The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on July 12, 1893 · Page 6
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 6

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 12, 1893
Page 6
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THE UPPER DBS MOIM38; AtGONA, IOWA, WEDNESDAY, JULY 12, 1803. Three Things- In which the Opera House Grocery leads: BUTTER, Look at This. Leather Net; Look over my goods before buying. F. S. Stough. When looking For a cook stove or range, remember I handle the.... Garland, Also Heath & Milligan Paints, Iron and Wood Pumps. •Please call and get prices and look my stock over. T. JULIUS PLETH. List your Lands with me if you want to make a quick sale.. OFFICE OVER ALGONA STATE ISAffK. FARM LOANS MADE From 5 to 7 Years at ^ per cent. We are making. LOANS ON RF.AL ESTATE 'Running from I to io ye any interest date. Inta'" as desired. Money fvv and city property for. OFFICE OVER JAS. uxcivn * with privilege of $100 payments at payable annually or semi-annually, £d promptly. Also improved farm Money on chattel security. Hoxie & Brunson, Si will sell you .and other mill pro' money than you where, or no mo'WQBLD^ sack warranted anify '( J. J. V( IF 1 ! The undersigned having bo 1 ' meat market formerly ownints ^ Edens wish tp say that \&nd DUTA glad to meet all old custom^ i a Bril- as the new ones that may jr** v ft .« with their patronage, hop!* P«*W» treatment and fair dealing itenea will part of the public patronag^. Cash for hides,•{ 1T-8T A Guaranteed Cure. We authorize our advertised druggist to sell Dr. King's New Discovery for con sumption, coughs, and colds upon this condition : If you are afflicted with a cough, cold, or any lung, throat, or chest trouble, and will use this remedy as directed, giving it a fair trial, and experience no benefit you may return the bottle and have your money refunded. We could not make this offer did we not know that Dr. King's New Dis- piicovery could be relied on. It never dlsap oints. Trial bottles free at L. A. Shee'ta.' , arge sizes 50c and one dollar. 3 jpgipoints , Large ™> A Leader. ( Since its first introduction Electric Bit- littl£i's has gained rapidly in public favor, un- ,J1 now it is clearly in the lead among pure Medicinal tonics and alteratives—contain- tyg nothing which permits its use as a bev- litthfage or intoxicant, it is recognized as the strln? 8 * an< * Purest medicine for all ailments of ,. bmach. liver, or kidneys. It will cure wwyMj headache, indigestion, constipation and (limpive malaria from the system. Satisfac- (liffpjm guaranteed with each bottle or money ,i,. nc Junded. Price only 50o a bottle. Sold • (UCSS JL. A. Sheets. << ;'/ AS. ORB can be found at the old Jvl A and he will do good reliable work work speaks lor itself, C,rp. °f • •-,)-. JartieslJ,* 8 The pywv - EAILWAY TIME OAfiDS. Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul Railway. I-OCAIj TRAIN EAST. Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Paul and Minneapolis trains— No. 2 departs at 10:12 am No. 8 departs at .-. 5:35 p m Freights that carry passengers- No. 14 departs at 1:20 p m No. 10 departs at 0:05 p m TRAINS WEST. No. 3 departs nt 4:48 p m No. 7 depai-ts at o :47 a m Freights that carry passengers- No. 0 departs at 0:05 p in No. 13 departs at 11:4S a m R. F. HEDHICK, Agent. Chicago & Northwestern Railway. North- Mixed 8:18 a m Pass 3::>lpm Freight 10:00 a m South- Pass.... ... 2:3flpm Mixed 6:07pm Freight.... 10:00 am Pass, arrives at Chicago at 7 a m; arrives at Des Moines at 8:15 n m. Lv. Des M. 2:30 a in Mixed connects with flyer and arrives at Chi cago at 8 a. m. F. H. VBSPF.R. Agent. THE CITY CIBCUIT. A good thing to keep in mind is that this is great corn weather. Union prayer meeting in Congregational lecture room this evening. Few towns the size of Alg.onti will respond with $550 cash for the relief of the Pomeroy sufferers. Chas. J. Doxsee moved last Thursday from the college building into his new house. He has a pleasant and attractive home. The front of the opera house block is newly painted in bottle green and black, and the combination presents a pleasing appearance. The Algona ball club are to play the Britt nine at the latter place this afternoon. Several of our townspeople will go along to see what happens. Union service in the Congregational church Sunday evening. Mr. McElroy's topic will be: "True and False Ideas of the Christian Life." R. A. Coates has been promoted and takes the station at Hartley on the Milwaukee road. He has been operator for Mr. Hedrick for some time. Mr. McMurray opened the Thorington house on Monday. It has been thoroughly overhauled and is now one of the best houses on this lino of road. The summer term of the normal school opened Monday morning with a fair attendance and a prospect for a considerable increase during the week. Letters I'emain uncalled for in the Algona postofflce for week ending July 8, for John Bailey, Oscar Harning, Francis Hall, Fred A. Hagner, Win. McCaskie. The services at the Baptist church Sunday morning will be conducted by Mr. McElroy. Subject: "God Tries His Children and in So Doing Manifests His Love for Them." Mrs. D. T. Smith, whose illness last week threatened serious results, is very much improved, and her recovery is now merely a question of a short time. She was yery low for a few days. Married, by Rev. Robt. Bagnell, E. J. Palmer and Agnes May Turner, both of this city, at the bride's parents. Also F. W. Clark and Sadie A. McClellan, both of Irvington, at R. D. Gilmo re's. Old Mr. McElroy was prostrated with a paralytic stoke last Thursday night. The old gentleman is 83 years old, and as he has been quite feeble for some time, it is not thought that he ian recover. He has been unconscious since its occurrence. The rules governing the Algona matrimonial society require a payment of ten dollars from each member to any one of the number who passes out from the state of single blessedness, and rumor has it that the members are soon to be assessed thirty dollars each. A good many people have admired a painting in the window of Galbraith's store which reflects much credit on the artist. The subject represents a well- known figure in Algona—though no longer among us—and the work was done from a photograph, by Mrs. Geo. L. Galbraith. R. R. Smith went out to cut kindling- wood early one morning last week, and a slip of the ax sent the blade through his foot. An effort was made to repair the wound, but later one toe and a portion of the foot had to be taken off. The injury proves a painful one. The Courier tells us that "Mr. and Mrs. L. H. Smith went to Chicago last evening." Mr. and Mrs. L. H. Smith have not gone to Chicago;, they have not talked about going; never told anybody they were going; not even suggested that they might go, and have repeatedly said they were not going. Otherwise the item is correct. District Deputy Edwin Blackford was at Livermore nnd LuVerne lust week installing officers in the Odd Fellow lodges, and together with a party from Algona went to Bancroft Saturday evening' for the same purpose. He reports Odd Fellowship on the upgrade all over the district. F. W. Waterhouse was at Rolfe last week when the big storm struck that section, and he says it was terrific there, though no particular damage resulted in that immediate vicinity. He thinks he never saw such an electric disturbance before, and the people there were badly frightened for a time, many predicting that the town would be laid in ruins. Algona was barely in the edge of the big storm which swept the town of Pomeroy away last Thursday evening. The only time it looked really bad here was about 11 o'clock at night, at which time there was a good deal of wind and some rain, but there seemed to be no concentrated movement, of the elements, and the storm passed over without causing serious apprehensions. Thos. Earley has a column this week in which to announce his bargain sale. Jno. Geoders has a word to oiler; F. S. Stough renews his dissertation on harness and boots and shoes; the Opera House grocery calls your attention to three things, all important, and Studley's Modern Pharmacy askes your indulgence for a moment. The close times do not seem to stop live business men from advertising. The'military boys ave planning for the annual encampment, which will be at Sioux City this year, from Aug. 5 to 11. Just for a change—there seems to be no other good reason—the of^oers will have a new style of coat this year, which necessitates new purchases by them. The fact of the announcement that their old coats can be made over into the new model for $6 makes it look as if the tailors are in league with the powers that be. Dr. Morse is thinking seriously of becoming a horny handed granger, having lately come into possession of a 40-ncre homestead six miles east of Burt. He may, however, have his father come up from DCS Mpines and hold it down for him. Talking about homesteading in Kossuth in these days, when land is worth from §20 to $50 an acre, reminds one of the early times when nenrly every farmer in the county was a homsteader. We still feel a good deal of interest in our former townsman nnd bicyclist, Bert Edmunds, and although he is now credited to Des Moines, we still claim him as a Kossuth county product nnd have a corresponding pride in his achievements. His latest feat wns at the wheelmen's meet at Cedar Rapids last week, in which he won three of the state champion medals out of the four offered. The first was the quarter- mile rnco, won in -10?; the second the half-mile, won in 1:15J, and the third the two-mile, won in 6:05i. Ashley of Sioux City won the mile handicap in 2:45^. These scores are all record breakers. The departure of the disreputable family that has for some time been located near the cemetery is noted with pleasure. It may be said, however, that their hasty exit was by no means voluntary. It was the result of anotice from the mayor that their presence contributed nothing toward the morality and welfare of the town, and that their departure within 48 hours would be hailed as u,blessing. And they went away, but, unlike Ed. Andrews' cat, they haven't come back—even the " very next day" they didn'tcome back— nor will they do so. The head of the family expressed the opinion that Algona wasn't much of a town, anyway. There is something wrong in Algona. We regret to remark it, but a proper regard for the amusement features of the town seems to make necessary the reference to the fact that the spring time has come and gone, the gods have been propitious in the matter of weather, and here we are well along toward midsummer and that exhilerat- ingand exciting game of quoits has been wholly neglected. We miss the familiar clang of horse shoes not less than the facetious remarks and timely advice of spectators, and somehow something seems lacking to make our happiness complete. By all means let the noble game be revived. There is no other amusement like it. The Andrews Opera company drew a full house last Thursday evening, and their presentation of "Dorothy" was in every way satisfactory. The Andrews have been frequent visitors to Algona, and have a warm side for the people of this town. This is their first visit since the completion of the Call opera house, and they were loud in praise of our excellent play house, which shows that they know a good thing when they see it and are appreciative of the efforts that have been put forth to attract the best classes of entertainments to our town. They were anxious to make a date for a three- night stand here this fall, and no doubt such arrangement will in due time be perfected. The proprietors of this paper are possessed of a fixed determination to edit it themselves, and it is not often that they yield to the pressure of outside aid. Yet they find it neccessary, once in awhile, to give up a portion of the space, as in the present instance, wherein J. A Hamilton & Co. appropriate to their own use a full page to tell the people something about their hardwood lumber business. It is told in a readable manner, and will be found worthy of perusal. The quotation from Thomas Paine in which it is said that this is the time that tries men's souls" is not wholly inappropriate at this time, though it is to be hoped that the times are not quite so serious as were those when that author wrote his famous "Crisis." Albert Patterson experienced hard luck in Chicago. He had been to the fair and was starting home, when on reaching the Milwaukee depot he put his grip, overcoat, and umbrella on a seat for a moment while lie stepped to the ticket office to see about a berth in the sleeper. When ho returned for his luggage it was gone. He reported the theft to the police, and subsequently went to the Pinkerton agency and secured assistance there, but no trace of the missing property was found and he came home without it. The officers promised to do all they could to recover it, but there is little probability that they will be successful. The loss is considerable, as the goods were new and in his grip wore several souvenirs he had purchased at the fair. It seems to be a prevailing opinion— though often an erroneous one—that the average printing office is not a model of cleanliness and beauty, and newspaper men have only themselves to blame for this being so. THE UPPEH DES MOINES office, however has not been a subject for criticism on this score, nor is it intended that it shall be. In pursuance of this policy Jas, Orr's workmen have during the past week been exercising their artistic skill on the interior of the plant, and with marvelous effect, as will be admitted by all good judges. We understand that this action on our part is to some extent a violation of tradition, but that, like the flowers that bloom in the spring, has nothing to do with the case. We are bound to have a neat and tasty pi'int shop, whatever congress does on the silver question. Twine! Twine! Twine! A car of Walter A. Wood twiije. We will sell Standard twine at 9ic. Pure manilla at 12c. per pound, while itlasts. 16t2 A. M. & G. M. JOHNSON. REMEMBER that F. S. Stough keeps the best shoes for the money. THE country is all right, and if you have the security you can borrow all the money you want, either long or short time, of Geo. C. Call.-16t2 your fruit jars at the Opera House grocery. ^^SS"^^* 1 * 11 ^ 9 **'^^ tor it 1 ir tEOT ll ' ' „ ' » Large Assortment of- Lace Curtains, Opaque Shades, Curtain Poles, Carpets, etc., Just received by . L. 6ALBBAITH & CO. Langdon & Hudson, -THE- Reliable Grocers, Carry the most complete stock of Groceries, Glassware, Crockery. Sanitarium Foods. We carry each and every kind of food to make you healthy, wealthy, and wise. Langdon & Hudson. HIGHEST GRADE GROW! iCHASE&SANBQHH Our Customers Who have used Chase & Sanborn's Coffee will be pleased to know that we .have put in a line of their celebrated Teas. It sells at 5oc, put up in a half-pound package. . Try it on our guarantee. This is the Best Tea you can get in Algona at any price. . . W. F. CARTER. This space is occupied each week with an ad. of Studley's Modern Pharmacy. Watch it, read it, and and profit by it. Great Special Sale. Clearing the season's surplus of • LACES AND EMBROIDERIES, Commencing immediately, and continuing until stock is closed. Now is , ' • chance to secure ELEGANT NEW GOODS in season, at closing prices, Co m e early before sortment is broken, THE/GRANGE as- ' -ft V-

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