The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on August 9, 1893 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 9, 1893
Page 7
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MOtNBS AtOONA..loy A . WEDNESDAY. AtTflflyr "fittifs^sta*-:—' on the river shore _ the struggje cf a dnmuiiig )? Is a harrowing e little leas heartrending t. Jn matters of this kind, like ithi - £„ reached a room F *° rth entlre frat ** hlm ' aeern," At and rate death by drowning i» not ! an iwrrfMe as it may seem to the o£' looker. The thought of being dragg^l' along the moddy tiottom of 'the rfW-r HI. and found later In swine otit-of-tbe- After the brmrm of . of wirh a rate is really , WO rs« that a death. Tb* dr«,d rf ,rr ha fi 1 n + ° recWw him. lhta room of ^e^ Mllwatlkee Tt »«« Was ^P^ 31 ^- and by ?*"" carelessn es»- He entered a f^ 6 , *«b orfl T one ralise ° nUI / led " rer WOO/WO, and trnnk - He 'nstraot^l the will find It* war. not only across <fesert bnt along the lakes aad rr and cirfllzatlon and C&rfetEtrtity wffi follow in its train. We »ftan not i™* f« • ti rn. ausut osx HTff to see it T&* wot* cam only be besaa <n this centarr: it? eonrpfetfca wB 6*1* peep! T&ey the great acM*T«n«rt of tfis a=3±. f tfrs?ir — -- obtain a pictare of^ojge of them. Esther they I or tbeir hnshaads appear to look with " distrust on the photograph, and their photosnuths are taken ! deljaochee tries to the recovered . Men die, bat God lire, sad wwfe en* j - hw own gnat d<*izrt«: sad «ee not BOW. even 6y tae eye of fkftfc. ! A w^ltfc? asm. yet EK fet m* . may yet be aee-xnpOs&efl by tfe? great- tte-usfc tfce s rtns ' 12 THE CORRECT SOL was tfe?T t , zreat vsxfetjr ^f -*uys • Tie satsssr first Mash, to be ratter a writer ra tae Xe-sr T«nc that if seiei seess* get back. ft was an accident, and was *ome ' IT™ t'?* ^ e frnnk ^^ he"sent" it.' pat? nojawfrr/oa v -oSr &,»»*• *,„-,„, ' ,'« the trnok * tor «> leaving the Anwar the myself were hatbLg in 'the Ohio ri™ hn fV " wnta!ned ««« money b*J*f **taz a Brta sT^^W^' At the point whore we ww a largo , m ' The derk - ln " " """ raft of log* wa» lashed i,, the bnrik''J ,, "V* 1 Jlave handled It rather; 1 ' awl for rjnite a long hile we arnu-^i rou * h] ^ *•* it came open, and to bis ! 1 our^-h-es by jumping f, 0 rn the rift " mnzl -' mr!nt - and astonishment, nothinz'-' Into /if teen feet of wat*r to w- who . m ' mr -* <* *» descriptions srtare. 1 f - ^ could bring up the larjjeat nurnfx-r of „ ln th * face - He « onoe notified fr wblu. erwte wjl „,„„ , the police department of the matter. ,'iiin J njf.-r was arrested, and after only ;: a few minutes he was found r expi-wis so badly wanted. He was-the to St. ~*~ and year* in the wa_* . all having gone throczh B*ir.» is fcnpe._vaferie down xevenl times with The Ia«t time / mafle niy lungs with afr far out Into the e^ p> to the bottom head nm. I groo- «lax,utfor a^ndrnl of gravH.s and Kpent more time bi the ^,rch tlian / W ' at " r no 6 f/ "T M ^ P If f '* to a tfr ™ of " f token, no of two of- thf; not ki was. jumped h JIi« he last lungs and a e of Blr fn weight of hi« Hindu _ ., tae skin is just dark enough to give a riefc. soft appearance to the oomplex- f f>a. the features are regular, the eyes niiM rind black and shaded by lon-> silken lashes; the hands and feet are " and elegantly formed, the der is modest, the manners gentle, *he roice low and sweet. Snch a com- Waation of good points may often be tn*t with, but when it j« who «hall f .sty what havoc is wroueht amouir the t of male beholders : looking ^ omen among the middle class Hfcidn ns w«'>n r the npper ten. and even Atnong the 2ow taste* and face* are very pleasing. Many a' s little is , ye ,. nnd mc)ntta ;>ffer Mm the food for lost all niipetitc.' In V child regaw Mm h does not s,.en, to mind, LIS. v tT^ *?° to ^ A<W «J to Our >ary. the step and within the if there is e double head, ~, ^ , - i truly a beautiful object <* tfeyrar looking for | Jew-dry is often worn to excess Jns other damage of m u«f „ .^. -p . . j, e borri(1 no *e Hn? is sometimes so ,"' m P a "nients ? that the damage ^ ^> JK Parisian, whether lanre that it has to IK> fastened b-ick to ^L localized. These ves.*els w trodated. devote them-1 the ear by a delicate chniu to keep ' P"rtected-croiser type- i e v K. ,-, - s P rin ?l it trfrm 'nfcrferfusr with the rnouth I en ^ a ^ boilers, magazines,'- ;! •x tite lilac. Thriftv --- - - 2i» «n-irons approve hieh- '* ~~* '- the material, their are that enables the he United State? were constantly from nKrehan.t« person s not even yet quite " e wagons, aot perhaps, but at any rate lomber Into the city loads of Klac branches, nKn.«t leaves a Mvid and tender raised, that «. tfce arcOTiir!: aiia to sodetnins-: ies of bnds. •SL*A.SOX OF SAMMVIUHE8. How to-Jfakc Thorn D:.intyaml Savorr With .Afany Tendir Materials. IR/TV?"" - 1 ™ 1 " 3 " ™- ™*^™«'™«-£'S~ *££"?>'£?• Perta ^ ! -^^'"*«,„,„.,„„„„,„,, S SS? ffi i r,'"""""""" -. 2US n rs.!s*y ££ :«^£S^L£t irai ±?sr ";••»!«"•• «•- «= S^-?^-^^;™«" I ^^^^ :s;;=jI l™??_ I !!?-..^ llontllcwra «'«-™*h*ir n to th « harf« tfey wwtorf to o^.^- an C'XTrjoioa E *» r^-jTini^- ..T^I i o^r • i. ^«-IHV.CTJ iium me -"—^i "•- Jitriin.» tur .-ma ail the crust ^^it^iwr^r^r* 11 ^^^ r=i,? ff ,^— - fl . ft ss islwerebo^ ^^ star ^ —-- protected by a heavy steel y feet of coal, while in Columbia and Mini patent fuel five feet thick ex- in^ along- the sides in the region of the- water-Use and throughout the- This Ls the scason for s.a.uvje!,^ locality of the vitals, protect! the > ml To be satisfactory they must be datatv |chincrjr ' "*~ ' tind savory. The crusty slices of <Teasv» i and at ?>rend. with a mu.scul-rr c-ut of beef or |Serve rare ham between, lurre I>een retired from good .ssxaety. The first thfng is the bread: ft must WJ norse^^rer through either one be sood-that te. wen-cooked and at for two-afinfts might bfuS JLcln^ teirt hree-qumers of .-, dny old-it «U of one'* egg* to *„ few baSf ninst I>e nentl.r cut nnd an the crust ' th e Beareau: of steam ~ oas ^^' machine-^m flre *""* tinjf formin- a rJ w of the exhaustion r ._ ««»J wvu „ ,j. a i»j^ f.v of the regular coal allowance Fearing lest the transmission of 21,MI rirhT*CnuIvrkrT* > rv._- jrTL « _ . - 000 me p-inK>^ of Ulnstra-1 ct^jr, Tbey are j counters and sprinkled generously with spread ouC on long the faint, iniuiitattfe per- .-- M»«I tue siicos cnn nor be too thin.! fUstribfationi of this power thr™ .-recording to tho-.Vew Tort XS'orfd, but | three shaftfe-^ne placerfamidshins SdT^ «?**«>•?'• 8"™e they In ordinal single^"SJS^ sbonld be about one^sixteemli of an two others nTaced f,,^^- f~' TT" < fK-t- TT*'—S - * I i- -^-.-v,t» -j^i *.«ijnt- ( wat»r Wirfnn an hour or twn. all the shonl(1 be about one-sLxteenth of an vf j 0 ' bworne Wossoms, and for!' 11 '*- or thick eraouali to hold'the merit -'• block in every- direction .spreads in I - Vfcc •"' OI * "'s required' to Imtter tbe thfe power through L and , two others pfaced fmrtker forward one on each. sMe r as is nsual in twinl from the flfcurers, even than theirr per- and the lost and then- cjirve. Rolled ^ — - - — --... . ... at>-fj*c^4 (II nngcr sandwiches are always prepared this way; even the wivorj-' chiefren or uncliovy paste is applied before cuttins. the engines can. be _ _ ° r ^ t ?™™*™™***~*^,. an"d tlie mons to-come amJ Buy and carry at wb^ ^f* ;' erna f emeralds and torquoi.s^ w ben bits of spaing: fts*rfff r powas ^ IK , 6l] : there and leaves. Everybody answers. They & a TV- f-fimt* l-n r.--, !„ -K _ * come in crowds antf baijsiin shrilly SOI10(r mwits, salads, fish and clrees'e- -No coin is- too siiiaiJ, as nono i« +v^ «!indwl(-nw that are to be kent- yiw^iTH fHiiaflr a* none is too firafiarn J/rt-ad makes the most wholesome sandwich, and" the most rooth- sonie-iT jelly, sweetmeats, spiced' meats or talVfcrs or 'c-hocolatt- -ire- iised'r bnt iye or- white bread is Ik-ttf-r for soa- ' »«/- *-n«~ ^ f « """'--r ***r Aiuut; la tUO returned, large, at the-flower stands. A sou burs " " "2™*!* .f »*«>** the ey^cS flmd me. Then I inrAurrt my tmrist • nni] how the r-loda would rewound >x, : • coffin when if. was lowered inro i chilly {frave. and my fat* •wonW pointif) out to other J/oya by it.nxit: :in a warnlnif. investors. He knows the pay with; day of every printiujj establishroeat T> -? ^ ^" n twn " Ajlfl he ift on for ,- time. The employes are-tak- nothing at all. So all through tJte eity a fresfi fjreath of blossoms finds its way. They from: th> bells- of wwnen, fromi .-oats of men, and in the hands* erf children. By ba&Serftrls and armfuls they are- carried: firom the Halles to all sorts or homes;, ^v1iere for days-! ihey will gleam withi the bo wrapped arc to ho kopt ' paper: f sTiglit and the- benefits v T£.-meld butter- will' the lx-sc of foods, nor t>v- x It is a- mistake to use- Beef, fufess minced'HJJ8 apt to be tenaHous, nnd' the first bitt> vnJl Fertve a vacancy In- flte heart off the brend and butter. ICrrn, trimmed and' cookedl- is equally te&u-berons. At thr; next «"ftly j-JiiKiiig in with Jlttlf. Hounding in my HM; pretty f ,,,r,J,l Tl^n / J **',!* i ^;^JK^^S12?1=K « ;-~^^rj«S „«?»«=== «-P«*« »nd forinwl into «u of r.ld Hfiaj K*. f h;,d no r *j ft an fc-nr or w »,«t «-«< «r,^r to l w f. ««.„,«! to I,. ,n, t) .',r,t^ ; ,<- , t. ( -f,n. ,„,.. Kw-o-hin^ v/,-,, ii,. h t •<:nJm nnrl r/jovr-d nlx>..r. wfrh/xu vJHlljl,. Im^lH^ for,,, it ™ lw*kln« Into a Ir,^,- mirror v/ith - Iwniitifiil t|,|,,K th«r rhfr .r r,-fi, of rh* Urd « sad fra - tbe peQJ ' i ia * wWle « but " n'tTv '" ' • ^"* thfcm «• ' > tb» financier usually oJat and treats them money he is not alto- .- >.-• r ' .' IH ft tr ;,, tfl ,,. t j on »•*. ' way Inb-:or pwaaps a quartan and thus- tets wa« sen-; tk«a in ou a cut rate. Sometimes.m*n '•- Missouri; am-mpt to dodge him, but they find bis station. The loan of $2 is usually .-silly. It is put down . allowed for wear s-:and tear, awl the thought of it Is he made hl» j lunUshwl-at least a* long as the-bor- - , t-nwart- pitcllora, They fecTe no morei y ! "' ia ' itot P<>P»I»r. They fraickl in ' - i!tjllle ''" -^ flesh is Tuss. fraickly in one' tbunj the- other fortu- J . i nsitely-as quickly in, tlie- one 'as the- 1 "' SmaIL f 4 lumtities is nor, ' ' Inic ""'' iu large quuntities,. other, unfortunately—and: Paris eniovs i , ,- - - ir. »«ison its. festival! of th* IHaes I ", '-""*»« salad, tmw> whiclL the dcs>> tlressinjf:iB allowed to drfn$. is the- -P \Vh.-it He Lrid Whife a Efcsidt-nt of rem- th<; » out of sight JANK'S il.OI.IDAV. Tin,- last «t;j^,. y/hj crc.-n «(•<! thf: b<-fitny of All -Vote tlie Knell of 5'AHTiriOS OF AFJtICA. ,. />.-ttt-r by Jlwjry M. Field iu J '' ;l1 ' illl ° tll(: "Wit .Jane patched and • - . The August Cennu-y contains a miscent article of '1'fiuaiaa i. McConnel on_ tho homo life of the Prince and Princess A'x-hilie Among the many this old friend of following: inil.flc that r-ould !,<• fhoni-hr of. ftiin-nDy i ha/I M-<-f, trr;rj.-.;x/rt/-d t . -V.-v,- iork Kvangfrliist: \\'ithin a| '-•*>" "-1™!, ..... ' ' ' with tluit ue\v, woiulemil a r/artiti , /I fold, l,iit i,f]iix-r K-d Ilk* !.r,' ;,, of Africa aww/ug the nations of Kuroix,-, un- a ' J ' J </t ' 1 wij ° '-'kUwi a part iu the t/,o i ' j}j ' ;l " i '-'"i'-i "JU«t aw-ept their H!M <.nti«i,n thft "-•aj*/wlWHty. 'claim K all these of claim to be Christian, H may be said Ull; n ' c '" above that OhriHteudom has taken formal i 'I'll'-'(lily was like f"-'«'--««l"a of Africa, is It to be anything more than formal, as when the pope dlvldwl the new world between fi'.-ii'l.t, ;.u/l J '•"' ll) K ( »J "«<1 ! Hpain, thereby givin th<;m license to <vntnmi the hoi 1 wa* Ivlng '' ibj<; f '''i'"<--H against humanity? I .-li'/fj lookin- Ujl « perversion of the name of Chris r,-,,.,.. ,u,'«.| lo '" ! ground and lioat. off inn, *;„•, thlHtliMlov,-n. in.;in-r ;i,«] hlj.'.'.i-r I H'(-nt until f x«.-<.fi,<"l to jrx,k down on Ilie \V(»rld fr;(n ,i gri-al. b<-i'_rlil. .-mil Hi'! ciinic a Is'.'iiik. The next thing / kn on lh<; i-iifr v/ith my <•/, down i/ri me with ,-i ; H(rV(l'al llllilllC'-tfHHf'lj ;, HIK^-eeded I/i \'<ti<\\ii's , me out of the v/arcr. f',y •;iyt,r<,n f \y ( 'i' France, but by Germany,'by Kiig r-'llliit; me over a !<>g he b;«l i-.i.'e.-e<.<Ie,i J ; i'i(J and by America? Could there b in rekindling the liMJe ^^,/n „/ |j, (; « «T(.-«itor sliamc- to Christendom than For the /;,./(. }, ; ,jf jif/IJ/ . thu j)(;r.Hlsteu(X! of these countries in m</re forcing cargoes of the liery anc intoxicating spirits upon tho native In this century? And b f," n;ir| I ''''"'.«--Ht«'jt as well as by .Catholic pow x'-ni;c.' "''" ; " ot '^' i'ortugal or Spain, or evei ' . i 'think f Hiiffeiv-d ,-, than for the name length of ' tiun • l,cf.,o.- or Him-e. I g|, ; ,|| w -v>-r for-.-t how It reels to drown, but would not ;>dviw /.uy on.- to li-y il i,, find ,„„. r ,, r ,,,„,. too painful, wll. Uesuwllal.lon Fainoiis KobbH- "who KwMi the (Michigan renlt/-nUary. from of the Congo, in spite of the protest- "f their chiefs? If this policy is t( be continued, Africa has as much tc from foreign powers as to hope , from their Jealousy o f one another their riwilHhlps, their growl, and theii rajiclty. !,<•). them not lie in such hasti UK, JnsteaU ot this, Africa ought to be the ward „, all the Christian nations of the world them by her very help , who,,, k "° W " 1 , who rocnl y ,««.,„„«, tntm Ul(! , M . II|U!M . , ( , SHm , HH . H1)(! , at .Jm-kson, Mich., , 8 , a mtlu HlPolltf . Hh( , , s ^ Jol then, show a prince ly ge ' 1-nmt.K,! '1'lller, who In rolibo, | ||,o Paclllo Kx,,ra« w , IM , mny ul !„ supplying all her wan bot n o m ix,u HOI over. KIOO,(XX). Tiller, when .ui.l malorlal. if thoro coul o "» iinuiu nis escape, Avaw serving out Holy Alliance of all Clirlstcurt v, f !. (!Vr(! ii.M <1 " l ' S> 1(>l '".' f<>1< rol>1)l "K '"'IN. protect Africa from aH injustice and Kocmt waH^kuow^ "' ""* " Mt °' W "'" ft " U<1 '° fe ' lv(> lun< ll phrittliau iprJA)M,iKX) in two huu'd sat(!h(>lH. irn IVUHIIKH.I it, .,i/,..,.,,,i i ,/._._ , n , M- hope of taking the children 10 thu-show guiding her lingers. She even produced one or two faded ribbons, relics of wedding iinory, and sighed as she- uiuned thorn on, thinking uow faded, uio, wn's tuom. hot, and they left their home early, "so's to git our money's wuth," .said Jbu. The chihU-eu huddled around tlieh- motlieL% almost istupelied witli admiration at the street ".Ics' wait'." insinuated Jim. From tlie .summit of the great pavilion to a point within a few feet of the ground a rope was stretched and a wonderfully apparelled female began to descend the perilous causeway. Jane watched with painful ii'bsorp'tlon. "I'm gltul it's over," sho said. Hut Jim hud disappeared. "I'ap's gone to git us in," said one ot Iho children. There was u crash of music inside best artiBl* in the list: of "saiuliwich material!*."- Then comes- pickled tongue,-. l)oa«i to the tendecuess of sweetbreaid. Deviled meats houglta at ...fliablo firms are very nice,, bun MP, pays tnr their convenience V^v Housekeeper or any cook with/ a^att ->».»''" »e able with, setups ofl cold « and rollsiie.s to :« new every-time-sanifl«;iehes! The f&ilbwih __„-,.* ., . ^-~» .-^*,t,u, uuu ^ ith the nicest dlstributfta of expense, the idle screw-oc-screw* Being uncoup^ led and aUowetf to revolva- by the simple motion of tUe shin, and offering out bttle resistance to the vessel's headway. Each shaft win be actuated nj its own; trfple-expaBsfoo engine and each engine-will be- in, a separate water-tight compartment. In eight large double-ended boilers - be raised the steam* pressure of pounds to- tfle- square- inch neces- to generate- the motive force in three sets of' triple-expansion en', and witbrni those- lioilfers there be a roaring mass of flames cov- S",r e «il^sjj- • « ^ ent Wel ' a ' normal' coar supply of 2,000 tons, from- which, the- oft parched and seething- moutlls will be fed by tons, that the intense lleat may be kept alive that must give birth to the stupendous power-required' to. torn the three screws-123- times a- minute- Gallons and gallons of oil will' be- thrown upon journals and joint* that t&e part nv*^^ £•]!»<•. : ^ _ _i, . f«.w slide in out - d foster than the eye can. fl> U<w , yei with the regularity aodi untnriag impetus of a migflty clock,wonk:. StUl TKli LACE FICHU. a simitle form ofi lichijt and one that is suited, to the-young, and to the mature alike-fa made- entirely of lace or at least only the luce can ' . suggKst others to, tin; mavurive Hostess;: «hii:kwB cutlet imsu'.-cut tot- the meat of a' cooked chickum. a; beef rongue and a few mushroom.^ melt iu The imuce- passed his iitme in tho acquisition' of learning. Tlie range of his experiments may bo inferred from the prince^ declaration tfoit "alligator- tail soup will do, but tfce- turkey-btiz- 3^:=%;-^-^ 1 £?E~1ir^f rs " snend l:hr> /inv w n-i, n , ^»^..«j i._ ,_.,. . "J'm, ai ume wade, two a shor.% pointed, yolce of string iation -jet, lit is woli to, the figure uHMi hnish. with, a: st;indiu» collar of either white ribbon, or white silk ±=1 ^ ^ <* ** yoke and lace three thece-in. lts of. the- yoke;, the other oae spend the day with a friend, lie took i minces; <>r flour- h ',f, P ^™ tj ;.. t °. t ^. the mcl ' ite ofiibnger,:,,! diluic a plant which a^r^s^p^wS s,^ ssf^s^:^ occupy some time, and that his "dear Kate?* might be an obstacle to his i/jL'.v-*- 1 - .^JJUJJULO, i .., i , . •* ''• «*-»-»*• v/tiitri v>utj frying al Btt-fe while, two 1 d OUQ - hal t times. Then gather the Hour; stir- and' fry „ little ,, ng . er Dloca audl sti teh. it to the edge dilute wiUV a qmirt of chink- °. °. . yoke ^^ P la 'it th« shoi-tei-, ------ — eggs, add tho juice of f, I emO n, tir find boil three- minutes. Half of ' the collitr so to the upper T %- Finish Avitli a bow of ribbon at 2s.-sj rl'n for th£> plantation. Mine. Murat, seriously alarmed for fear the house was on -,. will a w mfm "e« and cool. keep, a week, and there is sandwiches It is each ishouldei- They approached, a huge kettle co«M , bo seen, under which was the flre that had caused the anxiety. Over it, heated anil smako-stalned, they detected Achille, eagerly at work. As he saw his wife approaching, ho rushed to her and soW, while his face was radiant Series of Mover Cluuoso Cartoon* Tbbosgan-Mldo & * ». « nrt . """« it sfightly uarmwer ;°" 1(l T aud: a ' <yoss Uie ««<* tlu o 110Kt ' «h«e it should form a Whichever model yon may choose be ro to got good iutlit for ^Z.* 0 ^ r , w tllc «"W«-ossion bewildered eyes. She saw her hus com>ed tlmt l10 h ad dyed, iudiscrimi- "• nately, all that he could lay his hands i fur us to go in " on - sheote . pillow-cases, table-cloths,' prulkshauk begins with U ' picture 'of a :ess, watched the f"l..y:^°"15l lcle , s of . cloth1 ^' «von ' ^W' 1'omc " t any rate, of a happy band. "Go tell pup its rime she said, and, breathless, child speed on his errand, lie return- Hi alone. "I'ap's treatin' the crowd," .said the infe ' tlult tUoil< mls tress would disap- '"' a Ixjy, his words drowned iu a vociferous ! provc '' } M(l hlrldci1 a great deal from '^°' »» »ie famous Ci-ulksnaiuk OB Bottle. The native faetiou «s t hero is M PooriSS. NiiS s ' easou l '« T o W thr fsutnltu « ^ Ward ' chau e es f <>* f , yau are b »- f ff ess of a 'heap get no roal satis- 'mppy A uioe waj- including dresses, though the servants, * ni " m <* house. Tho nutive doh-mcliol i«ti' seoiiie what was going ou, and know- is takln " ls flwt whiffl H 0 rocii,,,,^ , It burst of applause from tho temt. hlm> leare after - J , , ail(1 luxurious. r., „ I 01 t] >e work are ,-mthoubeas-n:— the is being BEAUTIFUL WOM1.0N IN INDIA. benignant good uunor. But he was deaf to her repeated eu- reatics. She stood, sllont, watching iliu till the last dime was spout. Then he went back to tlie children. Some, htug in her face awed them, and. they nly whispered among themselves. Combination of Good Found la the Fur Kast. It is said that many of the women of India are beautiful, especially in Cash,- :nep-8 ooucw, and theoldlniother does moved b ° U furu »ture may be re•^^•™S^.TO^^ »'.\ « x i f ( »'

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