The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on July 12, 1893 · Page 2
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 2

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 12, 1893
Page 2
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ll It, THE UPPER Dm MOlKES. ALaoMA» IOWA,..Wgp»gSl>Ay>_JSMC fOWA 1!1i«- Swiss jro-cevnmenf. has snsp«mter flte <!oftifl^' of f-2, f ami 2 franc sifve pfecm EtftMW? Sivcrly, Wrt 1»V wn* drown «t wMfe fiwtiWtifir at Marshall,. ffi. Kryain was kilTprt' while trying t< gat on a freight train nerr Jackwn ;, IIT, iintemational confcwnwt erf thr S'pwwrth) League all Cleveland lias ad Bimetallic IV-tvsvre has decided; fr (toft. Ha convention,' to meet at. Chicago .Tilly 2ft. CTYve. New York state monument on the fJettyahTirs; batflefleld was dertica.f erf. General Manager Green, of tlu Georgia, railroad, has resigned. K.- S. Jamison has been elected' •ftfertT. of the; Houston, Rsist, and West Tram Th'e: Bfg Four has decried fo extend Its LaWM'TicehuPK divi^iVm to Tyxn Wiekzal'iu and .Cohnnn- sen were killed! l>y a. Chinese mob at Maeherig, E.- ,L Bracken, of Cofrrmhiw, Is the Ohio prohibition candidate for governor, >• Clifford: Calvery ran across Niagara Falls otv a wlr«, making the rim iiri Tommy jVia'Iotiey, 12 years old, was by companion* at New York, "just. for fun/' Tito Jlnssian cruiser Admiral Nach- imoff, at, New York, fired a fourth of Jtrly salnftf of twenty sfiinst. frhe {,'ovemmeTrt of Co*ta Rica. has made contracts for fhe construction 1 of two new war ships in Kiigland, Tfrretr met) were- killer! arirf five injured by an explosion in the govern- went gun cotton factory at. Newport, 71, I, The water works at. f'efrolia, I'a., btirncrt. Ix*«, $WiO,(iOO, a do7.en fonai* ness houses also being destroyed. "Central Ohio was visited fry two terrific thunderstorms) l>n the course of four hours, nrwl great, damage was don r >. The Vrtlcrm, Luni tenant Peary's arctic exploring, steamer has sail ;:l frcrn New York, >ll.<s Hester ftmledgo, of Al'a, low.i, died (it Baf.tlo Creek, Mich,, from the (.'•fleets of carbolic. add administered by mistake. j Professor ,T. N. Swan, of Westminster college, fa., lias accepted the chair of chemistry find physics in Moimionth college. Union Drake, who shot, and killed Ido Ward, will probably be taken from the jail at. Columbus, Ohio, find sent to na insane asylum. Henry Butler, 1.", yenrx old, was shot, f f. C. Wlieefar,. otf Gvxfig& r If, J. t.lw fmiT' erenlw on 1 lite opwnfTi 1 <?»n o1! the N«vw York Cyelinj? A n; mirnTwr of tftn? C;rsfi' R'fee fna-iisrniwtif.n' of system was mnrfe the- occasfor •of n: rpfrlirniffoTi. of whWi a; and' rtwwovks were- p-romitiwnf An increfVSK of $TOC,252;254 isi shown fn ! Cite trsswsTrwi r, roH» of New York Jay fto-nltfs estate I« Ifaferl! af, $TO,OOO, 000', as asnltisH ^SOO',000' dnring: Ms lifetime. A gniiynier: at Cfovernw'* island; has ai'vest.ert chmrged with flrfng tw«n cy-tlirw guns fnstwi'rl of twenty-one in giving the national salute tt> the The five Denver, Col.,, dkily h«ve askert conTpodltors to accept a t& dilation fromi 50' to -ft> wmts a; thousand ems, The printers say they will not nc ci»pf. George It. Richardson was sentenced nt Ftosehnrg, Ore., to eight, years imprisonment, for attempting to wreck a HcmiMiei'h Pacific pfl.s'sengei" Wain .March 30. ,T. W. OrwW! writf d ! iwvned In rock river' near Cedar Rapids. la;. It fs thought lie had been kicked" by a horse, and rend'ered sejnseless before IroAVrtng. The Bord'en sisters have received a urge photograph of the Jury before whom Miss Lizzie "was fried, and ac- niltted, and 1 it. has been placed; In their The aeon-fa ry of war ha* decided to> end! the corps of West. Point cndets to Jhicago'. The cadets new In camp will strike tents Augnst 15 and proceed to i ;he world's fair, The marriage 1 of Fred II. Leonard ind >frs. Itice, of Grand Itjipids, 'Mich., las been: declared invalid! on the ground hat Leonard was mentally incompe- ent when it, was contracted, As t,h« result of a conference be- .ween Speaker (,'risp and Secretary Carlisle it is asserted Mr, Kland will of. be chairman of. the coinage com- nittee in the next congress. The dispute between Clricininati and ,'hicago over the jxiswession of. I.'ifchei 1 •arrot. tin* been settled. The Ohi"> own gains the prize, The steamer Elba, and William TtaTU ollid'ed off the east coi'st if England nd both went to the b^ttunt. Th<; rews were saved. The gold 1 reserve has increase! to £K'.,4<X>.7£« and the cash, balance is 12TJ, L'->S,f««, a leasing to treasury officials. Commodore Samuel I,ockwood, who SPRECKELSJEWARE LIFE OB 1 THE SHOAB SUM* HIS HAWAtlAN HO3KB GHAMODED BY POLICE, Conspiracy Against the Hawaflao Gov ernmenit—Three Englialimen An-eated on a Grave Change—To Blow Up the Palace and MuTfier Annexaittom- Ists—Blount la Squelched, Honolulu, June 28.— Two of the latest developments in the Hawaiian situation, a threat to take Claua Spreekela' life and a conspiracy against the government Yesterday a notice waa posted on the door' of Sprecfcels' home Informing him that afiver and!' gold would glv* hefore The Mira* niije), TT&e Siawjm The PMffiCuI) Fare-weHi,. A tef.e of Louis STEEL,. TJIie ©lenadfer' o Waterlooy Tae Flag,, ami many others In an' article- m> tile Revue dea saM of fifinc "I not neaitrate' to pfiwse Mm to tie gaite tog of character By t&e- side of Moliere Lit Fotntaiuej, andy La; Bruyece: It i> to flindi any oner wfio % cam Be preferred to Mm among the- greiiit mas as regards simplicity of concep tion> andi breadth* of This praise may appeaa? to- us a littk exaggerated! today ; but .Gharlet, never waa able t<f fbrniuISLte to Mi» lithographs a movement wMcli Is nazil ly over yet. and. he 1 Ifcnew how to start it Ibotteir than anybody- etee^ In this s«nse he deserves to 'have a place by the side of the great csireituriat aindi tc hsrve Ms bust upoa ai public place. Hiplpolyte Bonuiger, another gni.pher,. to one of his compositions, made immediately after the death, of Charlet, represents! him simply deeorat ed by a pallet andi a lithoarraphie atone; A soldier itneeling has nnfscedi this to scription: "To Charlet, the people-" Around: Mm are the veterans of all brninches of the service. A Sister of 3harity and a gentleman wno resembles Bera.gner extend toward, the bust their hands loaded with flo-wersr.. The public are sonie-wlaat forgetful. Napoleon I., exists today only to historical a.ndl aoidemieal discussions.. Nobody has any hope of the return of 'another one." But It la a good thing for the lithographers to remember a master to their art. SpreckeLs complained to the police and all was done that could be to find who the guilty persona are. The sugar Icing expects to leave for San Francisco The names of the persons arrested for conspiracy are T. B. Walker, E. C. Crick and Archibald Ltvelain. They are all English, anrT the British, consul waa disposed to interfere in their behalf, but dropped the matter when to- 1 ormed of, the nature of the charges gaist them. The government claims It has evidence a#atost the men showing that hey are forming a plot to blow upL „ „ ,_ . -- -the government buiMiinsgs and then' w ' He ^ been fancying that BACK SEAT FOR BLAND. Wfll Not Be Chairman of the Coinage Committee. Washington, July 5.—Silver Dollar Eland's picture is to be turned toward hoot down the annexation Ists when ahovtld 1 niab to the scene. A large number of persons are being watched! fty the authorities. Six or even hundred annexationista have ormed a "citizens' reserve." They are trmed with rifles and have selected everal prominent supporters of the ex- ineen, whose names are not known, nd marked >them for slaughter in case f a royalist outbreak. A member of this organization gives list of the names of those marked or assassination and says that in addition to prominent Hawalians It Includes he would have his former position of chairman of the house coinage committee, but that Is not to be. The administration would regard such an appointment as almost suicidal to the cause of Sherman law repeal. Bland Is known throughout the world aa the enemy of the honest dollar, and to place him at the head of the committee charged with reporting the repeal bill would be a hazardous absurdity, of which 'It is not believed that Crisp, who is now in close touch with Cleveland, .would be guilty. He may be made a member of the u . , . Glaus Spreekels and Minister Blount I commlttee > tot that is as much as he ,rS, " h ' Ch '* '* «« they interfere to a£ IgffSSfe?. 1 "^ *% ™ ^ ^_™** <***may occur. (indl killed nt Philadelphia by his year-old brother Willie. The lads were playing with a pistol. ntered the f'nifetf States navy in 1.S20, •hen 17 years old, died at Flnshing. Bx-City Clerk George W. Stage, who nt>sconrle(T with SIO/x'X) of flu? The government has taken steps to man is not definitely known. It is kn(wn> though that Cockran is protect Spreckels from further annoy- exceedin S 1 i' ambitious to lead the demand his home is now guarded by! Ocrata in tbe house Jn the flght lor the rt native olice ' repeal. It is also known that both ance, stalwart native police funds of I'ainesville, Ohio, was captured in Denver. _ ____ William 'Harmon, a convicted train j depa . rtment at Washington on account roMK-r, on his way to the penitentiary, ot ?' 3 aeti ° B in the Nordhoff matter. leaped from a train near Fort. Smith! N ' oraboff . a ncW3pa.per correspondent, The annexationiste are greatly elated i Cle ? 1 f nd and Crisl> ^^ a u sh. re- with what they believe to be a repri-i gard for W3 abiUtT and should he be mand of Minister Blount by the state ap P° lnted D0 QD& n&& d be surprised. am! was killed. Striking shovelers arid teamsters, in Indianapolis visited various points where men were at work and coerced ( MAT BE PRINCESS JIARSIED TO> THE DUKE OF TORE, ORDER OF THE; IMPRESSIVE CER THERE, .London Totes a Holiday to Cheer the Royal Biir—Many i'rtocely Presemts —Bride Receives Jewelry and Precious Stones Worth $1,250,000 from the PiinGess: of Wales. London^ July 6*—TBie marriage of the Duke of York (Prince George of Wales) ojid Princess Victoria Mary of Teck, took place at 12:30 today in Chapel Royal, St. Jambes palace. The wedding was brilliant and attended by a large gathering of British, and continental •oyalty and the highest nobility. A great crowd gathered along the route from Buckingham palace to the jarden entrance to St. James palace. The decorations along the line of the royal procession were profuse and beautiful. The ceremony eclipsed In pomp and splendor any recent ceremony of the British; court The royal party left Buckingham palace to four processions, the first including the members of the household and latinguished guests; next the Duke of York and supporters of Prince of Wales nd the Duke of Lexinburg; the third iie bride, accompanied by her father, tie Duke of Teck, and her brother, "^rlnce Adolphus; and the last th? qu.en ccompaofed by the Duchess of Teck, her younger sons and the grand duke f Hesse. Each procession waa accompanied by military escort and the whole pro- eeded amid immense cheering. Arrived t St. James' palace the members of ie procession proceeded to seats in the chapel, which was beautifully domed with palms and flowers, and .arpeted with crimson. Drawing room dresses were worn by the ladies, while the gentlemen were in full levee dress. The ceremony opened with the pro- ession of clergy into the chapel. It onsisted of the archbishop of Canter- ury, bishop of London, dean of the Tiapel Royal, sub dean bishop of Roch- •ster, vicar of Kensington, the domes- c chaplain to the Duke of York. Hanell's march from Occasional Overture -as played by the organist as the first recession came forward. While the archbishop and clergy were taking their places the march was K'rfonned. As the queen's procession •alked up the aisle Sir Arthur Sulli- presents a iooai beautiful being gayly decorated with flags end bunting and hundreds of gas ami electric Hght clevises are dig- playedv The streets from Mansion House to BucMngham palace were thronged at an early hoof aiad as the day progressed the crowds gained in numbers antil the streets were almost impassible. ,It is estimated: that over 2,000,000 persons were on the streets watching the several processions. Balconies and windows along the route afforded vantage ground for the thousands of sightseers, and in many cases fabulous prices were paid for the privilege of occupying them. * George Pullman declined to serve as president of the Anwricain Exhibitor's association, because of the inability to give the necessary time to the office. He will serve as vice-president, and Major .T. G. Pangborn will probably succeed him as president. Physicians who have examined the brain o? Pietro Buccieri, hanged at Reading, Pa., last Thursday for the murder of Sister Hildeberta, showed that the brain weighed fifty-five and one-half ounces. The skull was tin- usually thin and many parts of the brain were found disordered. The night mail service from Paris to London is considerably accelerated by \ change recently introduced. The mail train does not leave Paris until 9 o'clock —more than half n;n hour later than 'onuerly, though arriving at the same time in London as before. Similar im- >rovements will shortly be made in the service from London to Paris. Edward McCarthy, aged 22, a bar- ender, jumped from' the Brooklyn >ridge and sustained injuries which will probably result lit death. This is } fourteenth case of jumping from Brooklyn bridge jimd the third in two veeks, McCarthy jumped through a jreater space than a.iy of his predeces- During a saloon quarrel William A. Campbell, foreman of the Uuiou Pacific wrecking crew at Argentine, Kas., was stabbed by Homer Baker, au employe in the stock-yards. Baker fled and during the night Campbell died, When Baker read the news of the murder he shot himself through the head, death resulting immediately. Edward Brown, bookkec-per for S. A. McGarvic >fc Co., lumber dealers, was found dead in the mir of his house at Ottuuiwa, la. His body was concealed by some underbrush, and there were signs of a struggle. The immediate cause of his death was a gunshot MINE HOIIROI: IX ENGLAND. wound on the back of hLs head, and his face was horribly bruised. A New York newspaper has collected reports on the condition :uu.l prospects of crops on July \ from the western, northwestern ami Pacific coast states, van's imperial march was played and Canada and Manitoba. They may be a march in "G" was played during the .summarized as follty.vs: Wheat, much was summoned to appear before the Over One Hundred Men Imprisoned In a Colliery. them into joining their ranks. and Christina Scheihler a pretty 18-year-! N*ordho~ffVa3~und\-r"big government and explain why he had! written certain statements alleged toi ** ^°™'.* nd ,™™ < ? 1 were ,Pushed! London, .ul.Iy 5.-One hundred and to allow | forty-five miners were entombed yes- f Tbe continued rise in the price ot | "Id ciwireffe girl, at. her home <;-_>8 Kast | The nt-ws of the appointment of a in the. Distri f '" l>n ' "'"1 '-nrrierl "'''• (1 '™'''nding a« a ransom silver 1ms caused n better throughout, Colorado. For using language, too strong ngnirmt. I Two mounted hrlg.'inrta visit('fl Councillor Von Klutc, the Municli N'nch j li'mie of T)on 1'edro Oliva, situatwl rlchteii w/is lined l,(KX) marks. (Kinjieror William luis congratulated Cluiiiicellor Von (,','iprivi on his triumph In the recent elections in (fennnny. Jtefir Adnilrnl Marklmm's report 01 the Vlcteria disaster 1ms been delivered , .. „, Snlllvfin, who hfiM l.ecri playing leading roles hi her company for «(-venil seasons. It j., stattxl that, the marriage tix>k \iluci- in Jersey City some time ago. vintage in South Africa connoisseurs that Hie ^in the morning. All went well until noon, when the ^^ir£X^^--!=si^»a i ^^?Sffj»~-5 tled by a muiiied explosion and by • _,'iL ,-. * , ' — «^— "J ** ***i*^^*wvi. V,wX^/4.Vi3*Wli UUU. UJ th(! :.-with the provisional government have;clouds of dense smoke rolling up the In-,? 01 .**? °. f a plciuiant nature. Blount. main shaft. They tried to communi- , '•»•"'••««< ".. v«... i i • " " **^****» out*.*, t, j. jJt;j L.IICVI LI/ tj;*jfii||i Ulii* ct of Sfinto Do- fis «^cnlatlng to sail July 10, and will cate with the workingmen but found erl off his s*on, «|taxcjrf 3 final report^ on the Hawaiian S ji m , tht . interior had been cut off from question home with him. 'Hie friends of Jtose Coghlaji now rid- mlt Ifuit she \n UK- w -if <T O f ,j onn '(> In Ixindon and shows that. Admirnl Tryou wn» to liltime. "Ol<8 Mother llulibnrd," n thief for 11 fly yenrs, is In the li.-mds of the Detroit iMilice. ('onmil Leonard, of Hlinnghal, stiys (.'hlnesi- iiiercliiuits will not boycott American goods on ticc'/unl of tins (ieary law. I'ri-dcriek Jackson Ims jiostpoiied Mnt.tliew Arnold deduces his belief I, .. .. , ,, - • that the demand for silver will 1)( J '''•''•^I'Hlition until next year owing diminished hut not destroyed. | "'.,', '"'?', '"'' 1 (Mliyit hi "™rt»K a .,.,,,,.,, jMiiUilde shiji for penctmtlng the ice Alicluiel C. Kelle.v, general agent of ! m ,,,th flf Knin/( Jo ,, ( . f j , the Illg l''our lUiilnmd at St. Louis, lit lirlnclgml nnd intrr- Lancnstur & l^uiirryville isly dlsaiijieiiri'd nnd it is feared that lie lias C4/niinlllcd suicide. Tho I'liilndeliiliiii fc Keading Kiiihvay coiiiiiiiny roadx. The Wliu!liro[i Iron (.'omjiaiiy dlrei't- orts at Clevelnnd, (),, decided to close down the mines at lHh|iemlng .Mich. i'Ved. <!nml, of J)e» Molnes, In., WHH killed nnd his (!-year-(>ld lirother woiiml- ed by the accidental disehnrge of u guii. A declMion by linlted Klutes ,ludgi, Newniiin, oi' (Seorgln, "UnoeUs out" the long and Hhort haul cliuise of the later- state commerce act. Kennedy chairman The condition of Itrltiwh i-infm \* shown by sj.eeid) rt-imrlH \u Hie Times to lie very unsatisfactory, tin- Humming up being HIM i. "||K.; crops as a. whole ,„ , ' m ""' National steamship (xmipiiny nnd luoinltiT of I lie Mci-sey docit Londiin, Ung., is doiid. Tlio mllllla hns been withdrawn from Toniiwiindii, N. V., deputy sherll't's taking the place of tlu^ tniujis in lumlKTiiieii'H m-operly. A large schooner him been oil 1 Ship Hhuals, gulf of Mexico. The, vi'Bfi'l'M laiime Is uukiiowii and the fnt(! of tlio crew Is a mystery. The Slonlugtiiu Lino Hteiuner llniii|ishln' run into nnd sunk schooner (iiirliuul oil' CornlleUl Light, Cuitii. No lives were lost. The lii'oiiKo Hlaluo of William Lluyd Oarrlsou WIIH unveiled at NewlmryiKi Mass., us a iiromineiit IVature of the servonco of linleiiendencc d.'iy. lOiuperor WIllMm; has agreed <U'iiunuls of tho roles for n suhools in ivturn for tlu-li- sii[iport of l lu 1 army bill, sallow boarded the iko, lu Chicago, ami admiu- to tho wen- last The (V.vlon Observer is advocating the annexation by India of Ceylon a» a measure of economy, hut the Ceylon Times opposes the scheme. Secretary of the Treasury Carlisle and Secretary of the Navy Herbert Iini'tlcijialed In the ceremonies attend- iiiK Iho reception of tin; Columbus caravalK in Chicago July 7. A NAPOLEONIC PAJNTEH. lie Waa a Lithographer and lie Knew Character Like Moliere. Paris, July 5.—They are about to raise, a statue, to Churlet, the painter of grumbling old soldier* of the Napoleon- tc legend. Painter is a word wljich cone can employ when Kpe.'iking of C'iiarlet, f although most of his art was exercised in lithography. Tho man whose pic turo* were referred to by Baron I Gerard in 1827 In the- following l<-iiiguage: "Call it what you' will, then* Is genlua to them," deserves to be called a painter. Tho admirers of Chariot called him tho "Moliere of the barrackH find of the drinking shops." Ho contributed not a little to bring Into fashion, find to make people understand the charm of the process invented by Son effldw, drawing on Htono; that is, lith- • shaft. 1 The pit managers organized an exploring party and descended slowly through the smoke. They were driven back repeatedly, and eventually gave up their purpose of penetrating to | the working forces before the gaa could bo cleared away. The -cause of the explosion has not been ascertained. There were terrible scenes of grief at the jilt's mouth when one hundred miners were lost One woman fell dead when she learned that her had Deen inier- >f the, mil a ml of i from 'hi till.« Ullv- iii'ding down . Till! ic J'ate • New i the Light, Lloyd •vtii irl ^ JHM 1, III 1 oll- tO (ho 1 1 it n i > 1 1 i I LWliil 1 ort of mo uer idinlu- uullau M»r».'ftM'.y* Owing to the; tlnanelal situation tho confederate unveiling, which had been haH been postponed until Sept, 1C. and net for July i;o at Ulriiiliigliani, Ala., 17. Lucius L. lluliliard, of lloughton, hau been elected, Klatu geolnglMl. by Hie, .Michigan hoard of geological survey. lie will unwed Dr. M. 10. \Vadnworth. Governor MeKlnley, of Ohio, grainled a reimlHltlun from Governor Altgold of Illinois, for William Trenner, who wanted at lliland, Madison county, for luirsc-Htoallug. Olilltuiry: At Sanla Jtarhara, Cal., tieorglo Drew Uarr.vinore, tin- actress. At Slmwnce.lown, 111,, Dr. H. C, Col- vanl. At AVdodwtocU, 111., William Allen. At; Lal'orle, Ijid,, Mls.s j\i. 10, Sw(H'l'.--A( l<ond(i)a, William (,'ook, the billlarillHt. Governor AllgeliCn ai'tlou in pardoning Kleklen, Neelie and Schwab was approved by tho soclallsl congress In Cli'^ngo, mid Is was ivsolvixl lo put u national ticket In tho llekl every pivsl- diMijlal year, , ^f ,< s \Tij T1 "f ' ™ r - V-TWI. I,,"/" r^nijW.WWTOjuj dragoon of the Mouse, who, at fortune conslHtin breochcH mid a ] by long campai Charlet was brot lu the admiration great Habrn Htm 1 In the year 1 an an "Incorpor guard, and ho to of dm Barrloro < lira fed plcfuro \\ A'ernet represent fellow, overreae full head, who 1 Hie bacliground, th(! citizen Holdie atul among then In action. Tho f Mia riot from his (ho effect of (lire Into tho opposl caricaturist, lust Its singer. Ho i from day to day. familiar, and t human, which si lyrical, have renj expression of ,'a Tin; Lithography Hoclety have issued an appeal to the museurna and private collectors to collect the works of Charlet Ln one exposition. This profits of this exposition will bo devoted to the foundation of .a. fund for the Htntut which they desiro to raise. Cimrlet was the son of a common army of Sambre-et- THE "GLORIOUS FOURTH." IIi> Is tho tall treat wl' Avlth good It is Celebrated in Chicago with Characteristic Results. Chicago, July 5.— Aside from the celebration ut the world's fair grounds, it was the liveliest fourth of July Chicago has had in recent yearn. Forty-one people wtre injured by powder, and three of them, Andrew Burns, William Kattele, 13 years of age, and Dennis Healey, an electrician, were fatally injured. Burns was hit by a stray bullet. Young Kuttele was standing (near a two-pound can of powder when a spark fell into it, and Healey touched off a cannon with a match. Both of Heal"y's eyes were blown out. The fire department was on the jump all clay, there havijng been 115 alarms up to 11:,'!0 tonight. 11m aggregate loss will amount to $200,000. In addition to the casaultles Incident to the character of the day there were two murders, Mrs. I'lilloniena Flndano being stabbed by hor drunken son-in-law, Joseph Irvln, and Albert Lyons being shot through the head by Albert Green. Mrs. Fliulano was killed during a family quarrel, and Lyons was murdered while trying to stop Greetu, who was running from a policeman. progress of the bridegroom's procession. As the bride passed up the aisle the organist played Wagner's march from Lohengrin. The bride wore the vail worn by her mother at her own marriage. The wedding gown was silver brocade. The below the average; com, enormous, will probably be the largest crop ever raised; oats, barley and rye, large acreage and L-rop; hay, above the average; fruit, poor. Gallant little Heligoland, the Holy Island of ancient Hol.steto, which has only simple roses to the hair. | the wishes of its masterful new master, toria and Maud of Wales, Princesses the red cliffs are separating from' tlie islands and an; whether "softly doubtful—into tho depths of the Gorman ocean. v;i:.iisliuig away— and silently" is ABOUT LOOKING GLASSES. bridesmaids' toilets were white satin \ undergone many vicissitudes, is now and silver lace with low bodices. Xeith-! engaged to carrying out a ".separation" or hats, wreaths nor veils were worn,} scheme without the slightest regard to -mly simple roses to the hair. j the wishes of its masterful new master, The bridesmaids were Princesses Vic- the emperor of Germany. Bit bvj bit oria and Maud of Wales, Princesses " " ' """ Alexandria and Beatrice of Edinburg, Princesses Margaret and Victoria Batricia of Connaught, Princess Victoria of Schleswlg-Holstein, and Princess Eugenie. The archbishop of Canterbury, assisted by the other clergy, performed the ceremony. The bride was given away by her father. The services began with the marriage choral, Father of Life, composed for the occasion by Dr. Preeser, and sung by the Chapel Royal choir. In the 1 middle of the sen-ice .Sir. Joseph Bamaby's Oh, Perfect Love, which choral was sung at the marriage of the duke and duchess of Fife, was given. The service concluded with the hymn, Now Thank We All Our God. Mendshall's wedding march was played The annual manufacture in Europe at the present time v according to the latest statistics, is something like 1,850,000 square yards of looking glass. In the mirrors of today the light is reflected by a layer of silver or an amalgam of tin, but a proportion of light is lost in the process of reflection, and the Image is less luminous than the original. The value of a looking glass is usually estimated by the thickness of the as the royal party left the chapel. glass, because the thicker they are r Phr» roMctmr r\-P fl.^ -mm.,.;.^,^ !„ 4.i,.~ ' , . ,, *^»v,j me La Grosse, Wls., July 5.—Arthur Carpenter n well-known brakeman on the Milwaukeo road, met with a fatal and somewhat singular accident yesterday. Ho was playing with his wife and children at Ills homo here, wlien, to the attempt to rescue himself from falltoy from' Uls chnir, ho slipped and thrust his head through a glass door, cutting u deep gush in the neck aud severing the juwguiqr veto. Medical old was quickly summoned, but he died In. a few moments. The registry of the marriage to the throne room was attested by the queen, the royal family and guests. Djeuner was served at Buckingham palace. After congratulations the bridal pair drove to the city and proceeded by rail to Sanbrinham. The lord mayor and sheriffs met the pair at St. Paul's cathedral and their progress through th'e lavishly decorated streets was triumphal. To enumerate the bridal gifts and names of donors would require columns of space. The duke's present to the bride consisted of a rose in pearls and diamonds and a five row pearl necklace splendidly made. The bride's parents gave her a tiara, necklet and brooch of turquoises and diamonds. The princess of Wales gave jewelry and precious stones of a total value of $1,250,000. More or less comment has arisen over the fact that the marriage today was to .the lady formerly affianced to the duke's brother, the Duke of Clarence and Avondale, who died a few weeks before the time set for his marriage to the bride of today. The groom received as a present from the queen the royal dukedom of York. Among tae notables present at the wedding were Mr. and Mrs. Gladstone. They were to their seats before the royal party appeared to the chapel. Mr. Gladstone wore the uniform of the brethren of trinity, which Included a large pair of naval upauluU. Mrs. Gladstone wore a black robe trimmed with Brussels lace, and a black oape studded with diamonds. The finest display of decorations was accorded to St. Jatnes street thoroughfare leading to tho'.imhuje. Viuiltluu masts were plenty and many floral arches covered the roodwivv. The west cud of 1 the city was UlumluVod timlglit and everywhere social fusnvUles tiro being held to howr of tlio , . ,, , stronger they must be; but, speaking scientifically, thick glasses are defective, because the outlines of the image reflected are less clearly defined. TBiere are . really three reflections, and, consequently, three images In every glass mirror, one from the upper surface of the glass, the second from the lower surface, and the third from the metallic layer at the back An ideal mirror is one with a perfectly flat surface, but it is only possible to obtain this result in comparatively small glasses. The larger glasses do not reflect a true image, because it is not possible to make them quite A DIFFERENCE. "I don't think it's very good advice to yivo a boy to count twenty before he goits mad and hits another boy for hitting him," said Aimer; "I tiled It to-day at school when Willie Anderson Ut mo, and before I'd got to three, hud hit me again. Then I began all over again, and just as I got to six he gave me another under the ear" "You should count by tons, my bo'v," said ' ' Aimer's father. an It Is reported tJmt the remains of old v king ship have been discovered on Klaastad farm Tjodling, Norway It has not been unearthed, as the discoverers want the university to take ' t about the same size as the Gokstad ship, a counterpart of which Is on Us way to Chicago now ± a !!^'^, une 30 ,-la the house ot evening Gladstone's restive home mlp bill 31 aud

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