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Kingston, Ontario, Canada
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The Man On Watch. WILLIAMS GREAT WORK WON FOR OTTAWA. MISSIONARY IN CHINA. MtiilSkiNt Vw Throat-ease; iwett breath; relief from bad cougW these you get when yon use PATERSONS GOUGH DROFS-THE CANDY CURE coon I OR HAD THROATS DELIRIOL'M TO TASTE ImCTOD APPROVE THEM cents Red-and-YelJow Box full ma ii; uv pattrsox cr brantforj Sale of Girls Hats We will sell all our $2.73 and $3 Hats, suitable for Girls 12 to 18 years of age, For Only One Sold to Each Customer CORRIOA S. Ladies Tailoring and Dressmaking.

Bishop-Elect White, of Honan, Chinn, Speaks of the Work Accomplished Strong Appeal Tor Support in New Work W9hich ia to Bo Undertaken. The story of missionary work in, China was told in St. James church, unless they present the street on Sunday evening, by Kev. William tr owners with the eho-tnc light and V. White, B.Sc., B.P., U.D., bishop- power works ami also hand over elect of Honan, China.

The fact was town buildings to them. I he council-emphasised that Chine now had her men might also pass a grant to buy SJ i doors wide ojien for missionary work, few new car. for the Kind, and a strong appeal was made in struct the iowgangineer to put his i support of the new work, which is to men at work on the tracks whenever he tuken up in the northern part of they require a little fixing. In return China by the church in Canada. for these extra concessions, he thinks The speaker, in his opening remarks, the company might give the town referred to the time, eighteen years the bears ami the mules at Ontario ago, when he had attended Bible class park, and a free ride on the merry-hire and afterwards launched out into go-round to the mayor and Council-missionary work.

The reports lie had man Klliott when they feel like taking to give of the work were all of an little recreation, ile really cant encouraging nature. The early days, suggest anything else that the town when missionaries had to dies the might give, in view of the refusal of Chinese, and had many te company to accept a straight bohus. the Chinese, and had obstacles thrown in the way of their Hamilton Tigers Defeated By 14 to 8 in Toronto Jack Williams Outkieked Simpson General Sporting News. Tho victory of Ottawa over the Hamilton Tigers ia Toronto on turday afternoon for the imerprovin-cial rugby championship pleased Kingston, which received the news ith deckled satisfaction. Everybmly jn the west and many in the east declared that the Tiger would have a walk-over.

Those wise prophet on several Toronto paper must feel about as cheap as good at is rummage sale. They figured it all Their prophecy "was like the one they made in 1S4J when they called Ottawa Rough Rider to beat tlw Kingston Granite in Toronto for the championship, but Granites won by fc to 0. The rugby expert here, while recognizing that 'I iger had a remarkable team, thought that Ottawa would display the dash and they were right. The victory of Ottawa is accorded by the Toronto papers to their cap- expects to pick up a lot of loose coin. Wiugo Anderson, of Texas, one-armed pitcher, will be with St.

Louis next season. Mingo has two arms, tain. Jack Mdliamx, the Kingston Ullt t10 isght is paralyzed. The port half-back. It was to Williams wjng is alleged to be there with great work, says the Toronto World, that Ottawa owes its victory.

luntch trot for 10(1 a side at the Williams outkieked urn! out-geia-ruHed H.Jlevillo Driving 1nrk, betwe-n 'Tim the great Simpson, of Hamilton. rt, owiwd by 11. Cook, of Tren- work by the burning of buildings, with attacks upon the workers, were refer- The Lumpinan says he was surprised red to. 1 hew days were all now h.arn that one tavern in the town pa.srd; there was now an open door. responsible for the gn-ut majority All that was necessary now was to Hj tjle jrUnkei.

men who aps-ar in n-ni-h the hearts of the peofih. All police court, and the place he reiers classes were ready to receive the -lto Ilot a bu a W(1. Kionaru-s. 1 he many good results tavcr HUpIKISOM lhi j(1Ml from la- school work and distribution of Itiblofi, rri to. AImo the 1 A growth of the church, and the charac- 1 1 ter of the Christianity.

Wo in Can- Vf luctioi. qmtion ho ada had a poor idea of the class that if some of the places that Chini-sc. They turned out to he fine Christians, and when they became Christians carried the gospel to others, and it was in this way that the greatest amount of good was accomplish'd. l)n told tlie other, and it have license, were forced, all the year. So comply with the law as to pro-vidim bed and board, there would be fewer taverns in the town, lie has no doubt that some of the so-calli'd taverns can give a bed in the shan; umiture, Carpets and Curtains $bKGSSMflc aatxrcsr MnuscsoLD awcsnoN mc tlvAOu' something new Every day sees on our floors.

We have number of Parlor Suites, the last of a tern. These we have decided clear out at greatly reduced prices, ii you want a choice do not delay. (DO IT NOW.) Every oint Ottawa made was due to Williams line kicking. Next to Williams came Stronaeh, tlie big Scotch athlete who plays outside wing for Ottawa. Stronach played a dashing game, following up Williams kicks over Tigers line like lightning; nnil-ing thn Tigers backs before they could Late Fiction s.

Publishers Price, $1.60. Out Price, 1 08 SIN'S OF SOCIETY, by Cecil NORTHERN LIGHTS, by Gilbert Parser. MEN OF THE MOUNTAIN, by S. R. Crockett.

THE LANTERN OF LUCK, by Hudson Douglas. JOHN MARVEL ASSISTANT, by Tho. Page. THE FOREIGNER, by Ralph Connor. THE FOOL OF FLAME, uis Joseph Vance.

THE WOLF'S CLOTHING, THE FATAL ROBY, by Charles Garvire. THREE WEEKS, 285,000 sold, cloth, 7Ec. THE SILVER BUTTERFLY, Mrs. Wilson Woodrow, 50r. THE DOCTOR, Ralph Connor, 50c.

JANE CABLE, Geo. Barr McGutcheon, 50c. NEDRA, Geo. Barr McCutclieon, 50c. get rid of tlie ball.

Both Williams 25th. Squires was knocked out in the and Stronach were given tremendous twentieth round. ovation by the Ottawa supporter uf- nines T. Sutherland's suggestion ter tlie game. that all junior games Ik- played in Ottawas led all the way through, with fiv minutes' intermis-The quarter scores- were: First quar-! ion at tho end of each quarter, was defeated at tho annual meeting of the Ontario Hockey Association, in Toronto, on Saturday.

quarter ter 9 to second quarter, 9 to third quarter, 13 to last quarter, 14 to 8. Sc was the working through them that the niirsionary work was cnrrieil for-iward. Tlic Chinese, when converted, it their duty to spread the goHcl, and in tliiu way rapid progress was made. In timrs oi temptation they were found to live true Christian lives. In the taking up of this newr work in Chinn it was desired that the workers rcd-ive the ehureh in aid to the work of women missionaries in the field.

They had accomplished a great deal through their tho prayers und support of Tribute was BOOK 6T0RE, Phono 919 The town council, the Lampman thinks, should accept the offer of Lawyer Macdonnell to prove- that eight places holding tavern licenses are not taverns, but drinking places. 'Chat is sufficient answer to the statement that there is not sufficient tavern accommodation in the town. Tlie Next Saturday Ottawa will meet 'Varsity in Toronto i or the dominion The Pale Face, rugby championship and will win Blood is the life. Life sets it criin-without a doubt. non signal in the facts If you lack After the game on Saturday after-; the ruddy hue of health you lack fife, noon, J.

T. Sutherland wired as fol- you are inviting disease. If the face lows to (apt. Williams, of Ottawa is jale if the hands and feet are con-('ongrat illations, Jack. A King- tinually cold or there is any other ston Doy shall lend them.

sign of illic-ii nt circulation, use Wades Iron Tonic iritis (Laxative). They are a great nerve strengthener blood maker. In boxes 25c. at J. B.

McLeod drug store, corner King and Brock streets (Wade's old stand), and corner Princess and Montreal streets. Money back if not B.H.C. And The Itoyal Military College rugby team, champion of intermediate sci-ic oi tlie intercollegiate union, rxcct to play Duudas on Queen's Athletic-Grounds scliools, and more were needed in the Carpets, Wiltons, work. Ben were also needed who Brussels, Balmoral and Tapestry. would bo good leaders and organizers jeommodation Simplv because manv Everything new arid up-to-date men who would instruct the Chine! of the twentv-eight places that have how to go alxiut their work.

There fiw.nse as taverns are onlv 1 were people who wore in favor of missionary work, wanted to see all poe- Lampman heartily agrees with that statement, but why is there not ac- excuses for hostelries. Jf there were twenty genuine taverns in -sible good done, but yet would not I consent to havn one of their family 'go into tho work in China. This was very hard to understand. When Coil called a ficrson to the work it was not right for any htkoii to interfere with his going. Thn supimrt of everyone was asked for in the I ltishoi-Elect White also preached in St.

Ccorgns cathedral in the morn-icg. QUEENS THEATRE NIGHT The Grand in Their Possession Satuuday Night. Queens University students had their annual theatre night on Saturday, and tlie Grand was in their possession for the production of The Wolf, a strong melodrama, with the wilds "of Hudson Bay territory as a setting. There was a very large audience. The boxin were draped with Queen's colors, and the time-honored skeleton iierforni-ed acrobatic work in front of the stago curtain.

The principal and professors of the university and their families, and the general hospital nurses occupied the boxes. Between acts collgc choruses wore sung. Compared with Queen's theatre nights of some years last, this one was rather flat, the between1-net entertainment being very-mediocre. Thn Wolf was admirably produced by a company of six, each of whom was an artist. The lending roles were taken by Carl Anthony-, ns Jules Beaubien, a young Frcnch-Canadian.

and Marion Pollock Johnson, as llil onn McTavish, daughter of the Scotch fact that euived him from getting ail and both won warm appluusc. 1 that wok due him, was thut he did not I A linn piece of character acting was offer to strike a second blow-. The ithal of Joseph C'hailiie, ns Batiste poor wife paid her bill, anil walked ll.i-Grnnd. Joseph Greene, as thi! nut of (he store, followed by- her hus- Scotch settler: Williuin Norton, as the blind, hut announced that he would I American engineer, and "Jack Dever-not have chance to treat her in such SUX, ns his assistant, were equally a iimntier a second time. Whether or gotal.

The stairs nettings were cxtvl-, nut she will seek a separation is not icut. At the close of the second act, I known. Her position was most the students in the balcony, through Ipitinhlc one. anil everyone in thn little the medium of tlu-ir skekton, pnssed stunt felt sorry for her. down to Miss Johnson a huge bouquet I According to report, it is the old, 'of chrysanthemums, and to An old story of what strong drink will fhoiiy a box of Kingston's famed ci-ilo.

The husband, so it is stated, is gars, not troublesome when sober, hut when simply in his ciiw, is simply terrible. Tho Two Women And That Man. satisfactory. ton, and Guy M. owned by U.

Armstrong, of was won by the former 'in straight heal. I Fitzsimmons and Lang have ago ml to fight in Australia on Dec. 27ln for the championship of Australia, now held by Long, who won this title by defeating at Melbourne on Oi t. An At fismi. On Wednesday evening lastSan At Home" wa tendered the Duughterv and Muiil of England Society, at the jliome of the president, Mrs.

S. Dutton, Barrie street, and the alfnir wus a most enjoyable one to the many wjhti were present. Mr. Dutton is retiring, from office at the end of the year, and took this opportunity of having ill) the numbers at her home, for a soeiul jtiine. The time wu given over to cards and dancing, and refreshments were served.

Downey's on-hiwtra was present, anil providetl ail excellent pru- jrrumtnc of musie. A Very Old Volume. Samuel McCullough, of the Armouries, ha a very old book in hi possession. The book was written by the late Henry Hammond. D.D., London, England, and wo published, lor Richard Rayslon, at tin: figure of tin- Angil in Ivic l.uiic, in Hi Id, thus being 2fi3 year old.

Tin book ili-ull with the worship uf idols, siicwnf weak and wilfuliiciK arid also devotes a chapter to ileallilss lepi-nt-aii'-e. Tlie Iwsik lias Ixs-ii in Mr. M--Cullough's pMsi'ssiou. for some ycais ami is highly prixisl. B.

A. Hotel Arrivals John Doxstade, Poughkeepsie: W. F. Wilcoiks, J. L.

Cull-tun, New York-. W. T. Stevens. Mis Stevens, (aHiianiiqiic; ll.

F. Ib-iil. Selkirk. K. A.

Jjinim, S. II. Merrick und wile, Toronto; Mis A. T. IVnrcc, Cnl-gurv.

II. D. Mcllougall, Water-town: F. J. Goodman, I.ulfulo; W.

-I. Sherwood, lliimillon; lion. M. T. line-kett.

Dr. Gerinuinn Montreal: T. B. Grrmiiinr, Nitpnnce; W. F.

Kelly, (i iJ I'npl. t'lili, Montreal; A. D. Bii'liiirrl, Dnn-hi-stcr, N.B.; N. Mc-llugh, Windsor.

Manslaughter In Senond Degree. Cutting corns with a razor is tluu-grriiUH uml usi'lcss. 'I lie only n-nnsly is Putnam' Corn Instructor, which remove Mini wiirt in one liny. Because painless ami safe, uc only Putnam's. Missionary Service.

On Sunday evening a missionary w-rvii-c was held in the Mi-thislist at PortKinnuth. wh-n the pn-1 Rev. Mr. Crowe, delivered a most inspiring address. The choir rendered a programme of music.

To Cure A Cold Xn One Day. Tako Laxative Hromo Quinine Tablet. Druggist refund money if it fail to cure. E. W.

Grove's signature is on each box. 25c. Hereafter all office who take the long coiirgo of instruction at the Royal Military College, must first pass the lOl.C. matriculation examination. A moustache and a pair of broad shoulders will no longer suffice as qualifications.

F.verybody on the Kingston ami Pembroke fine is sorry to learn of the removal of Conductor Thomas Funm-ll and Brakeman Charles Coojter, owing to the eight test. The railway commission is responsible, Thomas Burleh, Patrick street, who wa injured in a runaway accident, on Thursday afternoon, is doing nicely. Hi friends hope for a speedy reenv- ery. C. 1L Finkle, Newburgh, has madti an assignment for tho liencfit of his rreditor.

Will the street rare nan after In-mur-row Wait till Wednesday. of a bench to sleep on When the inspector pays his visit'1 the are certainly there, put in for form sake. Its places likes he says, that should be cut off as theyre nut taverns but saloons. Kingston there would be twice as much accommodation for the traveller as iu needed here. -THE TOWN WATCHMAN'.

An entirely new and unique torv of an ulnioHt new tvuintry Alaska' is to lie found in the play of Two Women And That Man. bv Henry 1). Carey. A the title implies thn story deal chiefly with the question of two 'women being in love with ona man, and at the same time depicts thc enuntry and it people to a line degree. Thn play is laid in a small town tip in the northern part of Alaska, during thn year 101, nt which time there was a great influx to that country.

All kinds of men and women meeting and fighting all the ninny hardship and conditions that were there, and on these people ami times tlie author has built his play. It come to the Grund on Thursday, November 25th. The Practical Xa Studies. A fountain of usefulne in carly tinining is Dr. A.

P. Knight's ily-gVue for Young People, one of the best condensed and most practical of text book, recommended by the minister of education for use in school libraries. It is 1 intended for middle: course pupils, to follow up junior studie in physiology and hygiene, for which the author's three primers are admirably dndgned. This last work is due to a call for amplication of the subjert of hygiene in the introductory primers. It treats of sunlight effects; air and ventilation: care of the hair, skin, teeth, ears and eyes: treats of foods, narcotic and the blood; sleeping and exercises; disease and the alcohol habit.

The lesson and illustrations an very simple, but sane and effective. They have not. di-iuvnded below the margin of common sense for adults as well a the young, and ran find a useful const it u-i-m-y in other libraries than those of the schools, THE COLLEGE 200 lrincess St. Goats FOR THE No need for the little tots to be cold this winter when warm serviceable Coats, to fit up to 3 years of age and acid regular at 82-50 each. Can be bought at this store For SI Each Larger sica at proportionately low prices.

Headquarters for 1 Good, Warm Underwear I NEWMAN SHAW THE ALWAYS BUSY STORE Examination of the eyes is a hobby with us. We examine free and' only make modest charges when glasses are required. Let us examine your eyes if they trouble you. ui Dr A.P.Chown DRVOGMT AMO la.l Prince. Hi.

OPTIMA. Phone, MS. cLprL ii-i'tL. on Saturday, December 5th, for the intermediate dominion championship. This enr she intercollegiate union in entitled to the game for that contest, and a Cadets are champions, Kingston is the place chosen.

Sporting Note. Yale beat Harvard at i-ugby on Saturday by 8 tA 9. Parkdale defeated Toronto A.A.C: for senior 0.1LF.U. honors by to 3. in the junior si'ini-linnl.

St. Michaels College beat IVtrolea 12 to 1. Longboat ha come to inent for his race with Shruhb in Winnipeg on Tuesday. Toronto Star 0.11. A.

senior hoo key in Toronto promise to be the' real thing this winter. Mon than was paid out this year by the major hitscbnll leagues for minor league players. 'I lie Waterloo rink i being i'iigthfn-ed anil the accommodation for specif i tors will be considerably increased. 'I he i-routi-tiai of Kingston, Argonaut und Osguode Hall are the latest iininuHons fur the senior STTies.

It is hiiiioiiiii-ikI that lair, who lin-ihil liit season at i-culii icn. for Montreal Wanderers, will fill the same position again this season. I he pro runners are rongrcgitt ing nt Winnipeg. Shrubb is aln ndy there nrid St. Yves, Aroose and Longbotil are expected thi-re this we-U.

"ioni 1yi-k will ngain cnnqiaign iMmpson, tlie Hiawatha Indian riiiuier, through the States tits winter nml an arrange old of the pudding is in the one the proofs that this is the best store for fine Furs is that people, every day, search the city, making caparisons and buy our Furs. Would people come and keep on coming if this wasnt the right place Now take a little advice and before you buy, look all over, see just what ever body doing, then come to the' biggest, best and busiest Fur store, and make your mpar-isons. Get one of our new annual catalogues. Makers Of Fine Furs. 126-128 Princess St.

I 1 1 i I jWatch Fobs I For Gentlemen Ladies We have as usual been very, particular in choosing this seasons WATCH FOBS. Among them you will find the very- choicest product of tho largest and best manufacturers. Most of tho designs are suitable for engraving. SMITH swell ers, Opticians. 350 King St.

Issuers Of Marriage Licenses. 8 i 1 FOR STYLE, FIT. AND COMFORT Wear Gourdier's Furs 76 to 80 BROCK ST. if. iNin't fuss, ilont worry we'll In miller those COLLARS CUFFS AND DRESS SHIRTS to gladden your heart.

There'll h. no blisters, no no saw edgea to irntat. your nrrt.s Hrinntilir. 1 1-sn-nos NMinSy assured every lime. DONT FUSS Kingston Laundry Cor.

Sydenham amt-Frineese streets. Phone, 22r jtj (The Store That Improves.) SPECIAL CARPET SALE Wiltons, Axminsters and Velvets, in lengths from J5 to 50 yards, some with borders to match. Regular Pri-e, $2.00. Sale Price, Price, fl.85. Sale Price, 91.00.

Begular riice, fl.70. Sale Price, 00c. Price. 91.50. Sale Price, 75c.

Regular Price, fl.25. Sale Price, 65c. All Sales for Cash. R. McFAUL Kingston (Jhqtct Warehouse.

Clcaiing Sjile of Wall Pager Start. Oct: 1st, last, chance buy Itorder by tbs roll. to FRASERS, 78 William St Pi I- 4-'f 4V FIRE PROTECTION i Tikitig other countries, n-ure advanced in that line, r.s standards. Canada haa iiiicii to learn reganding Are revrntion. IT Improper building ordin- aiu-o.

faulty laws and lack of lire prevention are among the chief reasons given why the fire waste in this country of I other countries. In the meantime the fire insurance business is growing for ft) re sigh ted people will have protection. This agencys business has been built up by the fair treatmmt it aorords to the public end the promptness with which the companies it handles meet their fire losses. Come in and be insured. McCann, Brock Cor.

King St. 'Phone, 326 or 621. Everything in Insurance. 1 Ht' Is-sl ailvice tlmt can lie given him, is that In secure a good firm grip ctn the waler-waggon. or place himself on ln-ss' lor Wiight's prohibited list." TRY THE MONEY-BACK CURE FOR INDIGESTION.

Mil' tinius in ten i.tiiinui-h ilerungi-incnN mi for siilluw iim-pli-xinn, dull cyra nml thin ImhIv. It i thi Htrimneh that siippliei blood to the muscles, the nerves, anil skin. If the stomach is healthy, plenty of nutritious matter will be alisorbcii by the blood. If it is not hi-nlthy, the food will fcrniiuit, and undigested, will pass along through tho bowels, furnishing so little nutritious matter that the blood becomes impoverished, anil the glow of health vanishes. If you suffer from nervousness, sick henilai-he, belching of gas.

eour taste in tho mouth, heaviness after eating, or any other miserable stomach disturbance. you need Mi-o-na, ami the sooner you get it the quicker you will be henlthicr and happier. It will relieve nny distressed atom-. mil condition almost immediatelv. It will cun if usd m-eonling to direc- tinns.

(I. W. Mahood sells it for 5tk large box, and lie think enough of it to guarantee it to cure indigestion. II (mmmmtOfe) CURES CATARRH, ASTHMA, Braackitis, Croop, Coaghs sad Coldb, money back. Soli and guaranteed ky.

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