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Kingston, Ontario, Canada
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eCAKAKTKKU ton. to Kino oity Jtt 'J'T Uk Wlu uuka. a olaiat lt'i0. SEEKERS. If yon ere 1b m1 of (lailinmr llnl raBBOt pondbly irritate, try tha Hnpafior (Jarman flue lined arcus.


277. EARLY MORNING BLAZE. CHURCH PARAGRAPHS. I of governing the oounty would bo found the I bettor and a return to it won Id bo made. I Ha atjlad tha oounty oonnoil tba nursery for the upper bouse naming many who had drat tetrad In the council before enter INCIDENTS OF THE DAT.


jtisriy winds i fair and decidedly wr.witha few snow flurried I Tli. i nume CONSPIRACY TO DEFRAUD, THE CHARGE AGAINST MILLER AND CARNEY YESTERDAY. Millar Did Mot Toko Mousy From Vaa Blaitooai eoon aa Ho Hoard Bow It Was eaaarad HaOffsred to Mofoad It Tha preliminary examination of Matthew Millar and MoCaraey, aoeuead of etonling 9330 from a young man named Van Blan-oom, at Napa nee a few days ago, was held at tha town named yesterday, before James Daly, J-P R- M. Britton, Q.C., of this city, appeared for Miller; H. M.

De-roche, Q.C., Napanae, defeoded MoCaraey, Daetraye faun Thompson's Bottllag Worha-Of Imoenrliry Origin. At about 2:40 oolock thii morning an alarm called out both detachment! of tha brigade Tha blare wae located in the bottling worka of Jamea Thompson, situated at tbo oomor of York and Alow treeta, and had already made good pro graee by tho time the brigade arrived, notwithstanding the foot that feet time waa made in reaching tha burning atruo-tura. On aeoount of the character of the inflammable material contained in tha building tha firemen experienced difficulty in fighting the flame Newe neat AU DaaomlaaUoaa-inillBg af tha Pulpits. The Canadian Prasbyteriaa heartily endorse tha Manitoba school compromise. Sydenham street church Rev, Mr.

Starr at both service. Sabbath school, 3:45 pun. On Sunday, November 8th, twenty tadie were among tha minister who occupied Edinburgh pulpit. Quern street Methodist church 11 -ra-i Rev. 8.

Houston; 7 p.m., Rev. Dr. Ryck-man on Coming to Ones Self. Tho archbishop of Ontario will preach In 8k Georges ca tiled ral to-morrow morning. MAYORALTY, 1897, KLKCTORS or THE CITY OT KINGSTON: Ladlu and Gentleman I napaotfully offOr myulf a.

a candidate for tha Mayoralty of tha City of Xlugatou for 1KT. I hava repra MBtad Oatario ward for urarel yaara, hava arrad on all of tha Important aommittaaa, have haaa ahalrmaB of moat of tham, and faal that tha experience yaiaad la thoaa poaitloua hava qualified ma to afBelaatly discharge tha datiaa of tha ofllea should you aalaot I tharafora aolicit your support aad lnflu-anaa. Youra alnsaraly, J. J. BEHAN.

MAYORALTY, 1897. ID THE ELECTORS. OT KINGSTON Ladiaa end Gan tinun After rix yaan wr- wlaa aa aldarmaa and flv yean ehalrmaa- hip of on of tha moat impertaat rivfa nip oi one or too moo. important oivio I I and 8. C.

Warner, oounty crown attorney, I prosecuted. When the ease wae oaltad and Vaa BUrtoott wic 8 worn tho crown fttfeornov I asked that tba charge be chanced from I miseion in Gujerat, India. Several new I steeling to conspiracy to defnudcUiming I totion have bedn opened, that Miller and Mcdaraey conspired with Th Evangelical Churchman (Anglican) ONeill" to defraud VanBtarieom out of doctor that every friend of Canada mast his money. Tho magistrate allowed the I rojotae 4 the happy and just solution of change. I the difficult and darkly-foomihg Manitoba It appeared in evidence that upon th I Kliool question.

proprietor of the Paisley house tolling hia I Dr. Muirhead, of Shanghai, has com-bar-tender, MoCaraey, to hand over to I year of service in the Chin VanBtarieom tho 9330 that had boon nlao-1 Pieebytorian mission field. Anu-ng tho od by th latter in tha hands of tha former I visibl fruits of this service are 1,600 China for safe keeping, MoOemey volunteered I have professed oonveraioo. to give the money to its owner if it arete I Hint Church of Christ Scientist, Fraser placed in hie (MoCarney'e) hands. I Hi King street Service to-morrow It wee givoo to him, and it is alleged that ho than telephoned to Kingston for Millar.

Millar end CNeill were seen getting off I 1- Everybody wel comet For further tho 4:15 p.m. train at Napanae, but they I informaUou apply at 219 Begot (treat, were not together. They ware both soon I Tho seventh dedieation festival of tha later in tho Fatatay house, but were than Anglican Churchof St, Mary tha Virgin, together. Mi not together. McCamey invited Van Tbo offering for tho day will for diooesan mission.

Considerable aoceeeiona have been made to tha churches of tho Irish Presbyterian I Clumber park, Worksop, England, was I Din rSprandla the Dlvlaloa Court Room Toaata Fropoaad aad Kapllaa Made It Waaa Happy Gathering and Good real- Mem ben of tha oounty oounoil had the celdom enjoyed ptauura of attending their wake" bit evening, and the oounty loffictab eeeu to It that tho departing given a happy tend off. Tha eloaing eeeeion of tho oounty oounoil, hold thia morning, wee the taat under the old I municipal act. Hereafter the affaire of the county will be conducted by twelve oom- I miaakman. Therefore, on tho ave of I tbo death Of tho old oounoil, the officiate took advantage of the opnor I tunity to tender too councillora a farewell dinner. Between tha councillora and offieiaia the beat of underetanding txirtf.

It Ss ft of rongpfttwlitifm to tho reeidenta of tho oounty that euoh capable official have tha ear of tho ooun I ty bniineee In their hand Tho official I theiTappraietioa' alT'tbak indnoa shown I to ail conournad by tho oounoillora. After mature consideration it waa decided the teaUmontal ahoaldUkathaformofadin- I felt they oould not allow tbo eoundllor I depart without ah owing aoma aanaa of 'hi And each a dinner ae it was 1 Tb tables fairlv etagsered beneath the weight of dishes delicacie which fairly joe led each other for a plaoa on tha inviting board. Brown I exooltad him? fin tha preparation of the I repeat, which ni efficient ataff of waiters I toiwSISdPG0S2 I divinon oourt chamber, tha table being laid -division oourt chamber, tho tabta being Uid I out in a double ahapa. Shortly after nine o'clock Arthur Rout- taye string quartette struck up a grand lnt0 of honor.1 Jadn nin nt ftt tbo 1 the table and presided. On hia right were seated wanton Trueeott, Dr.

Oliver and alderman J. B. Walkam to hie left were H. A. Calvin, W.

Lake and ex-warden Avery. Ex-wardau Rankin ax-warden Avery. Jxwarden ttaukin I I I I I I I I 1 I I I I I The fire started in a rear room, it bein mu' quic Tho house to a double brick etruetaie purposes and also for picking. Tha fait thing yesterday a large order was made up end left in the room. Tho goods wero entirely destroyed.

In a front room connected with this storeroom were many dozens of bottled liquor, nearly all of which waa loo Upstairs were thousands of now aod water battle, syphon at, the major part of which will prove a total las Tho interior of tho building wee almoet completely gutted and tha eontonts left wait Then was an insurance on tho stock, but not sufficient to cover lot Tha building ta owned by R. J. MdDowall end fully protected against damage By insurance. The fire was first eeeu by W. Jaoobe, who lives in the neighborhood and waa sitting up nursing a rick child.

Th blue wa evidently the ootoomoof an incendiarys match. uodaFficbool is: apartments being used by Mr. Thompson in hie buaineee. The room in which tho fira originated wae used partly forjrtorage school held a moot sucoassful entertain- moot last evening, participated in by the Style and Beauty oar 00000 Strive for mastery in I trimmed bats. many beautiful hats, but none we think to equal Our.

present Stock, nricea ere economical too 5 economical TOO, in we nave naa One case 54 Suitings, the Goodness. to-day. Columbian very rf style and goodness tor a Winter areSS Or Whole Suit. for 50c the 15 pieces, value 751 yard or $1.25. Come early for first choice.

Sealette Capes, $12. eommltteea (Court of Haviikm), I bag to offer vi w4-nyialf aa a oaadldata for tho mayoraUty for tM. At tha requeat of a largo momhor of otaoton I take thia atop, boltaviag that I have earned toe honour whieh I aeek, and pledging mrwlf, in eau of my election, to ue my beat effort in tho intonate of eooaomie and government. Yonre truly. Dress Opened inch pink J.

S. SKINNER. VICTORIA WARD. YOTHMILECIDBK: Ladirn -and 0nuaBMBf-I have been ra-aatod to olfar my aarvleaa aa Aldarmaa for vietori ward forth and would 34 inches wide, marked 75c the ttmtow wupwtliill tollelt you vote and dress. i 2i pieces most stylish designs, yard, $3 for a full instead of i it- I the money, and it bao been to morrow morning anti evening.

Mora-7H? stolon, and if handing it over to you will tag oabiect, Christianity, Ideal and of fot me oat I will getit for you." This bo I subject, Arietocracy." did, and going into a Chinas laundry Van I Sabbath school and pastors bibls Blarioom signed a rooript to MoCar-1 8-80 p-m. nay for tiwmoDey, whieh tha bar-1 To-morrow ta Advent Sunday, Instead tender thou handed to ONeill." I of presenting soma record of Christn first MoOarney was than allowed to go, and I coming, or prophecy of Hia aeoond coming, O'NrilT started with his obi prodded, grata lating tho teachers and others who I had charge of the preparation of tho pro-gramma, also expressing pleasure at seeing so many present. Tbo programme I was: Coronation and the Lord's prayer chanted by tha audience; opening i sorting ha was a detective, McCamey aod it bao been 'prisoner Van Rev. J. Grenfell Tbo pastor will preach sw morning and evening.

Mom- I tho church holds up the picture of our paw oonwiryi Hying hw nawry dm I fronbof thekwomoMve workf will be re-occupied the vieo-ohair. Around the I nearly node a circle and bad about got I paired through tbo instrumentality of board were seated: Ex-warden Wood- baok to tho starting poiut in tho matter of barman Stewart Telephone 74 and have your furniture re- past century, easing tt hiatory had fronb of the locomotive works, will be re- Made to yoar own order, beautifully lined, from $12 and up, depends on the trimming and quality lining used. I Corbett, dark Walker, caretaker STiepherd, I admintatratiou of oounty bueinow. Ho Wpraerill mnlrinwnartvtiirVata J-W. Edwards, and ovary member of the hoped friction would not mar tho future We re Still making natty jackets 00Btf When the table had eeaeed defiberation of tho oounciL Aid.

Walkam With our superior finish and fit, I staggering and tha waist bands of thoee and Dr. Oliver atao replied. seated about it had tightened materially, I Our Gueata" was th tart toast pro- tha cloth wee removed and tho usual toaata posad, and about on oclock tho guest proposed. I took their departure. JudgePrice propoeed The Queen and The Globe Annual Aad Baejeiopmdia Tor Her Representative, tha Governor-General ira7.

of Canada," laying that at no time in the Th, paople of Canada, though avoreo to hietay of Canada or thoBntodh empire I anjthing inthe form of fraud, are quick oeuld the toaet be propoeed with greater to order, $7.50 and $9. HARDY'S, 123 Princes 8L lortt Side Iligstoi rnH ax-wardeu Rattan, county school in-1 government He eouneetad themembere Ke5er not only to reoognixe but utilise a really KINGSTON REFORM ASSOCIATION. Thsi Aaanal Haatlag of tha Klngatoa Reform Aaaooiatioa will ba bald on satisfaction or more amcere feelings. Her 1 I Pj the finert country in the world, well governed end prosperous. The na- taonal anthem and three cheer for her mwjeoty and her repreaontetive followed I to' Bod ex-wrdoo Avery said that not a httta of Canada das eueeeH wae dna to tha aomething enormous, aa the orders are 1-1 till mil, will, it fa said, have I of the conntrT.

tha tawi of goming in very rapidly. I the permit refunded to thorn, of th inhabit-1 The price ta ooly twehty-five oenta, post-1 Pocket diaries, 1897-R. Uglow Co. An eaeel woo Id make a nice Christmas present, white and gold enamel, at R. Mo-Faule Kingston oaiiot warehouse.

How long would Kingston ho in debt if municipal Insurance' waa adopted, judg- in bavin Canada had citizens then any H. A. Calvin, 1 fall, will, it ia said, have tha price of Wednesday Evening, Dec. 2nd. ate o'clock, in th hall In tha Whig) buiMlnr, for th election of oOisan and executive som-mittas and for aenornl bnsinoaa.

Members mnat legleler their nnmee with the unrenfansd aeerrtailas, payiee th an- I -i, jn (he world, nnalfk. os or before th, data of nwotizw, to I "2" qualify them to take part in tho prorooiifiix. XlLFARBiLL, Boorotartos. Xineaton, Nov. Mb, UM.

itw mtaena which mad batter auto, who ware fortonato legislators ruling over them. better taws ana bettor In replying to tho toast said Canadas I worthy of all praise bestowed for the good they have dona able leg illation legiahtors were upon them The country has good tarn, which are ably admin- iotered. It ta the boot country in tha world. It ta without tho ox-1 tromoo found in th old world and ing parliament. Reeve To Toland raid that if the oounoil diee ita work would live.

Ha hoped for a glorioua raaurraetion. With the death I Snell tolling for thou ha never eaw eo many a orowdaa the cou noil Ion preeented. ly of tha warden, too officule underetanding esiating all Heap I end I around, I Roeva Trouadata eould not aee that tho I gathering bore any roaemblanoa to a Inner- I In dying -the oounty official! gavo tho I departing epirite" a good eaod off. Ha wee pleaeed with the opening remarfceooa- I earning Canada, of which he waa ptoud to ba a eon. Ho waa proud to bo a raoideoi I of Froatenac, the banner oounty in tha I afar provinoa of the beat country tha oun 1 abona upon.

He would alwaya look back I with plaarare to tho four yean he apent in the oounciL He prmiaed tha warden and I offiefob for thoir good deed I Rooyo WeDaMcRMWiftinftjooiiiftrnoodi I although ho prefixed hie remark byeayi 1 ho would bo more truthful than emna the previous speaker Said ha: If tha apeal had beau invented twenty year ago and one year1 bueinaae of the oounty winncil charged into a cylinder of tho apparatua, a boy paid tan oenta an hour to turn tho handle ao many houre three time a year, would not ai much be phonograph vaa am a accomplished aa ha beau done by the oounty oounoil within that period Tha councillor need not blush, worse aoenas could ba eritneued by a visit to the Ottawa houte. Aa eoon at a man rose into politic, no matter to oonaidar it hi duty in what lino, he appear uty to pull the tmclici daTlCS tokSj 0 many days doing theeountya bunneas." many days doing tha countys He suggested having three instead of twelve oommiaciwiere. Reeve Cox said ha waa the oldevt ooun- Warden TruaooU propoeed The Pro- faeefone" with a abort well pointed ad- drees. Judge Price in replying ear hfatory of the oounty government dunngtb In tha above work we believe they have Ozcellad in eometbing which cannot bo point of aocuracy and the general useful, 0 the information which it contain. jt la ss book of over 400 pagaa, taetofully bound and containing date on aoma thoaa- and of different eubjects, written in a clear, comprehensive style.

believe unand for the book will be What To Drink, It fa now generally tooognhed by phy- lictana that tea andooffoe are unwholontuo bevoragoo. They each oontain a harmful subotaooo known aa coffbine or thaine, of which aevea grain will kill a email ani maL Many nrrvoua disorders, the origin I are due to the grocer. omwar. ti Tffedn Flf tho oil 1051 CO llwV (M UQOOQ vltf Oil OOlBOftOT oil Queen City-to boats hero, will be re-elected in ry. Alderman Hewtou aaye the question nut an issue in Victoria ward, and that tha electors laugh it down whanmror it is introduced.

Aid. Newtanda offers to wager 950 that ha will ba re-elected in January to represent th ward for which bo now rite. Tha Ba port Was laeomet. Tha statement published in a city paper until the commercial men have had their eeaeone vacation. Than another rash fa looked for.

Tha Hoad la Had Condition. ixbe county engineer roportod tho other dev that the made throughout the lisas bargain of th Bros. at Crumley The Watch Waa FmiA P.C. MeCultagh yesterday afternoon investigated th alleged larceny of a rilror watch and a brooch from tho residence of S. Dutton, Barrio atroet.

Tho timepiece we discovered by Mrs. Dutton under a bed in the room from which it wu said to hero been stolen. No trace of tha brooch he yet beau obtained. Coving 1 Jsbb, tha eminent Eyo Specialist end inventor of tho famous Recherche Optome- drug store, Ita 1st, 2nd, 3rd. Cousulta- tiou and examination fra So small Mil Treatise on tha ey and light fro fa I to at so to I th low for at her I Tha Hyleo of Rvwry Day Ufa What tha People Aro Talking About Nothing Me-eapeo tha Attaattaa of Thoaa Who Art TBklag Vote Hew flga at Gilbert New flge at GH1 here grocery.

King of PiUa li Buokama Buchan'S. Jaaao Weteon, Kincardine, tain the oity viaiting friend Patona alloa fingering at Bleucy1 only i I So. a ekein. I Warden Matoalfo began hie dayi (jfuty I at the priaon at I The market day oxourefoa train on tho I K. P.

brought a targe number of rural I viaitora to tho city to- All kinde of upholstering done at tha Carnovaky 128 Ontario street. 94. SO buys from ua an overcoat that will heap you warm in tho onldeet weather. B. Silver Co.

Tha report that alderman Walkam had announced hie oandidaturo for tha mayoralty is premature. -Alderman Behan will address the work-Ingmene meeting to morrow, I p-m. Whio hall in a conversational way. Pocket diaries, 1897 R. (Jglow A Co.

All tin of ooal for grate, furnace, base-burner or eooking rang at S3 par ton. W. G. Craig A Ca Tha funsnl of tho late Mrs, Horsey oo-eurrsd this morning. Rev.

J. K. MeMorin road tho eorvioa at St. James church. Sweet, sweet apple juice 20o.

a galloa. Oilberti grooery. Bruieels, iproute and Jerusalem choke at Carnovaky1 on tha oomor. Tho work of constructing tho aleotrie treat railway extension to tho outer G.T.R. depot will be re-eommeneed in a few days.

Our overcoat are dark and heavy, but ir prioes ara lighL B. 8ilver A Co. Big bargains in culled soft wood at 92. SO per cord, oomor Ontario and Earl (treats. Coal order! reoeived.

Armoreide ooraete give comfort and wear. Buy a pair at Btaaoy'a boardwalk on Ontario street, in aeeretary to the penitentiary investigation commission, ta tho guest of Mrs. W. R. McRae.

Sofa euahiona and tea coeiee ready for waring at R. MoFaure. AU kinds of upholstered, ooeey corner! and window seats made at tha (ta monky Co. G. B.

Williama, Now York, th eminent Shakeeperean realtor, spent thanksgiving day with R. Eilbeck hare. Th two are friend of long standing, Sweet otanget Gilberts Members of Bt Jam ehi grooery. church branch of tha brotherhood of Bt Andrew will attend communion in a body at tha early morning arviee to-morrow. Do you know that elothaa that fit your form and suit your pockatbook may be had only at Silvers Settlen in the beck district, who wore obliged to taka out lioenaee to shoot doer ing from the paat tan patting tho paid or out against actual Ineeee by fire? Jellied 'tongue, lflo.

at Gilberts grooery. J. W. God dee has opened hie upholstering shop at 216 Begot street where ha will baVloaied to moot all hie old customers and 1 an invitation of tha priaon etaff. Your wife would like a pair of handsome curtains to finish her drawing room.

Handsome damask or chenille curtains R. McFauls. Deny lodge, Na 1. TranUea Boys, aro highly pleased with their assembly in tho Whio ball on thanksgiving aro that they have decided to make tho affair a weakly one in tha piano mentioned. Pocket diaries, 1897 R.

Uglow Oo. It ta posribto tho annual dinner under the auspiooo of tha Afaeutapian aooiety of Queens college will be held in the city hall this year. An eastern caterer was asked his charges for such a dinnar and ha replied 93.60 plate. Twenty different sty lee of rage and mate, some of them regular worka of art, ehooea from at R. MeFaule Kingston carpet warehouse.

The deeoiations in Gw division oourt room, placed In position in honor of tha dinner last evening, were put up by caretaker Shepherd. They were not profuse, but wets taetofully arranged and with good offset. No coffee like Meeea." Gilbert! grooery. During our cheap seta will offer a splendid range of fine overcoats, mode tha same as order work, in baarora, meltons, French nappe and fries, at prices to defy competition. Z.

Provost, New York Clothing Store, Brook street. As a majority of aldermen oontrary to wiehee of a majority at tha voters need thoir influence to keep th Queen City oil company within certain limit eo a majority of rotors next January wilt use their influence to keep the laid majority of aldermen within tha limit of thoir own household' Tho wisest people- in Kingston hero oom to raoognfao oar establishment as tha best for fine clothing, well made and at pries B. Silver A Co English brown, 12 per Gilberts Photographs of all members of tho profit council, together with tho county treasurer, clerk and caretaker of the oonrt bouse, hare bean taetofully grouped, framed and placed on view in tha oounty oounoil chamber. Each member of the oounoil contributed towards tho cost of tbapietoro, which waa 912. Tha Bay of Quint By.

new short fine Tweed, Napanae, Dassronto and all local Mint Tnun leaves City Hall depot 9:30 p-m. R. J. Wilson, agent, CLP.R. telegraph office Claraoes atras Dairy school batter, fresh every day, at Gilberts grocery.

Those large fine building insurance blocks of polished marble and such in Montreal end Hogtown, who pot tham than Foolish ritiao like Kingston that should adopt municipal insurance. Lot the council take ap tho matter in 1897 and Kingston will soon ho fraa of debt and hero taxes red need to a minimum. Tha Harrison Co Xmas delivery of furniture presents wu so popular last year that they again offer this year to aril any thing in their line, store and deliver it at Ism reqairad. This is quit a eon-rentanoa, aa itanabtes customers to select now white stocko aro oom plate and at tho same time avoid tho rush of Xmu trod Quito numtar of oity aa wall aa ooteids plan. of no in at by by of at to Ha ho th ing will ion and far tone in for H.

and mA Warn 1 nothin Into- WBMnt. whSoM 0.7 wSwsMr up nasr. ft-1 with shenpm far and aw 1 Profay- "row.UVfh.hC uto with and now 1XJ ONLY FOUR WEEKS TO Christmas. Make your purchases now. The assortment of all classes oi Dry Goods is greater now than later on, and you can be waited on with greater comfort.

AU articles ibnght for Christmas Presents now will be carefully put away and kept until required. JACKSONS NUTRITIVE WINF OF COD LIVER OIL laagaaaabtoto tak Improves tha appetite, and Imparts th Hadlalaal Virtues of the Oil without OinUBHS THB DianriON. For Hula bp all Uruniita W. M. DBSNNAN, Fmnaaii Dnaoroa am SumALuxmm Fare.

aasaWaaLbloek above old stand. JAS. BEID, Tux Lunno inumtTAxra-HMSe PrliiaaM treat. bIsphaM Wa. OpuDarandNixht V.F.HABK180X, ItanuMKH am Kmuum, Prinem Streak Fhouee Wareroom BcnUeae.

U. Lowest prieaa. HXNBY BIIAHB, IAIKU UnUXTAKU ID KMBALim la Pri mim atrast, Porner Bjflenham afreet. Tel-phou aeaununtaattou. BONN.

Torum At Gtenval on Nov. 19th, 1896, to Mr. and Mr George Topliff DIXD.t Knox At Trenton, on Friday ouniqg. Nov. 27th, 1896, Harry Knox, brother in-law of G.

H. Allen, tiita oity. BOARD. OOjfdTO LET, WITH BOAH1), HI QUUCM LKT WITH BOARD. HB8 Xa--mkjtiui Braok Btreet, 3 FOR SALE.

Yrrj.a LOT8 THE ALWIKOTOM ESTATE Treat offtra for iaia IA full lot laid out on too went aide of the propvrty.two frontinq EieqatneLtwo on the lake abort, and the remainder feeing eastward on a street lead-lux from Kln( afreet to the shore, at prleas rending from (MO par foot eeeordfnd to location. For plan, tarm ale-, apply to J. A. Allan, Alwiniten Hour or to J. It.

Mac bar WANTED nr A HOUSE WITH MODERN IMPROVE-1 aunts oh or two fnrnlahed rooms in a plasaant looation. Addreu M. Whio OWe WAMTED-HELP -RELIABLE MEN IN rrerr leealitv local or trerollinx introduea a new diuorerp and keep our allow eurdt taeked up on tree feaeu and brldua toroaxhout town and country steady employment eemmiuion or ulsry, tM per month ndexpeus and monay dapodtad to whin atartad. pMtienlars writ Tha World Medieal Ehwirie Lon-don, Onk. TO BE LET.

DEICE HOUSE, NO. ft QUEEN KTBEET. Apply te J.B. CtaePTma Half or the flat over oorrigan A Co! Dry Oooda8tor.In strut, ad-JMefeiBulliafe Printinc Offlo Apply at ae OAioa DESIRABLE 8TORE PMMIHBS by Mr Town, next door to Wms alu toe ruidonea eoneeeted therewith. Apply to John Mudla, Olareno at- Va Ml UNIVEB8ITY AVEbjUE, BRICK Il hoxiw, nearly naw, in food repair.

All modan sonvanianeaa. But meduat Aval oa to pramius or to R. hxaairr, JqWm I 7um Wuitoa Dollsn Worth OnUrtd. Chicaoo, Nov. 28.

Since th election hero boon tat forth construct ioo of 93,000,000 worth of now taka veuola in th Calumet river shipyard and employment mill be giroa dunng the winter and zprinr to 3,500 men, who were idle a mqoto eg 1 CoehiBM Holds It. CoaoDAD, Nov. 27. Th Eaat Northnm-bmtand election trial to uneaat tha con-eonratj-f member, Edward Cochran wu held here today before judget McMahon and Rosa The case wu djamiaaod, no evideoc bring taken. Kxtradltlou (treated.

UoxnsAU Nov. 28. Extradition hu bean granted to tho cue of Dr. Oabaldiatoo and tba Wriau woman, wanted at Malon for robbery. They will bo allowed fifteen day in which to fita aa nppal before bring taken back.

Tha tog Boemr" arrived at On, at noon to-day with J. Austin, of Detroit, and gnido Bair CUPS. i i i 5 We are showing a beautiful line of fine cups and saucers in Dresden, Coalporh, Limoges and other first-class makes. Suitable for Xmas gifts. Nice assortment to select from.

A.C.J0HNST0H&BR0. jewelers. Cer. Priaeeu aad Wellington 8t lqfaltfafafafafafaV Three Mights and Two Matinees. Commencing THURSDAY NOV.

26, 1 11 than do tha peoplo in tho I I 3m1 I I country to tha south. He thought that I narry L. llllJ ley tha Ontario government, in ita I 1 wisdom, mad a mistake in reducing the I namber of county councillora. Ho waver I that might be, on thia feetiva ocoaaion tha iltare 1 tha blatant democracy ae in tha newer councillors reminded him of tha swan Swifts old and reliable ineunuioo agency dose the busineas, pays Ineeee promptly, and adjusts them fair end honestly. R.

Wilson and M. Grimshaw two of Elliott Bros, plumbers, loft to-day for Oarioton Plaoa to work on tha new eivio buildings there. M. Gallagher and S. Taylor will go down on Monday.

No tea like Crown Blend. Gilberts grocery. George B. Willitmv, 8hakospeteau read me. addrn nd ind rooSted bafori Am han tha honor attending a teat in any repra- and proem bed.

ft ta only half tha price died prisoners at tha penitentiary at noon il to of tea and oofieo andean ho had from any thaiv dinnar. Tfa which rings before it die. Frontenac ta tho county of Ontario, what legislation by the oounty council ta always well me. J. W.

Edwards atao replied, spooking of a honor attending a teat in any repra- on tative body, from town hip council to uea of too and coflhot Phyaiotana now re- cognize a tea drinkers disorder," aa a result of the use of tea and oofiee. Both tea and ooflee prevent the digeetioa of starch and give rire to various forme of indigoetion. Madden Cereal, tha new substitute for tea and coffbo, fa a product of our own fields. It has a fragrance and flavor unknown in tea or ooffee, a well ae poe searing medicinal propertiee tint have attasetaa tho attention of tha most emi- nent phyaiotana, by whom it i now used and prescribed. It ta onr of tea and ooffe aod can to-day, after thoir dinnar.

He responded Blarioom to go out fora walk, and while on the atroet they wan mat by ONeill," who hailed them and asked Van Blarioom, What about that money you stole After Van Blariooms denial that he bad I 5 turn. On ap Blarioom, for tbo police station. prooebing tho station ONeill told man that it waa a dirty place and ha would not like to put him in it. Ho giro Van Btarioorn 989 aod told him go to tho Briscoe houso for tha night, but to ba nro and attend at polka oourt at ton oclock next morning. Vaa Blarioom want to tho hotel and ONeill" skipped.

Shortly after thia tha report bwame current that Van Blarioom had bean dona P-" Tha polio got oo tho trail of Mo- Carney, anlftom knowing teat he and ahad bean seen in tho Pauley house. eonnoetad Miller with the iob? MoCarney during the eonnaeted Millar with the job.1 had bean taken horns drunk during tha craning, Millar was at tha railway station with th object of taking tha traiu to Kingston, when ha was told that Mr. Douglas, proprietor of tho Paisley houso, wu looking for him and that McCamey and0Nril!" had dons up Van Btarioorn. He at onoe want to tha Paisley hones and told Douglas that hs (Miller) had 9150 of Mo-money, whieh ho offered to tha who refuted to taka it, but ask-go to MoCaraays houso and giro it to him. They waat to see MoCarney, and on reaching tha house Doughs want in and shut and fastened tha door keeping Miller out.

Miller waited till Dongles went out and thou ho breed hia way in, but MoCamsy waa too drank to talk. Milter then handed tho money over to tho police, under whoa espionage he was, ana later was arrested. He was not with MoCarney and ONeill whan Van Btariootni -y time after ONsill got tbs money. Magistrate Daly reserved decision in tha caw until Monday next, and allowed tho prisoners oat on bail in 9500 personal security. Both man gave th neoassary security and wen allowed their freedom Milter oama to Kingston last nigh Frontsoas Hocks Club.

There wu a fairly good representative meeting of hockeyists in tha British American hotel last evening. The object of tho muting wu to form a strong represent tiro hockey team by amalgamating all the local junior olub After tha merits of the schema had been fully argued, it wu moved by J. E. Cunningham that tha Limestone Granites and Viotoriu amalgamate and form ona' dub. This wu carried.

The question of deciding upon a perns oo-oupiod aoma tim Various namu wars luggeataa, suggutin should be chosen. It wu finally to adopt Frontenao, and tha meetii adjourned until Tuesday night, whan officers will ba elected. Dissatisfaction ia expressed at tha name chosen. In tha first pliuse, than ta a junior olub in the city which hu born that name for several yean put and shoo Id not bo robbed of it. In th second ptae tho object wu to adopt a name that would at once connect th dab with Kingston, a word moro generally known than "Fronto-nae might have been chosen.

Kingston or limestone, tha last mentioned bdni praferabta, might have beau with better offset, hast that is tho opinion generally expressed. Heady Fur Piaetlea, Last evening the Rook wood hookey dub met for ro-organiaation. Tha offioers elected for tha ensuing you were i President, Dr. Clarks; first vice-president. Dr.

Forster; seoood vioo-praaident. Dr. Webster; secretary-treasurer, E. Qilmoor; manager, W. Cochraco; captain, W.

Hamilton. WJiile tha olub ta a purely junior lixation, tha members oonsid Brit not advtaabte to enter tha Ontario junior league this season. Th club ta not solely for members of tho uy Inm staff, but for all aligibten Stanley Wilson, W. Hamilton, G. McKay and other are member and every available hockey is who oan ba secured will bo -taken in." Manager Cochrane says the team ta going to ba a winner.

If a local league ia formed the Rock woods will enter lit. Wbaa Zaur Doctor. When your doatar write a prescription I-. your medical adviser may follow. Tho preparations of physicians prescriptions ta our fort Toilet Good in End lee Variety.

Perfume Atomiser Soap Brush Combs and Whisk Painss Celery Compound, tho world's leading medicin always in stock; tbo kind that cure Henry Wad druggist. Away Away." twenty.five young ladies young Era MoLaod; chorus, Little man of tho school; piano solo, i Miss Mari- infant okas; recitation, Jessie iherman; recitation, Throe Little Chaps," Masters Swales, Anglin and Jackson; rod tattoo, Muriel Walsh; vocal trio. Margery MoLaod, Rhea Wilson and Roatrios Marshall grand march, sixteen boys; recitation, Th Clowns Baby, Kathleen Bailey; HW? Syfo f001 .1 olub iwinging Besai Richantaonj chorua, Goiog to London," infant class; postures at pasrion, Edna Mitchell; rooitatioa, master Bart Starr; vocal duett, Wise Ad vies, Edith and Ethel' McCartney; ro-citation, Ethel Dupuis; hoop drill, "Lord tha Harvest, tweaty-fira ladies and young men of tho school. Tho entertainment wae brought to a clou by all who took part in tha programme ascending the platform and lead-ng in the national anthem. Mim Brian McIntyre, Mias Day and Frank Anglin played tha aooompauimeht I Golds Cliff.

Tha Golden Cliff was the attraction provided by Harry Lindtay at Martins opera hones lut ironing. The plot fa intensely interesting and throughout tha satin play tha members of tha company Interpreted their parts with a vivid-and skill that held the spectators in a charmed spriL Tha aetisn move with exciting rapidity and then are dull moments during tha evening. 'Nance, th waif of tho mins" waa writ with mtthfU. I natural Rags," while the king of ali Harry Lindtay himself, acted to the lifs the rota of Barney" the ubiquitous and all-conquering Irishman. Mim Davenport, her special song aod da nos brought down th house, aa alio did little Ethel." To-night a now departure will ba mod Two play will bo presented, the curtain riling at right oclock and ringing down on minnto to twelve.

Tba House Of Iaduatry. Serious dissatisfaction is bring expressed directors of tho houso of industry and friends of tho institution at petty attacks upon tha superintendent and matron. pnblk know them to be aoalouo workers and good manager and special defence is needed. But it is ibta to nag" tha best of officers out patience and efficiency, and therefore a protest ta in order. Tharo is a certain element which if it does not favor a wlicy will not bow to tho will of a ergo majority or submit to ita batter judgment.

Indeed, it does not tolerate any will bat ita own and persons of that temperament, where there is tenacity of porpoe oan rarely over hs fair. If oom-plaiiite or prejudices wero presented openly at the board and disponed of there, it would save discomfort all around. Tho true philanthropist will always aoospt the will of a decided majority aod fry to make their policy a succes Oar CHorloma Cllaute DM I Aldarmaa Walkam asya that away book early in tha sixties" whan he first landed Kingaton ha wu not worth two unto" physically. He came here to say good-by nis friends intending to return home to prepare for change whieh ho thought must aurely take place within a short tim lingered boro tor a time and seemed to improve in health. Ha wu induoad to start in and study law, and hare ha hu remained aver sine From sickly youth hu developed into a substantial "pater.

abmlt It To Tbo People. A resolution to submit to tha etaotoro, at municipal elections in January, th ndpsl question of whether or not the oil limit shall ba changed, will be moved in oonncil. probably at tha meeting on Monday oi next. No alderman, it ta though oppose giving th otaoton a chance to exprero their opinions on th subject, though by soma tha voieo of public opto ta not hold worthy of being hoard. Nai Tho Lae Napoleon Newell wu tha only offender aasarajtt'fltss npM the win whan it wu red yesterday, in eoasaqnenea wu utterly inoapaci tated.

He wu given quartan in thaoelie tha nigh and thia morning aa old by which ho wu fined 910 sod cost with th option of spending three moo tha jail, wu so forced against him. Pu Hallelou Pros Georgs Park of Bath, ta suing Frederick Baku, Tbomu Bain, Robert Mot I Edmund McKsnty and H. 8. Northman malicioaa prosecution. R.

Mackay hu moved for socority for caste on behalf of S. Northman, tha medical health offioer coroner of tim villa CL J. Holman opposed th motion. wu to-1 I held rooently. The church Wes' built at a cost of (250,000 by tho Duke of Newoastlo for bis private worship, and for thsi convenience of the roridouts on hie Clumber eetat Brock street Methodist church, pastor.

1 Lord, as Hs went up to Jerusalem to suf- for and to di But the selection ta made advisedly. In tins gospel ta contained tha whole causa of tbo first rant Tho bishop of Chaster hu wished to ba landlord of a public houu to show it oould be conducted to tho advantage of the workingman, without encouraging drinking habit Hehuraerirod a license for tho newly-built hotel, tha Mitre, from tha Chaster magistrate to whom hs declared that a man who oould successfully conduct biahoprio oould properly run a shop. The fees payable by the now primate of England amount to 885. Homage feu go to the board of green doth 30 0 4d; the auditor of the dean and chapter of Canterbury noeiree 20 10 an election fo in lieu of twenty wethers tar an entertainment. Security hu to be given in a very targe sum for the Lambeth library and other property attached to tho arch bishopric.

KOOTENAY CURE Butorod To Xta MO. For mar Prleo of Tha following statement hu just been handed tho newspapers for publication, giving tho reasons for tho advance in the pries of Kootenay Ovtog to the high cost of one of tho principal ingredients of the medicin tho ifooti lUrere have for tha put eight montha been selling their goods at a fas but ware willing for a time to do thia in order that the remedy might become well and favorably known. Bororel thousand dollars have boon spent to this way, and now that tho redubed price hu bun extended to the public for a longer time than wu first intended by the manufacturer and the rapidly increasing demand hu beoome so general, it hu nun restated to its original price of 91.60 bottle. Tha ingredients of Kootenay are absolutely pure and erf tin highest grad and the medicine is prepared bom a formula approved at by scientists and physicians both of tho old and the now world. It his been thoroughly tested and proven to bo one of tha greatest disooveriee over offered to th present generation.

Tax 8. 8. Ryckiun Mxdkhxb Hamilton, Ont atalej Aad Jsai Tho weekly assemblies given in tho Whig ball by Staley and James are constantly growing in popular favor, and each suoouiiro function proves a more gratifying success than ita predeoemor Last nigh although efroumatanau ware for from favorable, a targe number attended and spent several hours most Tba orchestra was to fins and programme wu most judiciously arranged, while tha minor details had received fall attention, so that in thia respect nothing wu wanting to make the affair one of tho best. duet TeU Them Whoa Ton Bu Tham That You Saw Ha Saw Nearly half tha prios off all tho boot and shoes" of tha late George Ofbrds" immense stock. I want to clou tha whole stock out by Jan.

1st-. 1897. Bo ootne along and sea if wa oao't help you uro mousy. Offords old stand, 127 Pri noses strut. A.

Abernathy. Children Fra. By sending yonr name and addreu (write plainly) to Adams A 8on 11 and 13 Jarvis street, Toronto, you will receive ona at their beautiful paper doll with moveable heads and bodia for the children free. The Catholic AJi Tha Catholio Almanac for Ontario, 1897, ibliahed by the Sisters of "th Precioas Toronto, now on sale at Hendersons bookstore, (R. Uglow A Ca), 25a.

a P7- la AM Of AU Saiatff, -A sale of work, tea and ooneart will bo hold in 8h Paul's school houuon Tuesday, Doc. 8th. Good Business depends upon keeping an up-to-date stock of reliable goods. We are up-to-date in Gentlemen's Furnishings, and show each season something new that cannot be found elsewhere. li ft 1 MONDAY, NOV.

30. raunUAI. fiUY.M. Tllfflffainailt Af ihff Thursday Katie Tbnnday HatantayMatl Batnnlay show in oh Ranne-tional Goldan Cliff naAKsiloo of Sria. Prioao 10s, Kte and Mo.

1 li 1 rFPPni 02R WTRRK, Commaneing Rotnrn Ingagmont of tha I -v ss I Myra Collins CO I Monday Right That Naughty Kid Chang of Mil nightly. Prioaa 10o, Me, 80s. NOTICE IV THE HIGH COURT OP JUBTICR FOR I lull nano, in my 1 tHaoa.alyyenre, HENRY MQOERS. One Dollar $1.00. A Ladies Fine Slipper, Don-gola Kid, strap over instep, narrow pointed toe, neat and shapely.

Our price only one dollar. wgmgwiMmmMM He Who Asks Timidly Courts Denial. Thsiefoie ws ais most positive la our statement. want to oil yon an ovsieoet or nlator. Not your nsiahhor, bat yon.

want yon to oall mis. a lot of thins, about orarooata which tho a varan panoa does not understand. Tha way they ought to to out and sowed, tha lit aod flnUh. Yon don't hnvo to know this to got foil value for your monay. tUmply visit our loth ing store.

On, prloo to all HU, vfsn, 10. Biwoial Ulster Mala on Baturday, (S.S0, also at for man. ThcH. D. B1BBY CO.

1 OAK HAUL, KING BT. We Can Give You a better selection of Fancy Goods, Novelties, Photo Frames, Purses, to choose from now than later on, and put them away till Xmas for you. In this way you avoid the rush of Christmas week. A word to the wise. E.

C. MITCHELL, Chemist and Graduate Optician. PriaeemSUeet. Phono If 0.1. No.

for Boeder or Night Calls. JAS. REDDEN CO. Havaaaeaied thaAaaaayof th rated Club House lea Blended apaelaUr by tha peahen for 'thoir trade. This tho nawt Indian And Carina bland aver oliwvi in Canada.

BUSJhESS CHANCES WANTED. ASRMTLCMAN OF LABOR BCSlNRSn asparicne i- looking for an Invaatmant, with without sonries. Addrv WIN halls of parliament. Ho gavo a sketch of Canadas history for tho past fifty years, saying that no country in tho World haamua mote eatiefactory progree within mavlmlUlt poodbilitie. If tho amiwlaw nnli hannme a omaak and fa oountry does not boooma a groat ona it will be tha fault of ita inhabitants DopuU-iGorrta proposed thotoari Our Warden and Ex-wardens, saying that ha waa proud of the knowkdgthat ho era one who voted to plaoa -Mr.

True-eott in the highest gift of tha con noil. He wae prouder still at the does of th wardens term to find ho had been an exem-I plarr oflioiiL For Hes a Jolly Good Fellow! greeted I warden Trueeott on rising to reepond. He I the councils daring the pest few yean I hid don Ex-wardea Rankin congratulated tha I roaidanla of the oounty in securing for I official moo eo wall adapted to their ro-1 pNt1' office He eulogixed the con-1 duet of the wardao and oouncillon who uuev i Mia wanwu wiuisiiiwa wuv I uun.himit in lect I hevo elaima tharson era harsiw notitiad to I "JS Wm thojr wardon. It was a I been fined for violating tho law ho -kiyw-. irhad tho inspector nforrod foU Ha to, emphatically cfeuad.

dTeayetha ro- bt Aurr, wnr.tftar whfeh dti Mid UqS wumiIIoiJ jw wjar in I port vm eirenUted with malicioaa latent yllldlriJU tto Hrtsaf torn, they had emitted him in dalibemttoM of warien Smith. Boltavilta, has been foundation. Ex-warden A vary could not remember having eat in to wall oond acted body. Tbo members of the oounoil wero always in touch with each other and have triad to make tea oounty a model ona. County officials wan found to be courteous and Always willing to render eerietanee or advice when called upon.

Than wae never die-oocd but won th council mi rMwaIr. Ha I hoped that from the ashes of the old ooon-1 freight, andGie proa pacts an that tha oil would rie a body that would not as eboki kneel will continue for soma weeks, countrv are in first class eouditioa. ro-relod wisely. The ettitude of the council J. rket, Bur.of Krt 1 porter this morning.

I wonder if ha has travelled over or inspected the York rood ltl. Bf Utely. For if ho has ho mute bo wait higher. The institutions should furnish that than ta stretch of about a member of the council with annual oteto- quMter of. mile near Gorrie'e farm that B2n I eonld not MiilT in Tom ooDditioiL' Ex-warden end dark Welker said it wae eaeuy ue in wurae uonuiuou.

tho aeoond death of tbo oounty council ho Thouead Dollar Fov Fir Haedrad bed ettendod. He waa a member of th I Doliexs. oounoil whan Frontenac cut from I Having porchaeed about 1,000 yards of Lennox and Addington in 1804. Only tweed dross goods at SOe. on the dollar wo three of that council ai now alive.

The I dow offer choice patterns in 54 inch twaeda speaker propheaied that within ton years I for SOe. a yard, 49 inch good only 30c. a a further reduction in the namber of ooun- yard. Call early or you will mtas tha bast country aro in first claaa oooditioo," ro- NOTICE. rl COURT OF THI GEVERAL KE8HTOV8 of tba Psaoa, and tha Cuunty Court for I "ffKoalnnl 1 ennAAmttiluWof iM o'tlofik p' A'1 harass will govern them naive, aeaor-linglr.

WILLIAM FEKGUOV, Sheriff of the 0antr of Fruatanaa. Elngstoa. STth UA ILAA Horn AAA.A. VkolcMmo Tesla Horsfordu Add Phosphate 1 Strengthens foe twain and nerves. vvvvv Prataetiag The Tavaato Militia.

Toronto Nows A number of eoonty consteblav have bean detailed for opocU duty to-morrow to protect tha militia oo th Don flats. No on outride of that city would hero believed Toronto mob to aa bed ao that. Whoa special polio hero to ba worn in to protect the local militia, wlat protection moat ba necessary to guard visiting football team. Elartml Division Society. Members of tho Electoral Division So- fv-sr Md.

I Fruit Growers Association at ita annual I meeting in th lecture hall of tbo Dairy 2nd day of December. Dr. H. Gardiner, Brooklyn, N.Y., ta I a visitor with friends for a few day I I I I I eilkxv woo Id take place and that the work would bo done by thro or five commie- William Lake wae a member of tha old oounty oounoil. Ho frit quite at home in being with th councillors.

Tbo eoonty official cannot bo surpassed in their respective offices. Tho oooncil discharged ita duty faithfully and to th interest of tha county. Ho found fault with tho pro-seat taws, which compelled men to pay it on (GOO before bring qualified in mtocr a toe wgixia- tiou of the old council would only be temporary. Ho propheaied that before many yaoro had passed by tha old system I Improving Hilton Island. E.

Knopf, proprietor of Milton nd, ta engaged in improving tho property greatly thia falL The island hu oou thoroughly under brushed, th bay hu been dredged by Cap Comeau, agent for Mr. a now dock, having sixty feat ron tag fa under oonstrnodon in wamhro nf tnnro 1 twriv foot of WatOT, IMW ice-hoou fa ctaverly airangad being, erected, new residence for tbo I wiu te th main shore and mr Amu I windmill will atao bo erected. Fira to six man aro employed constantly on tha island, which, whan th improvements hero completed, will be ona of the moot desirable spots on th rirar. Hon. Mr.

Harty, commissioner of public ark accompanied by Ur. Gilmo left Toronto this murrjng for Now York. irt r-, Clothiers and Furnishers. T5 ud TT Brock Street. a.

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