The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on August 16, 1893 · Page 8
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 8

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 16, 1893
Page 8
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I ALGONA, IOWA, WlBN^SftAY, AtTGUST 16, 1893, ARE MAD CLEAR THROUGH LtiVerne Democrats Have Tlieiv War Paint On and Appeal- to Mean Business. It All Comes About Over the LuVerne Postoffice, and Makes Mighty Good Reading. Last week we noted the postofllce cyclone at Lu Verne, which has completely ohscured arid knocked out the Skinner episode at Bancroft. But we did not catch the full drift of it as it has since developed. The letters of Mr. Lund and Mr. Patterson, which appeared in the News, lot the inside come to view and they disclose something of the intensity and warmth of a peep hole in to a blast furnace. We publish them herewith purely in the interest of a news-reading public, and with them the following further note from an irate democrat, whoso name is not published, but is known to us, and for whoso democracy as well as high position in Lu Verne we can fully vouch. He quotes the Courier's refusal to denounce the imputation on LuVernu as follows, the title being "Wo Are Not In It:" The Courinr is in receipt of a communication from W. A. Patterson of Lu Verne with the request that it ho published. It comes in printed form and will appear in the Lu Verne News this week. It consists of a private letter from Mr. Lund of Algona to Mr. Patterson, and Mr. Patterson's public reply. The correspondence grew out of the postofflce contest in Lu Verne, and is acrimonious in tone. As the Courier has always labored and is now laboring for unity and harmony in the democratic party it begs leave to decline publishing it or anything else that would provoke discord. We regret to see such matter printed anywhere. The letter follows: To the Editor: The Courier says, "We are not in it," but my candid opinion is " they are in the soup." Mr. Patterson's letter is unanswerable, and the bosses of Algona know it and refuse to print it. We recognize the Courier as the party organ, and the only means by which we can reach the democrats of the county and let them know the feeling Mr. Lund has for the party hero, aside from the "seven good and true." How would the bosses in Algona like the "seven good and true democrats" of Lu Verne to dictate who their postmaster should be and appoint . a man objectionable to nine-tenths of the patrons of the office, without consulting their wishes? I am inclined to think there would be some tall kicking in the ranks. Mr. Lund has made a mistake and those who helped him in appointing our postmaster here, and to quote his own words, "The soonorthey know that the democrats down here know them, and remember them, the better for all concerned." The democrats of Algona can dance to his fiddle, but don't blame the democrats of the southeast part of the county if they refuse to do that. I sign myself NOT ONE OF THE SEVEN GOOD AND TRUE. We sympathize with our correspondent in its criticism of the Courier for not publishing the news. The democrats of the county are entitled to know it. But THE UPPER DES MOINES shines for all. The letters the Courier refused to publish are as follows. Mr. JjUiid's Letter. ALGONA, Iowa, Aug. 8, J893.—W. A. Patterson, Esq., LuVerne, Iowa—Dear Sir and Friend: Yours of this date at hand and noted. Replying, will say that I noticed in this morning's paper that Mr. D:irr lv.v.-i b^un appointed postmaster at your town. Mr. Ryan is in Washington and I suppose in close touch with the powers there, as I have had no intimation whatever .that Mr. Harrison was to be removed and Dan- appointed so suddenly. But now that tlie appointment is made, I don't feel that I can take a hand in any remonstrance, as I know nothing particularly bad about Mr. Darr, and really have a suspicion that Mr. Tlanna is the man who has created a good deal of the antagonism to Mr, Darr's candidacy. And if I should be asked in regard to the feelings of the democrats of Lu Verne, I would tell the truth and say that LuVerne township is supposed to be democratic by a small majority. But when I once ran for office—repro- sentative-'-I had only seven votes; and at, subsequent elections other good dempcrats have been treated as shab- Irily' by the so-called democrats of Lu- Verne township. I am sorry for the seven good and true democrats there if they are disappointed; but for the oth- "Jump Into Wagon and we'll all take a ride," If the wagon is greased with the ride will be more pleasant, the horse won't have to do any more than his rightful share of work, and there will be but little wear 09 the wagon. It's the slickest grease you ever saw. Sold by all dealers. Give it a trial. Wadbam's on ana Grease Co, WIS, era I have no regard, whatever, as politicians, for they have no principle andean never bo depended upon. II Mr. Darr's appointment is a disappoint ment to them and the political boss oi your town it suits me all the better. LuVerne we cannot depend upon anyway, and the quicker your democrats learn that we up here know them and remember them, the better for all concerned. Let them dance to Mr. Hanna's fiddle, but don't blame Mr. Ryan for declining to do that. Yours very truly, C. L. LUND. Mr. Patterson's Reply. LuVKKNE, Iowa, Aug. 8, 1893.—The above letter was received by me from Mr. Lund in answer to a letter written him, asking him to see that the wishes of the democrats of LuVerne should be respected in the postofflce fight. From the tone of Mr. Lund's letter it is evident that the appointment of Mr. Darr, through the recommendations of him self, Taylor, and Ryan, was made purely to spite the democratic party of Lu- Verne. He says that ho has no respect for the majority of the democrats of LuVerne, and if they are mad over this appointment, it suits him all the better. Mr. Lund's hatred for LuVerne, as the letter shows, is the outgrowth of the political campaign of four years ngo. He says ho received at that time but seven votes in LuVerne township, which he characterizes as very shabby treatment. This statement that he got seven voles is not true—he got ten. Mr. Lund well knows ho was not cut in Lu Verne on account of his political views, but that the fight was largely a fight of location. Every candidate who lived in Algona, whether democrat or republican, ran away ahead of his ticket, Mr. Lund himself running 105 votes ahead of his ticket in that town. With as hot a local fight as was carried on in that campaign it would have been strange indeed if Mr. Hanna had not run ahead of his ticket in our town. Besides that, Mr. Lund dictated a .etter to Mr. Hanna saying he was gong to withdraw,(which kept VIr. Hanna at home eight or ten days) 'nsteadof which he was out canvassing ;he county. This did not help Mr. Jund's vote here. Friend Lund: ' Take the beam out of your own eye." Svery candidate in that campaign—if you will consult the vote of that year— •un ahead of his ticket in his own town, [t strikes me that the hatred of the Algona bosses has obliterated all reason and common sense in this matter. Mr. Lund knows that the democrats n the southeast part of this county must continue to support the ticket or there will be no show of democratic success in the county. When he says: 'The quicker your democrats know that we up here know them and re- nember them," it is equivalent to say- ng that this appointment was made to whip us into line. Mr. Lund, you may je able to keep us in line under the ash, but I doubt if the democrats of ;his locality will take kindly to this :reatraent; and it is my candid opinion .hat instead of the democrats down lore getting down on their knees to rou for the sake of office, you will yet >e glad to retract this letter and hum- jly beg for terms of peace. The facts of the appointment of Mr. Darr are these: Last December Mr. Darr started out with a petition, asking both democrats and republicans alike .o sign it, saying that he had theprotn- se of the postoffice from the bosses in Algona, and that it was useless for any other democrat to try for the office, as ie had it sure. From the actions of Mr. Taylor we conclude that Mr. Darr vas telling the truth in saying that no- )ody else had a show for the office. VIr. Taylor sent printed blanks to Darr, iddressed to the township chairman, or their endorsement, which also contained his endorsement, without con- lulting any of the democrats in the territory of this postoffice. The matter did seem "cut and dried." But there vas so much discontent here that Mr. ichty, Mr. Robertson and I, later on, jireulated petitions, and each one received good endorsements from the [emocrats. We finally became so in- lignant over the actions .of the up- Aiuntry bosses that Mr. Lichty and I vithdrew from the race and endorsed tlr. Robertson. The old petitions were ill thrown up and Mr. Robertson start- 3d out with a new petition and revived the endorsement of nine-tenths all the democratic votes in the post- office territory. Mr. Ryan had always claimed that je would take no hand in the matter nd that he had nothing to do with the lostolflcos, but contrary to all the M'omises he had mad<3, he came down lore about two weeks ago and held a >rivate conversation with Mr. Darr. Slot conferring with the prominent democrats in town, ho then and there n-oinised the postoffice unconditionally o Mr. Darr and told him his appoint- nent would be made last week. We ,hen applied to higher powers in the 3!) ape of a remonstrance—for the ap- jointment of Mr. Darr was odious to he people; 184 signers was the answer ] —all patrons of the office. Nearly ivery man that signed Mr. Darr's petition last December signed this remonstrance. So Mr. Darr was practically left with hardly one official endorsement in the whole postoffice ter- •itory. I publish Mr. Lund's letter )ecause I consider it more of a public .luin a private letter, as Mr. Lund says n it he wishes the democrats hero to mow in what estimation they are held it Alffona. I write this open letter .hat the democrats of the county may enow how shabbily we have been treated. Yours respectfully, W. A. PATTERSON. BOOK BOTTOM BATES To the World's pair at Chicago 3ave boen reached, and commencing Aug. 1, 1893, reduced excursion rates to Chicago and return will be made every day until further notice by the Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul railway, for 80-day tickets good in all cars on all trains of that company. For further particulars inquire of the station ticket agent of the C., M. & St. P. Ry. GEO. H. HEAFFORD, 20t3 / Gen'l. Pass. Agt. Cheat* Rates to tlie Fair. Frton Aug. I and until further notice excurMon tickets for the world's fail- will be\pld from Algoua by the Chicago, Milvteukee & St.! Paul railway to * ~ • ' • an* t\ i* r* •« i-i i n't J hioago (tod return at $13.55.—W8 S. S. SESSIONS NOMINATED. [Concluded from Fourth page.] in his own county he is very popular He is a member of the Iowa state agricultural society and during his time with the same he has been a valuec member. Mr. Sessions will stand squMrely on the platform that will be adopted by the republican state convention, to be held at Des Moines next week, and during the coming campaign he will work for the success of the entire republican ticket. No man could have been nominated whom the entire party would ra1ly_ to his support with heartier enthusiasm than they will to the man they named yesterday. The colonel will watch over the Rest interests oi his own county and will be among the leading counselors of the state. In Mr. Sessions the republican party of Kossuth county have a strong candidate, one who will certainly lead the party to victory and when the vote of Kossuth county has been canvassed after next November election, S. S. Sessions will be declared elected representative in the legislature of the stato of Iowa. COMPANY F HOME AGAIN. They Kuturncd Saturday In Good Spirits uiid with n Trophy—A Cniio for Captain Haggard. Company F returned Saturday morning in high spirits. Capt. Haggard was carrying a handsome ebony cane with gold adornments, the company had the silver cup for the best shooting record at 200, 300, and 500 yards, and the general record in camp had been satisfactory all around. Whether Dr. Morse's care or Eugene Tellier's cooking, or a general precaution against the use of bad water, was responsible or not the boys had less sickness than any company in camp. The extreme heat wilted them all around, but Company F showed up_ at every roll call. The fine cane given to Melzar was a token from the company and considering that this was his first year is very complimentary. It was presented Friday at the close of the exercises of the governor's review. Earl Tennant made a pleasant little speech in giving it, and Melzar responded as everybody does who is taken wholly by surprise. The only disappointment was in losing the Beck cup on the 500 yard record. The boys made big scores till they came to this range and then went to pieces. Mason City wins this. HOME VIEWS Off MONET. The Also mi Grange Discusses the Situiitlon—What It Thinks Should He Done. At its regular meeting Saturday the Algona grange adopted some resolutions on the money question, which it will forward to Senator Allison and Congressman Dolliyer. They are as follows: Whereas: There seems to be an organized movement on the part of European capitalists of Wall street, and others, to compel the government to cease the coinage of silver and resort to the single or gold standard, thus reducing the volume of money with which to transact business of the country. And whereas, there seems to be a determined effort on the part of others to foist upon the people a state banking system; Therefore, be it resolved by the Algona grange, 1684, That we are in favor of the coinage of all gold and silver mined in the United States and as rapidly as the capacity of the mints will permit. Our reasons are that diversified industries are necessary to national prosperity and to cease the coinage of either of these metals would bring disaster and ruin upon a large number of our citizens and injuriously affect the business of the whole country. Resolved, That as no government can fix the price of gold and silver in the markets of the world and as the price will fluctuate, we are opposed to changing the ratio now existing between gold and silver, as it would compel the recoining of one or the other of ;hese metals now in circulation; and further, as the United States is the foremost na- iion of the world she should boldly take :ier position at the head of the column in inancial and all other matters when the wclfuro of her people is at stake. Hesolved, That we are opposed to the repeal of the law taxing state banks and demand that all money be issued by the jeuoral government and that all money so .ssued shall bo a legal tender for all debts public or private, whether said money be Told, silver or paper money. Kesolvecl, That we believe the amount of money in circulation to be inadequate to transact the business of the country without periodic panics, and we therefore demand an increase in the currency of the country until it is equal to $50 per capita. Jjow Hates to the World's Fair. Now is the lime to visit the world's fair. The Northwestern line is selling excursion tickets at exceedingly low •ates. These tickets accord holders all first-class privileges, and are good for return passage within thirty days from date of sale. Fast train service and elegant accommodations. For tickets and full information apply to agents ''hicago & Northwestern railway.-20t6 A Million Friends. A friend in need is a friend indeed, and not less than one million people have found ust such a friend in Dr. King's New Discovery for consumption, coughs, and colds. If you have never used this great cough nedicine one trial will convince you that it lus wonderful curative powers in all diseases of throat, chest, and lungs. Each bottle is warranted to do all that is claimed or money will be refunded. Trial bottles free at L, A. Shoetz' drug store. Large bottles 50o and one dollar. 1 Deserving Pralxe. Wo desire to say to our citizens that for years wo have been selling Dr. King's New Discovery for consumption, Dr. King's New Life Pills, and Buclen's Arnica Salve and Electric Bitters, and have never handled remedies that sell us well or that have given such universal satisfaction. We do not hesitate to guarantee them every time, apd we stand ready to refund the purchase price if satisfactory results do riot follow their use. These remedies have won their great popularity purely on their merits. Sold by L. A. Shoetz. *i Au Opportunity AVill We Afforded your eastern friends to visit you by a series of low-rate harvest excursions arranged by the Chicago & Northwestern railway. If you will for ward to W. A. Thrall, general passon ger and ticket agent, Chicago & Northwestern railway, Chicago, 111., the names and addresses of your eastern friends to whom this information would prove interesting, a circular giving rates and full details of these excursions will be promptly mailed.—20t3 Some Hot Weather Literature. It is always a pleasure, when one goes out to do tlie marketing for the day, to find a store where everything is fresh, clean, and inviting, We keep ours that way because it pays to do so, In other words, there's money in it. Ours is The Largest, The Coolest The Finest.. Grocery i House to be found in the northwest. Don't forget these things—they are important. They make you feel better, look better, and act better —in short, they exercise a sort of moral influence that you can't afford to be without. PRICES ABE ALWAYS RIGKHT. New State Bank Block, Algona, Iowa. W. F. CARTER. TEESE TALES FROM WESLEY, Chiefly of a Personal and Brief Local Character. WESLEY, Aug. 15.—Charley Cory is suffering with a very sore hand. Ex-County Supt. Sterger of Garner was doing business in our burg Friday. Notwithstanding these democratic hard times Fred Cory says he sold five sewing machines last week besides bluffing out a fellow at Crystal Lake on a horse race. Chas. Folk's mother from Wisconsin has been here visiting with Charley and the rest of her boys for the past two weeks. Rev. Cannon and wife of Garner stopped over night at the Sherman house last Friday, on their way home from Armstrong Grove, where they have been visiting friends for a few days. Bradford Daggett drove over from Britt last Saturday, stopping over Sunday here with his sister, Mrs. Heal. Mike O'Rourke, one of Kossuth county's ex-supervisors, was in our town one day last week. Miss Violet Grove and her sister, Florence, are visiting friends at Plymouth this week. Fred Cory starts for Chicago this week to visit the fair. He expects to be away a couple of weeks. HE COMMITTED SUICIDE! The Cause ancJ Its Lesson. Why did he commit suicide ? Oh ! for the game reason that thousands of others are on the verge of the same nil), or in immediate danger of insanity, paralysis, idiocy, or some other equally unfortunate result of any nervous affection. He knew he was afflicted with u nervous disorder, but was careless, apparently indifferent to the outcome ; or hu in iy have lessened his chances for recovery by treating with physicians who had little or no knowledge of such affections, or by deluging himself with worth' less so-called remedies. Ilia case was a sad one, but no worse than that of a;iy other nervous sufferer, who has nervous or sick headache, biliousness, dizziness, irritability, melancholy, failing memory, hoi flashes, fainting, sleeplessness, nervous dyspepsia, sexual debility, epilepsy, etc. The same or similar consequences are likely to result to any one who has any of these advance symptoms of an awful end. Do not hesitate in getting rid of them by intelligent treatment. Dr. Franklin Miles, the celebrated specialist, has studied nervous diseases over 20 years, and has discovered the only reliable remedy for them. Thousands of voluntary testimonials prove the virtues of Dr. Miles' Restorative Nervine. Alonio Barker, of Clinton, N. Y., writes: "I wati so afflicted with extreme nervousness that [ was on the verge of insanity. My bunds trembled so that I could scarcely feed myself. I used twelve bottles of Dr, Miles' Restorative Nervine, and was cured. It Is with pleasure I recommend ;hi» wonderful remedy for nervous troubles. " "I had been a great sufferer from cbrouio headache until I began, about four months two, to use Dr. Miles' Restorative Nervine and Pills, since which time I have not had a headache. Several of my frlenda are using Dr. Miles' Kem- edles, and find them, as I did, to be more than you claim for them."— -Mrs. Mary Klster, Los Angeles, Cal. W. H. Capwell, editor Tribune, Plymouth, Pa., writes : " My wife was cured of sick headache of many years' standing by the use of Dr. Miles' Restorative Nervine. She baa recommended it to her friends, and they all praise it highly." Dr. Miles' Restorative Nervine is sold by all ruggists on a positive guarantee, or sent direct by the Dr. Miles Medical Co., Elkhart, Ind., on . . receipt of price, 81 per bottle, six bottles for $5, express prepaid. It is positively free from opiates or dangerous drugs. Dr. Miles' Fills, 50 doses, 25 cents. Free book at druggists, or by mail. SOLD BY DRUGGISTS. DR. L. A. SHEETZ, Drugs and Medicines. Full assortment always on hand of drugs, med- clues, aud pure liquors for medicinal purposes only. ZSoolca aixd. Stat3.oao.ary. The undersigned having bought out the meat market formerly owned by H. J. Edens wish to say that they will be glad to meet all old customers, as well as the new ones that may favor them with their patronage, hoping by kind treatment and fair dealing to receive a part of the public patronage. SUABLE & SON, M ONEY TO LOAN- ON BAILBOAD _„ Persons wanting to borrow, money on rail road lands will dp well to call, at the Kowuth County Bank and bring their contracts. THE JOHN PAUL LUMBER CO. SUCCESSORS TO J. J. WILSON. Office and yard on Dodge street, south of State, ALGONA, IOWA. Handles the best of all descriptions of Which includes everything that is possibly needed for the construction of anything J rom a picket fence to the very finest residence. WE MEET ALL COMPETITION. 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