The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on August 30, 1893 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 30, 1893
Page 7
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'a. THE TIPPER DBS MOtNttS AL(X)NA, v tOVVA. WEDNKSftAY, AUGUST 30 V 1893. A bANGEROUS SUMMER GIRL. He—So we are engaged. Isn't it lovely? She—Perfectly. He—I wonder if anybody saw me when I kissed yoii, last night? She—I hope so. She—I hopd so. He-Why? She—1 mean business, and want witnesses.—Detroit Free i'rcss. insects may be destioyed with hot alum. Put it in hot water and let it boil until the alum is dissolved. Apply hot, with a brush and all creeping things are Instantly destroyed without danger to human life or injury to property. To destroy ants soak pieces of sponge dn sugar and water and place on the shelves. When the sponges are filled with ants, which will be in about an hour, drop them into a bucket of boiling water. Our Rapid Transitory Existence Is brief enough without our sliortonlng it bj sucking mcdlcnl aid, wliun wu uru somewhat unwell, from sources whwe It Is only ob. tuiimljlu with grout risk. Even if the old doctrine were true thnt violent diseases require violent, remedies, it does not follow Unit drnsth: vurgutlrus, narcotics, powerful "sedatives" oC the nervous system are ad visnble In vases whore slight disorders man! fcstly onl! for the use of milder menu* ol recovering, involving no subsequent ilungcr. but equally elllelent. Hosteller's Stomuch Hitters notunly relieves, but ulllniaUily and completely relieves disorders of the stomach, liver, bowels and nerves. It is a genuine tonic, healthfully stimulates the kidneys, it « thorough alterative, and a most effectual preventive, of chills and fever mid bilious remittent. The utmost confidence can be reposed In the purity und safety of its uiedi ohm] ingredients. "I was getting measured for a suit of clothes this nwwning," stiid young Mr. Sissy to his pretty cousin, "and just for a joke, y' know, I awaked Snipem if it really took nine tailors to make a man. He said it would take more than nine tailors to make a man of some people. 1 thought it was quite, clevah." BrcncirAM's 1'n.i.s quickly cure sick head Hi-lit!, weak stomach, impaired digestion, ri, disordered liver, et«. Mr. Eland's observation regardim: congressmen who do not openly clas.- theiiisulvt'S as silver men, that "then 1 will be many M. scalp taken before th'.s light is over,' is merely a bald threat. J. S. 1,'AKKER, Fred-inln, N. Y., say*'•Shall not call on you for the $100 rewani fur I beiievu Hall's Catarrh (Jure will cm • Miy case of catarrh. 'Was very bad." Writ him for particulars. Sold by Druggists, TV. Bin-ties Greeley, only surviving brother of the famous Horace, livt.-.- nn the old homestead at Chappaqua. ami though verging on SO, is one 01 the most voluble talkers in the country. N. K. Brown's Essence Jamaica Ginger is :i irentlu linilc. NIIIKJ bettor. Try it. 25 cents. An important naval engagement is reported from Atlanta, but not yet. couflnmxl by Secretary Herbert Miss Sallle Brown, youngest daughter of ex-Senator Joseph 1*3. Brown, is named as party of the second part. DISTRESS IP THE ST Heartburn, Sick Head ache and oilier symptoms of DYSPEPSIA troubled mo for several years. Since I have been taking HOOD'S 8ARSAPAKILLA all this is clmn^ud. Dyspepsia trouble no longer bothers me. I do not have liuurtburn ami I am free from heiid. ache. I have gained In Uesli and feel butter in everyway." Mus.J.H Cook, .MartinsviUu.lll HooU'B X'ills are purely vegetable. 25c. KNOWLEDGE Bring! comfort and improvement and tends to personal enjoyment when rightly oaed. The many, who live better than others and enjoy life more, with Una expenditure, by more promptly adapting the world's best products to the*needB of physical being, will attest the value to health of the pure liquid laxative principles embraced in the remedy, Syrup of Figs. Its excellence is due to its presenting in the form most acceptable and pleasant to the taste, the refreshing and truly beneficial properties of a perfect laxative ; effectually cleansing the system, dispelling colds, headaches and fevers ana permanently curing constipation. It has given satisfaction to millions and met with the approval of the medical profession, because it acts on the Kidneys, Liver and Bowels without weakening them and it is perfectly free from •Tory objectionable substance. Syrup of Figs is for sale by all druggists in 60o and$l bottles, but it is manufactured by t^e California Fig Syrup Co. only, whose name is printed on every package, also the name, Syrup of Figs, and being well informed, you will not accept any substitute if offered, Ptoo't Remedy (te CbtMi* ft DM Beat, Eaeleet to Vw, Md Ohetpeet. C ATA R R H * ** GRIMES AND CRIMINALS. Peculiarities About Them Not Generally Jvn/jwn. The Persians did not punish murderers for the lirst offense. The bastinado is still a favorite punishment in Turkey and Egypt. French criminals were condemned to the galleys as late as 1050. The cities of Italy represent 42 per cent, of the crime of that country. In ijiackstone's time 150 offenses were yuujsnaule in Jwugiaud by death. Gliiluless and unmarried men form 75 per cent, of all the criminals in 1'Tuiice. The average cost of criminal prosecutions in England at present is i'c!3 each. The Romans had a jury system, the jury being drawn from the roll of citizens. There are over 5,000 assassinations or attempts to murder every year in Italy. Over US per cent, of the whole number of English criminals are unable to read. In 188U there were 1^0 convictions for murder in l<'ruuee and but four ex- e.xeeuuons. until iNiO an Englisr murderer was uuuguu on me suconu uuy aner his convicdou. Ireland has the least proportion of criminals to l,000,uuu ot population— 900. in 1531 the English parliament passed an act punishing poisoners by uoiliug to death. IJaugiug in chains was abolished, with many other cruel punishments, in hot water. Finally she heats her hand, moistened with aromatic vinegar, rubs the back of her neck well. then, looks in the glass, and, presto! the haggard face is gone and a rosy one appears instead. il/ite in the evening ' the superior secretary likes to indulge in a cracker and some stowed fruit, and the last act of the d:iy is her bath. Three times a week she indulges in a sulphur bath. She had shrewdly observed that at the sulphur springs even wrinkled old ladies camo from the Im''"* —'th :i soft, pink glow tinging their yellow cheeks. Consequently she tried manufacturing her own sulphur baths. She throws a handful of sulphur into the b:ith tub and the next morning she has as pretty a. flush as a 3-year-old baby. She admits that it takes determination to inaugurate this regime, but claims that once started it supports Itself by the extra energy it superin- duces. And then she exults. And her indolent sisters say she is very irritating. "Her spirits are so animal." ST. LOUIS IS A GUM-CHEWING TOWN. Only 3 per cunt, of the murderers ol! tins country have received a higher education. Oieiieudiug was unknown us a puuisn- moiu in aiiUgiiiud until alter the .i-sur- mau conquest. Of tne nonncides m this country : M per cent, are committed uy natives unu ?.-t by loreignors. Branding uuu nose slitting were favorite political punishments in liug- laud 'MO years ago. Most Austrian criminals are between the ages of 20 and 30, and bo per cum. ure unmarried. The Jewish laws made witchcraft a capital crime. "Thou shult not suffer u witch to live." The proportion of old offenders in France increased from 10 per cent, in 1S2U to 48 per cent, in 1S80. There are every year in Australia 130,000 arrests for crime and misdemeanor and over 2,000 convictions. The number of criminal convictions in Breat Britiau has declined 37 per cent, in twenty-two years. On June 1, IS'JO, there were 82,320 prisoners in the United States, of v-o™ .,081, wui-u charged with murder. JD nil civilized countries the number GL oi-mimuls has increased from 10 to 35 per cent, in the last fifty years. More than four-lifths of the murders in the United States last year were by men who had no regular occupation. Drowning in the filthiest pond OL- quagmire that could be found Avas a favorite legal punishment among th>; Britons. Burning alive was practiced amou.i; the Jews, Romans and other nation., and was countenanced by several pap;.l bulls. The Siamese instruments of tortuiv are rnc'Je in England and bear tl.<j trade mark of a prominent Birmingham firm. Branding and cropping the ears an 1 nose were common punishments in England until the beginning of the IUM century. Hanging, drawing and quartering were lirst inflicted in England on William Marise, a nobleman's son, who had turned a pirate. "There is more gum-chewing in St. e nnwtl rv 5rh;.KSrnhuis. m otbso Louis than in any other city on the continent," said Corliss Jordan at the Southern to a Globe-Democrat reporter. "Brooklyn claims to outchew any other city in the United States in the matter of prepared paraiHne. But I have seen more men chewing gum here inside of an hour than I would see in Brooklyn In a week. I asked a druggist about it. and he tells me nearly everybody in St. Louis chews gum. I should certainly think so from observation. "One druggist sells over $100 worth of it every week. The idea prevails here that gum-chewing helps digestion. A little of it may but constant gum- chewing injures the teeth and impairs the stomach. It creates saliva and causes a frightful waste of the valuable gastric juices. It keeps the stomach busy when it should be at rest. Some men chew pepsin gum because they think there is a lot of pepsin in it. There is not enough in a wagon- load of it, to save a mosquito from one dyspeptic pnng. "The same fallacy obtains in this case as in sodn-foimtain sarsaparilla. If you were to drink a hogshead of it you wouldn't get. enough genuine sarsaparilla into your system to mobilize a single pimple." HAWKS AND OWLS. ALWAYS BUOYANT. She Works Daily With a Man of Dry Science but She Overcomes That. A Avomnn who is secretary for a well-known scientific man lias caused much secret envy among her sex because of the abounding vitality she always displays, says the New York Sun. Some of her less energetic friends assert that her vitality is positively Irritating. She works all day and she stays up as late as she wants to, having the good times which most women who work hard deny themselves, saying they "simply must have time for rest." She is always alert mentally and physically, This, sho says, is the way she does it: She rises early. That at the outset would 1 frighten most people out of their desire to be perennially gay. Her next move is more encouraging, i'or she differs from those disagreeable people who recommend a cold plunge for the first act of the day. She doesn't believe in cold plunges, but she does dash cold water in her face, then eats an orange or some other fruit in season and bathes her faces neck and arms. By the time breakfast is ready and less resolute people? are rubbing their eyes and saying, sloupily, "Mercy! Is it: breakfast time?" she has copied her report of a lecture or prepared j Bulletin No. 3 of the department of agriculture has some very pleasant things to say about hawks and owls. The assistant ornithologist, Dr. A. K. Fisher, has presented a special report on these birds, and he says that only six of the 73 species and sub-species of hawks and owls of the United States are injurious. Three of those six are extremely rare, and another, the fish hawk, is only indirectly injurious, leaving two, ' the sharp shinned and cooper's hawks, to be reckoned with. The report continues: "Omitting the six species, 2212 stomachs were examined, of which 56 per cent contained mice and other small mammals, 27 per cent insects, and only 3 1-2 per cent poultry or game birds. In view of these facts the folly of offering bounties for the destruction of hawks and owls, as has ben done by several states, becomes apparent, and the importance of an accurate knowledge of the economic status of our common birds and mammals is overwhelmingly demonstrated." A GOOD DEFINITION. nioacl»?r— "Doliiio 'gentleman.'" Boy—"A gentleman is a growed up boy wot: used to mind his mother."— Street & Smith's Good News, The New Bread As endorsed and recommended by the New-York Health Authorities. Royal Unfcrmentcd Bread is peptic, palatable, most healthful, and may be eaten warm and fresh without discomfort even by those of delicate digestion, which is not true of bread made in any other way. To make One Loaf of Royal Unfermented Bread: 1 t:t!p.:-t flou-, i tsnspoonful salt, half T tcnspoonfut sugar, 2 heaping; te::r,p«onfuls Royal Baking Powder,* cold boiled potato aboiit the size of large hen's egg, and water. Sifi ui^ctluT '.',:c:rmr'.'ily flour, salt, sugar, and baking powder; rub in the potato; add sufficient water to mix smoothly and rapidly into a stiff batter, about as soft as for pound-cake; about a pint of water to a quart of flour will be required—more or less, according to the brand and quality of the flour used. Do not make a stiff dough, like yeast bread. Tour the batter into a prcased par., <jj£ by 8 inches, nnd 4 inches deep, filling about half full. The loaf will rise to fill the pan when baked. Bake in very hot oven .15 minutes, pladnsr paper over first 15 minutes' baking, to prevent crusting tuo soon on top. liako immediately after mixing. Do not mix with milk. * Perfect success can lie had only with the Royal linking I'tnoJer, tmnise it is the fitly poiy.-itr itt K/iidt the ingredients are fr.'! .11 c.l so us to givi t'lttt continuous action necessary tj mist the larger lirea.: .'..;/. * * * The best baking powder nir.dc is, as shown by analysis, tlie "Royal." Its leavening strength has been found superior to other baking powders, and, as far as I know, it is the only powder which will rais:c large bread perfectly. Cvrns Edson, M. D. Com'r of Health, New-York City. Breadmakcrs using this receipt who will write the result of their experience will receive, free, the most practical cook book published, containing 1000 receipts for all kinds of •cooking. Address -,r'V.•!•>--"•••" ; ~.-'" : '--»iT**-«.'*> v v- -•'v' ROYAL BAKING POWDER CO., 106 WALL ST., NEW-YORK. My wife suffered with indigestion and dyspepsia for years. Life became a burden to her. Physician! failed to give relief. After reading one of your books, I purchased * bottle of A;: just Flower. It worked like a char . My wife received immediate rciiL-l" after taking the first dose. She was completely cured — now weighs 165 pounds, and can eat anything she desires without any deleterious results as was formerly the case. C. H. Dear, Prop'r Washington House, Washington, Va. <9 i HARVEST EXCURSIONS Will b» run from CHICAGO, PEORIAand ST. LOUIS via th* BURLINGTON ROUTE AUGUST 22, SEPTEMBER 12, OCTOBER 10, On thesa dates ROUND-TRIP TICKETS will be SOLD at jiOATV HFf.^LTIE To all points In NEBRASKA, KANSAS, COLORADO, WYOMING. UTAH, NEW MEXICO, INDIAN TERRITORY, TEXAS, MONTANA. ! Tickets good twenty days, with stopover on going trip. Passengers In the (East should purchase through ticket* via the BURLINGTON ROUTE of their nearest ticket agent. For descriptive land pamphlet and further Information, write to P. 8. EUSTI3, Cen'l Passenger Agent, Chicago, III. Form id-ioi-M THE WORLD OF LONDON. In 1S17 all London houses were compelled for the lirst time to connect with sewers. The population of London, it is reported, increases at the rate of 200 persons per day. A room in the house of L. W. Palmer, of London, is entirely papered with about seventy thousand canceled posAige stamps. For 200 years the paper from which Bank of England notes tire made has been manufactured at Laverstoke In Hampshire. The city of London drinks every year 45,000,000 gallons of malt liquor, 8,000,000 gallons of wine and 1,500,000 gallons of spirits. Twelve hundred beds at a penny a night each are 'ottered to London's homeless poor in n new Salvation ;iriny shelter, erected on the banks of the Thames, near Blackfrairs' bridge. That voluminous and entertaining writer, Mr Baring-Gould, is engaged upon a learned work on "The Deserts of Central Franco," which ought to be almost as interesting as his novels. The work will describe the great barren limestone table-land that extends to '.lie south of the Old Limousin, in the departments of Aveyron, Lo/.ere, Lot, Honuilt, etc'. Hiram G. Ferris of Carthage, 111., president of the! Hancock County National bank since 1S04, died August 20, aged 78 years. Dissatlslicd with the action of the republican convention, Iowa prohibitionists may put candidates of their own in the Held. "Don't Tobacco Spit Yonr Life Away" Is the startling, truthful title of a little book just received, tolling all about Notobaa, the wonderful, harmless, economical, guaranteed cure for the tobacco habit in every form. Tobacco users who want to quit and can't by mentioning THIS PAPBR can fret the book mailed free. Address THE STEELING REMEDY Co., B«x 1216, Indiana Mineral Springs, Ind. The Best Watemroof Coat in the WORLD 1 The FISH BKAND SLICKER la warranted waterproof, and wlllltoop ynudry In the hnrdcstntorm. The new 1'OMMEL SLICKER Is a perfect riding coat, and covers the entire sadillo. llownroof IrnlUitlons. Don't buy a cont If the "Flan Brand" Is not on It. Illtintia teJ Catalogue free. A. J. TOWElt, Boston, Mans. Lettuce Is the best salad to serve with fish; but all cooked and cold vegetables go well with flsh. ILY'S CREAM BULM mc ^^ WIM. CBKJK W£$WR*. CATARRH" Price 60cents. Apply Balm in each noitrll. BLyBKOS., (8 W»rr«» Bt. New iork. The harvester was invented by Me Oormick in 1831. Since that time this machine has been brought to such perfection that, it is said, it will cut and bind an acre of grain in forty-live minutes. To such an extent has machinery superseded hand work in the grain farms of the northwest that it is estimated that the labor of one man will raise enough grain to support a thousand men for a year, while the labor of a second will transport it to market, and that of a third will prepare it for food. Oh, if I only had her complexion! AVhy, it is easily obtained. Use Pass- zoui's Complexion Powder. THE WEAKEST SFCJT in your \vholo system, pprhaps, is tlio liver. If that cloci n't do its work .if purify lug the Llood, nigro troubles come from it than you can re* s member. Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery acts upon this weak spot as nothing else can. It rouses it up to henlthy.nati.irnl action. By thoroughly purifying the blood, it reaches, builds up, and invigorates every part of the system. For all diseases that depend on tho liver or the blood—Dyspepsia, Indigestion, Biliousness ; every form of Scrofula, even Consumption (or Lung-scrofula) in its earlier stages; and the moat stubborn Skin und Scalp Diseases, tho "Discovery" is tho only remedy so unfailing and effective that it can be guaranteed. If it doesn't benefit or cure, you have your money back. On these terms, it's an insult to your intelligence to have something else offered as " juot oo prooi' " The OMtsI JIMfcfnr in the IforM ft SrnMly' 1 lliii. ISA At.' 'l'IU»;UPSON'M CELEBRATED EYG-WATET?. 1 I Ins ariiuin i;- near i.tliy |>u; -uru-l ic.i r» cert ni Uui, ami tun i ori\ In cmintunt ii:,o for in 1 .-../ • century, Tlicrn are I'uw tlfccii&CH to which ti'fiuUind ura i uijject more <li.-tr easing than sot« eyrji, :*n<! none, p- rlmps forwhloh moro rpmprl'o* lit--" bwu uK-d wlthout.Miceutiii. For all external i.iiluiiJi.ailun of tho ey os It Is i,n infnl'.llilo remedy. If tho dlro fclonsnro followed it will mwprfall. Wnparlleularlj lavito tho ntu-iiL on of pin blcii'.na to Its merits. For Ic CO., TROY, druffgists OY, K. Y. . . . EutubLiaUtiU 178 u/ I EWIS'98?;LYE Powdered nnd ^ (PATENTED.) > itronaeit and purest Lye mode. Unlike other Lyo, it holng n nna powder and packed lu a oan with removable lid, I be oontnntu art always ready lor use. Will niife* the best perfumed Hard Soap in M mlnntoe without boiling. It 1» th« bo-it for clennslng wmte-plpei, dlBiufectiny uinkB, clofetu, -wann- ing bottles, piiluts, trees, eto. PENNA. *S«I-T 1H'1'"«J CO, Gen, Agto., Fhila., P*. 1,000,000 ACRES OP LAND for »le by th§ SAINT PATO _ A DOLDTH RAILBQAB COMTABT In Mlnneiou. Send for M»pi >od dlM« Ure, Thty will b« i»nt to yon •» TTsTiS-,. , Addwu HOPEWELL CLARKE!, Land Coniuiisbioner, St. P»ul, Uiafc••• T TOBACCO SPIT I AND SMOKE YOUR LIFE AWAY I -IS THE TRUTHFUL, STARTLING TITLE OF A LITTLE BOOK THAT TELLS ALL ABOUT HO-TO-BAC. . I printed to show how No-To-Bao works. THET ARE THE TRUTH, PUBE AND SIMPLE. We know this, and baok them bT^r^ffl V« SLiW thousandBt ? roln No-To-Bao users, monlals false, and that we have knowingly printed testimonials that do not, BO far as we know, represent tt?£^?^£ rt ^ J*? t ' £ *° j?" 5 ?*? Wh ° ° an Pr ° Ve the testl " ^^o™™^ CUBED THBEE TEAKS AGO-USED LESS THAN A BOX OP NO-TO-BAO. MT. OABHEL, ILL., Oct. 10,1892.—Gentlemen; I purchased one box of JUT JlO-TO-UaO thrftc, vnnra ncyn fPnrtlr nh/Mit.*lii.aa^ A««v. A u n ;lr some original matter for the publisher. Her morning meal begins with moro i fruit. She is a great believer in fruit and Avater, but takes the former internally and the latter externally. Much drinking of water, sho contends, i makes the flesh soft and flabby; much ' bathing makes it linn and elastic. I After breakfast comes the long pull of tho day's work with the learned man. He, it is whispered, does not recognize grammar as his strong point i—at loast his secretary does not. After .pursuing the elusive rules of syntax i and rhetoric through the labyrinth of j his treatises, she goes home a mental and physical wreck. J)ut she looks at |her haggard face in the gluss and. smiles scornfully aud inhospitably upon it. She waves her wand, otherwise hjer haii'-brush, diligently for awhile, fcathes her face $nd arms in. very op since 9 ypara of aee. I had {rled to quit of my own accord sn4 found ItlmpoBslblpi but now I am completely cured and do not have the least craving for tobacco. I hope others will use your treatment. "«"»»• BOLLOOJ. BLOOD. USED ETEBT SUBSTITUTE AND ANTIDOTE, BUT WITHOUT RITf. CESS-NO.TO.BAC BAKES A COJIPI-ETE CUKE, AND HE SAINS TWENTY-FIVE POUNDS. ^^ ye«ra^?^w%^,^?fflS every aubatltute and antidote I cou^d Und, but wTthout sue?' l -"- ae * despaired of'evergottlngrldof tho UtttnafilnB tobacco habit »our advartiBBmnnt, W oa persuaded by frfenag tS try oSSS more: wnatevor ror the weed. I nave gained steadily MrTflosh Mv wniJht when I began tho treatment was 135 pounds, and I now wolBh IGflnnnmU. t feel much better in every way, and KetuplntheraornlncwfthnSta Youra truly and gratefully, W. H. PBAY. CUBED HIMSELF, HIS FATHEB, HIS BBOTUEB-IN-I-AW, AND HIS KEIOHBOBS. CHEWED TOBACCO FOB FIFTY YEARS -AFTEB SPENDING $1,000 FOB TOBACCO NO-TO-BAC CUBED IIEH. •M Sl> fiS f( ? ITELI) ' OHIO, Nov. 22, 1892.— Gentlemen: OnthelCth day of May, 1893,1 commenced the use of No-To-Baa and caat tobacoo cSut n J niV IllOUth ami llltvn nnt. »n atari thnVJXrf B|™~ .i-j'J.i™?*' 0 ?!™?™ 'i.4'9.'' uimi. x uaou IV JUT UltT ' huo made a complete cure.' for tobacco. No-To-B GEO.W.WA8KBY, OUR GUARANTEE, "CIGARETTE FIEND FOUB YEAES." FABMinCITY, ILL., Junol8,1892.-poarSlra: I hnvo Just flniahed the we of one box of No-To-Bao and I am happy to say that I am outed from all desire for tobttoco. For four years Y have flood olaarottos almost constantly, as well aa tobacco in all of Its forms; but to-divyl llavo no desirefor tobacco whatever. Do notevon remember what it tastes like Ifeel deeply grateful to you and your remedy for my urosout; condition' ??>$£?, » ssuroa that l wu » B P° ulc » SOOd word J f6r you amon« my ufflloted 1 irlenda. jj. fl. BATES. ' PUBLISHERS; We, the publishers of this paper, know the 8. B. Oo. to be rellableaad-wm do as they agree. This we GUARANTEE. n, T ° TH1B POIr W- Three boxes of NO-TO. BAC, 30 days'treatment, costing »8.60, or a little less than lOo a day, used according to simple directions, is guaranteed to cure the tobacco habit in any form, SMOKING, CHEWING, SNUFF *nd CIGARETTE IIABIT, or mpney refunded by us to dissatisfied purchaser. We don't claim to cure EVEBIQNE, but the percentage of cures is BO large that we can better afford to have the good will of the occasional failure than his money. f> "We have fiUth in NO-TO. BAC, and if you try it you will find th»t 50-TO-BAC Is to you WORTH IT3 WEIGHT IM READ THIS Where to Boy and How to Order . l form '5T'"j*V v *""t and Sen '' ^y mal l on receipt of $l! 3 boxes, 92.50. Remit in any convenient Mr. A. L. Thomas, is a member of the »f Lord & Thomas, Chicago. Vlco-Presl- ), is the principal owner of tho Barbee vvire ana iron works of Lafayette, Ind., and Chicago, 111. The Ohicleo ry> Th« ?' T< Bar T' Si ttie'ohioago Newspaper Union! ?™ Sf%» *** Tr ?aBurer Is Mr. H. L. Kramer, one Of the oW SK^V^S°ii?,l°i l ! aila _ M '? e J? 1 Springs, Indiana, tho only .. i4^

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