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The Kingston Whig-Standard from Kingston, Ontario, Canada • 8

Kingston, Ontario, Canada
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PERSONAL MENTION. OOfit O0OaOOOOOO0.OOOOO.OAO VISIT ELMIRA Movements of The People What They Are Saying And Doing. 1. Douglas Stewart, of Montreal, is visiting his uncle, Jami-w Stuart, Stuart street. Mr.

ami Mrs. Thompson, nt Struth-roy, are guests of Dr. ami Mrs. W. G.

Jorrlan, Itan-ta strict. John McDoiigali, suix-rintcfidi-iit of tlie House of Industry, is quit, ill in the general hospital. Col. flonlim, O.C., E.O.C., i. on tour of insN-tion.

He will vi-it Cs I a sir g. Port ILhj ami -Sturgnon Point. Mr. ami I xrge Wjleox, 1 1-wogo, X.Y.. cume vn- on Kridav la-t to attincl llf funeral of Mrs.

Wilcoxs In-other. Uni late llenry iwli. Mrs. T. fi.

Smith ami Miss Klom i-'inith are to reach KingstiHi oo 'J hiirwluy from California. tsinith cMitinuis in xor henlth. Kiigisio DonohiMv has left for Winni-jKg, to take a iMfition us stenographer in the R. offieeK Je graduate I at tin- Kingston- Du-iness CiJli-ge. fh-orge (jondii'llow, gradaaU- of tlm KingstsHi Buxine Colli go, left for North Bay, having -cured a pnsitiiHi ax xteiuigraplsr in the C.P.K.

others. A. It. Blm-keby, xu)N-rinteiideiit of Hgen'iex, l.O.O.K. Relief AsKixiatioii, was the chief at Hamilton, on Sunday, when the graves of deeensi Oddfi-llow's were cha-orated.

To avoitl a lot of Dross inakiiig worry and step right iuto a cool, well-lit ting Summer Dress .9 That is at onco stylish ami reasonable in price. 6-Morrow Wc will have ready 20 Princess ly means the idle assurance I of some gossip or mere street w7 11. Sparling aeii familvwill M'T- A li 1 1 le reflix-tion however, led I. xi ve for JWkville oil on th conviction that Mr. Laidlaw the mas o'clock train.

Rev. 8. was one rather of tho head than liry niii fumilv will arrive oA Wtilnn- IL ttml, not tube by the mAil urner. seriously txiiidein.ied. I f.x-1 sure that Owing to tvpogrupliirnl irror, tlm hdl Mr.

J.aidlaw- exercised a little re-Whig. on Sabirihiv, stabxl Rev. H.x-t.o" before writing letter he Dr. Mue'I'uvish would leave S.imkiv oa "-nlized that tnn though a trip to the w.vl. Dr.

MacTiivisU wr, I to will hxtve Kmgston Taelav noon. lt 1 trut. 1 nt) 611,1 The friends of Mrs. S. Dutton.

Bar-' 1,01 an arrant lie xtnx will he plensixl to learn that, after the os-ration rrwd 1 wliii-li wu iM'rfnrmiHl, Kridiiy, In IMlllofl in my band, it wan sub-is doing remarkably well, and is rest- published in the iiewspufs-rs, inn- iiuietlv 1,0 tno city J. Davis and wife sfxx.t Jv anybody who cares to Sinnhiv in the eilv with Mr. nd Mrs. hu' h. a jN-rson will at omx-Elmer' Davis, Sv.i.nham stmt, ot.

lk Laidlaw name is not their turn frrmi cxtendol nml tlll! And now 1 may interesting continental trip. tlm.t 1 t() tH.jr 1(H1IU said to any person, in any place or at lav they Wixit ini Made from Mull and All Over Kmbroi-dcry. 'Colors are all White, Pink, Light Blue, Helio and Champagne. Prices vary from $5.95, 7.75, 9.75. Prices vary from $12.50, 17.95, 18.50.

-Prices vary from $21.75, 25.00. Come and see in any, case, whether prepared to buy or not. Because if not ready you may pick one and have it placed aside. JULY A AUGUST Brock Street Store and Factory will close daily 5 p.m. Saturday, 1

John McKay 9 2 of Our TEA SETS for a wedding means years (9 St scire lion is from the A 7 best tnukers. 9 I WE MENTION OHEf 4i f9 A five piece net of beautiful design and finish, with the cream and nugur gold lined. 9 9 9 (9 9 9 f9 9 (9 9 9 9 9 (9 SPANGENBERG JEWELLER. MARRIAGE LICENSES. GROWING IN POPULARITY.

The More People Know Nowbros The Better They Like It. The linin' it. Imtiiiiii'K known lln lwt-tcr it is liked. (Ini' I ml I In sells two, 1ud 1 iiose two sell four; New liros ilerpiiiilc is wlmt no nre talking (tlxnit. It.

eleaiiM llie m-nlp of nil dniidi'iilT, anil ili'struving the (inise. a Jittb' germ or pnruxilr. pn-vents llie ii'liirn of daiidrulf. As hair dressing it is1 tli'li Ii fill it ouglit to lie found on every toilet tahle. It stops falling hair nd prevents bulilnrsx.

It should It- used oennsionnlly, ns preventive to protii't the scalp froinu new invasion of the dundrull 1111c- rolf. iSolil by hwling druggists. Pend We. in for sniiiple to tlie Her I iii1' Detroit, Slieli. Itnu dollar lieti I i Lomriinleeil.

(I. V. lla- iioni', rial ngi'lit. A Cosy Home -I is Newmarket. The Mi.isos with iui aihi purse of gold, by Miss K.

Dinaingtisn, on Is-half of their f'lilariopii frienilx. Rov. R. St-illwed moves to Aiiltsville, ciixaiil. much to the regr-t of (sxifile.

Arthur V. Wallis, the genial and versatile editor of the Mail mid Kmpirc, Stillwell were tel iV ii-, l.aonto. is suggested for tl registrar of loronto. 'hi gov- eminent ow-rxi much to this ilixtin gtiislu-il writer, und isisition such as GRAMOPHONE PETITIONS THE CAUSE OF DISPUTE. Mr.

Burroves Says Mr. Laidlaw Signed the Petition in Favor of Gramophones and Also the One Against Them. Kingston, June the Editor) 1 wish to make a kindly Jiro-U-xt nguinst the statements published by you over tlie signature of D. U. i.aidlaw, in which tlie latter is allow-ixi to say "I understand tliat Mr.

Burrowes, ro)irii-tor of the Bijou Theatre, has stated that I sijnetl the petition now ty ing circulated, asking the council to allow gramophones to continue in front of the iheatoriums. 1 did not sLn this jictition, but refused, and statixl most plainly thut I would nut sign, etc. Uu first reading, Mr. Laidlaws letter euuxixl me a good deal of indignation, for could not comprehend how bo excellent a man could impugn the verueity of another without some more substantial basis than mere understanding, which in such case usual uny time, that Mr. Hiidliiw hud sign- J1'" X.

tw tliat should 1 hm'aftrr Ixvomi' a liar, I trust 1 shall nt least he an artistic liar and not one of the clumsy description indicated by Mr. Laidlaw. But, sir, if the searcher after truth will now go a little dixNr into thi ari-hives of the city, lie will lind tw more petitions which may designated ns IVtition No. 1 and Petition No. in ax i Cl I non i nnu I'eiiiion ou in of gramo Iiml is (J Jjaid phones and is idgiuxl law.

The latter is against gramo and is- D. I.aidlaw. mid the latter Jclt that it was up ti write a letter. 1 must say, sir, that I do not tlmil Mr. Laidlitw's letter was a very luipp elfort.

hut thut. of roiirse, is not tr hi discnxlit. Mr. Laidlaw kn-ps r. most exix'llent dry gissls store, and 1 am told lie is nn ellicicnt Suialav school teacher, and, sir, if a mini duet two good things, and does them well that is about all tin world has i right to exsx-t.

A. Persecuted Innocent Again. Kingston, tilin' 2d. (To tlm Vsli tor) In tie- nnti-griimoolionc Icttci whii-li npimunxl lust Thursday, in yom valiexl newspas-r, anrl whii-h 1 under WIM written by a Indy, then apN'iirs one seiitcin-e which for thi moment mcnfsxl observation, but which iicvci-thflcHs contains an ensv solution of the whole vexeil question a solution whieh I trust will eommenc t(1 thi council, and which I am siii'c will be satisfactory to the then ti'iiuim. 1 have not the ladys letter ls-fon me at this moment, but 1 think thi following words nre the ones which Kllfc.rrilIl ninip.

to th. fnrt HO nliu iy -ailing buxines MILITARY CELEBRATION THERE ABANDONED. On Account of the 14th Regiment Declining Invitation Two Weeks Ago The Militia Council Makes a Pretty Mess. 'I In- lllli Jh-giment will not visit Kl-mirik, N.Y., on July 1th und On aflernooii, 1 A. B.

leeeived the following t.ilegram from Koy Smith, wre-tary of lie lilmirn. Chinn ber of Cum-meree "I'elehratioii almiuloiuxl on m-ript previous eonimuiiiratitin. ('uinmilnxi says irripossihle at this late date to make new plans. Sorry. Sis letter." The nfia-al of the militia imiini.ii at Ottawa to give the Jltli Regiment the nis-essary pi-i-iiiixxion to visit the In-ited States, when nppliealion was first made for it.

praelieiilly eaneidhsl the trip. 'J fie Klinirit eelehration eoiiiinil-tis! eaniiot lie bliiirnxl for the present eonditioiiM, us it had to make other plans when the Hth Regiment coin-niamier wrote, regretting that the regiment eouldn't U'xx-pt tin kind invitation extended it to visit Klmiru, after previously having iucepted it. The militia ixiuiu'il has made a sad bungle of the matter by its refusal to allow the Hth to go, Hnd then at the eleventh hour, when pulilie opinion rx-pressisl itself so strongly, turning around and notifying Col. Cinining-Imiii that permission would In' grunt1-ed. 'flu' iueideut has fwen eommi'iiled ii I by tin press of lsitli xiiintria, ami, if any fix-ling has bis-n stirrul up ai-ross' the line, llie blame rests on the shoulders of the militia eoiirieil.

The Itth will leave, next Saturday liielif. for Niagara Kails, where Sunday anil will lie s)eiit. WANT APPROACHES BUILT, But the City is Not Allowed to Do the Work. This morning Jliix- and Al-deriiinll Rigaey railed upon the I'it eirjinriT to make enipiirieK ns to the rule regarding the building of ron-ende extensions from the line of walk to houses und approiu'hes. 'I hey in-sl allied Severn I eases where simdl sfuiees In'i ii- tilled in by IIh city workmen, inside the walk Hue, and wanted to know if till citizens were to If treated alike In this rescet.

'I lie eilv engineer said that four yeues ago the eouueil Imd ilixiili-d tlml the eily would no longer liuild appronehes to lii.thliugs, the mn-trnetors having protestisl agninst it holiling that theeity was taking work nwny from them. Since then tin up proiielies i.f liny li ngth have Ifen nisi metis I. The engiiusr has a rale, howevnr, where ho requires his men to (ill in imy spius-s lietwis-n wulks and litiihlings, under two feet in width. Beyond that width eitizens huvn to engage contractors to do tire work. rJ hn judge and Alderman Itigney point ixl out that it was nigh impossible to get coiitrnelorn at this season to do concrete work on approaches, as everyone was busy, and thought lliiit some arrangement- might Ini made whereby citizens wishing approaches built could get them iloqo by the concreto walk gangs on applying to the city engineer for them, ns was done prior to RHI5.

Aid. Rig-iii said lie would bring up the mutter at this evenings meeting of the eily council. WORDS AND MUSIC Of Beautiful Sacred Song From Kingston Fens. la Kl. -lames cliurch.

on Smul.iy moin i In' congregation injovixl a Ix-niiAl'iil iilTi-rlory solo, xwix-tly snug Mi Mihlrtxi Macmoriiie, whose alto voice ix at nil times so tuneful. But few knew, us they spoke, afterwards, of tin sweet and expressive iniisi. and of the pathetic words that the authoress of the poem and the writer of the imii'lc 1 were in the cliureh. The verses, entitled No Night Thirc, wen- written hv Miss Dora Allen, nml tin- mi iic rninc from the pi-ii of Mrs. -I.

II. Dirkett, and both words and mnsir reveal the presence of tlie gifts of the gisls, poetry and song in uliinahtiil im-usun-. Where It's Never Hot. Tlie almosplii'ie is kept root by seven electric funs at thu Bijou. Never hot.

books Cotton Root Compoana Tho grixit Ulrrtne Tonic, art only HHf cllVwit.unl Month lj lh-iniL-Mi an which women cat SiM I lirixi drcreci of stnnglli No. SI; No. 1 Ktileim-iis Btmncf No. I for FiM-cist coses, per box ftnh' nit drureistiv or pois erci id un rucciiit of ptixi rn lviine'ilot. Anil xvm 'wanhifWei I would lie a small return for oemn have said th goial lov nl work and stiptw Mr.

Laidlaw had signed these two ie titions. and this veracious statement lias txx'n distorbxl so ait to lead Mr. Laidlaw into publishing his unneces The snry denial. sir, if I were of a vindii-tivi down and smarting under Mr. l.nid-laws imputation, I might make some very disagreeable remarks, hut I xliol not do so, unil I do not think In-eoul hiets would justify nje in dniiq so.

I prefer to look on Mr. Lnidlnw't dual sigimtiu-i: with more kindly eves When Mr. I.itidlnw signed my peti tioii in favor of the gramophones hi did so in ii spirit of kindness to me Then the ladies, with their wiimiii) ways, eallixl upon hint, and ixmvintxx. him that they were the real sulTerers. t( and he fell compelled to sign against the gruiiinphonex.

1 dont bliune Mr Luidlttw for this. He is doubtless nr imprcxsioiblc man, and the lrnlici-ix-rtainly luiye a way with them that is hard to nxdst. Then, doubtless, Mr. Ihxlden, or Mr 8t rachaii, or some other joker, tensed Mr. J.uidlnw about the two signatures Found Wharves.

Tim steamer Dundiirn mssed Siiinhiy. The government tug Trudeau livixl from Toronto. 8bxirner Jesen lienrinl with for Uiduiiu rnnal jvortx. Tito steamer lnrthia is iuading witlis near Kolgers wharf. Thu schooner Maize elenrctl froir.

the penitentiary for Charlotte. The stiumer Alxrdixn arrivixi from Erie with a cargo of txutl for Swifts. The steamer Arabian called at the dry dock, Sunday, on her way Montreal. The steaniharge Kenirving ileanxl Sunday tight with coul for Smiths l-nlls, from Oswego. The steamer Dundirn, grain-laden.

iissixl on her way from Fort William to Montreal, on Sunday. The xteuinburge John Rani.ull nr- phones signed (J. Newsy Paragraphs Picked Up By Reporters On Their Rounds. Tho Thousand Island hotel, Alexandria Bay, is filled with tourists. William Swaine.

piano tuner. Orders received at McAuley's. 'Phone 773. Neilsons see cream luicks, sold in Kingston only at Gibsoifs Red Cross drug store. 1L Cunningham, piano turner from Chickering's.

leave orders at No-Au leys Book Store. Sunduy wus the hotti-st day of the xeason, and yet some of the churches had dixududly long service. 1 he garden party to-morrow afternoon and evening, at On-gwa-na-da, King street west, seeks the many. Tlie grounds are spacious. Portsmouth Orangemen will likely join force with the city lodges, and take part in the big picnic being arranged for July 12th.

Sponges and wash cloths." Buy them at Gibson's Red Gross drug store. Mrs. James McCuIla hoe prew-nted to the congregation -of Cooke church a beautiful Bible and bmk of praise, in memory of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. David Anderson.

fJ liermos bottles' kcoji liquids cold 'or seventy-two hours. Ask to see them at Gibson's Red 'Cross drug tore. 1lie Pennsylvania Press Association, some seventy-live members, will bu 'in Kingston, on Tuesday evening, to remain over night, nnd go west over tho G.T.R. on Wednesday. be kept in every home, Wild Strawberry Comimund.

Sold in Kingston at Gibsons Red Gross drug tore for 25c. Jce cream hriuks," Kcilson'a from Toronto. So1d in Kingston only at Gibson's Red Cross drug stare. 8treet cars to the gates of tho grounds, on King street west, for the garden party, to-morrow afternoon and evening, for thu Infanta Home. He started out to cntixh a cur.

His dignity forsaking: Aik then he found to overt uhe Wns quite an ink Tt liking. 'Only one store in Kingston" can aipply you with ice cream brick. Nil Isons from 'Toronto are sold only it Gibsons Red Gross drug store. Every man can bo hi own HWiiler usl Grund Trunk city freight sheds ire quite at lilicrty to lienr a crude ign tlio-t Loitering on tlus promises is wtictly iroliildted. For seventy-two hanrs" liquids re-nain ice cotc in arliennos buttle.

Isk to see lliem at Gibsons Red Cross drug store. Elincr lltivis has cxmelishxl Uvms for piirehnse of iIm1- iro-irrt)-, formerly II. M. Brittons resi-kxiee, on tlie corner of Sydenham nivl Vest streets. He will six-ure in April next.

Hundreds of Keilsons ice cream 'wicks Bold in Kingston 'every week. Sold only at Gibson's Red Cross drug (tore. 'Tlie mutrieidatioii exnininntionx aix low pnsvxsling in tho witJ large iiiiinlsw of eHiuli-InW in attendtuiix'. Messrs. .1.

It. Stiiurt nrel W. Gnxxdess uru tho priy tiding exaininirs. A brick of ice sufficient fm ive persons, for 25c. Neilsons from Toronto.

Sold in Kingston only ut jilutons Red Ooss drug store. Tho .1 illy issue of Busy Muns Mngiv ine is brimful of breezy, entertaining irtieles. Its national, topics such as, 'What Flag Should Canadians Fly "Tho ltonmiico Of TransgiortatiiMi In 'Janada," Hluotrntrd Adolphus town uw I The Wireless In Canada, urn timely and instructive, as well a half i captivating dwrl stories by leading writers. "Why did not coma storo in King-don think of it liefore, saiil a lady Gibsons Ited Cross drug store on Saturday. Slio buys ice acain bricks every day.

'Tin July ('Hiiudinir Magazine niigld lUnosti lio euihxl Confsili'ratiiHi nuin-'wr. Inviiiisiv of attixition civixi to viowfiMindland. entitbxl, Tho Land Ilf Tho Baeealhnos," the term nsixi liy he i-urlv Portuguese explorers. It ni'iim Tho Land Of Dry Suit Fish. article by Francis Anbury Carmen Ini-mi conxidernbliv feeling in favor feneration.

Tls-ro is also an entraining description of- a rums- trip kwn picturesque NewfiuiiidluiHl rivir.s. G.T.R. Change Of Time. Commencing Sunday, Juno 27 111, thu Huburtmn train will leave the city station as follows Going west For train 5 (mail) a. train 3 (fast '-xprnss) 2:32 train 11 (Ion ') 9:15 a.m.; train 1 (International limited) 12:25 noon; train 7 (mail) 3:17 p.m.; train 3 (local) 7 p.m.

Going east For train 8 (mail) 1:40 train 2 (fast express) 2:32; train 14 (local) 8:15 a.m.; train (mail) 12:25 noon; train 4 (fast express) 1 p.m. train 12 (locul) 7 p.m. Trains 1 to 8 ineiinive run daily, other trains daily except Sunday. Cut this out and save it lor future reference. Five Acte At The Bijou.

"The Little Angel of Roaring Camp," or a Parson Among tha Cowboys, is a fine western drama, ths kind tliat makes you sit up and causes a lump to rim in your throat. Down among tha Mermaids" is a fine scenic pluy, with a good deni of lathetic heart Interest. 'Mr. Hen-lick and tho Mystic Swing of Coney island is a bright Comedy, and another of tnn nuns kind is called "The Vi Id Man of Borneo," or 'A Fakir Misfortune. J.

Dougin Ttankier in llustrated songs. Two electiie fans have been added to the equipment of i he Bijou and all parts of the house xre now cool. Underwent An Operation. An opiration was performed on Wiliam Robinson, in the general hospital, at noon, and the aged ex-member camo through it all right. He is very wreak, and the outcome cannot yet be figured Moonlight.

Highlander bond loaves to-night liy -Reamer America for Gananoque at 7:30 p.m. How To Keep Cool, Sit near one of the new electric fns at the Bijou. Fine Strawberries For Canning. iiesdar, Fdwird fi Jen1 in, White Dress Materials To-morrow we will have ready a splendid showing of Fine White Cotton Goods for Summer Dresses White Mull, fine and sheer, 25c yard. White Persian Lawns, 15c, 20c.

25c, 33c, 35c. White India Linens, 15c, 18c, 20c, 25c, 35c, 10c. White Swiss Organdies, 20c, 25c, 35c. White Swiss Spot Muslins, 20c. 25c, 45c.

White Striped Muslins, sheer and dainty. White P. K. iii a great variety of cords. White 8atin Finished Drill, 20c, 25c.

White Duck, the right weights for this sti miners wear. White, Indian Head Suitings. This make has linen finish and is much more easily laundried than the usual niakcs. White Victoria Lawn, 10c, 121c, 15c, 20c, 25c iii. A timin' hi limit1 rlwiTful wlicti I ho lit Im Im mi (.

I ho Imiitfu uru Wcit now unil itrr-sy. Floor Glaze rivixl from Smith's Falls und cleurixl for Oswego to load coal. Thu steamer Storniount, grain-la- den, from Fort William to Montreal, was reported at Fort Ciiborne, 7 ii.m. Sunday. Thu steamer Sowanls made another quick trip.

Clearing from here Sn- turdiiv night, at she made (Is- wego," loaded, and arrived luu'k in Kingston at llvo oclock Sunday evening. The steamers Simla and Nevada nro on their wuv from Fort William, grain-laden, for itirhnr4son' elevator. The Simla is expected to arrive on Thursday nnd the Nuva'lu cither or, 'Thursday or Fi'iduy. rJ liu steamer Haddington, which ran aground near Morrixburg, was towi-d to the Kingston dry dock by tlm tug Bartlott, arriving Sunday. 'The extent of the damage, lsyond t.

broken rudder, is not yet known. M.T. Tug Bartlett, up, with steamer Haddington, and two Kglit I targes, ehxired for L'aK! incent, arriving Imck with one light barge, then i-ji-arcd for Oswego, with coal barges; lug Bronson, up, lights tug Mary I. Hull I one light barge one luirgtr. whoonw Katie ruin front Fickering, with bushels of hurley.

FLOWER SUNDAY. Hapfnly Obseavcd Sunkiay School, tfuix'ii street Metluslist church very pri'tty on Stituluy with i-hurining floral display. In the ternuon tho Sunduy school gave tine programme of songs, recitations, etc. The soloists were Mirwes ESza- lieth Found, Carolina Knight, Hu Wecso and Master Edward l'ouinl. Gladys and Ruby Quail gave a duet in sweet fashion while Goldie Burtels was very pleasing in her violin solos.

Various departments and rlasscs gave exercises and pretty tableaux while K. W. Skinner, superintendent. Rev. W.

II. and T. F. llnivi-on gave helpful addresses. The Httend-anee was very largo and everyone was greatly pleased with the servire.

At the evening service Mr. 8arliug warhed from It INster urging growth and development in spiritual matters. It w-as only by prayer and work that advancement came. He did not sieak farewell words, reserving them for Tuesday evciing, w-Cen the congregation bid him and family gootl-bye. Special Excursion Rates.

'Tickets at single fare for the round trip will lie sold per steamers North King and Is-twix-n nil points. giKsl going June ilnth nnd duly l-t. nnd to return duly Urd. its uf. In inrt inil.irl suihil for Ihrrov ImiiM' will iiuiKi sliihia, nml will hot iwhP mh loin; ns uny othi'i (four pnuil.

All biinhi nml pivny shiiih'H. $2.00 GALLON. Also noli in KiiiknIoii fr iIAL1-A-lAr. W. A.

Mitchells Hardware QOQOOCfOOU.OOOOOGGOOGQO 0 OOOOOOOOOOOOOOO0OOOOC' men had signed the petition in favor of the gramophones, the lady says The merchants nro too much oix-u-pitxl to pay attention to the noise. Now, sir, I would not for worlds say anything offensive to the fair sex, foi which 1 entertain only feelings of the dixqiest veneration, ami I trust 1 shall Is considered discourteous when 1 (Hiint oift that in these few words 1 your corre.iKndent has suggested an Livingston Announcin" that on Tucsdaty Morn- ing, June 29lh, nvo will start Our An- nual 20 Per Cent. Of! Clearing Sale on all ltcatly-to-wcar Clothing, Hats, Caps and Furnishings. jt SALE ENDS JULY 15TH, 1909 1 Nothing reserved at this sale. Nothing jjj put aside as too good.

Its a clearing out of the best we have. i I. jyv 1 rr Cool Shoes For Hot Weather. Old Ladies Prunella Slippers, 00c, $1.00 and 1.25. Ladies Girls and Childrens White Shoes, 1.00, 75c.

Boys Canvas Boots at 00c, 05c and 75c. Barefoot Sandals, Bathing Shoes, Tennis Shoes, Good White Polish for Liquid or Btanco. THE LOCKETT SHOE STORE 1 1 i 1 easy wuy in wlui-h lailies may escape gramophone nuisance wiih-mt troubling tlie aldermen or the iroirietors of the gramophones nnv further. A lEKSECL'TElf INNO CENT. How To Spend Dominion Day.

Steamer America for Gnnnmsiir xebrntiin, a.m., returning leaves Gsnanoque 7 p.m. Kilties band Isiaril. return. Tour of the islands, steamer Ami-ri cn, p.m., via the American nnd Canadian ihanncls. 8 upper on board.

Turn Sue. Cheap excursion to C'a)ie Vincent, home p.m: two hours at Cape. l-'nn1 30c. return. Beautiful New Stock.

rev out. Brock street, hoe extra fim assortment of tweed, cheviot and sergi for order clothing department, and splendid assortment of ready-madi clothing and gents' furnishings. Cornelius' Ni-il-on bird of typhoid fever at Perth on 8atcr.lay, ngvi eigWv-MX. LIVINGSTONS 'h a-'.

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