The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on August 16, 1893 · Page 3
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 3

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 16, 1893
Page 3
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THE UPPER DES MOINES, ALGONA, IOWA, WEDNESDAY, startling, truthful title of a little just received, tailing all about :, the wonderful* harmless, eco* Ji guaranteed ture for the to- habit in every form. Tobacod who want to quit and cant by oning THIS PAP»B can get th* ik mailed free. Address THE Si-ia. } REMEDY Co., Btt 1276, Indiana erftl Springs, Ind, all countries the rate of suicide is •easing. In 1830, in Europe and ONEi KISS. ' 4* t Hneriea, there were 1,750, t afire were 7,902. In 1885 IVIy Wife and I .iulieve that an ounce of H'uveTsW-va Is worth a •(uind *f cure. We had mil hetify headaches, a i'flo exertion tired us greatly, and my appetite was very poor. So we begau to take Hood's Sarsaparllla and the effect wtta like magic restoring us to perfect | health and preventing j severe sickness and doc Because it was so brief a thing The lovimg of this man and maid; Because ons little hour It stayed It cried for some remembering. Her heart was light, and lighter his; The weight was all Eternity's. They had uo better sign to give Between the garden and the grave, Than this alone they turned and gave, As though to saj to Heaven: "We live; Let other lips their mouieiut miss, Death shall not say we did not kiss!" The tree is here, the stone Is here, And here come worthier maids and men Where these have loA-ed, to dream again; The golden silence Is as clear, But thoy come not, and it is this Which consecrates their siugle kiss. —Tho Bookman. 2.N OOMT A.T1B1I JTT. Much warmer here, isn f t It? NoW you are going to be honest with me." 'Well," she said, "this is how it Is. I don't know really whether I love you or not. I have never been In love before." "I am glad to hear it," he said grave. "Why," she said, startled, "have you?" "Not since I was a boy," he answered. "But go on. You don't lauow how you regard me " "There are some reasons why I could think either way. If I did care, I should know it, I think. Girls Whc care say they could not be happy doing anything but marrying, while I could go on and do any number of things—be just as I am for a long time, and then study, oh, all sorts of things! I might even, after I got past—after people stopped saying I wa's attractive —like to study medicine. You do have some girls like me in your class, don't you?" "We have some quite pretty girls," he said, "who apparently have -no real love for the work." "There!" she cried. "Don't you see 'tor's bills.' Francisco. Through the plues, across the tiny i hike, she could see the team standing I how just the way you say that makes J.-ll. TULES, 145 ISIli St., San , ftt tl]0 ^ ac>i ^ om . Q f the Princess a reason for me to be afraid to marry i 10 t 0 l. Hood H cures Hood's Pills uure coustlpatlou. Try a box | "Fully an hour before it goes back to I Norfolk," she thought. "How ou earth i shall we ever get through it without you? Now your quecrness, and abruptness, and the not being sure whether yon arc making fun of me are half fascinating, but perhaps if I were mar- KNOWLEDGE Brings comfort and improvement and tends to personal enjoyment when rightly used. The many, who live better than others and enjoy life more, with IMS expenditure, by more promptly adapting the world's best products to the'needs of physical being, will attest the value to health of the pure liquid laxative principles embraced in the lemedy, Syrup of Figs. Its excellence is due to its presenting la the form most acceptable and pleasant to the taste, the refreshing and truly beneficial properties of a perfect laxative: effectually cleansing the system, dispelling colds, headaches and fevers ana permanently curing constipation. It has given satisfaction to millions and met with the approval of the medical profession, because it acts on the Kid- neyi, Liver and Bowels without weakening them and it is perfectly free from •very objectionable substance. Syrup of Figs is for sale by all drug- fists in 50o and $1 bottles, but it is manufactured by the California Fig Syrup Co. only, whose name is printed on every package, also the name, Syrup of Figs, and being well informed, you will sot accept any substitute if offered. saying more than we mean?" j fled to you they would irritate me and What a fearfully short time: an we should be dreadfully unhappy!" "Could you ever believe that 1 made fun of! you?" he asked. She did not hour Is," hi; sitkl. Slie skirted. "Yes." she said cordially. "Is not it? Do you really have to take the New York boat tonight V" "If I get back in time to lecture to my young ladies Saturday morning," he said. "Seems queer for girls to care about diseases of the skin, does not it?" "Xot at all," she said promptly. "I hnve thought a' good deal about a cine myself, though I am not a medical student." He looked with amused Incredulity at her smooth, daintily flushed checks. "How did you treat itV" he asked. "Medicine Is surely a safe topic," she thought. "Why," she said hesitatingly, "I took liquor potass, arseii— is that right—internally and put a horrid sort answer, but gaacd down into the water with unseeing eyes. " This getting married is a great problem," she said, with a' sigh. "Yos," he answered, heartily, "one of the most urgent and important questions of the day." She looked up at him uneasily; he looked down tenderly, and continued, "so urgent that I long to have it settled in the little time left before the train goes." "Oh," she said, "you don't realize how seriously aiud earnestly one should think it over." "Yes, I do," he answered. "I myself havo pondered on it long and carefully." "So," she said, "you had to argue yourself into it, to work yourself up to Absolutely Pure If you wish the lightest, sweetest, finest cake, biscuit and bread, al Bakinsf Powder '' » t> is indispensable in tKeir preparation. | believing you aired for me! This wind I really is as keen as in Boston. Come, l' < of paste ou every night for a week." "What results?" he asked. "Judge for yourself," she answered, let's go and get warm." drooping her lom.g hVuhcs and letting a little more flush creep into her cheeks. They walked 0111 in silence toward the hotel. As they crossed the platform The Best Waterproof Coat in the WORLD I The FISH 11HAND SLICKER la warranted water proof, and will keep you dry In tlio hardest storm. The new POMMEL SLIOKEU is n perfect riding coat, and covers tlio entire Biuldle. Bewareof Imitations. Don't buy a coat If the " 1'isH Brand" Is not on It. Illufitr ted Catalogue fircn. A. J. TOWEU, Hoaton, Mass. |EWIS'98° 0 LYE I Fo wilt red and Perfumed. i— (PATENTED.) Tne ttronfjest and purest Lye made. Unlike other Lyo, II being a fine -powder and packed in a can with removable lid. the contents are alwayn ready for uee. Will maks the beat perfumed Hard Soap in M minutes without boiling. It is the bent for cleansing waste-pipes, diiinfectlng etakB, closets, wash- lug bottlei, paints, trees, etc. JPENNA. HALT M'l"«i CO., Gen. JLgts., Phi la., Fa, They were sitting beneath the pines, on 1111 upturned boat; she had realized that the surroundings in, themselves wore entirely too conducive to uncon- ventionnllry, and now felt Irritated for having added to their influence. She returned vigorusly to her safe topic. "Tell me about women medical stu- douts. l)o you like teaching them? Arc they as bright, really, as your boys?" "Oh, as a rule, they arc good students," he said. "Quiz day is a real lark; they rattle twice as easily as men. I eu.loy pouncing down on a sleepy-loking girl and seeing her yet scared." He stretched his long legs out and laughed with lazy pleasure at the memory. '•How can you?" she said reproachfully. "I am sure tho poor thiiugs have a hard enough time anyway, and you ought not to be cruel to them." "I am not hard on them, really," he said apologetically. "When it comes to examinations I ask 'em easy ques ions about ec/cmn nnd pass every one." "Do thoy like you?" she askftd, adding mentally, "why can't I keep away from personalities today?" "Oh, yes," ho answered. "I hoar I am quite a pet with them. But I did not como down to talk of women in medicine. I came to *ee if you woulrt marry me." "Oil, I can't," sho gasped. He got up, walked slowly around one or two pine trees, than came back and stood before her with ills hands in his pockets and his chin well down in his collar. When he did so at home his sisters said despairingly, "It's no use; Dick's mind is made up the other way." "Why iiiot?" he asked. A tingle of irritation passed through her. "I never 1,000,000 ACRES OF LAND for ule by the SAIMT PAUI DULOTU KAII.»OA» OOX?AXT in IIinn«K>t*. Bend for Mapt tad diw km. Th«7 will t* i»nt to you Addresi HOPEWELL CLARKE, Land CommUuloner, St. Paul. Mian $76.00 to $350 00 nontbly working for B. F. JOHNSON A Kichmond, Ya. ELY'S CREAM BALM emus CATARRH •:•• Price 60cent«. ly Balm In each nottrlU (0 Wtrioo $t. erelief i nED'Q DJIQTIII CO I'ricomcts.AiMUJlfli Uttl O rflO I ILLtO.bymaU. Btowull&Co, '• wS'ntwv'Q '• gMf rum lito'.'S llis Mew trefttmeul (by J<mi:- j.livilclun;. No ilnrvlng./S." TLoiUHimlfl furinl. Solid fi': In Etamuii . \ . iy?<?> sNx»»?.«. »'•»»•• »'„<«» »*»*• jJBffT POLISH IN THE knew before," thought she, "that he was conceited." Aloud she said promptly and clearly, "Because I have not the faintest desire to do so." He sat down by her again, picked up a stick and poked the laurel bush near him thoughtfully. "I love you," he said, "as much as I koow how." "They usually say that first," she said quickly. He threw back his head and luaghed. "Do they?" he said. She flushed in intense indignation, "Evidently this whole matter seems to you flippant joke," she said bitterly, "Virginia!" he exclaimed, then added quietly: "You have known the whole state of affairs for a long time, I am sure. My great desire to be with you, my happiness when with you, have been patent to all. Sometimes, after a peculiarly happy time together—such as wo had at Bar Harbor last summer—I have felt sure that you loved me. It hardly seems as if we could have had such days as those unless you did." He paused and looked intently at her. She met his gafce with the steady look which had so often delighted and interested him—it seemed so inconsistent with certain other of her traits. "How chilly this air is, even here," she said. "You are cold?" he asked, rising quickly. "No, I am not," she answered, chang- and picked their way among this boxes and bundles, a man who was busied with a paste pot looked up with an amused smile at their solemn progress. She caught it. "Everything is being labeled," she said inanely. Yes," he answered, "except me. Am I to be tagged 'rejected' or 'accepted'?" She stood still nnd looked at him with Indignant contempt. "Your train loaves so soon, perhaps I had better say gooil bye here; you must have some final arrangements to make. I hope it will not be too windy for a pleasant trip back to New York. Good bye." He took her extended .hand 1 . "As you say," he answered, "wo must make some final arrangements. You know how I love you. Will you marry me?" "Can't you seo how incompatible our natures are?" she cried. "I so earnest and warm-henrted, and you so flippant and cold." The man a'mong the boxes grew Interested. He chose a box nearer thorn for his next label. She lowered lu;r voice. "Do you know," she asked, "that you are still holding my hand?" "Yes," he said, "I knew it, though i am so cold and indifferent. Will you marry mo?" The tra'in boll ra.ngv "They must have changed the time," she said. "Run or you will be left!" A.S the forlorn little train pulled out, they walked down to the beach. "You will have to wait for tonight's train, and' won't that make you miss your boat? How about those poor girls and eczema?" "Thoy will have to get on without mo, poor things," he said. "But it is the patients who have eczema, you know. Perhaps I shall stay over Sunday now." She looked at him with delighted 03 es. "What!" she said, "two whole days for us to be happy In!"—Kate Field's Washington. T HE ROYAL Baking Powder surpasses all others in leavening power, in purity and wholesomeness, and is used generally in families, ' exclusively in the most celebrated hotels and restaurants, by the United States Army and Navy, and wherever the best and finest food is required. All teachers of cooking schools and lecturers upon culinary matters use and recommend the Royal. Chicago Health Authorities Certify, "I find the ROYAL BAKING POWDER superior' to all the others in every respect. It is purest and strongest. "WALTER S. HAINES, M. D. "Prof. Chemistry, Rush Medical College, "Consulting Chemist, Chicago Board of Health, etc. Made from pure grape cream of tartar, and the only Baking Powder containing neither ammonia nor alum. Bg&gjK58Kl5Kia^^ "There are four of us camping out "One afternoon wo were having a this summer. This number doesn't In- cozy little gossip over our fancy work cludo our colored cook, a regular old in her boudoir, and she had occasion HELPING HIM ALONG. She-You may light a cigar if you somethmg . wlsh M r. Trotter. I know how fond e,omi.uimb. , nvnWmvwhoTvMPniTv roc-mis us is a to SO into her closet for something, wtsu, Mr. a rotter, j. KUUW m»v x uuu =^tX '."S*S£S -* ^'S^r^rs 'T-SSSSS^u^, *«* f&'isrr S£ ^p£ ™ u ™i' ir^f^r'ttc '"SAS" ?iS£™^*»-™ with four rooms that we fitted up with cots and a few rugs, and our decorations consist of grasses and colored advertisements. We live outdoors, for we own our own boats and have hammocks and easy canvas chairs that we can move about iroui; place to place at our own sweet will. In the morning we take a dip in the lake and in the off the hook TOO on her head. I {,0 c boat, lit up with lanterns and , ur ban- Produced Still, I was surprised, jos and guitars tuned up in fine stylo, ^ 1 . med: >Wliy ' LolUse ' wlmt d ° you and we sing and laugh until the katydids and Uie bullfrogs wake the L menn wliat L sny echoes of the night, when we turn in cod it up for the third Watts-Do you believe it possible toward me with a that the earth may become too small H- bright face to hold its inhabitants? 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This century has uol wilncssed a parallel in gueiiess lo this famous medicine, which not only suslains health by proinoling vigor, but overcomes constipation, dyspep- tla, chills and fever, nervousness, rheumatism und other disordered conditions of the system fostered by weakness and an impoverished condition of the blood. The feeble, persons convalescing after exhausting disease, and Uie aged derive Infinite beucfll from tie use «j U^ helpful auil—*^leut tonic. CAMPING- OUT A Woman's Way of Spending the Summer Days. A young woman, brown as a berry and with flesh as firm as the proverbial rock, came into the office the other morning with her arms loaded with wild flowers, and her whole being redolent of piney woods and ferny ing" her mind. ' "Sit "down. I 'wonder j dells. After the usual interchange of •- - femiuino greetings the visitor leaned back in the easy chair and with how it would do to be perfectly honest with you?" "I think it would do first-rate," he answered. "I never tried it before," she saiu thoughtfully. He could not repress a faint smile, solitudes "far from the maddms,' "This seems to be different from the ! crowd's ignoble strife." After having he graciously accepted her condolences we pencu, for we'live, in serges and blouse Jurgntion and iprofnnlty. I nm not wni K t« nm! wi,™ nmrt -winter fiomea violet ol< Profane . I merely expressed streuuous efforts are being made by I „ sne replleil . the Jacksonville & Southeastern road soff mellifluous tone to obtain entrance to Chicago over the _ m" S That is Rock island when its contract with the ; swearing is violent ab- Santa Fe ceases on the tenth Inst. waists, and when next 'winter comes we will be in in pocket and In health we will DO in in pocuet ana in neaiui "••" "" y- 1 ' "' ;;,.;,,,,, to say nothing of having had a glorious ™ flcl ' «'° circumstances, 1 Well, Hni . „ , mented the other woman, I R time. When B. F. AI.T.ISN Co., 365 Canal St., New York, sentiments toward that piece bag are solo agents in Uie UiiituU Stutes for com- Beeclinm'B I'llls. 25 cunt* a box. should the door closed human brownie we took up the pen, _ I dont say that I appiOAC ot it, l and as with every stroke we inhaled the fragrance from the souvenir of the words which she'had left behind her, « < n „* •• we determined to lot other women merely give you the incident. know Low one had solved the problem of a delightful summer outing for a very 'trifling expenditure. entered the store of J. A. was," admitted the Budolph at Antigo and stole *» woman who had told the story "but worth of good, was very musical nml onteminlng. *(,-.„.,, and reliable. Ginger is None better iniulu. cts. WAR IS ENDED. The Three Powers Issue a Proclamation to Samoans. ARE YOU HAPPY? JS'ik Lucius, Sr., residing near Su perlor, was struck by «m electric car The man or woman who is profitably nnd fatally Injured. employed is generally happy. If you — are not happy It may be because you wl)] rewiird for ftny Cft80 Q , rave not found your proper work. We ca t ar rli tiiat cannot be cured with Hall's Earnestly .urge all such persons to write Calarrli Curt). Taken internally, to B. F. Johnson & Co., Richmond, F. J. OilKNEY & CO., Proprs., Toledo, 0, Apia, Aug. 4.—There /has been consultation of the three powers and gtahly employed, it has issued a proclamation to the i LU J I Va., and they can show you a work In ft ' which you can be happy and pro- Samoatos that Mataafa and his chiefs hud surrendered and that, the Wai- was over, concluding with a warning that any further disturbance will be suppressed by a man-of-war. Mrs. Nirnndi Hale, one of the earliest settlers of Mwiasha, passed away .it the ago of 85 years. ; TALKING AT CROSS PURPOSES. tt HEIl CUSS AVORD DIDN'T SHOOK. A Pretty Girl Who Swore Smilingly, Musically and Entertainingly. "Do you see that pretty, slim, grtce- ful woman with! black eyes and hair, in iiuuu wiui UWUK. eyes iiuu uair, m jj,g f roia A hat and fur cape, over there by , . S ii. r i 1 ti' v A young newspaper man of this town i is atj present having a good deal ot fun poktHl at him. A few days ago he was invited to a party;, at a residence where, tho homo had recently boon blessed with an addition to the, family. Accom- 1 panted by his bost girl, he met his kind hostess at tho door, aud after ciisto-l mary salutation asked after tho welfare of tho baby. The lady was suffer- I, which made wltn severo 'August Flower I had been troubled five months I had a fullness 19 the pillar?" said one woman to another at a recent matinee, according to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. "Well, I'll tell you sometlung surprising about heil sllglltly dcnf( aud mistakenly after ( Jt and a heavy Joad in the supposed that the young man was in- P*t of ^/ stomach. Sometimes a. quiring about her could. She replied deathly sickness would overtake that though she usally had one every me. I was working for Thomas .. , winter this was the worst sha had ever McHenry.Druggist.AllegbenyCity, her; as you don't know her 1 shall not j had . lt kept her awn j ie i !lt night a good Pa.,in whose employ I had been for tell you her name. Doesn't she Joak !d£aU at m . st aud coul \ ued uer to her seven years. I used August Flower ' retmedV You _ will hardly belle vo It, I be(]> Th ei< uaticing that the scribe M-as for two weeks. I was relieved of iU ' lfno"w. uut — slie sivfinrs! i ______ i ___ — !„ — /i »»..„».-.» ^im c.nt/i , ___ 1 <_ •* ____ ..^ __ __ ± xt-:~ __ T know, but—she swears! Jno pity iu her brown eves, exclaii^ . t """"' "" l °" v °" c< "°- becoming pale ana nervous sue saia trouble. "You poor thin" hoAV I do pity F J "Swears!" the atJier woman echoed In that she could seo by his looks that he ,j are( j not cooped up hero in town, while idling away these hot days * * * -j ,'hile I \ / i in syH/n maddim,' "This others in several minor points," said, und then wished he had not. It is certainly too chilly," she said, rising. They walked half across the bridge. He stopped In the sunshint and teamed on the railing. made haste to inquire where this Edin was situated aud were rewarded by an account of a novel way of summering, which we. will rep,eat in the visitor's own words. horrified tones. "Yes, swears; but if you I have heard her, it wouldn becoming pale and nervous she said trouble. I can now eat things I inn ccnoea m j that she could seo by his looks that he dared not touch before. I have (was going to have one just like hers g a i ne d twenty pounds since my reheard her as, and asked him if he wished to lie covery. j. D. Cox, Allegheny, Pa, (S wouldn't even down. The paper came out as usiuUi the v > « «" , shock a preacher. It didn't shock me, next week, but the editor has given, up and I am rather fastidious in my inquiring about babies.—Bristol (Ky.) choice of good English. She may not News. ! do it habitually, but I heard her swear once." The second woman looked at the accused with bulging eyes. Pltwf fct Cttonk £ 0* For -weak and inflamed eyes use Dr. Isaac Thompson's Eye - W»tor. l\, I* * carefully vrepar^d physician's HreBcripUow. Beat, Easiest to UM, tod OhctpeBt. C ATA. R R HI 6014 _ m »T- . 'Jr-ititVt

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