The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on July 19, 1893 · Page 6
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 6

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 19, 1893
Page 6
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TO EUGENE FIELI>, M. A. CtCnox college lias conferred ithe hon orary degree of master of arts upon Eugene Field, of the Chicago Record. iBifiy've mode you master of the arts What branch of arts, Eugene? Is it of spegch, its arts and parts, Or art of touching human hearts? What does the title mean? O poet of tho empty purse, O scholar ere you're gray, Your genius might have served you worse, JBiit will you write beneath your verse • "Eugene Field, Bard, M. A."? And on tine campus green ito graze I-Ct your Pegasus stray? To college yells devote your lays, Or time your lyrt> to Field-day'praise, Professor Field, M. A.? JEugeiio, I'm no calumniator, t simply do regret •^Elmt you accept, to make you greater, JTrom such a foster alma maitcr "Al. A.," sir, by brevet. J.would not. bring you any pain, O rhyming master, nay; But don't you think your muse is vain, When she will wear, fw sordid gain, A gewgaw like "M. A."? — Win. Harold Boleo. TBB flPPBtt PMMQINE8. ALQONA, tOWA. WEDNESDAY JtJLY 19.1893, LOYE ON A RANCH. The Texas sun was noon high and In June test year when, undier the full moon's glamor, I had put a certain momentous question to a girl in a whll dress with white roses In the lace o her placid breast, and would pride my self on having kept my plighted! faith So I lingered on, naming each to morrow as the time for my going back to fetch that promised bride o mine of whom I had never yet spoken to Juanito, and letting still anothe day slip by. At last I felt I mus speak to her, and as she laid aside ler mandolin after she had sung me into an agony of remorse and shame one night in the golden Indian sum ner, I lay for a moment watching the white rings of smoke from my cigar rise on the scented night air, and then I told her all. s ecniztf .rgmg.fyeleoffr ffl ,.: ffl ,. The litrtie dark head drooped as If had smitten her with my hand, and lien something seeme to leave rne as lie mist Is llftd from the earth, and sprang to my feet to seize her hand, > swear that I loved her alone, and 11 the world might go for her sweet sjijk<e, when from the shadow of the porch there stepped her father, and as he did so I saw his silver-mounted pistol In his hand. "Dog of nil Americano, and it IsTIius thou host played with my child! My THE MINISTER'S MONEt. It Is hard to wish for books and hare no right to buy them. This long, narrow shop, propped between two fashion stores, and Seeming to bulge behind with the Weigh* of learning on its the minister sorely, wanted especially. -:-,--, up to see the old covers. They had been familiar long ago. Within was the minister to look up. In a scholar's ecstacy he had been poring orer his "Sam!" he said, "t am glad to see >w did you find ine out?" „.-_ toward the boy with outstretched hand. A scowl and a pair of flashing black eyes repelled him, and he sjtopped half Way, Irresolute and Young Pankhurst • was a he had never before to the minister. It is. Books are my, wine. I knew you would come back. But I did not eSpect yo*u twice—and thus, it is unusual; but here are £3." "i*ay It, please, to this young man —my friend's son." When Sain Pankhurst was gone it occurred to the minister that he had said {nothing to ihiin In reprobation nis own conduct. He had done Infinitely better. Ail object-lesson is more than a homily. w . "" "»- «»iwu. iu HIS piupir. |«> "I i«.r. .twist; ratuer gave yoit £3 to HO uad no oriHn so ««mi ns the Rev. I dny, of. at least, he said so. He couldn't help me—till .tomorrow. Then it will be too late, and I shall be a rogue - ----- .— o^.^u, | aml nmietl - I stopped! the money in aiossing touch. He removal the first tho offloe - Tlt "" rns oi % for a few hours and looked at the price. His guess J knew fat hw was coining up and w.-is vas a scholar's shot and close to the sure of Betting It. I never did such a nark. ^ The books were rare and £31 th!ng ' 'befqre, and I didn't mean to , they are safely, settled in their places in the cnrs on the return journey. The Crown Princess Stephanie of 1 Austria is out on a lark. Eveii has its fads, and Stephanie has __ One of them is mquiataineeringV ( sequently she is off for a tour through Denmark, Norway and Sweden. Oh, her return she will visit her parents, the king and queen of Belgium. The liteitary bee is buzzing in Stephanie's bonnet and she intends to Write an - "I shall overlook it .this once in Sam's her book. WISH because of his youth and his con- Mrs. Alan Gardner has lust --him fcsslon, and this once only. He knows ed from India, where she enlovedtht my mud on that point," said the elder distinction of shotting tSSeft It %K.^ ^^^^^^.S^^^ SS5SJ-* *" «* a — ^IT'SSU—- ° f ^'" said •">-'---"—• -•- ' • Horse paused at the ten-foot palisade tunge, could , ea . c . A . beyond him. Nobody gavel " T . *&. not dare. He would never "There's the-scandal," he stammer-1ninety-nine" Women wit";*"* " T"" -intern ™ I**™ 0 iS ^° Thnines ^•i«' J ^f, hl8 astoni f hme nt he respected dred'hnve something very ularh- infri . ,, = -- a — ~ ^ u , I uniess jou can do something. Three Mt Iast 'he man whom he had come to n K nHin.i 0 «^,.,i ' - ., 7 y uea "J J'Ke Lev desorrn ^ni eSm , e "' S ' biUs ' as ST 1 *' Slr> aud not a AVord to fcther. ^rco and cast out as a moml ruin Igirl aoSoutTo ,W i J^f** 1 , If , a ,!L±!^1 an< L expoct £ «*d M*. But you wou>t!; • "Q"ite so, and to deliver Heber Lane Smuflor the timoho.l ^ D> " be ' elder. "Yes— In the midst of his own shame inri from 'that I have reslgnedl You will ip/.f T,', iif I i s> ° one minister. His misery he was puzzled! by the minister flud my lefcter at y° ur house when you ,- • - " !t comc8 to se were full of dreams I Ho sanrnhivt fm> f^,,,.„„.,!. _•, .. ' sot, danft u»r nr... T\«_T.I ± ' toipraoOoablo-cut off from «nd I do thank you slny" . of the occasion is enough still more surprised when presently, In answer to my "hallo," I saw a SSfS^l S5 bole in the Iron-barred gate. "Who la It?" cried a voice in fairly i Stahled - 1 U " UIU _„-;-; e ™^ oa and eloquence. Three this coldness and indifference^r™^", 8 Was "he hero, oMnvoterate dreamer' ««- A Caut . lo1 " to tho ^oman story-writer YT? S wS riTf y . th ° SmU he H Iatod °°^emnationT^ne mUgal's and ™»*W The elder coSdVnswS'^ ' l ^ h \^ oft ,, vfb ° is f ^ to ^^' nd dark Sllved ^th a struggle to spend in Lon-1 glorv roso. Piomgols mos( . niIpsHnna lf1lnf Mlo ^, ; ^^^ "ise over the "small white pearls" which she puts in her heroine's mouth dark br ^t. to «»Pend In Lon- Blory rose. od shjll!n ^ ^ere gone al- "I see. A is English. "A friend," I answered', remembering the "who goes there?" of army days, und half expecting to hear next, "Ad- -vance, friend, • and give the counter•sign," but the man behind! the %gB, after *j .moment's pause, during which 1 felt I was being sternly eyed from •sonic unseen coign of vantage, finally rt nr^iXLrl • UTTT! _ * questl ons tiiat raised of character with a one. and asqed: "Who are you, your business here?" and what is briefly explained that I was John Markham, of eastern birth, and that I nndi been directed to apply to Senor ^3alllzota—this most politely-concerning a, ranch I wished to purchase and tho cattle with which to stock It Tli!«' ,"7« ~"i V, 1 "" had the effect of opening S r -' Wlfll a bullet bringing me face to face with •_•-•— — — wvwuv<V*. XUQ YV dt'UUll and as I heard the click of the trigger I laid the burden in my arms gentiy down with a kiss on the a si sa leave his lips. He had ceased W ^ enl ° g ^ and ' rlsln ^ ^ced him. ! *> hope that the session which was his Shoot, shoot! See here!" and I tore ' business would help him; but he knew aside up coat to show the linen white ttot « he had these two tall folios beneatli He gave m# one look of he would be a broader man and a tr l heard ~ A'»^«vui\jo 13 U, lie." •' •-' -""«» "i^>wnrjjviiv;illlj', 1L rCllX lip «< ,. IT ~*~^ ' con-1 Tho words were missiles, hot from a hlm ; The noxt day ' beforc 'the breath olmn.rioi." H, "i 7T ' >l ' mi(lci>sis!od There|furnace of despair and mdlWaiion «,* of impending change had! stirred the f y",,™i ' ' teoth :u '° not to bo sluggish air of Heber Lane, he was aLSllort ' no I11!llf( - n> how again in the minister's study. "go away through me, sir," atred and I glared defiance back at lf «Her Poverty pressed him ,. •w i"-coaeu. uim . . - a™-"* vi^iniiavc uitua. u,i * jf»vu.tiiui. jrovepty pressed him him, though hi that moment I knew, if hack toward threadbare themes Even I never know It again, the thirst for if 'the trader would take less he was death. But as he took deliberate aim' forbidden to buy. at the mark I -had eiven htm. tha™' The minls^r i« they did not scorch. The outer anr receive thorn, but not - ' ut not . he stood up he was cur e lously erect, and the worab of soul-darkness had! passed spasm Sald< '^ can ke °P a secret ' Sam shall." ' H ° 1 ™ 8 ln eamest and ^ and they may be. They indicate' small nature almost, invariably, es- Sf the , minister buttoned his coat about n i bUShe3 near, Ms spare, stooping figure, and wLS and ere he could wheel sea *ed in an omnibus. He had wasted about to see his danger, there was gleam of light as the moon caught hl m and the city clc convc ed convicted andon of MS -— tr • n*j. itjj\/xw~ l\ « •,« my C0 ° l reception, Kcplalning'a drnwinp- Hghtty, tiiat being at feud with hatt Juf vSn! -JSL nnwAn n-P ivia vinin.1,1 .. . , _ uia vicuiu L-tn, AJO.WU vilUKJLI t —-•-»*• - of a Winchester, I "Crowded out, but in good company forward at my feet' ^0 laggards together" "igh his brain. Some | Behind was the dark face of .Caleb enemies had found: Pankhurst, a strong man, and a rich f" 1 * 1 rt Pitiless. The minister's nerves forth from his ""'ere awry, and the whisper, which was — one enters ' a suppressed shout, shook him. The over! _" 1(l dream smile, that came and His tones were richer and sweeter H ° 1 ™ 8 ln eamest and ^ length Winn any worahiper had heard themTn f revailed ^ When he reached home he TTnHm. Tn^n tuwui ill I,..— -I .,!,_— 1- llii, ___ . ,, , . . and Tho "little sweetheart Rosalie' 'John Howard Heber Lane. resource" The J.U6 burned a simple little note that vacated a pulpit. All that a scanty congrega- "I_ think,' minister seemed remade since the Lon', in any don meetings. Pain had taught him neip you. Do. the passion thrill, which was more Magazine. _,_._ - — — i- — «"j *M*-MIMIIIUIIJ.M n rfl*nfXnl ti rf T*/V^\»V« n J i* 111 ^-*»«-u. j. LL\; lightly, that being at feud with half hi, V^H T^' and1ere he bent over! ''id dream smile, that came and went a. dozen of his neighbors it behooved nu» thrru^i, ^ 2L f black eyes at ,?f a Lw remot e, unfathomable, was ihim to be careful. i-uoovea me through the strip of mask he wore. I his only answer. But he sat down •Tfhla tima a™__ /-,.!.. . . . _ iJUSIU In time. eh. Spn<vr ATa,i*1;1miv> IWlloro llio nl/l/™ «„!_.<.--•! _ i? L, to be careful. •Tais wns Senor Callteota himself •who, after the profuse manner of his •nation, proceeded to place himself, his •bouse and all it contained at my feet -Among the latter was a dark-eyed <"iri swinging like some bright tropical bird ^a norse nf t n a hammock under the low porch as ^ ?o£ staiteht her father and I walked up to-the %J *^\ . *' Sen ° r SIarliliam ' ° 1 ° We me no his elder pointed. - — „ Q the sitting ended there was a A 1 ^ ^* shoi ' l OU ^"° n - ? he Rev - R*hard East felt ' as you know a little- too small watch-case purse which - urse wc nei fe hbol W)od -to be, held his £3 and the shilling he had Car - , fOT be found - box *****' " no ectur e, no was very strange. Ihrough .fin, atreete the two picked their path. rr " - - • of co rrespondeince whom ho had al. petted i and of whom he corn- whimsically at her marriage the purported cruelty with which had thrown over her old' admirer, saddened man never forgot the - — — | - — x. —•-%»•» »,u*.iuj »»iAmji-i. \j c4/o U-HJI/U LiiilXL 1 'Me ~ ' ~ —"" •*•*» v?d OllQ U score. There is a eloquence.-W. J. Lacey, In Longman's }° Ug fo , at *""* Wrth-ploco of both " th^e odilly-ossorted friends in the quaint old seaport town of Easthamp- tojn, "Ilosalia" ;jhn/s been tfon ma|aV yeare the portly, gray-haired widow of _ Chptain Barker, whose body is buried - j in the little graveyard In tho village 'green. When the author of "Home ( Sweet Home" was laid to rest in his many native land a few years ago, Mr. Cor re , which was a present from his THE /'DEAR i(THIKGS. Gossips About the Women World. of the 4.1 • , ----- ^*-»i_; uvr u 1/lUKPfl unit I ----- " **- 0 AH-ii.1. lU 1LTSL ILL nlQ their path. The Journey was longer , lhe( , , most bcautif ul amdng many ' native land a few yeare ago, Mr Co? than the minister's words had led his ' beautllul women," is what Napoleon coran sent a 'fomal invitation to Mrs" companion to suppose. It ended at a l A .f llod the Countes s de Pourtales. Barker to attend the public funeril ' ' l ' emark ab ° Ut her is that " slle has been . , ~—i'A'vw^. At, VTUUIXI UC fl lad tl r' a h d n ° W H a ™« 1 «d 1 to the " L <i DtlTgtliU "Was to bo StlllCk — »-««•« ^**.^ v^xvu. ^ u.ou nui "*"* •• «-«»^ iviaii LU go TO \Vtl for two tarnished folios. He had n « ran(lclnM 's face or hem a towel, just 'would scarcely bo accedted as ™«- opinion of old books and his trust "" ™""" "" "' ""'" ' ' *""" " ..... her reply she playfully remarked her that the wish to go to Washington once more wavered. eak wlth master one „ , - walked up to -the MCI- m. t« « 1,^4. , i i adobe mansion. "My daughter Tnnni n- hotter place even than head were (darkened by ,ithe *„,, _„,., ,,. iiy u -iugnrei, Juam-. a-exas. according as you guid'e him. i tides of fear. -ta," said 1 the senor, with a -wave of the hand, and the girl •me a nod as careless, which ' , ne 1 - T he flush came up| m nute? ' »ald the minister to the brisk iu a roynl mannc1 ' ahva J' s C °W^S th train and the veins of the minister's fore- sal esman, who bustled down through mulh °d« of the seventeenth and eight ned b i m^v a maze of book hen ns ougu . uwitli ct-uturies. Sho is both n . <-,.!„,„« — ~~— «• ».v?»v.j., JIIOL •• —*••• v"-»»-i.\-v7Aj' uu udXriiiGti us I'liiroio. as easily as she can dictate terms for fare. By return mail came a check the peace of a kingdom or place an for her entire expenses most delicatelv empire at her feet." She entertains proffered. "tuuireiy /-,. sent *° after "Gone-stolen!" he cried hoarsely. What do you mean? Has your quick a maze of book heaps. "CerOolnly, sir. , , , - " —wi*«. . J. A (10 J U-lll stopping Pwket been picked? Of how much?" spectacled figure of the „„, NEW USB FOR TRICYCLES. uiMith ct'utiirios. She is both a friend of royalists, to whom by birth she be- T hey Will Be Substituted For Ca.h« Ti hiiio'u otifl i-v-P l*»t n m.: n i:..x_ t. - i • I . '\yuiV/8j claim ] in Italy's Richard East fought a ' *M -x r -i ***-«•"«' -*• AA*IU, WHS \wiHi Maud, my snow maiden in the • -east. Alone on the boundless prairie, sit- fliisr disconsolately beside a dead rat•*•'"•' liolding a sprained ankle tfu •tern M'hicli I had been obliged to cut tlie the boot, as it swelled' and throbbed i-. m •with agony, and yonder galloped ' -away my horse rapidly dwindling into MiT more speck. He had 1 suddenly rear- •cd with me ns the snake sprang up at blm, from a tuft of grass, and riding carelessly as I had been with one le- thrown over the pommel of my sad"- dle, his unexpected 1 leap backward had unseated me, and as I fell I had sprained my ankle. faced him. Was so great as Imis to my poor romance without a hero, for six months after I rlod Maud, but often still I wonder why I do not care found usual verdict. to take "How much have you lost? warrant never see a cent ot it i^ And as depend on that. It is'"really iron wheels I suppose?" They stood in the lobby now. ''""'"i- was slow iia answering. J-11C gone •For the tilings that are like things that were, the "Of coupe I'll help you. The money's missing, don't you say?" "Yes. "Five In Texas, down by the Rio Grande? —Willa Lloyd Jackson. pounds ? the shy „ save Sam Pankhurst, nnd It redeemed. Silence was ?n Ut i n pl ?, S he Jidsed-. silence any lofty life. Wlth a Puritan , s he surveyed the situation, and «. Puritan's purpose he spoke. It is an 'unpleasant errand,' and he to do?The nearest house What was •was able to even stand upon my feet, there ! remained nothing to be done but to! crawl ns best T could that distance I unless some herder should' chance to run across me. Even as this faint hope occurred to me, there seemed to come a mere dot between .tho blue sky that met the green prairie and my fleeing horse. Then In another moment the mack clot and' the mustang, also but a «peclc, became one, and as I watched 1 " m ' h IMITATOR OP FATHER DAMI EX. ., —i——^"K cmiiuu, ne said, i want you to take back mv Pin-chase of this morning." y "We never do that. It is impossible " m,-t ^PPose not, as a rule. I _„ auy mim - s means too nc- jj te see ; but, I ask you especially to curately to suggest large figures. It f, wor mc now. I had no right ,to buy was a meager salary in Heber Lane. T * ' " ' Benwlif.tlne Monk Oommissiono<l by France Uo Study pounds and a shilling or two a queer, choked gasp. The AT < «., Was violently trembling. Masterful impatience regarded him with surprise and forgot 'tlie clotli over." It was minister ivas not a mistake, it was worse than that. This looked and looked until I Then I went Adrtln. £ ti ,.nm, T , . P™' 1 * th{:m io USG the too* and fcar- Aaeiina i atnl received 110 almost less bicycle savs thp Vnii \r n r< life-size portrait of the prince of Wales zette. A lltffle later the WP^A ,?f a " in answer to her congratulatory letbei substituted by many tradesmen "for on his son's approaching marriage. the home and cait, or the boy and bS A memorial is to be erected to'ket, formerly employed for tie ^t Elizabeth Barrett-Browning by the in- livery and mislaying of narcelf habitants of Ledbury, England, tho In this humble sphere tiVetrif-vnlA home of her childhood, iv is to take has been a success, becausf it Seals the form of a clock tower and an in- to the. imagination of the youth The SWtllte coriRisl nir nf rmiMir,,, ,.,w™ t , R^^ ^° ^_ tue J oul n. i'ne . --- — «~i* A ,»GUL iL Wily tO an important meeting and forgot them i unfortunately forgot something else Putting my hand in my pocket I sud- — - — ~u, >t.uv* I*O _L IV 14 lOUUll • —--.-• 111.^14 them, in a little while I saw that some s V u .' m '° h - v tho 1>tll>ls fuciUty, will first lut, man, never mind! Don't addle - denly missed my purse. A friend was l-'ronch Movernment to study leprosy. nil . , * - 1 • ni. ct*. 11 ----- *vwv-, wu.i/ 4. at Stokeloy tonight, so no matter. i,, .- n- sol "blo to Sam, though he replied read iltr ** e A*-CIU. . t •-- -~ «.-« ••*-»*"'£3'liitAtiuu \JL LI consisting of reading rooms, Doy or the young man «lnc.L-( »^^^^»^-\r. "11/1 AWnr. -I t« t 1.1 t »t^J, nu oniccs, and : omiitli s groceries with a ly believes that .. who is one of his heavy and _ Miilo the most cultured ot sovereigns, 1ms roadway than It "would" be"to displayed great interest in ancient along the sidewalk music. In order to fully in- his arm. Everyone — •" «-"".r "I- "•" «j.m. -uivtjryuue 61S6 Km form herself on the subject, says tho his is a mistake, and that the Jewish Chronicle, she sent for Pro- youth who wears out •fVwOn rt «• i"!,-,.., ~« J. _ .1. . . . _ _ . *.. WIA(, , ro- wears out his lee fossor Consoto, who visited her in the brings on disease of the heart bVd roynl palace, and unfolded to her the labor on the commercialMwScto histor of J Tho monk, -\vlio is also a nuxllctil doctor, apprti-.liitwl for his skill and ------- ....... ~ ...„ >, lm , DU11U . .. one with a touch of scarlet about their Vl districts in Norwaf,-, Lap- ,, dress, and mounted on a splendid black li "" 1> Fi|llliln(1 - Turkey, Asia Minor, horse had caught my fugitive steed <!ivtiw ' niul Kwil»t. Ri-Himin ' an was bringing him back to mo. When I saw presently that this some one was the Senorita Callizota, I uttered an exclamation of surprise nnd Rt-airgorod with one wild effort to my feet, only to drop the next moment *n a dead faint nt her side. •"Ah, you open your eyes at last •senor. Holy Mother be praised!" and ^^..^^^..^ng m^^tner! history of Jewish mi^to the^^ m^abTy d^^^^St J sf^udy of which he has devoted himself his affair, if his tricycle b£s pride fof several years. and happiness to his soul, Saps he Lady Hopotoun, wife oft the gover. is right in regarding his leg^fand? heart nOr Of vlArnT'In .^rllmi /in*- A,,~.. r .i..n_, <»ct Ii^nlrwla j. -. . ° "**** AACU1 b j ^.w|,w,uui., IVILU ui> me gover. «» "sui m regaraing his legs and nor of Vlctoria.when out deer stalking us insignificant details concerning recently, shot a lino buck, and made a it would be a loss of tima to i Tinncinn^ n-t* 4T.^ T. rt ,1^ j.- j. _ .. l.» n, l^iiiO UU I insist on you taking it' Tii it i "= "•• , <••—.» ""ui. <i niiu uuuit, juui iiiiiao a "• tvuiui ine minister put out his hands, as r oried out that my purse was gone P'^ont of the body to the northern himself, ir 10 wavo back the gleaming gold ~ stolon - At tho moment I thought so I olul) of Auckland. ' ~ £™' r^™ ?!*, pass . ion ln his ges- -ArtW ^od! friend at once ca,me to Wiut surprises ges- nce came o ture. But it failed, and he knew that my TC SCUO and proposed to make good Mf* AVJtC crlnrl 1.4- -P.-itl^,l ! niTf i1r\e*« TT« i _i , e ,, - 1», 11 -- - -~ - - - --^ 11 v*t*,t*\j «. - - * • — ^— • w «-*nvi*.u ML/U11 (.rcHi'o JUKI Egjipt. Hi-turning to he was glad it failed. j my loss. He would not have me a I'Yaiu-c) at the end of a year, 1'eiv San- " A » ift! " That was what he repeated P°nny the poorer. Then It was that I tr-n will (.•ommunica.te tlio n-snlts of his ma "y times as he went up Chancery fo11 into temptation," (ilttJiii'f.iilsY.,.. 4 ... ~\ T TI.._. j_.__._ -. , I 1 *1 r\ A n-nrl /Irt . T~T i. * i mi,.-.. ___( , ^, _ ' •** »-'-'***"»tiii.i\..ii.iu imi H,'>ilUlS OI HIS I —""*^ 1-1 jus jn; AVGIlt Dbsorvations to M. Pasteur, and, under lane and d OM-n Holborn. ociiw. i-ioiy iviouier be praised!" and • l "" >: ™i»i.t»u, wno is vicar or rs'ogent- il uvu v areaa two nut-brown but perfect hands gen- llyltl)tl-ul i> I'ho Benedictine will set out wi "S' l "<l his foot. Th laid my head' aff a scarlet skirt cut 1 '"' M<)ll)k!l '. in tho Sandwich Islands, | was allke sratultoi short enough to show two perfect feet ""' SC( '" (> ot ' ] '' ;l "ii'i1 Damlen's labors ! moi '° f ''eoly as a git as arched and smofll as those of any lu this I)lat ' e 1>oro " ""'"' " """" •high-born Spuiiisli dame, andi Tip into two eyes as black as velvet. "Now, you must •me, aaul mount your horse. „«,. x will liold him, and with your hand on * ' *•*••"> <••> »mi i-vou i: my shoulder, one effort, though it be Il ° s;lys Ulal tlu ' 1>c a 'v nt proswit nuns jmin, and you are in the saddle. | dying im their convi-nts after i —" "iv-jrviu JH u,uoui; to enter on What surprises mo, considering the f new flcM of usefuhiess. A company vast number of ladies who preach tht s been formed in Milan for the equality of tho sex in everything, is Vm-^oso of supplying the city-with Unit an effort is not made to secure ^^ mjgllt be called' cab tricycles equal rights in proposing. T O marry .^ese will be stationed in various pub^ is more important to a woman than to r 5 P lace s nnd any one will be able } If 1 VII O Trri^rk CMHTO T n*t ,1 n j.. m ji_ -,^^. ' v^Xi PflTl !1 "tt^/Vrrftlft. 4**. n «.~ j i haves a vote, says Londoiu Truth. fi'om the stand and ,— -~..~.. nii>, j. nl n , -" — «•«*» i,u« eiuiiu ana. men, should proposing be limlted/to „ a drive through the city at half ono sex? Men arc naturally moro the cost of an ordinaiy cab. Each tri- bashful than woman, and tho result CyC '" 1 " """"' " " of tlio present one-sided rule is that S , wl11 many a man remains single because Its di-lver, who will behind his fare the having nothing to do but to sit e o s lie can not brlmg his courage up to<°, n tlle saddl e anci.try to remember. the roos Paers *"" —.^ i.t^ii^j rv*io IIUL 1UJ3 Jiad changed 1 Its place, be *t my hotel, for greater se- could have produced It. In- leflt the word uurecalled and Y under false pretenses. ,. j.^ imn <to uiuuyn ne «.*vu is all. Except tliat I am knew somewhat and words were near.' V01 'y 80lT y to have to make ithe request, , .„ „.„ o«uu*c. i • •- ,>..,» ..m-i iiiivuijij ,* said: "Thank you," and the bu * '" y° u w iH take back tiie books' Mic-oiuviKod I swung myself t'ontnioted the lopiiisy whilo attending I """-Ister supposed that untithed cash r w111 not fail to remit to you when 1 tifled: the groan that rose Ul ° >sk ' k nbroad. Thon- are lepers in P lease cl him. Perhaps he found the T return liome at the end of the week' rrl1 - 1 - 1 " • - ii,~ a* !„„.„, , . . . "nquostlonlng customer rare. | tho margin, whatever that may be I In the retrospect it scorned to Rich- ! hwtwoon your price to me and your ,vi T?,,^ n,. if ho wore moro meclian . price of me. I will give you my name 1 and you are in the And so t Tap and stifled the groan that rose to my lips. This was how fate brought MIS togeilier, for In the long days that , the proposing point, and, as a necessary , Payers most appropriate to the consequence, manjy a girl remains :! lhS ?P ed> except, of course, when It husbnndloss. An association of girls , sltua tt°n- It is expected *hat the tri' "'' lhe . Lmiis hospital, ancLthe bacillus has boon discovered in came after it was Juaiiita that nursed 41u > Pyrenees and Brittany. None of ows well again. And lying in that' Ul « home oases is, however, so virulent liammock of hers with my eyes half as thoso il1 U^ Sandwich Islands •shut, watching the mirth or sorrow of whi( 'h ho inlands to tivat n wording to liea- face as her song was gay or sad, Ule hjtest dlscovorlos of modieal need I confess that Maud's coldly per-' w-'ienco. «cct beauty grew dim to me, and that —._ »-..»^.^_ , t .^ 4i . 4iv; ^^ \jj-v; Jiiurii JlltHJllall- I"-"-'- v '*- *n^. ism tlian electing, determining man j aiul address." throughout the crucial episode of his | Tho minister luid career. In a way it went with that I andi route presence IHlJsence each pledged to propose to any man' ? ycl ° ™ m far surpass"the 'cab"horse whom slio miglit deem a desirable hus- ,1 rea by the houi-, in which case bnnH, would be far more practical " S ^timoited! by the managers of the than am anti-crinoline society. company that a skillful driver can take Tho Now York association for soml-j! ° :tae timo to cover .a given dis- Ing young women, advau(jcd students,' H 11100 than the lamest and most i "ac'liers and skillwl artisans' I tnoughtful horse In Milan would 1 're- of seventeen at a timo, fori quWe< at Chicago, lias raised i —' —— The large plant of the Lake Superior Mineral Paint company and tlie lime luh s owned by the Wai-chouse & H,,,i,i t .^. Supl)ly co,,, ( £ rl'OKtl'n-unrl I... „-. >-J"l'l-HUl, «o(o fo, i ' tW ° maatba ng expenses. The expenses account is taterestlixg: Excursion ticket* with berths in when Juanlta's languorous tender eyes John Ryan and Mr. Daniels who were looked into mine that I seemed to recently arrested in Milwaukee on ai , -drain a cup of warm, red wine where charge of being implicatedTn aJewelry" " ll °! 10mse ° f mv liT>s hnfl minfpivi i^^i.^ !«,-*. «,«4- O',.M,I ^ ™* . ± va ™ 1" u j^weiry t.luit "** «•*»- --»• "-•«.» *», iiwi.. xjiu ivaiLUU tllG QGC1- 11 i f i mi y'° U t0 Finsblu 'i r « ud sion ' but no power on earth could iSS;.^?^ h ^^ "l^^, 1 ^ m ^° ."»."»?» Cession of hps had quaffed before but water?. robbery at West Superior last winter 3But when she was gone and her man- have been held to the municipal court •ddn lay quiet, I would pull myself for trial. wuwwpw court together and remembor a certain night hypothesis, that tlio moment when the floods roso and swept him from every "s life was so supreme were erased. He may have forgotten because brain and heart load he had laid down. The odd smile, a trifle graver, glim- He and two on daily to o fair, $8; meals iin Chicago, .$1,50 dally 112; car faros, $2; extras, accident Jnl suranco, ifo. Total, $75. In their house tho travelers are cared for by a threw them aside. 'i-V^U^p - - — —*"»v*v^ ( 4i fa imx uuti Of tourists, meets the strangers on their arrival, sponds tiiree days on Unfair j grounds with each parfcv. and R p/%at were destroyed by Tho fiioo nn l . ioo nn body and his recovery te doubtful. The total loss will reach about JflOO.OOo" AV ' ou the

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