The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on July 12, 1893 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
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Wednesday, July 12, 1893
Page 7
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PflPgjj, frES MOtNES r ALGON A, IOWA, WEDNESDAY, JtJLY 12,1893. A AFRICA. bound. The missionary warned him that any attempt to free them would result in the immediate execution of the sentence. : Once upon the box Lee took out his SCENE OF WILD LIFE IN SOUTH writing materials and wrote two letters, which he sealed and threw upon the ground. Then he reached down below the seat and quietly drew the • . plugs from the powder kegs. The powder floAved out Into a black heap, FEAR THE NATIVES NOW HAVE with Avhich each keg connected. ' Lee then lighted his pipe and quietly OF POWDER. leaned back to await the expiration of the hour. When it Was nearly Up he . : •. bent down and began to unfasten the bonds upon his legs, instantly two na- How an American Chose to Pay the ttves sprang at 'him, but he raised ills Penalty .for Kissing a Missionary's head and looked at them with so deadly a gleam In his eyes that they hesl- .Wife-Senteuced to Receive 100 tnted . Another moment and his feet Lashes, He Asks for an Hour's Res- would be free. pite and Makes a Terrible Use of It. The-missionary, seeing his prey about ' to escape, rushed upon him, followed ' by the whole assemblage of natives. from Iced drinks and cold baths is warming. As far ns possible dtirlng the summer cold drinks should not-be taken with meala. Cold drinks taken with food on a hot day stop the action of the stomach for awhile and then bring about an uncomfortable feeling of warmth. The cold water first causes the blood vessels of the stomach to contract, and then With the reaction the blood vessels become dilated and there is an uncomfortable sense of oppres, sion and heat, which leads to the drinking of more ice-Water and to renewed oppression and heat. The best \vny to pet the amount of water nec- ogsnry for the system is to take It'hot before breakfast on an empty stomach, then to drink nothing more during thu day. All the coolltg effects of perspiration can be enjoyed by drinking 'enough water to keep the skin moist a/ad to supply- the natural evaporation. This evaporation if the pores are not filled with hot water, will keep the skin cool .he old passions is told aueAV. Sometimes (there are dramatic incidents that hi a country of malls, telegraphs, and JICAVS- papers would be eagerly picked up and recounted in all their details, but in slouf " y Africa they are never fully told, and d Sl*;f, are soon forgotten. This Is such a story, says the San 'Francisco Chronicle. It is true, and it did not happen so long ago that the real names con be used: of heavy white smoke about the sccue like a it had cleared away both gone a higher blackened masses, hardly 'human in form, remained to shoAV that they had cA'er lived. Of the natives, fifteen lay or dying upon the field. To this day, If the traveler in that THE FIRST MOSQUITO. A Post That Visits .Man Nearly Everywhere. e ™ * *° The coast of southeast Africa is one of the most dangerous in the world. Currents, constantly varying both hi direction and Intensity, cany the navigator far out of his course and often s °" 1 ™ ° 1 . w . ton land him upon some reef or sand bar. uot becn fm sotten. The fact that the Robert Miller, from London to Bombay, should have been HOT WEATHER /'DIET. wrecked near the bay of Port Natal, • was, therefore, not strange. But what NOAV York Sun.—-The thousands was unusual was 'the great loss of life men who have no homes and break- ithat attended the Avreck. Only one fast and dine at restaurants njiid club- man out of all those on board managed houses get luto the habit of ordering intrusive natives, he has but to throAV a handful of powder into the fire to secure absolute solitude. The last re- desperate white man has of reach the shore in safety. the same things day after day and ot .This man, Charles Lee, an American eating and drinking at their meals by birth, but a, citizen of the Avorld by almost Irrespective of the Aveather. choice, belonged to that constantly hi- Here is Avhen a little knowledge of creasing class Avho prefer to spend their physiology Avould come in to good ad- lives AA'anderiug from clinic to clime, A'autage to make it easier to bear up 'picking up an often precarious liveli- against the hot, sultry days, hood, but seeing life iu nearly every Everybody knoAvs that certain foods phase. Lee had made a lucky strike in tend to produce heat, and that in a _ London, and Avas on his Avay to India, general Avay fruits and fresh vegetables Iuau smears his face and hands Avith mosquito is a universal pest; he i thrives iu lands both frigid and tropical; from one end of the Avorld to the other the little tyrant persecutes mankind Avith his vicious bite and tantalizing singing. Iu Alaska, during the summer time, his presence makes fife almost intolerable, even the tough old moose and caribou and shaggy coated bears oro driven from the valleys and compelled to seek shelter on .tug hilltops, Avhich are swept clear of insects by the constant breezes. When the Indian is resting hi the Avoods he sets fire to the leaves and twigs around him, making a smudge Avhich protects him against the cloud of insects till he is ready to shoulder Ills pack and take the trail again. Before leaving he never thinks of extinguishing the fire he has made, and big forest fires often result from his neglect—a breeze Avill fan the smoulder- ing embers into a name, which Avill creep up into the dry spruce and hern- lock and rapidly spread till miles and miles of timber lands are burned to blackened stumps. When traveling in Alaska the Avhite doctor into a dainty meal. The smould- ering embers of the fire Were blown into flames, and big cooking pots had already been provided, When suddenly the doctor sprang to his feet and commenced to cut and stab with his knife; so unexpected was the attack, and so dexterously was the wenpon handled that in a few minutes the blood-thirsty old giant and his family Were lying dead. These cannabals had been very untidy nnd dirty, and .everywhere the dust was lying three Inches thick. This flew up in clouds when the scrimmage took place '(with the medicine man, and very particle turned a mosquito when tho slants died.—E J. Clave. DRIFTWOOD. Interesting Facts Gleaned from Many Sources; _._ t 1 J. 1 ^W***** ".* 1! 1A.J .*-». Vii V*-J LIAJ.U i.1 ^*VUk I ^,£3*^ Lll.f-'i.^O He had taken passage in the Robert aro cooling; but they do not realize Miller, lioplug Jluit the long sea voyage how easy it Is to apply these laAvs of would drive from his body some linger- physiology to the benefit of a man's Ing seeds, of fever picked up in South personal comfort. It is so easy to let America. housekeeping, get into a rut and to fall Flung by the waves on the coast of illto tbe habit of i iaying substail tially Natal, with liis money safe m a water- the same tuiugs to eat e d es _ proof coat, he changed his plans with peolnlly foi . bre nkfast, that only a h 9 the readiness characterist c of Ms c ass tmotioil of population of and resolved upon a trading ,trip into New York take aclautuge Vf the rneth- the Interior. Purchasing a wagon and wls (nnture bri to ^ dooffl to he "trekked" north into Zululand. In his wagon he carried numerous articles for .trade with the natives. Among them, carefully concealed under the Avagou seat, he carried ton kegs ot poAvder, concealed because the laAvs Jforbid the sale of poAvder to natives. , At the end of three months Lee con- 1 ' lni l )s , of sugar make summer life more comfortable. 'They eat meats iu the summer two or three times a day, just as they do in the coldest part of winter. They 'have starchy A'cgetables for breakfast, and f , drinks. tlie hablt of The man three a cup of coff(e m - , , f , Adored that his trip had been n, sue- tho cold 'y luter V me keeps ,? n putUns •jxssful one and decided to return Home, as Ilumy 1 ™ 58111 ° ol ' the , ,, •following another route to Natal. One ? ummer - II ue ls in tiie habl t of eat- :mornlng he "outspanned" at a small "f a hefu>ty moat ^ ulclieO11 ^ ^ e village where there was a missionary willtei '' he does the same tldug iu tue ' ••station. The missionary himself was sumnle1 '- . is little change In the away, but his wife came down to the !tmouilt he eats except the change 'trader's Avagon expecting to find many that is foi ' ccd ou him by loss of a P ne ' -••articles needed to replenish her house- titof.and depression consequent upon il stores. Lee sold what she Avishcd, n hc ^T diet m uot weather, tho time looking at her in a puzzled Nature itself suggests to a man the manner. At last he exclaimed: "By proper diet for the different seasons George, I knoAV you IIOAV! HOAV under of the y ° !U> - Nature has so arranged heaven did you get here, Mollie?" , thlings that, beginning AA'ith the early "Sir," said the Avomau, deadly pale, rt P l '»ig. the first fruits and vegetables but draAViug herself up proudly, "what to mature have a medicinal effect on do you moan by this insult?" , tno system to make it throAV off the re"Oh, stuff, Mollie; you can't fool me. sults of the heavier AA^nter diet, to open bacon fat and pine pitch as a defense against mosquito bites, but even with this uusaA r ory precaution I nave had my head so SAVollen by the poisonous stinging that I could not wear my hat. Sleep is simply impossible without the shelter of a good mosquito net, and this must be carefully tuclied in, for all night long swarms of mosquitos Arill be creeping all over it, persistently seeking an entrance and if there is a spot in your fortifications it Avill be dis- oovere-d. When by some accident a man finds himself at the mercy of the Pests, he Avill attempt an escape no matter Avliat the risk. I remember that one time in Alaska I was hunting mountain sheep ou some heights AA-hich could only be reached by dangerous climbing. Late in the evening I found the darkness closing In on effort to cope AA'ith the rabbit pest in New South Wales, G32 miles of rabbit-proof fencing have lately been erected. During the reign of Henry VIII. 71,400 persons were legally executed in England, the larger portion of whom were guilty of no offense Avorse than misdemeanor. In one year 300 starving beggars were hanged for asking alms. Rats in tens of thousands infested the (Mercantile club building in St. Louis. All the efforts to rid the house of tiie rodents 'proved unsatisfactory, so tiit< building had to be torn down. A rat-proof structure will take its place. A curious superstition prevails in Norway. When people arc in quest of a drowned body they row to and fro with a rooster in the boat, fully expecting that the birdi will crow Avhen the bent reaches the spot where tflie corpse lies. Goose," who is probably more familiar to children than any other personage in story books, Avas a real person. Mrs. Goose, for that wns her real name, lived with a family named Fleet, who kept a little store in Pudding lane, Boston. The coronock, or mourning for the dead, is still heard in many parts of Scotland as well as in Ireland. It Is a weird chant, cries of lamentation being mingled Avith remonstrances addressed to the departed for leaving his friends and relatives. By irnigation 25,000,000 acres arc made fruitful in India alone. In Egypt there are about 6,000,000 acres and in Europe about 5,000,000. The United State have just begun the work of improving waste area, and have already about 4,000,000 acres of irrigated lauds. "Big Ben," the clock in the house of parliament in London, is said to be the largest clock in the world. The timepiece is 23 feet across, the minutes on the dial are a foot apart, the numerals are two feet long, a,nd the minute hand AAith the counterbalance is 15 feet in length. According to Topinard, the average height of Laplanders is 60.7 Inches; of Bushmen, 62; of Chinese, 64; of Frenchmen, 65; of Russians, 65.4; of Germans, 66.2; of Danes, 66.2; of Irishmen, 67; of Englishmen, Scotchmen and Swedes, 67.4; of American Indians, 68.2; of Spaniards have got them in Mikado then gummed with a starch paste made land? I from potatoes. This paste Is dried by A recent mineral find is about to be placing the sheets In a steam fanning developed in the ,Chickasa.w Indian machine, and then the stamps are sub- reservation, south of GUthrie, Okla- jected to a pressure of 2,000 tons in a homa. immense beds of asphaltum, rivaling those of the island of Trinidad, nave been found near the Arbuckle mountains. The quality is ithe very best, and the quantity sufficient to pave ^ the streets of every city ( in the west away. If a single stamp is injured the hydraulic press. Next tine sheets are cu* so that each one contains 100 stamps, after Which the paper between the stamps is perforated, and after being pressed, the sheets are filed whole sheet is burned. A COMFORTABLE COUNTRY. AND MUCH ENJOYED. and not show any diminution of the supply. There is in Spain a river called Tinto, which has very extraordinary qualities. Its waters, which arc as yellow as thu top.!'/,, harden the saud and petrify it in a most surprising manner. If a stone falls into the^ river and rests ^ Bogton Herflld . upon another they, both become per- Saturdays, on Sundays and on tectly unltwl and conglutlnntcd In a , «, m ,«,«*i O f trttmum so to Rambles in Epping- Forest year. It withers all the plants on Its banks as well as the roots of trees, whicd it dyes of the same hue as its water. No fish live in its stream. The mistletoe, Which has so long been shipped every year in such large quantities from France to England, Avill be . more difficult to find next whiter. That which was sent across the channel came almost exclusively from the orchards of Normandy, where it flourished on the apple trees. The mistletoe must be cut off the apple holidays of trippers go to Eppiug forest. They come down by train loads and wagon loads, and most of them bring the day's provender in hampers, baskets and bags and bundles; from which as the custom of the country Is, the jovial jug and the festive bottle are not wanting, and the alluring cask is often conveyed under the coachman's seat. But no matter IIOAV many thousands of holiday-makers go to Epping forest, there are always nooks enough for quiet and for free- kloui from intrusion. The best places sucks tho sap of tho trees and impoverishes them, •elsewhere, to be for, and, when found, they should be noted for further use. After the death of General Packcn- i wcn t down the other day to visit ham, at .the 'battle of New Orleans, William Westall, tho novelist, who his viscera Avere removed, preparatory n vcs i u n cozy cottage at High Beech, to shipping the body to England. The ' w ith the loveliest portion of the for- whole mass of the boAvcls, including est In front of bls windows, and the other internal organs, were Avrapped in AV hole range of it, as he says, for his cotton and buried in a 'box between private park. It Avas like being in two pecan trees, which, although in a some rcmo ,t e place in the Midlands, or flourishing condition at the tflme, never somc pretty lso i. ltc d spot in rolling after bore nuts, and Avere known far Devon. We trudged in the forest half and Avide ns the "cursed'peca-n trees." „ dayi and we were evor mmtne Up0 a 8hi PP cd to Eu S- new beauties of Avoodland and surprises. body Avas land iu a cask of A\ino. The famous "Rock in Horeb," anciently called "Rode of Massah," and at present kuoAvu throughout the orient ns the "Stone of the Miraculous Fountain," being the identical rock which Moses struck with his rod in order to give Avater to the children of Israel, is religiously preserved and guarded even doAATi to this late date. It is a block of granite about six yards square, lying tottering and loose in the middle of the valley of Rephidiui and seems originally to have been a part of Mount Sinai. Delf twa-re is a kind of pottery which Avas manufactured in Delft, Holland, from the sixteenth to the eighteenth century. The industry is noAV practically extinct in Holland. It closely resembles porcelain in appearance. It AA"as brought to this country by the early Dutch and English settlors. In those days it Avas not considered particularly valuable. Descendants of the colonial families prize the rare specimens of the Avare which still remain highly ' is round me, and I AATIS at an elevation ofj Pata sonians, 70.3. 3,000 feet; at all points steep slopes' Russla has still many old and cur- reached doAvn the valley below. After''""™ searching for a possible means of descent, 1 finally discovered the head of a small cascade and I decided to folloAV this. At first the little stream tumbled over huge boulders, among which I carefully made my way Avithout accident, but then I reached a point AA"here the Avaters ttoAved over a smooth face of rock Avhich slanted down abruptly for fifty feet. As I was hesitatiu, ions marriage customs. One is for the bride and bridegroom to race madly down the aisle as soon as the procession enters the church, because of the belief Hint whoever 'plnces a. first foot on the cloth in front of the altur will be master in the household. Every spring the emperor of China goes to "the emperor's field," plows a portion of it ,SOAVS it with several kinds of seeds and superintends the ceremony difficult to purchase any genuine spec! mens. There is a canal to be opened in Greece which has been a spell of time in construction. It crosses the Isthmus of Corinth. Its construction AVUS begun in the time of Nero, in the first ceu- tury of the Christian era. It shortens the distance between the countries of Avestcrn Europe and Athens. «The gentle Nero first struck 'the earth AA'ith a pick in building this canal, but he had to go elsewhere in the empire to attend to more pressing business in putting doAATi a revolt. Ton years ago modem capitalists took up the idea and the canal has been completed at a of landscape. The whole thing was a revelation. I had previously shared the usual notions of London with regard to Epping forest, but this first visit dispersed them all. When a day or two later I heard a friend say that he had driven through the forest and had seen no tree larger than a sapling, and no Avilderness beside scrubby underbrush, I un folded to him a talc of my own tramping there Avhich ho could not reconcile Avith his OAvn experience on the top of a coach. But it was easy then to understand hoAV it is that the average Londoner knows so little about | the place. I wcnt there on a Saturday. The trains were well laden, and the roads are well ground under the heels ^ nnd Avheels of half-holiday" cockneys. There must have been several thousands picnicking in the forest. In some places we could hear them, and at some places AVC could see them. But a feAV strides would take us out of sight and out of hearing, and we might have been 50 or 100 miles away from any living creatures—except the birds, the insects, or an occasional strolling cow. Eppiug itself is a curious little town, Avith an inn, I should think, to every inhabitant. It is a droll, sleepy place, Avhere nobody goes and where nothing is done. Waltham (pronounced "Wal- tam") abbey is not in the forest, but you get a glimpse of it from High Beech, nnd somebody reminds you that the dust of Harold, the last of the ^ ^ Saxon kings, lies buried there. Then there is the flat laud of Wanstead, and the pretty land of Woadford, But one docs not cave a button for the villages. The forest Is our concern. It AA'as Avise on tho part of the city fathers to leave the forest in a state about continuing my journey by this ,w nlle 'the princes and' nine courtiers ] stallds about half a mile above Tag- dimnwniiM rniiti. r.irvnric, nf .vi,,o«,,!4.^., uopfQMn the snino not in honor nf tim. fiWVt Creek, Ky., on the Janieg King dangerous route clouds of mosquitos Avere swarming around me and J do- of agriculture, Tho empress at termined to escape from them at all , tne same t'mo -gives lw Iflfllos a lesson As soon ns I SSIAV you I knew I had tno pores, nnd to make the various h uzar ds. Throwing my (out out in' ln sUk culture, seen you before, queer that Mollie Snu Francisco—should But it seemed so functions Avork more freely. Instead I front of mo, I let myself slide clown Flanders—Moll of of adopting this suggestion of nature the stoop rock. For some distance 1 of $14,000,000. ' of na ture. But It Is a pity since they huge .prehistoric mound that raa de roads that they did not make «.h™,t i,nif n „,„„ ,,_ '—'good roads. The only bad ronds I have seen In England are In the forest. But tliey are bad only by comparison with tho other English roads. They would bo thought amazing fine in the rural farm, has been opened, Several stole- 'toils were finmcl, Awjufl Olio heck (was one string of 67 fine pearl bojids, have turn up that Avith the first ripening of vego here, of all places in the Avorld. Protty tables in the spring large quantities^ ns CA'er, Moll, I see. Give us a kiss for them should be catdn, the majority of old times' sake." ! people neglect nature's hint and take Grasping her suddenly in his arms medicine instead. he kissed her again and again. Finally Nature ahvays takes care to punish elm tore herself loose and fled, Avhite those AVho are inattentive to her ad- Avlth emotion. 'vice. The summer colds which hang on Was she Mollie Flanders or Avas she so much longer and are so much more not? Lee Avas not sure of it, but mis- troublesome than Avinter colds are the takes of identification do sometimes direct result of the clogging of tho sys- happen. At. any rate she acted as if ( torn through an improper diet. Nature ln ~,°?? Ut ', ! aml mnu ' s constitution alike suggest Sitting doAvn, the woman wrote a let- tho diet and the behavior for the sum- tor to her husband, telling him how nun- which, if adopted, will make the she had boon insulted and demanding warm, long days enjoyable instead of reparation This letter she sent by a oppressive. If a mail 'is working hnrd native to the neighboring village, whore and is accustomed to meat three times nor husband wns vtaifinn ,. .1 •>-.-< ... _ . . sped along merrily, but I to stop myself, and upon The ocean contains several fish which J aud another string of 400 fine ivory parts of most of our states, clothe or adorn themselves, the most beads. Around the left arm was a ahin • Avas unable conspicuous of them being the auten-; copper bracelet, and on the right arm reaching an! narms > a small fish frequenting the we re three large copper bracelets. IJu- uuoveii stretch of stone I AVHS thrown' Saragossa sen, which literally clothes d- 01 ' the hands Avere several small places off my course and tumbled head over itself Avith seaweed, fastening the of copper that had '.evidently been heels, in Avhich undignified position i! Pieces together AA'ith sticky, gelatinous beads. The finest piece of all lay utfon gotutc cathedral naves As fnr fAiii™ continue.^ fvr a few yards uutil I was strings, and then holding the garment,the trout of the skull. The copper AVas -there Avere never such masses of Lift flung broadside onto a hemlock stump on ^t' 1 ' lts fol '° fins- , hammered out of flie raw ffiatorljil,. ing ft'i-eon'outside of those Inlands And Avhich stopped my further progress in The Blue grotto, on the island of, Around the hlpa were nearly 1,400 Yejfy th forest is alive with siueintr' birds fl ll/ll*\'rt till tt 4-4-i-\»f 11 J-M «•.<-......... rt\\, : ~ j _ fill T.lll f r* -fli r\ TU.n-,. n -O "VT~ —1 i . _ i I mvt n-11 II*-I»A*-V lii-»rt /4 rt itrl-i i^1» -.•»»..» »•..,. „ J.1-. !•> m O D *-* 4«O» There is any amount of delightful Avoodland scenery in Epping forest. It is old-world forestry, altogether unlike our OAvn. There are glades here like old Neman churches, and groves like gothlc cathedral her husband Avas A'isitiug. a day during the AA'inter, it may be Sionary at the same tlmo. The missionary was a man of sudden -* lt ft U hns |not accustol "ed his t and violent temp<w. Ho loved his wife system to talcin e Iueat ulltil the lack dearly,, and tho ws of an insult to ,° f ln ° at , would mnko hlm 1U - U would her broke <IOAVH nil the barriers ho 'had by men to seize wltliout his arms, LeeAvas maclc , ° r to adopt an almost ox- t up by constant training. Urged clusivc vegetable diet during the spring him, tho chief of tho village sent " ml suuu " 011 . and. continue it until the the trader. Surprised cri ? days of flllL B »"gs, lean bacon, -r _ _ Sni'lllO" f»,niplrmia nn«1 floli rln**t»» *l»« a nerve shuttering manner. This tobogganing experiment- had boon unpleasant. I was bruised and scratched, and stabbed all over AA'ith the spikes of the devil's club plant, but as I sat iu tho smoke of the camp fire that night I felt grateful for having escaped the mosquitos, even at such a cost. Tho Alaskan Indians have a legend regarding tho origin of mosquitos. In the olden times there lived In the snow-buried mountains of Kleca an old giant, hideous to behold and mighty in strength. He lived with liis Capri, in the Bay of Naples Is abso-j small bone beads, Avhich were greatly ['There are great populations o* -'-'eh*- lutely unrivaled for tho vivM «ni m fl™ decayed. '< - ' lutely unrivaled for the Aivid splendor of its colors. Owing to the peculiar nature of the refraction of tho sunlight on Its Avaters, Avail, roof and sea are ringed a beautiful ultramarine, which decayed. By "the high seas" referred to iln article 1 of tho constitution of i!b.e United States is meant the open sola; that is, the Avaters outside of the clvill and fish during the captivo aftor n desperate struggle, and s l >rlu S allKl summer should take tho AA'as carried before »«> chief and the 1>laco of til0 aeav y meats of Aviuter, es- mtedonnry. Tho f,y «• was anxious I )e f iall i' h ot roasts and steaks. Ail tlit _.,_„.,.„ n not to go any furtht.. The Zulu war fats a lunn Iloods lu the summer can cunmu S « was just over, and tne natives hardly l)e falkou iu the system in the form of "®™"* **??. ylau , ts Btrongtl liked to injure a white man so soon vegetable oils .helped out by tho uatur-1 _ med .r™ » keen-bladed drlubs are man so soon YC 6 c " lult! " 110 ."«U'«u oui by after the sharp lesson they had re- nl stnrou of raAV fruits. c«Jj*d. Still urged by the missionary, Sweet drinks of any kind, Ull the chief finally ordered lhat Lee re- with alcohol in thorn, and ice Avater tllc ceive 100 lashes on his Ixrc back. not cooling in their ultimate effects. The trader heard his sentence calmly. Anything Avith sugar lu it or SAVoet He made no defensr A o the charges, sirups is heating. Acid drinks, espeeial- and begged no mercy. He merely nsk- ly those made from natural fruit juice ed that he be given an hour to put his nro cooling. If any alcoholic drink is affairs in order, in view of the possibill- Avanted, the best Is mildly acid wine ty of a fatal result from so tremendous diluted and cooled, but not too cold' a beating. After a little hesitation Quo Avay to start out cool wlih the the missionary agreed to this. The\ day's Avork is to drink a quantity of wagon was searched and all Aveapons Nist water some time before bretakfast fU»ai»/\ t*f\-m f^t*r\A fill. __T . . . . _ I - , *»•• w • v w» \-R*A*.*-LtWI, to Avait for the reaction fi/oin it. ,™«fi™ *,.™ hot ^j^ Jj T jd uot were removed. Then Lee wns hoisted at upon the seat, aud\hls hands were Th, freest, but his legs,' /were still kept bo! actlon is cooling just as) the and three big sons—all Avero cannibals and they subsisted entirely upon human beings. The old father had snares and spiked pitfalls on ail the trails leading to the interior Avith which ho caught the uiiAvaiy traveler. So successfu AVi-ru the giant's inhuman efforts tha the poAvorful nations of Chilcat and Goonennar dwindled down till only a few families were left. Eventually i medicine man, ambitious for glory, decided that he Avould put his natural cunning and supernatural pOAvei strength and skill knife nnd nu assortment of wonder-Avorking charms, the doctor started off for the contest. Ha approached the traps very carefully, and then purposely and Avitii but slight injury, he caught himself in one of the snares nnd lay still as though dead. Soon the . old giant, making Ids rounds hi the morning, came along, and seeing the sleek carcass of the doctor chuckled to himself at liis unusual success, and putting tho body Into a sack Avhich he alAvays carried for Khe purpose, he started home to receive the congratulatory remarks of his family upon his fat catch, and upon his reaching his hut preparations Avere at once ma^ e to convert ttie shades into a deep violet in the 'far-' jurisdiction of any country whatevf/', Avliich, according to the laws of natloyT. does I . is limited to oue marine league *J \\ " jtdiree geographical miles, from" shore. Even the great lakes, thest recesses of tho cavern. Flame from magnesia powder is to be tested hi lighthouse experiments at New Haven, where the A^lsual range, of seventy miles may be obtained if' the limit designated above, areerestl necessary,. Neither oil, gas or elec-1 ed as "high seas." In tho evrjj/.„/,.] triclty has proved satisfactory to the crime or crimes committed o lighthouse board; but the new process, 'seas, parties charged Avith t, which is of German invention, is ex- sio thereof are subject *~ •" ingales, and from the, ^ ~«p,.the, larks mount.^c^elghbornig'fid^ The •"-••• • ami y by tl are f( t to solve the problem. tion of the federal, rov One singular 'property of all animal court of the country AV) bodies is that of maintaining within' fii"st enters after the c?/ fhomseilvtes an equable temperature, detected. Tho blood of the Arctic explorer re- Everybody knoAvs mains at a normal temperature though snakes in Ireland, ' he breathes air that Avill freeze mer-! that NeAvfoundlancter cury, and in India, Avhere the tempera- J in that respect—a ture of the air is 115 to zero, the temperature of t still 98 degrees Fahrenheit. Shakespeare's cane, very much like'but not a roptil. a walking stick of today, and his jug! toad, frog, lizaix? of crenm-colored earthenware were I other queer thin sold in London recently for $700. A.'is that, while Sv little carved Avooden panel, 9 by 7, abundant there, . inches, sold for $5,000, and a prayer squirrel, procupi//i$OA/ book, formerly the property'of Queen where within it— v> Elizabeth, bound in gold and enamel, all the more sii sold for $6,000. All these were part of 'joining .province* 1 ' n orest is set in a pretty counir4 J u can reach it in half an hour .train. Bast Enders though, ^ d of going down by road. One *r t see innumerable wagon loads d fisted, strong-voiced towns- moving country-ward from our » /can cities for a day's outing. But tjthe sight is common enough. Part '-- e '"these ° f UViUS iU Bnsland takes, in one way or another'' f^°^^ we would Prefer electric" , had ve all thin ° w l out the s ™g inns. u-ucy with re and 4tnere ls always the Inn, and drink; and one, or a J« received ,'ney. _ ConHorrlgan'"**' «f property for .f I Gape Breton the famous Field collection. The tailless cats of the Isle of Man'and many have always been a puzzle. Where did j reptiles, they come from?- ; They ore cut off. Every part quite short in the tail, but otherwise is done by are much as other cats. The Spanish grave< Armada is supposed to have left them plate. When the Don's vessels were wrecked,men, and on Iiish sea. But there is a breed of tailless oats in Japan.. Could the They are ^v-hUmtoifc^ii^ j^jfe'.^ ti Tho cellar filial QM^&V^Jtowt* eil entered tho hcH o rigan to tell w bnl , and when Mr./* 11 a ma^ ^ ' ^claimed Jones ge up a t seven o'clock six every week against my

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