The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on July 26, 1893 · Page 2
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 2

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 26, 1893
Page 2
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THE IWER MS MOUNTED AL&ntf A, IOWA, WEDNESDAY, JtJLY 2$ A.LGONA, IOWA -CONDENSED NEWS. A sitonn played haivoc with the Coi necMcut valley tobacco crop. The seal fleet In the BehrJng sen ha taken 24,054 skins tup to .Time 27. PresMenit Clevuland has returned t Gray Gaibles from a yacht criilse. Tho tunny worm is pla.vrfng havoc ii the northern part of C.-UMJ county, 111. Tho national fedemnUon of Amcriet dniblcd $5,000 to Iflite Irish nationa pnwty. Bishop Racine of the Roman Catholic church Is dead at, Shoiibrooke, Quo. The CarroMltoii Avoolen mill at ,Madl son, Ind., lias •assigned; liabilities $75, 000. Harry Burton, 22, was drowned nt Pittsfleld, Me., while bnithJug. President Onkes denies the runioi that a receiver is to be appointed foi the Northern! Pacific. Edwin C. Vaughn, of BlufPton, has bof.n appointed judge of the twcnty- elghrh judicial circuit of Indiana. Sixty buildings, including every business house, were burned at Susanvillo, Cal. The loss is $250,000. Will H. Morton, formerly manager of the Columbia, theater in Chicago, has been sent to the Bloouilugdale Insane asylum. United States Consul-General Frye is dangerously dll ait Halifax from n comploatlon of ailments. Rev.' Thomas E. Walsh, president of the university of Notre Dame, died at South Bend, Ind. The sttM'iner 33ms, i'irom [Bremen, which sailed from Southampton' Sim- day for New lork has on board $210,000. Tbe stoiiy thait rtilie Miohlcain was fired on by a poaching sender is ofticial- y denied. Mr. Gladstone received a, bad shaking up by his «ib colliding with another cab. The Meedi Bros., of the academy of music, Buffalo, N. Y., made a general assignment. Congressman F\ E. White, of Iowa, declines to 'be the democratic candidate for governor. Arthur Kenny, shoe ,ma>nnfflciturcr at New York, lias confessed judgments aggregating $22,004. Charles C. Jones, historian of Georgia, is doml. He was born in Savannah October 28, 1831. The Alton road has made a 50-cent cut in the world's fair excursion rate. A war may result. John McCarty, a, ftirm hand of Tipton, Ind., 87 years of age, fell from a fence and was killed. Oil lias 'been discovered tut Wsvtor- ville, O., and hundreds of speculators are flocking to that cMy. John Swartout, of Morrison, 111., in- dicred for the nmrdor of his fad her, died in jail of consumption. A, J. Drexel was buried at Philadelphia, The funeral was marked by the absence of any display. R. L. Oochran, a prominent (Unno- orattc politician, committed suicide by shooting, at Franklin, Pa. By the explosion of a gasoline stove;, near Chichiiitvtl, John Ulrich, wife and child wore badly burned. Orders have been received from hetul- and equal suffrage. The American bark Alice Reed, from jrtnihvd n,t Lewes. D'el. and rctportcd one and niic wise from yellow fever.' Speaker Crisp will arnnjrc his cunt mititccs for Hie si^siion of con.iitvss ir his Itomo. Fostoftiw oflioiails nre doing their bos? tt> <givu free deliveny with the II mi tec' appropriations at hand. France wMl blockade the RiVer Me nani iniless Slam pays 8,000,000 firancs and jnnkes otlicr concessions in forty eight hours. Judge Tuley at Chicago has appoint wl si receiver for the Great Western •wire-works which has authorized capita of $200,000. It was shown' that the was hopelessly Insolvent. Falling to get his share of the proceeds, Contractor Flyuu exposed u plan to swindle Cincinnati. Officers nt Maitoon, 111., say Charles Miller, who- shot Alay Mock, was murdered and thrown Info the water. AVrcnn, of Chicago, is now out of the Boston tennis tourney. Foote. Chuce, Stevens or Hall may be winner. Bonds been filed by the four men held to the grand jury for the cold storage warehouse disaster. Seven banks close at Denver, but Avlll be able to pay depositors in time. The worst Is over. Governor Lewelling, of Kansas, will :,ry to Induce foreign naiUons to trade Urect. via the gulf of Mexico. The Pemisylvalnibt, is reducing expenses and new work is being abaii- loned. Operating expenses are being cut down. A one-way rate to Chicago is now considered las inevitable. Southern i ml -western lines are making the move. Adutt, Avho was arrested in Chicago 'or defrauding the Aiistro-Hungarian >ank, has been sentenced at Vienna o six years' imprisonmont. Suit has been brought at Now York to, foreclose a.'; $ 1,500,000 miortgaige vgaiinst! the D. C. Gueiigliug, Jr., Brow- ng company. Tim l-^itishi istcninior -.Blue Jacket, •mi Marseilles, arrived at Cardiff vith choloiu on board, and Avas ordered ai quarantine. For lack of evidence Rioter Schot- sch Avas discharged by a .Toilet jury. Other drainage ctininl arrests expect o be freed. with a companion; in a pond at Quid- nedk, R. I., was drowned. The body wns recovered. His home is in Sterling, Conn. Dr. Henry C. W. Meyer, the alleged wholesale poisoner for Insurance money, h'as arrived at New York from Detroit, in charge of two officers, and wns locked up. The International Cold Wave company, with a capital stock of $6,000,000, has been olrgaiiized at Aberdeen, S. D. The projectors clhlm to haive discoA^ered a secret by which they can bring cold winds from tine arctic to counteract the hot Avaves from Kansas. fliie Royal Bolroii^an Gp^.'ai coin- piany has ibeen engaged for a. twenty Aveeks' tour of America. The season Avdll open in New York in October. The compnny will produce but one opera, Prodniua Ncoivrositu (The Sold Bffidc), by Bmetana, a, Bohemirm composer. The ftotal number of .pensioners dropped from the rolls since March 4, 1803, AVSIS 245, and the total number of pensioners suspended since -Mairch 4, pending a further In vestigia-Won of their cases, was 5,000. Mantua Esscobcdo, the gi'eatest IJA'iug gcnontl of Mexico, Is seriously ill with (pleurisy. Physicians attending him ciit'artain A*ory little hope of jis recovery. Gen. Ezconbedo Avas the ACQUITTED SENSATIONAL ENDING OF THE MEAD MURDER TRIAL AT WAUPACA. THE THREE DEFENDANTS ARE LET" OFF* jouqueror of AV. Queer of Stivrgls, Mich., took his three little giirls on a railroad velocipede two miles east of town after berries, aid was ran into by u freight train, cilling one of the children. MUCH INDIGNATION AND CITI- ZENS EVEN TALK OF VIOLENT ACTION. THE JURY OUT BUT FIFTEEN MINUTES. SETTLE FOR $8,250. F.nd of a Long Life Insurance Gate at OshkHh. Attorney Quarles Ends His Argument About 4 O'clock, After Which the Jury Is Charged and Without Balloting Returns a -Verdict Acquitting Sam Stout, Tad Prior and Edward Bronson—Indictments Against Accessories Nolled. Oshkosh, Wis., July lO.-Judga and, in probate court yesterday, gran.- ed a petition to tbe executors of tbe estate of Julius H. Kiel to settle tbe claim against tbe Equitable Accident Insurance company, of Cinclntud, for $8,250. In December, 1888, Julius Kiel of tbls city took out a policy in the above named company for $10,000. Not long afterward Kiel's body was found In a rwump in tbe northern part of tbe itate with a bullet hole In tbe bead. When the policy was presented for payment the company refused to pay n the ground that Kiel had coinmit- ed suicide. The widow 'obtained a ver- Ict for the full amount in the United 0. L. Mora, one of the largest mauu- states court and the verdict was after- acturers of Indiana lumber, shut down ward set aside and a new trial granted, lis mills ait Plymouth for an indefinite eriod. •- • : | ] ' • •• Leon Smith, 21 years old, who forged aipor to the extent of $4,000, was enfenced at Grand Rapids, Mich., to tght yews' Imprisonment. Two miners were poisoned at Casoy- resulting in another verdict against the company, which was appealed to the United States supreme court Soon afterward tbe company's affairs were placed in the hands of a receiver. Attorneys for Mrs. Kiel and the receiver of the company met in Chicago July 6, and agreed upon fie terms of 'qiki'rturs to close down the Centennial mine tut Hough ton, Mich. A small son of Peter Christian was burned to death at Bucyms, O. He wtts playing with matches. Secretary of I'ho navy Herbert visited the naval staition ait New London, Conn., on a tour of Inspection. Over 2,000 workmen are out of employment in Elwood, Ind., and many are suffering. Twenty children of Botlmny church Sunday-school, Buffalo, were Injured in j burned 1 bet woon Bay City and Sag-hmw. tile. Ind., by beer drawn from a, keg settlement as now stated, hich continued a. huge copperhead nakc. Botli men died. .T. L. K. Patae, of Washington, D. C., ea;ped from the roof of liis house while teimporairily insane, and was killed. Ho letivcs a/n estate of $2,000,000. Afrs. Alice Doxsee of Bloomingtou, 111., committed suicide ait Bellonower, 111., by taking digitalis. Tlie death of had unbalanced her her daughter mind. John F. Poole, formerly manager of the Grand Opera- house, New York, and loiter of Nlblo's garden, died from dropsy, John C. MoConnell, a morocco and coljton manufacturer, -assigned at Philadelphia; liabilities $200,000, assets over $100,000. FSv.e hundred thousand ounces of silver and 100,000 Mexican dollars have been shipped to Europe on the North Gorman Lloyd steamship Spree. The epidemic of typhoid fever at Ironwood, Mich., has -numbered fifty ADMIRAL MARKI-IAM TESTIFIES. Campcrdown's Commander Tells His Story of the Victoria Disaster. Valettn, Malta, July 10.—The Victoria court-martial toda'y heard the testimony by Hear Admiral Markham, whose flag was Hying 0111 Hie Camperdown at the time she ran into and sank the Victoria. His official dispatches to the admiralty reporting the fact and the details of the disaster were read, and he stated that ho had nothing to add to these dis patches. When questioned as to the impression made upon him when the slguial of Vice-Admiral Tryon was hoisted on the Victoria ordering that the distance between the two columns be six cable lengths, Rear Admiral Markham replied that when the signal was rend he ssiid to his flag lieutenant: "That is impossible, since it is an impracticable mam envoi 1 ." The rear admiral then repeated the Waupaca, Wis., July 20.— Sain Stout, Tad Prior and JBdward Bronsou wore acquitted by the jury this afternoon of the murder of Samuel Mead. Mead was a banker and while working over his books on the night of October 9, 1883, was shot, and robbed of $8,000 in cash and $500 in bonds. Several persons have been arrested during the ten years that have elapsed and one, a man named Vandecar, barely escaped conviction. The claim was made in the case that ended today that Mead was murdered by a gang of young men who were out for a lark and only intended to frighten the old man, but, being recognized, lulled him and took his money. Lea has since become a leading merchant of the town and was a member of the legislature when indicted. Broii- son is now a leading merchant of Tu- coma, Wash. Tonight, after a conference between DOINGS AT DENVER, Depositors Hustling Money Back Into Banks'- Vaults. Denver, Col., July 20.—There will be no- more bank failures in Denver. The panic wore itself out yesterday with the failure of the People's, German State National banks. This morning when the First, Colorado, Denver, City and Auierlaiti National opened theii doors, there was hardly a dozen de positors in nil of them at the tellers' Avlndows. In the First and Colorado nationals, a long string of depositors reaching nearly to the street Avere lined up in front of the receiving teller's windows and the money was going back into the bank vaults almost as rapidly as it was drawn during the past three days The German, State and People's nationals could pay $3 for $1 if they could realize 0)11 securities. There may be a feAV commercial failures in the city Avithiu the next few days as a result of the suspension of banks, but it is believed that in no instance, Avhether a banking or com merclal house, will the failure be complete. A. resumption of business Avlll follow shortly. It Is stated today that the McNamarn, dry goods house, which failed Monday for $2(50,000, has sottled Avlth the principal .creditors and will resume business Monday. AA'hile tho situation in Denver is quieting doAvii the effect of tha local bank failures is being felt in interior towns in the state. Word was received here today that the First National bank at Canon City and the First National at Grand Junction, this state, failed to open, their doors tills inorn- ng. No particulars are at hand, but i is probable the failures Avere caused jy the suspension of the Denver bainks. The Flanders dry goods house, occupying irve store fronts and five stories ligh on Sixteenth street, was attached ;his morning by H. N. Bradley, of Boulder, Col., for $24,000. There is no defiinite statement of the condition of the firm available. Competent ndgcs place the assets at. $200,000 wih liabilities at $25,000. The failure rt'as caused by the suspension of the People's National bank to which $25,000 was due. ADDING THE DENVER BANKS. Comptroller Eckels Doing Everything Possible ToAvard Resumption. Washington, July 20,-nJames H. Eckels, comptroller of the currency, Immediately on his return from New York the judge and district attorney, the! this inomingfi addressed to the national cases against A. R. Lea, A. J. Poll, I bank examiner at Denver a dispatch D. Holmes, Rodney Chesley and Ken- 1 ny Sherman, indicted as accessories, were nolled. The only one against whom proceedings are left is P. AVillitiui I-Iunscomb, who was arrested in Washington and held as the state's appointed the state's attorney, falling to go on the stand and testily as expected. Much Indignation. Waupaca, AVis., July 20.—Attorney J. V. Quaries closed his argument in the Mead case this afternoon at about 4, o'clock, after which the judge charged the jury. The jury returned about fifteen minutes afterward, acquitting the three defendants. The verdict Avas so sudden that it defining the policy of. the administration Avith reference to insolvent national banking institutions generally as follows: "Frank Adams, National Bank Examiner, Denver, Colo.:—I Avish you would announce to the officers of the banks which have failed in Denver that it is my intention to lend them every aid possible toward speedy re- gumption on their part, and that I shall grant to them sufficient time to enable them not only 10 cllect such amounts as are speedily collectable, but to get together such amounts of money them to open upon a LABOR AND CAPITAL BOTH AFFECTED BY A MINNE- SOTA DECISION. DICTATES OF AN ASSOCIATION MUST BE OBSERVED. That Is, by a Member of ithe Association — Minnesota Supreme Court Makes an Important Ruling—Labor Unions (May Be Good But Need Watching by the Courts. St. Paul, July 20.-The supreme court of the state handed down an Important decision today Avhlch has a wide bearing on labor and capital alike. The NortliAvestiirn Lumbermen's association has a rule providing thait no member shall sell goods at any place * tut prices lower than retail dealers. >Tlie Bohu Manufacturing company one of its members, was accused of violating this rule and was notified by Secretary . Hollis tlwit h circular of warning would be sent to all members. The Bohu company secured an Injunction restraining tlie secretary on the ground that such a boycott would seriously injure its business. The lower court's order Avas today reversed jy the supreme court on the ground ;hat the Bohn company being a mem--^ jer of the association should have conformed to its rules. The supreme court holds that any one, unless under contract or obligation, or unless his em- jloyrnent charges him with some pubic duty, has the right to refuse to work for or deal Avith any man or class of men he sees fit and ibis right, vhich one man may exercise singly, my number of men may exercise joint- y. In his opinion, which is very lengthy, Tudge Mitchell reviews the history ol :he case and presents one phase of lie subject which Avill likely be one of he most Important and difficult which vlH come before courts during the itxt quarter century. 'This is an age of associatiuos and abor unions" ho continues.. "Confined o their proper limits they are not only aAvful but laudable. Carried beyond hese limits they are liable to become dangerous agencies for wrong and oppression! Be'yond what limits tihese combinations cannot go without inter- eiing Avith legal rights of others is a' iroblem which the courts will doubt- ess be frequently called to pass upon." small basis. "It seems to me that such citizens as have, by a fojlish course of conduct fairly shook ithe city, and the people m withdrawing deposits from, the bank in general are exceedingly indignant at the action of the twelve men. The verdict does not sway the minds which so long enjoyed their complete dition, in view of the damage they have confidence and brought about this con- deaths out of some four hundred cases, *\\ m '*' of tho signals as contained in his of the people, for they are all convinced done their city, ought as quickly as by the proceedings of the trial that the possible repair It by standing ready to defendants are the guilty men. deposit with them. I fully appreciate Many men, and more particularly so au tue circumstances of the situation, the business people, seem to advocate ' an d that no unnecessary loss may be violence, but it Is improbable that any ! entailed you are authorized to employ such step will be taken. |"s assistants to protect paper and col- The trial has been one of exceedingly leet in moneys the more competent long duration, lasting seven weeks, » u d trustworthy employes in siich iiisti- and has entirely depleted the treasury I tutions. I have also ordered Examiner and is now u baiting somewhat. Mi*s Kate Murray, of Nashville, IVnn., daughter of A la J or AlcClure, of that, city, who disappeared three weeks ago, lists been found at Indianapolis. dispatches to the admiralty. He said of tbe little county of Waupaca. AAlt- McHugh, of Iowa, to report at once to that when ho signaled to tlie A'ictoria nesses were brought for this trial from assist you. I desire that this telegram that he did not quite understand the all parts of the country and it cost be. given to the press at Denver, evl- slgnal the Victoria answered that the ' " Ctimperdowu was delaying the maneuvers. It thriii occurred to the witness enormous amount of money. The de- dencing as it does that the comptroller fondants were unable to help themselves and the county was forced to faith in the ability of the banks Denver to resume and of his desire The (UK Charles ,C. McDonald was ; that he was to put the helm of the 'pay their attorneys' fees and other to lend them every assistance consist- an accident to their excursion train. .Aliss Helen Lipiniin of AHlwtiuki'O, 20 years of age, was drowned in it swimming school, being seized with cramps. From information received at Atlanta there seems to have boon a big dual in AVisconsin in bogus Georgia land titles. Charley Alilltu 1 , a mail-carrier \at Aluit- toon, 111., shot and wounded the girl who had rejected him and then drowned himself. Congressman \V. C. P. Brockinridge of Kentucky was muirried at Louisville, i j H ' llnt " !| July IS, to his ' Scott AViug. Fletcher, democrat, was elected may or of Jacksonville, Flu. The captain and others on board had to jump overboard ito save their lives. All's. Saitih Stoner, of Brunswick, Mo., who Avas injurcHl in a Baltimore and Ohio wreck last October, has sued tlio company for $10,000 at Luporte, I ud. By ithe giving way of tho second floor of the Ftiyette county, Ivy., jail John Irksine, white and Dave Williams, colored, who wore repairing the .prison, were, fatally injured. Camperdown clown and turn her six-' expenses involved. teen points to starboard, while the Vic- j The case has cost about thirty thou- toriti would ease her helm and circle sand dollars. round on.i the outside of the division, which was being lecl-lty the Camperdown. CORBETT'S SHOW CLOSED. The Pugilist Ordered to Leave Midway Plnisance, Chicago, 111., July tine | ant with his official duty." When asked to express more fully his views on tihe condition of affairs, Mr, en e rs argumen was mae Eckti ls stiid the failures in Denver yes- and even before, it was readily seen temay Uke a number of other national that the Jurymen had their minds made bnnk faUure8| were caused by no fault .up. Even their attorneys alluded to it of tho bank offlcialSi but through a in Tnpli' nn/lrAeeAB 1^..^ , ,, , - .. __ SINGINU DON'T PAY. Saengerfcst Expenses Exceed Receipts by Ten Thousand Dollars. Cleveland, O., July 20.—Ten thousand dollars represents the excess of expenses of the Sacugerfest over the receipts. Despite the apparently large receipts from the sale of admission tickets, the sum received from that source fell far below the expectations . of tlie finance committee. If the hall had been filled, at all concerts, the gate receipts would have aggregated nearly $75,000. The esti- miaites were based on box office receipts of 'ooarly $35,000. Had this sum been realized there would have been a surplus in. the ha'nds of the committee, instead of a deficit to meet. Only $22,000 were taken, in at the seven concerts. The committee Avafa astonished when the fact was announced. That the receipts should depreciate $13,000 Avhen their estimates were so conservative was a kedn disappointment. EDISON PATENTS UPHELD. in their addresses. foolish and uncalled-for hick of confi- While the funnily of Tlteo. Launer, : Higginbotham, of the Avoiid's fail- di- of Jacksonville, 111., was absent, from ' rectory, has issued an order to close up Pugilist Corbett's exhibitions on tho midway plaisnnce. Director of This has been the cause of much douce on the part of depositors. "It is talk and has given rise to a report that my intention," he said, "where a bank was circulated here pome; time ago has been properly conducted and whose that Micro was jury fixing. Tho re-'assets under ordinary circumstances 19.—President port that the jury was fixed came' would have permitted It to remain sol- cousin, -Mrs. Louise, si(llT;l1)U> Jlltmo . y . H o anil also stole con- attempteil to assault a daughter who was alone i in tho house. ! A. Af. Rogers, Works Burnham said this afternoon' trial was concluded. from Stevens Point. , vent, to give the institution every oppor- The prosecution was confronted with tunity to resume business. All the Den- mnuy duliculties, one being the lapse ver banks that failed were well conductor lime, it beiny eleven years since tlio ed and every opportunity Avill be given that the order has been ignored by traveling salesman Corbett. Air. Burnham added: Airs. William AleAIorris, of Hall, Intl.,'for a. Chicago shoo house, was flogged them to reopen. Tho people who have penso for another trial, and some very OIUlse<1 «"> De °™ r 0 "" thcy by foollsu "- Oconto Incandescent Lamp Company Defeated in Court. Milwaukee, Wis., July 20.—Judge Seaman, In tlie United Slates district court today granted an injunction a.gaimst the Ooonto Manuflcturlug company restraining that company from making the Edison incandescent lamp. Tho decision upholds the validity ol Edison patents in the iucaiiidescent lamp. The Oconto concern represents the combined interests which have been fighting Edison patents. The case was argued three weeks ago. LOSS IN FLAMES. The Ellis Bros'. Creamery of Brooklyn Destroyed. Fire AVednosday night, destroyed tlie creamery of the Ellis Bros., of Brook- to about Notifications of two more failures reached Air. Eckels this morniing. The unfortunate banks are tho First National, of Harrisonville, Mo., which wont Dietrich, was thrown to the ground James J. Corbett. filed a bill in tho cir- Alrs. Conrad A'cilhum, of Toivuwuuda, ' «»d fatally injured. Several passengers cult court, this afternoon pn that one 1 TRUST COAIPANY SUSPENDS. Nashua, N. I-L, July 20.—The Security "— J *•"- —--*•«.»*.*•>-> wi* i *.t*^j Aijt-w. j t» ,uj\_/.n H ^ tl L, » n , , ii." under this morning, and the Oklahoma - lrust . company closed its doors this •»-._.»,. , , , .. ~. , . -... ~. i mornm*?. 'Plin linnl.- line nnf innt wim N. V., has fallen heir to *-1,000,000 through the deatli of an uncle in India. AlCivd Hoone, 'who pleaded guilty tt> cutiling wires in Iowa (luring rhc were hunt. Jusliice AV. L. Smith, of the supreme court: of New York, and Miss Jessie lion/ales, of Elmlru, N. Y., were mar- strike, was sentenced to rieil in the Afarylobone Congregational eighteen months. The Texas Central Railroad company , recorded a deeil of tirust at AVtico lo secure tin issue of $2,000,000 of first, tnorii-'age bonds. i This Illinois state veterinarian has i caused seventy-nint! head of cattle toi the AVorld's Columbian expos A'ioiiua bakery bo restruinoi continuing the lighter's exhibitions Alidway pluisunce. Judge AlcCoimell refused to grant 'lite injunction. This sottled the matter and Corbett will have to go. The bank has not met with CHILD'S TKHU1BLK DKATII Airs. U. S. (irti'nt, who is still at West Point, will be joined later by hoi Head .Severed from Its Body Near .Monroe — Favlier (Joes insane. Alouroc, Wis., July 20. —A 2- year old AVill Celebrate the Anniversary Threo Huudrettli of Upsttlu. church at Dondon. At Portland, Ore., the United Slates grand jury returned sixteen indictments against parties alleged to have been conueciU'd witlt the smuggling of opium and, Charles Johnson, alias Larson, was fair in September. In October they 'west part of this county, was run over, where thev willcoiebiVi teethe SWEDES GATHER AT ASHLAND. .\shhind, AVis., July 20.—Northern sou and they will come to the world's child of George Denure, living in tho ' Wisconsin Swedes tiro c-ongrogaitin'" tit ' ' e ' . be quairantlnod at. Duquoln on account i arrested tit St. Paul, Miinii., on a charge , will be joined liu Chicago by Mrs. by the, afternoon iiassonger on the St. MOOth aimiversarv of Unsalti assemble t'\ f I'll (i 'P» i"\*>l t! l'i i\'i 1 1* ' j-. J' *•.-. i.,..,-,,.., "II".-. t.. 1 1 , ,- . , . ..!, J- *. .. !,„«.,. '*1..^..l. f < ,, ,.i ,^ .»! , , l,,i«. ,l.-,i,,«1ii-,-,ii,-, Jft lJ"llll l'i\n/1 T'dijf /\1«/1»1 ir ! J. •»-. * r of the Texas fever. |of forgery. He Is thought to have ' I! rant Surtoris, her daughter, who lJ"llll l'i\n/1 i ,un loan J. •»-. r tomorrow. Dr. O. A. Swansen, of An (.irganlzaition of Germans has been 'passed many spurious chocks for years j coining over to see the fair. Mrs.! Tho head was severed from the body. | Kansas, and the Rev. b. Olson of II- fornxed in Saina, Kan., tho. solo pur- • pastxagsregatiug thousands of dollars.! Grant has written a book Avhlch is soon j Tlio fattier has gone insane over his linois, are prominent Swedes who \vlli pose of which is lo fight prohibition Elhto Fenuer, 23, 'while Utitth'Hig to be published. loss. 'speak It has capital and surplus amounting to $250,000 which may be paid out before, loss can come lo the depositors. WILL OF A. J, DREXEL. Philadelphia, July 20.— The will A. ! J. Drexel wns wobated this mowing. It was stated merely real and personal estate each $1,000,000. The German hospital, adelphla, receives $1,000,000, of $1,000,000 is established to th,e piibllo art gallery here. *

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