The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on August 16, 1893 · Page 6
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 6

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 16, 1893
Page 6
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THE UPPER tMSrt .MOlNfcS, AJLGONA< loWA, WEDNESDAY, ATOtJST 16,1693, A.LOONA, CONDENSED NEWS. The Commercial bank of Minneapolis closed. Ban-on county bnnk at Rice lit Iho lioad of 100 armed men Wh6 will build n town in -the Cherokee strip mid nmkc it n county seat. Jacob Bond, president of the State bank, of Cortlaud, Neb., has been nr- IOWA. ivstod, charged with receiving deposits knowing the kink to bo insolvent. . <'(dorado's board of control has let ,'n. contract: for a. cnnal from Canon jCity to Colorado Springs. It will cost $1,02.%<)00 and give 5,000 men employment. Work on tin; sewers at Cedar Rapids, In., has been temporarily abandoned on account of the city's Inability to float tho 'bonds for the payment of the work. A. A. Zimmerman rode a iiuarter of a mile in 0:35:25 and H, C. Tyler a mile in 2:11 2-5 nit the international meet of tho L. A. W. An explosion in the Bossimer steel •works nt Ncwlrarg, Ohio, caused by molten water, inflicted three men. comhign LrfSe, Wis., assigned. Oklahoma Statehood convention Is In session nt 151 Reno. American sealing vessels report 111 BUccess off the Japanese coast. The last session of tho Illinois legislature was held at, a cost of $312,829. The Madison Square bank at New York has failed. Brooklyn is unable to pay firemen's salaries. The mother of Senator Jones, of Nevada, died at Santa Monica, Gal. John Beck, anairied, 50 years old, committed suicide while despondent at Rossvllle, 111. •Richard Katie, wanted at Eudora, Kas., for highway robbery, was arrested In Bolton, Mo. John H. Copelaud poisoned himself with laudanum at Bast St. Louis because of ill-health and died. Little Willie Finn, aged 0 years, who wtls elected president. Tawas, Mich., In a verdict for Keating of $10,000 against the Detroit, Bay City & Alpena railroad for his Injuries. Armed guards are stationed nt packing-houses at Fresno, Cat.* since a recent fire there. Anonymous letters have warned the citizens that men are organized to burn property in Fresno. The Chemical National bank of New York refused to pay the New York Central Railroad company the amount, necessary for Its monthly pay-roll. It seems that the pay-foil Is $800,000 a month. John H. Meister, a Bavarian who arrived in tills country from Germany twenty-five years ag&K killed his wife and himself at their home in Brooklyn. Meister was a baker and hod made n fortune of $100,000. William Mtewnrt struck Charles Crockett with a brick tit Lima, O., terrible injuries on wlt || I killing him. Crockett had refused to lend Stewart sonic money. This caused tin 1 assault. Stewart was arrested. Four workmen were killed by an ox- plosion of 1.500 kegs of powder at the 1 AN itm-ssos at Providence, R. 1., In the works of the Phoonlx company, near Mru- Bnrneby murder case, have agreed | to attend the second trial of Dr. I Graves, to be held at Denver In Oc- Belleville, 111. Governor Lewelliug, of Kansas, has (ol)P1 . appointed four commissioners to visit j Chicago In the interest of ills gulf Governor Osborue of Wyoming will transportation project. At the National Tailors' convention in St. Paul, aid> was voted to tho not appoint any one to the seuator- sl.lp miiilo, vacant, by the resignation of A. C. Beckwith until the senate FEDERAL FIANCES FORM THE SUBJECT OF A MES- SAGE TO CONGRESS. THE PRESIDENT WANTS SILVER BUYING: TO CLOSE. Review of the Circumstances Leading to the Present Monetary Stringency —Immediate Action is Urged—No Substitute Legislation Suggested in the Document. Washington, D. 0., Aug. 8.—The president's message to congress was read today. It deals entirely with the financial situation and urges the immediate repeal of the Sherman silver purchase act. It is as follows: "To the Congress of the United States: The existence of an alarming and extraordinary business situation, Involving the welfare and prosperity of all our people, has constrained me to call together in extra session the peo- was so fearfully:-injured by his insane lather at St. Louis, is dead. William Harrison, a,ged SO years, a cousin of tho ex-president, is in the! county poor-house at Denver, Col. In a fire n.t Ada. ,O., the 4-year-old daughter of David )& Witt was cremated and her mother fatally burned. The Sedalia Evening Baswo, published by J. West Goodwin, the oldest paper in central Missouri, went to the wall. i Bloomlugtoii, 111., union, and M. Bant/. l su « n lli|iVl ' decided, in other cases pend- p i e ' a representatives in congress, to the ing, whether or j t a senator appoint- end that through a wise and patriotic Autl-sllver men have made a canvass of the house and claim unconditional repeal of "the Sherman law will have a big majority. A committee was selected at tho ed after thp fall re of the legislature exercise of the legislative duty with , , , wh ch , , are charged, present caucus of silver men to draw up a bill providing for free coinage nt an agreed ratio as a substitute for the SI 10rnian law. James Burke, with several aliases, is under arrest at Loadvillc for robbing W. G. Pollock of a package of Alfred Packer, the man-eater, under i diamonds on a train between Omaha a cumulative sentence of eighty years in Denver, is said to -have gone insane. The treasury casli bala.nco continues to decline a.nd the gold reserve may be drawn on for' current expenditures. Robert H, Coloman, tho Penusyl- Sloux City. Relatives of Cooprider, -who killed in Indiana., assert the murder was the result of Kress' interference in a love affair. Suit has boon begun against John vania iron king, lias made an assign-1B. Koctting, the missing cashier of ment. His liabilities will approximate $3,500,000. George W. Forth, of Milwaukee, has been appointed reading clerk of the United States senate. Derby, Ind., was almost destroyed by fire, which caused a total loss of $100,000. Two persons have died of yellow fe- ve..- tit Pensacola, Flu., and everybody who can do so is leaving the city. The international socialist congress at Zurich lias approved .the establishment of an eight-hour vparking day. John W. Mackay L'a's been successfully operated upon at Nnw York for the removal of the vermiform appendix. Ilwinau Brondel, soiy>pf a prominent. Galena, 111., merchant,/j'jis disappeared. It is fcured that lie was either drowned or nniK.'ered. Wliilo the doors of the Jail at Findlay. ()., wore open the prisoiiors made a '.ire.ik for liberty and all,\>scaped. Thu village of Snow Hi , Md., burni'd. Only t\vo stores ail a. few dwellings saved. Thii los.s is about $300,000. Checks mtirJkod "payable through the clearing-house," aro coming into usd as current money in Philadelphia. John Meister, of Br joldyn, , N. Y vt , shot his wife and hanged himself recently. , . Ute Indians are off the reservation near Durnngo, Col., threatening trouble. A cloudburst washed away several city and railroad bridges at Pueblo, Col., today. San Francisco felt two heavy earthquake shocks Wednesday morning. No buildings fell. Stevens Point has deposited Twith tho state treasurer $50,000 for a bonus for tho new state normal school. Lafayette Young, editor of The Evening Capital (Rep.) of Dos Mollies, is a candidate for governor of Iowa. Farnham, Allen &. Co., commission merchants at Columbus, Wis., assigned. Liabilities .$35,000. Directors of the Lohigh Valley road have dissolved tho lease to the Reading company because of default on bills due, Commissioners will bo appointed by Gov. Lewelllng to solicit seed wheat or money for the destitute farmers of western Kansas. Whltecaps took Mrs. Elijah Dalton, of Borden, Tnd., from the homo of her husband and administered a whipping with hickory switches. At the mooting of cordage manufact- arers in New York it was decided to at once form a "mutual protective association." Deputy Sheriff Samuel Krb, of La Grange, Ind., was ambushed and killed by a party of tramps suspected of burglary. Harvey Johns and Simon Reynolds have confessed that they removed the rail from the Wabash tracks near Atlanta, Mo. • ,, A receiver has been named for Hamilton Loan and Trust company at New York. Tho assets and liabilities are each $700,000. Ernest Lacoxe is the Milwaukee South Side Savings bank, for $100,582. South Wayne, a little station eigh banker, is again Jin the hands of the army authorities .•mud is now confined at Fort Houston j Young Dow enlisted about twelve n.ouths ago to escape Millie Price, the actress, his divorced wife. A month ago Dow procured a leave of absence 'and went to San Francisco, met a young lady at Oak- Ir.nd and married her. His desertion , , n ° f th ° DeIlver « vita may be mitigated and dangers threatening the future may be averted. "Our unfortunate financial plight Is not the result of untoward events nor of conditions related to our natural resources; nor is it traceable to any of the afflictions which frequently check national growth and prosperity. With Silver purchases, find ha'S as a consequence, for the first time since its creation, been encroached upon. "We have thus made the depletion of our gold easy, and have tempted other and more appreciative nations to add it to their stock. That the opportunity we have offered has not been neglected, is shown by the large amounts of gold which have been recently withdrawn from our treasury and exported to increase the financial strength of foreign nations. The excess of exports of gold over Its imports for the year ending June 30,1893, amounted to more than .$87,500,000. Between the first day of July, 1SOO, and the 15th day of July, 1803, the gold coin and bullion in our treasury decreased more than $132,000,000, while during the same period the silver coin and bullion in the treasury increased more than $147,000,000. Unless government bonds aVe to be constantly issued and sold to replenish our exhausted gold, only. to be again exhausted, it is apparent that the operation of the' silver purchase law now in force leads in the direction of the entire substitution of silver for the gold in the government treasury, anil that this must be .followed by the payment of all government obligations iu depreciated silver. "At this stage gold and silver must part company and the government must fail in its established policy to maintain the two metals on a parity with each other. Given . over to the exclusive use of a currency greatly depreciated according to the standard of the commercial world, we could- no longer claim a place among the nations of the first-class, nor could our go\ eminent claim a performance of its obligation, so far as such an obligation lias been imposed upon It. to provide for the use of the people the best and safest money. If, as many of its friends claim, silver ought to occupy a larger place in our currency and the cur- plenteous crops, with abundant promise rcncy of the world through general followed, and he and his wife went' faciure, with unusual invitation to of remunerative production and manu- international co-operation find °gree- Texas, where he was recognized and thrown into jail. Obituary: At Bunker Hill, 111., Rev. Wesflwro. Mass., General George B. safe investment and with satisfactory assurance to business enterprise, suddenly financial distrust and fear have j sprung up on every side. Numerous monied institutions have suspended because abundant assets were not imrne- .ri , "'" "' A* SllVtm - y - twi) - At '•. diately available) to meet the demands " freightened depositors; Colonel M. J. Learning, aged sixty-seven, who was private seere- sixty-throe. critl • ">d NEAL WILL OPPOSE M.CK1NLEY. Ohio Democrats Nominate a Free Silver Man for Governor. under arrest at Joliet, charged with assaulting and murdering the girl Ellen Byron. Lynching is threatened. General passenger agents of eastern have recommended an advance in rates and the managers will probably follow their advice. S. H. Kelsey, of Atchlson, Kas., i? teeii miles southwest of Darlington, if" 1 '*' h > President Johnson aud a mem- this slate, was swept by fire Wednesday uiglit. The Linden Steel company, Pittsburg. Pa., is financially embarrassed. The company has largo government contracts for armor plate. It is definitely learned that two of the passengers of the steamer Kur.i- mania, from Naples, now quarantined off Now York city, have Asiatic cholera. The Phoenix powder mills near Belleville, 111., wore blown xip. Luther Estos, Bishop Hecluiiaii, John Elliott and Charles Mullayc were killed. Dr. 10. C. Diuin, tho Rockford physician who was to superintend the burial and resurrection of Seymour, has backed out, fearing that lie will be criminally liable should the burial prove fatal. Ch.vrles McCownlck shot Janette Noil at Jackson, Mich. McCormick is dead and (lie girl is dying. She had refused to marry him. C. M, Wright & Co., bankers at Altamont, 111., have suspended and the cashier, Lev! Butler, has disappeared, leaving a letter saying that ho lias taken $41,000 of the firm's cash. Warrants for the arrest of the Conrads aro'-ont and Marshal Hodson, of Cory don, Ind., will attempt to servo them. Tho Courads aro intrenched In the house of a brother-in-law. Tho weekly crop report issued by the weather bureau at Washington ally anxious to loan, and those engaged in legitimate business are surprised to find that the securities they offer for Rear >i"h't?°ou" 1 | are no longe1 ' acce Pted- Values sup- Bow ®™j 1 *. n j ve ^"j conjectural, and loss and 'failure have Invaded brancu °> f business. "I believe these things are principally chargeable to congressional legislation touching the purchase and coinage of silver by the general government. This legislation is embodied in a statute passed on the 14th day of July, IS'JO, which was the culmination of much agitation on the subject in- Cinclnnatl, C)., Aug. 10.— Ohio demo- ' volved, and which may be considered crats tjoday nominated -Laurence T. a truce, after the long straggle, between Neal for governor. Only one ballot, the advocates of free silver coinage was taken. Neal is the free silver can- au(1 tnose intending to be more con- didate. The ballot, stood: Neal 482 1-2, Taylor 57 1-2, Baker 100, Clark 02, Lenta servatlve. "Undoubtedly the rnonthlj'* ia p"urcliases by the government of 4,5'JO,000 ounces 18. Necessary to a choice 405. The of silver, forced under that statute, rules were suspended and Neal was' wore regarded by those interested in nominated by accliuutlon. production us a certain guaranty Col. W. A. Taylor, of Columbus, was of its increase in .price. The result, nominated by acclamtiou for lieuten-! however, has been entirely different, ant governor, and the platform having, for immediately following a spasmodic boon read, tho convention npjoumed I and slight rise, the price of silver be- untll this afternoon to complete the|gan to fall after the passage of the ' act and has since reached the lowest point ever known: This disappointing says that all crops throughout the c< untry need rain. The weather lias iK-on favorable o"'~ '-Now England. Prof. E. D. Morris, of the Lane seminary of Cincinnati, lias selected tho faculty for tho college, which will open tills year. The selection of Professor Morris is regarded as auti-Briggs. The 'Madison Square bank, 'n Twenty-fifth street, New York cit I did not open its doors Thursday. ^! millon dollars of deposits had been withdrawn during tho last month. Henry Rippc lias secured an injunc-, tion to prevent tho erection of a state' elevator at itDuluth, on the ground that tho state has no righ to build an elevator from the fees collected from other private elevators. Government officials are making no preparations for tho reassembling of the international monetary conference. Dissolution of the Latin union would have no special effect iu this country. About $10,000,000 in gold will reach ticket. John W. Slater, of Starke county, was nominated for judge of the su- premo court. B. C. Blackburn was nominated for treasurer aud John P. Baily for attorney general, for -member of the board of public works, L. B. Wilhelm; food and dairy commissioner, P. P. McKeo- wan. The platform favors national banks being permitted to issue currency to tire iKir value of the bonds deposited. This is a victory for the Cleveland men. -The platform declares the finan- result has led to renewed and per- |sisteat efforts in the direction of free silver coinage. "Meanwhile not only are the evil effects of the operation of the present law constantly accumulating, but tiio result to which its execution must inevitably lead is becoming palpable to all who give the least heed to financial subjects. This law provides that in payment for the 4,500,000 ounces of Bilvcl> bullion wiuich the secretary of treasury is commanded to pur- cial situation is tho unfortunate legacy | chase monthly, there siiall be issued of a republican administration. It is treasury notes redeemable on demand tho natural result of the McKinley in sold or silver coin, at the discretion tariff, the Sherman law, extravagance of ttl ° secretary of the treasury, and of tho party 'lately in power, and the ' tlmt said notes fostering of the trusts and corrupt combinations by that party, all combin- be issued. It ls ' however, declared iu Hie act to be established policy of the United ul)on a witn each othel> upou ing to shake credit, create 'distrust Btlltes to . maintain the Jwo metals in the money of the country and para- lyse its business. Liberal pensions aro favored, but tho present legal ratio or such ratio as may be provided by law.' This decla- granting of pensions for partisan pur- 1>atlon so controls the action of the posos needs to bo corrected, so that ! secretary of the treasury as to prevent the unselfish valor of the American ' hls exorcising toe discretion nominally actiou soldier may be untarnished. The "un- 1 vestod m him ' " ** business like administration of the parity between gold and silver may be state affairs under Gov. McKlnloy" are disturbed. Manifestly a refusal by the condemned and official scandals and secretary to pay these treasury notes in defalcations; deplored. Reckless ex- i gold, if demanded, would necessarily re- trnvnwmoo of the sixteenth genoral ; suit in their discredt and depreciation assembly is denounced. After express- , ns oWteattons payable only m silver, Ing confidence in Senator Brice the n , nfl 7° lUd c e ? lroy tho( , ( tho two mctnls by establ sliiug a dis- , ( Now York tills week and imports of platform concludes: "The country has tho two mctnls by esta si $8,000,000 more have been arranged j abiding faith in the integrity, patriot- oi-Jmlnntion In favor of gold for. Speedy improvement in the mono- 1 ism and exalted courage of President tary situation is looked for. Inquiry at tho Catholic university, Washington, lias confirmed the ruujjr that Mgr. Sat'olll will soon become tho guest of Aarchbishop Corrigan at Now York. , J. M. Donoan, lawyer, of Sioux Falls. S. D., has been arrested charged Avith ctillectiug $150, -a fee from a divorce client due to other lawyers, and keeping the money. G. II. Pollock, a banker at Nimda, 111., until his bank failed, wurVbound over to tho grand jury in bonds of $1,500 charged with receiving deposits after insolvency. George Sharpe, of Peru, Ind., was submerged to his chin in sand from a hauftt that caved in OH him, and was not rescued for two hours: He will probably die of his injuries. Tho Keating; case, wuleh has been iu progress for iv week, resulted at East Cleveland. True to the pooplo and watchful of their interests, he will enforce honest and economical methods in the conduct of public affairs -and secure to every section of the country tho blessing of good government." LAKE GENEVA BLA25K. those notes had been issued iu payment of silver bullion purchased, to the amount of more than $147,000,000. While all but a very small quantity of this bullion remains uncoined and without usefulness in the treasury, many ! ($• the notes given in its purchase have I boon paid in yold. This is illustrated | by tho statement that between the first I day of May, 1802, and the 15th day ' of July, 1893, 'the notes of this kind The Large SUiblos of George A. Weiss .Issued in payment for silver Destroy eel. amounted to a little moro thaff >54,000,000,- and that during the same po- Lnko Geneva, Wis., Aug. 10.—By a riod about $49,000,000 were paid by desperate fight the new $50,000 resi- j the treasury in gold for the redemp- K'o of George A. Weiss, tho brewer, I tion of such notes. was saved from fire last uiglit, while tho lately erected stable's and two other buildings .burned to Uio ground, causing a loss of not less than $15,000. Tho amount of tho insurance' is not known here. The property was lately "The policy necessarily adopted of paying those notes In gold has not spared the gold reserve of $100,000,000 long ago set aside by the .government for tho redemption of other notes, for this fund has already been subjected to purchased by Mr. Weiss from Col, the payment of new obligations amount-. Rockwell. ing to about $150,000,000 on account raent, it is obvious that the United States will not be in a position to gain a hearing in favor of such an arrangement so long as we are willing to continue our attempt to accomplish the result single handed. "The knowledge in business circles, among our own people, that our government cannot make its flat equivalent to intrinsic value, nor keep inferior money on a parity with superior money by its own indepenclnnt efforts, has resulted in such a lack of confidence at home in the stability of currency values that capital refuses its aid to new enterprises while the millions are actually withdrawn from the channels of trade and commerce to become idle land unproductive in the hands of timid owners. Foreign investors, equally alert, not only decline to purchase American securities, but make haste to sacrifice those which they already have. "It does not meet the situation to say that apprehension in regard to the future of our finances is groundless and that there is no reason for lack of confidence in the purposes or power of the government in the promises. The very existence of this apprehension and lack of confidence, however, is a menace which ought not for a moment to be disregarded. Posibly if tho undertaking we have in hand were the maintenance of a specific known quantity of silver at a parity with gold; our ability to do so might be estimated and gauged, and perhaps iu view of our unparalleled growth and resources, might be favorably passed upon. But when our avowed endeavor is to maintain such parity in regard to an amount of silver increasing at a rate of $50,000,000 yearly, with no fixed termination to such increase, it can hardly be said ttiat a problem is presented whose solution is free from doubt. from which the busineSP of the country,, is suffering arise as i».. u i'-om the evils apprehended as iio^j iuose actually existing., We may hope, too, that calm counsels will prevail and that neitjher the capin.isis nor the wage-earners will ghu ,way to \m- reasonlng panic and sacrifice their property or their interests under the influence of exaggerated fear*. N'ever- theless every day's delay in removing one of the plain and principal causes of the present state of things enlarges the mischief already d<uio aud increases the responsibility of the government for Its existence. Whatever else the people have a rteht to expect from congress, they may certainly demand that legislation condemned by the ordeal of three years disastrous experience shall be removed from the statute books as soon as liielr representatives can legitimately deal with it, "It was my purpose to summon congress in special session early in the coming September, that we might enter promptly upon tho work of tariff reform, which the true Interests of ••, the country clearly demand, which s' / large a majority of the people as show! / by their suffrages, desire and expect, and to the accomplishment of which every effort of the present administration Is pledged. But while tariff reform has lost nothing of its immediate and permanent importance, and must iu the near future engage the attention of congress, it has seemed to me that the financial condition of the country should at once and before all other subjects be considered by your honorable body. , "I earnestly recommend the prompt repeal of the provisions of the act passed Juljy 14, 1890, authorizing the purcliase of silver bullion, and that other legislative action may put bo- youd all doubt or mistake the intention and the ability of the government to fulfill its pecuniary obligations in money universally recognized by all civilized countries. "GROVER CLEVELAND. " " Executive Mansion, August 8,1893." What the IN CONGRESS. Law-Makers Have Thus Far. Done Washington, Aug. 7.—The senate was called to order at noon. After the president's proclamation [convening congress in extra' session was read, the oath of office was administered to Senators Quay of Pennsylvania and combination- >bf circumstances, pla'ced his resignation a'3. seuatqr in the hands of the governor. Tho house was called to order by Clerk Kerr, and the President's proclamation having been read the call of tho states and the names of their members was first in order. Three huludred and thirty-six members responded to the roll-call, and a quorum was declared to bo present. The oath of office was administered by Speaker Crisp, who ha'd previously taken it, to the following officials who had boon elected: Clerk, James Kerr, of Pennsylvania'; sergeant- at-arms, A. B. Hurt, of Tennesseee; doorkeeper, A. B. Hurt, of Tennessee; postmaster, Lycurgus 'Dalton, of Indiana; chaplain, S. W. Haddaway, of Maryland. For speaker the republicans voted for T. B. Reed. Adjournment was taken till tomonwy. bles. Washington, D. C., Aug. S.-In the senate today George C. Perkins, appointed senator from California, was sworn in. The senate then took a recess till 12:45, when the president's "Tho people of the United States are message was read. Senator Hill (N. entitled to a sound and stable currou-iY.), introduced a bill to repeal the cy, and to money recognized as such, silver purchase section of the Sherman on every exchange and in every inar-.aot, and it was referred to the fin- ket of the world. Thedr government ance committee. Mr, Stewart, of lias no right to injure them by finan-| Nevada, introduced two bills. One to cial experiments opposed to the policy restore the right of coinage and one and practice of other civilized states,, to supply a deficiency in the currency, nor is it justified iu permitting an ex-,The latter directs the secretary of the aggerated and /unreasonable reliance treasury to issue silver certificates for on our national strength and ability,the silver bullion in the treasury in to jeopardize the soundness of the | excess of the amount necessary to re- people's money. This matter rises,deem outstanding certificates and also above the plane of party politics. It, issue $100,000,000 of 4 per cent, bonds vitally concerns every business and,Both bills, together with other bills calling and enters every household in introduced touching the financial ques- tiie laud. There is one important as- tion, were referred to the committee pool of the subject which especially should never be overlooked. At times like the present, when the evils of un- resolution for u~ vote"7u''the"seuate"on sound finance threaten us, the specu- the repeal of the silver purchase sec- lator may anticipate a harvest gath- tion of the Sherman law on the 22d ered from the misfortunes of others; inst. the capitalist may protect himself by in the house the message was lis- hoarding or may even find profit in tened to with interest, and at its con- the fluctuation of values; but tho wage elusion republicans and democrats earner-tho first to be injured by a alike applauded its utterances. The depreciated currency and the last to Michigan election ease between Rich- receive the benefit of its corrolion-is O rdsou aud Belknap was decided in practically defenseless. He relies for favor of Richardson, dem, The senate adjourned till Monday; the house till tomorrow. on finance. Senator Lodge (Mass.), introduced a work upon the ventures of confident and contented capital. This failing him, his condition is without alleviation, for he can neither prey on the misfortunes of others, uor hoard his labor. One of the greatest statesmen our country has known, speaking more than fifty years ago when a derangement of the currency had caused commercial distress, said: 'The very man Monroe > Wis., Aug. 9—A destructive of all others who has the deepest in-: flre occurred at the village of South FIRE AT SOUTH WAYNE. The Principal Stores in the Village Are in Ashes. torcst in a sound currency and who suffers by irlstihievous legislation in monetary matters is the man who earns his daily bread by his daily toll.' These words are as pertinent now as in the day tho-y were uttered and ought to Wayne, just across the line in Lafay- etto county, last night. The fire broke out about midnight in a well stocked furniture store and before it -was discovered It had got beyond control. The furniture store was burned to the impressively remind us that a failure Sl ' ound wltl1 a11 lts contents, also a general store, two millinery and dressmaking establishments, and several in tho discharge of pur duty nt tin's time must especially injure those of our countrymen wlio labor and who because of !tho|ta' number anfl condition are entitled to the most watchful care of their government. "It is of the utmost importance tiiat barns. The cause of the fire is not known. fj TitllS A SAMPLE WIPE? Servant. "Please, ma'am, there's a , such relief as congress cgn afford in poor man at the door, with tlho mrisHn," EH-iinttmi Vin nffm./lorl I ^OM » T t(he existing situation be : afforded, once. The maxim, 'He gives tvylc< gives quickly, It may be true that tne Young HJovisewlite. "Wihy, Babette vrtwt can we do with wooden legs? Tell al« we don't wa^t any."

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