The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on August 9, 1893 · Page 2
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 2

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 9, 1893
Page 2
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TJI E UI»FEK CID \B1G11O , "itet; ~.fc '^ ZluvtOaaE iit Hi. tllfr . K-ji, if ife* " air rt.7rfy*4»>ftrjft|s» Ffi» aria- tHnva. ftv -i I ,. fvt g ' inf > *f"f»',n <vf <Hi* «i fr "f f '•nf' K>t»»iH«rtnnt .uulu«r-' "^ *- ^'-'—•''• - tr. iis »iu . waiter ,aJ,?* Wats. -. ff , f* Bt 'd&fafty xwetatctmt Sftsvi* (ffe*- 1 - ftlwftmf* to *fem» te** fun* mfitML nf PWP Mffufa-mt fvwsw Jfc5Wi»rS #iv miw.nwfcvw c.nn»Qr;im ri tt iriuiife >VJiliflE IBIC Jtnt XiiiiiL Cinfiisigr Sta- jnfiiiit aifiaaaE sinsr tieaf ft , ('net* ff, <'/>„ pff*»!t V, imigjiri7'.. . -ja iC •sniii, im£ i. <•«. iJr^iis- -** SKfe by T^jfeiLfc fe^a ^'^^^"^^^msmrikcsa, r^si^^ 12 ^^^^^?-^.^?^; nviSk jxrS*- aa €haszi£& £rirsi j^nu* t.^jfi* *s:cK«s3i4*»3 Is. ;£>* jo;< «•«!*• «S5toy- •( .B^' 'JL.. < fA | r ' J ^ :aa: " Ei:i <! r - l« r-i-nmt—r .in,* *~-^r iu__,.-— — i~ !•' « ,:.sT ;$,» CVAS «r.,-.i»c re. -*~«^,.s,..-™.,.. ._*!;"' rv V* ::a ^ "'-"^ «M- aiSKS 2*3 j-'ic- -Ziit ja&i rrwv -vaftfta dut jevrfawa; * fet. ^rf!& E«t a cfcol la sJae'afcy, and 11 :•—•--»* " •..«..*•>..-..^1. fc^isv >»j^ -• " — — **™ —•• •• i--i».»*-*. jis^jt ^^J^ I. f PSJ> aiaJ ibs e£i«ps>rEs Si ^ <M=I ^^ T&& Sjssui^esa-Ej isjj B^^H- 'iifyn^A h, Cwiyi*A U Tip, loaded U ia ji a -xzzt/u aiai isoM it OTS the struts rf 1 two "It L-f ijBf^rfSsFbfer to g3T£ any exact £gnreH eoaeeraing sh* iEde^Kdaess of th*r fair. •\Vlj£n tSie fair o[>eij*<l \\Ti«ai m !•«• Basbel. a? a rina Kairbaak. </f tt, An ::s/r£zs. 'Jl*n£tt% wj-jfta ibf: *w3r*ta:7 &ji- k«j.f i na;ii; out: day an/J - fc reaiai i o f j^ K-*- May i we have bten compelled I n* A_ J. Allen, vf ih, Allen A: Co_ live » njfen.-&ans.<. of .South .St. Paul. -.-.- bBildings. "Now. ? Pfc^-ani call laxi Saturday, being we can say with the best half i !" ere " m iB^r**: «>f the nrm. to in- ._..,-_~^.r,«. ^-^j.^. - — eijH->slr5»a season before cs that SJr ? ct bll - Ters - * lr - Allen L< c.wner of Tbfi general lE/presssioa that tbe Cod-; w "* are '' m of d< *t we are doing- wdl. • £ .f an ?. !Q s<J ' U5b i*^»>t:i and in con^•v ?x.*-,-a r-frfrr^ «r. fw a *-~ -»&=,. "v-.v-.... _.r— - I* f.u^v f«f- tf.*»r -rr-.-. r-m .-.~-- .-"* i:_«i. .- ^^s^ifion about b.snl tiiii^s, low prices !ho grain — not h-iwevt-r. for g la jxx>r hftaJth "Mikfe" Ctidahv i -• «--' "»^ "t imr '•'" io- .,. » I down to.manage the concern.''•"*>' <*' f -I>ratin2 Iowa press day. Ther'~~* u " llr * '^-f'>r>. • ^n..n., . j^ JVi:lkl- . time he was drawiaif a .salar Ixidy to the grounds . th<-n the sujrar ...f it sum.-- into alcohol went at once to the ptera'nsqire Iowa'*? "f.. !SUi!! ? r " f ir run *--tai/-r.niMin.r A *,.-._ «^,i_,^..,^ _.*_._,_ anu. wliiK- the boss th: In another year I". t art- f^l al- '>v.-r half an hour. f rnoTst as much business as all the oth-r managers gave a reception in the Iowa building to the editors. put together. Everybody, of ' in Uttl(,i>. Muni., in their frantic ef- '/f t// wft/ttntttiy lilin ft tttii\\*\>:r, : tumbled ! jdfc to 1< f»rotfect thernw.-lvcs, and fairly /:. f,. r;. Ht/-H«- or over oach other in the Strug-i ,.'-'7' v & tt a bldd/.-r have HIM* jx>rk at!^'^^ .f 1 ^ thought it wax Armour 'doing (very thing. The next year -Hike" 'lift' W//K* ;/| >7r<- JTJ//M///. "r «» in ciuantitlf^ to Ktiit" At i Wltn l'. IK L ' tte ^'V^cr-bc was a part- tho dwite Kc-emwJ to tei n ^ r ' I T < ! rn that on his accumulatiou f» art- at n," i ill 'tttfiiriiHf A. li. tin* I •-•.'.llfil »f;r,J IM<I! r JJMWO/'lb \\('A\l r r ' •^-'ti^y/j* tll»J 'JtrilUS W^?JJJ^J U> l>4i j - , ^^ ""-u^^wi^M v.-)f, ft NVW Vo/'Js nwtmut who'.|j^! Bfa " ul a " ^' ttl(; ' ] arj ' 3 "^ market for , weaU . h w ? s 0°^ a question of tim« »j,.^ir«l mvK,,Hou,., : , ^ .,±'.±|the fim timo showed any signs of »«"l a drawing of dlvWendH. strength. In;the meantime "Jack" Cudahy had Opcrat/^rs began to Het- that pork at- " 8 row1n 8 ricl » i« Milwaukee as If 10 per bam;], with hoys at the ruling | ins ! Dafc T for planki nton. Now an op price, was cheap, and they began to!^ flB !n Chica e° appeared for him. l/uy. Tfje price Ix.-gan gradually toj' C " rt1 ' , 8 packtog house business be - .carne involved. Chapin was Armour's M. uj, f llf ttll .' mtuul <,t ((.« i now In ry/jn- r/n the China i. whesit worth j prcw-nt price of hogs in the St. Paul The Russians held a celebration in e 1 , :U ^ et is ° 1 ' 1 ' Oent - < - which on the ..,! * L ^B per busht-1. Consiilering the honor of p;rnpress ilarie's 'iiame day. One of India's potentates, Maharaja;' Kapunhala, of Karpurthala, reache<l ] Chicago today, accompanied by one of'!*", 1 "' as !t woiljl l '"' a m^ins also of his wives and his retinue. Maharaja r ~ ac j n S **** wheat supply and raise hns f-nmr. tr. ct^. t»io -foi^ orwi »r-!ii ^*«.. Pnct'S.—Detroit Rwonl. . has come to see the fair and will stay until he ,"!has "done" the exposition thoroughly. ry law, ,V, It, i, ..... .. i/uj. j uir |>riuv i>i'gaji gradually to! ^ ^^^-^ >^ua.&^i^oo i^;" ; " i "" ;i) ; „?!*«',.,* ,!!.,!'"''"! ",'!"' A",/""', i ''"'" ! " 1 Brawl UI<1 ^ u ''" In « *«. then ?12 anil L*"™? '"volved. Chapin was Armour's ;.», iM/jj-j""" 1 (<1 * '"""'» '" H« s (United Ktab*. at 11 o'clock the pit was again quiet ! >rotlier ' ll '' law - Th e Armours advanced /' l»wm-<), 1 ' f1 "- '"'dy of <;<mcvl<'w K/-,htill/., agcd^'ind the market steady at S11.75. j n money on condition that he would !««*, wf//, '//;,« kWrwpfw^j: 1 ''' - V '' ; "'* < ' H ''"' ''-id Iw/rn mlHHlng from There Is no means of knowing just j 1tak1 ? in " Jack " Cudahy as partner to » itf s'toJ/<>///-* /,r (»;<• pro-;'"''','"""" '" ''-'i-ifi-vla, \, V., was found j how much Is involved in the-deal, but] . „ ter ,^ lelr interes t- <-v:iin/.<i (.!„ i,. ,,.... )/i Toii;i.w;ifiil2i rin^.k 'i*i,/.r,. „.,..... o,... the trndc estimates that the spf*ulator **° '•' U( ^ L " carne in, and a more popu- reforrod to was "long" on pork to the !?£' truer Irish hcart never was known. !iirirnir,» ».f f..^.,r, *J\ CJVt *„ cu.nrji v JhO gOniUS Of "Jack" Was no IfMlK innfH. Cn*fk. brulwrH on th<? 'I'hcrc were HCV- and fa,-,-. iiiu tuf liiittiltuiuiiii'iii 1,1 linn! K/ill,. by labor' /y """ Tiger, a chief of the K<fi;ilnole 'ill'* :''"''''-' l/; M( '" 'Jov. Mitchell about tho ' (flogging of hi* lx,y by a white man on amount of from 50,000 to 00,000 bar- wlth a loss of ?0 per bar- ! n;ls W " UW to ?550,- |iiam«*l M«fUMcn. Tlie ix<y ,n nl , i ,,,, l „„ .',',!!'.!! i "'""?"»'« ''""'• The whole tribe, TAX) In '"'<• InccfiHcil and wtllei-n f«ir , (t , , ron///l ^I/Illy of (i,H»wlHiighi<T for hn i- 7, I". A, Ilin ()n, i Inxlc, M. ,/, MorliH-lly, /. J,, TO ,| HI ),.,.„ „, mi !iHwf K m,ic/,i Hlrong In i|,,. ft IK iindi'.-Mtorxl tit: Kl. I'aul, .Minn., Afuch sympathy Is expressed on the board for the failed firms who were very popular In the trade and who were forced to the wall through no in "Jack" Cudahy as partner to ook after their interest. "Jack" carne in, and a more popu- ruer Irish heart never was known The genius of "Jack" was no less magical than "Mike's." In a short time he was able to buy out Plankinton in Milwaukee, and finally obtained sole control of the Chapln-Cudahy house in Chicago. With these vast investments he soon amassed as much wealth as his brother. At this time TF 1.11> »«/* v-vv* \.\j nnj rr «n 1.111 iJUfeJiJK'i^ , — »-*••.» i.*j.*.i\, fault of their own, but by the failure J ' 1 ' ot »'' r 'J'-o' was foreman for Arof their principal who does not openly • * *'• «i»»f»* »n(»7*/rj (il/ (71, I (1IIJ > J I Jill * ^^^^*" that Jiidgr, KliIniH will dccld,* that, the i (l '' I)( ''"' ln the transactions to keep his , In/llfin Terr) lory pi'Isomrrs, I,ebo and Homier, H|M>II|<| U« removed io Home .lull In Ilii! territory o engagements with them. niour & Cudahj- at a salary of §10,Onn per annum. Brother "Jack" wanted "Kd," and Armour raised the latter's salary to 115,000. Brother "Jack They urn now In tin- Ananiomi. f/ard amd ribs, while weak in svm- tf!I ' 8 salar - jr to ?15.000. Brother "Jack" pathy with pork, were comparatively ! UKain wntal Brother "Ed," and up steady The former especially was' wont " Rfl 's" salary to $25,000. Then strongly held and at ,11:SO o'clock Sep- 1 " was that Brother "Ed" became f tember was 'only 15 cx,-nts below the 'k' 0101 ™ 'n n business sense. He had THE SII.VKR They Meet, Talk and "Iti-sulutf" Chicago, Aug. a.—At the silver convention there were numerous speeches of the liery and untamed order, notably one by "blood-to-the-bridles" Waite of Colorado/file convention was up- roarotis at times and g.ive Allen B. Thurman, Jr., no end of trouble as presiding officer. A preamble of where- ases anid a string of resolutions "of learned length and thundering sound" was adopted, also tin- following platform. . 1. That, there must ho no compromise of this question. All legislation in demoiufti/.toig .and rest Hot! ug tho coinage of silver must be immediately and completely repealed by an act restoring the coinage of the country to the conditions established by tho found- •rs of the natiujn, and which continued prices of wheat we should k our farmers would try the experiment, as it would be a m'*ins also of reducing the wheat suj prices.—Detroit Record. HOUSEKEEPERS SHOULD REMEM- ability displayed by" his Ksr>0,oor); llnblllllcH no North American Provision company, ., ., w --'Jv»*t./4»t7ni;\|. X 1111 J\ i IJIOIH ' Mike" and "Ed" Cudahy held a third an attempt to glrlH were uiTeslcd ill and when its failure was announced. «««HM n/'e ll/'OW/J, TJic ro|J|i|J| ,„„,„,„. p|,i.. ( . ,,r John j| of \\ut imiMiiry. l/y/icli, vvlio r< A KmiKof Kiildux fil.u<mp|iMl u l/;ifiiyi'l.M' (Jrliiii-M al ''I'ltlKW 1 |,WO MOIIM (ll-eil f'/l(l llll'l-K HM'11 \\fl- HeirHiiry (Jiiriyji, dccJInw* lo ott \vliM\y In bond, in MC<-OI-I|IM lie- pHLOon o|' many illHilllei-H. OoV, liHW4'lllllK, I pol/il ;|. (v<mililHMlo|| fore foivlKd I'i'lireiienliillveH In n.r in x vlllc, K.V., for Hinoklng c.lgaretles on that of Cudahy was looked for amd j| (lnl orefit each. Hie Hlrci-t. Tin, Judge dlHchargod t.lic-in, Ho " 11 came. After that the failure of j Along about this time plac-i Jack" Cuda- us again under the yoke from Washington and his compatriots res- cnted us. Haying Hun while they were not w.iilng Wright & Ihuighoy was not unexpect-1 hy began operations on the board of •' AVe nrotest -IL'-I!H«» In ai-corilaiicx! wllli ihe i^ifiiiliui,/,,! /.,i,,. ed. as thevi wen; IntereKted wifn c,\\i\:\. trji,le Tin rU.i.,,i/->n^,i ».,*„ .. i.,...i, .. ; .. ~.'. „ .. ... ' | fa' llllt >i In iii'cordiiiKX' wllli Liu; eHliibllKhed OHM or Iliey \ver,, vlolflllng no ..-.„... .. o--v ••••" ••«>- >".v.^i,,.,.v-1-j U v. BU1 , u^uiuiiuua uji me ooara or \L. \\ e nrotest -IL'-I!H«» \\\,\ «», ed, as they, were interested with Cuda- trade. He developed into a "bull." j polUy of /he VStwl Stutes ,.|n" tiy in ins deals- and his speculations in wheat and corn ' ,ienr.ii, i,™,, ,1,,, .,,.i,-., ; ..f. The (lulled Klllles court al Marqilelte, Cudahy has been carrying a large amount of lard and in addition, has dealt rather heavily in ribs. The sud financial KII./IHIIM, will ( m- ,, („ I...| 4 . n||H •lit t«/iw I/. HI, I',,,,,) und lllM ",* n/irl dffht <JhlUMu In. . Midi., ban denied the application of <loaU mUK!l> lleavllv in 1>ib «- '^hc sud- Hie M.lmitx'ipoHN, SI. 1'iuil ,.V- Kaull Sic i''"" Hlum l' in P° rk caught his unpre- .Mn-rlo railroad for an Inlunellon .•«.' I'» ml to lll( ' (;t "10 declines in lard and . railroad for an Injunction re- Hl.ralnlng Hie Hlale board <if health from enforcing Its rules lo tho alleged Incon venllence of (lint road. lOilward K. Vorls, rctrolvi-r of tho AUron, (')., (Siily.ens' Savings uiul Loan iihHoolallon, reports llabiltlos of $508,(15. wllli iiHHe,lH of !j!(ll)2,:-Ji)(.l.(17, Tho ns- HoclaUou will not. rosinno undor Its old iituiio, but u now company with u anvv tlllo will bo formed, ribs which acoompainled 'it, and he was forced to the wall. It Is Impossible at tills time to estimate tho amounts invilved, but they are believed to bo were the talk of the board corn .dependant upon the policy of any for-' even eign government. We assert that the ,,_., T , T , T , , . .— —""• iil - c»«--«.«-i«u Bovernmoni. we assert that the had B. P. Hutolilnson on the run at only ivuiwly for our metallic lii -mci,ii one tlmp. TT a rlnnio -,,, n ,. n „„ i __'i..^ ,, . >.HUL- un.uiciai one time, any ever , i, ",f T e f lai ' se ns »'««« ade. Tho board of trade; nation to gold and silver on the illO «n »nm>n-i/Mio I^ n 4- !,„ 4 , ., ., .. . , , .«....» u». nuuc iiiiiiun IO .gold JUKI Silver oil tlln nriii,it Si n oT« Tt S ° G T nlOUS tMt h ° > rl "" Ut " 1U ^ »'t 01 O f "ixtU, o needed the assistance of a worthy man'silver to one ofgold. Whenovo• Slvor ^^^:r:i-~-^^ muni-,., out I.HOJT urn ueueveu io DO j-'iien it was that the star of the cents th-if- mmimiit -i o ••-""«« very large. Tho North American Pro- fourth Cudahy boy began to So "Pat" silver wil e wo h 1m ^ f"'^ ° f vision con.pany alone is capitalized at had vet to bo}, on wi r£ m TT",,', ,'1 bUu . AUl1 1)C A . oltl1 1(K) Cl!llts «»«! ns Tho John Cudahy Paclclng company whlcli hit* its main ofllco here, witii brunches at Louisville and NaSliville, Is owned gy M r. Oudahy, bijt 'its affairs . had yet to bo hoard from. Ho had been sliding along on tho pittance of $10,000 a yoar salary, but "Jack" took him in ns full partner in Milwaukee, and iHHr~= s awtfWMrffi^ commerce equalizes the price of all commodities throughout tho world. whenever 412 1-2 grains of staindard. here. "i •" STttwwcr everywhere else and cata not be bought Katherine B. Johnson gives in the Albany Cultivator some household hints that are very seasonable. That there are few sen-ants so thorough that they should not inspect the refrigerator daily to .see that no liquids are spilled or food allowed to spoil and contaminate tho rest. That dish water, which is always impregnated with more or less vegetable matter, should 'never be thrown on the surface of the ground -at the back door. That all tubs and basins in bath looms and kitchen sinks and drains should be flushed with hot water on every weekly washing day. That sulphate of iron (copperas) and chloride of lime, two of the best disinfectants, are but ten cents a pound and a plentiful use of either in sinks and open drains during the summer and autumn may prevent that dreaded disease, typhoid fever. That no Immper or other receptacle of soiled clothing, no matter how handsomely decorated, should be kept in a 1 sleeping apartment. That powdered borax, plentifully used, will exterminate cockroaches and •water bugs. HOrsiOHOLD BRIEFS. Curt Comment on Homely Topics of 'Jin Wrest. A home vay to repair garden hose when you are at a distance from the supply shops: Take two ounces or more of naphtha, into which drop as much shellac as it will absorb till of the consistence of thin gum. Cut some bandages of canvas or thick leather, spread the composition on one side of them, bind tightly round the hose and fasten lirmly with twine. Let it remain 41 day, then remove tho twiue. The hose must be kept dry before the Rasters are applied. Keep the cement B a glass-stoppered bottle.

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