mr. John Vey, a prominent German of St. Joseph, Mo. residing at No. 2025 3d St., corner Highland av., hits the foil o wl n a to say: "1 was laid up wit.h dls- easo In my hands, face and neck, breaking out lu sores which were red, sore and cracked, with a nasty discharge, a .burning heat ana great Itching. My blood was so bad that w.n en I would hit my hands ngainstanythini;a large sore would come. I Buffered terribly; could not work, or rest day ornigrt Even my right side became almost useless, felt numb anuTcould not use it. Was afraid I was going to have paralysis. I went undsawsomo of the best physicians In this oily, but they could do me no good. I was In despair while in this miserable and pitiable condition. I heard of the success Dr. Hath- uway was having in such diseases and concluded to try him. When I called upon him ho told me he could cure me in three months. The first week that I used the Doctor's medicine I obtained the greatest relief and comfort and I commenced to improve at once, and at the end of three months am cured under Dr. Hath- ftway's skillful treatment." The facts in the above case can be readily verified by calling or addressing Mr. Vey at his residence, above address. Remember Dr. Hathaway & Co.treat till forms of chronic diseases peculiar to men and women. Private diRoases of both sexes. Female troubles cured at home without instruments. They cure •where others fail. Do not fail to write them if afflicted. They are the leading and successful ppecialists of this country in their line. Send for Symptom Blank No. 1 for Men; No. Z for Women. Address Dr. Hathaway & Co., Cor. 4th and Nebraska Sts., Sioux City, Iowa. SAID 8Y SAGES. fcSHs The Best faterijroof Coat in the WORLD t SLICKER TlioFISU BKAND'SLICKEU is warranted waterproof, nnd'wlll keep you dry in tho hardest storm. The Hew FUMUEIi 6LICKEU ia a pet-feet riding coat, am covers the entire saddle. Bovrareof Imitations. Don't) buy a coat if tho " 1'ish Brand" In not on it. Illufitra-. ted Catalogue free. A. J. 'f OWElt. Boaton. Mans. J DR. McGREW THB SPECIALIST, CUEEB ALL PRIVATE DISEASES Weaknatt end Debilities of MEN ONLY. He has no equal, 18 years experience, 7 years in Omaha. Nervousness, Low Splr- its or loss of Vlitor or _ Ambition, Varicocelo. All unnatural discharges and ovil effects of early \lce, disease of the Blood, Kidneys and Bladder. The greatest Luown remedies. Instant relief. 1'er- maiient cures. Wrlto for book. The doctor is endorsed by tho people In the strongest t«rm», Mth and Farnam Streets. Onvjha. Nebraska. It Costs Nothing to ascertain about Indian Vegetable Elixir, the great Uheumatlc Itoincdy. Valuable treatise and facts mulled free. Better write than suffer. Address W. B. EDDY & CO., Whitehall, N. Y, PIso'a Ilemedy flir Catarrh Is the Best, Kaslcst to l'so,"~uiHl Cheap C/VTARRH by druggists or scut by mail, . T. HozeltUie, \Vurren, l)r. )T» Koo'fl SlieumtUd Core is the most marvelous permanent cure for Rheumatism ever offered the Ameripn people. Ask your druggist for U, or Send $i to DK. WA Cau FUNC MUD. Co., Steilacoom, Wash., U. S. A. — , ,.„ 1 >Vtt»HtHKtou, B. <!. 'Successfully Prosecutes Claims. J LatoPrlnorpal ExaminerTJ.S. Pension Bureau. ,. .SB Syrsiulaat war, lOudJudicutiugcliiima. atty Biuce. '±-&n ' SAC WAS ThcgreutestLiver, - Stomacli, lilood uuu Kidney Itctneily. Made ..of Roots, Burke and Herbs, a and is Absolutely? Free From! AH Mineral, or Other., Harmful In- aroilion ts. 'Druggists, $1 Kli'kaiioo luillau Hodlcluo Co., • - '•—- Agents, Now Havcu, Ct. fft To hate is the same thing as to kill, An evil thought is the mother of an evil act '• v r .. .. Yottth looks vat: tne possible, age at probable. Condemning other people will not justify us. , , , : Don't go where -'you would not' be •Willing to die.' ' ' . Don't go to sleep until you can forgive everybody. Don't neglect an opportunity to perform a kind action. When you try to be good try to be good for something. People who .borrow trouble never have to go far to find it. Don't go where you would not have your children to follow you. There is no bigger coward "than the man who is afraid to do rightly. , . There Ss nothing easier to believe than a pleasing lie about burdelyes. Don't step over one duty to perform another. Take them as they come. Don't forget that no matter where you are somebody is looking at you. Conscience is the voice of the soul; the-passions are the voice'of the body. Made Miserable for Lite, This you may easily bo if you fail to remedy the indigestion and non-assimilation of the food, which are the attendants and originators o£ nervousnesSj that ever present ailment which no narcotic, mineral sedative or nervine can ever do more, than temporarily relieve. Of course those remedies have no effect upon the organs of digestion and asimilation, except to disorder and 'enfoeblotbem, thus aggravating the origin- aldifflculty. Among the most alarming and dangerous symptoms of. chronic nervouo- ness is insomnia, which is the professional term for inability td'sleep. ...Wfiero this ex; ists there is always a tendency to 'mental overthrow, paresis and eventual insanity. Begin at the fountain head of all this difficulty with Hostetter's Stomach Bitters and avert evil consequences. No sooner does the stomach resume its tone, and the system gain in vigor through the aid of this benign tonic, than sleep returns and tho nerves grow tranquil. Chills and fever, rheumatism, biliousness and constipation yield to tho Bitters. Tho man who starts out 'to use up the bible will be too old to enjoy his victory by the time he gets through with his job. An Unequalled Opportunity of visiting the finest portions of the Great West at small cost is offered by the Burlington Route's Columbian Year Harvest Excursions of August 22d, September 12th and October 10th. On those dates, round trip tickets to all Burlington Route points in Nebraska, Kansas, Colorado, South Dakota and Wyoming will be on sale at extremely low rates. Tickets are good for twenty days and admit of stop-over at any point west of the Missouri River. : Get up a party and visit the 100-bushels- to-the-acre cornfields of Nebraska and Kansas ; the rich wheat lands of eastern Colorado, or the wonderfully irrigated districts of northern Wyoming. For information about rates apply to your nearest ticket agent. For pamphlets, etc., write to J. FKANCIS, Geu'l Pass'r Agent, Burlington Route, Omaha, Neb. CORN, TOBACCO AND MEANS. The more the church mixes with the world the less it can do toward saving sinners. Why Not Move to Nebraska, Where land is cheap? Where just as good farms as are selling for ?(X) and $70 an acre in Iowa. Illinois and Missouri, are to be had for '$10 or $15 an acre? Where the soil, the climate, the surroundings are all that can be desired? Where there's MONEY in farming? Why not move? Five years—nay, three years—hence will be too late. The "cheap land" 'days will have gone by forever. Move now 1 Write to J. Francis, General Passenger Apent, Burlington Route, Omaha, Neb., for descriptive pamphlets. They'll help you to decide on a location. Write to-day. You needn't enclose a stamp. T h« pamphlets are free. Contentment is better than riches, but it takes about the same amount of money for the one as tlie other. Idaho Springs. Idaho Springs', in Deer Creek Canon, Col< orado, is thirty-seven miles from Denver, on the Union Pacific System. Here are found veritable healing waters for the people, and the place of all others in Colorado recommended by physicians for consumptives. If the time «ver comes when the devil can't make a lie look »s white as the truth he wall have to quit. Map of the United States. A largo, handsome Map of the United States, mounted, and suitable for office or homo use, is issued by the Burlington Route. Copies will be sent to any address, on receipt of fifteen cents in postage, by P. S. Eustis, Gen'l Pass Agent, C., B. & Q. R. R.,Chicago, 111. The golden calf never grows into a eow that gives milk. The Modern Beauty Thrives on good food and sunshine, with plenty of exercise in the open air. Her form glows with heal Ui and her face blooms with its beauty. If Her system needs the cleansing action of a laxative remedy, she uses the gentle and pleasant liquid laxative Syrup of Figs. It is breath wasted for a man to pray for a revival who will not pay his debts. Female Weakness Positive Cure. To TUB Eim'OB:— PlouBB Inform your reader! thut 1 liuvo u positive remedy for tho thousand and one Ilia which IU-IHO from deranged female organs. Not a perserlptlon to he tilled, but 1 will send two bottles of my remedy Free ot all coat, 1'or the medicine, remedy uud use, to any lady if they will Bend tholr Express and 1'. O. adilresa. I lioid correspondence strictly confidential and forward my replies and remedy in a plain wrapper. 13r. J. 8. Murchlbl, Uticu, N,Y. You will miss It If you undertake to measure a man's religion by the length of his face. The fall line of general Dry Goods dis- playfd by Chas. E. Kisser &> Sro., £> Moines, 413-415 Walnut, surpasses any in the city. An old and reliable firm, Cah or try them ivith mail orders. There is no greater blockhead than the one whoso mistakes never teach ' him any- fiiug. BKBCHAM'S PILLS take the place of an en. tire medicine chest, and should be kept foi use in every family. 25 cents a box. No mattei- how much religion we profess all that counts is what we live. FITS—All tlU stopped iron uy on. (LINK'S UBK41 NKIIVE IIKSIOUKH. No lit alter llrst day's use. Mar- relouu cures. Treat loo and (2.00 trial bottle free to M uoies. Bond to Dr. Klino,»31 ArchBt., I'WIodelphla, 1-u FACTS AND FANCIES. I,cgcnd Told by Iowa Indium Regarding the Origin of the Three. Among the many • curious myths and traditions of Jthe Saukee and Musquakeo Indians!of Iowa none are more singular than the combination legend which relates the story of the origin of corn, .tobacco and,' beans. The story, as.told Colonel Daf enport (the founder o! tne cftty of the same name) by tho head chief of the allied tribes and reproduced by the St. Louis Kepublic, is as follows: In a .time many moons past the Indian ate only meat and roots. Two mighty hunters were one day sitting by a fire oh the great prairies rbastiiig their meat (venison), when they were greatly' astonished to see a beautiful squaw descend from a many-tinted evening cloud which was hanging over the west and alight upon the smooth sward near by, The first idea that struck the hunters was that she was one of their ancestors who had taken upon herself tho task o£ acting as guardian angel, and that if she had made the trip from the "happy huntJJ ing grounds," as they verily believed she Had, she must bo hungry, tired and cold. She did not attempt to approach tho fire, however, and said nothing until she had boon approched by one of the hunters, who proffered her a good-sized slice of the steaming 'vonsion. Before accepting the food she sat down upon tho ground with- 6ut moving her feet from tho spot where they had first come in contact with the earth.' While in tho act of seating herself the hunter noticed that both hands fell helplessly at her sides, making great indentations in the soft earth. As soon as she recovered from what appeared to bo a fainting fit, resulting from overfatigue, she most graciously accepted the food, ate of it, and almost immediately started upon her return trip to the clouds—not, however, until she had promised to reward the hunters for their kindness. Preparatory to her leave-taking she informed her generous friends that if they would return to that very spot in one,year they would find their reward in waiting. Upon returning to camp the huntei s related the story of their wonderful adventure with "The Woman of the Clouds" and told of the promised reward—all of which was accepted with taunts and jeers. During tho following year they were .aughed at so oftsn whenever reference was made to the. "reward" or "The Woman of tho Clouds" th'jy were all but detorred from making a journey in search of a fulfillment ol the promise. ITinally, in order not to be subjects of ridicule for tho whole-village, they pretended to make a hunting excursion in another direction, and then made a detour by way of the spot where they had, met the vision of the skies. A wonderful surprise was in wai'tin. g Tho spot where the specter sat while eating the roast venison was overgrown with tobacco; where her right hand had rested when it fell seemingly helpless to the ground corn had sprung up in all profusion, and in tho indentation made b.y the left hand upon the same occasion beaus had grown and were then hanging in a multitude of brown and golden clus- tera Where the feet of-"The Woman of the Clouds" first touched when she alighted before tlie astonished hunters a year previous two springs of water were gushing forth—one, cold and sparkling, watered the Indian Eden; the other, which flowed in an oppo- 'site direction to the first, was of a turbid character, but ^sufficiently hot to cook corn and ibeans. It is needless to add that the two hunters had a thanksgiving then :and there,' and that there was great joy among all the tribes when the news of the new discovery spread <ower the country. When the dealers put down the prices on pouches— tho women put them up. "Hanson's Magic ooru Hulvo." Warranted to euro, or mouoy refunded. A8K JOUT Snigglstl'orlt. IWco W ceuto. All work is hard work for a lazy man. A thought never dies. When a Tory Was » Itobber. Tory originally meant robber; the word comes from the Irish toiridhe, a pursuer, a searcher, bonce plunderer. A tory was at first an Irish robber; the state papers of 1566 use the word, "tories and other lawless persona" Then tho word was transplanted to England, where, after the restoration, the cavalier party became that of the Tories, the name being given maliciously, with the intention of identifying the court party with the Irish .outlaws in its support of Roman Catholic measures. Then, during our revolution, the word was applied to thecourt party in this country. Takes Time to Maku a liillinrd Ball. It does not look reasonable that six to twelve months should be needed to make & billiard ball, but a first-class ball cannot bo made in less time, owing- to the tendency of carved ivory to shrink. If it shrank equally a ball could be cut and polished in a few hours, but it does not, the shrinkage being greater in the direction of the width than of the length of the tusk. A ball must thus be roughly shaped, then kept for a number of months until the shrinking process has been completed, when the fine cutting' and polishing may be done. Tliu Grimiest of JMcs. Tho largest pie ever made was baked at Denley Dale, England, for the queen's jubilee. It spoiled, however, so that when it was opened tho stench was awful. The next week another was made, of 672 pounds of » flour, 1,300 pounds of potatoes, one heifer, two calves and two sheep. Church lic The number of church bell-ringers in the diocese of Exeter is larger than is to be found in any of the other dioceses of England and Wales, with the exception of Oxford. The bell-ringers in Devon are said to number 2, 12i; those ir.t the diocese of Oxford 2,200. HONES! 1 INSURANCE. The inhabitants of Eap island, In the Pacific, have pink hair. A calf ''having 1 seven legs" is the latest monstrosity reported from New Brunswick, N. J. A marripd coixplo at Raleigh, N. C., are aged ninety-nine and ninety-three years, respectively. According to Canon Farrar about 4,000 clergymen o£ the church of Eng land are out of employment. . Paris now gets its water supply from six great springs; it travels through eighty-three miles of aqueducts. There are 173,000,000 Mohammedans In the World already and 400 missionaries are sent out from Cairo every year to make fresh converts. Telephonemeter is the new instrument that registers the time of each conversation at the telephone from the time of ringing up the exchange to the ringing off signal. Miss Kate Levan of Bucks county, Pennsylvania, a girl of 1C, drives the mail stage between Princeton and Flectwood, and can manage a four- horse team with as much skill as any man in the county. During the last Paraguayan wnr it was noticed that the men who had been without salt for three months, and who had been wounded, however slight, died of the wounds because they would not heal. In Russian temperance societies the pledge is taken for one year. The first time a member breaks the pledge he receives nineteen with a birch rod, and with each succeeding offense the punishment is doubled. The often repeated statement that all the old soldiers o£ the first French empire are dead is untrue, as tho last military budget shows that eleven are ! still living. These eleven enjoy a , pension of '250 francs each, and are the proud possessors of St. Helena medals. Not far from Boston a well known merchant has a cemetery lot in which, side by side,' rest two wives. On one headstone there is a touching lamentation, "My beloved Lily," and on the other, "My cherished Violet." He is now living happily with wife number three. The Egyptians must have studied the art of distilling perfumes to perfection. Some of their ointment preserved in an alabaster vase in the museum at Alnwick is said to still retain a powerful aromatic odor, though it is believed to be between 3,000 and 3,000 years old. Two hotel cars to bo run from the East to Chicago, have .been finished at Wilmin/^top, Del., at a cost of 520,000 each. They are new in design and unusually large. Each car has sixteen passenger compartments, fitted up after the fashion of the most luxurious hotel room?. A space twenty-five feet long in the center of each car is occupied by a complete kitchen and beneath each kitchen is a large place for storage. Gas tanks supply fuel and light. Small Talk. Youttg gent (at a party, to his neighbor) •—Wuat a charming apparition, that lady yonder with the ROldon hnlrt • "Yes, that hair cost a good 3000 francs." '•And those teeth—a veritable casket ot pearls." "Patent enamel. Guaranteed to Jnst three years." "lu short, she's au angel." "Not bad looking, you mean to Hay?" "Come, sir, I won't allow you to spent BO slightingly of a person whom you don't know." "I know 'her a great deal better tlwna yum do—she's my wife!" There are more than a thousand different •ways in Tvhicb a conceited himself. A Company Which Fulfills Every Promise and Owes No Man a Penny that Is Wrongfully Withheld. DCS Monies IJfc Association, l>rs Mnlnc*. Iowa. t Cnre Dyspepsin nnrt Constipation. Dr. Shor,p> Kcstirntlvo Nervo Pills spnt free Mertlcitl Hook to prove morlf, for '2c stump. gists 2. r ic. Im. Snoop, HIIX W.. Undue. WIs. When a woman sets lior fncengainstnny- thing it usually 1ms to co— except it happens to be ft moustache. <» <-an«utnp(.:«n <:nro 7* sold on n. jruiinlnt'i.. It i-mi-M ;ni'tf>lrnt Co tion. It Is the I»M. coiicli i:uiv. 2.-n-ls..50cta. The pi. ico' for the revival to bogin is in the preacher's heart. There is one DCS Moines institution that is winning new honors for itself and at the same tune for the city every week. It is helping to establish this city iis the Hurtford of the west, where more safe insurance'is written than in any other western city outside of Chicago. The following editorial correspondence from the American Trade- Journal, of Chicago, speaks for itself: AVo take unusual pleasure in commending this company to every render. It stands forth with a record of wtiich any compnny might well lio proud. Unquestioned and unquestionable integrity marks all its transactions, honesty niul liberality characterize all dealings with its iiolicy holders. It owes no man a dollar that is wrongfully withhold, nor does it seek to evade any oT its obligations bv mere quib- blo. Its policies are clear and explicit. A wayfaring man need not stray. There is nothing to tangle up even the unlearned. Heading a policy of this company one instinctively feols that before him is au honest promise to pay, and that such promise will be fulfilled to the very letter. It ofTcrs absolute security, being strong, solid and unassailable. The personnel of its ofllcers gives evidence that all its affairs will bo ably and conscientiously administered. Its directorate is trustworthy, its management beyond criticism, in fact in all essential features it stands in striking contrast to the wild-cat •insurance concerns which have boon exposed in these pages. This corporation wo can commend as emphatically as tho others were condemned. Its inherent worth and unquestioned solidity have been amply demonstrated and its prosperity shows that in the field of insurance tho essential features of safety, promptness and liberality are over factors of success. Wo do not hesitate to bestow upon it our heartiest approval and to commend it In tho stiougost terms of endorsement which coino to our pen. The heart, not the head, is the real master of tho man. Go to UriiHnl That is what you ought to let your pastures go to. fcome pastures haven't enough grass but what a few old hens would pick clean. Now if yon want luxuriant pastures or winter wheat lields sow Sal/.er's seeds. Think of it! .Six tons of hay per acre and sixty- live bushels of wheat. Such yields make farming pay. Cut this out and tend -1 cents in stamps to-day to John A. Salxcr Seed comnany, LaCrosse, Wis., and receive free a package of "World's Fair \Yintcr Wheat and his fall catalogue. Polishing a rascal's head never makes his heart any whiter. Three Harvest Excursions Via. the Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul railway to all the beet fanning sections of the West and Northwest, September 12, 1893, October 10, 189U. Kctuni tickets good for twenty days. Low rales. AU coupon ticket agents cell tickets via. the Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul railway. UKO. H. HEAKFORD, General Passenger Agent, Chicago. City'Ticket, Oilier. Chicago, MO 7 Clark St. Although you know more than your employer, never tell him so. A I«K Thing. "H Is the lowest thing 1 liavo I'.ver strucs." WliutV Why the ImnlnOHS advertised In another column by II. V. Johnson & Co.- of Hlcliniond. Vn. If yew uro open to an engagement wrlto thorn. They cun uhow yon a good thing. What the girl thinks she will do, tho waman seldom does. Don't Blame the Cook If a baking powder is not uniform in strength, so that the same-quantity will always do the same work, no one can know how to use it, and uni- ; formly good, light food cannot be produced with it. • All baking powders except Royal, because improperly compounded and made from inferior , materials, lose their strength quickly when the can is opened for use. At subsequent bakings there ; will be noticed a falling off in strength. The food . is heavy, and the .flour, eggs and butter wasted. , < / It is always .the case that the consumer suffers '. \ jj in pocket, if not in health, by accepting any sub• stitute for the Royal Baking Powder. The Royal ' is the embodiment of all the excellence that it is ; possible to attain in an absolutely pure powder. ... It is always strictly reliable. It is not only more 5 economical because of its greater strength, but will retain its full leavening power, which no other powder will, until used, and make more wholesome food. FURNACES 55 s J^^E§_raRjyis_ "n'i'lSTj'LVIJIJ' StnT'l'Ltns ANI) I'URNI- .DAlinMto TUI8K. «'. UK IIAAN » CO.. H)H l,» i'u«t. II lus I ruled C n tnlogiio Free. T"TTT| ijict •Mil-null Hook for Mothers »n« Jj/VI'lrjO—DniwIilorB" tuallcrl free to »ny nddrcss. VlnvlCo..81H Kniiltnlilc HIilK, Do e Moines. Tlio Celorntcd Orecn Steel Dome iiml Stnndnrd, for either limit or Soft CoM. Econonilciil, Humble. Will be Shipped to vou direct from tho iimnufnctnTCrS. • S. OKIJKN « S(»NS. lot! to 114 West Second St., DCS .Moiiios, lown. • FARMERS STOCK SOA-LES of thfiKAIKUAXKH I'ATTHKX, from 400 Ib I'lnlfurm to 'iOU ton tnvi'k sc-nli'C.. Hit; money unyea by Inlying illrcct from our fuctory. Dos iMolne» Sfiilc Ml(f. ('<>.. Cor. W. Hiwoml mill Urunil . lien-Molnev, town. SLMII! for.prluuii. Opens I|B WlntiT SenBon for tho f!uro of Chi—ilo nmt Huriili'nl illm-iisi-n HeptemliCT IS, IS'.n. Orlflel** Curifcry n Spi'i'lnl l''o:iluro. lluptiiro Curnil without puln or ilelny from business. All Klnrts of Jliiths, nncl Klri't'rlrlty In nil forms Used In Treatment. Write lorulruiilnrn. J. H. DRAKE, M. D., PHOI'HIKTOK, 1JKS MOINHS, IOWA If (he llaliy 1» Ciittlue Tee«*, Be euro anil use thtt old ami wdl-tricd remedy, Mus. "VIKSLOW'B SOOTIIINR Syiiur for Children Teething. Yesterday is much farther away than tomorrow. COX'K Cough Human! Is the oldest, ami Iji'st. li/will bi-enk 1111 aOold nulck- er than anything else. It, Is always reliable. Try it. Riches have wings that ftap tho other way only. DES RflOitMES MANUFACTURING & SUPPLY CO. OF ENGINES, BOILERS, PUMPS, ETC. FLOUE, CORN AND OAT MEAL MACHINES s^ AND MACHINERY OF ALL KINDS, COAL HOISTING AND HANDLING AND CLAY WORKING MACHINERY, MILL AND FACTORY SUPPLIES OF ALL KINDS. OFFICE AND WORKS, IOI TO 121 EAST COURT AVENUE, OKI) lilts V1LI.KU IMIOMI'TI-V. »KS MOINES, JOAVA The Ca.pital City Commercial College nnfl Tlio Capital City School of Shorthand. Th» leading schools of commerce in the West. They furnish hundreds impositions for their craa- uates yearly. 1'or catalogue mid further infor» illation address J. M. Mclmn. 13e» Moincs, low*. Offers superior iulvantaRcs in the following colleges I.oKvrH siiid Science, Ittbllca], Oratorical, Noi-iinnl, HiiBtiiONH, An, IfliiHlca], l,a\v, irioclicul ami I'liuriuiu-. y. Gooil cn- dowments, excellent buildings, 5(1 iibfo instructors, U07 students, Locntion ami Rcnernf surroundings unsurpassed. Catalogue flee. Address, I>ruU* s Moines, la. RUPTURE PERMANENTLY OR NO PAY No PAY UNTIL CURED WE REFER YOU TO -»,000 PATIENTS NO OPERATION. NO DETENTION FROM BUSINESS. Valley Niil. Hunk. I Des nefcrcncesj coV-min slwlVigs'lStuik, \ Maine*. Write or call for Oft'iftilar. THE O. E. MILLER CO., 002 IOWA LOAN & TRUST BLDG. DBS Wolnea, Iowa. WORLD'S FAIR SOUVENIR COINS We have a limited number of thest- beavttiful Souvenirs ot the World's Columbian Exposition, which we will send' postpaid on receipt of regular price,. »1.00. Address WESTERN NEWSPAPER UNION, 315 Locust street, Dea- Moines, Iowa. CT Thompson's Eye Watarc. UTATK SANITARIUM, Hod Oivk, lowu, uimif- O itmeeu a euro for HIieiiniullHiu, Nervous 1'ros- tratlun, Liver unit Kidney J)iBeu»eo. fl <'-"n lio nmito nioutbl? U vforktuifhw B. P. JOHNSON & CO., UlCHMONI), VA. 'NESS AND HEAD NOISES CURED. ll>> rtH-k'HIIIVInllllHlMll'tJtlHlllUI!*. VVIlIUJlf I'M Hiii-crn[iil wlii'li nil rammUM fall. N 'w»y,N.Y. Wrllo Imlxiok uffro E ^. MkCAJAH'S WAFER3, tnaorsoai \ by pliynlcliuis 110 tlio bout local remedy -i ifor 1'cnialu AIliiienlB. Eusy to UHO,. ||FSJB«leanly, nuil Biiro to cin-o. Ta-o vieebv' __jtB^r treatment free. .Aildrt'KH MICAJAH & CO.. WARREN. PA.. McELREES' WINE OF CARDUI. For-Female Diseases?:; Wo liuvo u choice Hat of Improved Farms mid Prairie Lands now on the »( \J nil vu Ifc Vllulv.u na^ v>L JIlllMU V k:tl i'llllua null illllr.u .IJILHUB ItUW Ull IHC market. Small payment clown ami uuluiiuo ou lonn tlmo if Ooslrud. Mono? In benntifulnndbrightQoJQiSi. ami the Uuxiijiis handfiojiioly ctclimt ou silk, taken fromiOls Paintings and tlio celebrat. ed, world- renowned aiod*lo now on exhibition att tluc vrlc>a Ontlietop Is tho famous portrait, aftw Horo, ot Christopher Columbus, in tlio ceiil trio oil oxucfc rui>roduclion of th«j- Santa Maria ia fnll saU, ehowiug the bravo crow < nsaisU'il In disco vcnn CA, outho bottom ia u-fi showing two Globes— tne u und tlio new worlda— on oneaida IB CltriKtopher Colutubua, BUr- roandud by his orew r representing tiio ni'ft landing oa cm ohoreB.iuiii on tliootheraeoai- lunnin.e r.m , l )k ' te bird's eye vio\7 of the WORLD S FAIR. Is pronouncod one of the hand- touioH t and most attractive mcnnontoce jet issued ao a Sonvouir of tlie grout XxpoulHon; Can be csod as a Budge, Book-ilurli. orasoaornnnient for the parlor. Adopted by SocieKei, Clulis, Churches, O?M? the publieini/uHrriil, JV/cc, uo.euc/t, ortwoforasc. AGENTS VVAHTED Everywhere. Price pV? Uozf, 111 Bpeeial terms for larttu i< >\ g. Mniled and dejivored f j-no to any part of tlio U.S. or Canada, "*" j. MCLEAN & co., is? S.CURK ST., CHICAGO . N. U. P.M. 11Q4. No. "lu apply itifc to any of tlieabpYe ati- i-tiso'.'i:. do not forgot to «iy thut you SR^B tlJC JUiVM 1 t!'-.5!119ll'. U'. t ':'' - W. ' f\ jii.ij.

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