The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on August 16, 1893 · Page 4
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 4

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 16, 1893
Page 4
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THE Twenty-Eighth Year. DES MOIMS: ALGONA, IOWA, WEDNESDAY, ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^* MIII ' ll ** l '' l ''*********lIM ... J--.. .. ti * . BY INOHAM 4 WARREN. - Terms to Subscribers: One copy, one year tin One copy, six months ."..'.:.".::. 7. One copy, three months 40 Sent to any address at above rates. •ess order our rik. * 68 ot advertising sent on application _ WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 16, 1893. Candidate's Announcement, lam a candidate for the office of county can county convention. w! A: CHIFJTA:?. TVIIAT HEGUI^ATES PIIICES. The Gate City still insists that it has reduced the theory that prices bear any relation to the money supply to an ab- eurdity by citing the history of the Keokuk market. It says: " Take such a fact for instance as that on the streets of Keokuk in the last few dav« print goods which were once from 10 to '°3 cents a yard have been sold in every sto~r> JorSW cents a yard, and at the same "time flressecl poultry that used to soil nt 15 to n » cents, soils at from 40 to 50 cents x 0 ^" according to the assumption that "o'.d enters into price the volume of it at one art; the same time has diminished five t'ln^s over as to the print goods and increased five times over as to the poultry." With all duo respect to the Gate City this seems very inconsequential to us. By what principle of political economy are tho prices of prints or poultry ia Keokuk of any importance in' determining the general principle of prices? A number of things may occur at Keokuk to determine tho fluctuations in any particular commodity. local supply and demand, change ia" public taste, and the like. When roller ekating was the craze manufacturer sold skates at So a pair, and now shev will not sell at five cents a pair.~b.ui what does that determine? At OB? time the manufacturers of the 13. H. 15 puzzle coined money: when the croze \ for black goods set in the lucky ra?ei who first dyed everything black coi rich; when gum chewing became aci- versal the gum factories had a run. b-j5 who asserts that the volume of EOESV in circulation is responsible for these occurrences or that a sudden fall ia the prices of the puzzle or black goods or gum must be accounted for bv a corresponding decrease in the volume of money? If anyone claims this we have never seen the claim stated. TTe have if it were not for contracts eorwinj? a series of years, fixed salaries, etc., i would make little difference except as a matter of convenience in the transaction of business whether the vi>hune of money be great or small. Bat debts are named in dollars. And it does make a difference whether the dollar measures the same amount of commodities, the cost of production being the same, when a debt is paid as it did when the debt was coairactetl. That is all there is to the niom\v question. The peopie want a persiassut supply of good money which wish a safe volume of credit wi!l Kiaia5s»!n prices subject only to such SacSaatk>cs as txx-ur in the natural order o? business through fluc- usting supply and iK'tBaed. Mr. Gsar. «r V.\ I. K;%v«. -- -I"A IX COXGKK5S. The State Kogister has collected from he New York Heral-I She reports of s w£:h lows cosirivssaiea on he finauciul snuaiiou." Thoy are noted as follows: C^n^f,*" %*•;-,— /«,.* > , - - * f ^•;" 0llk .-V;. • * re = • • ^ i:a " ? W3S for S^rii;'^ 0 '• — - As:E ? ^« «* the ,^,^-F; l - : Ji"..^ u?c ". -'"••" > - ir '^ 3S in favor o l~~ 1 . wit! vr-'e acasnst repeal .iv;;;.r.- I aai :u favor of the . . :IJ " «~-i "rtiuis" about it iu iieaavjsos. 'iv?.). declined to ex p: v~* at --'". T ' 07r j.'-' r ' *•'£'? vj^stioa. --.,:.'^.V-'^*""--^-..^"'-^ » sir. I do not pl', r ^o-^ 1 "--'- ^^ of the law. ^ivc^er, G. tc-s:cs. »rep.): I havn't yet ^"^.^'"."•l^^r.- c ' n ''-<? subject. I want i oh^«5.>;fce,3i5c = 5 5 :caonboth sides be' wV^?."" 1 ^ 1 a . vs ^ f - •V"iaL""- rLi - 'L^?- '•• :s earnestly opposed to ,-rfc ,^ ?:: "iF: ,<<"ic-p.>: I oppose uncon- ^rV.^f^r";."—"* Trc are £i ven some ft-""' 1 '."^'** J - J '-y : " r -"-"'; > by which we can re- .aj.u ,^.?_s5.e „-! ?ii-er 35 a money metal. «.sjvr. -rc-p.): Xon-committal, but with yoa in akanj- essentials. Give her a tesdtogr string of her own—agree on a meeting; place at a certain honr. Let your visi- tasioas be adjacent as possible—if sbe wishes to adore with flaming eyes some palace of lace and diamonds and general pottuck of roillinerv and besom of canaries sad butterflies buy her a pound of caramels, drop a dollar in her hand for incidentals, kiss her goodbye, suid you go and 'discuss ounk, putty, horse-collars, dynnmos and foreign mud by yourself. That wife will come back after the billy of time has punched he aureola off a few hours—she may be foot-sore and harried with the wallop and nndgt- of tbe crowd and her face soiled with he scum of dust and triturating heat, but he will absolve you from the crime of be- ngr a tyrant, and some night sho will tell you in her sleep that such a man is worthy of a crown of immortality. The Dubuque Telegraph says " When must have been cut oft the diamond V y the rotund forms of Sessions, Clarke » —•— •-•- "•^o* «*f i* ocij n VV llcll first elected Horace Boies was a patriot and a statesman, but association with thimblo- rigg-iug politieaus appears to have deteriorated him. There was sound philosophy in the old copy book lesson concerning evil communications." We arc pleased to find one democratic : paper with some sense on local option. The Knoxvillo Express says: " Wo should just as willingly see the rights of the minority trampled under foot by the Votes of a majority in the state as by tho votes of a majority in a city or county. When a party that°n- OS " - dS ° HkC I0 ° nl 01Dt ' i0n ' itfulmlts only tho argument that it cannot bo°cn- lorccd." vuo luuuuu lunua ui otJSHions, yiarKi and Quarton; the bald head of Joslja, and the tailor-made forms of Inghatri and Danson. "Doc" Sheetz would make ah excellent back stop; Dr. McCoy keep the umpire straight, while Dr. Garfield might do good outflekling if he had his bicycle with him, No wonder the lady spectators applauded, for the Reporter is informed that there was not a sound pair of trousers in the whole lot when the game was completed. D. W. Burlingame, a brother of Mrs J. B, Jones of Algona, had a little daughter stray into the country hist "^ ti , 1 5' While searching for her "a, dog bit D. W. just below tho knee, making an ugly wound which has confined him to the house several days. Emmetsburg Reporter: Sam Plumley had buon a resident of Algona for about twenty-five years and was quite well known here, having assisted in building the A. L. Ormsby residence and tho court houso and the Tobin block. It is with a feeling of 8ttdlloaa that wo spealc of his death. Forrest City Summit: It, is still a matter of doubt as to whether G W Skinner of Bancroft hnn boon •n>- poinled consul to L;\ GU:-V". i-i i>i>./.'„ C TTt *1 f~\ -r-r V 11 ' *'' * ll JJi i ,1 '* of Phil C. Hanna, us was roportud a ooup](> of weeks .since. A wnu>" h; the Des Moines Leader ruccutlv'"',!,.!,. lisncd an ;u-lielo deTcyriiivy character and standing of Mr." nuinboi 1 Chosen on the Fourteenth Ballot as Candidate for Representative from Kossuth. A Spirited but Good-natured Contest for the Plum— Delegates Chosen to the State Convention* Last Thursday brought rain and the county convention. The rain was an unquestioned benefit, and now that the little riflles that seemed to show on the smooth surface of republican harmony have disappeared the convention likewise promises good results. Col. S. S. Sessions was nominated on the 14th ballot after a good-natured contest for representative, and will undoubtedly poll the party vote, which menus a majority iu the county. The only question that arosu over which any controversy existed was as to tho manner of selecting the state delega- mUtako part of CAPITAL.... 850,000 Incorporated under general laws of Iowa. ?o»^1^^' b ™^ 1 ~3e«.'oreta, wia tlons made promptly 'inVi , 2 sol f Sollec- buslness transacted 1 p a «-vgr?, r ¥ fanking from the old countries sokfafiow^st rates" ° r WM. H. JXGHAM p ' J. B. JONES ;;,•' • Prcs|fl «it LEWIS H. SMITH C Pfegl ^t Cashier The First Nalional Bank ver's statement as n falsehood 1 of'the deepest clyo, and the end is not yet. Mason City Republican: There was quite a_ commotion in camp circles at I! ,-u _-."_---" ^i"J get 10 it, nonce I ^J^ J ^.,, e a.v views on the repeal of the .-J^^^atia^Unic. I may have to - i " ? ^^Q i go on record at this time. -??" 9 E PRESEXTATIVE. ^- ^. Sessions, who was nominated -hi^sy 10 succeed Mr. Smith in the ?g-i?.?.!i2re. belongs to the younger iea^of the county. He was born in v old his tnored to Chautauqi j and there Schuyler eery summers and went to school winters until 1876, when he went on a farm summers and taught school winters. In 1880 the family came to Kossuth county, and for one year he the landscape and bags the game."" Gov" I R nred f °r ^', so the"kind 'ladies of bird." tlie camp took up a subscription boutrht ini QI * goods, organized a sewing society and John Sherman is credited with the follow- m^e the babies a nice lot of wearing mg statement in a speech made in 1809. It W 1 '!? 1 - On Tuesday a priest came is true whether he said it or not- "The "" " ' contraction of the currency is a far more I *" 6 "?* T ' u , >il * a - • Lile nttio ones were distressing operation than senators suppose. ffiSce It is^umm^tbnf^ J ° han Our own and other nations have gone peotod birtt[causedh° num Ifr ° ""^ before. It is not f " '"~ :i! -- '- • - - oyage without person except a salaried officer, ty report V.-LIS piv.^'ii tion, but on a vote of for tho appointed '! °'.i. A minori- •'1 to the convenes to <J3 was do a no discussion o Hlnto offices nor o 1 would advocate ii Tiiu only qucslioi CAWTAJ, SoO.OOO Special attention given to collections. A3IKKOSE A. CAM, , L;Uu ];laLi'urm. ono of mcl 1 ''!.? Sonec^wS' r" '^^"S™ ^ gjitco n,et at Mie court house at 11 o clock to appoint committees. P M Barslou was chosen temporary chair man, and Geo. C. Call was the choice for permanent chairman. At 1-80 SrW ii th r ' bu8ln ° 8S sossion bo ^« with balloting on candidates for the legislature. The thre.o in the field were John G. Smith, J. R J ones ^ through that operation make for homo annuitant, of r . * . "' ~ *"f".^-| uuu disaster. It means rum of all dealers whose debts are twice their business capital, thou-h one-third less than their actual property!-' their cost in Algona because they would not keep over night. A big "crop of wheat one year or a complete failure another will cause wide fluctuations in the price of wheat, the demand for it and the volume of money being the same. Watermelons are high in° Keokuk in April because the supply is scarce and are cheap in August because the supply ii plentiful. Butter one season is worth 10 cents a pound and another 30 cents a pound, for reasons the money supply has n to do with. A commodity that todaj is in demand at a high price may next year be valueless on the market at any price, on account of change in public taste. A thousand things cause these variations and fluctuations, and the money supply has nothing to do with them. But all this has nothing to do with the influence of money on prices. In a normal condition the natural value of any commodity is the cost of production. Its exchange value or price is measured in money and approximates the cost of production. If for any reason the demand for a commodity runs above the supply the price will go above the cost of production, and thereupon production will be stimulated, the supply increased, and the price made normal again. If for any reason the supply gains upon the demand the price will go sometimes below the cost Of production, whereupon production ceases, but if the demand is constant the price will again corso >jp. These fluctuations of supply and demand occur continually, but through a series of years, as Mill clearly points out, tho will production, The State Register Sessions o: says: LAST DAYS OF POMPEII. I Tho Great Spectnclo to be on Exhibition at tho State Pair. Secretary Shaffer has sent out circulars giving a few particulars about the | great spectacle, "The Last Days of Pompeii," which is to be given in to - j --—-».Q n.'.i.i.Li.i.uijtru to the bar after a thorough examination at Des Moines in 1SSS. In 1S36 he was secretary of the county ao-ri- cultural society and has held that posi- .,„„ ..... pour yearg ^^ ^ was of tural society, and was re-elected lit the last annual meeting. Mr. Sessions is •elated to a well-known family in New York. His uncles have been prominent in state politics, and one of them has been in congress. Miss Edith Sessions Tupper, the well-known writer, is All his own education was country schools and in pri- study. His advancement in life has been the result of his own manage- The early nomination of a candidate for the legislature was decided on as expedient, as it would save calling too many county conventions. It does not, »n early campaign, and until the democratic candidate is named and the lines of the state con- discussion of issues is in place. Mr. Sessions is now in Des Moiues attending to duties with the state fair, and will be until the fair closes in September. The active campaign will not open in any event until his return. nominated by the repub- of Kossuth county yester- - - 1 * aa t rich and prowino- district in the legislature. Of com-sT lie will have no trouble in being elected and iiity will be fortunate in having such l-lmown representative. Col Sessions will be in Des Moines soon, as he IS THIS tfEIQHBOKHOOD. Ti- just . His name lie hails from Boone. is her „ Shaffer and Esthorville Vindicator: Mrs -ind Miss Rutherford of Algona visited w "th A. G. Meteger's family over Sunday. ElmoreEye: The normal and commercial school at Algona, Iowa is and The Forest City flax palace 2 " 16 ' The will be a? flnest Welker Given bits tho exact spot when ho says; "The fact that from 90 to 95 per cent, of all business in this country is done with checks and drafts rather than money, is often cited to prove tho comparative importance of the latter. It will not serve such a purpose, however. There may be a great many layers above and none beneath a foundation stone, but it should bo wide - ~. —»—^wi UVL . Clair Blossom is over from Algona making his papa, to tn'v^fi ' a V ? Slt -' and Jt is needless to say both are enjoying it hugely. i*r T u etHa J?? Ilton coun ty State bank of Webster City closed its doors last week Among the stockholders was J L' Kamrar and other well-known Webster t ,it.v men. struction of the ancient city by the eruption of Vesuvius. He says: James Pain & Sons of London are the origni- ators of this marvel. But few "can realize the magnitude of the undertaking in question. The immense grounds that have heretofore been usec aa a ball ground and known as Athletic park will bo completely transformed A fair idea of the vastness of this enter prise may be obtained when one con sidera the fact that it requires nearly five acres of ground to re-enact this terrific catastrophe; the minature city of Pompeii requiring 12,000 square yards of scenic effects alone; absolute buildings from twenty to forty feet hi» while Vesuvius towers above soAV thing like seventy-flye feet. The picture is wholly different from anything heretofore represented in this vicinity tne arclutectual points of every build ing being as accurate as possible tho great work being painted by Joseph Barker of London from special photo gjdphs and designs made upon the bJJOu. An artificial lake is recmirod thn magnitude of which may ' • ' S._S. Sessions. But'j. M. FarTev received votea on nearly every ballot, and other complimentary votes were Im tr^.T^V^ 13 fllfsfc vote stood! bmith, 24; Jones, 27; Sessions, 37. While on succeeding ballots tho Smith and Jones men wavered, the Sessions men s ood firm. On the 14th ballot Sessions had his usual number, when Whittemore, and LuVerne changed their votes to him giving him the necessary 47 votes. As soon as the result was announced _ the convention cheered and Mr. Sessions was called out. He made ^$^^lKn$1K&$ Sed^ui s Sh^^yd 61 ' 6 als ° Pwiip C fe5ic?^?TW' A -'^»on' [ ', GUU, li. H. sfer! Wn,.»S^»i^ A! Ul CASH CAPITAL, 850,000. ALGONA, IOWA. Officers ana Directors— A. D. Clarke, President C. C. Chubb, Vice Prest' Chas. C. St. Clair, Cushler Oeo. L Galbraltl, Ml W. c. Tyrrell, Myron Schcnck, Tlios. P. Cooko. ner While this was going on the genial colonel was down laying in a H^^-^fc thtl S ,° 0n( f the nomi "ation was out of the way, the report of the committee on delegates was heard. Th £ umn ? lucc report was as follows: A D Geo. E. Boyle, E. C. Anderson. B Haggard, G. Cowles, O. E. Shipley' M. Sohenck, J. O. Elvidgo, S - iE - ejl ana Geo. E. Clarke. The y eight inbiuuci-B ui as as follows: Ed. Taylor. ' ' of each ballot for in the following The full report candidates is given table: Ballots. GEO. E. CLARKE, ATTORNEY AT LAW. OlBce over First National bank, Algoua, i a . VV. B. QUARTON, ATTORNEY AT LAW. Over Kossuth County bank, Algona Iowa. E. H. CLARKE, ATTORNEY AT LAW. Collection agent. Opera House block. "W". C. DANSON, ' ATTORNEY AT LAW. Loans ana collections. o vci . Dlmlall & Co , g S. S. SESSIONS, ATTORNEY AT LAW. oollectious. Money to loan on U K. GARFIELD, M. D., PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON. Emmotsburg Conservative: Harland Case, who has been attending the normal school at Algona, returned Fdd iv evening to be in attendance at the teachers' institute. 3_r of Representative Smith "of is in the city visiting at Mrs. - T —•the v VM.VSUtOtfgl,, VUrlUO Ul commodities is fixed by tho volume of • money and credit serving as money in the market for use in purchasing. Why is it, taking butter as an illustration, that the prices range from 10 to SO cents a pound instead of from one to three cents a pound or from §1 to $3 a pound? Why is it that in the arbitrary Standard we call a dollar it holds just the place it does? Simply because in comparison with all other commodities it stands in certain ratio of value, and ..„ vv*v JUtuuo Wilill | evidences of credit, not with actual money . it is still of the first importance that the | superstructure of credit should rest upon money not only sound in character, but sufficient iu """-»••*•• Gov. Tillman of South CamHn. i, *•, proper nerve They a e \S en eLS h" constables who enforcer nevv 1 fuo Maw and the governor has armed them to shooll Ho says "I'm going to issue orders for thoflrstoneofthem to shot when ho is k> Pmn °t going to allow the state Humboldtlndependent: Arthur Tel- HumhnhiM 0 ™ 1 foi ' meill y one of the flumboldt boys, was among his Humboldt relatives and friends several days | of tne past week, including Sunday. John Sharp at Gil more has a flock of pet quails. He took them in when [ quite young and they are now so tame , that they will come at his call nnfl alight on his hand or shoulder and no? | show any signs of fright. Dan Perry of Florida is visiting old friends around Armstrong these days Mr. Perry was one of the "—^ --"' y ville ' He »"ved to Flo about yetlrs affa fou r is reduced. If that volume is increased the measure is increased. The change Way be imperceptible but it is sure, and however violent the fluctuations may be from other causes, quietly but inevitably is going on the change brought about by this cause. So far as the mere barter of commodities is concerned it is unimportant whether butter is estimated at three cents, or 30 cents, or §3 a pound. Allother commodities are measured tbe same. It makes no difference what a man sells his wheat for if. he buys the .. -. - -, -„. —„„.„ on Gov. Boies' letter points out its weak spots bettor than republican comment can. Inatoad of relegating the I ~-n..«.. before the people to the roar has simply relegated himself. |as made a mistake in opposing pn of a senatorial candidate, taatter of political sagacity, wall shrewdness displace tho \which marks real leaders. w^abof r^jr 1 ^ Monger h * 8 "i woi d abov tag to the fair that is timely • thi \^ M S ° e evor ^ tbto e- Select those I tnings that are most germane to your education, you- "----•• Bessie > the four-year-old daughter of Jn T t 4 nd .'' evv ?', the °P e ™ comedian atout four million gallons of water. The mammoth stage is 300 feet long and 200 feet deep, whereon 500 people generously but correctly costumed; take part in this wonderful and never- to-be-forgotten entertainment. It is a life drama, pantomime, ballet, circus carnival, art exhibition and firewoTks all in one—a perfect fac simile of the ancient city of Pompeii, a life-like representation of the manners and customs of eighteen centuries ago an OD- t^-w ' ation of one of the most terrible events that ever occurred in the annals of history; the grand but awful eruption of Vesuvius and its floods fni™,™! r re ' T'^uakes of terrific force, leveling the temples, palaces and structures, and to completei their destruction living flames spring up in all parts of the city, seeming to devour wnn i f , l ' ema j ns ' forming the most wonderful and realistic spectacular production ever conceived. The spec- tace ^elf is fu ii of lif color and action, and terminates each ev hattan Beach fireworks. 0 InThis particular feature there will be thousands of dollars expended each and every evening. Nightly changes will be made each evening. Every evenina- something new, grand and amusing g A Lawn Social. The I. O, G. T. will give a lawn social at the home of Mrs, Bowyer, Friday evening of this week, to which all First Second Third..., Fourth.. Fifth.... Sixth .'."" Seventh Eighth " Ninth "" Tenth "" Eleventh Twelfth... "" Thirteenth.. " " Fourteenth. ui a ! V in 3' 3' 8'. 38 3i> 35 34 37 30 37 32 44 40 47 11 11 11 11 1.. 10 8 18 11 13 11 11 11 H. C. McCOY, M. _ PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON, Special attention to city practice. THE CAMPAIGN MANAGERS. PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON Algona, Iowa. J. M. PRIDE, M. D., PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON. nni^ n ""rr.? ount y has a vigorous campaign. The committeemen for the townships are as follows. They are all good workers: y e ^ 1 .? on .^ F H' s > "IFd, E. Tellier; Sec- . J. FELLING, M. D., PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON Mail: A farmer near Algona ------ an experiment with salt to prevent rust in oats. He say in that had been salted was creei «/ ^ 8t0 «°1 l° ng ? r than in tbe other part, of the field, and he is satisfied that the experiment is worth repeating. Armstrong Journal: E. G. Bowver the Algona Jeweler, was over to take in of our city yesterday - -—- ~on or Algona, an uncle of our pspular hardware merchant T. L. Thor- the fore ,_, ,. -_ v ...j ww ,, **1VJU C*ll are cordially invited. Ice cream and cake will be served at the usual price. The following musical programme will be rendered: Male quartette Vocal so?o XS6e ' ' relliol '' Hi " n »t°iiana'i)oxsee Taylor. Burt—Geo. E. Marble. Buffalo—Robert Welter Cresco—O. A. Potter. Greenwood—S. Mayne, German—J. Schaffer. Garfleld—Jno. Haines. Hebron—H. L. Baldwin. Irvington-C. B. Hutchins. Lotts Creek—N. C. Taylor. LuVerne—Chas. Sinclair. Ledyard—John Beckman. Lincoln—P. Pearco. Portland—T. Fox Plum Creek—F. Benschoter. Prairie—John Longbottom. Ramsay—B. F. Smith. Riverdale—A. Fisher. Swea—C. A. Erickson. Sherman—G. M. Parsons. Springfield—J. Schneider, Union—Wra. Dodds. Wesley—G. W. Eddy Whittemore—Goo. E.' Boyle E. S. GLASIER, D. D, S ., SURGEON DENTIST, Office over the State Bank. Al.nnn Other abstracters have pooled We re not hl it. We have been w the business for 22 years and is GUAR be d ° ne at Jones & Smith. UopubHcon League Delegates Dr. Sheets, president of the Young Men's republican club, and C. B. Mat- Co1mt S v e n^ tary - in conjunction with „ * ^nimetsburg Reporter: Tho Algona I Iowa Republican State Convention Hn in h * e occ ^ 8ion the Northwestern line will from Aug. 13 to 16, inclusive sell excursion tickets from all st in Iowa to Des Moines and return duced rates; tickets good for «»v^ 4«,voB wcKets good for return Mr Rnaat™* i passage until Aug. 17 inclusive FOP • ' besslon8 Is a young m tickets and full information apply to y and one whose «publl agents Chicago & Northwestern; "never been questioned. He Commendation. --„ -ieportor says: In the republican convention held in Algona yesterday, Col. S. S. Sessions was nominated to represent our district in the next legislature of the state of Iowa Mr. Sessions is a young man O f ability and one whose republicanism has nflVOf hetan r,,,^r,n _•, ,_ . w " wo I on Eighth p»ge.] I will sell you better FLOUR and other mill products for less money than you can buy else- Where ' or «o money. Svffy warranted and delivered. WILLARD STEBBINS CARPENTER, BUILDER AND CONTRACTOR, m v& m m

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