The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on July 26, 1893 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 26, 1893
Page 7
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Ttttt MQIN tig, A LGON A, \( ) W A t \V EDN EST) A Y» JtJLy 26, 1893, Pit' fe«ll. s»fe.i3*H '«fc THREE1VERE KILLED ANOTHER SAD LESSON FOR THE Superior. GARDEN CITY. I ' Sunday law iii keeping his barber shop [ open. It is reported that the Northern Pa' cine Railroad company will build a of eleven stalls at West Albert Meyer, a young man living in Ihe town of Washington, near Slia- I wano, died from an injury received two years ago. Everett Roberts, son of Thomas Kob- erts, a well-known merchant of Randolph, was killed by a. bolt of lightning recently. N. Bruette, aged 04 years, died at his home in Jefferson . He served hi Swift Running Passenger Train Dashes Co. D, first Wisconsin volunteer cavalry, VICTIMS OF THE DEATH-DEAL- ING GRADE CROSSING. Into a Crowded Streetcar In ,0hi-. during the war. oago, Tuning Three and Injuring' William Suessmilch, Saveral — Engineer and Fireman Under Arrest has not yet been recovered. a Sheboygau Chicago, July 17th.—Another horrible disaster attributable to a railroad crossing on a street at a grade occurred this evening. An Incoming passenger train on the Grand Trunk road crashed into a crowded' street car at Forty-ninth street killing Charles Perkins, John Dillon and Mrs. Maggie Murphy, and wounding eight others, of whom two will' probably die. Cbiuies Jacobsou, formerly a resident of Florence, was killed by the blowing out of a cylinder head at one of the mills near Iron Mountain, Mich. * Miss Maude Noble, of Mcnttsha, was married to Wayne Hodge, of Neenah. The ceremony took plao* at the home of the bride's parents. W. H. Marvin, a Green Bay trunk manufacturer, has assigned for the benefit of his raxlltors. The assets and The forty-ninth street crossing is a liabilities are not known. network of tracks and always has been reagrded as a dangerous spot. A long freight train going Avcst had just passed and the tower man raised the gates. This was taekn as a signal Uuvt the way was clear and the driver of the car started ahead. • A passenger train which was rapidly The Wisconsin Pharmaceutical association will hold a convention at Fond du line on August 8, 9 and 10. Preparations are being made for a large attendance. Ephrnlin A. .Bowen, aged 74 years, died at his home hi the town of Scott, Crawford county. He was a member approaching from the west struck the of Co. A, seventh Wisconsin infantry street car squarely in the middle, turn- during the late war. tag it around and hurling it thirty feet C. C. Gaylord, an Elkhorn resident, from the point where it struck. Some was trying to raise a large scantling by of the passengers managed to save, means of a pulley when the scantling themselves by jumping. The throe. broke hi two, one piece striking him on people who were killed were frightfully mangled. The police have arrested the engineer the face and breaking his nose. The fight between the saloon-keepers of Bayfield and the town board has the Approaching Dinner Hour It fraught with no pleasant Anticipation for the uuhnppy inortnl plngucd with dyspepsia. Appetite seldom, dUi-dinfi'rl after nncl between nieiils, always Is his portion. Heartburn ami flatulence subsuquuiil to eating, a gnawing at the pit of the stomaeh before it, are only a few among the woes arising from this truly impish complaint. Sick headf die, nervousness, constipation and biliousness are its iliobollciil offspring, Each and all of them are annihilated by Hosteller's Stomach Bilters, which tones the gastric organs and regulates the liver and bowels with certainly mm promutituae. Chills and fever, kidney trouble, rheumatism and neuralgia are nlsn remedied by this medicine of rare purity and comprehensive uses. Invalids of all kinds are greatly aud swiftly benefited by it. t,, ••^—j»»—. .——i i i Kalamazoo, Mich., July 13.—The worst electrical and wind storm of years passed over this city this afternoon. Lightning struck ten places In the city, includng the First Presbyterian church. MAGNETIC MINERAL MUD BATKS FOR HEALTH AND STRENGTH. The ouly place in the world that you can enjoy the luxury and benefits of a Magnetic Mineral Mud Bath, is at the celebrated Indiana Mineral Springs. Warren County, Ind. It is nature's own remedy for the treatment of the worst forms of rheumatism, kidney and liver trouble, skin an.", blood diseases. A $150,000 hotel and bath-house, stcain- lieated, electric-lighted, all modern Improvements, furnish tho very best of accomodathms. In point of cost, you will be better and more satisfactorily taken care of, with the absolute certainty of deriving greater physical benefit, than you can get elsewhere In tills country. Located on the Chicago & Eastern Illinois Railroad, 120 miles south from Chicago. Send to H. L. Kramer, P. O. Box A, General Manager, Indiana Mineral Springs, Warren None but Royal leaking Powder 1*3 absr,!n'.cly pure. No other equals it, or approaches it in leavening strt'.nyth, purity, or v,'hr. 1 T,omcncss. (See U. S. Gov't Reports.) No other is made from cream of tartar specially refined for it and chemically pure. No other makes such light, su'cet, finely- flavored, and wholesome food. No other will maintain its strength without loss until used, or will make bread or cake that will keep fresh so long, or that can be eaten hot with impunity, even by dyspeptics. No other is so economical. If you want the Best Food, Royal Baking Powder is indispensable. DIVORCE LAWS. Married Couples Experiment with Marriage in a Disgraceful Manner. Once divorce laws are enacted, married oouples take advantage of them who iwouldi never have thought or dreamed' of separating, and would have and fireman of the train. The engineer. resulted in a victory for the latter, the said he did not see the street car until, saloon men paying $400 for licenses, it was on the track and so close it was | Ihe amount originally demanded, impossible for him to slop. > ~ " _, _ The towerman did not see the pas-, issued a decree to the various parishes' was senger train until after the gates were,In the Green Bay diocese against the raised and the street car had started ( holding of picnics, excursions and fairs printed matter, which will tell you all about It. . . lf hod not been such an eas y -way ou t O f the matrimonial bond. No man would have ever thought, un- Chafes H. Joseph, a weU-knowa Iesg ^ law favored a looge TOy out ,„.,,, , „ -r, , resident of Stevens Point, passed away I ., , . ,. „, * | Bishop Messiner, of Green Bay, has'^ ^g age ^ 49 yeara Heart taHure of wedlock, to write: "Mary, if you ahead. BADGER BRIEFS. by Catholic societies on Sundays. Ephraim Barren, of Boscobel, died of j heart failure at his home hi that city, aged 70 years. Items of Interest Gleaned from All Over the State. Frederick W. Puemer, an old resident of Jefferson, passed away at the age of 81 years. Robert Williams, a young man residing at Dundalk, Out., was drowned at West Superior. Charles Larose, aged 21 years, was drowned in the Fox river at Green Bay while bathing. Andrew Bailey, a pioneer of Rock count}', passed away at his home hi the town of Footville, aged 75 years. Emil, the 2-year-old son of Herman Ewer, of Oshkosh, was drowned while playing in the pond at North Park. Mrs. Mary Lawrence, one of the early settlers of Fond du Lac, died at her home in that city, aged SO years. The six societies of St. Joseph's congregation at La Crosse are about to build a new home at a cost of $15,000. It cost T. C. Dunnigan, a Chippewa Falls barber, $22.33 for violating the SCIATIC ROMATISM Mr U. I). Whcolur, llio ]><>]ml;ir (Ivpiity sheriff at \Vimm->Ui Kails, Vt., says: "I suffuruu tcr- r'lblu tortures for ten years wllli si-intlc rlicu- 'mutism. I liujran Ink. ing lluoil's Siirsapurillu Sliioc laUiiif? it 1 don't have any pain and can gut a round nil right If • Hoods Snrsnparilln cost $10 11 bottlu, I should Mr. K. D. Wheeler. oon |i nm; using it." R. D. Wheeler, Wiiiooskl Falls, Vermont. N. B. 13e sure to gut Hood's Sarsapurilln.' Curious Facts in Sociology. HOOD'S PJM.S net easily, yut promptly and efficiently, on the liver aud bowels. 25c. ft. -.mill. Mlb. li&ra- IMI tr»tai» - v Tboafttadl cur«J. B*>4 l« l& O. W. V, HNXDEH, M. D., Tht Oldest Mttlicine in Ihe Wortdit Dlt. ISAAC CELEBRATED EYE-WATER. This arllole id u ear-fully preimre.t pljysicTau's pro Bcrlpliou, and hai Lecn in constant use for neuny i century. There are few diseases to which mankind are subject more distressing than sore eyes, aniS none, perhaps, for which more remedies hare been Hied without success. For all external Inflammation of the eyes It Is an infallible remedy. If tlio dlreo tlons are followed It will never full. We particularly invite the attention of physlolnns to Its merits. Foi sale by all druggists. SollN L. THOMPSON, ,SON3 & CO., Tcov, S, Y. Established 1797./ THORRIS, , . ^Successfully Prosecutes Claims. [Late Prmotpal Examiner U.S. Pension Bureau. I 3 .yr» lu last war. 15 adjudicating claims, attyelnce. cause pf hlg Demise. For Health nncl Pleasure, love me, or ever did love me, you will WEEKLY BANK STATEMENT. New York. July 15.—The weekly bank statement of tbe associated banks shows tbe following changes: Reserve, increase, $812,025; Joans, decrease, $5.180,100; specie, increase, $565,200; legal • I tenders, decrease, $5,505,300; circula- ' tlon, Increase, ?177,000. The baulcs now hold .$45,200,100 below the requirements of the 25 per cent. rule. I simply state that.I am Dmgglst and Postmaster here and am there* fore in a position to judge. I hav» .tried many Cough Syrups but fof ten years past have found nothinj equal to Boschee's German Syvtip. I have given it to rfly baby for Cre>tip with the most satisfactory resnlti Every mother should have it. J, H. HOBBS, Druggist and Postmaster, Moffat, Texas. We present facts, living facts, of to-day BoscheeV German Syrup gives strength to th« body. Take no substitute. • NEARLY 1OOO MILES IN A LITTLE OVER 1OQQJVUNUTESJ 'The New Fast Train! VIA THE— Lake Shore and N, Y. Central Route. CHICAGO TO NEW YORK! 2O HOURS' Lv.CHICAGO 2iOO P.M. [ A %i!SH» K ll:OOA,ll,i A. J. SMITH, O.K. WILDER,! 0. P. ATkMgt., We>l. P.M. lit. CLEVELAND. ClllCiUO. AKE YOU The man or \vomnmvlio Is pro 111 ably em- pli-yud is gcnurnlly liniipy. If yon. are not imp]))' It iiiay be becausu you liavu not found your proper work. We earnestly urge nil sicli persons to write to 15. F. tnsoii & . India lias 131,600 Jeepers. An adult perspires twenty-eight oun- cos in twenty-four hours. A male adult has half an ounce of sugar in his blood. In Russia there are 015 new cases of leprosy every year. Broken limbs are more frequent in winter than in summer. Cancers are most common in Brussels; 420 deaths per 1,000. In 1887 there were 30,030 inquests held in England and Wales. Russia, has 180,000 blind persons wlllhin the limits of the empire. The fattest man ever known was Daniel Lamber(:,739 pounds. In Europe there are 518,400 insane; in the United States 308,900. The death rate from apoplexy is highest ait Tiirin, Italy—010 in 10,000. Suicide is much more common among soldiers than amoung civilians. Of every 10,000 deaths in the United States 1,420 are from consumption. The mercantile and armed navies of the world have 1,003,000 seamen. Shanghai has the highest death rate from heart disease, 1,510 per 10,000. In all countries more mnrriges take place in June than in any other month. In every country consumption kills more victims than any other one dis : ease. More suicides take place Tuesday, and Thursday than on other week days. Nelson says that for every death during the year two persons are constantly, sick. During the War of the Rebellion the Union sick averaged 9 per cent of the army. More suicides occur in June than in any other month and fewer in December. The population of Italy Is ?70 per square mile; of Germany, 240; of France, 100. Visit Hie Jndinna Mineral Springs, Warren County, Indiana, on the line of the Chicago and Eastern Illinois railroad, 120 miles south of Chicago. It is a mitnrully beautiful place, lately improved with a $150,000 hotel and bath- house, steam-heated, elcctric-light- cd, aiid it Is the only place in the world where you can get magnetic mineral mud baths. They are famous for curing many cases of rheumatism, kidney and liver trouble, skin and blood diseases that tlio best of physicians and scienlllle treatment failed to henelit. Beautiful books and printed matter sent by mail for the asking. Write lo II . I,. Kramer, Manager, P. 0. Bo* A, Indiana Mineral Springs, Warren (Jouu. ty, Ind. apply for a divorce, as there Is another Co '- "itlnnond Vn., and tliey ea ..ow yon woman whom I could love." As tte: 1 \^ y Vn"iKod. y ° UCW mp ' " ' scope of the law Is little by little enlarged, an Increasing number seek and obtain divorces, and after awhile It "I don't see how the washing or iron becomes a perfectly respectable thing lug could be improved." to contract what might be called ex-1 He,—Confound it all, that's not the! perimental marriages. In the west, • trouble; it's because she brings home' especially, society receives back dl-! the very same collars and cuffs until' .vorces. The palaces of the well-to-do Positively cure Bilious Attack*, Oo»» etipation, Sick-Headache, cfc* 25 cents per bottle, at Drug StaMfc Write for sample dose, free. J. F. SMITH & CO.S"*-New York. are open to .them. Churches do not cast them out, andj ministers welcome them at their communion tables. They may occupy positions of trust and honor, two or three divorces to their credit! side notwithstanding. And we are told 1 that such sights have no In- Johu Weaver was kiUed at Brazil, fluence on th « growing generation of Ind., by a train. He was wealthy and over SO years old. WHEN NATCRB Needs assistance it may bo best to render it promptly, but one should remember to use even the most perfect remedie's only when needed. T'te best and most simple and gentle remedy is the Syrup of Figs, manufactured by the California Fig Syrup Co. FASHIONS FOR AFTERNOON FETES. $76.00 to $850 00 monthly working for B. F. .in m* urn Richmond, Va. can "i" mads PATENTS. TRADE-HARKS, Examination and Advice as to Patentability of la vontlon. Send for Inventors' Guide, or How to Qe» a, Futeut. FATIUCU O'FABBUIX, Washington, D. a BEST POLISH IN THE WORLD. The flat has again gone forth in Loudon's best society thait bare amis shall appear at dressy afternoon fetes, as well as In the evening. At kettle-drum lunches, 5 o'clock teas, etc., "the hair will be slightly powdered, the long close gloves drawn off and fair rounded arms will emerge from drooping lace bretelles, puffs and other airy draperies, hare <to and above the elbows, without bracelets, but the fingers glittering with a few choice rings." This fashion will do fairly Avell if only those blessed with "fair rounded arms" will follow it, but if history here repeats itself snowy arms •will hide themselves as a rule, and we shall behold hands and arms neitlher fair nor rounded. Burglars entered the residence of John Genslke at Appleton and secured n pocket-book containing some valuable papers, but no money. bo r s an(1 S lrls - TMs ls not true - Teach I'm tired of them. "Don't Tobacco Spit Yonr Life Away" Is the startling, truthful title of a little book just received, telling all about Notobac, the wonderful, harmless, economical, guaranteed' cure for the tobacco habit in evert/ form. Tobacco users who want to quit and can't by mentioning THIS PAPER can get the tlie rising generation by object lessons, ' book mailed free. Address THE STER- at an age when Impressions are deep j LI NG REMEDY Co., Box 1276, Indiana andi lasting, that RAD FIELD'S FEMALE REGULATOR ., men and women Mineral Springs, Ind. may, wthout losing caste, divorce at pleasure, and the notion of the sanctity of the family life is undermined.— Prof. S. J. Brun, In North American Review. M. L. THOMPSON & CO., Druggists, Cou. | dersport, Pa., say Hall's Catarrh Cure is the best aud only sure cure for catarrh they ever sold. Druggists sell it, 75c. • T LLY'S CREAM BALM WILL. CURE CATARRH E. Erickson, a well-known merchant of Palmyra, died at his home in that city, aged 59 years. OVBU twenty years of experience and experiment in making Dobbins' Electric Soap has cualilrd us to bring out now a new 5c soap, the in the world, Dobbins' Perfect Soap. Asl; your grocer for it.« Louis Shoomnker, a .former La Crosse resident, has been arrested at Winonn, Minn., on a charge of passing forged checks. MAKES ITSELF FELT —the great, griping, old-fashioned pill. | „„, Not only when you take it, but un-1 W«w pleasant, from first to last, and it only gives you a little temporary good. The things to take its place are Dr. Pierce's Pleasant Pellets. One of these at a dose will regulate the whole system THB pleasant coating of Beecham's PilU perfectly. They're tiny, jugar-coatod Prico BOceuti. Ij Bnlm In each ooitril. ' BROS., M WurM Bt. Col. Fred Grant ex-minister to Vienna, has returned to New York. completely disguises the taste without ira pairing their efficiency. 25 cents a box. Jainesville offers $200 reward for the person who stabbed Lorenzo F. Finch at a dance. N. K. Brown's Essence Jamaica Ginger will cure a cold. None better.. Try it. Only 25c. granules, scarcely larger than mustard seeds. They act In Nature's own way. No reaction afterward. Their help lasts and they do permanent good. Constipation, Indigestion, Bilious Attacks, Sick or Bilious Headaches, and all derange- merits of the liver, stomach, and bowels are prevented, relieved, and cured. They're the cheapest, for they're guaranteed to give satisfaction or money is returned. Nothing can be ''just as good." SALESMEN WANTED mental trecg. 188,000 Okabenas, the! apple for the Northwest. Write for term* f THE JEWELL NURSERY CO., Lulf» City, Mlun, I PATENTS 7 - n ° M " sp<B1M?SON ' w? ' !blni 1). C. No utty'B fee until Patent — talued. Write for lnveutor > »Gmid& has proven an infallible) specific for all derango- ments peculiar to tno female aex,such as chrofiio womb and ovarian diseases. If taken in time ifc regulates and promotes healthy action of all functions of tlio generative) organs. Young ladies at the age of puberty, an<3 older ones at the mono* panso, will flndln it a healinp. soothing tonic. Tho highest recommendations from promK nent physicians and those who havo tried it. Write for hook "To Women," mailed free. Sola by all druggists. BUADJIELD REQULA.TOB Co.» proprietors, Atlanta, Ga. TOBACCO YOUR -IS THE TRUTHFUL, STARTLING TITLE OF A LITTLE BOOK THAT TELLS ALL ABOUT NO-TO-BAG.- The ONM (JUil'ANTEED, HAKM1ESS, ECONOMICA1 CUKE for the Tobacco Habit In the world; not lor the REASON it makes Tobacco TASTE BAD. but because It ACTS BIBECTL1 ON THE NEBYE CENTEBS, DESTROYING THE NEBTE-CBAVIKfl DESIBE, preparing the way for DISCONTINUANCE WITHOUT INCONTENIENCE, WTO-TO-IBwflLO Btlmulatea builds up and Improves the entire nervous system. Many report a gain of TEN POUNDS In as many days. Get book at your drug store or write for it—to-day DRUGGISTS GENERALLY SELL NO-TO-BAC. If TOU are a tobacco user take time to read the following TBUTHFUI, TESTIMONIALS, a few of many thousands from No-To-Baousers printed to show how No-To-Bao works. THEY AKE THE TBCTII, PUKE AND SIMPLE. We know this, and back them by a reward of $5,000.00 to anyone who can prove the testimonials false, and that we have knowingly printed testimonials that do not, so far as we know, represent the honest opinion of the writers. You don't have to buy No-To-Bao OB testimonial endorsement. NO.TO-BAO is positively juaranteed to cure or money refunded. We give good agents exclusive territory and liberal terms. Many agents make 810a day. DO NOT BE DECEIVED with Pastes, Enamels, and Paints which itain the hand&, ^njure the iron, and burn tf&. The Rising Sun Stove Polish U Brilliant, Odorless, and Durable. Bach package so&tains six ounces; when moistened trill «,»ko several bows oJ Past* Polish. <AS M ANNUAL SALE OF 3,000 TQI& JPU 17-29 yoi CUBED TIIBEE YEABS AGO—USED LESS THAN A BOX OF NO-TO-BAO. MT. OABMEL, ILL., Got. 10,1892.—Gentlemen: I purchased one box of iur No-To-Bao tlireo years ago. Took about three-quarters of the box, Which completely destroyed my appetite for tobacco, f had used tbbac! oo since 9 years of ago. I had tried to quit of " „ ,_..of uiy own accord and found It impossible, but now I am completely cured and do not have the least craving for tobacco. I hope others will use your treatment. BOLLOG. BLOOD. llefrosliing Frankness. Truth. Joss—I had .two proposals last week. Bess—And refused both? Jess—No! accepted both. One I rather liked, and the other that detestable Miss Bright is in love with. USED EYEBY SCBSTITDTE AND ANTIDOTE, BUT WITHOUT SUC- CESS—NO.TO-BAC MAKES A COMPLEX*: CU1W, AND HE GAINS TWENTY.FIYE POUNDS. KB Tears, evoi your ndvertlsomont "wivs p'ersuaaealTffrfdnSB to'try"once more* "i seria ™,S™,V>Jz a^eKanJho use ofjt at'onco ana oi-p^len^uoheflt 6 ! , wits cured of the awful nd I have no desire ..1 flosh. My weight 11 now weigh ICO pounds. KnytinTyrcr ;,v~ „::;!,-'V.' ;•,"•" !""" setup in tho morning without a bad taste In ray mouth, ftly digestion also 13 much Improved. Toary nnfl wnnflmr t.n ,-lrt H, n m««lv 0 g o f tho tobftcoo uab , fc ' permanently, US9 fulland wonderful remedy. ji"»» Yours truly uml gratefully, W. H. PEAY. «?S«2, e rt b *S5! Bnd b h Kan tho u , SO T 0f H , ttt "nee and expo ordered two more boxes, and, I am happy to say, wits ci habit. It has been nearly a year slnco I was cured, and whatever for the weed. I havo pained steadily In f when I began the treatment was 135 pounds, and I feel much bettor In every way, and got up In CUBED HIMSELF, HIS FATHEB, HIS BBOTHEB-IN-LAW, AND HIS NEIflHBOBS. NASSAU, IOWA, Nov. 81,1802.—Gentlemen: I am glad to say thit Blnco t commenced the use of No-To-Bno, which was the 6th of July, 1892,1 1 also Induced my brother-in-law and neighbors totryNo-'l'o-E.'-.iina' they were cured. F.o. I'iiiba. CHEWED TOBACCO FOB FIFTY YEABS—AFTEB SPENDING $1,000 FOB TOBACCO NO-TO-BAC CUBED BBtt. SPBIHOTTKLD, OHIO, Nov. 22, 1892.—Gentlemen: OntholOth day of Way, 188;;, I commenced tho use of No-To-Bao, and cast tobacco out of my month and havo not tasted the weed since and havo no doslro for It. I would advise all who want tu ciop using tobacco to elvo No-To-Bao a trial. 1 used It for flfty years and gpent«l,(XX) for tobacco. No-To-Bao bus made a complete cure. GEO. W. WABKK Y, "CIOABETTE FIEND FOUB YEABS." FAKHEB CITY, ILL., June 18,1892.—Dear Blrs: I havo Just Onlahed the nse of one box of No-To-Bao and 1 nm happy to say that I ara cured from all doslro for tobacco. For four years 1 havo used cluarottcs almost constantly, us well as tobacco In all of Its forms! but to-day 1 havo no desire for tobacco whatever. Do not oven remember what It tastos like. Ifeel deeply grateful to you am.' your remedy for my present condition, and be assured that 1 will spunk u good word for you among my afflicted friends. B. JQ. OUR GUARANTEE, PISO'S CURE FOR Consumptive* and people I who liuYo'weuk lung« or Aeth-1 mu, should me Plso't Cure for I Consumption. It h»i cared I thou«und». « h»8 not Injur-1 ed one. It Is not b»d to t»k». I It Is the best cougj »yrup, ' Sold everywhere, CONSUMPTION. PUBLISHERS; We, the pul> Ushers of this paper, know tbe S. B. Co. to toe reliable ana will clo astUey&Brree. This we GUARANTEE, IS pt AIN AN1» TO TIIE POINT. Three boxes of NO-TQ. , BAC, SO days' treatment, costing $2.50, or a little less than Wo a day, used according to simple directions, is guaranteed to cure the tobacco habit in any form, SMOKING, CHEWING, SNUFF and CIGARETTE HABIT, or money refunded by us to dissatisfied purchaser. We don't claim to cure EVERYONE, but the percentftge of cures is so large that we can better afford to have the good will p| the occasional failure than his money.f Wo have faith in NO-TOBAC, and If you try it you wiU find that NO-IO-BAC is to you WORTH IT9..WIIQHT IN COM*. BEAD THIS Where to Buy and How to Order NO-TO-BAG, It ia gold by Druggists generally and gent by mall on receipt of tho price— 1 box, $t; 3 boxes.iKJ.BO, Remit in any con.vou.len4 form. Our President, Mr. A. L. Thomas, Is a member ot the . great advertising firm o£ Lord & Thomas, Chicago. Qent, Mr. W. T. Barbee, Is the principal (»ynw ot tho Barbee Wire and Iron Works of Lafayette, Ind., and Chicago, HI. Secretary, Mr. P. T, Barry, of the Ohlcagp Newspaper Ui Chicago. The Treasurer is Mr. H. L. Kramer, one of the py ers of the famous luiMana Mineral Springs, Indiana, tae. o»Jy place In the world whore magnetic mineral mu4 baths are stye lor the cure of rheumatism. Write to hto lor a booU about e jneat

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