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The Kingston Whig-Standard from Kingston, Ontario, Canada • 1

Kingston, Ontario, Canada
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MWiuim auunra, stoi in Hint olty thaft.i.1?- kn in tii. hJESEr" Wnitt nukes a claim ItXn. SEEKERS. If iron or. in sa.1 of Underwear that ennnnt pool lily Irritate, ry tbs Muporlor German Arses Unod araue.




Forhapa. It, etockingi you want. The hoadqnar-1 tan for hornet? it at Laid la w1. Mora Hair Mantles. I Tho Men Milan tka Safe and Find the Ranging In prion from 63.50 to 69 hare I Hole.

Tk ajr Only Blocked tka Bafa baeo added to tho stock of George Hills ft Door so That It Co Id Fat ba Opsaed I 170 Wellington street, next door to Carrlad.Off Coat. Waldron's. The offioe at P. Walshs eoal snd wood I yard, 65 Barrack itrest, was the teens of blowlngand "reryon dor maribere of the eohnty eoenell a faro-Wednesday night, or rather Thursday k. light the ooonty officials will ten-mbers of the ooonty ooancil a fare-I well banquet at the oourt bouse.

Between I Tka Splsa af fcrary lay Life What tka Faapla Are Talking About Nothing Es-aapas tka Attaallna af These Whs Are Taklus Noses. Royal Arcanum meats to-night. Removal is) of grooariae at Fisher1 Saturday overoost bargains. Dunlop. King of Fills to Beeohame Bmohams.

Fine oofleat, eboeototas and cocoas at GENERAL PARAGRAPHS. Tka Tory Imtaat Hew Crowded late tka Smallest of Spa. Tbs trial of Millar and MoGarney in' Napsnss began this afternoon. No worm medirino seta so nicely as Mills Worm Powders; no physio required. The inmate of the House of Induatiy war treated to a first-class thanksgiving dinnet yesterday.

A new orossing is urgently required at the owner of Ontario and Clarenoa streets, in front of Folgm Bros' office. Mrs. 8. Dutton, 469 Barrio street, reported to the police to-day that a lady, stem-winding, silver watch was stolen from hw bouse yesterday, Mans Russia tan, genuina oalf oon grass, hand sswsd, original prioa 64, wo are going toaoll them for Sea our window. n.

J. B. lllaek Thought tka Terms Agreed Dpoa Were Altogether mire Ida -other Thing To Bo Oratofal For. In Bothol church all the Congregational ohurchas woro repretentod In tho Thanks giring eervios on Thursday. Mr.

Mowla, young man who to at present supplying Calvary church, spoke at length on what tho believer has reodved in Christ, and henee his gratitude therefor. Rev. Mr. Macallum spoke briefly on several leaaona lor natiduu thanksgiving. Mr.

Black, the pastor, occupied tho remainder of the time. In the course of morning. Mr. Walsh left the ooonrilloro and officiaU the hart of FMrert. schools our irprioue are light.

B. Silver A Co. Was yon your thanksgiving yesterday A Ladies Fine Slipper, Don- i gola Kid, strap over instep, harrow pointed toe, neat and shapely- Our price only one dollar. i foil of them. Abernathy, Oflordt I hie remark Mr.

Black referred to the old stand, 127 Frinoeai street. I process of national unification going on of basketball ware played among us. Previous to oon federation, and for ire played Both oon-1 and for several years subsequently, Style and Beauty seoe PRICE TWO CENTS weather probabilities. and gales, IU, tb Wat and north- prepare FR. CHRISTMAS.

We have just received from tne manufacturers the finest range EIDERDOWN CUSHIONS Ever shown in the city in the following sixes and three qualities, x6, i8, 20, 22,24 inch squares. Prices were never so low before. We have also received and will Iace on our counters to-morrow. New Art Silks, New Art Denims, New SllkoIInea, In the very latest designs from ftiladelphia. Inspection invited.

I oclock, ho found tho door open and the plane in disorder. The door bad boon I Opaa Oars Ie gsrvlos. forced open with a chisel, the fount at the I The street oars ware well patronised bottom having bean split and the wood yesterday, about 1,600 passengers being showed the marks of tho tooL The hoop. carried. Open cate ware placed in comer, into which tho bolt of the look shoots, mission and were freely need by dm pub- had also been forced off.

I lie. Open cart at this sea eon of the year Once inside tho burglar proceeded to to truly remarkable for this portion of drill the safe. A quantity of newspaper I Canada. KA than Kingston, climate to end magazines that had bean piled on ita I auperior I I top were thrown about dm floor, and two I jut Tall Tk top ware thrown about tbs floor, and two I You as MISS PURDYS RECITAL. A Bus leal EBtertalnrceat.

At Sydenham Very Greatly Itajaysd. On Monday aveniug, Novombor 2frd, ia Wen fey hall. By ilen ham, Mlve Purdy and her pupils gave a pfeno recital to exoelfent and to creditable to her and them as to afford a rare treat to too present, and ooa that will ba long remembered by them. The forge hall waa tastefully decorated, end in wit of tho dark-note of the night, of tho downpour of rainL and of the muddy roads, wa filled with a forge and apprmiative audienoo, drawa together ty tho reputation of the teacher. Miss Purdy belong to a family well known throughout the county for musical abilities, and she has inherited the family gift in a high degree, and her groat natural talents have hem developed and perfected by yean of devoted study under the best professors.

She received the rudiment of her musical education from the beet teachers in the ooonty and then became a student of music in Stan stead oollege, Quebec, from which cm graduated with tM highest honor both in vocal and instrumental mosia With those great advantages in her favor, it wee to be expected that Mis Purdy would make a moat successful teacher and it ia safe to say that the expectations of her most sanguine friend have toon man than realized. Two ysars ago too gave her first publio recital, and it moose was so great and her skill ae a teacher of vocal and instrumental music so apparent, that soon ah had work sufficient to overtax bar strength, numbering among her pupils children of many of Ac beet families In toe county. Since her first recital she has had two years of additional experfanoa.and notwith-standingthe acknowledged exoel lance of th first public performance of her pupils, it must bo owned that in the second there eras hown a marked improvement in even element of fine playing. This was evpeoial-ly evident in the quartettes, trios, dusts and solo on tha piano. When the age of tha pupil and the abort time many of them have been under instruct ion an oon-idered, their proficieocv on tha difficult instrument seemed wonderful.

It was evident, too, that this proficiency was not mere exhibition work, hot tha result of in telligent and thorough instruction. The young ladies who took part in the recital were: Ila Dey, Georgia Warner, Alts' Sagar, Mabel Townsend, May Carey, Jennie Stewart, Myrtle Gallagher, Eva Griffith, Dolly Howes and Margaret (forty. Mia. Hunter, of Harrowsmith, and Mrs Lacy, of Sydenham, and a number of gon tie-men gave Mis Purdy acceptable aid in carrying out her programme. PERSONAL MENTION.

holes were drilled in the top, one with thnmeighths inch bit, the other with a I many beautiful hats, but none we Tb larger hoto was drilled titok to.u.1 oar pr.t. and prices are economical too, fa, $3, $4 off the late etock. 1 driltod (also" with the ttofrrighthe I whoto inch bit) in the door of thesefoatowiehee come along marked by thanksgiving or giving thanks only! Ian Mactaren has been sconced of heterodoxy. He has books to aslL Lucky fellow! Crystallized fruits. J.

Craig Co. Tbs Ottawa sod Party Bound railway wmopnits through passenger service on The nobbiest salt in- town at 65.90. Dunlop, King street. Pocket diaries, 1897 R. Uglow Co, If tho European powers war ready to earve Turkey, than would' be general Everything goes for one week iq the grocery line at Ftohere.

Aft newly every fthenkiffiving dinner yeeterdey there wee a turkey ami eereral I ole-top tables, ladiee1 and gents1 toilet I reoenft settlement of the ftCanitoba school tuHtey gobblers. I fooma, eta Captain Craig intend to eat I question ae a matter for gratitude. We are closing oat all lines of grooerie I P0 bow-deck, in order I The terms of the agreement be- I to give greater epaoe for freight. Hit I tween the federal and provincial Willis PO'PO i to maks of tha Paul Smith I governments ha thooght altogether ad- 3ol, knd I niot-olaas vstttl in every respect. Fully I mirable.

Bat they wifi not be acceptable 600 persona inspected the vessel yesterday. to extremists on either side. Indeed it I was mititnr for oon grata la tion that arch MANUAL TRAINING. bishop Lsngevin, senator Bernier and the Quebec hierarchy, being what they are, are What Secretary HUl. of tk Massaekusstt I ot satisfied with tha basil of settlement Boaid of Kd uatloa, writes.

For lug they bean moat would have felt tette were played by working boys against I tha people of the different provinces were dsy boys, junior and seniors. In both I by no means united politically. But now oases the working boys won, the juniors I unyone who keeps in the current of by a eeoce of three to one and tbs seniors I life of this country must foul that wo are by eight to two. I being fused together splendidly. Our puo- About 400 attended the early morning I pie in tha vanoas province are mixing, tasyar meeting in the Y.M.C.A.

hall yea-1 trade to increasing between the east and twday. Secretary Mallagh wae in charge I the west, capital penes freely and oonfi-and delivered a short and appreciative ad-1 dentiy from pro vino to province, the edu-droee to those preseot, pointing out that I ostional syatem to amnming a oommon tho association as an organ) satiun had I type, The spirit of patriotism grows more arw things to bo thankful lor. I intense with each anniversary of tha birth The steamer Paul Smith to filled with I of the dominion. He next pointed out the Muni four in the oars. Finest oreamery butter.

form and suit your pockatbook may be had only at 8ilverto Pocket 1 diaries, 1897 R. Uglow Co, Bli the Georg want to byIfJ' 1-y attempt to blow the the filled with giant powder, fuse inserted, and The attempt to blow the raoep. failure, too charges evidently It's No Art To know what the but Its CLEARING SALE people want, Dress Goodness. Opened to-day. One case 54 having been tanle was a ig been very light.

Tb 1 turns sooom- afinsart to know how to AH their wants si; at iwducsd pries. J. Fisher, inch Colombian Suitings, the I tyc ex plosion emped through the I acceptable prioea. have mastered It I Teacher How old an 1 tbrtweenUi. door in tkeeaeeof winter dram good and the Willm-Tm five at bora, sis pink of Style i five at boms, OF very was a ludicrous eto.

pSies to the eonetantly ncroaeing for a winter dress or whole suit, ment intheair. a when the bnigfore uumA fa, OTr cheviots, fancy dress tweed 15 pieces, value 75c for 50c the spending tiroeend tabor drilling Md silk and wool fonoy materials. J. yard, $3 for a fail dress. 21 pieces most Stylish designs, I the door was not locked, bus merely hold The Waatker Delightful.

54 inches wide, marked 75c the I Closed hr A string. The fans of the I The weetheryastenlay was spring-like in vard inetrad of fit or At 2K charge of giant powder, was eufltotont to I ite mildnew. Even a light ovarooet wae yard lnsteaa 01 or lureUmmechantomof the lock end ef-1 burdensome. Open can We run over the Come early for first choice. I factually glow the door, eo effectually, in-1 street railway (ystam and they wars wall deed, tost all attempt to open it rineo I patronised.

Consider those foots and rebare been without avail. In front of the member abo that Cbriatmaa to only a CaIaM-a r.ktioc Cl? I afe door Mr. Walah has for a long time I month off. Who my the climate ol eaiollv VaptS, I put kept eaepended a card hewing the I ada to sever Have not vj I advioe: Dont blow thtosatot the tutor to letontone ee Made to your own order, beau-1 Needlee. to my he to not in the I thankful for? safe door Mr.

Walah has for a long time month off. Who says tho climate of 'he I ada to sever Have not to I stontons especially, many things to Tha educational authorities of the state I that in the arrangement was a something an placing a great deal more stress than I inimical to tho educational progwea of tha fonperly open the child's learning how to I Manitoba minority and to the welfare of do things with hie hand This is what to I the oountr tailed seneory motor" eduoatjou, and it to 1 minded ci line of the' But all patriotio and fair have aooepted the pro-1 upon tha I posed agreement ae just to tho of the mind in children ana upon I neats and to the majority in the pro- Foreala efaeqk Urge refrigerator at Ftohara. A enow-fenoe" to being erected along thoG.T.R. track between tha outer depot and the city. Dunlops clothing.

Do you wear it The Hethodiata and Preebytarton of Portsmouth held a nnlon service yesterday, Rev. G. Shore Tho Hart-Folger hooting party that left I town on Wednesday evening tost, returned I this morning with well-filled game-bags. the relation of the mind to tha physical vines, part of tho organisation. Much light has Tho advance in tamperanoe was noted bsen thrown upon this field Reuben thrown upon this Post Halieck, a raoent writar I Wa are having an awakening on tho sub- $12,000 worth of Soots, Shoes, Trunks Valises Commencing Saturday morn-ng and continuing until the entire stock is disposed of.

This will be agrand opportunity to secure seasonable goods at greatly reduced prices. Sales for cash only. Call and sse os. W. J.

DICK SON. tifully lined, from $12 and opi I habit of keeping much'money in it! All, depends on the trimming and toM. then to now and at the time of OoitoetiwO nreet Nauibere. nnolifv lininir mwl I tb attempted Mowing" operation, aboot I Alderman J. B.

jWalkam has a oolleo- quality fiin the safe. Ha had hanked a earn ltreet namber which wore We re Still msklD nSLtty jsekets I of bomj At throe oclock on Wedneedej I ffethered from nriou dwelliiics eround with Our superior finish and fit, I eftarnoon. Ithedty. The collection is indeed arm to order, $7.50 and $9. Finding that their effort, to brook into on 7 that wooldb the safe the difficult to disoounL Tliero an 1 number I nP0Q aenaory motor education, which I ject of tamperanoe that to in a manner new Splendid value in block cloaking, Irish I bas bean read with- much interest by I and will tone in an overwhelming majority frtosee and ulster cloths at R.

McFaula I Ho Students of mind are be-1 in favor of prohibition. iieentaryr prohibitum. JACKSONS NUTRITIVE WINE, OF COD LIVER OIL Iz agreeable to take, Improves the appetite, aad Imparts the Bedlstaal Virtue of the OU without DUTDRBIXU TBB DIGESTION. For Hal by all Dnmista coming man aonvinoed than aver before, says secretary Hill, that there to a 1 Packet diaries, 1897 R. Uglow Co.

Two men were run in" yesterday by the mlinfor bring drunk. Twwi Important basis for training of tho mil were unavailing burglars pn I so wton thn had tooltarad in tho training of tho muscles of tha hai I whtt thay sobered hand Hence thorough search I on tin, papsr, wood, carved, painted and 7 into tha I vftilind in nriou fonnia Monty would I The lest of tho military rifles I tboro to a as of manual work. I The large harvest rind the dawn of bettor times generally were the tost things passed in rapid review ae affording toe ample oocasion of the present day for fervent praise to God for haring dealt with us so generously as a people, 1 choir led in rendering several spate hymns, and Rev. A. W.

Richardson, B.A., dismissed the congregation. THANKSGIVING SOCIALS. new growing disposition to regard has beentaken to the militaiyrtSro bioh have to do with ak .1 hatul Ah 4La a hand work for ostded to makt of tht pUo. They alleyway between tha office and the etoblae ook buy the ooltootion. wlm they spilled some of their giant powder.

They confiscated an overooat I loads wan sent HARDYS, 123 Priieea SL lortt Sda Iingstoi I the children, whether it to drawing, modeling, paper-cutting, demon- woodworking, sewing or oooking. thee tilings are of value in strengthening the mind. W. H. DEXNNAN, VraaBAb Diaacvoa axdEhulnk-iu Pam.

rcs street, Meek above old stead. Fort Henry. I hero. Preserved ginger. Fine ordered clothin beaver 6U.

Three ear J. Craig Co. ig, blue or Black ug blue or wonted black suit. Unless the child to developed on what I Successful Affair la Brack Strait Metko- Your Confidence Taa Ludim UmnonaaKB-esUH Primes treat. Telephone Mia.

Opea Day and Nisht We Can Give You Momnats of the People What Thar Are tajlnC and Dola. T. Hogan, Wolfe Island, ie very ill with dropsy. Major Hudon, of A battery, R.C.A., ia in Montreal. C.

G. Laidlaw, Belleville, wae a visitor in tho city yesterday. Robert Meade, Brock villa, is a visitor iu thi citv for tk fsw davt. Mile Mattie Kenyon, Belleville, is visiting friends in the city. Mrs.

Ifoe, Belfavilfe, spent the holiday with Miss Carrie Wilson. Mrs. Lake, of Pitt, is in tho city on a visit to Mr. Hawley, Earl street. E.

B. Curlett and sifter Florence, Bails-villa, spent thanksgiving day in Kingston. Arthur sense, Deeeronto, spent thanksgiving day in the city with relatives. G. B.

Williams, the eminent Bhakesper an reciter, is a guest at the British American. B. Harknerc, proprietor of the Collandsr house, went to Toronto yesterday-afttlP' C. F. HARR180N, UWWXTAKBB AND XmAUIXB, PrilMSU Street.

Phonee araroome, Heeidsnca, U. Lowest pries dial ckaiwk. thanksgiving social in Brock street church last evening wee a suocese In every respect. Over 400 were in attendance and the programme era an unusually excellent one. Ryckman presided and gave an opening address, progn programme consisted of songs, Is one precious jewel in our possession, not for sale.

We gained it through earnest efforts are now termed too motor lines, It to felt that the mind to only partially devriopad, and that the whole organism suffers a. lack which it to importibfe to make up, Hence the training which to given in manual and indnt trial education, which has been growing in popularity in recent years, not only I develops tho faculties which are need in adult fife for gaining a living, and eo has a practical value in the eyes of many, but it I also helps materially in the development I folio wini of the mind itself, so that it to bettor for I Mi The Methodist peat persons Mia. (Dr.) appropriate The a of hew boots. With this booty I I thcydecamped, fearing behind thwTk hnH eouple of ehitato and a fiaoe, into which 00 Tha riroumstaneae were rooorted to tha I stndlDS brir operations so freely, oyeter sapper. Jioe yestordsy morning C.

Mo-1 TCkerok Mroin J' Cra'K 'fib was detailed to invest gate. Three Hundreds of citixen wen found in the The K. P. official ear, Frontenao, was the Una yesterday, the regular I eoaeheu proving insufficient to Thoughtful sermons I meet the truffle demands on the reed. ig rendered.

I Anotion safe of farm (took, implements, about ooo oclock junontay morning. Tho I T. w.m 1 Cl-rto. Roddmi, firot eonotarion G.T.R. switchman, at the corner overcoat, thjok two of them waring ehnrohea yesterday offering thank put on --eannP- yving 604 htoabundunt manias stock of Jf1, fibbore of during the past year.

Thoughtful sermon, meet the Mr. Walsh acting in a snspoious manner ro. jUaohed and joyouTtong ton tho Street near toe office I If the fires kindled inbearta wil pression in work and charity the services I South Fredericksburg, on Tuesday, held will not ba a hollow mockery. We oember bv John Derives. HENRY BHAHR, Luditc UxmTxxxa an EMaaunnt Ml Mneerc street, Oerner Sydenham street.

Tele-phone oommunicatlon. tO give you the best clothing for the least money, through integri- I addresses, eta, -rendered by the named persons; Quartette, vety, Davies, Abernethy, Mit- ja better selection of Fancy -Goods, Novelties, Photo 'Frames, Purses, to lowest prices. Bear in mind this fv thrnnivh nnr irmric nwr ty, through pure goods, never misrepresented, and through the BORN. McFarland In toil city, on Novombor 26th, a daughter to Mr. and Mia.

C. D. McFarland. Do-1 'nrJ child to have each training, though I dost, Masdames Carnovaky and choose from now than later iu a min nri atom' We I 1st, at noon, it ij apparently certain that be will not Hughes; addresses, Mr. (Rev.) Ham- Stem bSS.

sf-SssiraSLTais: I I- -Xmas for yon. In this way thing but what is right. One price I Jb poor, old or young. I claimed the yon avoid the rash of to all rich and poor, the city I A aothar overcoat Btolea. they are not I Yesterday at noon an Amherat Island ment to the way tha Kingston Hews describes the Manitoba school 00m promise.

Then it sets about chasing the phantom. On Wednesday night the spirit of one of I solo, Mia Alma Savage; quartette, Misses the Mitohril, BABKIED. AMRUnxx-CLANCET Nov. 26th, 1896, Clema Louies Cfonoey, daughter of tho late William Cfonoey, of Nawboigh, OnL, to Alexander M. Aeeebtine, of toil nt police protection, and former named Gibson went into the Bt, Christmas week.

A word to the gentlest of women passed away to vise, Abernethy (with feoal the fediea of the oon- unen pawed away to Thanksgiving. Mrs. make the eternal Three cans peas, eorn, tomatoes or I bean for 29a at rtoberfo. loepi tab sergeant McIntyre, of bat-1 tary, held a ram for his F. Folger was tha winner, H.

Parent Fnlaw the winnnr Vumt Mrs. Bri one visit to giiaon. W. VanTasaell, manager here for Haims ft Lockett, left yesterday afternoon -for Belleville. Oscar Tdgmann and Mia Telgmann left wise.

You will like onr way of doiog afforded cm things. A good suit of clothes cost $zo a good overcoat or nlster coj $6.50. Others at half price. THE. they cay should be it should ba It bee and bite, The that no reduction ef the fore Iawrence hotel, oornar King and Queen made, but that on tha eontraiy streets, for dinner.

He hung his increased. I on a hook in tho hall and want raw us 1 been diroo vexed that the brace dining-room for hie maaL Upon returning I chiaeloeta, need by the burgfero, I toortfy ward, for hi ootohe was steTleSto unappcoihabfe find Tha improvement in the Montreal Herald I folly active for ona of bar yena; then a deprodatoro evidently ware amatenro. been etolen. The matter was reported to fa annortevolutionary. The fineat feed- obange took pfeoe and she gradually and would have been done with more I the polio, to whrai a deosriptioo of the I hjkTtppMrK, ln it fo, I submlraively Wed before tLi grim con- many a day wen those given fint place on I qneror.

One of the most devoted of wives thankigivin of the late Edward Jana Honey, widow Honey, architect, of Kingston, has been gradually sinking from the infirmities of age at the residence of her daughter hen. II a few months since she wae wondsr- Flve KxtlBSslaher Test. DIED. Hooav At Wrifo Island, on Nor. 24th, Henrietta, daughter of Thomas and Mary Hogan, aged four years.

Funeral occur Saturday (to-morrow) at 2 p.m. Frtaode acquaintances are reepect-fully invited to attend' Hoatxr In Kingston, Nov. 26th, Mrs. Jan Honey, relict of the late Edward Haney, in her 91rt year. Funeral private.

gregation; Miss Grenfell and Mr. Herbi son cron special plaodita for the exoallenoe with which they rendered their respective number. Refreehment were served after the literary programma ibbI Thanksgiving Dinner, The ladies aid society of Cookes church yesterday gave an annual dinner, followed In the evening ty a eoneerL Dinner was served from five until eight oclock, and from tha opening hoar toe large lecture room was taxed to ita utmost eapa-city to acoammodato tha large admittance. The leatabltahed a ought admittance, ladies aid society ha established a E. C.

MITCHELL, Chemist and Graduate Optician. Frinseas Street. Phone Fo.1. Mo. SS for Bundar or Kfeht QaUs.

y. No Matter Who H1IIIM OAK HALL, KIKG STREET. Quite a crowd of citizens assembled on I Wants Fall Fries. I tii market square at eight oclock feet I At the reoent exeunion to Toronto, no evening end stood in the pelting rain to Ider the auspices of tha Queen eoltog witness the publio teat of the Emergency football dub, W. H.

Godwin purohased hand fire extinguisher. I four tioketa but used only three. On re- BOARD. 100th and 104th psalms. Try J.

Craig Coto choice teas. During onr aheap sale we will offer a iarange of fine overcoats, made the I same ae order work, in beavers, melton, French nappe and fries, at price to defy Y1 For wife, cheep, a burg refrigerator, should receivo the most affectionate care, and her illnet has bean softened with every comfort. Death name at feat as a mat-sleep. The funeral to-morrow will ba private. Her aurvi rnty, Ottawa; Dr.

A. Honey, Ottawa, and Geotga F. Hortgy, Utica, an receiving sinoere condolences. Vary few of Mrs. Honeys contemporaries are living, only sheriff Ferguson, but they perhaps reputation for tha exoelfende of thanksgiving LEI, WITH BOARD, MS QUERN A frame structure about fifteen feet high I turning ho notified the local agents of tha ad been prepared for the tost.

Against I railroad eompany that ha had a ticket to I it were leaned a large number of pine return. Yesterday he reoeived word from had banc prepared for tho tost. Against rail waned a large number of tjlURTIFSOPEIUi HOUSED I lathe, and a large quantity of sharings and dinners, and It to little wonder they popular and well attended. Small tables MRS ROOMS TO LET WITH HOARD. Yatis, Brack Strati.

ether simifer iririaTmre pfeoedTn it. I that tbepriro' of'tiSet WMikfbe I fibuT front, too it' at J. StyrtroeWUtor Oiainiian Behan, of tho water works tho kindly, unselfish disposition and eootal There wae no confusion nor whole was set on fire. Tbs flames oanght I and will demand the full fore or a ticket I committee, hai reoeived the report id on nave left the kindly I sympathies she possssesd throughout a I Every waiter had just so much yesterday for Campbellford, whan they ar billed to appear in several number at ft concert. A.

Nriboo has left the City hotel, and Joseph Black, reoentl of the refreshment rooms at the outer G.T.R. station, has taken his place ae night dark. 1 Among the Gonanoqaa visitor to 'this city yesterday were Mrs. R. Parker and Miss Edith Parker, Misses Caseie Willis, Bertha Lazo and Mary La Rose.

-Dr. Forster, assistant superintendent of Rockwood hospital for insane, and Mm Forster were toe guests of Mrs. Terrill, Belleville, on thanksgiving day. W. F.

Carets ire, official organizer of the A.O.F.. left yesterday for Campbellford and Stirling. He will organize a oourt of the A.O.F.- in the first named pfeoe. 1 Mice Nellie Wemp, a graduate of the Kingston general hospital school of nuraas, haa been appointed lady superintendent of the paly hospital in Findlay, Ohio, a citr of about 25,000 inhabitants. Mrs.

Ozllfas rendition of The Golden Threshold" iu Queen etreat Methodist ehureh yesterday waa exquisite. Mias Ethel Armstrong violin accompaniments added charm to the singers rich notes. Misa Mabel Orsar, suffering from a heavy prevented the ladies quartette ringing either in Queen street church or at the Y.M.G.A. At the latter Mrs. Califs supplied all deficiency and popularized hertrtf by her agreroble- WANTED ROBINSON Boast Street, will put la a new thotuandof them.

Whatever jou enlar. Svarjr man to hie trade, know work to do I long and useful life. It can rarely be as I end toe manner in which they performed i-1 truly said that aha 'lived for others. I their duties gavs eminent satisfaction. Ap-Tha Wm is among the sincere mourners, I propriate mottos adorned tha walls, each ha bean a friend and mb-1 ae Welcome, Onr Year of Jubilee, (URL AT QUEEN'S.

THURSDAY, NOV. 26 Harry Lindley Co. With the Mew York Topical Vocalist and Daneer MADGE DAVENPORT. DINING BOOM Hotel. A op ty too high wind were not long in mak-1 good to Toronto and return, ing oonsidarabfe headway.

Two id tho tabes, each containing a pint and a half of the extinguisher were then emptied over The Treaties Boys Notwithstanding the very Assembly. tempeeta eve the Tretitioe gineer Kennedy regarding tha remit of the recent official tart of the new pumping engine at the water works station. It will be submitted to the oommittee this af tar-noon. Tha wisest people In Kingston have oome to recognise our establishment as the best for fine clothing, well made and at a eriber from the first day of it publication, covering sixty-three years. WANTED HELP -RELIABLE HEN IN every locality lore I or trarcUine to intrudes a new recovery en-1 keep ear show sards taeked up on trees, fences and bridges thimurhoot town end country steady employment commission or salary, par month and expanses, and money deposited lu any bank when started.

For particulars writs The World Hsdioat Kfeotris Im. don, Canada. Bin ball was a de- attendance wee huge left undone by the com- the blaze, and in lose than five senonds the I weather on than! Thunday Matins Arabian Might. conflagration was put on The tart was a Bays bly Tbnredar Might 8ea ef lea Frblas Might Womans Oanaa. Hatumay little Lord Tanntleroy.

Raturday Nfeht.two shows in on, tarn. tieral Gkilden CUff and Exiles ef Erin. Prices Me, Kb and He. thorough Mooeee notwithstanding the on-1 eided zuocsm. The toward ztmoepberic condi tione.

and nothing wae mittee of management to the ocm fort and Tho mnrio was The football team of Regtopdlfo oolfeg met and vanquished the Frontonaason the j. Downey, and etc. Aft eight oclock in the evening Rev. 8. Houston called the audience to order end announced this programme; Kano solo, Mirc Cfexton; vocal solo, Miss L.

McMillan, Miss A. Savage, major Gfello-wayt reoitationa. Miss Eva Reid, A. guton; violin solo, Miss Fannie Monfe-overture, Misses B. Potter, L.

Newman, Messrs. W. Burton, ff. Mont- Broke The Glass that eon id conduct I low price. B.

8ilver Oa eajoymentof tbegueeta. I The officers end member of the Iroquois furni-hed by A. Meilson, I high school science association invito tha jblk driver Kohler, of public to their second annual farmera day, Far-I Tha paper chase yesterday, indulged in ty membere of th Y.M.C.A., tarried out a failure as for as the hounds were ooa earned. The hares led the chase acme Cataraqui bridge to Barriafield school-house. Retracing their stops they went I gomery; dub swinging, Master E.

Mor- TO BE LET. RIOK house, no. queen HTHEET. Apply to J.H, Oaxxdthkb. athletic ground yasterdsy.

The soon at I battery, and was frequently commented I on December 4th in the town bill. Among tho finish stood: Ragiopolia, 15; Fronts-1 upon ae being of the very beet. W. Hal- the speakers will ba Hon. Sydney Fisher nacs, II.

Just after tha second half was son officiated a caller-off to the satis-1 and A. W. Campbell, provincial instructor commenced Bike Young, of tha Beg' polio team, reoeived a nasty out on I head. It bled copiously, but after having it bandaged Bike" pluckily returned play faction of all concerned. A Pleasing Affair Tha Royal military oolleqo Quints By.

new abort line TENDERS FOR SUPPLIES, 1897. TERRACE. O. 4 CLYDE street, west. Apply to Mr.

Davis, tarl and Bydsuham streetsi SYDENHAM "Wad Weddlog AI Colllaa Bay. liaad by a Bay, the the red- being the marriage, I up by Fort Henry, thence to Cartwright's gana Point and north across country. The hounds followed the fobs aoeut up to the village snd oontinued on dc ton mill, returning by way The hares wsrs Mm, G. H. Nimmo; the hounds, Messrs.

W. Hamilton, W. Ai ss: a. omm Linafey, R. oeoarton dene Dunlop, F.

Callag-1 ty ty!" TwrccJ Hapanee, Drceronto and all spaxiee, Deeeronto and all into. Train leaves CSty Hall depot TALV OF THE FLAT OVER OORRIOAN 1 ft Dos Di siniiix Baili WHia Office. I And itavsd in thi mw till tht Sniff h. In UontrMl yesterday McGill II won ing- It proved tohea moat enjoyable affair, fecal adneeday iron- for ban, G. Mitchell, A.

PannelL of McDonald, of Heniy T. Smith Georgi QuintdL Both the con- reei dents of the the intermediato'ohamptonshipfroin Brock- the attendance being larga Tbe fedie wore I at SO p-m. R. J. Wilson, agent, C.P.

R. villa ty 20 points to l. The Montreal their hair in the xvii oentpry rtyfe, pow- tetagrai offioe Cfaueoee etreat. Trcrnad by Mrs. Town, next door to Wuio the rssidsne eonnected therewith- Apply to John Hudie, darenee it tracting perrons being village end moat popular with all who Manager Crate's Bospitallty.

I know them, the affair waa id more than The guests at the British-American hotel I ordinary intereat. Rev. Mr. Oner per-were treated to a genuine old-time thanks-1 formed tha ceremony in the pretence of over forty guests, all of whom extended giving dinner yesterday ty the genial I club had fun with the Toronto athletio I dared, a wan also tha heads of their ae-dub, defeating it 42 to point. oorta, whose moustaches were colored end I waxed straight.

The lapefe of their ooata Follee Gear Friday. vera fuad, the oolorsused beinff as Jamee BUhois of Gananoqoa gave tho varied a tty nn.tyr of gnerta usic of eupplfed 14th battalion vrcaaarcrc vrcrc.ewij-w, I TinWI MM DBIBOVr gM polioff ffptM trouble (to Thunder norning. highly pleuing ohmeter He waa drank end kicked up a row in I by detachment of the 1 MI UNIVERSITY AVENUE, BRICK house, nearly new, In toed repair. All modern eenrcnienarc. Rent moderate.

Ap-on the prsmlsrc or to R. Mbibitt, til Frontenao school is lookin Tbs rooms an being finished, ways are not yet placed. The cbimney ia an immense shaft and ventilation win undoubtedly be perfect. The third atary would make a fine assembly room for xecal place. P.GL BaUantyne responded I hand.

Tha function waa one of tho moot I1 TiiaJewwut j.l a oallatygsthared the tTTlS lMd rithto eoffi f'por ILy.bS fined fit and eosts, with the option of I A. MeMahoiwilI not be a candidate in Sydenham ward this year. Capt, John Braden also state that he will not enter the field in 8L Lawrence ward. It ie ras-sonably certain that mayor Elliott will take a winning hand in hi old constita-ancy. Yesterday Mirc Laura Landeryou, accompanied by her lister, Mr.

(Dr.) H. Tillman and her three children, left by way of Capa Vincent for Jamaica. They were aeoompanied as fat New York by R. J. McClelland.

A forgo number of friends were at tho wharf to see the young people off. Children Free. By sending fear name and address (writ plainly) to Adams ft Bon Col, 11 and IS Jarvis street, Toronto, OnL, you will receive one of their beautiful paper with moveable heads and bodies, for tha children free. AUCTION 8ALE OF HORSES. There will be sold on SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 28th.

On the Market Iks uadamicned will leesirc tendan for upplfw up to noon on MONDAY, MOVKMBXR I0TH, UK Far the mpplr of butehen1 narct, butter, dairy and creamery, living pries for aaeb. Sour, oatmeal, potato, cord wood, for the following institutions daring the year llVf TIE Ai the Aylnm for the Insane In Toronto, London, Kingaton, Hamilton, Mimioo, Braek-ville and Orillia the Central Pruon and Me ar Reformatofy, Toronto tha Reformatory fir Boy. Penetangubhene: the Institutions for the Deaf and Dumb, BeltorUte, anil the Blind nt Bnntferil. Two auttirlmt 0x111 will be required for tha due fultiimeat of aaeb eontrart. HpaeiHnation and form of trader nan only be had by making applieatiea to the burean of the MKpmtiTa lntitntione.

MJ Tenders are not required for the sop-ply of meat to the Asylum in Toronto, Lou-don, Kingston, Hamilton and Mimleo, nor te the Cntral Prison and Mercer Reformatory, Toronto. The lowest or any tender not necessarily accepted. R. CHRISTIK, T. T.

CHAMBERLAIN, JAMES MOXOM, Inspeeters of Prisons and Pablto Charitie. Parliament Building, Toronto, Nov. nth, the' warmest congratulations and tho best wishes for every happiness and prosperity to th young eouple. The bride ana groom left on tho eastern train yesterday morning for Ottawa and Montreal where they will spend their honeymoon. eras walla Mrs.

McGill received. manager, T. Crete. AU the special deli-1 cariae appropriate to the season graced the table in the spacious dining bill, and the spread was enough to tempt toe appetite of the most fastidious epicure. In the bar a monster turkey, the weight of whieh waa thirty-two pounds, wae set on the lunch table along with a plenitude of other seasonable tid-Mta.

Needless to say the patronage waa heavy daring the day, and a seoond barnyard king" was planed on the table toward evening. horess. eaah. SJHtWaErfiS to feilfortonityta I John Smiley, on a charge WM. MURRAY, Auetfenssr.

I nes, was discharged. "The Sea Of lee. A St. Catharines Thief. -Sheriff Dewson, of BL Catherine, pieced William Mackie, of that eity, in charge of tho local police fort night for safe keeping.

The sheriff brought too prisoner to this city to serve a term of two year1 imprisonment in tha penitentiary for larceny. Mackie ia a young man, end does not look like a thief. Ha had breakfast in the oall this morning, and later waa handed over to the tender marries of warden Metaalfo. A Beaattful Bight. Early yseterday morning before the sun had mounted the heavens to a sufficient ehaigo'of drunkenness end was fined fit I height to destroy the effect, Queen's oolfego and costs, with tho choice of going to compos presented a charming appearance.

Castle Cor beta for ten days. I There ia quite a growth of weeefeon tha new campus and each leaf, atom and etock ed or oould borrow a- gun went oat shooting. Tho weather wee beautiful for hunting, but game waa ecaroa The only thing that some of the hnntan returned with was a watting. Xmas fruits of all kinds fresh end cheep atFishera. We congratulate manager Foot and 777' I manager Hewtoa, two eonservetive faint Jv" I hearts before the federal election, over the I condition of their industries, as recorded Tb ever popular Harry Lindley opened bis engagement at Martin opera house feat night before a large and appreciative Genuine Home Scranton Comfort Coal.

play, none of I audience, presenting tbs five ac Tbs Bea of foe. Harry has feat 1 toe five act hie Little Lard raaattaray. This play haa not been aeen hen tinea I old-time skill, end his appaaranee was its prod notion ty Palmers New York oom-1 greeted with warm applause by tho au- my, and than only on one oocaaioti. I dieoce. Tho (day waa wall put on and tho ttl Ethel gives a matinee of this, tha I interest if those present was held through' Its quality It nasorpassed.

Indispensable I WharaTba Whig Stead. I The Wuio never reject fetters because I oome encaaed in a shell of Try it I the views of tho writers are opposed to the editors, but we do refuse to im.i.mcma.r.rcryon.wno prorea pj horierv mill working overtime. 11a I kooq ana MniriQ ton cocpnt wdicii it 1 wkln vviImi fZrBKsotfc muiirUkM it B0SIKESS CHAKCES WAIfTEb. I ZZ I I thjng he nmkro up hi. mind to do it members of tho end gratify or LARGE BUSINESS I November, this year, ia a record matter of city council meeting.

Alice dy the council has held four meeting, one on each rocceeeiva Monday evening this month, and the fifth will ba arid next AGEMTLEMAM the news-experience lookin for nn inrc.tment, I with ar without isrvises. Addrare Wuio 1 off stanm, Uccdey night Five Mondays, and- as many meeting of the eity father in on month, fo something unosnal. group pbotogragh body, he sent the entire lot to a framere and had a beautiful and costly elSee. Whm ie not a receptacle for good, bad or indifferent opinions. Men may write, but in the general interest we discriminate for the benefit of oar clientage.

Madge Davan dances afeodi company all and will drew luge bouses during remainder cl tola week. Initiated Hz CaadldaSee. lodga.No. 91.A.U.O.W., met master workman Nesbitt presiding- D.D.G.M. Johnston, official organizer Everson and master workman of Kingston lodge, ware pro-L delegation of member of the lodge ware present also, as story over told, no Saturday I cut afternoon.

8ha has had tha honor of pro-1 songs and tenting th play before the ooantesi of I highly, as Aberdeen, end last week in Belleville had special tie, the anomal compliment of receiving unasked a requisition for its second presentation, signed ty the local member, tha polio magistrate and 100 ritiiena. It will be produced Saturday afternoon at the at th opera house. At A Patriarchal Ago. Roger Greer, of this city, has reosircd intaUigeoos of too death at Enniscora, Ireland, of hie mother, Mr. John Greer, at Miss and one, the Limestone fort night, Bchroeder, A fort named Good Business depends upon keeping an np -to-date stock of reliable goods.

A. We are up-to-date in Gentlemens Furnish ings, and Bhow each season something new that cannot be found elsewhere. A Battery GwaaerW The A battery gunner aocial and pfecedou each. The members greatliterary club gave an informal emoking I If appreciated the gift concert in the runners libnuv on Thanks-1 There wae a marked contrast in tha Want The Lobfev Opea. giving era.

F. Kelly, ty. chaimun rf Thanfagiviog dayeom- rsiircns anrapfeiw tbrt bstwf, fc wirl and R. Harvey presided at tha piana I Prod with that of last seesoa. It will be I of 11 a.m.

and 5 p.m. yesterday the port BonR recitations, retying, ware I remembered that last Mason tty weather offioe wa closed, and that important tea- the tyar of tho ercning. tegL-Mqjor I bm mbU bra takan out brbox koldan Btroad mada an admuabla aadraa oon a I Wln um norfco-aaM feta in the day to reply to nff he man to nepert their uniform ehdhng srerybsdy to the marrow. This claim that tho lobby door I prove amenable to discipline. I wae joe tar could not aotil it wae too Slid I fp akSrtly I 1 I for tho oonrcnionoo of box No inff tyty'ty, ty, greatly promota that I I attendance on tha uart of nort offioe n-1 ssort deairabfe feeling of comradeship bo-1 kween officer end men, that has eo of woo gloriooa victory for tho Britiah arum.

What eervleo DM Ba Beaa Ha arcured the gunner of the thorough to oommit I littfe one on as they know the patriarchal ago of eighty-six. Her I several members of this county coun-lato husband, John Crsor, was ana of too I dl belonging to outside lodges. Thirteen first pilots of the Moy. Tho funeral to I propositioaa for msmberehip wore reoeived, Kilfoalay was very largely attended. The I cd six oandi dates were initiated, two of ehkf mourners wars: Robert Greer, eldest I thee being Kingiton lodge candidate eon; Rev.

James Greer, youngest eon; I Tb new initiation ceremony, impressive Roger and Robert Greer, grandsons; Mice I cod beautiful, waa used. IL Graer and Mias Ik Greer, grand-dangb-1 The Catholio Almanae for Ontario, 1897, Bis Arm Torn Open. Christopher Vanlnrcn, son of C. Van-la ran, janitor of tho Wuio building, mot with a severe and painful aoeident on Wednesday evening, in Davie1 machine shop, where he is employed. Ha had just finished taming a larga crank wheal for a boat, and in stopping the lathe his left arm was drawn into tha machinery.

The flesh just above the wrist was tom open, the tendons wore severed and the bone was two place. Tty saffanr was at once taken to Dr. Wood's surgery and Dr. Garrett was called in. It wae found scarce ry to pot in several stitches after tb injured bon had been attended to.

Mr. Vanlavan will not, it ie hoped, suffer more than a temporary lose of ns of hi arm. Ladles' Barca JoataaL Tha Chrirtmaa namber of this popular ladies magazine now ready, only a eopv at Hendenont bookstore, (B. Uglow Co.) ehippedTin rx. A Ladies crave for these beauti-ul gems, which have almost life to its centre, with their dart and lash of flame color of rose, violet and golden tints.

We have some of the finest quality, personally selected. We can mount them ourselves to suit any person. A. C. JOHNSTON parantanow-a-days can allow themselves the erime of feeding the the drug contained in ooffeo, too wall ita offsets, hot when Madden Canal is given to the children tha result ie most excellent for tb reason that there ie no departure from tha kind of food intended by nature.

All feeding grocers CASTORIA Dnoematio tube to confidence both too officer and for tho mailt be-1 mitrtoned officer repose in the rank and for too mailt ba-1 officer repos I non-eom-eh It would require a secure quicker dispatch outer station end post-office. I fife of the corps, and we proud that the tween th The man who say th time oould be confidence and esteem ware mutaal. For Infant! and Children. c. I till Madden Cereal.

I by the Bistenof too Prertous' Those new B. Music Boxes in polished I Blood, Toronto, now on sale at Hender-oak, mahonny or Japamaa roses, are pec eons bookstore, (R. Uglow ft 25a. a feci works of art, inside and out unlimit-1 copy. number of tunes cleverly arranged "ty ty tyrt vale In dree goods are tone unsurpassed.

Full daMriptioo and I bays front overcoat that will iled free. Order now for Xmas hrop you warm in the coldest weatl so Laid fews and prim mail; Ih Calls lessened twenty minutes mart have had Lnmteoant March sang a couple of good something els than th electric ear service Mr. Harvey. Yrampetor in mind, for now it only takes twenty P1 cornet solo, and th remaind- or of the prognur beta of the cuib. of good ily takes twenty I "ivj ga minutes to handle the pouches between the I tty progiamm was given points.

ku Clothiers and Furnishers. go special offering livrrvd'fepw drily A Co ear rt fall as eli ft.

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