The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on July 19, 1893 · Page 2
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 2

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 19, 1893
Page 2
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* MOINES, AtSOM,IOWA,WEDNESDAY, JULY 19,1803, ALGOttA, IOWA CONDENSED NKWS. Lord Mayor Stuart Knill, of London, has been knlglited. Mrs. Fred Itiebllng, of Chicago, drowned herself at .Tollot. Albuquerque, N. M.» was recently shaken by an earthquake. Solly SinlUi won In his figiit with Johnnie Griffin. Corbctt and Peter Jackson vdll flght In November. ability hoe been removed by an operation, 'has returned his voucher and declines longer to accept a pension. Dr. Clark Gapen, of Chicago, has teen elected superintendent of the east- em Illinois Insane asylum at Kankakee in place of Dr. S. V. Clevcnger, resigned, Six companies of the Kansas militia have been disbanded for offensive partisanship because they failed to support tiie populists In the legislative trouble last January. Obituary: At Stratford, Oonn., Calvin Curtis, ithe artist.— At New York, Octavla Allen, Jit one time . Residing laxly for Booth.— At Baltimore, ~Dr. David Marian, aged eighty-four. Jones & Laurjhltn, of Pittsburg, signed the amalgamated scale, the work- iugmeii accepting reduction of 8 to 1C per cent. F. J. Amweg, a Plilladelplila contractor, failed wltti liabilities of $300,000. He is erecting the state asylum for cliroiilc insane. Gen. Ituss, of ,San Antonio, Tex., was awarded lF5i!!),i)47.22 in Us suit against Count Telfener, of Italy. The suit is on an old land deoil. The steam steel shear of the Chicago Shipbuilding company lifted the Baker submarine boat from the Cailumet rivei yesterday and placed It on dry land •The boat weighs oiglity tons. The lift was made rapidly. Notorious as prosecutor of saloon- ITWASERISONMY THE CREAM CTTY'S WBLCOJtE TO THE VIKINGS. Herbont Gale, of Cedar Rapids, has been Indicted as a, half owner of one. Tho tolcral authorities at Portland Ore., have tiled additional libels against the steamer Haytien Republic for smuggling opium. Tho town of Luckey, O., was partly destroyed by lire. Loss, .flOO.OOO; insurance, $40,000. Tho lire was in the business district. Hem-y Fleming, tho negro who stabbed Mr. Minclioe to death at Columbus, Miss., was taken from jail by a mob and hanged. L. .Foster, traveling salesman, for :Foley & Co., of Chicago, commitlted President Cleveland becomes well enough to go fishing. The Viking ship arrived at the world's fair. At. tlie last minute Dlxon refused to flglit tho Omaha Kid. Gorbett has signed articles to fight Mitchell before the Coney Island club. A colored boy confessed to having caused the Bi'adstreet-Thurber fire in Minneapolis. Joseph Deathrago was drowned near Decatur, 111. Three cases of typhus have appeared In Philadelphia. Bishop MeQuaid, of Rochester, N. Y., celebrated his silver jubilee. Austria prohibits tho exportation of fodder owing to the shortage of crops. Tire Starr mills alt Shclbyvllle, Ind., failed for .$80,000. Harry Herron, aged 71, suicided at Golden, III., by shooting. The Western Passenger association has adopted one-fare excursion rates to the world's fair on certain dates. South Dakota county commissioners aro accused of illegally loaning the permanent school fund on farm lands. Pensioners under the dependent pension act of 1800 will be required to prove their disability or be dropped from the rolls. Noah Allen, tho populist assistant nt "I!!?± I " tn , W1 , nonn ' ,? Iilm - torney general of Kansas, has been re- ' was ° ttl moved for pllicial crookedness. Ex-Mayor Waldby and wife of Adriai Mich., were badly Injured in a run:: way accident. A young man named Butler receive* 'a ducking at Kniyhtstown, Ind., bj some residents who do not approv of intoxication. John Mom-ell's packing-house, at Ot tuinwa, Iowa, was burned, causing losa of $500,000. Bradford K. Durfee, of Decatur, ha> been appointed state superintendent of inminmcc by Governor Altgeld. Emily Vaders, the actress, who wa.s for some years leading support foi Edwin Booth, has become insane fron overstudy. New York bankers unanimously agree that the financial situation is improved and the outlook is bright. Mgr. SatollI made a decision in a Colorado case which is considered a victory for Archbishop Ireland. Queen Regent Christine is suffering With a tumor. She is in no immediate danger. Twelve buildings burned at Maxwell, Gal. Loss, $100,000. Tho lire was in- ceudlary. Buffalo bankers met and adoptexl resolutions for the repeal of the Sherman law. The bolt and nut tnist decided to suspend production for a itime, owing to dullness ol 1 trade. Mamie Clark, Chicago, was convicted of foiyery and sentenced! to one year in the penitentiary. Tho J. A. Hartlott & Co. Lumber Commission company failed at St. Louis, owing $50,000. Tlie Misses Carrie and I'eai-1 Plant aro walking from Muskogon, Mich., to the world's fair. Chief of Police Mitchell, of Chattanooga, Twin,, died from the effects of a dose of morphine. The. woolen mills of J. Schoflold & PROFESSOR R. B. ANDERSON AND OTHERS SPEAK. ! small a ship should hate crossed the 'Atlantic. Admiration for Captain An dersen and his brave crew went up many points. At the Ertkson statue In the park K. B. Andersen delivered a fine oration. Chicago, July 12.—Captain Andersen Glad crew of N/oreemen aboard the viking boat reached the fair today. His recejptlon was as enthusiastic as was that of the Spaniards and the caravels, and the exercises were of a similar nature, save as concerns the military end. Commissioner Raun had asked 200 distinguished foreigners to accompany luiu on the Ivanhoe Wednesday morn- Captain Andean and His Norsemen X*^ 2^L±^?* ^Jf^' Knter the River While Crowds and Whistles Reception Visitors. Milwaukee, July 10.—The viking shij with the government boats, and formed a procession when the viking had been saluted and the cap-tain taken aboard the Ivanhoe for a reception. A stop was made at Van Buren street In the afternoon, where Mayor Hanison made a speech. Proceeding, the boat reached the fair about 4 o'clock and was benched back of the FIRE AT THE FAIR. OARBJED DOWN IN BttjRNING. Uto ram ota < rt "'"l> 1 "" '"»«" to till, pdmlnlstmtlon A ^BANK'S HISTORY. its Downfall Began With John Plank. in,ton,'s Death* The PianklntonTbank of Milwaukee opened for business Feb. 9, 1887, with John Plankltton as president, Frederick T. Day as vice-president and John P> Murphjr as cashier. After the death, of Mr. Planklnton two years ago last fall, Frederick T. Day 'was elected to the office of president Willlam Plnnklnton was chosen vice-presl dent, while Mr. Murphy continued as cashier. A new board of directors was chosen as follows: President Day A Fire In the Cold Storage Warehouse ViceHPresldent (Planklnton, Francis at the World's Fair Groundsr-Escape w. Noyes, James G. Jenkins, William Out Off—The Terrible Spectacle Wit- Sanderson, Charles T,. ciason nnd nessed by 35,000 People. ( Eugene S. Elliott. This board, with (the exception of Mr. Sanderson who Chicago, July 10.—About thirty fire- dled lnst winter, was in control of the men lost <thelr lives in a fire in the affairs °t the institution at the time cold storage warehouse at the world's of lts suspension. Tlie vacancy caused fair this afternoon. The men had by the deattt of Mr - Sanderson was BRAVE MARSHAL MURPHY NAB- BOWLT ESCAPES. edges by the time he arrived at Grand shore. It was a great day for Leif Erikson, and his bronze face, as he surveyed) the thousands gathered along jin -the 'reception, making the day almost a> national fete occasion. WffSE OUTENG WOMAN. the Liko front, seemed to take on a W1 'at She Puts in Her Trunk Now look of pleasure which broke almost into a smile, Or as near it as bronze staitue can come, when a young man That It Is Time to Pack It. What a blessing these of which shades the stern but hand- 1 some face. , Captain Andersen took occasion in' t() do and how to do It In every emer- what others forget and who know just what s reply to the welcoming speeches to gencyl fair year. As he Andersen • and the FJnauchU :i.use. L. Blair, a prominent attorney of St. Louis, called ox-Congressman Glover a liar. Blair was knocked down. The trouble resulted from a. law suit.'Tho remains of tlie Kreider family of six persons, murdered ait Cando, X. D wore, buried at Lancaster, Pa., 15,000 persons attending the funeral. Mormon missionaries, in Hanover comity, Va., have made many converts, and now flue Protestants are organizing to drive -them out of the county. " Chicago and Peoria trains of the Bi<* Four road collided at Indianapolis. Great confusion was caused among the passengers, but no one was hurt. The Orangemen of Canada celebrated he anniversary, of the. battile of the Koyiie in a more'-enthusiastic; manner than usual. No trouble occurred. At Saglnaw, Midi., Henry Bradley vas taken, into custody, charged with laving shot and killed Miss Jane Marhall at Warwick, Out., March 10, -SSO, Charles Blrker, wanted at Findlay, )., for the murder of Annie Sails, three .tn !-„«,,. mi , ........ "1VUU.UU vi me i<iuu. 'ine numane ? ', impression Is society, Individually and collectively an incident of which the pri- know her and "her services buTtnev ma,y cause was a desire to do some- 'award her no med^i [ Sgh she I climbed'Upon the building to reach the not lower where a fire had broken out I On Jnu - *' last Cashier Murphy AVWle they were on the building severed his .connections with the .'!•• tire, which had seemed to be a Plnaiklnton and went to the Wiscon- trifling affair, broke out below them sln Flre and Marine Insurance coin. and cut off all means of escape. Lad- P anv bamk. With his retirement w, ders were burned away and the men H> Momsen became cashier of the found themselves on top of the big Planklnton blank, which office he held -.- utterly helplets. until the failure. The amount of* Marshal Murphy was with them and st ock held by the officers and directors ordered them to save their lives if pos- at the time of the failure was as fol slble. There was no way of reaching lows: President (Day, ',$90,000; Vlce^ the ground 200 feet below or the roof President Plankinton $5,000 In add! of the burning building from which tion to the $38,500 of stock owiaed by the seventy foot tower sprung. Mur- the Plaiikinon estate, which be con. phy escaped badly burned. trolled; James G. Jenkins, $8,500; J 1 , With death staling them in the face w - Noyes, .$10,000; William Sander- the men stood on the edge of the roof, son estate, .$3,000; Charles L. Ciason Then one. of them jumped. He struck $10,000; Eugene S. Elliott, $1,000' the earth crushed and bleeding. Two Cashier Momsen, $5,000. All •' these or three of his companions followed men are now under Indictment. his example preferring a death by the ._ fall to the slow torture of the flames. Before many of the men could de-' clde to make the perilous leap all The Humane tower toppled and fell and the brave BLAND SET BACK. Will Surely Not Be G of the i wmply an word's fair^But eveiTone, Captain Andersen Included, ' actual sen-ice render firemen who had been standing upon Coinage Committee. tt ,™,u . furnace below. count-1 The dies of the wounded men as lay for a moment on the the ruin of the fallen tower could i, D. C., July -13.—There is uuqutstciiably authority for the an. of the will not be chairmnia of committee on coinage, weights congress. to be chair. »«:-~t«^ 3&&^\&ZSttrtt&^r~^~- s a great day, leaving Leif and uses as a "warming-pan" Columbus out of the question altogeth- sects on cold) nights by th< er-a day to warm the cockles of every'carries a spirit lamp, which true .Norwegian heart, and there wore'more often than slip H«A« many such lion 0 - tiho 1-tV -p. f i ^**m* OA*C u^ca Bland Mate Gunderson , - has no novels that rc .to work getting the lit- suit all tastes, perfect crochet needles, part of the building together with tho «* """ """ v> "" B m;A1 ' l " ™" l ' a uu / for tho n™,f ~P .,,„ ,,_.. .„,,,,., „_,„ ._., whlc* workman PTm,ln^n V^+t J, tlle com mittee in the last house, but it mtn which | workmen employed and it is not konwn ls understood Crisp does not care to ap- Ihe monetary loss p^t iji m . Whoever the chairman ol eeks 'a. According to .the last report of was arrested ait .Columbia, the di-strovcd Son, at. Madison, Ind., wen by fire. Loss, $70,000. Warrants have been .sworn out against tifty-tive residents at La Harpo, 111., for poker playing. Mrs. David Birbeok, wife of a farmer at Red Oak, la., committed suicide by leaping into tho river. In a quarrel over a game of cards at Hammond,. Ind., Rosarlo Greco stabbed Joseph Perre to death. Two Chinamen of Potoskoy, Mich., Will test the validity of tho Geary law lu the United Slates court. Liquor dealers at Charleston will tost the Mouth Carolina state saloon law by an appeal! to tho high courts. An explosion of gasoline caused UK; death of Mrs. C. P. Vanarsdale anil Mary Hogefelt, at Be<itrice, Nob. William Sehuoeilier, of ICalamazoo, Midi., is dead as a result of being hit in the stomach with a whlpplu-tn-o. James Townsond of Indian Territory, Was despoiled of '$1,000 by three moil, supposed to be the Rally brothers. Kane C. Reluey, a business man of St. Claii'svillo, O., fell from a train near Union ...Center, Ind., anil was killed. At St. Louis. Joseph Boitano, a saloonkeeper, committed suicide by shooting, the result of a quarrel wilh Ms wife. Tho village of Brlxleggo, in the Austrian Tyrol, has been partly destroyed by a Hood. Ten persons wore drowned. Claiming tho Chicago & Northwestern railroad has discriminated against them, Cedar Rapids shlppei-s have filed a $21)5,000 damage suit. Augustus Hoineumiy has invited the public school teachers of Canton, Mass., twenty-six In number, to a ten-day trip to tlie world's fair at his expense. A Baltimore pensioner, whose dis- it.ei-stato coinmerco commission, 2,2(50 iiiilway employes were killed during tie year. John Weaver Avas killed at Brazil, id., by a itrain. He was wealthy and over SO years old. Lord Coleridge, lord chief justice of England, was taken suddenly'ill at the Newcastle assizes. The court was adjourned. Although $7,000 and car loads of provisions have been sent to-Pomeroy, la., people made dependent by tlie tornado there are .suffering for food. The Ten-e Haute, Ind., car works an; in an assignee's hands. Tho liabilities aro $275,000 anil the; assets $(ioo,ooo. The company employes 1)00 men. An engine ran into herd of steers at St. Joseph, Mo., and after killing ten steers was (Iw-a)ile(l. Tli<> engineer jumped and was badly injured. Baumborgor, the murderer of tiio six Kividors in North Dakota, was taken to Devils Lake and thenco th ° Cutter W!1S in ) Or ' sbe ^y be *<» mother ^ some sturdy boys and girls, who are provided is half a million dollars. -. ™£r n * Andei>son and his crew.with old jackets and stout boots, and . it.iox to ipiay their part. I therefore do not worry her life out bv Tho Captain Davis had dressed ship and slipping not in a petting storm ' I ,. bunting tlie to see B mass of whether the old hen has laid an egg -~ s he lay at her dock, making In tlie haymow, or the sea has washed i anu. ome appearance; u fa.-t, up another treasure, old cutter appeared to have re-' She has arnica for SAFE IN JAIL. North Dakota Murderer Custody at Fargo. tills committee may be, it i$ certain that tiie .democratic leader on the floor for the repeil of the Sherman law will be Bourke Cockran, of New York. There is no longer any doubt in the ' minds of public men that the session _ T j i.j.nv-.j ~~ L . v. w .* w ..*,,„.. tutu. v**c o^oiaiuii A. u., July id.—Albert Bnum- o f congress beginning August 7 will -., " *• ------- *-' **it » t.; l \J- »j»*v« . JJH.O IIJ. LLLVll ' • the board and escorted him to the "him" eluding some cane deck, where many of the commit- she has found irgcn the (wholesale murderer, ot , be in so . S sion fully a year. A deal of. time will be takeu up with the , „ , , - Washington, Montana and Wyoming PU , led flccounts of uis crime as senatorial contests. The financial warfare is sure to be j - » *•*•»-• vv/*tij||ii,- •-"+** *m*j *V/l*A4\4. toemon had already gathered, besides in old muslin the committee on reception iwi board of five each . and the Benevolent society. Be- gontlemon there wer .grcssman Babcock, of No- Colonel own account for the probable cut fln- : into a tin box, or old basket, and 3e-' wpdged so tightly that scatter-brained on Tom carried them all the way with Jn_ "JIAVAI- n Hntll " As soon as the mayor was on bowl " the, Johnson was stream. Behind Cataract cov "ed nil tho tu Johnson n he-tdeil n ti, in tho 1 mlw, nlh01 - "never a spill She i *? ' laces g» lore . like all the a bag and hair- father's family had beau murdered by a hired man. People hurried to the farm and found a terrible crime had been committed. The father, mother and four, children, three girls and a tion of protective system-as soon congress meets. They do not expect any recess, and as tlie question of Ibb chairmanship of the ways and means boy respectively 13. 11, 0 and 7 «,„ • . . pns ' and sood black darning' wool, t, tllfi her can ° fQnndl an ^' hore ex <*>P* "JuBt around Forks for safekeeping. Ho to Grand narrowly oscapod lynchliiy and made a full confession. Tiie Colorado silver convention lias issued a statement declaring that the depreciation of silver has been caused by a aonspirac.v, with England hack of il, and demanding 1 free coinage in place of the Sherman act. Princeton, Ind., was visited by a lire disstroyud nearly tho entire city. Over llfty business houses and a large number of residences were burned. The loss is estimated at .$250,00(1. An unknown man was burned to death. Secretary Herbert lias accepted it ho resignation of Commodore Wilson as dliiof -constructor of the navy and appointed Constructor Philip llichborn to succeed him. Commodore Wiilsou resigned on account of ill-health. Of tin) many failures and financial collapses during the last throe months not a single failure of a dry goods house has been reported tliroushout the country. of the Hie comer" from her own house. And with all these things, and a which nearly the it """.r'S.ri.HLr's ™* i-^-vsnE of so many eyed suspiciously Avhen first deposited on the piazza, On al s.-iluito. was a of -the tho Johnson's «,n aic n tho vikini thol>0 some cards for and a - game of backgammon or halma for and -own Ho v km' vind to ion " ' 10n older children. The "mid'dllng- 1" youngesters are provided with a Even as slate and pencils, which latter she deals officially out "judgmatically," one at a time. ' tlie ml Of beads ' deUght to see -old she carried a box top of tho single mast and e ig the square sail in alternate stripes of brown the chewed ear leap into his arms years were dead from wounds inflicted by Albert Baumberger with a shot gun. The girl, by piteous supplications, induced tho man to spare her life and the lives of her three remaining brothers, all of whom are very young. been solved Wilson, the popular the democratic ft-ee-traders is devoting some of the hot day; to get. ting his plan:) in shape. It has been seml.ofliclallv announced that the next ways and means committee will mjt; grnmt hearings 10 these in the t-jvifsion of its maintenance or re- At the muzzle of the gun he compelled the girl to get his breakfast, with the fl ,, nHnn „,. „, „,, . ,, corpse of her mother lying at her feet auctlo . n 9 1 nbol itlon, to free traders who After leisurely eating his meal he as! nTll% ^tJ 0 ?™ P L ?, C ?^7, 011 * 1he o platform in the bill to be ic- to the house, or m regard to from the Ims'iie^s and saulted tiie girl, and tying her lu the bam to prevent her escape, he saddled a pony and rode away northward. The girl freed herself ami hurried to Cando. ' j As soon as the people learned of tho murder they organized a posse to cap-' tiu-e the murderer. Thoy struck tho' trail of Baumberger, who Avas evidently making for the boundary. Ho labor world. HERS TO KEEP. : A cold, gray dawn filled the eastern cy with uncertain twilight. Here and there a feathered songster was unpacked. and white sheoted home, of tho,sail the er way. with mid T i ' Books she had none, till the little was captured near the Canada line P £pe(1 P OI1, ns if doubtful of the and brought back. Ho talked coolly freely of his crime. propriety of making such rtemonstttir tion as would lead tho world to be- Posmastcr-Genoral Bissell has dwirt- i'd to •abandon the three sizes of postal cardH now in use, anil to substitute one sl/.o for both .single and reply cards. All but three- of the roofers of St. Louis and Kast St. Louis have com-' bined under the name of tlie St. Louis Hooting company, with $200,000 capital stock. He went to work for the Krelders J G li was " lornin «- ^wu^ oua ^au ^ U u C , ^ ^c ^L^C Inst fall and became attached to the ! ho sle °P ln " «"' n solitary head *' as 10-year-old invalid pleaded for her daughter Annie, who was the eldest curl -PM 1ei 's might havo been per.. — ^ u .^-mtuiij.v]iitnn.-,tf r filll '-y tales and the'bed-time "Uncle child. He uiiule unjpi-o|per proposals ^^ . f .° P I<otr "<le from tho curtaips i 1 way. The vlkin'" rodo ti . - , . I ^ om ^ s -" The mother has no time to, 1 to her and tried often to accomplish ortlie third berth from the end. ,-ith a! swanliko "rice her lo* ^'^f r ead novels, and her fancy work, she, his purpose, but was always baffled.',, puir of tlnrk> so " lf ul eyes pierced ig tho wares as"d-iiii+iiv' n« ., ? declares, consists enitdi-dy of the dam- Tho last attempt was made on tho „;, gloom »«1 awuy she wenl: in tow-rfi shm'T £ iug 8tltC!U - Bll ? llt of July G ' The t^ 1 resisted and' ! h " ™ rt «'ns swayed. ^ n ,;* 11. -j _ , - »>-*ivi »iunL. ill fti'iml nnrl fln»not/\-Mr»/i J^ j-^n i.._ «. ,-, t A. fOlMTl finnnni'rwl r»oncj^»i ^i«« «_ *„ a pace that, made the attendant flotilla hustle to keep up, Then come of tho dav. This woman, be she maid or matron, is a benediction to the forlorn misanthropes who bewail a day'u 1m-' of paused for an in. s t,ole liko a shadow along her within 100 yards of along the lake front, whict people. TJio viking, o of tho fresl these as far down western ilnpot, as her oiilglnals have skirtwl the shores of tho bluffs were lined nndor the srly breeze, tho North- cried and threatened to tell her fatlieT' A fom This aroused the demon In the nature Stnn *' nn(l criminal and ho determined to the nlsl °' The dark, soulful eyes glittered with triumph. The next morning he went up stairs.' " Tt is mine - it; ^ mine." ^ a ^^<=, an<1 s »ot the father while he lay in rpho form flittered into tho dressing- best of all,. berl - IlG retunicd to the floor beneath r00 ™' sln mmed the door, and piled „ Kreider. Tlie noise fnrillt:urft against it. B waves fare- ] "vvakened the children. Then he shot An<1( w . luM1 the other women lin thp country centuries ago, a very the old It did not need, to see in projected from the holes in the sides a fringe of pkes aiul in tho rows of stout spruce handles U riviy ,° f ^'^ and *»** axcs eating a state law to compel COWtei>8 dm heard were expressions of as dent at the manner In which the' L He or«ft so4lpd anA surprise t^ftt §Q thevu Is u 111 dull , d roamed of such 1 She can talk !>astry or politics, is a good listener She soon becomes ' nn ^ s hot an authority, , ...__ ..._ ,_, •-» those on the hotel piazza, there ', Merty, May and David. Bernice car heard the sound their hearts were, is but one comment: "She is a nice Jumped through a window and tried nonry with despair, woman." | to escape, but the fiend 'caught hoi>, "Wiere, O where?" they moane<l in U'hyV Because slie knew what to Brought her back to the house and shot "nguish of spirit. put into a trunk. I her- Mry, not quite dead, was fin- W| th tho thought of tho day to come, It Is a lesson worth acquiring. ishwl with a butcher knife. their hearts grew bitter and 'they rall- I After this he ordered Annie up stairs ^ "Salnst fate.—Detroit Tribune" at the point of a gun. There he as-' saulted her twiceA. After tying her hands behind her he afterwards led h to the barn, where he assauted again, after which he tied her "Mine-. Leo says that she will not go lion's cage for her performance tonight." not? J ft the she says that her 51 BTTNS TN ^ mounted a pony and drove off. Tom-j-"Your best girl's father bank Cashier, Isn't he?" a Is a

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