The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on July 5, 1893 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 5, 1893
Page 7
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THE UPPER MS MOINES 4 ALG< >NA< IOWA, WEDNESDAY, JULY 5 1893, m A Charic* for Hfeftlttt 1« afforded those fast sinking into ft condition of hopeless debility. The means are at band. In the form or ft genial medicinal cordial, Hosteller's Stonfach Bitters em. ipOdlesthe combined qualities of a blood fertilizer anddepui-ent, atonic and an alter- fcllve. "While it promotes digestion and •SBimilationj and stimulates appetite, has the further effect of purifying the life cur tent and strengthening the nervous system As the blood grows richer and purtr by its tige, they who resort to this sterling medicinal agent, acquire not only rigor, but bodily substance. A healthful change in the secretions is effected by it, and that sure knd rapid physical decay, which a chronic Obstruction of the functions of the system produce, is arrested. The prime causes o' iiseaae being removed, health is speedil renovated and vigor restored. General Longstreet lives in -what is aescribed as "a white pine bandbox of a house" near the ruins of his fine old mansion in Celntral Georgia, which was destroyed by flre a few years ago. The house he now occupies faces the Blue Mountains and commands a view ol unsurpassed beauty. The Confederate veteran Is now 72 years old and a man of patriarchal aspect. MAGNETIC MINERAL MUITBATHS FOR HEALTH AND STRENGTH. The only place in the world that your can enjoy the luxury and benefits of a Magnetic Mineral Mud Bath, is at the celebrated Indiana Mineral Springs, Warren County, Ind. It is nature's own remedy for the treatment of the worst forms of rheumatism, kidney and J.iver trouble, skin and blood discuses. lA $150,000 hotel and bath-house, steam^ heated, electric-lighted, all modern improvements, furnish the very best of i Kjcornodatlons. In point of cost, you frdll bo better and more satisfactorily taken care of, with the absolute certain- iy of deriving greater physical beneflt,| han jyou can get elsewhere in this '.country. Located 011 the Cliicago & Eastern Illinois Railroad, 120 miles' south from Chicago. Send to H. L. (Kramer, P. O. Box A, General Manager, Indiana Mineral Springs, "Warreni County, Ind., for beautifully illustrated printed matter, which will tell you all cbout U. MIDWAY PLAISAM THE FOREIGN ARTERY OF THE GREAT FAIR, ITS VARIED AMD PICTURESQUE SCENES. From the Irish Village to Cairo a Short But Exciting Journey—A Gala Night in the Fair Grounds With. Its Myriad Illuminations and Fantasies. Miss May Custis Lee, General Robert E. Lee's daughter, who has been twice around the world, is about to start foi Cairo on a third touil THE LADIES. The pleasant effect and perfect safety with winch ladies may use the California liquid laxative Syrup of Trigs, under nil conditions, makes it tlieir favoiito remedy. To get the true and genuine article, look for the name of the California Fig Syrup Co.. printed near the bottom of the package. Kansas City Journal: A cow at Medford, Pa., charged up-m a band amd disorganized it. This dehorning business is not going to be all one.sided. A receiver was appointed for the Omaha. & St. Louis railroad. JUST A LITTLE pain neglected, may become RHEUMATISM, NEURALGIA, SCIATICA, LUMBAGO. Just a little SPRAIN .•may make a cripple. Just a little BRUISE may make serious inflammation. Just a little BURN may make an ugly scar. Just a little COST will get a bottle of ST. JACOBS OIL, A PROMPT AND PERMANENT CURE Years of Comfort against Years of Pain for JUST A LITTLE. A copy of the "Official Portfolio of the World's Columbian Exposition," descriptive of Buildings and grounds, beautifully illustrated in water color effects, will be sent to any address upon receipt of joe. in postage stamps by THE CHARLES A. VoCELER Co., BALTIMORE, MD. 7 BHIBIW I am seventy-seven years old. g r and have had my age renewed U at least twenty years by the u w 0 of Swift's Specific. My fool H and leg to my knee was _a tinning sore for two years, and physicians sai<J t could not be cured. After taking fifteen smal xjttles S. S.S.there is not asoj-eonmylimbs.anoVJ iaye a new lease on ife. You ought to let all sufferers know cf your wonderful remedy. IRA F. STILUS, Palmer, Kansas City. IS A WONDERFUL REMEDY-especially foi old people. It builds up - _____ -[ _ === _ = . the general health. Treat 9 on the blood mailed free. SWIFT SPCIFIC COMPANY, Atlanta, Ga. ELY'S CREAM CUKE CATARRH Price 50ceut«. Apply Balm in each nostril. ELY BKOa., 66 W»rr»u St. Y*rk. BEST POLISH IN THE WORLD. 00 NOT BE DECEIVED •with Pastes, Enamels, »nd Paint* which •tain the hands, injure the iron, and burn ted, The Rising Bun Stove Polish is Brilliant, Odorless, and Durable. Bach package contains six ounces; when moistened will Rake several boxes of paste Polish. iAS AN ANNUAL SALE OF 3,000 TONS. UNION .-,.,.,. t Chicago, June 27.—When foreign countries are brought within oiu- reach •without putting us to the necessity or expense of an ocean trip, with its attendant discomforts, it would seeni that every one would gladly avail themselves of the opportunity of seeing all that they have dreamt of and at the same 'time obtaining a more comprehensive idea of the resources of their own country than they ever had before. This combination has settled down in Chicago, and the person who lets it go by will regret it always and wonder every day how they could let so grand an opportunity escape them. I am just home from a trip to Cairo, Algiers, Turkey, Germany and Ireland, made at the trifling cost of $2 or $3 that went for some enticing trinkets sold in the foreign bazaars. Perhaps some one is puzzled by this statement, therefore let me explain. I have been doing the midway plaisance from the Irish village to the great wheel, which is the American rival of the Eiffel tower. This densely populated section reveals more in one afternoon than you could learn in months of foreign travel. Within sight of the tall buildings of Chicago you can enter into the very heart of the most unique cities of the orient. The streets of Cairo are daily crowded with tourists who enjoy most thoroughly the wedding ceremonies, the weaving, the donkey and camel riding and the eccentric dancing in the queer little theater. Swarthy men hi gaudy robes mingle among the throng vending tlieir wares or remain seated in their shops fashioning those articles that are so much prized by the American lover of the unique. An Egyptian school is in progress and forty or fifty little cream-colored natives of Cairo singsong the lessons in the manner of the children of the Nile. Sirs. Potter Palmer almost daily drives out to the fair grounds and is very partial to the plaisance, and no wonder. Every time you go yoii see something new and the time flits by until you find yourself at dark still wandering among the jungle of booths sniffing ottar of roses and examining Turkish embroideries. In Algiers there is a most interesting family consisting of a handsome, dash- ing-loolcirig man, about 28 years of age, the typical native of the orient, laden down with chains and sequins; his wife, a languid beauty, with painted nails, filmy garments an glorious eyes; an elderly dame, striving to be young, with her gayly decorated robes and plaited hair redolent of oriental odors and sticky with some eastern frizziue, and two small boys, one of 8 and the otbjar a. baby almost, whose name, Mahomet, suits him to perfection. His costume consists of one loose garment, which slips off from the neck at intervals, revealing his pretty brown skin, suggestive of a bronze statue. llhici 8-year-old speaks English. I asked him the age of his mother and he replied by spreaing his brown palms three times face downward before me, which gesture I interpreted as meaning 30. I" then inquired the age of the decorated Katisha, and with a shrug that would have made his fortune on the stage came the answer: "She! she is too much." Blarney castle looms up in all its picturesque beauty at the entrance of tills foreign pathway of travel. By its doov sets the most Irish of Irishman joking the passing crowds, crooning his native harmonies and playing a bag pipe that answers to the master spirit that controls it, by giving out those weird sounds that wake 'the echoes of the Emerald Isle. Within its walls one seos the industries and amusements of Erin interpreted by worthy representatives of the laud of bogs and "praties," and when you come out you feel that thousands of miles of ocean roll be- twoen you and America. It is but a very short trip to Germany. There, amid its quaint architecture, you sip real German beer from a stein as big as your head and feel that you must speak German to 'the waiters who beam upon you and wonder how it happens you cannot understand them. Then there is the Moorish palace, the Esquimau village, the Arabs, the Dahomey tribes an a host of other foreign sections to visit in the usual way, but which are here open to view along with all the other wonders of the great fair. Until you have seen jtlie grounds illuminated you can form no idea of their fairy-like beauty, Take a gondola and float out on to the lagoons and from there revel in a scene such as will live forever in your memory. The great dome of the administration building, situated at the east side of the court of honor, looms up a brilliant ball of lire resplendent with myriads of electric lights and tho flare of a dozen torches. In front the huge fountain splashes, liquid rainbows turned red, green, violet and yellow through the necromancy of tho giant search light that converts all objects into brilliant diamond points. Around the edge of the lagoons tiny globes of light see their pretty images reflected in the wa- ters, and every great white structure is set in jewels of flre. Over in the Kiosk Sousa's band disourses dreamy music and you float on and on to the strokes of the oar of your gondolier and wonder if you are really awake. If tills feeble pen could but do even scant justice to the marvels spread before the eyes in this great fair, not a soul in the east but would at once pack up their belongings and start toward the setting sun. Perhaps you say you saw the centennial. What if you did; this is bigger, grander and lovelier in every way. Philadelphian though I am, and in a measure'regarding that past festival as a private show, I must give credit where credit is duo. Seventeen years, too, nave gone by since then. The babies of those days are now tho young men and women who should see this exposition as a means of education, and those who went, in the primer of life, to the great fair of '70 should coine and see for themselves the progress made in the intervening years. Let the east co-operate with 'the west, the north and the south center here for a time and give the impetus to the grandest exhibition of modern times it so justly deserves. Some of the small buildings are marvels, and yet one has not the time T HE U. S. Goverrwnent Chemists have reported, after an examination of scores of different brands, that the Royal Baking Powder is absolutely pure* of highest leavening capacity, and superior to all others. FOR MISS COLUMBUS. The Leo-Columbian Club Honors Its President, the Duke's Daughter. Philadelphia, June 27.—A pretty in cidoiit of the visit of the duke of Veragua and hie suite to Philadelphia took place in the Stratford hotel, when a gold medal was presented to Donna Maria del Pilar Columbus, daughter of the duke, by 100 children, represent- to do everything its thorough justice.! ing the Leo-Columbian club, of this city. Think of it, a naval observatory, a' Donna Maria was some time ago model warship done in bricks, a life- j elected president of the organization saving station, a genuine copy of the; and the presentation address was made mode of living of tho cliff dwellers, i by Miss Alice Murray. When the Lco- the headquarters of Puck, railroad ex- j Columbians attempted to kiss the hand hlbits and a hundred others that you of their president she stayed them would lika to explore if you could only | and said that she preferred the rcgula- stay long enough. Among these iso- j tion American handshake. The gathcr- lated structures the nursery, a side is-' lug was then presented to Miss Colum- sue in charge of the lady managers, is bus, the first two children being hon- one of the most curious sights of tho ( ored with kisses. The duchess gra- whole exhibition. Here, in a large, airy'ciously acknowledged the honor con- dwelling, mothers may leave tho little ferred upon her daughter. folks who are too small to be trotted around looking at plows or Paris gowns. DR. KEMPSTER SILENT. Competent nurses take charge of the smaller ones, a play-ground is given ! He Refuses to Talk About His Cholera over, to the older ones, and each and every child is tagged with a brass check bearing a number that will pre- Invcstigations. New (York, June 27.—Dr. Walter vent "mixing' those children up" when Kemps tor, who has been investigating night comes and the mothers, blind sanitary conditions in Europe for tho with sight-seeing, might get the wrong • treasury department at Washington, infant unless this precaution were tak- has arrived in this city on the steamship Paris. A reporter called upon him at the Murray Hill hotel, but he refused to be en. Everything is done for the comfort ojf sight-seers. You needn't walk a step unless you want to. Rolling and, seen. The reporter sent him a note Sedan chairs are at your service. The - saying that one of his fellow passengers intramural railway runs all through the on the Paris had started the rumor that grounds, and steamers, launches and cholera is now raging in certain dis- gondolas ply the lake and lagoons. If you can beg, borrow or save the money to come, do so, for if you don't you will regret it. Edith Townsend Everett THE SALT RUB. The "salt nib" is becoming wonderfully popular. It is just as good for well people as sick ones, is the most refreshing of all the baths and rubs invented, only excepting a dip in the sea itself, and is matchless in its effects upon the skin and complexion. Put a feAv pounds of coarse salt— the coarsest you can get, sea salt by preference—in. an earthen jar and pour enough water on it to produce a sort of slush, but not enough to dissolve the salt. This should then be taken up in hnndfuls and rubbed briskly over the entire person. Of course it is better to have it nibbed on by another person, but any one in ordinary health can do it for himself or herself satisfactorily. This being done, the next thing is a thorough douching of clear water, preferably cold, and a brisk nibbing with a dry towel. The effect of elation, freshness and renewed life is felt immediately, and the satiny texture of the skin and increased, cleamess :and brightness of the complexion swell the testimony in favor of the salt rub. An opera house to cost $25,000 will be erected by G. IP. Andrao at Stevens Point this summer. » trials of France. He sent a reply saying that he knew nothing about the origin of the minor. "The national government having sent me abroad to obtain information for its use," he added, "it would be improper for me to communicate anything to the press. The whole subject will be given to the proper officers early in the week, and I hove little doubt that you can get the information you desire from the treasury department at Washington. I can tell you nothing." I regret that GUESTS NARROWLY ESCAPED. Summer Hotel Burned But None of the Occupants Injured. Troy, N. Y., June 27.—The Sagamore Hotel at Lake George has been destroyed. Flames were discovered at about 12:30 this morning, and within three hours the building was almost a total loss. The loss is estimated at $200,000. No one was injured. There were about 100 guests at the house besides the servants. "Don't Tobacco Spit Yonr Life Away" Is the startling, truthful title of a little book just received, telling all about Notobac, the wonderful, harmless, economical, guaranteed cure for the tobacco habit in every form. Tobacco users who want to quit and can't by mentioning THIS PAPER can get tho book mailed free. Address THE STEH- LINO> REMEDI Co., Box 1276, Indiana Mineral Springs, Ind. clever 1 chemist has Invented a novel thermometer. It Is In the form of a sensitive paint, which, at the or. dlnary temperature, is a bright yellow, but, if submitted to heat, gardually changes color until at 220 degrees F. It shows a brilliant fed. On being cooled It returns to its pristine hue, but remains as seasative to heat as ever. Economical, tliorougli, pure, snfo nml everything else Unit Is good nre the words for Uilu HCIUIS SMALL. Indianapolis 'News: Is the list of forty .live or fifty thousand world's fair "dead.heads" a roll of honor? Billons Atlniik* often cniisu severe Colds. Cilu Heuns SMALL will give rellel In a few bourn. Minneapolis Tribune: Eulalie hns visited Niagara and, thauks to Mr. Depew's war on the hackmcn, still has enough money to take her home. ONE close of Bueclnun's rills relieves slcli Headache in 20 minutes. For sale by nl: druggists. 25 cents u box. Buffalo Express: There is more fool poetry written about June than about any other season, time or thing. THE best 5c soap In tho world is Dobbins' Perfect Soap. Have your grocer get it and try for yourself. It Is sum to revolutionize the trade "and use of soap. Dobbins' Soaii Mfg. Co., Philadelphia, l j a. Kansas City Star: The Turks believe that women have no souls. That will settle the question of Moslem colonization in America. , Get SMALL Bile Beans. 40 for 25c. Milwaukee Sentinel: Many of th«t persons who would rather be right than be president would rather bo ehot than be mayor. i N. K. Brown's Essence JainaicaGIngcrwlll cure indigestion. Nono bettor. Try it. 25c. Commercial Advertiser: All that •Lizzie Borden's prosecutors have been able to prove is that two elderly and worthy people were murdered in a shockingly brutal manner. L 'August Flower" Miss C. G. McCLAva, School* teacher, 753 Park Place, Etniira, N. Y. '' This Spring while away from home teaching my first term in • country school I was perfectly wretched with that human agony called dyspepsia. After dieting for two weeks and getting no better, a friend wrote me, suggesting that 1 take August Flower. The very next day I purchased a bottle. I am de« lighted to say that August Flower helped me so that I have quite recovered from my indisposition." 9 KNOWLEDGE Bringa comfort and improvement and tends to personal enjoyment when rightly used. The many, who live better than others and enjoy life more, with less expenditure, by more promptly Adapting the world's best products to the'neeas of physical being, will attest the value to health of the pure liquid laxative principles embraced in th* remedy, Syrup of Figs. Its excellence is due to its presenting In the form most acceptable and pleat- ant to the taste, the refreshing and truly beneficial properties of a perfect laxative ; effectually cleansing the system, dispelling colds, headaches and feven and permanently curing constipation. It has given satisfaction to millions and met with the approval of the medical profession, because it acts on the Eld- Beys, Liver and Bowels without weakening them and it is perfectly free from •very objectionable substance. Syrup of Figs is for sale by all druggists in 60c and $1 bottles, but it is manufactured by the California Fig Syrup Go. only, whose name is printed on every package, also the name, Syrup of Figs. and being well informed, you will not accept any substitute if offered. |EWIS'98%LYI Powdered und I»«rfum»«. IT'S RATHER TOO MUCH FOR YOV — the ordinary, bulky pill. Too big to take, and too much disturbance for your poor system. The smallest, ii***^ ****** easiest to take, and best I 111111 H 81M are Dr. Piorce's Fleas- I • U U U . U U U ant Pellets. They leavs Tho itrmtfltst and purfitlije madfc' Unlike othor .Lye, It b«lng a Aat powdor and packed in • can wlUl removable lid, th* oontenti «rf always ready for nit. Will m*kf the lieat perfumed Hw/ 8o»p in M minutes urt»«wt&o<M»v. Itiithf bont for oIoauBlng wMt«-- ' ' disinfecting elnki, olOMti, : ice bottlei, painti, tr*M, eto. JPKNNA. SAI/T RtfF'G CO* dim, Agta., Fhllfc., fa. ACRES OF LAND for sale by the SAINT PAW* DULUTII KAILKOA» out all the disturbance, OOXTAXT In Minnesota. Bend for Mapi and Cirow but yet do you moraUn. They will bo tent to you good. Their help lasts. Constipation, Indigestion, Bilious Attacks, , Sick or Bilious Headaches, and all derangements of the liver, itomach, and bowels are prevented, relieved, and permanently cured. They're guaranteed to give satisfaction, or your money i» returned. Addreu HOPEWELL. CLARKE, Land Commissioner, BL Paul. Ulna OPIUM If you're suffering from Catarrh, the proprietor* of Doctor Sage's Catarrh' Remedy ask you to try their medicine. Then, it' you can't be cured, they'll pay you $500 in cash. JVrummoSCJbl a mouth. Harm- HCSB treatniuHt (liy jmio _ - Ing liliviMan). NoiUrvln^y" •• ThoiiHdtHls ciirof). Sfml Pr In tlnmnA O.^V., K^HNYliyiBU, Jtl. !>., Wall* •', Xll SPJT -IS THE TRUTHFUL, STARTLING TITLE OF fl LITTLE BOOK THAT TELLS ALL ABOUT HO-TO-BAC- ™ J^ e ONMT GUARANTEED, IIAHMLESS, ECONOMICAL CUKE for the Tobacco Habit in the world; not for the REASON it makes Tobacco TASTE BAD, but because it ACTS DIRECTLY ON THE NEBVE CENTERS, DESTROYING T1IE NEKYE-CRAVINCI DESIRE, preparing the way for DISCONTINUANCE WITHOUT INCONVENIENCE. I^O-TO-aS JLo slliautates builds up arid improves the entire nervous system. Many report a gain of TEN POUNDS in as many days. Got book at your drug store or write for it-to-day DRUGGISTS GENERALLY SELL NO-TO-BAC. If YOU aro a tobacco user take time to read the following TRUTHFUL TESTIMONIALS, a few of many thousands from No-To-Bacusers, printed to show how No-To-Bac works. THEY ARE THE TRUTH, PURE AND SIMPLE. We know this, and back them by a reward of $5,000.00 to anyone who can prove the testimonials false, and that we have knowingly printed testimonials that do not, so far as wo know, represent the honest opinion of the writers. You don't have to buy "o-To-Dac on testimonial endorsement. NO-TO-BAC is positively euaranteed to euro or mouey refunded. We givo good agents exclusive territory and liberal terms. Many agents nmku $10 u day CURED THREE YEARS AGO—USED LESS THAN A BOX OF NO.TO-BAC, MT. OAUMEL, IlL., Oct. 10,1893.—Gentleman: I purchased one box ot your No-To-Dao throe years ago. Took about tUree-quarters of the box, which comnlotoly destroyed my appetite for tobacco. I had used tobuu- ' -'-—'.. 1 had trlccl to quitof my own accord and found . I am completely cured und do not ha»o the least craving for tobacco. I hope others will use your treatment. oo since 9 years of age It Impossible, but now_ HOLLO U. BLOOD. DSED EVEBY SUBSTITOTE AND ANTIDOTE, BUT WITHOUT SUC. CESS—KO-TO-WAC MAKES A COMPLETE COKE, AND lit! GAINS TWENTY-FIYE POUNDS. KUTTAWA, years, OVOry wuuok.vubu tfllu utluluuLt: 1 UUUIU UUU. UUlf WltUOllt Rllf'f'nlS doapalrprt of ever getting ria of tbo Uaniaslngtoljucaohab t |na your advorllsoraent was porauadod by frlentia to try onoemore?'liens "" '"•""" " " "' "• ^ once 8 nd oxperionocdI blnentT I TWENTY-FIVE POUNDS. uTTAWA.Ky., Nov. 22.1893.-Qentleraon! I used tobacco for fifteen s, and, with all tho will power I possessed, I could not milt I umrt y aubstltute und antidote I could flud, but without BiiaceSa IhSS i " happy to say7wils cure'rtof tbe'ftwfut ince 1 was cured, and 1 have no doslra my mouth, fliy Ulgostlon also Is mucli Improved. To any therasolvos of tbo tobacco habit permanently,use ", successful aud wonderful remedy Yours truly und gratefully, W. B. PEAT. PUBLISHERS: We, the publishers of this paper, know the S. B. Oo. to be reliable and will do as they agree. Thig-we GUARANTEE. IS Pfc4IN ANJ» TO THE POINT, Three boxes of NO-TO. BAC, 30 days' treatment, costing J2.60, or a little less than lOo a day, used according to simple directions, is guaranteed to cure the tobacco habit In any form, SHOEING, CHEWING, SNlffj 1 iiaa CIGARETl'E JUBITi or money refunded by us to dissatisfied purchaser. Wo don't .claim to euro EVERYONE, but the percentage of cures Is so large that we can better afford to have the good will of the occasional failure than hla money, r We have faith in NO-TOBAC, and if you try it you will Sod that \0-TO-BAO is to you WORTH ITS WIIGHT IN CURED HIMSELF, HIS FATHER, HIS BROTHER-IN-LAW, AND HIS NEIGHBORS. NASSAU, IOWA, Nov. 21,1893.—Gentlemen: I am glad to Bay that Blnoo I commenced the use of No-To-Bao, which was the 6th of July, 1632, Jt they wero cured. F. O. PUIOJfl. CHEWED TOBACCO FOB FIFTY YEARS-AFTER SPENDING $1,000 FOB TOBACCO NO-TO-BAC CURED HIM. SPRINGFIELD, Onto, Nov. 22, 1892.—Gentlemen: OntholOth day of May.lSSB, 1 commenced tho use of No-To-Buo, and cast tobacco out of has made u complete euro. "CIGARETTE FIEND FOUR TEAKS." pAHMiBCrrr, IM.., June 18,1S92.—Dear Sirs: J havo lust finished the Use of one box of No-To-Bao and 1 am happy to say that 1 uin cui ed from all Uoslre for tobacco. Far four years I havo useil cl';arcttos almost coiistiinlly, as well an tobacco In all of Its forma; but to-day 1 havo no desiro for tobacco whatever. Do not oven rouicniber what it l.inte.4 llko. Keel deeply grateful to you and your remedy for my present condition, and be assured that I will speak a good word for you among my attllctau friends. * B. B. BATES. Where to Buy and How to Order NO-TO-BAC,' It Is sold by Druggists generally and sent by mull on receipt ol the price— 1 box, .81; 3 boxesJKJ.50. Remit in any convenient lorm. Our President, Mr. A. L. Thomas, is a member ot the groat advertising firm of Lord & Thomas, Chicago. Vloe-Presl' dent, Mr. W. T. I3arbee, Is tho principal ownor of tho Barbee Wire and Iron Works of Lafayette, Ind., and Chicago, 111. The Secretary, Mr. P. T. Barry, of the Chicago Newspaper Union, Chicago. The Treasurer Is Mr. H. L. Kram'er, one of tho owners of tho famous Indiana Mineral Springs, Indiana, the only placo in tho world where magnetic mineral mud baths ure gives, for the cure of rheumatism. Write to him tor a boelt about the mud baths. Wo mention this to assure you that any remittance ____ __ „ _ . __ „_, . . ' .__ ., ot money will bo properly accounted for, that our Wat be MADE GOOD and WCB PATBONA«B APPI&HTED. BE SUR^when you /write name this paper «x4«adress J||E STERLING REMEDY CO., ' • ChlcugoOfflwu 46ana47SanaoJpUSt. *^o» J870 INDIANA JBNE8AI, SPJUNGS, JND, X

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