The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on August 30, 1893 · Page 8
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 8

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 30, 1893
Page 8
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CLOSE OF THE INSTITUTE. The County Normal Ends Tills Week Friday, After Three Weeks of Exceptional Work. MOINES: ALGOfrA, IOWA, WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 30, 1893, Some Remarks Ahent the Special Features and the Manner in Which They Were Presented. It is with regret that Algona will say goodbye to the teachers Friday. They have had more to do with making the past three weeks cheerful than all the gold shipments from Europe. And then they seem to have had a good time themselves. They have been here in bigger numbers than ever before, more than 220 of them, and the more there are the better it is, which of itself speaks their merits. They have had a good institute, too, if State Supt. Knoepfler's estimate is correct. He saiu that the first thing that impressed him was thut their attendance was voluntary, and that they seemed to be anxious to come. The second item peculiar to this institute was having the Instructors go from room to room instead of i ho teachers, thereby saving a lot of valuable time, and he intends next year to recommend this to the state. A third feature peculiar to this meeting has been the attractive list of evening lectures given free of cost. Hunt. Heed has planned good institutes before and is something of au expert in this line, but this, we believe, stands put among them all as the best Kossuth has yet had. entertainments far ahead of many older and larger counties. I assure you all that amid the constant changes of itinerant ministerial life, you have had a warm place in our hearts and it has been because of heavy labors and long distances of travel that more frequent visits have not been made. With warmest friendship, I remain, most fraternally, \y. F. BARCLAY. DONE WITH HOME CAPITAL The Algona Deposit and Loan Association Organized, and Almost Beady for Business. FEBSOKAL MOVEMENTS. _ Will and Melzar Haggard are taking in the fair. J. E. Stacy and son Lute started for Chicago Saturday. Mr. and Mrs. Alex. White went to Chicago Monday for the fair. Ed. Hawkins has been visiting in Algona a couple of days. _ Miss Maud Lilly from Lyons is visiting her sister, Mrs. W. J. Studley. Sheriff Graham and his wife and her sister, Miss Coffin of Burt, are in Chicago. An Institution that wiil Prove a Benefit to the People of This Section—The Promoters of the Plan. Among the instructors Prof. Shoun has been very popular. He is one of the recognized able educators of the state, and he has taken up the general subject of how to teach. Prof. Dixson in mathematics and the sciences, has no superior and is very popular. Miss Anna K McGovern, who has for ten years been in the state normal school on primary methods, has done expert work in that branch here. Mrs Barber's work in elocution and physical culture is unexcelled anywhere, and no feature of any institute ever held here has been more enjoyed. Prof. Davidson has done excellent work in history and physiology. As a whole the corps of instructors has included only the best in their respective lines. Each morning Supt. Reed has talked on school law, and given the gist of the decisions on matters pertaining to teaching. I-Ic has, besides, invited others to occupy the 15 minutes, and Ruvs Davidson and Bagncll, Prof. Chattce! Mrs. Ingham, and Rev. Brush of Sioux City have spoken. The list of evening lectures has included Supt. Knoeplier Rov. Barclay, Prof. Elmer with his atoreopticon, and Do Witt Miller, who comes tomorrow. In addition Prof Chafl'eo's lecture wan dated to (it the course. Mr. Miller has been secured at great expense, and his lecture will bo the best ever given in an institute course in this part of the state. In the way of music, recitations, etc., the best talent of Algona has cheerfully assisted. The institute has lasted three weeks. It has afforded the teachers a lino opportunity to take in a supply of new ideas and enthusiasm that will last all the year. A successful institute insures successful schools. It crouton pride In the profession. It stirs up emulation and a desire to excell. It makes teaching something to be proud of. Where the institutes are small and lack enthusiasm, the teachers got sick of their work. A superintendent who can got up a successful institute and get all the teachers to want to attend and to show animation in their study, who can bring them into contact with the bright minds of tho state for three weeks, and send thorn out planning to come again v Bort Hallock is with the Eagle Grove Times now and his family will move there. Mrs. Mary H. Carter is again in Al- g-ona, having returned from her Michigan visit. Mrs. S. A. Marquette is up from 1'ort Dodge visiting her brother, E. G Bowyer. Miss May Clarke is visiting at E. H Clarke's. She has been at Omaha for some time. Mrs. Harwood of Denver is visiting her sister, Mrs. W. F. Carter. She came Monday. J. C. Heckart was up from Eagle Grove yesterday on a flying visit. His family are all well. W. L. Joslvn is off He will visit the fair. for four weeks. Gillie Rutherford is also in Chicago. Mark Sands was in Algona a day last week. He has a position in a law'offlce in Chicago, and will locate there. Mr. and Mrs. R. N. Voorbies go to Chicago Saturday for a two weeks' visit with their daughter, and to see the fair. Miss Carrie Kamrar, the accomplished daughter of Senator Kamrar of Webster City, is visiting Miss Edith Clarke. Mrs. H. S. \ 7 aughn has been greeting her many Algona friends the past week. She came from Denver and is visiting Mrs. Bowyer. Mr. and Mrs. P. L. Slagle, Mr. and Mrs. Lem. Stockwel', M. P. Brewster and H. J. Gilbert's two sons are in Chicago, all leaving Friday. Miss Sophie More of Iowa City is visiting Miss Jessamine Jones. She is a graduate of the state university and a .school friend of Miss Jones and Cornie Ingham. Leo Puegnet came down from Arm- Hard times have no effect on Algona enterprise. While other cities are feeling the effects of depression we are booming with new buildings and reaching out into new fields. The past week final steps have been taken to inaugurate a 20 million dollar building and loan association, to be known as the "Algona Deposit and Loan association," and by this time the articles of association are filed. This is on the plan of like institutions in Des Moines and elsewhere in Iowa, and ought to be a big success here in Algona, where everything succeeds. The capital stock is to be paid in monthly installments, as is customary with associations of like kind. The offices will be over the Algona State bank. The directors are C. C. Chubb, A. D. Clarke, Thos. F. Cooke, C. C. St.' Clair, F. M. Taylor, E. E. Sayers, Dexter Turner, and H, J. Edens. Of these Thos. F. Cooke is president; E E Sayers, vice president: F. M Tavlor' secretary, and C. C. St. Clair, treasurer. 1 hos. F Cooke went to Des Moines Monday to file the articles of incorporation, and business will begin Oct. 1. The purpose of this company like that of all the building and loan associations of the state, is to afford small depositors with safe investments and secure to them cheap loans. It is organized on tho same plan as the most conservative of our Iowa companies, and as these hnve proved successful elsewhere this will Undoubtedly be equally fortunate. The field work will be done by Messrs. Turner and Edens. Mr Turner has been engaged for the Dubuque and other associations for seven years and has been a very successful solicitor. Mr. Edens has been for a year at work for the Carroll company. Both will put in their whole time securing stock for tho new company. In consequence of this move Mr. Taylor will soon change his office and be found in the front rooms over the bank He will give his time to the new business, which will undoubtedly soon require his entire attention. The men who have taken hold of this enterprise are well known here and in this part of the state, and their ability to handle-a business of such magnitude is recognized. They have all the ele- A Word to the Grocery Trade. There is no denying the fact that money is scarce, There are " dollars of our daddies" enough, no doubt, in the country, but somehow they don't seem to circulate. This makes times " close," as they say; so in order to meet these close times we get close to the public by Making Extra Close Prices. This does not mean that the quality of our groceries is poorer —not any—the high grade is maintained, no matter what hap- in the financial world. To be convinced you need only to call and see for yourself that the quality is there the same as ever the price is made to correspond with existing circumstances! Stock the Largest. Quality the Finest. Prices the Lowest. What more does anyone want? These qualities ought to fill the bill with any reasonable pers6n. fl^Large stock of crockery, lamps and lamp goods—our specialties. New State Bank Block, Algona, Iowa. W. F. CARTER. $1,500 BLAZE AT WESLEY. A Fire There on Monday Burned Two Hundred Tons of Hay and a New Hay Press. The Origin of the Fire Remains a Mystery Thus Far—The Weekly List of News Notes. Emmet. Prof. Fred Skiff, who married Josephine Carlon, was in Algona last week. He is still teaching in Wisconsin, and both ho and Mrs. Skiff are enjoying the best of health. Of the high school class of '93, Goo Horton goes to the Minnesota university this fall and Mattie and Maggie Haggard and Lulu Clarke go to the Furibuult school. Elmer O.sborne and Mr. Peck of Nau- gatuek, Conn., visited at C. D. Pettibone's over Sundiiy. Mr. Osborno is a cousin's son, and both are visiting the west as well as the fair. next year, is doing more for good schools than all his other work togoth- or. Those arc the institutes Kossuth has the reputation of having, and in 189!i Kossuth has beaten her own record. KEY, BABOLAYIN ALGONA. Many icormor VrlundH drool Jilm Al'tor an Almonco of J (I YCIU-H— JllH Opinion of AlKoiin, The Congregational church wualillod to overflowing; last Thursday evening to greet Rov. Barclay again to Algona after an absence of 1(1 years. And while ho found groat changes in the town and in tho people, those who know him before found little change in him. His appearance was natural in spite of serious lameness caused by rhoumalisip, and his address was just as of old, full of bright thoughts and amusing illustrations and stories of his experiences in those Algona college days, when tho stage used to como from ICnmietsburg and Fort Dodgo and tho only train that loft Algona started at 4 o'clock in tho morning with Hogan or Caldwoll in charge. Tho evening was a treat lo all. But to thoso whoso 1 memories wore carried vividly buck it was like tho mooting of long-lost friends. Rov. Barclay has boon preaching nil thoso years; hi Waterloo, Clinton, Marion, and now is at Toledo. Mrs. Barclay is enjoying excellent health. Both retain a place in tho history and allVc- tlonsof Alfi-ona, which will o\vr insiuv thorn a generous welcome to I his .seene of their early labors. Tho following- note explains itself: To tho Kditor: As my visit, here must be literally a Hying' trip and no timojte afforded to call uu old friondn, .1 dosiro to acknowledge many courtesies as well as to congratulalo'the citizens on the lino growth and evident thrift of this beautiful town. It has no equal in this part of the .state. After spending two or three years as a resident, and now after an 'absence of 10 years, I iind my predictions fulfilled I often said then thut for intelligence, stability and enterprise the place had no equal in the state. Other places had one or two of these three elements of prosperity, but not all. In all these years I have been bragging on Algona, in season and out of season, and on mv return I find that my abounding enthusiasm and praise have been within the bounds of truth. I find a splendid corps of teachers, a finely conducted institute and a programme of evenin°- Prank Hedrick has been up to Ashland, Wis., and other points the past week, Mrs. Hedrick returning with him. Frank snvs Iowa ought to feel satisfied this your with her crops. Horace Mann, who has a good position in tho nautical almanac office at Washington, is expected homo today He is off on a four weeks' vacation and will spend tho time visiting his Algona friends, Misses Josio and Louise McCoy go to Lake City, Minn., tomorrow to take up their school work there. Miss Josio teaches music and some of tho higher branches and Miss Louise has drawin" Gorman and Latin. B1 Mrs, S J. O'Noil is expected to got homo this week. She has been down with rheumatic fever for 'six weeks at her old homo in Illinois, but is now recovering. She wont to tho fair and wns returning when taken sick. D. II. Satoholl was in Chicago last week attending one of tho family reunions tho big fair la the occasion of J wo siKtors and a brother ho had not mot in many yours woro with him Ono camo from California and ono froni tho oust. cept Mr. Taylor, are .young men, but have all had ample business experience. THE UPPER DES MOINES wishes them all success, and takes pleasure in introducing the Algona Deposit and Loan association to the friendly consideration of the public. ENCAMPMENT BATES. I-ow HutRH to Indianapolis, Ind., by the Xorthwestern. On account of the national encampment of the Grand Army of the Republic which will bo hold at Indianapolis, Ind beginning Sept. 4,1883, theNorth- western line will sell excursion tickets at exceedingly low rates. Passengers will be given choice of routes between Chicago and Indianapolis, and stopover will be allowed at Chicago, thus affording an excellent opportunity for visiting tho world's fair. For tickets ana further information apply to agents Chicago & Northwestern railway. T..OVV Kates to the World's Pair. Now is the time to visit the world's fair. The Northwestern lino is selling excursion tickets at exceedingly low rates. These tickets accord holders all first-class privileges, and are good for return passage within thirty days from date of sale. Fast train service and elegant accommodations. For tickets and full information apply to agents Chicago & Northwestern railway.-20t6 it will you g-ooi troublu will i King's Now Now Try Thin. cost, you nothhiff mid will surely do ! you have iieoutfh, cold, or nny nth throat, ohost or lungs i)r S T ow l)lBi)ovor.v for consumption! . and colds is Rimrantoou to jrivo ro- hoi or money will ho paid back. Sufforors from lagrippo founil it just tho tia g, mil IHlllm- ll.u IIU|> lin.l ,, <,,,.,.,.! 1 ..„"'.""" covory dor Us uso hud u simwly and perfect ro- ory. Iry u sample holllo atouroxponso mid learn Jor yourself just how good a tliiiiK it is. Trial» froo at LA. Shoot*' 1 -ill-go SIX.L-S SOu mid ono dollar. y S. II. OlilVori'l, of Nmv Castlo, Wis., W11S ronbh-il with nouriiljftii and rliLnimatism, Ins stomui-h was ilisonloroil, his liven- was Hlli-cU'd to mi nliirming ilogroo, appotito full .iwii.\, und ho was terribly reduced in ilosh um stroii'jtl,. Tluvi) bottlos ol' Klo^ric, iillors i-uivil him. Kilward Sliophord, of lurnsbiu-- ill., luul a rnuuiny soVo on his h m °'r ,'!', yi ' ! .'' s ' sllll 'Hing. Usinl tlireo Duttli-.sol Klci-u-u, MitU.-r.s anil sovon boxes ol l.uckU-ira Arnica Salvo and his lo'- is M.ii.ul and well. John Kpoalior, Cntiiwbii, U., had Jivo lartri- U-vor soros on his lo-- ; doctors stiul ho wus iucm-ablo. Ono botHo iMcdnc JJillurs ami one box IJucUlen's Ar- '."''yi^'JX 0 tlul ' l ' a llim < -'"li' 1 i'l.V. Sold by I,. liuckli'ii's Arnii-a Salve. Tho best salvo in tho world for bruisos cms, sores, ulcers, salt rlioum, fevor soros' letter, chapped hands, chilblains, corns and all skin eruptions, and Positively euros piles or no pay required. It is guaranteed toVivo pertee• sutistaction or monoy refunded. Price u'ac a box. Sold by L. A. Slieotss Cheap Kates to tho P«lv. From Aug. 1 and until further notice excursion tickets for tho world's fair ,,°., so d fl ' om Algona by the Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul railway to Chicago ana return tit glS.55.—19t8 TERRIBLEJXPIOSM! Too High Pressure. In these days of keen competition in every line, when the business man is compelled to bend his intellect and every energy to tlie success of his business; the clerk, bookkeeper, professional man and laborer, to drive themselves at a terrific rate, there c-an bo but one result—an explosion, which if not resulting in immediate death, loaves them with shaltered brains arid bodies lliey are running at too high pressure.' ino strain is too great. Sonic-tiling must and docs givo way. This is equally mio ,.f women. Though their sphere is MOIC limited, they have their daily burdens, frols, and worries, and tho results are the HUHIC as whh their (stronger companions. This condition is growing worse cvcrv day. The rapidity of its inert-life is tuvfiil to contemplate. Our homes, lioniitrils. anil insane asylums arc full of ilicso imfoihmaics und are being crowded still further. Tin re IB but one solution of tlie mailer, Kc'i-oc- nize the importance of llie Kilimtioii ai oner and take the necessary meumirca to ' como it. If you have failing memory (lashes, dizziness, nervous or i;ic,k lu !lu !, biliousness, irritability. im.-lam:Imly, nl lessnes.", fainting, nt-rvonn (|VN|U>IIMH lepny, etc., know tlmt any oneol il, ( ,,,'i; a symptom of llio cilamliy thai DK.V ! you, and oven tlioiijjh you linve. I'M>I| called remedies iiiul treated with njui physicians with lililo or no IK-II,'!',!, <. ; iv,. Miles' Itestorativo Nervine n (n'ui. :i ].; the only remedy tlmt may bo dri>rt"! ; il upon for nervous disorders. "Two ywu-KHK 1 " 1 1 "sod Hr, Miles' iii-Mornih-i- Nervhw with nmrkud buuodt, anil Inli-i Imlcci-d my son. who huil hoon sick wiili i-ntiin!, (.f'n,,. blnrtdor live yours In tlio hunds of our |, ( ..| 1,1, v '. sidiuis, to try H toKrther with Dr. Mlhv K,.,-V,. ami I.Ivor nils, llo wan so wonderfully ln-n nod that lie is attending to Imslncsu ugiilu ' ',- v v ;,<• also used Kurvtne with moat c.ici-lloiii srnii'is' All of in togulhor huvo not uxcd inoiu MUM: .|.\ Dottlos of Nervine. Several of our Mends 1 nvi> also u»ed it, and uro grpntly ininrnvod "--I • i-K Oibbs, nuchor&Olbbs I'lowOo , ('iinloii (H in Dr. Miles' Restorative Nervine is cold bv ul 1 dniKglBts on n. positive KunrttiHcu, or H>M| f-v l>r Miles Medical Co., Elklmrt, Jml., on ivivli-i • price, 81 ner bottle,six bottles, 8ft, express M-•• •'• ;.i It is positively froo from oplntcn or diini-oi•••!• arUfB. Kroo book ut druggists, or by uiuil. SOLD MY J)$ ' I over- .'i.i WESLEY, Aug. 29.— Yesterday at 1 p. m. the alarm of fire was given, and it was soon learned that J. P. Johnson's hay barn on the north side of town was on fire and was soon consumed along with about 200 tons of hay, a new Flour City hay press, tread power, and one horse. The men were just hitching up to begin work when the fire was discovered behind a large pile of baled hay that was piled up inside the barn. No one seems to know how the fire originated. There was a light insurance on it. H. C. Price's house stands close to where the barn stood and at one time it was thought it, too, would be on fire, but by the prompt action of those present it was prevented. Mr. Johnson's loss will be close to SI 500 dollars. G. M. Butts will build a new house on his lots in the north side. The stone is on the ground and he expects to have it completed to live in before cold weather sets in. There was quite a frost here Tuesday morning, but no damage was reported Richard Gray of Marion, S. D., has been here for the past few days on business. Dick reports times booming in Dakota. Our schools will begin next Monday, our teachers will be on hand as usual to do their part. Miss Jennie Pettibone was here one day looking her school room over and seeing that all necessary improvements are attended to. Mr. Wm. Dizart of Dixon, 111., is here looking after his land interests three miles east of Wesley. He reports it very dry in Illinois and that crops are better here than there. Mr. Dailey, Algona's city marshal, was in our town Monday looking after tho local politicians. Rodney Hill of Britt was in our town Monday and Tuesday on business and seeing how the work was progressing on the new bank building. Geo. W. Roe and Mr. Magor of Corwith were doing our town Tuesday Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Eddy expect to attend tho reunion of the G. A. R. at Indianapolis. Miss Pain, formerly of Corwith, but now of Daws will attend to the postofllco while they arc away. Mr, Chipman of Portland township was calling on his many friends here Monday. Mr, Chipman will be a candidate again this fall for county treasurer. Wo know of no man in the county that tho people of Wesley would endorse any quicker than they would him. If ho gets tho nomination at the convention his many friends here will rally to his support and give him a hand- somo majority at tho November election. Christ. Oloson is having the rock hauled on bis lots in tho north part of town for his now house. Markets, Wheat, 40(3)42c; oats, 10- (r/>18o; ilax, 78(7/)BOc; hay," loose, ?2.75, bailed, $-l(«)4,60; hogs, $4.50. THE JOHN PAUL LUMBER GO. SUCCESSORS TO J. J. WILSON. Office and yard on Dodge street, south of State, ALGONA, gOWA. Handles the best of all descriptions of Which includes everything that is possibly needed for the construction of anything j rom a picket fence to the very finest residence. WE MEET ALL COMPETITION. Come and give us a chance to figure your bills, and we will prove to you that what we say is the truth. .A-g-ent. Make hay while the £im shines and PRESS HAY whether the sun shines or not. . . R. H. Spencer has something that will be of interest to every man who wants City Unitary StIJI on Jieclc. I biivo my old bakor back again and am again prepared to moot tho wants of the public for baker's goods of all kinds. Wo turn out nothing but the boat of everything. Will also run a, lunoh counter in connection, whero all can bo supplied who want a good lunch at. a moderate price. E. P. BIIJOIIER. Strayed. From tho undersigned, Aug. 5, two bay muro ponies; white strip on face of ono, white spot on tho other; each has ono whito hind foot; largo brand on lolt hip of darkest ono. Anyone yard- ing them and notifying mo w'ill be liberally rewarded. _g" S. B. REED, Algona, Iowa. A Hay Press or who has any notion of buying one in the near future; see him and let him give you a Pointer on Presses. There is good money to be made in pressing your own hay, but see me before you buy a press. R. H. SPENCER. Liferyanfl HUNTER & M'ENROE. We have leased the barn south of the lennant House, and are now prepared to furnish the public with good Uvery rigs at moderate prices. Also Break Colts to Drive, and guarantee satisfaction. Have all necessary appliances for properly handling colts, and break them luto kind and gentle drivers. Will also BOARD HORSES BY THE WEEK, and give them the best of care. Givine our personal attention to tho business! patrons can rest assured we will do our best to please them. GEO. HUNTER, Manager. State: University The Stveral Departments will Begin the Year 1893-94 on Sept. 20. J^KGAL BLANKS— THE STANDARD FORMS. TOWNSHIP PLATS SIX INCHES SQUAUK You ttud these at The Upper Des Molnca Office. Prices are right. This house has been thoroughly refitted and refurnished, and is now prepared to accommodate the traveling public. Your Patronage is Solicited, 0. W. M'MURRAY. ?. i :° u .¥. 1 , 1 , 1 7. Cf i ul PPe<iror Uih! Modlcul-j. G. Gilchrist M , ruKlHtrar of faculty, lovva City ' ' °' ""'"' a a s " ''" 11 u . 0 P ar t">untH J&tim^*™"' "''' f< "' K^'^'iSinatlon, r (JlJAllLKS A. SO'HAEFPEB, '"_"'* President. w .wWW—T*4*Mf itofeiMiHdte^ •> j^litfe^asi^ , H ^^^»^*ta^ f*¥tft* :L^...^.- .£j&M THE ALCONA SUPPLY HOUSE Will fimilsh you anything in tho line of CREAMERY ; SUPPLIES, f

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