The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on July 19, 1893 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 19, 1893
Page 7
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THE UPPER BES MQINES, ALGONA, IOWA, WEDNESDAY, JtLY 19 1893. |_SPRINdS, SOUTH DAKOTA ffion. Satnual W. Allerton Thinks ot Them. , [tlot Springs (8. D.) Star.] Hon. Samuel W. Allcrton, the noted illst, of Chicago, arrived over the Hgton Bout, a few days since, and I an Interview -with a Star reporter lltoti people do not begin to realize >ou hate here In these waters. I i_d the opportunity of traveling some lie United State*, and have visited a Dumber of health resorts with springs 'ate claimed to have medicinal pro') but In iny opinion yon have water bat li superior to aujihing iu this y, if not In the world, for the cure of _iail. afflctlons and diseases of the skin, lentlon was first called to these springs j Intimate friend, Mr. Spencer, who 'a large cattle ranch west of here. He "man on his ranch that was so badly .led with rheumatism that he was haul- Here In a helpltss condition. He was led in the old Indian bath for several eki, and he went home entirely cured up, d^t resolved that if ever I had rheumatism Z-. family I would try Hot Springs, 8. D. K. brought Mrs. Allcrton here as soon as' a-BUevfras able to come at all, and I have |£6tirid that all -Mr. Spencer said iu reference if-to'the curative properties ot the waters hns \been realized in my wife's case. She said ihe feels as though she had just been turn- .'»,4i.i oogB f rom a p r i soa where she had been :d upon to endure excruciating torture !ry Joint and muscle racked with pain at life was a burden. No, I think Hot igs' future is a grand one. Its air is and wholesome, its scenery lively and _ring; sleep comes wilhout any effort lldStt Is just the place for rest and building "™W shattered constitution. You do not jjenough about the value of your waters Ikin troubles. I, myself, received great .lit from Idem lasl year in a short visit ,)e. Your climate makes you inllnilcly Berior lo the Arkansas Hot Springs, and tt country where so many thousands are wlih rhctiinallsni and oilier kindred Jniuits, if jour advantages arc made TOWn, there Is no question but that you ijl become Ihu foremost heal 111 resort iu .(United States. We are deliglitud with .UrVtnp here and what your witters have _<Stf- for us and will make frequent visits to e-ily. STILL PRAISES. adrid, July 8.— In an interview with ^Associated; press, Eulalia, who has f returned from the United , States, that she had a most delightful in America and wns charmed by cordiality of her reception. She >greatly enjoyed herself throughout the iJjetUlre trip and felt that she knew and pected Americans as never before. A Ruinous Loss. ' 8 " " la * ^ e P e °P'e in general are so jone to disregard loss of strength, clearly jkpejjceptiblc in bodily shrinkage, failure of .ppctite, broken rest? Incomprehensible but ijie. Sheer carelessness, an overweening ejhllduiee in the power of nature to reeu. 1 ernte —these are suggestible reasons. One the most observable signals of danger roHn by distressed nature is waning Strength. An efficient 'tonic is the best bafeguuid against impending peril. Among ijie invigorunts wbicb ;modern science has fdevelopcd and experience approved is Hos. Itettei's Stomach Millers, and it occupies the |flrbt pluce. Digestion, renewed by this gen- $al stomachic, compensates for a drain of Jjvital force, and a regular action of the oweM and trimquil condition of tlie nerves, Iboth injured by its use, co-operate in the ('complete restoration of vigor. The Bitters remedies liver and kidney trouble and raalana. - -.-.: . • JiLATCHFORD'S SUCCESSOR. New York, July 8.—The death of Jxis- tice Blatohford leaves a vacancy for Mr. Cleveland to fill on the supreme bench. As Justice Blatohford was the jonly representative of New York on (thc bench it is supposed a New Yorker be appointed. Secretary Gresham Don Dickinson are also mentioned. WEEKLY BANK STATEMENTS York, July S.—The weekly bank of the associated banks the following changes. Reserve, ffjllecrease, $6,333,000; i loans, increase, '11^5,035,000; deposits, increase, $700,000. ''•fTho banks now hold $5,082,000 less the legal requirements, and Strength Are given to wefk and frail children in wonderful manner by Hood's Sarsaparilla. Mr. Edward Hilbert, Lawrence, Mass., says: "Our daughter, Etta, bad ,little strength when a baby. When two and o_e-bo:lf years old she had frequent PAINTING SPELLS, gave her Hood's SarsttiJttrilla. Her gen- erul liealtb improved mta lUlberi. until she became liealthy and rugged. We jjjive her . • , Hood's Sarsaparilla Occasionally now, whenever she complains 1 |pf that tired feeling. ft? HOOD'S PILLS cure constipation by restor- the peristaltic action of the alimentary AMONG THE AFGHANS. "This despatch must go," said Ned Archer, the war correspolndent, decidedly, as we sat together in the military compound of tile northern division of the British Indian army, stationed beyond the Kyber Pass. We had unearthed a plot on the part of the Afghans, Avhlch, forty- eight hours later, materialized in the frightful tnassacrfe. The general in command, however, simply laughed at the idea. He not only refused to take any precautions himself, but) declined to allow any such sensational stuff to go over the wire to; the home newspapers. Ned Archer was a determined fellow. I had 110 doubt the despatch would go; but how? was a very serious question. To llnd a telegraph office not under control of the general we must go to the town of Kyber, forty-two miles to the south. The path lay through the defiles of the Himalaya mountains, that were literally alive with Afghans; desperate fellows, blttcrlj opposed to the English, who had al- feiidy become so openly insolent mid ferocious that ;pc<ople iindor British protection were forbidden to leave tho town even iu broad daylight without a military guard, aitid messengers from the South arrived iwirh constantly increasing escorts. Ned and I came through the momi tains from Kyber at night, with no incentive to note the path even if wo could have seen it, but to employ an Afghan guide to show us the wny back would have been certain death, while a military escort was, of course, impossible 1 . Ouu litippy tliougnt suggested itseli'. In coining up 1 htm traded Miy woruout horses lor tresh ones iu Kyber. were native auimitls, and if left to themselves might possibly make tiieir o\vii way bacic agaiu to Kj ber. We resolved to try. The night wuiie on with heavy clouds and rain, and the moment it was possible to pabs our own soutries we started, knowing to a certainty that we were taking our'lust look in the station north of the Kyber Pass, for the chances were many against us that we should ever live to reach the town of Kyber, and if we did,, and the despatch was sent, if the Afghans changed their plans, we should at least be discharged in disgrace; while, if we succeeded, and all was correct', though Ned Archer's reputation as a war correspondent would be established for life, that northern station would be ;p|bliterated. Personally, my. only motive for going was that Ned Archer was my friend. We had followed' all soi-ts of fortunes together, and this must be one of them. ; ' If there had been the best road in the world before us we could not have followed it on that stormy night AVe kept the rain on our right cheeks, but beyond that let the horse have their way.. We could not even see the faintest outline -of the horses' heads. We could only feel their timid, irregular breathing, and hoar .the.sound of their hoofs, knowing that in the impenetrable blackness about us there might be a hundred ears catching the same sound, and a hundred hands at any moment stretched out to drag us from the saddle and tear us in pieces. Fretted by the rain, tho horses struck into a rapid amble, and, frightened by the darkness, they crowded closer .' and closer together, till thej almost, crushed our legs. , With a shock which sent cold shivers down my back, I felt my horse start under mo, hesitate for staut, draw a deep, quivering an in- breath 'and stand stock still, saying as plain its words could put it that there was damger in the darkness on ahead. In spite of common sense we strained our eyes to see, and strained our eyes to listen. Hark! It is tlie distant sound of feet—the sandalled feet of Afghan 'soldiers! They are surely approaching! There is not the faintest murmur of a. human yoice. They are bound upon a mission demanding silence. They must have heard our horses' hoofs before the animals coidd have heard them, and the only explanation is that they are coming in search of us. Nearer, .steadily near.or! Oh! if those horses would only stop breath- tog! Then the sound was a little to our hair's-breadth, and we sat and listened to the muttering of that multitude of sandals as it passed within lifty feet of us, and gradually died away.- flSure relief lomTpils TTnTICD'Q OAQTII I CO Price35Ms.aMUlUfl» UUUCH O FAQ I mail. Siowell&Co, — (C-mrlcstow_,_i!Ul» lY'S CREAM " WILL CUKE CATARRH , Price BO cents. ply Balm In each nostril. BHOa., 66 W»rr»u St. Again we felt that ominous shiver beneath us. This time, there was a murmur of voices upon the right. '.:.. Oiice, with a sharp snort my horse leaped to cme side. I : clutched my revolver, sure that ho must have stepped upon tho border of an Afghan tent, bxit after fen minutes of painful, sus.- poiise we moved on again without knowing what had frightened him. At last the way became rocky, in dlcating that we were entering the mountains, and assuring \is that, the horses were at home \ipon. the. path and knew the way.- We dismounted and wound their hoofs with strips from blankets brought fpr. 'the purpose. Before starting we estimated that the twenty miles now behind ug were comparatively safe, while the danger centered in the fifteen miles'directly following, chiefly in a deep defile', two- miles in length, called The Gate, which (was so narrow that only two TOWlVW~'i*""«"««"i c &' |rt rl(le abretlst thr ° ugl1 it- I Pastes, Enamel* and Paints which ** e wlnd died away, and the air, the hands, injure the iron, and bur«-P*q%A ir ated T -ith moisture, grew heavier The Rising Sun Stove Polish is ?t_ e reader heavieyi! ^ 7 e knew as though we Odorless, and Durable, Each paofcx farm, qv them^wiat the giarat cliffs of the pni rt».wce.j a -J«» w***w4 ^P^eimalaya^ere rising higher and jioutaudjher onpl«n,her • side, and that we IEST POLISH IN THE WORLD. LISH M Past. Polish. ^fc —»a» VAkL " *" •"-"Tfl"**'* ***»W"14.«» V* mfi-^mff «— '-" Tf-i-n T . i -- QF 9(900 TOtw^gfre ent$S>1 the very citadel of the __ _ Tghans I ( l their southern border, ~ v \f jxer© ev^ I orge ab,o\;t ys was doubt- savagely tiih-sting for the white man's. blood. In the very midst of that wild mountain gorge tlie horses stopped short, with a shudder that was more emphatic thoin any which had star-. led us before. A hundnad years of life will not dim the memory of the moment that followed, when wo four struggled silently to penetrate tlie dense blackness about us and discover the danger which we had to face. Ned touched my arm. Yes: I heard it too Between .the irregular pant- lug of the horses 1 distinguished the deep, regular breathing of a human beiiiig, a mortal man, sound asleep and snoring in that narrow path. The common practice of a nat.ivt sentry on guard at night is to stretch himself upon the ground before what he Is guarding and Uelibemtely go to sleep. An Afghan sentinel was guarding that narrow pass. It meant a detachment of Afghan soldiers in some sheltered cleft close at hand, and that the pass was closed. We may 1m ve had no right to place ourselves in such a predicament, but we were there, and retreat was iui possible. While that man was alive there was no' chance to pass without rousing him and all his friends. Shudder as we might at the thought of it, is was inexorable. Either he, must die there without a single sound,' or our lives would not last five minutes. I slid from the saddle and, with an eight-inch dagger in niy hand, crept noiselessly forward. I could hear the breathing distinctly now, »md easily locotedtilie fellow's head, four or five feet away, upon my eft. Whea I had almost reached it every, drop of blood stood still, and I drew back with a shudder. Two men, at least, were sleeping there. Steadying myself with the thought that, if thefe were twenty, it was just 'the same, iny only possible; course :' was to do my best, • I grasped the dagger again and crept on. Bending forward, at List .1 was struggling to locate in the darkness the exact spot to strike a single blow when— heaven be thanked!— I caught tlie fumes of opium. .My hand fell and I sat still for a moment, for the strain had been something fearful Then reaching forward I found the Afghan's face. It was clammy and cold. The other was close to it. They were both in a dead stupor. Creeping along beyond them to assure myself there were no more, I pulled their senseless bodies close to one side-, led the horse cautiously- past them and once more we were on the ,wayi in time the oppressive atmosphere grew lighter : and we breathed fresh air again. On . emerging from tlie gorge, however, we found that a dense fog had replaced the rain, and -worse yet, the. fog was tinged with a suspicion of silveivgray by the first thought of comiing morning. It. was a serious suggestion and we quickened our pace. Paster and faster we rode as it grew lighter till suddenly the horses sank back upon their haunches and a sha/- dow rose cut of the ' shadows before us. It loomed up in the fog for an .instant ;Then there was a crash, a flash! The shadqw disappeared; and Ned clutched my arm. I sprang from the saddle only in time to catch poor Archer's body as it fell, backward, and it lay . on the ground between the horses. Anxiously I knelt beside it, but the bullet must have pierced the heart for there was not another sign of life- after ho • caugh^l my arm. Whoever fired the shot was doubtless ready to fire again, and the only .possible chance which I could see for myself was to lonp upon my horse, lie close on his neck, give 'him the spurs, and make a life-and-deatih dash for Kyber.- 1 looked down into Ned's -.dead face and shook my head. He would no-t have left me like that, and I resolved to take him with mo as far as I 'went, at least. , t Mechanically I made a litter by binding what was left of the blankets over the saddles and fastening the horses together, with every motion expecting the report that was to end f,- life. Perhaps they were standing about watching me, 'waiting for mo to start. I did not care to look into those fog banks for an instant, but when all was ready took the despatches from Ned's pocket, lifted his body upon the litter, laid my left hand upon tlie bit, and with a cold shudder took tlie first step. To prevent (myself from! uselessly straining my eyes to penetrate the fog, I watched my feet, counting my steps, and tried to quiet my overstrained nerves by betting with myself whether I should take ten steps, and then ten more, before I heard the shot and felt the ball. Suddenly a sense of light startled my absorbed attention. I looked up. The fog was drifting up the hill, into the mountain behind me, and down in the green valley, less than half n i mile ?.iway, lay the Hindu town of Kyber, with the British, flag flying. from the citadel. The despatch went to England that morning, and Ned Archer's reputation as a war correspondent was es- You want the Best Royal Baking Powder never disappoints; never makes sour, soggy or husky food; never spoils good materials; never leaves lumps of alkali in the biscuit or cake; while all these things dd happen with the best of cooks who cling to the old-fashioned methods, or who use other baking powders. If you want the best food, Royal Baking Powder is indispensable. ATTRACTION OF THE ABYSS. pounds weight to the machine and does not alter its appearance perceptibly. 'AugUSt i Flower" " I am Post Master here and keep a Store. I have kept August Flow** for sale for some time I think it!» a splendid medicine." E. A. Boo^. P. M., Pavilion Centre, N. Y, Tbe stomach is the reservofe If it fails, everything fails. 'Tb* liver, the kidneys, the lungs, th* heart, the head, the blood, thenemp, all go wrong. If you feel wrong; look to the stomach first. Put that; right at once by using Attpul. Flower. It assures a good appetite and a good digestion. •» KNOWLEDGE Why People Long to Throw Them- The belt which goes to a 32-inch wheel selves From High Places. in an ordinary bicycle, the practical Chevreul's well-known experiments circumference of a, 64-inch wheel, with the exploratory pendulem and passes around a small wheel called the divining rod show that if wo repre- the sprocket. And within a solid sent ourselves a motion in any direction spa-oqket wheel is concealed, the new tine lhand will unconsciously realize invention that forces the machines up it and communicate it to the pcndu- steep slopes. The iuuer circumference lem, says a writer iu the Popular Sci- of this sprocket is cogged, just as is the ence mouthly. Tho tipping table real- outer circumference. Within the inner izes a movement we are anticipating, circumference and about the main through the intervention of the real shaft of the sprocket another oircum-1 -Brings comfort and improvimeni an® movement of the hands, of which we ference of tooth or cogs is set, while t f nda tfl personal enjoyment wb«n< are not conscious. Mind reading, by between these two cogged circumfer-1 "K" 1 ^ U8e ^' The many, who lire bat- those who divine by taking your hand ences with the sprocket are set small ter than others and enjoy life more, withs whore you hidden anything, is a. discs, also cogged. Thus, when the, K 88 expenditure, by more Pfoinptljr reading of Imperceptible motions by, belt sots the sprocket in motion by jft*" 1 ? th , 6 J°S K^rJ^ S5E S ^Jtfj£S& laxative principles embraced in »*>. remedy, Syrup of Figs. Its excellence is due to ita prescsitJa^; In the form moat acceptable and piM^- ant to the taste, the refreshing and toraly beneficial properties of a perfect ___£- ative; effectually cleansing the .ystex^. dispelling colds, headaches and ierem ana permanently curing constipatka.. without your being conscious of them.! circumference, the inner cogs impart In cases of fascination "" " —" " which arc more dren than among adults, a movement |is begun the suspension of which is uscdnation and vertigo, i the motion to the intermediate discs, :-e visible among child- which in turn move the cogged circumference of the main shaft. Upon level ground Hie sprocket works as usual, I — •-• — -" -,-|j»v«-'«».v.'u n vn. jxo CiO I 1. I prevented by the paralysis of the will, I but when a hill is reached *v level- re- and it carries us to suffering and death, leases the clutch PS confining th'p inter- jWhen a child I was navigating a'ior mechanism and tho result Is that plank on the river without a thought! the speed is reduced and (tho power that I might fall. All at once -the idea increased propoi-tlonateiy. For" ex-! It hns given satisfaction to millions aail came like a diverging force, projecting'ample suppose a 32-inch wheel is! mefc WI . 411 * he a PP r 9 val of the medic^B itsettf .across .the rectilinear thought | 'geared" to 64 inches with the "climb- which had alone previously directed my action. It was as if an invisible arm ing attachment" the Increase obtained by the gearing makes' itself manifest seized me and drew me down. I cried: not in the multiplied' revolutions of out and continued' staggering over .the the driving wheel, but in the power wMrling jwata-s till help came to me. | which mokes the revolutions.'-Thus a 32-Inch wheel geared to 64 loses half its speed, but its power is increased two-fold. The mere thought of vertigo provoked it. The board lying on (the ground suggested no thought of a fall when you walk over it; but when it is over a precipice and the eye takes the meas- use of the distance to the bottom, the representation of a falling motion becomes intense, and the impulse to fall Miss Bertha Burnham, daughter of a correspondingly so. Even if you are | large wool buyer at Deerfleld, Mich., safe there may still be what is called died of hydrophobia, the attraction of the abyss. The vision SAMPLE PACKAGE MAILED FREE. Address, SMALL BiluKciiiin, Now York. of tine gulf as a fixed idea, having produced an "inhibition" on nil your ideas or forces, nothing is left but the figure of the great hole, wltli the intoxication of ithe rapid movement that begins in your brain and tends to turn the scale of the mental balance. Temptation, which is continual in children because everything is new to th'em, is nothing else than the force of an idea and the motive impulse that accompanies it. . DEEP IN THE CORAL SEA. Fairy Forest of Wondrous Shapes and Colors in a Sea of Emerald. . In no part of the world are the partly biuuod ocean wonders more lavishly displayed in all their endless variety tihan off this notheastern coast of Terra Australia, within the Great Bnr- rler Reef hi. the Coral Sea. As the boat is launched to take us ashore, says a. writer in Good Words, the wonders commence at once. It is surely some fairy forest where elfin kings court princesses in fishly disguise, or water babies sit and pout on some coral boulder. Or is it a submarine flower garden where the mermaids dwell? Deep down in clear, bright water wondrous shapes and colors are seen, ,at; first indistinctly, like a tinted photograph out of focus; then, as the water gets shallower and shallower, more and more distinctly the jewel fires, and the picture is complete. Large flat bowls of milk-white coral first attract the eye. Then others with branching Dyspepsia, 1-Iuurllnmi, Iloudnclic, Lnssi- liide. spring F.yvur, nil debilitation und win- IIT irrejrulnrilii'S Jly before. Smith's Bile Beans SMALL. Tlic. government receipts for tho fiscal year exceeded the expenditures by ?2,000,000. Till \ipiii nuat wali'li-sliaped bottles, sugar coated, SMALL Bile Beiins. Mr..and Mrs. Henipstead Wnshburne of Chicago, have gone to their summer cottage at Mackinac islands. I Is IT probable that what a million'women say afler daily trial ia a mistake? They say Jjiililiin. 1 Perfect Soup is the best 6c ioap ever made. Have your grocer order of hia wholu.uler. Try It, Only 5c. William Labudde, an Oshkosh man, was badly injured iu a runawajf accident N. K. Brown's Essence Jamaica Ginger will cure dysentery. None better. Try it. 85 eta. A cablegram from London states thatj profession, because it acts on the Kid- meys, Liver and Bowels without weakening them and it is perfectly free from every objectionable substance. Syrup of Figs is for sale by all drug* gists in 50c andfl bottles, but it is manufactured by the California Fig Syrnp Co. only, whose name is printed on eveiy package, also the name, Syrup of Fig*» and being well informed, you will nef accept any substitute if offered. UNEQUALLED TRAIN SERVICE I FROM . . . CHICAGO to BUFFALO NEW YORK BOSTON - and Intermediate [TOURIST TICKETS i to the i EASTERN BE- i SORTS now on i sale. Send for > list of routes and rate*. A. J. SMITH, C.K.WILBER, intermediate S points ••• (0,]'. ATkt. _gU, ^ KLAMD. WMt.l'ui. Aft, I CHIC-GO? ' HEED 1 WARNING \Vliich nature is constantly givinR In the sliapo- of boils, pimples, eruptions, ulcers, etc. These • show that the blood is contaminated, anil some * assistance must be nr iven to relieve the trouble. Js the remedy to force out these po_c-- BOIIS, and enable you to GET WELL. "I have had for years a humor In ray bloort.'. Which made me dread to shave, as small boils o» • pimples would be cut, thus canning tho shaving to Kigrid Amoldson, the famed Swedhtf ^AiSS^^^\,^^^^SS^^S prima donna, has signed a contract 1'or a six months' concert tour In th_ United States. Her first appi ,will be in Chicago In October. BEBOHAM'S PILLS arc not a new remedy They have been used in Europe for 50 years, an_l we well tested and excellent. antlers like a fallen deer, only the Tale; acore 6 to4. fairy herd there aro lying buried in a huge, confused mass. Some are cov- Harrard won the college baseball championship yesterday by defeating ored witJi ten thousand sharp pinnacles of a light purply color, each pinnacle having a blight blue eye (or what looks like an eye) at the extremity. All in a sea of emerald, this dream of enchantment. We fear before we F. J. CHENEY & CO., Toledo, O., Proprs or Hall's Catarrh Cure, offer $100 reward foi ft ' rrU that not b ° curd The University of Virginia has won first honors in the first week of the in- se0half«liefflo 1 yofitwemightawake| ter _ oolleglate baseball tournament at OTl/l' nloot <f > r_iis_>s\4i 4-s\r\ rm<-m mi* n *m • ° Chicago. It clinched the place yesterday by defeating the University of Illinois, 10 to 7. Poor fellow!— H. W. 'French in New York World. • : alas! forget too soon. There light and feathery branches of fernlike coral are blushing a soft pink or pale nasturtium yellow. Here large solid masses of brain coral, round and white, the surface incrusted or engraved with the most delicate lace tracings.; arid others green and shaped like a coaxse moss. INTERESTING BICYCLE TION. INVBN- "D<>n't Tobacco Spit Your J-lfe A.W*y" Is the startling, truthful, title of »little book just received, telling all about Notobuc, the wonderful, harmless, economical, guaranteed pure for the tobacco habit in every form. Tobacco users who want to quit and ofto't by mentioning Tjp PAWt o'an get boot mailed free. Address Tpa An Attachment to Assist the Rider in Slirnbing Hills. An invention of great interest to bicyclists has just been successfully tested in New York. By means of what is called a "climbdng attachment," a bicycle surmounted the steep slope of the Doi-sher hlU above Fort Lee ferry house with little exertion on the part of its iWer, who then descended the declivity -without % n 'J>rake, the wheel all (the -while being under perfect oon- tyoli Tbo mechanism, wjhdch effects y face in all clear and smooth its it should he— appetite splendid, sleep. well, and feel like running a fou» all from the use o; 8. 8. S. CHAS, HKATO.N, 73 Laurel st . Phils. Treatise on blood and akin diseases mailed free- SWiFT SPECIFIC CO., Atlanta, Ua. I EWIS'98%LYE I I'o wilt red und F«rfum*dL ' •_ (PiTIHT-D.) The strongest and purest Lye mftO^ ^ Unlike other Lye, It being • fln* /_ powder and packed ln»» oan wit]) . **r«movaUe lid. the content, turt ttlwayi ready for ua». Wilt wUM the beat perfumed H»rd Bo»p in If minutes without boiling. IllitM be,st for cleansing wMtt-pipMfc disinfecting ilnki, olo.ttl, w«9h» ing bottles, paint*, tree*, »to. 1'ENNA. 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If it ever fails to benefit or cure, • • you nare your moj^jr SALESMEN WANTED Tbf iMKCgt and moet complete nursery in the West. Two million truit and ornamental trees. 188,000 Okubeutts, the •pple for the Northwest. Write for terme. THE JEWELL NURSERY CO., Luke City, Mlun. fllDIIIU U I* IUM Wl iVHI

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