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Birmingham Gazette from Birmingham, West Midlands, England • 3

Birmingham, West Midlands, England
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Extracted Article Text (OCR)

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WIISTOIII-SUPER4AARI UPTON u. 17. ilutoa-mt 800 1544 Icst. Basis: au; tMI tu Stamp. stook Beall Yatiltsa, Dam WESTON Glostwortb-torrau: A prts 8..

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sr; boaoly Priam 15, liopktorst. ladr Norton Coast Yarn, Soda Bidet; Basra: 30. Irrsakhoiesd. WEYMOUTH .20745. sow Ira foss 114.1-..raskimai 46-0106616 42.

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Mod Brk lot ZS. week. or Ale. ow) cIAIIL 11 rip Bower uILTMOUTIL-listivoto with Band. Sod Blot; room for Goldetoft Homo COUNTRY APARTMENTS terra N.

30a ViUlises. lawn Slseglitar, IMATLOCIL psalm bits; AMA bessiJll aciesegy: suud.tionery. J. brassmatie QT. GEORGICS.

Guest Hesse. Harper's-bill. Ds4- 7 Rooms. Ivly emery; steel at own farm prods. salt spays's'.

mats; dodoes Mrs. Illatotb. CARAVANS FOR NIRO 12 111. complete with Saloon Car. for A-A.

42 par week each person, or Ca only from 111 10, per week. Now four-berth. luxuriously-fitted tararans, to be taken soy you Jubilee 372. High-street, West Bromwich. 'Phone, West Ikeasich 0344.

DATIRINIS BLACIPOOL rt Ms. soy number, catered lor. Img at rtaa. Cons? Hoses Gls. Ph 11 46 OAMPINS SOUTH DEVON HOLIDAY CAMP.

PAIGNTON Cables, Car Teats. A parties'. U. 1 Nit Trails, Pitches Tannic flancec Wants Illososted Seek km T. OLIDAY ON DEVON'S COAST.

Bungalows. Ca T.145 Casaglnc Golf. Belgraselsua. Plymouth. '3irmingitani gayttt INFORMATION BUREAU Me Oltralngliath Gentle Invitee Its readers Mks allbentsP the taiblltlee by its Illeireeib It ashes is snow memories awl lesneollitt NyuWly (7w W.w) Answers are only giber in the uroderitandlng that Ni legal hebillty is orseurreil by the 11.ribingham Gazette." Correspondents Owned Mims letter.

Itgpwi Blitgigh" rm Ingham Nowspdper Nouse, Birrn.ndhans. Inutairles on Sports and rename should de aduressed rospoittlrels to ildrerts Editor and City Ilditir," at the same address; and OW Milos to these will be publisnal en thew appropriate Page. Jo not appear to have any remedy. INSURANCE Anxious to of unemployment insurance contributions was cancelled by the 1924 Act. OLD AGE PENSIONS A.B.

total income is L7-i 2s. a year, £39 is excluded which leaves £35 2s. and you are entitled to pension of 6s, a week. M. P.

display at Hendon takes place on last Saturday in June. Tickets will shortly be avail. able at headquarters. No. dr).

County of Warwick Squadron. Castle Bromwich Aerodrome. Anxlests No. On We have no record of the level crossing mentioned. BIRMINGHAM GAZETTE FREE INSURANCE LG.

23,705 POET THIS COVPON. To dirolooAssa Casette gogistraueo lispasusoot. Cor ii eet. 4. list registet foie is Ise reader.

I bare seat ea order fens se ate Nossageol TO Ili IR ST THE READER. WRITS CLEARLY. SIGNATURE OP MILDER (at sll cerlstlas eases dsssrlireal 414111 NAME 01 MIWSAGENT amazes ov B.G. 23,705 Cu STAMP AND DON'T ALL DAVILOPS COT HERS WIND TRU TO sr now Salm sr mom llor so tis Sinhh4.46o dsfl nes his Rua inns irseltdays sad taul lumbar SO SI IN ST THZ READER WRITS CLEARLY. MINATO'.

OP IMAM Owe Cirlethia mass Is ha ead mums MAY MIDitIM 01 ILIADIIII Pell details of the conditions end benefits of the see sod grimily extended wILVINGHAV Gazitns Warms scheme are published from time to time They wiU be lerearded to 26trespider et BIRMINGHAM GASEITS sad be say ether parses mediae la die ORAM GAZETTE stumped addressed envelope ain 4 1 lab Swift, IMAM tlia BOATHOOK SAVES GIRL FROM DROWNING HAD SUNK FOR THIRD TIME YOUTH'S GALLANT RESCUE OF CHILD MODEST HERO wo rescues from drowningone lucky and the other at Wolverhampton last evening. A canal bargee's lucky strike with his boat hook saved She life of a girl aged 17 attar she had sunk for the third time in Use canal. The girl, Ivy Hodgkins, of 9, I sulk land-crescent, slipped on a gate adjoining the canal, near An eight-year-old boy with her gave the alarm at the lock house and a boatman, James Woodsby, aged Mt, employed by the Midlands and Coast Canal Carriers, Wolverhampton. hurried to the spot, but the girl had disappeared iti six feet of water. Woodsby Week into the water with the boathook and immediately found the drowning girl and drew her to the side unetinoolous.

She was admitted to the Royal Hospital in a serious condition. CHILD ACED FOUR RESCUED lan Price. aged an old boy of Denstone College, lodging in Staffordroad, 'Wolverhampton, rescued fouryear-old lan Frederick Baker, of 31, Hammond avenue, Wolverhampton. from the cane near Marsh lane, Wolverhampton, and then hurried away without disclosing his identity. The boy, who was with two companions aged eight and six, slipped into the water near Pendeford Bridge.

Price, who was about 100 yards away, ran to the bridge, dived in and rescued the boy, whom he left in the care of people attracted to the spot. Price was given a change of clothing at a neighbouring house, but did not disclose his identity then, and it was only with difficulty that he was traced. The boy was also moved to hospital in a serious condition. SPORTSMEN'S SERVICE Large Gathering at Redditch Methodist Church A Sportsmen's serviee arranged by the Iledditch and District Football League was held at Bates Hill Methodist Church, Redditch, yesterday afternoon. Those present included Mr.

E. H. Spiers. of Bournville. president of the National Referees Association, who presided.

Mr. J. S. Streader. chairman of the Worcestershire Combination.

who gave the address, Mr: G. Wagstaff (Catshill Village Hall club) who read the lesson, Mr. J. E. Townsend, of Dudley, former referee, who eostlrt-' bated solos, the Rev.

H. 0. Wagstaff, and representatives of most of the sporting organisations in the district. In his address Mr. Slreader referred to the valuable lessons to be gained from football and to the great popularity of the game.

REDDITCH MAN'S FATE Wilnein Smith. aged 65, a bachelor, lodging at 10; Lodge-road, Redditch, was found drowned In the Broad Waters, Redditch, on Saturday. He left home at 3.30 p.m. on Thursday. He had been ill, suffering from heart trouble.

THE WEATHER FORECAST East northwest, light, backing west or south west, fine at first, cloud Increasing, slight rain probable later, rather cold, becoming milder. West south or south-west, cloudy, occasional slight rain, rather mild. West south or south-west, cloudy, occasional slight rain, rather mild. North Midland and North-east north-west, backing south or south-east, fine at first, cloud increasing, slight rain probable later, rather cold, becoming milder, General deep depriMsiOn over Southern Soandinavia Is mo ins north-north-west, while another depression west of Ireland will probably move east or south-east. Rain is expected to spread om western districts during the day, probably reaching eastern districts of England before night.

Further milder In most districts. SATURDAY'S RECORDS MIDLAND 013.NERVATORV. FAXISASTON, Saturday Heigbt of the barometer at 6 p.m.. corrected for temperature 29.3671 corrected to bell level 29.943 in At 6 pan. the barometer was steady.

Tmnperatare at 6 p.m., Sides. Fehr. Maximum for 21 hours ended 6 p.m., Slides. Minimum temperature. 35deg.

Grays minimum. 30des. Solar radiation maximum. 10Sdeg Sverige humidity. 60 per vent.

pressure of wind per square font, 31h. Time at which pressure IMP recnnled. 6.20 a.m. Direction of the wind it II W.V.W. Average direction.

N.W. to W.N Rainfall slaws II p.m. yesterday. a trace. Bright reeeldee, 121 ms.

34nna VUTIRDAY'S 111001 IDS INSTPTCTIUMBILRVATOR T. EDIMANTOX, snaday of the barometer at II corrected teroperatere 31.3431 corrected to lee level 29.938i0 rtt 6 p.m. the barometer was lain Temperature at 6 4Tries. Year. Illatimaes for 24 boars faded 6 p.a., SOdeg Miairausr temperature.

3Sde6. Grua minimum, Meg Solar radtatios isazitimas. Average SS per rest. Lireatest pressure grind per moire toot, 2.Stb. 11ine et which pressure was mewled.

1.41 sta. Direction el the wind at I N.D. Average direction. W.N.W to M.W. BrislTretsocliint.

12min. AT HEALTH RESORTS Sun- Rain- Min. M. aktias. 1.11.

iarit Ihnurs. inches. sight. day. Aberystwyth.

'hewer 11.7 .02 Blackpool. sunny Bridlington. shower 7.0 .02 32 Brighton. 30.9 Nil 211 55 Bournemouth, SWIM3O.O NO ..2241 55 Colwyn Bay. 10.5 40 49 Cromer, seamy Douglas, moons Eastbourne.

sunny .11 ,3 Nil 51 loikeroue. bright winds 0.4 NO 212 SI (lasting-. 10 3 NO 94 Idaodndi sunny U.S 02 44 2 irt 11.3 03 41 07 At.arbnrougg. 91914 9 4 34 49 Shegne.s. essay 11.3 Vil 19 SI Meet ....09 33 41 Na ausa mg -39 59 THREE POSTWOMEN Employed in Hocidey Heath Delivery Area In connection with the opening of a new post office at Hockley Heath, Warwickshire, it is interesting to note that there are no fewer than three post women employed in the Hockley Heath delivery area.

Post women are a survival of war time, and there are several women engaged in this work throughout the country, but It Is thought that three is the largest number employed in a single area. Extension of Unemployment Insurance TO OPERATE THE Act Unemployment insurance to persons in agriculture; horticulture or forestry has now been passed and comes into operation on Monday, 4 May, so far as the payment of contributions is concerned. Payment of unemployment benefit under the Act will begin in November next. The general effect of the Act is to bring workers in agriculture, horticulture, and forestry within the general Unemployment Insurance Scheme, but with certain special con iti on designed to meet the special needs of agriculture. The most important of these are as follows: CONTRIBUTION RATOS (1) Hates of contributions will be lower than those now paid under the general scheme: for example, for men 21 and over the contribution will be WI from the worker and 44d.

from the employer. (2) Hates of benefit will -be slightly lower than ender the general scheme. e.g. 14s. for a single man, Instead of 7s.

in respect of a wife, instead of the payment for a dependent child will, however, be the same under both schemes, i.e. 3s. a week; but under the agricultural scheme the rate of benefit will not exceed 30e. a week for any (3) The rules which govern the amount of benefit which a claimant may draw are also different. In order to qualify, 20 contributions must have been paid in the last two years.

Once this condition is satisfied, the length' of time for which a claimant may draw benefit will be proportionate to the number of agricultural contributions standing to his credit. (4) The income and expenditure of the Agricultural Unem ploy ment scheme will be kept in a separate account, so that contributions of agricultural workers will be used only for the payment of agricultural benefit. SOOPII OF ACT The scheme applies generally to all employment of persons over schoolleaving age under a contract of service in agriculture, horticulture or forestry. Persons not under a contract of service, e.g., working on their own account, are not covered by the scheme. The most important other exceptions (a) Near relations of the employer will not be insurable.

These relations are: husband, wife, son. daughter-inlaw, daughter, son-in-law. mother, father, grandparent, grandchild. Private domestic service, such as the employment of ordinary household servants, gamekeepers, private grooms, hunt servants, and similar classes of persons will not be insurable. But employment in a trade or business CUNARD £25,535 WOMAN CYCLIST KILLED Carpet Worker's Collision with Within a few Minutes of leaving aer employment for home on Saturday morning, a young Kidderminster carpet-worker received such severe injuries in collision with a lorry that she died on Saturday night iu Kidderminster Hospital.

She was loan Belcher, aged 15, of Bewdley-road. Stourport, and the collision occurred near Messrs. Tomkinsons' carpet factory, where the girl had been employed for a short time. She was cycling from Churchtlelds into St. when she came into collision with a baker's van.

She sustained severe Injuries, and was taken to hospital, where it was found she had sustained a fracture, of the base of the skull. FORTNIGHT carried on for gain is not private domestic service. Private gardoners will not be insurable, but gardeners employed In a business such as a market garden, or by a local authority, society, club, or similar body, for example, in a park, or on a bowling green or golf course, ill be insurable. (c 1 Peisons employed in such casual harvesting work as hop-picktug or gathering of flowers, fruit, peas or potatoes will not be insurable unless they normally undertake insurable work. (d) Persons not domiciled in the United kingdom are excluded from the schenit but their must pay their of the MINT TO EMPLOYERS As already mentioned, contributions will be payable from 4 May next in respect of all persons covered by the scheme.

It is, therefore, a matter of urgency that employers and workers should get to know what is required of them as soon as Special temporary offices are being opened in the agricultural districts on the outskirts of tile city for the purpose of issuing books, and the particulars as to hours of opening of these offices can be obtained friin any of the permanent Employment Exchanges. Further, the Ministry is prepared to make special arrangements, either by visiting farms for the purpose of issuing books, or for issuing them by post, when distance from an office makes personal attendance unreasonable. Benefit will not be payable under the scheme until next November. During the interval the Ministry of Labour will be making extended arrangements for the purpose of dealing with ugh' cultural workers. PROFIT White Star Lou of £61,769 The accounts of the Cunard Steamship Company show a profit, after providing for depreciation of £25,535 9s.

3d. for year ended 3i iDecember last, and with the balance of ss. sd. brought forward from the previous year, there is a total of £130,589 14s. 8d to be carried forward.

ASSETS TRANSFER The directors state that the provisions contained in the agreement of 30 December. 19Zti, between the company, the Oceanic Steam Navigation and the Commissioners of 11.111. Treasury relating to tbe transfer to Cunard White Star, of the Cunard assets to which the agreement applies have been complied with by the company, and all sums due tinder the rogremient from Cunard White Star, to the company have been satisfied by the issue to the company of prescribA number of shares in Cunard White Star, or by cash "Increasing trkffic and economies in expenditure have both contributed to the improved results of the year's working." su. vs the report. Tits auditors state that no provision has been made for the company's proportion of the losses of Cunard White Star, for the two years ended 31 December.

1931. THE QUERN MARY A loss of 1.1;1.769 7s. 14.1. for the year ended 31 December last after providing tor depreciation is shown in the report and accounts of CunarJ White Star, Ltd. With the loss of 409.009 16s.

sd. brought forward from 1934 there Is a balance of £408,939 3e. 6d. to be carried forward to 1939. states the report.

It is stated that the Queen Mary is expected to be delivered to the company on 12 May, her maiden voyage to New York being scheduled for ti May. The anomaly between first class and cabin designati ins in the Atlantic conference has been in a large measure removed by the transference of the whole of the company's first class ships to the cabin class and the entry of the Queen Mary in that class. The auditors state their report that no provision has been made for depreciation of steam and motor ships. ANOTHER NEW ODEON Sutton Coldfield Cinema The new Odeon Theatre, Sutton Coldfleld, was opened on Ssturday by the Mayor of Sytton (Councillor W. A.

Perry). occopying a site ai the corner of the main Birmingham-road. Malley. the ciesenia ha been built to plans prepared by Mr. Harry W.

Weedon. of Birmingham. A striking exterior effect is obtained with neat lighting. Seating accommodation is provided for 1.700 persons, and the interior decoration has been carried in gold with green lines. The Mayor and Mayoress were accompanied by Mr.

Oscar Deutsch (governing director of Odeon Theatres, Ltd and Mrs. Deutsch, Councillor W. 6. Elcock. Mr.

J. Whittall (builder), Mr. Weedon, Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Bates, Mr.

and Mrs. Stewart Dobson and Mr. Patrick W. Campbell (manager). The Mayor remarked that modern architects had struck a new note in the design of such buildings and that spacious and luxurious theatre admirably corresponded slogan Fitness for purpose." He was glad to know that in the new Odeon refined picture; would be shown.

A cinema worthy of the name must have high ideals as well as the object of providing entertainment. He thanked the proprietors for devoting the proceeds of the opening to the Mayoress's Fund. the Sutton Cottage Hospital and the Queen's Hospital. Mr. Oscar Deutsch said British films were in the ascendancy and throughout the Odeon circuit special favour would be given to British productions.

NEXT YEAR'S 8.1. F. OUR CRYPTIC CROSSWORD (muss DOWN 2. This hall is in nearly every city (5) 3. Largely a cu'e result (7) 4.

Colour goes back to the metal for a fuel (6) 5. A large number caa be seen at the beginning of this small wood (5) 6. Fifty in wild roundings make this rescue (7( 7.. A claim to prudence is thriftless here (11) sit in rags" (11) 11. A paragon (7) 16.

mitigate hooks like a blunt remark to an ancient I. Her Co. makes donkey! (7) pigment (5, 17. Reptile (6) 19. A girl going up about one Solution and makes tb i other puzzle totlbre (3) morrow.

Figures in brackets show the number of letters in words required. OWES ACROSS i'nbelief 1 ,1 18. A great house, Damp down in spite of the some ten (7) Mier)" This tall lure sounds 20. As regards fat like an instruc- men. this is Lion to make It often both still higher (Si eau a and A good deal of effect (5, futi goes into the construe- 22.

All i ng twit or this under the sun, modern amen- or no sun (5) its' 15' 23. A plant which A neat leg may indicates th well be this place where it The top layer Is often found curate's breakfast was 21. ir e. almost this Ralph" (anal.) 1.1 Ofi Oa 31 SOLUTION TO SATURDAY'S CRYPTIC CROSSWORD -4. Splists: S.

Leader. 3. Paippet: 10, latent, tl. 12. IS.

Hiodro.rt: ZO, Parade 21 Gallop: 22, rattler: 23. 24. Narrate. 2. Mastery: 3.

Feen.el. 5. Pirstagos: lopead: 7, Troo.b. 13. Isherm 14 Neolder; 15 aoriaPi 14.

Ishita; 17, SIBWI a. Doak; the Dates The Department of Overseas Trade announces that the British Industries Fair will take ptace next year from Monlay, 15 February, to Friday, 26 February, in London and Birmingham. In addition to Olympia the Department has leased the new exhibition buildings now under construction at Earl's Court, where the accommodation is better suited to the needs of the Fair than that occuried at the White City for the last ten years. The textiles, furniture fabrics and furniture sections which have been housed at the White City will therefore all be transferred to Earl's Court in February next. The Empire section, consisting of official displays by Governments of the Dominions and Colonies, will also be moved from Olympia to Earl's Court.

The other sections of the Fair will 'remain In approximately their present positions in Olympia and at Castle Bromwich, Birmingham. Mr. Joseph Bonnet' Engineer of Leamington, has accepted an invitation to join the Rocril Examiners of the Royal Sanitary Institute, SPEND HIS WIFE'S MEMORIAL Church to Celebrate 75th Birthday CONSECRATED by Bishop Lansdale on 23 April, 1861, St. Anne's Church, Willenhall, the youngest in the town, will attain its nth anniversary on Thursday and a week's programme ut jubilee celebrations has been arranged. The church was built by Mr.

Henry Jevous, a local coalmasler. to 1b ineutory of his wife. Ann who died to MM. Mr. Jevons formerly occupied the house a hich is now the vicarage.

The Rev. H. Jevons. Vicar of lilt. Chaffs, Stafford, who died about last Christmas.

was a sou of Mr. Jevons. PAIIIIIN Of MN OWLS St. Anne's pariah has a populaUcto of about Itmou, and the church has no nnancial difficulties. The present the Het Oswald Meld.

tame to Nutetuber. 19ts. suite when there has been a heating apparatus and an eletirte ()rpm. at a cost of LIMO. The pulpit is the parishioners' gift in niemory of Queen Victoria and Chapel perpetuates the memory of 11 men of the pariah who full In the great War.

The lectern is memory of Mr. C. W.Stocknam, who was head. master of tho church schools for 34 ykars and an altar cloth ounnesnoratts the service of 111 r. Andrew Squire as vicars' warden from 19111-31.

The altar rails. of Derbyshire alabaster. were Presented as a memorial to the Rev. Latimer M'ard. TIN OBLISRATIONS Thursdays celebrations will begin with civic evening service attended by the chairman of the District Council W.

H. lames. vicar's warden). The preacher will be the Archdeacon of Stafford (the sen. H.

1.. Hodson). a former Vicar of Willenhall. On Wednesday night an organ recital will be given by Mr, Ambrose Carter (organist fit Lichfield Cathedral), who opened the organ in 1931, with Mr. A.

Wriggiesworth (Vicar-Choral, Lichfield Cathedral) as soloki. SURVEYOR'S NEW POST Sutton Coldheld Official for Beckenham Mr. P. Parr. horbugh engineer and survevor of Sutton Goldfield.

has been appointed borough surveyor of Beckenham, where he will take up his duties rn September. Mr. Parr went to Sutton Coldfleld in 19ct2, before which tie was surveyor to the liebiii2toti Urban District Connell, to which position he was appointed in March. 1949. Previoustr he held appointments wider the.

Cardiff. liotherhain. Coventry and Liverpool municipal authorities. Mr. Parr, who is a B.Sc., is a member of the Institute of Civil Engineers, the Munioipal and County Engineers and the Town Planning Institute.


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