The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on August 16, 1893 · Page 5
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 16, 1893
Page 5
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THE UPPER DES MOINESi ALGONA, IOWA, WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 16, 1893. READ ON! I No one in need of clothing-now or in years to come should miss this opportunity. I Tf TTT-m rinir Trrm t.n l<mvfi vmiT 3 -work borrow the monev. and come many miles to It will pay you to leave your work, borrow the money, and come many miles to ever known in this country. Never in the history of Algona has there been such annihilation of values as SSSm & K H &ES335H3I will make for 10 days, BEG-IN! winter clothing. "We mean it, want the some other time won't do. Bar A TV We want the much-abused silver dollar to lay in our fall and •, therefore don't put it off ; don't hesitate; now is the time; ;! come straight to yours after the mighty dollar. us RAILWAY TIME OAEDS, Chicago, Milwaukee « St. Pnnl Knilwiiy. LOCAIj TI1AINS WEST. Sionx City, Sioux Falls and Pacific Coast trains— No. 1 departs at , -L , ™ No. 0 departs at 4 .»s p m Freights that carry passengers- No. 71 departs at 1 ? : i''I )m No. 03 departs at 11:00.1 in TRAINS EAST. St. Paul, Minneapolis and World's Fair trains— No.2 departs nt "'L-, SJ No. 4 departs at »:4opm Freights that carry passengers- No. 70 departs at 11.00pm No. 04 departs at /••/••• 1: A Jp No. 71 carries passengers between Mason No. 03 carries' passengers between Mason Citv and Sanborn. No 70 and No. 04 carries passengers to Mason City. K. F. HKDIUCK, Agent. Chicago & Northwestern Railway. North- Mixed 8:18 am . 3 :IU p in . 10:00 am Pass Freight. South- Pass Mixed.... 2:33 p HI 0:07 p m reisht 10 :uu a m Freight V... 10:00 a m Pass, arrives at Chicago at 7 a m; arrives at Des Moines at 8:15 p m. Lv. Des M. 2:30 am Mixed connects with flyer and arrives at Chi cago at 8 a. in. F. H. VESPER.-Agent. THE CITY CIRCUIT. O. E. Palmer's handsome fence is about the neatest improvement lately made in town. Conner & Cowan complete the Whittemore bank building this week. It is a fine structure. Every person should show something at the county fair, oven if it is nothing more than his good will. Rev. Clapp, a relative of the Robison family, preached in the Congregational church Sunday evening. Marriage licenses have been issued to John Veenhus and Lullene Tannan, C. W. Miller and Minnie Gipfert. The Brunson boys' blood hound made a phenomenal record with a litter of pups, having 10, six of which arc being raised., They are half mastiff. . The West Bend Journal says: Misses Matson and McCall of Algona were over the first of the week looking up the prospect for a millinery store. Will Mullicn, who was with Rome Woodworth in Chicago exhibiting machinery, is going to Europe for his flrm. He has been home on a visit. Men-it Turner came down from Bancroft for the convention and then went on to Chicago. The Register says he has friends on the Plaisance he wants to see. Geo. Kuhn, who has been with the Uncle' Tom company, will travel through the county fairs hereabouts this fall giving exhibitions on his own hook. M. B. Chapin has traded his farm in Union township for Chas. Walker's place in town and other property. The farm has 400 acres and was valued at $25 an acre. The Bancroft man who was lately caught selling liquor has been nabbed by the United States revenue officer and taken to Port Dodge. He will not get off so easy there. Cards have been received announcing the wedding of Jas. McLaren and Miss Minnie Hawthorne, which is to occur tomorrow. All of Mr. McLaren's Algona friends will congratulate and wish him good luck. Miss Hawthorne is a teacher. There was a runaway and smashup on the Blackford hill last Sunday, in which John Aden, wife and child, were more or less injured by being thrown from, the carriage. As none other than the injured parties seem to have seen it, the particulars are difficult to get. S. S. Sessions is in Des Moines to remain till the state fair closes. The fair comes Sept. 1 to 8, and the special at traction this year is the grand spectacle, "The Last Days of Pompeii." We publish some particulars about this in another column. It will be well worth seeing. The West Bend Journal refers to last week's game of ball and says: Only four innings were played, probably because there was no room on the score card for any more tallies. We suspect the lawyers won because they were better talkers and this unduly influenced the umpire. C. E. OJeson, so long a leading business man of Wesley, has now gone to Chicago for good. Carl is the "Co." in Butts, Ward & Co., office 503 Omaha building, Chicago. The flrm deals in hay and is doing well there, Carl is a first-class business man and will undoubtedly succeed. The races at the county fair include a free-for-all trot for $150, novelty race for $25, running race of county Horses for $25, trotting race of county horses for $50, two-year-old trotting race lor $30, 2:40 trotting race for $100, anal running race for $150. In addition to- '.C- ....t'fe, ..I. those purpps a largo sum is ::.ppropri- nted for other races and amusements which will bo announced before fail- week. This fair will bo as interesting is any over yot hold. 1 Letters remaining uncalled for in tho Algona postolfico for the week ending Aiig. 12, 1893: C. H. Barber, Charlie Barrow, Mrs. Emma Bellman, A. A. Boardman, P. O. Johnson, Ole Olson Klojkstead, Charlie Laurge, Andrew Mitchell, Miss Clara Millis, J. P. Olson, Win. Staples Esq., Win. Whitson, John Ward, L. P. Vauslh. As nearly as can bo learned the circus, advertised hist week for today, went to pieces somewhere in Minnesota a few days ago. No bills were put up here, and word was heard over the telegraph line that tho outfit had shipped to Chicago. The newspapers were the chief losers, getting nothing for their advertising space. The democrats meet today to send delegates to the state convention. At the time of going to press it is not known whether the managers will let in anyone from LuVerne outside of " the seven" or not, or whether any of the signers of the Skinner endorsement will be recognized from_Bancroft. We hope harmony will prevail. We have heard nothing to indicate that Mr. Lund will not be Col. Sessions' opponent, except a rumor that Mayor Thompson of Bancroft is talked of. We boomed Mayor Thompson for county attorney a year ago, but he failed to respond. 'lie is a fine young man, but just at present we don't feel like going back on the Algona boys who are having such hard sledding. M. J. Wade, who has been in Algona in several suits with J. W. Sullivan, is to lecture in Chicago, Sept. 17, on the "Marriage Bond." The lecture is be- fora the world's congress of religions, and Mr. Wade is highly honored by the distinction. Mr. Wade is still due atone term of court here on the Dingley & Moffatt cribbing horse case, if that ever comes to trial again. Chas. Wooster's team, which was standing in the Paul lumber yard, Monday, became frightened and ran away. They ran only across one block and two streets when they collided with one of the trees on the Dr. Ban- place, and the shock of the collision was so severe that one of the team, a 1300- pound draft mare, was killed instantly. The mare was a valuable animal, and one thathe had only recently purchased. Thursday evening State Supt, Knoepfler will deliver a lecture, the title of which is "X." We are in the dark as much as anyone as to what tho lecture will be or what it is about, but the subject is suggestive of most any thing, and in the hands of the superintendent is sure to be interesting. Maud Cowan will deliver a recitation preceding the lecture, and the Baptist choir will furnish music. The county fair premium lists are out and will soon be in everybody's hands. The fair comes in about five weeks, and everybody should plan to come and help make it a success. The premiums will be paid in full, as usual, and special attractions will be arranged for by Messrs. Wadsworth and Sessions at the state fair. The premiums offered are worth winning, and county pride ought to lead everyone to show something. saloon is n ViyY morality, (tiscn.-' lar patrons arc ( but all surely until 'nd'.'ceney, im•':>]•:•. 11* regu- ...••!, sonic slowly ,-alth, character, family and friends arc gone, mid tho wreck that remains is gladly put out of sight when tho end comes. So do not patronize tho saloons, and always bo- waro of the first drink and you will always bo respected by all." PERSONAL MOVEMENTS. Ralph Miller is in Chicago. Mrs. Hugh Black is visiting in Wisconsin. Huswoll Ramsay returned to Seattle last Friday. B. W. Haggard went to Des Moines Saturday night. Merrill and Jo. Call are over from Sioux City for a visit. Mrs. Theo. Chrischilles went to Chicago Sunday and will see the fair. W1ELDERS OF THE BIRCH, TItc School Ma'ams Hiivc Possession of the Town by .1 Large and Increasing" Majority. The Enrollment at the Close of the Second Day Reaches the Unprecedented Number of 190. Mrs. Putch and daughter are back after a six weeks' visit at Chicago and elsewhere. Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Robispn spent Sunday in Algona. They enjoy thoir homo at Britt. J. W. Wadsworth will be at the state fair again this year in his official capacity. He went down Monday for that and the convention. T. L. Grose was over from Emmetsburg last week. He took in the county convention and probably discovered that Kossuth has lost nothing of her former fine work in politics. C. E. Heise attended tho state grand lodge meeting of K. P's. at Muscatine last week, and reports a big gathering. C. P. Kuohuls of Denison was chosen grand chancellor. He was a university boy back in 18SO, and is making a big success over west. Mr. and Mrs. Dick Rist came home last week for a short visit. Ho is holding a responsible position in the Northern Pacific offices at Tacoma and could only get away for a week. This is Mrs. Rist's first visit to Algona and all of Dick's old friends are pleased to meet her. GET your crackers at tho Opera House grocery. Then you will be sure to get fresh ones. " LALLA ROOHK"—Opera House grocery. "FARENA." Langdon & Hudson. TEACHERS and all others who wish to make a thorough ten weeks' review of the common school studies are planning to attend the fall term of the Northern lowaNormal and Commercial school at Algona, Iowa. A GOOD leather net for $4 at Stough's. FRUITS of all kinds. Langdon & Hudson .-2112 YOU know that Orr does good painting. He is back at his old stand ready for business. NEW line of crockery at Langdon & Hudson's.-21t2 At the organisation of the institute Monday morning 180 teachers greeted tho instructors. This is by far tho largest attendance that ever wan recorded at any previous institute on the opening morning. It is a remarkable coincidence that since it requires just 180 teachers to fill tho schools, there should be present just enough to iill them. The four divisions were down to solid work at twenty minutes past 8 o'clock with Prof. Shoup in charge of the As, Mrs. Barber with the Bs, Prof. Dixson with the Cs, and Prof, Davidson with the Ds. Following is tho enroll- inent to date: Algona—Carol Nelson, Cnrrio Johnson, Arthur King-, Margaret Rutherford, May Edmonds, Myrta Putsch, Lu Smith, Zoa Jones, Martha McComb,- Minnie- Rico, Josio Hudson, Gertrude Puyno, Grace Smith, Anna Suudstrom, Bessie Dodge, Jennie Thompson, Jessie Johnson, Lizzie Reid, Anna Johnson, Laura Mnntor, Ada Adams, Oimi Covell, Mamie Gilbrido, Hilda Kennedy, Agues Gllbride, Ida Wulston, Mary McDcrinott, Josio Johnson, Emma Lehman, Cora Reed, Minnie SluicUo, Therese Korman, Elsio Hunt, J'essio Lloyd, Clara Millis, Ethol Whitman, Alico Potter, Jennie Whitman, Erma Heise, W. A. Covell, Lizzie Johnson, Amy Young, Bertha Heiso, Mary Frascr, Einelino Iverson, Agnes Young, Nettie Durant, Stella Hayna, Goo. Parker, Harriett Noblo, Lulu Nowcomb, Gertrude Clarke, Ella Nowcomb, Edio Whcelock, Julia Nelson, Gertrude Whec- lock, Mable Altwegg, Anna Altwcgg, Anna Young, Elbert Tuttlo, Gertie Covell, Alico Urch, Matio Fields, Nettie Owen, Alice Minklor, Emma Zanke, Nettie Hall, E. L. Aunt Peggy." Tho Normal school intoresls) were represented by Prof. Chall'cc, who spoko at soino length, much to the odilication of all present. Tho Congregational choir then sang an elegant piece of music entitled "Tho World is Growing Butter P/vory Day," which concluded tho exorcises. TWO thousand dollars to loan in small amounts on short time at Skinnor Bros. REMEMBER On- when you have painting done. MONEY, money, money, money, at Skinner Bros. SEND for fall term programme of tho Northern Iowa Normal and Commercial School. Term opens on Monday, Sept. 4.—2013 CALL, at Stough's for dusters. MONEY to loan on chattel and personal security at Skinner Bros. I AM closing out my leather nets and mesh nets and horse covers at about cost, F. S. S tough. Iowa JJcmocrnUc State Convention, For tho above occasion the Northwestern lino will, on Aug. 21 to 23, soil excursion tickets from all stations in Iowa to Des Moincs and return at reduced rates; tickets good for return passage until Aug. 24, inclusive. For tickets and full information apply to agents Chicago & North western.-2112 IMUTNKKNNKSS, Oil TI1K liKiUOU HABIT, Mantor, Mary Rawson, Viola Mann, Rose McNeil, Eva Schoffi, Jennie Pcttibono, Josio Pettibone, O. N. Bossingham, D. E. Covell, Lolla Randall, Agnes Randall, D. H. Setchell, Willie Campbell, Nellie Uriell, Laura Gilbert, Julia Hill, Emma Walker, Jessamine Jones, Dora Kellogg, Term Wallace, Hattie Sehryvor, Jessie Newoomb, Alico AVadsworth, May King, Lillie Howard, Lillian Kundert, Lu Caulkins, DeEtta Randall, Lutie Wallace. Bancroft —Emma Adolphson, Esther Adolphson, Lola Davidson, Mollie Baker, Carrie Soronsen, Sadio Baker, Laura Peterson, Myrtle Hunt, Alico Winter, Winnie Gannon, Edith Roswell, Caroline Wesley, Emma Smith, Susie Haokl, Anna Kramer, Francis AVintor, Alclen AVinter, Mary Clay, May Sarchett, Nellie Patten. Burt—Chas. Foster, Bessie AVightman, Cora Paine, Mertie Grover, Emma Jain, Agnes Stow, Eva Heunings, Nellie Salis- at, Home In Ten Days liy Administering Dr. Unities' (iolilen Sprclllc. It can ho given in a prlnsa of beer, 11 cup of coffee or ton", or in food, without the knowledge of the patient. It is absolutely harmless, and will effect a permanent and speedy mire, whether the patient is a moderate drinker or an aleohoho wreck, It 1ms been given in thousands of cases, and in ov- ery instance a perfect cueo has followed. It, never fails. The system once impregnated with the specUle. it becomes an utter impossibility for the liquor appetite to exist. Cnrus guaranteed. A 48-pnjro book of particulars free. Address the Golden Specific Co., 185 Race street, Cincinnati, Ohio. ON Aug. 22, Sept. 12, and Oct. 10, 18!)i5, special harvest excursion tickets will bo sold by the C., M. & St. P. Ry. at ono standard regular first-class faro for tho round trip, plus $2, with minimum through rate of $7. PLENTY of money at Skinnor Bros. RKMEMHEH that F. S. Stough keeps the best shoos for the money. MONEY for everyone at Skinnor Bros. MONEY on easy payments at Skinnor/ Bros. lincklon'H Ai-nicia Salve. The best salvo in tho world for bruises, cuts, sores, ulcers, salt rheum, fever sores, totter, clinppcd hands, chilblains, corns and all skin eruptions, and positively cures piles or no pay required. It is guaranteed to give perfect satisfaction or' money refunded. Price Soc a box. Sold by L. A. Sheetz, I'Q Another pioneer was added to the long roll last week. Mrs. Fife, mother of Mrs. Dr. Armstrong, and one of the members of 1857, died at about 80 years of age at her daughter's home in Irvington. The funeral was held Saturday. Mr. and Mrs. Fife came to the county among the first and opened a farm just east of the Mann farm on the Irvington road. They were well known to all early comers, and had a finely cultivated place. W. A. Chipman announces himself this week as a candidate for the office of county treasurer. His candidacy, however, is subject to tho action of the republican convention, as he is a staunch party man and will not be a candidate on any other basis. Mr. Chipman was the nominee of the party two years ago, and consented to the use of his name at a time when there was but small show for any republican to be elected. Now that the conditions are changed he justly thinks he ought to have a show in the race. THE UPPER DES MOINES knows Mr. Chipman to be a man in eyery way fitted for the office of treasurer, and his nomination would insure our hearty support. The Courier has a sly way of get- ing its real sentiments before the public without seeming to. Some time ago it ran a "temperance column" on its patent side. Last week it published the folio wing in its Fenton n«ws: "We would beg to give some of ow young men a little advice about liquor iu com- p~a'hy. We would say to you that every JAS. ORR can be found at the old stand and he will do good reliable work in his lino. His work speaks for itself. HAND-MADE harness at Stough's for only $27. WHITE SWAN FLOUR, sold only by Langdon & Hudson.-21t2 FOR real estate time loans at the very lowest rates, make inquiry at the Kossuth County bank. WE have a fine line of changeable surah silks. Geo. L. Galbraith & Co. © The Fall Term of the © Normal and Commercial School MONEY on any security at Skinner Bros, LADIES' and Misses gossamers to close at 50 cents each. Geo. L. Galbraith & Co._ RIST'S dental office is closed until the 23d.-20t2 Strayed. From the undersigned, Aug. 6, two bay mare ponies; white strip on face of one, white spot on the other; each has one white hind foot; large brand on left hip of darkest one. Anyone yard- ing them and notifying me will be liberally rewarded. 20 S. B. REED, Algona, Iowa. FRESH fruits are high, but canned ones still sell for 10 cents at the Opera House grocery. man. Wesley—Gertie Stoll, Blanche Waite, Lillian Hill. Myrtle Hopkins, Anna Skow, Annie Ward, Esther Kerimn, Martha Oppedal, Millie Shaw, Nellie Govern, Kate Lai-kin, Anna Longbottom, Louisa Ash, Rose Colby, Mrs. Wm. Colby. AVhittemore—Nellie Staloy, Jennie Higgins, Cora Bixby, J. P. Rawson, Lucy Rawson, Mary Bates, Delia Flanagan, Kate Flanagan, Minnie Newman, Louise Fairburn. Irvington—Grace Gnffnoy, Mary Gaffney, Adda Sample, Clara Hodges, Laura Parsons, Emma Hodges, Mary Sims, Stella Brooks. LuVerne—Carrie Cm-ran, W. J. Blrltofer, Carrie Fletcher, Lizzie MeLaughlin, Mary Dunn, Flora Stocldard. Ramsay—G. D, Welhouson, Anna AVel- housen, Marena Winter, W. L. Clement. Swea—C. F, Buker, Mamie Anderson, Mrs. C. F. Buker. West Bend—Katie Boyle, Katie Dorweiler, Margaret Dorweiler. Buffalo Fork—Earl Palmer, Myrtle Fox. Seneca—Minnie Coffen, Louise Jenson, Corwith—Carrie Colburn. Elmore—Mary Steadman, Fenton—Mary Woisbrod. Sexton—Delia Laird. Formal Opening I-mst Evening. The exercises were held in the Congregational church. After "Gloria" had been sung Rev, Davidson invoked the divine blessing, which was followed by "The Silvery Sea"by the choir. Supt, Reed then made a few remarks, after which he introduced Mayor Call, who delivered an eloquent address of welcome to the 190 teachers present. The teachers responded by their representative, Miss Mildred Taylor of Burt, in a very touching and well- rendered response. Ruth E; Reed represented the school children of the county by reciting "The Face Against the Pane" in her usual happy manner. Mrs. Barber appeared for the institute faculty and gave evidence of artistic skill by reading a selection which was well received. Mis? Jessamine Jones spoke for the high school graduates) mi ,wa4e e, happy hi* in — l * l "~ Special Review Classes in all the common school branches. No Teacher who needs it can afford to miss this ten weeks' review, Beginning and advanced classes in commercial work and shorthand. Students in regular courses take;\p studies as outlined in the catalogue, Send for Fall Term Program. Frank M. Chaffee, Principal, Monday, Sept 4,1893! I 4

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