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The Kingston Whig-Standard from Kingston, Ontario, Canada • 2

Kingston, Ontario, Canada
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Fieamar New Ycrk anui.g 1,000 islands m. fflio. CEYLiONTEA one we predict you will use It always as ia sue ngn. To be had at all grocera in Sealed Lead Packets. 25o, 80e, iOc, fi( (JOc Maypole Soap DYES any material DYES to any.

shade. A Perfect Home Dye. "if 1 'y Mrs. McFaklakx, A Toronto, asy DEM COONS WON TOE CAME. t-1 DEFEATED KINGBTON AT LAKE ONTARIO.

PARK. Seer Wes 10-3 -Unban Slants Very Fanny la Thslr Stavamants Imnd Innings Clsuiraai tat tbe Klagsxon Tcnaa Pin? again To-morrow. At Like Octsrio park yesterday after-nooo about three hundred of the, baseball friend saw the Caban Giants defeat Kingston. Although the score stood tan to thrse, yet dam coons will have to hustle oo Friday to defeat the local team at the "diamond cakewalk. Tha Caban team contains only three of those who played here last September, but it ia composed of better bull players.

The antics of tbe coons ars vary comical, and draw forth much laughter. Unlike their white brothers, they chatter and play the game at the ssme rime. They all catch ar.d field well, tbeir work in this respect being quick and exact. Sampson, tbeir piteber yesterday, did good work, and: bis bails did not find the Kingston players bat for some time. There ere aome Ineky players on the Darkeytowo tesm, but tha Goliath among them is the secood baseman.

It was half-past fonr when tbe game started. Half of the spectator were seated fo the grand stand, in which string orchestra was stationed. The team wore: Gabon Giant Smith, 2b; Graham, e. Sampson, Bill, a a Drew, 3b; Brown, a Gsiley, r. Watkins, lb; Manning, Info Kingston Tattle, f.

McRse, 3rd Robinson, p. Elliott; a Deha nay, Sad Sullivan, 1st b. McOaig, l.f.; Young, s-s Guraoo, r.f. Retiree Charles Camming, Wolfe Island. 8ullivan was unable to pitch and hie absence was greatly missed.

Robinson pitohad a very good game, with the ex. caption of the second innings, whan six hits wars mad off Mm. He hold tha Giants down from tho third innings, no ran bring scored by tbs visitors In tho last six innings. After the first, when neither team scored a run, aome money was pub upon the looal men, bub the nine runs in. the second decided the winners.

that Innings the Cohans bard batting and three miserable errors of tha Kingston team proved disastrous. to tho. of tho inning only throe Kingston players, Oar-oo, MeCaig 'and McRae, retched first base. Kingston, however, soon loomed up, put on a winning gait, aud many who were locking for a car daeidad to remain and seethe fight to a In tha eighth McRse made three brilliant plays, throwing two men not at first and catehipg a foul Ia the same innings Kingston had three man on bases. 1 McRae hit end Young went out at home, while the form, or was oallsd out on first.

MeOafg caught) two pretty flies in tbeOu bans last innings Smith, the visitors eaoood baseman, mule pretty doabla play in the ninth. The scors by innings was Cuban (Hants. 0 1 6J Struck out Ho bin -Kingston. Berss A uttle Hut To Crack. Josb a grain of corn The principle np which Pa-Dams PaiulsM Corn Extractor entirely I removes tha corn tyer by layer, without any pain whatever.

I reaver fails either: Try it. 1 I. Apyolntmeuta noailpM. fArobbisliop Gauthier has promulgated the following appointments in tha dioeero rd( Kingston Rv. Fr.

P. a O'Brien, Kingston to Msdoc; Rev. Fr. to Perth; R4v. Fr Daffae, Perth to Gath-endill and Fr.

Kehoo from Cos hen dull to tho rectorship of 8k Marys cathedral, Kingston: i Delegates Visit Tke GUirth. Tho members of tha CbthoUa Apostulia church in this city era delighted over a visit to thorn of Mersra. Thiersch and Lay-ton, of England, a delegation tent ont by bhs mother church to visit the churches in the -Uolted States end Canada. Scrvioa held in the church ou Queen street this marking end conference will be held throughout the day. stkidfluC.K OuBTsallun.

--1 Mite Hoppioa, representing tha Brock met Mefiiodist church branch of the ohristiap eedeavor society, aod Miss H. L. Chnwu. reontioK tho Sydenham street Uethodut Biureh branch, left yesterday for. to attend the annual eroMdonslconvention of that society.

Mies CbowA was acocmpaoied. by her mother, MrsL J. Chown. i fttl Messrs. Wi are pr pared in Canada, pat forma of their suits, and Goods to the vsl we pay earriagel anti ai tariff reau a mere triflj.

FI Mosers. Waeks link marking, Leioester, til free to any address is and (elf -measurement 60 tweed and wonted itee hlgb-olaaa fit. uf 37.60 end -upwards The British prefer-the custom charges to ill particular writs as above. arrlll Oka Merrill, the drL fen fl.000 to eoyo tar euro of oonctnpa tern Tonic. This osthertie, bate pJ taka cure for habil, this way itcuree dys and nervous trouble.

60 Sold by ell i 1 ia emt Tbe Buffalo, N.Y..1 tion tried to seeure 14'-h battalion band, of races on tbe Alt lost previous an invitation ws Massachusetts city fur band for the rams day. tbs band to visit New tAiktes the World, it, of Brentford, of-ho will make bet-than Merrill' gys. line is nob a simple and pleasant to constipation. In wa, impure blood Uty doves prlos ug druggists. ilmens aatocia-J oshs band, ifsation, for its dtyortwo Ivad from entiro 14th Invitation to eity on Hotel sad I aasee riMta WantKlso- Everybody cries onb thsb Kiogaton needs an opera bon as and another hotel wo hotels in feet, one for batter elaea travel and a summer hotel for.

families. Bub the eitiuns wilt nob move in bhs hotel matter wbiia those whs have within a few days a tar tad out to provide an opera house have encountered the jsalona opposition that ia the baas of Kingston. The British American hotel company would have welcomed new atock to build up the corner end provide an opera house, but were nob offered -eooourugemenb, even bo the slightest good wish. Battle Crook, Mich has a similar' need of good publio accommodauioo, bus has some pubiio spirited eitissna in the shareholders of the Poe-tum cereal company, well known bo read era of the Whig and other live papers which edvsrdcen patronise. CL W.

Post, manager of bhs company, makes this pub lie offer: People nowadays are growing in favor of munieipal ownership of publio or quasi public enterprises, such as railroads, sweet cars, waterworks, and many include in their idea plaoea of amassment and public entertainment, such as opera houses end hotels. In some of the older countries opera houses sie quite generally owned by the government. Every oitlinof Buttle Greek would probably feel a peraonal interest id havings first-olaee opera house end a first class handsomely equipped hotel, for the reason that an opera house of this character attracts good companies and furnishes the publio. the kind and grade of amusement that can only obtained in the cities. If a hotel was located here, handsome enough and well enough ran to be known ea the best hotel between Chicago and Detroit, it would be a standing -advertisement for Battlo Greek and bring the city In better favor with stranger than pornaps any one other institution.

Under the belief, therefore, that the citizens, es olaee, would take personal interest in securing two building of this sort and would feel more thus a uiual amount of pride in them if a sort of personal ownership could bs realized, we have eooolndad to offer to build and equip strictly first-olaas hotel and opera honu, which can be owned and conducted bytheoity, the profits to accrue to the Onr company have become veers of three of tha, four corners at tha iuterseetion of Maqr and MoCamly streets. We will build so hotel on one of these properties end. eq. opera house on the other, our offer is accepted. When these properties are oopipletsd, they eanbo turned over to tho dty et their cost end tho city can pay for them in bonds, or we will oury tho investment on a guarantee of five per eeut.

income, and the authorities, esu pay the principal et any time on reqwmablo notion end stop the interest. personal MENTION, Movements of Its Fooeie What nr ere laiiag aad Doing. Mrs. H. Myddlstod-Wood, Union street, ia very ill.

Rev. 0. and Mrs. Brown are visiting inOorowall. Mr.

Boyle and childteo, Kii are visiting at Mrs. London Bi Min Hattie Pope, Unii has gone, to Stratford weeks. -Mrs. G. B.

guest of bar sister, varsity avenue. Tho Meserj Utica, N.N inon INCIDENTS OF THB PARAGRAPHS PICKED UP UY OUR BUSY REPORTERS The Cptee of Hvery any Uts-Uksl tke Peseta am Mttsgtssi-FsUikgM OBFM tAe Atteutlau it Tkest wtw An Tauter STatae. Millers Oompound Iron Pills only 25c, forfiOdoras. Sommer sottsge to rent at McCann, 332 King street. Paris green, strietly pare i25j.

lb. Mo-Lend drag -New life for quarter. Millers Com pound Iron Pills. PkPt 2 sheets 'cLsods drugstore. Tha bieyele rsfflsd last night was woo-by Mrs.

Stone with ticket No. 886. H. Cunningham, piano tuner from Chickering's. Orders received at McAu-leys book store.

Uoda Joshs band will give a free entertainment in the eity park probably on Wednesday night next. children are pale, peevish and reef. a nljht bey require dose or two to Millers Wbrm Powders. A meeting at the 14bh officers hi to be held on Saturday night to wind up the eeaeona battalion butiuatui- For St. Georgs Sunday cehool picnic yesterday 900 eendwicbei were prepared.

It ia a beahiby rchooi in more ways than one. Joseph Sweeney, 421 Jsrvia street. Toil to, soya i Hava ued Milltra Oom-poand Iron Pills with great satisfaction es a tqoio. 1 Gff Shields, Gananrque, is to stand trial for stealing a watch from Michael Ivey, Lanedowne. Shields denies tbe charge.

T1 Wood of Grandview, mile from Bsanmaria, Mntkoka, will likely bo the camp site for the Amarieao canoe association in 1900 Every mother AND THE NAMES ARE PUBLISH ED IN THE PAPERS. The ieheol Children who Bare Bean Advanced a ttradeaa Beenlt She Teat BaamlneHeae anamUted as JBi Data. CATARAQUI SCHOOL. From I to Fart II Marion Little, Annie Ed (jar; Leonard Hepburn, Edna Downie, equal; Florence Deane Dewey, Frank Sands, equal: Ethel Scott, Hannah Derush, Jessie Slater, Ernest Cock-burn, Kuby. Conley, Irvine Conley Victor Gallinger, Stanley Harrison, equal; Naomi Hamilton, Frank Norris; Willie Macney, Katie Arniel, equal; Adeline Downie, Harry equal; Maud Miller; Koy ClulT, Charles Kea, equal; Andrew Dunlop.

Robert Graham, Joe Elmer, equal; James Brickwood. Susan Norris, Lucy Dutton; Jessie Anderson, Willie equal; Willie Huy, Grace Flossie Hharman. From lart II to Second doss Sarah Olden; Annie Downie, Willie Norris, equal; Nellie Watson, John Go wan, Gertie Holland. Charlie Green, Herbert Kichardson, Ethel Burnettei Ethel Donaldson, -Nellie Odette, John Isabel Dunlop; Frank Pearson, Sadie Clarke, equal; Ethel Lee, Annie Clarke, equal; Maud Odette, Charlie Eward, Kathleen Little, equal; Sarah Dailey, Alfred Clarke, Ethel Cunningham, WilUe Young: Ethel Lennox, Willie Morrison, Goorire Tryon, equal: Laura Blakley, Ella Oliver, Wallace Babcock, George Baker, Thomas Gertie Millar. From Second to Third class --Ella McNary, Amy Partridge.

Myv-tle -Bennett, Louise Foden, Mamie Fields, Hiram Sbaram, Charlie Sniea-ton, Florence Page, Haro hi Ilackett: Mabel i Ilea, Winnie Edwards, equal; Fred. (Newman, Beatrice Holland, Blanche Woodrow, Sarah Stanebury, Mabel -Maxam, Edna Fletcher, Stew- art Coekbum, Boy Gallinger, Lillie Ilnckltt: Horace: Mackney, Lizzie equal; Bertha Hall; llichard Sloan, Russel Kdgar, equal; Marshall Wart, Charlie. Hepburn, Malcolm Junior Third to Senior Third rlass Victor Gilbert; A. Partridge, Gordon I-famtareon, equal; George Smeo-ton, Willie Kelly, Frank -Traynor, Edna Mitchell, Edwin Lalonde, Lizzie McCall, -Ethel Cowie, Gertie Pound, May IIublerd, Floesle Lake, Russel Ine, Florence Ziegler; Wallace Roes, Edna Aiken, Pearl Cameron, Minnie McGall, Arthur Georgina Cullen, Florence Smith; Stanley Dora Oliver, actual; Lillian Slater, Hamilton Edgar, Alice Lake, Abel Jennie Anderson, George Gallinger, George Crawford, Willie Welch, Alix Mackney, Maggie Willie Little, Chlpman Drury: Honor certificates Gordon Henderson Florence From Senior Third to Junior Fourth class Emily Estes, Agnes IOng, Bessie Wilson. Ida Brickwood, Mipnle Godwin, Emily Clnrke, Lillian Oit, Gertrude Denning, Maud Watts, Adeline Nadon; Jennie Randall, Agnes Jackson, Josie Duncan, Lizzie Go wan; May Foden, Flod McGowan, equal; Lulu Lee, Annie -Anderson, Alice Gilmour, Ethel Edgar, Ethel Slimmons, Susie Stevenson, Julia Lalonde, Florence Pritchard, Ida Eva Odette, Edna Fri--zell, Olive Waddell, Kathleen Wilson; IJIlion Newman, Edith Page, equal; Edith Lemmon, Maggie Wright, Agnes Downie, Florence Hepburn, Aud-ley Cook.

i DEPOT SCHOOL, -From Part I to Part II Eva Porter, Ullie Marion Mon-rrief, Gates, Jennie Skelton, Chester Henry, May Robbs, Maud Matthews, Irene Derbyshire, Jeasi Fred Potter, Russet Lotto -From Part II to Second class Ella Porter, Frank Harmer, Sweet man, Mabel McTjachlln, Coyte, Frederick Potter; llenery, Hugh Elliott, equal Leslie, Willie If lor.JlelJRohbi, Jarm ates tithe Best Servic always given by Swift's Scranton I Coal The housekeepers best fuel. JAS. SWIfT: 'CO. FoIntorNaSL Tlit baby ajra cries lowltot when your baobelor ftlend tifcaa ta i with you. ta used Maypole Soap dye and find them more satisfactory aiul lea trouble th.n any others.

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