The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on August 2, 1893 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 2, 1893
Page 7
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THE UPPER t«BS MOtNfcS, ALGuNA, IOWA, WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 2 1893, Gk 0. PERKINS TfiE MAN. ^ Will Succeed Stanford as U. Senator. S. [Sacramento, CaL* July 22.—Gov. larkhatn this evening appointed ex- Jovernor George 0. Perkins United States senator to succeed the late Leind Stamford. itcft Come to the Rescue. As surely ns any known effect follows & use, just so surely will disense of the kid- eys succeed their inactivity j if that inaction ,be not promptly remedied. Come to tlie iPeseiie with Hosteller's Stomach Bitters, '* Wiich gives a healthful impulse to the iicliou bf both (tie kidneys and the bladder, without. |fexeltliiff them, like an nil medicated slliiiu. flftnt. Rendered acllve by l.liiageuiiil.dluretit. ind tonic, they perform their functions tlmr- Ikoiiglily and regularly, rrmnviiig from llu. Elysium impurities which beget rhcnniallsm. fdropsy, gravel, Brighl's disease, diabetes and fcatarrli of Hie bladder. The contraction of Ittither one of these formidable malitdlcsls the f penalty exacted by nature for indifference to Jthat plain warning —sluggish action of UIL If'kidneyB. AVhen tills exists, not a moment if should be lost In the use of the remedy iudi- iff|cated. Bear In mind Unit the BillerK will ?||||i£ relieve with equal promptitude disorders of p the stomach, liver, bowels and nervous sys. ; tern,and cure or prevent malarial complaints. TURNER AT MILWAUKEE. Opdaing of the National Fest last Night —10,000 There. Milwaukee, July 21.—Ten thousnad turners arrived in Milwaukee today to participate in the exercises of the national turufest. The best part of the day was spent locating for the [week's sport. Tonight the various delegates rnarch- fed from the parks to the exposition fbuildlng where an elaborate program fcwns carried out. MAGNETIC MINERAL MUD BATHS FOR HEALTH AND STRENGTH. faceomodations. JBSJrt 1 The only place in the world that you in enjoy the luxury and benefits of a ^Magnetic Mineral Mud Bath, is at the ebrated Indiana Mineral Springs, nrren County, Ind. It Is nature's Ipwn remedy for the treatment of the K^vorat forms of rheumatism, kidney and ffiver trouble, skin and blood diseases. . $150,000 hotel and bath-house, steam- iieated, electric-lighted, all modern improvements, furnish -the very best of te '*~ ' ' " In point of cost, you be better and more satisfactorily :en care of, with the absolute certain- of deriving greater physical benefit, n you can get elsewhere in this itnitry. Located on the Chicago & lastern Illinois Railroad, 120 miles Snth from Chicago. Send to H. L. amer, P. O. Box A, General Manger, Indiana Mineral Springs, Warren punity, Ind., for beautifully illustrated jrinted matter, which will tell you ail ibout It. l LOST II HEARING f A8 a result of catarrh In the head and was deaf for over a year. I bet ' an to take Hood's arsaparilla. I found ollen I had taken three bottles that my hearing %as returning. It is jt is now more than a 'ycar and 1 can hear jierfeetly well " Hisit- HICKS, SO Carter Rochester, N. Y. Ofthe Sir Robert Idsbum and his wife were mot particularly, silly, as newly married couples go. For one thing, Sir Robert was thirty something, and when you sire thirty something gravity comes. But he was very much in love with liis young wife. He handed her out ot the family omnibus carefully, and the very prettiest ankle and the tiniest shoe peeped out for a momeuit as she stepped down before cue of the big hotels on Trafalgar square. As she tripped up the broad, carpeted stairs to her room there was a look of great happiness in her eyes. "And Is my dear girl quite happy?" said Sir Robert. Young Lady LIsburn. (she was tall and pleasant looking) turned to him affectionately. "Your dear girl," she said, "has had her worries in her,' life. She had q;ie big worry." "How big?" Lady Lisburu widened her arms to give an idea of the. size. "But it's all over now and I am very, very happy." "Perhaps," said Sir Robert, "perhaps the dear girl Avill tell me all about it some day." "She may—some day," said the young bride. Hushing. "Just now she is so contented tliat she doesn't want cvi;n to thiiuk about It." The nest morning they] wont off to the Eugadiue. It was two mouths later when they returned, trunks and portmanteaus phistered all over with vue and Hotel Beau RIvage a;ud a lot of others. Both Sir Robert and Lady LIsburn looked very jolly and well. There were letters waiting for Lady Lisburn. She read them, in her bedroom. As she saw the writing on one of the envelopes she grew red and then very white., She perused the letter again a;ud again, with lumds trembling and a face thoit looked into the mirror with a frightened look. Then she turned off the electric light and sank on her knees and sobbed. They staid in town for some days, 'j-iiii.., ^.i-ove out 'a good deal, visittug; but young Lady Lisbum looked ill and out of sorts and scarcely spoke to her husband. He see-ued to be repelled by her coldness. Once or twice Lady Lisburu tried to rouse herself, but the look of worry quickly came back, and her husband, placid and even as he was could not help feeling 1 disturbed. One evening in the latter part of the week Lady Lisbum wnfe sitting at the open window of their room, her face resting on her hand, looking out into the square and seeing nothing. A page boy entered with a foreign message. She opened It, read the typewritten 'words and crumpled quickly tiie sheet in her hands as Sir Robert came in. "I want to say something to you, • fiHood's llui'mtlu llR'lcri, Cures HOOD'S PII.I.S cure all Liver Ills, Bilious ess, Jaundice, Indigestion, Sick Headache |000,000 ACRES OF LAN ° DOLCTH lOoMAST In MinoMoU. Send for Mapi and Clnt* They will b« nut to you Addreai HOPEWELL CLARKE, Land Commissioner, St. Paul, Minn WIFT'S SPECIFIC •• For renovating the entire system, eliminating alt Poisons from the Blood, whether of scrofulous or origin, this preparation lias no equal. "For eighteen months I had an eating^spre _on my tongue. I was ffcntoi i^-worso i *-—ed'after using" aTow botties"' O. I}, MCLKMOUE, Henderson, Tex. ;rely Treatise on Blood and Skin Diseases mailed free. THE SWIFT SPECIFIC Co., Atlanta, Ga. CATARRrT Price 50cents. Balm in each nostril, """ 68 Warren St. Robert," she said :i in slinky voice. He came over to her. "I -want to go away from you for a fow weeks." "A few weeks?" he repeated blankly. "A few weeks. Unless you want me to be a. miserable womnla all' my life you must let me do this. Let me go, and when I come bnck I shall be quite jolly, and I shall love you more than ever, and we " "My dear," said Sir Robert, "you are perfectly unreasona'ble! You arc not yourself." "Unfortunately I am,". interposed the young wife, sadly. "Or you wouldn't dream of proposing such a preposterous tilling. Now, love you must go to bed early to-nigh 1 and have a good rest, and you'll be all right in the morning." "If you don't let me go, Robert, 1 shall never be able to rest again. I shall be nothing but a curse to yoi and a misery to myself for all my life. Do let uie ( go." "My dear love," said Sir Robert, ris. ing with a very decided air, "if you absolutely refuse to tell me the motive for your disappearance I absolutely refuse to let you go." "Then I—then I must go without jj-om- permission." She said this without defiance and in the humblest way. •Sir Robert went down-stairs and stood at the hotel door for a few minutes, smoking his cigar rather quickly. Then he turned and went into the telephone-room and lookedi in the book and rang up. Lady Lisburn, white and set of 1'a'ce, returned to her room and prepared for her journey. It was a surprise to Sir Robert to find to tho hall not ten minutes later :nke such, steps ns be might think necessary"That's the way" said Mr. Bester, vith approbation; "take tilings calmly. Much better in tlie long run. 1 ought o know. I've been at it, in the yard mud out of the yard, thirty year come next Feb'uary." "I suppose you have some interest- ng cases to deal with,' 1 remarked Sir Robert* poli'tely. Mr. Bester stood up and looked at ilinself in the mirror for a moment, and then sat down again heavily. "The most interesting," he said, "are liein that nobody don't deal with." Mr. Bester 'took ainother sip from his innbler and essayed to rest one knee on the other, but found the position 'or a gentleman of his rotundity uncomfortable, and relinquished the ou- deavor. "Look here, Sir Robert," said Mr. Bester; "here's a. case in poiint. Just tvliat you may call a little incident. Ixx>k here. This," (taking a wa'x match from the box and sticking it upright on the table) "this is Mr. Bertie Klleuborougli, and this" (taking another and sticking it upright) "this is Miss —Miss \Vhntsliermune. Renlly, I forget tiic name. However, thivt don't maittei The door opened softly, but neither of the mou noticed It. "Very well, then. Few years a'go Bertie Ellcnborough (that's this one) knows Miss AVhatshemame (that's this one), and she loves him and writes him iwarau, rapturous A otters—letters that; she would be ashamed now to read or for anybody else to read. Still, a good girl, mind you. Mr. Bertie comes up. to town, forgets her, goes to the bad, slips himself off to America and gets worse and worse. He becomes hard up and what does ho do, then, but blackmail Miss "Whatshcrname. " Hcoundrel!" exclaimed. Sir Robert heartily. "Blackmails her. I happens to go out to trace a chap and I meets Mr. Bertie in a bar, and he tells me all about it." "Ought ;to be ha,nged," remarked Sir Robert. But that isn't tho worst. I tells him for a, lark that I'm a sort of a scamp myself, and brags a bit; and then Mr. Bertie goes one better 'and assures me that he burned those letters long ago and he was on\v pretending he'd still got them. That beats anything, doesn't it? There's a scamp for you. Making a' regular Income out of it, too." "Girl married, I wonder?" "So I understand," said Mr. Bester. "Poor girl!" said Sir Robert. "Wonder who her husband is?" "Sir Robert!" said a voice. They had not turned on the light and the room was growing dark. "My love," she said. "They tell me you wanted to see me," said Lady Lisbum; "aiud, nay dear, I'm—I'm not going. I could not have known what I was 'talking about just now." "My dear heart!" exclaimed Sii Robert, delightedly; "tell me what it was that was worrying you?" "Why, absolutely nothing," answered his wife decidedly;' "there was no excuse for it." They took each other's hands. "Shall I look in again, Sir Robert?" said Mr. Bester respectfully. He had been standing aside and protending, with excellent savoir faire, to look out of the window. * "Oh, I beg your pardon, Bester!" said Sir Robert; no, you needn't look in again. I'll send your people* a check for your trouble." 4 -4- -* 4 -t- 4 -4* *1 -^ 4 -* 4 -4 4 ^j^j^^^^^^^l^^ijl^^^^^^.^^^.^^.^ You can Economize By using Royal Baking Powder to the exclusion of all other leavening agents. The official analysts report it to be 27% greater in leavening . strength than the other powders. It has three times the leavening strength of many of the cheap alum powders. It never fails to make good bread, biscuit and cake, so that there is no flour, eggs or butter spoiled : and wasted in heavy, sour and uneatable food. Do dealers attempt, because times are dull, to work off old stock, or low grade brands of baking powder? Decline to buy them. During these times all desire to be economical, and Royal is the most Economical Baking Powder. H- just Flower" I used August Flower for Loss of vitality and general debility. After taking two bottles I gained 6g lbs. ; 1 have sold more of your August Flower since I have been in business than any other medicine I ever kept. Mr. Peter Zinville says he was mad« a new man by the use of August Flower, recommended by me. I have hundreds tell me that August Flower has done them more good than any other medicine they evef took. GBOROS W. DYE, Sardis, Mason Co., Ky. • 01MB EL BROTHERS. N- *- For the evening the hair Is dressed lower now than formerly; a large coil, with sometimes a drooped crepe lock on one side of itho neck is popular. The round chignon, known, as the bun, suits young faces, and the curious- looking frizettes of large and small size are prepared for them. Historical coiffures, notably the Empire, have been revived with dress of which they are a part. Large shell [hairpins continue, to be worn, and when not over elaborated nothing could be better. They are the color of the rest. lU'gularty in the time of going to bed conduces to sleep; regularity in meal times conduces to most efficient, digestion, and regularity In the amount of exercise is attended with less fatigue and more benefit than exercise of varying amount taken irregularly. Lastlyy, there is the question of occupation/ Certain occupations are ncces- sarly unhealthy; others arc unhealthy on account of ithe badly ventilated rooms in which tliey arc carried on. The delicacy of many shop girls is often rightly attributable to this cause, Carpets Gimbelsf! Body Brussels, 90G, $1,115,1.25. Tapestry Brussels, 5fl,6fl.W- Mopttes, $1.00,125. .Velvets, $1.15 and 1.35. i'ixminster, $1.50,1.75. hair and simple. Gold and jeweled especially when the lungs are affected. i, $1.75,2.i Ingrains, We to 75c. Straw Matting, 13c to 65cy'i :Linoleuis,25clo$1.00ayard! pins divide their favor and combs are in great vogue. These are small side combs, having jeweled bands, and they are put in wherever fancy or the arrangement of the hair dictates. As to the diignon, the day is rapidly approaching when every woman's head will be decorated with one; for at the latest queen's drawing-room, evidences of the coming of the chignon were seen on every side. From present indications the manufacturers of artificial hair and ornamental hairpins will reap rich profits in the near future. Personal hygiene iteachs the precuu- Layers with us are plenty. Thol tiou which must be taken by those eu-'(service is quick and delays rarely! gaged in unhealthy occupations, the occur if you are prompt with vouY scrupulous cleanliness to be practiced part of the work hv worltprs In li^nrl tlin mitrlnnr Ufn by workers in lead, the outdoor life which, as far as can be, must be adopt ed by those who work in confined rooms and ofiicos. It also teaches that want of occupation is also unhealthy, and leads to premature death. KEEPING IN GOOD HEALTH. Five Factors to Be Observed, Education Beiug the First. Cassell's Magazine: There are nve great factors concerned in the preservation of health. First and foremost must bo placed education, using the word in its widest sense, to include physical development, moral training anil metal culture. Too little attention has hitherto been paid to education from the point of view of health, but N K. Brown's Essence Jamaica Ginger is it household necessity. None bottcr-try il. 25c. Chicago Tiibime: In ordering people to keep off the high places ait the exposition, the local directors had no intention of being personal toward cou- cesslonnaiires. Tins progress o£ science in medicine has produced nothing bettor for human ills than the celebrated Beecham's Pills. The family of Robert Schilling, living near Altoona, is reported to be ill with diphtheria. GIMBEL. BROTHERS, MILWAUKEE. __ _ _ ___ Deputy Coroner Kelly has commenced recently" "the" "importance of hygiene has Inquiring into the cause and manner of the death of cold storage warehouse victims in Chicago. CURLS BY ELECTRICITY. Wire* Are Attached to the Incande* cent Wire and All Is Ready. Curling tongs heated by electricity are the latest tribute of science to the dainty woman's toilet table. Like so many of the innovations of this kind, New York is indebted for the idea to the Parisians. The grand dames of the gay capital have been conversant for some time with the mysteries of electric hair curling, and so, too, have been the cultured fraus and frauleins of Berlin. The Chicago girl is no stranger to it, thus being able, from been more fully recognized. A right system of education so trains the mind that it is eager to occupy itself with some pursuit at all times and thus people are prevented from falling into idle habits, which not only waste time, but give the imagination opportunity to conjure up all sorts of fanciful disorders. We all know the hysterical, nervous, delicate girl, who is only so because she has neither work nor occupation. Educated girls who lend useful lives do not suffer from hysterics, nor do workmen's wives in general, because both classes have their time fully and profitably occupied. An interesting point worthy of notice is that the criminal class,taken as a whole, is uneducated; and it. has been shown that a. distant relation exists between ill health and crime. Hence the importance of the preservation of physical health, and we thereby recognize that health itself has a distinct moral value. The second factor in personal hygiene is tlie regulation of food and drink—the stranger 'to it, tnus uemg uuie, irom regulation not only of the quantity but her-lofty .pinnacle of knowledge of the also of , tho q un i| t y. This last point is electrical curling iron to look down I oj . ten quality, neglected, but it is point important, upon her less enlightened sisters of esr , ech , ]ly so to c iiii rtl . on . A common the metropolis. She must not, however, be given much credit for her lead, since, according to the New York Recorder, it is simply because it is a Chicago firm which handles novelties of tins sort, and they are consequently first put on the market here. the man for whom he had telephoned | The electrical curling-Iron is very He was a burly, scarlet-faced man and simple. The wires conduct the electri- POLISH IN THE WORLD llpONOTBEDEOEIVEP ' '" Pastes, Enamels, and Paints which the hands, injure the iron, and burn Tlie Rising Sun Stove Polish is Bril- lll{ant, Odorless, and Durable. Each package Sfontains six ounces; •wliea moistened will -lie several boxes of Paste Polish, AN ANNUAL SALE OF 3,000 TON§, he gave his card to Sir Robert with an awkward bow. Thomas Bester. .Fayre, Sweever & Co., Inquiry. 'Agents, "Como into this room, Mr.—Mr Bester." Mr. Bester wiped his particular care. city into the little stand, into which the tonga are thrust. The latter are made tlie proper temperature by heat which is generated by the resistance of tho wires to the current, The stands are about two inches high, and are usually nickel plated, although some mistake is to force children to take food which is distasteful to them, It must not, therefore, be inferred that children are to liaA'c whatever they like best; but when a child shows a great distaste for, say, mutton fat, the best way is to make the fat into suet pudding, which In all probability will bo rcadly eaten, Violent prejudices which are conceived in early life, owing to the want of thought on the part of parents or guardians, often remain fixed, and cause trouble and annoyance in after life. Tlio quantity of food we take ought to depend greatly on o\\v work. A man when lie Is resting needs about half as new Perfect Sonp retails for 5e and is unupproiu'lied in purity, quality, and appearance by any 5c soap made. Your grocer will get it. using 5c- soup. Try at once, if you arc Emil Claussqn, a Sheboygan youth, was lined $50 and costs on a charge of larceny. HALL'S CATARRH CUKE is a liquid and is taken internally, and acts directly on the blood and mucous surfaces of the system. Write for testimouinls,frec. Manufactured by F. ,1. CHENEY & CO., Toledo, 0. Miss Cora Curtis was married to .Tolm High at the home of her parents in Berlin. Cure for Colds, Fevers and Uencral Debili ty. Small Bile Keans. 35c. pqr bottle. Tlie fifth biennial com-eia^lon of tlie Danish Sisterhood of America is in session at Racine. SAMPLE PACKAGE MAILED FREE. Address, SMALL Bile Beans, New York. Mrs. Catherine Green, of he town of West Bead, died at he home In that place, aged 81 years. Constipation cured by Small Bile Beans. John M. Brooks, a well known resident of Ohlppewa Falls, died at the age of,f>7 years. KNOWLEDGE Brings comfort and improvement and tends to personal enjoyment- when rightly used. The many, who live better than others and enjoy life more, with less expenditure, by more promptly adapting the -world's best products to the'needa of physical being, will attest the value to nealth of the pure > liquid laxative principles embraced in the remedy, Syrup of Figs. Its excellence is due to its presenting In the form most acceptable and pleaa- ant to the taste, the refreshing and truly beneficial properties of a perfect laxative; eifectually cleansing the system, dispelling colds, headaches and feyera and permanently curing constipation. It has given satisfaction to millions and met with the approval of the medical profession, because ifacts on the Kidneys, Liver and Bowels without weakening them and it is perfectly free from- every objectionable substance. Syrup of Figs is for sale by all druggists in 60o and$l bottles, but it is man» ufactured by the California Fig Syrup Co. only, whose name is printed on every package, also the name, Syrup of Figs, and being well informed, you will not accept any substitute if offered. ( I UNEQUALLED TRAIN SERVICE I FROM , . . CHICAGO BUFFALO NEW YORK BOSTON mudh food as when he Is engaged in "You'd like something to drink, perhaps?" Mr. Bester pulled his waistcoat down a;ud coughed slightly and said that ho didn't know 1 as a drop of whisky would do him any particular harm. At any rate, he said (lie said ithib of those manufactured by a firm in Berlin are plated Avith gold, and have laborious work. handsome handles. In traveling, the I T i, lrdly) the faction of our diffrent boots with Irons and stands occupy only a very j organs require to be exorcised and small place in a satchel. Attached to encouraged. It Is not necessary to do the stand is a silk cord, which may bo adjusted to any incandescent wire after screwing off the little globe. One advantage is that the heat of the tongs is always under the perfect control of the user. It is an easy step from the most improved means of hair curling and dress- Avith the air of a man prepared for , _ any experiment in the enterests of. iug to the latest ways and modes which science), he'd try. Sir Robert ordered a large whisky and gave instructions that he was to be told when Lady Lisbuva left tlio hotel. "We noed not hurry uutil that happens," said Sir Roibort. He explained to Mr. Bester what was required. There was to be no fuss, insisted Sii Robert, and no interference. All that Bester had to do was to follow Lady Lisburn, and if she was Jja any danger to wire Sir Robert at once, and himself are prevailing in the art. Says an authority on the subject: "There is nothing distinguished in a fringe or in a curly bang. Yet to •those it is difficult to say how women can express their gratitude, so great is its sum. They have softened and given a charm to the feminine complexion, however forbidding, that nothing else has been able to do. The popularity has from time 'to time suffered •temporary effacejnent, but \\ invariably returns," more than mention the value of mere cleanliness, and care of the skin. A dirty skin means that more work is thrown upon delicate internal organs, especially the kidneys, and the working power of the whole body is thus loAver- od. In this connection the hygienic clothing of ithe body must be mentioned, regularity of tlie action of the bowels imist be secured; many dangerous illnesses arise from want of care in this respect. The importance also of a suitable amount of sound sleep cannot be exaggerated, for however ' ; important regular and sufficient exercise may be, ample time for rest and recuperation is equally important. Tills brings iis to the same.point to be consldei'ed- dse, the essential requirement of is regularity. It is surprising to notf toow alj ow organs beconje to t'Ogula? an,d jjajbjtpj IT COVERS A GOOD DEAL OF GROUND —Dr. Pierco's Golden 'Medical Discovery. And when you hear that it cures so many diseases, perhaps you think "it's too good to be true." But it's only reasonable. As a blood- cleanser, flesh-builder, and strength-restorer, nothing like tho " Discovery " is known to medical science. The diseases that it cures como from a torpid liver, or from impure blood. For everything of this nature, it is the only guarunteeU remedy. In Dyspepsia, Biliousness; all Bronchial, Throat and Lung affections; every form of Scrofula, even Consumption (or Lung-scrofula) in its earlier stages, and in the most stubborn Skin and Setup Diseases —if it ever fails to benefit or cure, you have your money back. The worse your Catarrh, the more you need Dr. Sage's Catarrh Remedy, Its proprietors oiler $500 cash for a case ol Catarrh in the Head which they caunot cure, I TOURIST TICKETS and Interinediate S points •_!^ to the EASTEBN RESORTS now on sale, Send list of routes and rates, i A.J. SMITH, C.K.WILBER, u.r. .V'llt. A 8 t,, We.t.i'a«».iitl CLKVKI.AKU. CllK'AUO. fix •* C/\T/\ R R HI IEWIS'98°oLYE H Powdered and Perfumed, ln| (PATENTED.) • TFe stronaest and purest Lyo made. \ Unlike other Lyo, it being a fine powder and packed in n can with removable lid, tho contents are always ready for use. Will luake the best perfumed Hurd Soap in 20 minutes without Itoilinu. It is tlio bait for cleansing wusto-pipeB, disinfecting eiulis, closets, \vaah< ing bottles, piiiuta, trees., etc. JPJ3NNA. -SAW »Pi"<» CO., Gen. A(jta., Philo,., Pn. SALESMEN WANTED

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