The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on August 16, 1893 · Page 2
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 2

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 16, 1893
Page 2
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PKS.MOINES ALGQNA,, 10W A , wm)NttspAV, AUGUST ig« BEfiGARS OF LONDON FOUR CLASSES OF PROFESSIONAL MENDICANTS. SPECIAL ALLUKEMJ3NT OFFEKEDi BY THE ItOYAL WEDDING. Apparent Cripples tlie Most Numerous Guise Are the Craft After Working ilours-tteiuedv Not Found In the Law. —Impostors in Every Numerous—Resorts of Special allurements offered bv the royal wedding proved irresistible' to nu - aud pick- who, with extraordinary pro- ,flts in perspective, flocked to London troin every part of the country to swell the regular contingent of the paupers and light-fingered gentry, and they were increased by an unprecedented reinforcement from abroad. Every one or them, snys the London correspondent of the New York Sun, calculated S'°5 '?, r ' Ch ha ." 08t antl taking The members come at midnight, «ind are served with excellent wine, having nothing in common with the villainous compound quaffed by the beggars of both sexes in the adjoining apartments. The walls are hung with pictures representing different scenes In the lives of the medlcants. their altercations, conflicts and struggles with the police, and Mme. Gay h-is a long record of reminiscences to unfold. Slie tells you proudly that the names of nearly, nl\ the celebrated murderers or crlmnals have at one time or another been on her books, and that to this day slie receives from the penal settlement of Caledonia sn>:ill iustall- nents of sums still due to her by her 'orcibly removed clients. The meet- ugs of the syndicate are kept strictly M'lvate. However communicative Mme. Jay may have been up to 12 o'clock, vlieu that hour draws near she prompt- y ejects the strange visitor, sees him ff the premises aud closes the sacred xHtals upon him. rVn intelligent philanthropist, George erry, IMS affirmed that it is inipera- Ive to suppress judicial condemnation or vagrancy. The mere fact of beg- ng with or without simulated in- tho countless crowds streets of the metropolis by day and night, either by defrauding ° r appealing to thci1 ' •niities, with or without false state- euts, should not be punished in a irison, but In a workshop; there should be no degrading legal condemnation, but merely a certain amount of compulsory labor to be accomplished. He affirms, not without reason, that the prison cell and the penitentiary must be left to the offender who has sinned have separated. Good-bye, old boy I'm going to a hotel. 'Take of your slippers aud come and take something.' I told him that I sympathized with him, but that he forgot that my wife did not allow me to take thlings. He wmng my hand and disappeared into the night. t Was very much grieved over my friend's misfortune and came near writing a reproachful letter to his wife. Hut the next moiinihg lie went away. "Can't T Kiwi them to you?" she meekly asked. "Xo, sir, I want 'them now. and I don't stir a foot, till I get them." And he didn't. So you see it was ucky for me that I didn't write the letter to his wife. Whenever he comes over now at night to wake me up and Inform .me that this time the break is for good, that no earthly power cam heal the breach, and all is over at last, I mildly inquire why he can't arrange the final breach in the daytime. And the last time I was so aggravated that I dropped to the momentary perfidy of a pun. "Look here, old boy," i said HOT CHASF RY ill/1 UlmJJU UL ck to camp without It, knowing tha it would be such a terrible disappoint mont to the boys. So I lore through brush and down timber UNCLE JOE FONDEHSM1TH HAD swampy ground .ind Sky alone? ' TO TRAVEL LIVELY. B'MJIN HIMSKLK THIO UAUSIO Ol*' ills C13LKIIITY. clinging to the pail of honey, which after awhile, began to feel us if it hung on me like a ton of lead. "The bears scrambled along in my wake, sometimes within a rod of me, and then falling back a long way after some spurt of mine over a stretch of favorable ground. 1 kept thinking nil circling in the direction of th, campT but if ^ must tlwt I He Is Now Convinced that tho Individual Who Says Bears Won't Chasv a Man Is Trifling With Truth— for a « ootl long two hoursTamiI"hadn't Three Big Ones Got After Him in uZ; t™^^,^'>^ * di ^ Vigorous Style. i .. know how the bears felt, but from all appearances they seeim-d to be lust as ciiwer ,,8 the w "I have heard of wives wearing the breeches, but these breeches must be wearing the wife, really now." But he only wrung my hand, told me that he was a hidden sorrow, but the world was wide, and then proceeded as before to go out iuto the night and perform liis idiot feat of circling round the neighborhood and gutting over fences and climbing In at his own wiu- "So you think bears won't chase a man, eli?" said Uncle Joe Jt-uudursmitu of lork county, i'a., u> a Sun cot respondent. "You ,,8 they were whan A n ? my cscort fi S , 01 ' " H>> £ was tlml> an(1 folt that his deathv and In riwwo , P'rovc* and administefVel ° Then Miss Gallipot dtecov« cd tenderly she was loved, amd '-less were her kinsmen nnd For fifty-mine years she the habit of considering rather alone in the world tieth year slu? found it was Nieces dropped from nephews rose ' from the distilled lit ), not s fiie- °i n m , M Slx ' hailstones. did 1 t(F Jlpj. 1'er like Some brought game fro,,, u, 0 Ifl she had lived to be seven Imn.i,. i "Hi efehty she could not have ^u he cozy bedroom slippers that worn vorked for her and if snc hiul lln ° "«ny mouths as the m*'^ "" "•"v luouuis as the Nile she poiil.t lover have drunk up all the wines t ' voro sent her. '"• ( , *** tilings took a turn in my favor pretty hm! o ' >C UM!aL « li11 * " ' her. Devonshire cream came out of the unless " ost;! °" kl * of nil sizes, shapes -iml f'lnfirM'tt-ifijwivr -_ t - * ° «UUl hmg " ' pail of turn tail and rim and give a man the i lom , v ,„„.,„„ ,,,„, , -- - - widest kind of a berth on the very first •.,.( w,, ">, T'f nonrln « «unp suspicion tliey have that iu, I H H,,,V. " ... wwuW tolm in «te"t of it i,pf 01 ,. long. "By a rod by 1 ca'me to u bk? In the ordinary the common . —'«» "«j me common beggar can be divided into four classes -cripples and invalids, those who sham <my particular farm of disease or infirmity, those who Invent find whine out a pitiful tale of imaginary misfortunes, and finally those who are gemi- Jne and unprofessional paupers. Need- against the penal laM-, and that public ulow lu tuc m oriiing. charity must take upon Itself the' task of regenerating the immense' iiilmber of vagrants who, having committed no indictable crime against the law, are nevertheless guilty of professional mendicancy, and therefore a. danger to society by their example. He never succeeded in getting beyond the reach of the velvet paw. But his intention wns good. My other friend—to distinguish him I will call him a white mouse—suffers from continual abandonment by his wife. She ha!s a subtle instinct, which In no other country in the world is teUs , lier tbnt be bas specially loving L Itliml. »!„„.. 1 1 « . . i STlOlljfi' Slit ft lA'M -f r>\\ nn 4-1* nr *_ -4.-»'lt__ less .to add that the latter" eatery" iB-inuch in the minority, and forms . «. : hardly appreciable quantity in the number. The apparent cripples or in. ton are naturally the most numerous, as they are the clients of aU the charitably inclined persons who pass them on their way, and, be it said to the credit of humanity, benevolence is neither rare nor stinted. Careful investigation and inquiries have brought to light the fact that very few cases are genuine. Take, for instance, the blind , beggars -/wandering about the - thoroughfares, with, a dog or a boy guide-hardly one of them is not an Imposter. it is easy enough, with little practice, to acquire the art o shoAA-ing only tlie AA'hite of the eye and a clever touching up of the lids Imparts to them an inflamed and ex coriated aspect. Such a degree of per feetion is attained in these sham oph- thalmias that they deceive the charitable and sympathetic passers-by, and • even doctors have been ICOAVU'to require special examination to detect the fraud. In almost every town or locality there are well authenticated stories current about tho Avould-be blind beggars that have fixed tipon one pa-rtlcu- -;lar spot for their operations. A tourist, . passing through a provincial toAvii, saw ouo of these stationed on the stairs leading to the station, and, struck by •- si -Nothing in tho man's appearance, • •cr.r.jally remarked to his companion that he dM not entirely believe in the total blindness of the beggar. The Litter, obliA'ious of his part, in a fit • of rage allowed -the hidden pupils to regain their normal place, and, lifting his stick, rose and pursued the traveler AA-Wh threats and invectives. After some months tho same tourist found •the same impostor in another town; given nnd done for the pool spcUs - Sho watches these spells corn- land; nearly every charitable ^ on !lutl tllou luak es a sudden A'isit so much is In England; nearly every charitable institution is supported by voluntary contributions; every special appeal is responded to with a broad munificence- and yet in no city of the world can there be seen so much flagrant and unblushing poverty as in London. It meets you in the fashionable quarters and parks, on the race courses where the aristocracy, gather and where :housands of pounds 1 change hands, at the doors of theaters where women pass out dazzling In priceless diamonds. Arrests there are without number; the police "move on" the lean and ragged youth who places his dirty hands on the silvered handle of a splendid equipage to open it, but the very next day and far into the night the same hideous .contrast occurs, the same scenes are enacted; the .same beggary, sham or real, Is flaunted; the same prison cells receive their incorrigible inmates, the lazy, fraudulent impostors; and in the obscure haunts In suspicion tliey have that he is where in the Avoods, do you? Then 1 wish you had been with me once up In Mk county, aud shared with me a little experience 1 had with a party of lnto thls „.,__,„ , , „• bears in the wilderness u'rouud the rhdit^ ,,T nlue ,; nl>out t( ' u «*!* to my head-waters of Clarion river. 1 thimk Su-J ™» Pn °«« th °' S ° m « your idea of bears would be.somewhat d L,g -u co"? t ,, , ^7 twk a ihfterent from what it is now. You've \™f . „ C< !f!L *° 0!le x othui> got the. hook theory about what bears ing lno ' off Thp ,,,. . , • - --— ~—Avill do and what they won't. If you -ti-e n^,'^ H U b<?ar was ini U1 y had been with me that time up iu Elk here'was 1'^ T" ^^ * SUW eountv vnii u-niil.i nn ,,r i.,. ,.. : . • • " as no ' IJ S«- I made fni" .-i cl ,,.iii county you would now be .honey: up the tree. with,-.: a I went ^uuL.y jou AVOIUU now Ue nursing chestnut H-nn «i i •'•• suiau believer in revealed natural history^ mv c *,SX^^f^^.^aCropping scmal conta'ct with them and observa''' pang T s h ,Uf i '' ^ !wlth " tion of their habits and customs, clour' to i, P That is the knowledge I have of them, uSee t r *$£* and consequently I do not hesitate to tree But'they Tn" 1 , e description cime down from the «ncl oysters from all quarters rapping at liier door. And 1 ; lw fetters of affection that no- companietl then,: These p, 18H ,,„ c ° soripUon and' should have conrinS the.r recipient .Jl Mlt of all the old ladfes that had evened she was hcij?£ tloares t, most charming and most e- loved by her friends. Eleven year* after the death of old Josephat Gallipot his cousin and Iielr ess followed hi hi. It was a very hard winter, and from almost the beginning of it the old lady on ' l>y .that lime the t the; foot of 'the- uo more extra delicacies and finds the house deserted. He storms, knocks over the umbrella' stand, musses up the toilet staind, throws tlie tidies on the floor, . . „ w the man that he feels that he would oll how mH . f gladly lie down and let the. bears cha.w hoL V i i tth ? him up if he could onlv h«vn niim.i, «.?«".! thoi " tolL 8 ° I ' IMHl ° Ut tlie ' two could oidy have about it After it close interview with th* the pail ele.-i which the remainder congregate wash off their painted sores, ^ straighten their cramped limbs "or lift :heir bent forms, the same scoffing aughter is heard deriding a system which is equally impotent to repress :hem or force them Jnto- honest labor. THE SOFT 'CRUELTY WOMAN. OF A time. He never does; he goes obediently in search of his tyrant to her, mother's, and there he is Avon-led for hours by the two women, who treat him with e.\ tra politeness rtud tell him what a scheme they have of going off for a Aveek's outing amd letting'him. run the louse aM by himself. Wheit he is jrought to the last limit of endurance iml rushe* out, declaring that he will go off himself for a. month, his-tormentor returns homo and waits for him as demurely as if she had never been out of the house-. The exercise. «»f this kind of power -— "1 was at the time i speak. o£ a great believer in. revealed (natural, .history,, thought from my reading that li paws and devoured 1 ! W818-all gone they lickedl' and' then slouched invay i , —' AViitslixiiiut jnvin<* mo p\-mi,i 1 a Pissing glance.-. CU remomliuKcd, that the over- passion. o£ bears was 'wild lnst Her ; house, Gray Court, was a very Wg one; but it w^is- soon lilled to overflowing - filled with nieces and nephews, cousins, and. godchildren, all eager to be "In at the death " Each had received a similar letter from the old lady's housekeeper BuyLug: "Miss Gallipot, thanks, you for yoor desire to wine ,aud. bid her good-by, P ut sll ° ' bt> es you. will not take the is- u wom/im's prerogative. liT she doesn't torment you she doesn't tone "—" "w*u iijj ii;iiuuje UlUl Ji Jloupv -in.1 ii..,. .1 ""u. knew .all about everything,, from the- nu"?-m-i• l i L " (ljttjr vvould '«'° .to al- tigcr in the Jungle to the cricket on the out"of th-iit,.» ^' -i*'- I:C ' a " JC dov -n henl-th. One day's intercourse \vith. the- head airiin-t •<• r almost butted my Elk- county bears chamrod mv mmri i^'.., ,,.!.-.. " .. ' O1 '_ kuew Unit 1 had you. Both of my mice have evolvwl , theory that a man should never-giy, ive llc up his natmail ruffianism if he wants tiger in the jungle'to the cricket on the henl-th. One day's intercourse with the Elk- county bears changed my rnhid It was the- time the engineers AVBIIC surveying the route-for the Philadelphia! and Eirfe railroad. I Avas up in that country looking over some timber and ebal land, and one day in* the fall stumbled, oni the engineers' camp.. I found! a couple of old friends- ofi mine among, the- gang, and I settled: myself doAA-mfor a couple of days' visit and a door- hunt... The fcoys were, kicking about! tho salt pork and potato* diet they mvd been putting up with- for- a conpla- of weeks, for although game was alleged to be plentiful; in-, the Avoortsf none- of "them had been able how to get t0 Ah! \. French Phrase But the Te-xt H:\r- With It. That phrase, 1 grant you, is very ''rench and, consequently, ptiradoxica'l of the sex— so is my'sub- jut— soul ect. "Consistency Ls. a jewel," and, for ear that my article will not sparkle oo much, 1 plant that gem at the head s security. Girls Avho rail their companions in laiukets a'ud brand their college mates had apparently deemed it more witl1 u'tnito of silA r er haA'e not awaken- iJi-udont to change the theater of his otl to their powers .. what a' head' lie had; my {, 0 y; he created PetnichiOi. Women respect ruffians- men who wreck things, who liavo .spasms that It is inofe politic to briag-on m which they knock down their wives and kick the furniture to pieces. I call thia; the- mease -theory It doesn't work. In the litst phice, any exhibition of that land convince* the «it tha.t, you have a coarse organization amd ezmuot suffer keenly. The moment she discovers that fact she loses interest in yon. She thinks, that her ideal will set up .-mother one with une*- sus- cuptibiliiifts. to exploits and even his modus operand!, for lie was gathered up in a small go- cart draAvn by a youth in tatters, Avho implored alms for "his crippled and blind father." Tho police were communicated Avith, tho false beggar Avas arrested, and, as is the case in nine cases out of ten, AA r lien his disguise was, throAvn off lie Avas idoiitified as a thief I ".' lou !l girl gots her first lover she aud n burglar, AVlio had already boon i 1)0 » ill - s tu si?c how terribly inadorjuato In tliu second place, she is apt ... )wers. They are like rot ' (Jt ' somewhere to your career with an. i-others, who think it I au g ( -'l A'oice that it must be fuju to have in tho tne furniture- three times oven;. I knoAv of 0110 of these creatures,, who their young brothers, poignant to cut their names „ grand piano and put popper an the at prayer time. A\'heu tlioy have grown to the full exercise powers and can break of their mother's heart, probably, they look back at these I lungs with contempt. been because , .. bears all day I thought tliey wanted to !^ 1U , C ,. UP ' ^|««.thoy hadn't thought of coming • so. faa:.. She appreci- all your affcoHou;. but would aot to trespass. If, however, you in- on coming I havo-hor. orders -to nre- f a room for you.!' And each one came.-. Each found a coml'ortablte- apartment made ready for his or her ainlval, and each found a scripture text in large capital letters framed! upon; the mantelpiece-: The text was the' same- in eaeli room. "Where the carcass, is- there shall tile- eagles be gathered- togethr. "I had ,i notion to. go. back to the tree Jiud butt my brains out any way, after ' ' aWi =° m> ™0 yards to niy there I cam* plump out on the cauip with the fellows all in and waiting for me and. my. pail of : honey. mil I got some, satisfaction 'the next , day. Out- of the boys, and I 'the next went to Courts AA"as full of guests, but not one of them Avas • admitted 1 to the dying- chamber of tho-hostess. TliK? doctors, or the nurse)', or the old Housekeeper seemed aWvay* on guard, aud it would have beom easier to slip, past a sentry than to got past them. On; the last day of 'the- olid' year the life- erf their hostess ebbed' aAvay; and AA'hile -the.'muffled peal! AA'as; phying 1 out over Hie frozen fields her naked soul , -,- " -«, it v;« l, IU ».^»uo 1J.VJA. iltllVLti. \vnere l had chopped, down the boo- ^l* sblvering out into the night tree and found all. thzjee of tho iir...n^ On >the eve of tho.twniiowk, ri«™- One of. my.- thitt if he could got one meal, of v.eiiismn, or oven a breakfast of buukcwlLeiVfi cakirs and Money, he- wouW be- AviEfiiBg to give up, a montlf's. salary.;. "They, had tke buckwheat, cakes,, but. he Avas craay for some hoaey to oa't, with. them.. I wc-nt out to see-if L could, knock over a deer on.e day,, but. I saw none.. 1 ran across a bee' tree,. tliough,. a'ud mudc- my friond happy by ^ r . „ „ telling, him. that I would go out next; ..^f 8 ;? . 1 J o , t WO8; ' celf ta!inly. very rich, day chop do-Avn'the tree,.and fetch in. ""' """' """' iuJshmg uj) the-honey I had left Daty one of them got away. I knocked iiie-ovn- and my friend dropped another- one.. And vSu-ro- was- enough honey ell; to, stock tlie camp for a week. So ton't you believe- tttnt bears won't ? u " ltln - There aue times when won't do nnxiUUmr. else." ovo of the-tA\'.el»fchi day Avas the funeral, and, after-it,. aE received: f. manirJate from tlie deceased^ lawyer- tc- atteud the reading of the will. It was read in n very large- room, lllte- a storeroom, In: Awiiioh- they all found' themselves for Hie first time. The- Avill coniinenr-nd'AnMi- liberal) bequests to the deceased^ doctor; 1'aAvj'er and' parish "lergj'manr benefactions- to- tlte-local poor and to-contain* charities When tJiese were finished the guests " freely. - ..™ ^u^ yui . y ricl Tn<?n followed genoraus lesticles to „ - ,. ._ _,.^ iviuil JU . to,be.enormously so. And/ITfif^'T^, nml n hnndao »ie-prevision a pail of haaey. The tree was about Wealth had.come to. her quite un-I^J*, h o"s<?keeper who had' been i -hfiju. miii-i^. -pitn..-. 4-»»„ ,.^ r . .1 oxpectcdly. itutlirti^ to Iier during so 1 nuin^ voiirs It would have, been, natural that hm- anien camo a list O1V tho -names- of all HIS!!! r.1.1 T^c,«,,l i- ,-. »,. m.L. i-]\n pTTf^fo «('Prt «.,,.!. -_fl. __ . thrwi- miles, from the camp., i was not: any. too fuaiiiliui-"with the- woods, but difficulty in finding the tree th* next day. I took Avith me an ax and a. tAV.elve-q.uurt tin pail, to carry th« honey back to the camp. The tr.u«- was. not a large one, but there AWIS. three times more than, enough honey oi- cousm, old Josoyhaut Gallipot (of the- enOSts> e- of Gallipot & tomes) who W, tho wlll< known to, be a sL ould have- nnd bw l llos(: ' To cncll> of whom/* said leave an(1 such ave- left her sometliiiig. hftudsome. But no : ln , cllcatod *° yon - T have nlready oxecutor, and to 1111 my pail, aad I staffed- COL-i quflri ' olocl ^Ilb, . . , , one could hnvo-suessed he would nial T "1' y ° n wl " iu ' tlll ' n ' ''"«*toito and hpi- his heiresMj least " ° h ° . 1UU ' t;ly foinlnlll ° "Ua"lty. «'"'P.- fooling good o'ver the treat 1 several times under penal sentences. The sliam beggars are not infrequently al ' 1 ' ivt -' s betrayed by their pals and accomplices; in the ease of Avoinon they i s °, lms ll turn informers usually out of jealousy; in the caso of men they are goaded into treachery when they suspect lihat the receipts are not impartially divld- a'll her previous liejtidishness was—IIOAV ross and mnferial and childish tho business was. NOAV that heart in Iier foils slio pin-stickin first knowledge of her ed. Tlio sham cripples have a harder apprwvticesiliip, than Ihoir Colleagues in blindness, for they must literally toirtu-e their bodies and their limbs before they achieve, the satisfactory semblance of distortion that Avlll coax pennies from tho crowd. As a rule those who resort to those measures are the most stupid and unimaginative of tlie brotherhood; Mioso AA r ho Avoidd have more than sufficient brains to corn a d;ceut livelihood, and whoso Incurable laainess alone prevents them from working, have recourse to mon- oecious and romantic biographies. Everywhere the professional beggars seem 'to have undisturbed possession of lowers to inflict pain. In an article of this klmd a follow has got to allude somewhere to a cat playing with a mouse before she destroys it. It can't be avoided; so I allude to it at once. A girl first begins to be feline Avheu ahu gets a lover. Sho is a combination of fur, purr and talons. 1 have beau a mouse myself and I know how it is. She mo and say in tho to let go of , f "' "' * ttoa M* Pl11 ' 1 ' dou>t nimwo mo ™«>»n^or how but she always put her velvet paw out and stopped me. Then linially she gobbled im,-. I have a friend who is a married So » lotll » c « 70 commune at " ? U ' bm , lt1 } 8 - ^° is a .7 ° /"n"' 10 ? M ° tU ' 0 ' _ " J h " en °/ 1 ho ; lhuost g tll ° d °™ ved in her sweetest manner. That Avitl .explain to you AA'liy th£. AVives who appear in the police'court against the AvU'ebwi'ters always beg the jiidgu to lot them off. (Jood heavens! You tton't suppose- they would willingly give up the exquisite cjelight of making the men suffer for it, to the judge, do you?" No, no, my boy; wo.mcja are u.ot inquisitions who use thumb-screws dan to me. "i had gone tow. eujOith of a' mile face- Avith a slamming * "-^ »t VIULI Jlllliif'l > •-•>•• *-'iivv. (tiiii of all after sh« iV™ ovor to thoin on (ihe occasion of : the ' rwidlng of this,- my last win ami Vfter he haa: been a AvidoAver tAveutv " Mlt i old Josophat Gallipot made ui> ! ^wer paustvl 1 . and 1 , rising from «iind lo marry his kitchenmaid & '" l!1Ce> 1 ' oq " i ' stprl the attending ser- was not- more than forty years' T 1 t0 draw back the curtains that wr mid' mte , eugajjed tc* the I mug ° u rill " s and.-rods, till round the room. ,-acd. camp perhaps, au t .,'f lici1 - NIiss ^allipot wrote him a let-! , TllIs . b( r i "« UDU °. large - cupboards Avheu I came face to t '!''.. _.• • - ! wm> lllsc l°« each haA'iuv miiutod nn. face to big bear that stepped out of llv* bush into «a o.pen space just, ahead of me. I stopped, (wi ' iito , to yf>n w,not. But'l JiaVe^i ixt •'.My I)ea-r Jos:-l don't suppose it will mak«. any difference whether I id, immediately, following, the big Ktl }' a 1>or .V°«. aid- feel it ou 'my 'con- i ar, out stepped two more not quite scmco .<»> do what I can to, prevent and bear, so big. They afl came to a standstill yolu ' lwr i"Stogr great misery on yourself ' - try to convert people.. They ave- delici- mi tho opening, not more dhiui live or smelt .,., . ''*" bottrs Yoii^haye a perfect right to marry and you certaljily v — — ---iu«u ,!/*•'« j/*v;«, JL in; v ;i y\$ (.ItMJCi* I — j«t»^«,x/* vji-uw. \, . pus little Neros who want to sit on an I "^ y °*'' I ..^, to . myself - .'*? r ' ir «>ey "« ^ —, -tn. u *«. *j.ti. Y l jj^ ymunxj oil H in large letters tho mime of of tho guests. painted, up- one afraid of ,,..^. ,, m_. L, tw o».i, \Jii il 11 I i -i j-i ivory ihrono and on joy suOrt-riug for UiUl tlu ^' tho fun of it. Mem who deceive and abandon AVOIIIOII ate, wild beasts. Women who coax men to fall in love With them, so that tliey can torture them as esthetes, and they must bo pardoned because they are not thinking of tho suffering they inflict, only of the satisfaction they receive. ( , then- break for nature. They're a wlfo who. has uotli- f, uu> } nadr * to to recommend her But ° y lliul bc ' 011 you «re (shoosing weald be dear , , AI1 lo each, gimt the lawyer handed a Key, request-lug them, to open the cupboard, whore they would find their bequest. Iflach one found within his or her cup. every gift that ho or sho had UeceuseU exactly as tt hc t you her "ik> I stepped ahead and maile .. noise to let the bears 'know I AA-as seem -to have undisturbed possession of u _ h n1 o ; luos fP G1> - eertnin localities, where they carry on ' rr' " L h tg i? tll ,° d °?™ ved(> f X " ttieir trade unmolestcKl by hie ot hers; ' ±usU^th. 1, S,°t i . aUtlf ," 1 , , fel U ° no one attempts to Interfere with the! ' ^ l * ..? J ^ "f * Wl l \ m ^° ? lm ^ "o>e that it .. that it was Ins mission to mold ssiTLs? s'-r r w s i -^ r^^rf s nership they are fairly honest in the j mil . r u nrofou id 1!>•!•>/ i S '' li S> aU< * every nationality frequent these j minded haunts, ami perhaps tho most interesting of them, the most popular rendezvous, is not in London, but in Paris. The place is presided over by a AVO- mau, Mine. Gay, and is called after small Her ideal was a mouse. O, that slie could become more like him. Thei molding business lie now says is the Avrcniig her. The building contains a small, My friend lias made several attempts ADJOURNS TILL MONDAY. Tho Senate Holds a Very Brief Session Thursday. Washington. Aug. 10.~Immediately after the reading of yesterday's journal Senator Gorman moved that when tho senate adjourn today it be till Monday next. Tho vote was taken by yeas and uays and resulted: Yeas, 40; nays, 10. As soon as tho result was announced a motion that tho senate IIOAV adjourn was made by Senator Cockrell and tho yeas and nays were demanded by Senator Chandler. Tho vote resulted- Yeas, 39; nays, 18. fruit, cream, game, hr „ • ( y were llcnv informed) been immediately dispatched to one or other of the groat London hospitals, nut each cunhoinvi contained, also a cu pboard ^ purse in which was ' placed the full i M 1)rovlslons ' >vith a sum to the compound interest on- wmweu "And the residue of i ' UUtoucbod uoiso 10 1W me Dears know I Avas (31ie mu "^o you miserable -ind I there, so they would dash aAvay from fw>ulcl b °S you to draw back from iriy me in their fright. But, to my sur- J: £' liei% the opportunity. She has no prise, and against all written rules of aff «*lon for you, and if you have any bear conduct, the big bear started to- f ° 1 ' hor ifc will make it the worse fm- Avai-d mo, followed by the other two yo "' 'nils was entirely irregular, but I had I " r ° lu> sincerely affectionate cousin to i-oeogiilze It, nevertheless, and so I, „, t ,, "Sarah Gallipot." ' - i cheated slowly. 'Why! 1 I said, 'these' Io tuis letter no reply was sent and ments - llousos . funds, stock le bears must be blind or deaf, or crazy, f week later tho milkman's flnancco 1 1>late - I^tiu-os, boolcs furnituro or without the souse of smell. By . booa '^ Mrs. Gallipot. No further c£n l auy kiml whatever, I horebv rights they ought to be panic stricken, mi "ilcation took place between the' l)CK l llc tl l to my nearest, male and a mile away from here by this cousi us. «nd a couplo of years nftm-"' know n, of Avhom it cannot im ftfllrt* 1ir0..rl T 1- _ , ... ^ ^t44.w CllLLi^ Jl,^, , . ^**llllUU UO time.' "But tlioy came right on, and came, a ^ fast that I found that retreating .. No ono was more simply astonished from them backward wouldn't do. So llfm Miss Sarah Gallipot Avheu she I turned a|ud trotted nloni?. «tni ,=,„.„ learned tlimt she imri .i,,- w ,««^x,i A ,^ sure succeeded to Ws . • -*ua , , that the bears must soon discover that cutiro foi 'tune. Ho wrote- they were acting in a most unnatural "To my wife I bcciuebh'mv ,„ to put on all the steam I was capable life, for I do uoTlSvoS of to keep out of their reach. By and Hold expenses l,, yo beeu by I thought I would stop and fight It ar— , Y bou " dentally shat in tlio breast paulou AA'lifle In a barn home is in Brllllon. He cannot com. '"i-o my cousin, Sarah Gallipot, iiiinn wno no/»i i,f ji ,, •-- *- «-->••' -«-With absolutely a" =s-= =i:s t a - tho Gallipot & James. The will provided must, however, be lodged months of the death of^tho ° ar ° the amUv family . d no m-of ho»oy handicappea we dreadfully, but Jug." ' * pwflt Iveeolved to haug on to that at «11 The win was dated a fo.Lht before . P«>l>onty subsequently fell , rClntl ° U ° f the «^»P? whoso existence most mem fiUUily Lad »P to that tto quite unaware. — London Million. r¥ M a V /•*!

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