The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on July 5, 1893 · Page 6
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 6

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 5, 1893
Page 6
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A By H. S. Keller. THE UPPER DES MOINES. ALGOJU, IQWA. WEDNttsm V. .tm.v ^ 1893 . "I wiU give one thousand dollars to the mail who con carry quickest for me a message to Milbury," cried an excited man as lie dashed into the small grocery store of Middle Fork. It was tlie same stranger who had been in town for over a week. His days were spent up in the mountains, and In the evening he kept himself closeted In his room at the hotel. What his business was no one knew; indeed, they would scarcely -ave found out had they asked, for he was a quiet, reserved sort of a man who talked but little,- and never about bin own Immediate affaflrs. "Phew! There's no horse could get over tiie rood now. Tlie roads are flooded four feet deep in places by this time," said one of the men in the store. "One thousand dollars is a good price, men," said the stranger talkng a well- filled wallet from his pocket and tossing it upon tho counter. "But there iiaiut no man living that can get to Mllbury with all this water coming down -the valley " "Hero's n boy that con," spoke up o clear voice, and Dick Rodgers came from behind tho desk and presented Himself to the crowd. "Nonsense. I do not Avaut any boy business about this affair." The stranger's face was a puzzle; he wanted something done, had money to pay for the service; no one seemed ready to earn the goodly sum-that is, no one out a mere slip of a boy. "Mister, If I say I will take your message to Milbury that settles It. I've got the only wheel in Middle Fork If the road was clear I could do it In thirty minutes. So bod as tlie roads are, I.can get your message there in an hour." There was something about tlie d er l ! a ^^ * l * D1 <& or-you Intellectual, for education Is compulsory dont get to Middle Fork again, say and, free to all. i""»oiy m«SSli £ ^ 6 T * ousantl dollars," But education is not our present topic SS^fU. e ^ ou ek hls denche.d teeth. -It Is the hammock. This articles n fnnt Si u P *"* scarce fr over exported by thousands every year, and afoot wide, It was crooked too. Ihe nearly all of them are made by womra I*!? 8 lte Mze tumbled mostly mestizos (half breeds) om ^ etbelw - 1** ln fl owlng garments of white cotton, d Up ° n tte Hght 1686 pe °P le 6tand barefooted on a rose concrete or clay floor, while they deftly wheel uch M n *, such a header as no rider ever took, mock sold in New York for s left The StODeS< teen centa for each ' coarsest ham. , , ' - bing for Joy in her husband's arms who was scarcely less moved than she It seems that she had been all this time at his brother's, who lived in another tow,n, and who had. abetted and encouraged her In the step she had taken. "I was fearful if I stayed," said Mrs. Brown, at the conclusion of her story, "that I should yield the point, and we should lose our pleasant home altogether but I almost repented as soon asi I had gone. Had-it not been for your brother I should have returned before. He said that desperate diseases required desperate remedies; that you were wild with the mania for specula, tion, and that I must wait until It was over," ; "I thiiok I may say that it is entirely over," responded Mr. Brown, with a smile; "being fully of your opinion that no good ever comes of making haste to get rich." HOW TO GET STRONG. An Athlete Uses a Steel) Ring to Increase the Size of His Arm. "My feats amaze you," said strong man Sampson the other day, according to the ,New York Advertiser, "and yet you can duplicate everything 1 have done in a little time. "All you hove to do it to follow these rules way to camp. lie struck • Into tha woods again, and at 9 o'clock got back to camp. His arrival there relieved the anxiety of his companions, who had become alarmed as to hla safety, He had been tramping over twelve hours and was fagged out. LOW KATES TO THE GRASSHOPPERS. tell wooden knobs or strong Iron hooka "Phew! I Avouldu'.t like that again for ten thousand dollars. he ? etpetual rss? fi „""« »i?°.^^« .&.1W 1 tllOUSniUl rlnllnvo » ,,f !,,_, „* T., ll~ m, ••^•m. uiujga ut- low of India. They are kept by the Taste Like Brook Trout. while Passing tL two The rest of the trail was comnaratlveiv level and devoid of danger and he soon readied the road leading to Mil' for *** John M. ho H ™f com - nt tho Pacifio Hotel ln Pomona, ,, alt ° n ^ ose who ^ek shel- otlier day. "You never did? Then Sed For * **' dmkir ^*«t l«ury to. Talk the if inns French flxin'sl They Just ain't in it at Jirss, s SSK&S sL" i sH£ ii s5fE? < ni?" M * • bia *" ™™> ^ *»« K?sr ri5 " L --^' s F^^H^sfe^'r^^'^s grocer's son that impressed the stranger. There was nothing boastful l n tne iods manner-toe simply fcieont .what he said, that was all. ^'But the men say it is dangerous." I can go there and back without Harming a luilr in my head." "Let me spook to your father, boy," said the stranger. Dick called his father from the second floor. When he entered the stranger told him of his proposition and Dick's desire to earn it •"Bad road, Dick." •"I can do it." "Stronger," said the boy's father, •"I know Dick; if lie snys he can do it, that settles it. Ho will get there and •don't you doubt It." "Here, boy, is tho No, sir; not for all the money in tlie world -would I do that Job over," said ihe as he reached the dangerous points where he discovered that his life had hanged as by a thread. ]uii a loug walk but lle reached Middle Fork where he found tiie stranger anxiously pacing the floor of ^ the store. "Did you do it boy?" I said I would. Yoiu- message has WHY SHE WAS MISSING. It AVOS the first serious Joe BroAvn had ever this is hov Avas a man AV!IO could - -^ — down on Kansas like a horde of hungry officeholders on a President-elect When they finished feeding and hopped up on the borbed.wlre fences to pick their "It over the country an inch larger than the size of your support wnlch 'they' bend tlie ami slowly until the blood becomes accustomed to tlie exercise. Within two or three weeks you will perceive that the arm lias grown too large for the ring. Then have o lorgei one made and continue the practice. Exercise longer each time, but before you pioce the ring in position nib it I and your arm well witl :he skin from breaking. . bnflie the arm well wth cold ei cool the AN ABSURD TAX. Philadelphia Tiines:M)f all the ab swdities of hJLeh tariff legislation the" four cents a upon imported tin, which is to and after July 1 next, of revenue only, since in this couii. furnish "protec- It is such o mUllcla a very "How did you do it, Dick?" asked one of the group. "Took the trail along the mountain de. I in hungry now," and Dick side. darted upstairs. "Moses! took -the trail! It's a hard road to travel on foot. Nothing short of a wizard on a wheel could do what Dick has done," uttered the boy's fatli- ,. „ - - message. Place it careluJly about your person, and Wihen you reach Milbury take it to the telegraph ofllce at once and have the operator rush it. Here is the money to prepay charges. You shol Have tlie thousand dollars for tlie tei mile ride. Mr. Rogers, place tha wallet in your safe and keep the key in your pocket. Upon the return o your yon talc,) from it one tliousu.c to Jiiin for ills . ., -- contains ovci two thousand. Now, boy, start as soon money dollars and give it services. Tho wallet as possible. Dick looked Ids -wheel over carefnlh to see that it was all iu good ordci for the urn. He knew he liad a dim- cult task before him. The spring floods were heavy and tihe ride was a clangorous one to him, but the boy knew o thing or two about the lay of the land between Middle Fork and Milbury. The precious messages w|us pinned in his inside vest pocket. His cap was pulled down and his'stout jacket well buttoned about ills sturdy-built figure or. "The thousand dollars belongs to your sou, Mr. Rogers. Give it to him said the stranger. The wallet taken from tlie safe and the n.^v,. for Dick was counted out and the wallet handed to the stranger, who said to tlie men about: "I hove discovered a rich mica bed worth many thousands of dollars Other parties have the same discovery they mean to send o message in tlie morning to negotiate with the owners of tho land. My message has gone; so you see how anxious I .was Mr Roegrs, you hove a son to be proud of' Good night," and the stranger went to the hotel. It is not necessary to say that Dick Rogers was the hero of Middle Fork when it became known that he had rode his wheel over the trail to Mil- buiy for one thousand dollars. YUCATAN'S LATEST FAD. Society Ladies There Knit Their Own Hammocks. Although nearly every race of people comfortable living as o cabinet-maker, but in ills eagerness to get rich he was always embarking in schemes that soon absorbed all the family sav- iiigs. Now he wanted to mortgage th house to take stock in the Western Tea Growing Company, and his wife had refused to sign the necessary papers He left the house after au angry scene and was irritated all day. When he re turned home that evening what Avas liis surprise to find that his Avife had gone out, and though he sat up late she did not return. Mr. Brown passed o sleepless night, reneAA'ing his search and inquiries the inext clay, but to no purpose. One of the neighbors had seen his Avife go by attired in the dark walking suit thai she always wore Avhen she went out. And this was all. To all apneorence, Mrs. BroAATi had dropped as completely out of her husband's life and home as though she never formed a part of them. Days and Aveeks passed. In spite of the advice that he received from various quarters, Mr. Brown refused to and the hoppers ate everv bit of paint off it and gnawed tlie wood Avork. They ate all the blacking off my harness, tiie tails off my horses, and I had to keep my dogi under a tarpaulin to prevent them deA r ouring him I-OAV. You never SOAV such appetites. They got into my commissary department and mode away with everything but a stone Jar of butter I had bought in St. Joe. I didn't hove a cent and it AVOS two days' drive to Wichita Couldn't live on butter, you knoAA', so chest and take in a deer liXrton of y lr. Soon you will SttfrS stance Z.n , of the strap; continue this fo? ao & "* tWGllty Cents a P° un<L , lr. Soon you will ttr stane ZZ'.n * e strap; continue this fo? about Sn thf & ten minutes three times a day and * pounds of ^ P er Price ° f lmporta ' laWS im - ay an pse a tao will soon be capable of bursting the ™™ « * « VeUty per ' cent Thus str stru ^n infant i strop with ease by simnlv your lungs. Don't use "Good bye," yelled Dick os he spun' °f '" S tO be ou exhibition at the world's vay, made tho turn and was out of , *! ome vei>y ln terestiug ones hove awa Tho valley Avas below him. It AVOS one sheet of Avater, AA-ith here and there dark masses of trees stumps and fence- rolls tossing upon its surface. "Not much shoAv down there. There isn't one sign of a rood led. i as I thought. I'll hove to take tho trail along the mountain," said Dick was merely a pathway to himself. The trail ^ _ along the steep side of the" mountain made years ago by the Indians and early settlers. It Avas seldom used HOAV, excepting by hunters or pleasure-seekers. Dick know every inch of the trail, but he had never attempted It With the wheel. It Avas a hard tug to drag tho wheel through tho underbrush and over tho decayed logs covering the mountain side, but ho Avas a lad of muscle as well as determination, and ho soon reached tho path Aviiidlng liico a nar- roAV ribbon along tlie sido of the hVh mountain overlooking the A'alley. '•Pretty tough looking prospect, but here sho goes," said Dick as he started. It Avas a pretty tough looking path, and perhaps no rider over had occasion to take- one like it. Thero Avas great danger, too, awaiting nearly everv foot of the Avay; tho path Avas full of stones and sticks, and AVMS uneven and rough On he sped AviUi his eyes fixed upon tine path before him. The first two miles Avas on the rise, and the climb AA'as- hard, but Dick reached the point Where the slope commenced. "Now then, Dick, you've, got to pull for the shore for sure," uttered ho as he let the Avheel go. There Avas nothing for him to do but steer tho machine and rest Ills feet upon the coast been left) out. The reproduction of tlie Yucatan ruins would be more .realistic shut lip his house or hire a housekeeper. He took his meals at his mother's, with whom his children found a home, but he lodged in. his own house, oc. cupylmg the same room that he had shared with his AA'ife many happy years, and endeavoring to keep everything in doors and out as it was Avhen she AA'as there. The hope was strong in his heart that she would some clay come back to him, and though It grew fainter as the weeks passed, it never entirely perished. Many words uttered by the wise? hearted woman, whose unselfish lore for him gave her so clear an Insight, though little heeded at the time, come back to him BIOAV. He took up his old I concluded to play for even. I built a fire, put my skillet OA'er it, and drop Peel in half a pound of the dyspepsia provoker. It was soon frying and sizzling away at o. great rate and the hoppers were hopping into it, sixty a second. I let'em fry about a minute, then I removed 'em, and sat down to give my stomach a surprise party. Well, sir, the hind legs were the finest neat I ever ate. They had an excellent game flavor and tasted like mountain n-ook trout. I f are d sumptuously aftei hat, and found the Journey far too nor i. "I had always been sorry for St. con- struggling infant industry of cnported black plates in im- tiin and calling the result Amer- not escape the uni- Plans ore being made for the s^^^S^^srJSJK^---- family and the whole court suite,- at Belltskaya Pushta, in the province of Grodno. The site chosen is in the midst of the great forset of Pustlio, enabling the emperor- to enjoy the greatest retirement combined with the pleasures of the chose. The cost of the palace will be about £3,000000 The explanation of this project may be sought, probably, in o ministerial policv which is growing clearer and stronger doily in Russia under M. Witte. Hitherto there has been little or no solidarity between tlie ministers of the various departments; but on his accession to the portfolio of finance, M. Witte set to work to form something which peal this absurd duty, and if it is done promptly very little of the tax will be collected. The importations of tin in the last few months have been) more than double the usual quantities, indicating that a stock is being laid In In anticipation of the duty. It may be assumed that the importations will be correspondingly light for some months to come, in the expectation that the duty will be soon removed. It will be in operation long enough, however to display the vagaries of McKlnleyi sui. HE WAS TOO STINGY. __ V -~^-•*,*-*. UUiJ.J' John, whose diet was locusts t honey, but I tell business. ..v...., n-iiv/st; uiet was locusts and -wild — — ~m\*t.a U.L<Z am honey, but I tell you he knew his ' A ° f Mi Witte - Toward 1 business. If (l locust Is anything like ' „ tY^f has ad °P ted an « a Kansas hopper the origlnaTpathnnde? ' ,T f ^ ° PD ° Slte to that !-!„,! i . . ° "-it-* j/i«-i..'-iiijju.ui. inrr mftiat-s»tc* ««-! T «*» , -. -- L'L"-- 1 - i-AJU \ hod no kick coming. A WONDERFUL TOOL. should resemble a cabinet. He has sue ceeded in the comparatively short time of a year in eliminating all hostile ele ments and, Avith the exception of Gen V.-innoisky the minister of war, whose character Is not one to cause apprehen- !L^H.J^* n «» ai> * faithful odher- tte. Toward the emi adopted an attitude of preced- bluff ness— . i mg minsters and by - alinost amounting to coarseness-has contrived to gain the confidence of his imperial master. Te emperor -already passes a considerable ^W^*^~Si««S English Mechanic: conceived the idea of , v neAv palace in tlie forests of Grodno III ni'rTov +r\ l-tn**.n j.i,_i_. i_ _ i _ . * -SSySSX rffi^:'^^ ta £!!^£~ - "-^ i»*w. ut; iiiui-u .AtM-UlaUO j "•""*•• w Jinn uiuw. Xlli LOOK lip JllS OlCl if natives of that place, with their trade, at which he was a. skillful work- clark skin and scanty Avhite raiment m '™: pursuing it so steadily and energetically that it become more profitable than it had ever been before. In this way nearly three months Avere loitering about the antique arch- Avwys. Although those people do hate to leave their country they no SM SL-TML-JS ~H Planing machine, for the use of marine engineers and others, when ordinary planing machines ore insufficient. This machine consists, of a heavy bed-plate of box section forming tlie work table and carrying when desired, a set of . - pense of building the palace is borne by the finance department, which is represented as having so much mono that it does not know what to do wit It. Tlie emperor is consequently d -W.e-4r.ay, at th The Wife of Millionaire Walsh Wonts (More 't>f His Cash. re-1 passed, during which the Western Tea - »• 0^^ *. v- i • —» •«/-! •! «nv,ii l.l | u t T COUSI U A 1*11 i use to do so, as they obstinately did Growing Company had run its brilliant '"';" St ^7 oel \ n ^ onter P l ; islll S| b " t Y Mt Cftroer ' ite Sllddra ^Pse anted to take a party of bringing financial ruin to scores of exposition at New Orleans' victims. them in order that they should perform'sonie notional dances. The landowners in the pfeuinsula. A few evenings after tho news reached him Mr. Brown turned his stops _ toward tho home now so cleso- 1*O Wll \V( >•! Irlnr 1 4-1 lit — ••--•-•-•. •»»i>j»v/uivi jn_/>> oU lll'jSO" vants, who have tLs becoint^J,?. 1 /! ° f A Mwent W00fl * nnfl token o great traversed up and screw, 0>ss 1han a week ago I passed nn afternoon with one of 8 thosffI £u£ mnv in New York on the England. take a trip to homo to Yucatan. bars. What a mad, wild ride! Thero wore Eu- wlll before returning We had a long Spanish chat while the Mama Avhiffed at (her cigarette, and, among other things, I learned that the latest fad in Merlda is for Indies of fashion to net their own luxurious hammocks, fine, soft and delightfully ample. No one there cares .to sleep on a bed. Most of tho houses are rich in hammocks, even though poor in all other respects thought, as ho looked at its «~~ v-u.n.yujj}, wnen desired, a set of brilliant «tita ~f +1 I — much interest by political students. CHASED BY BEARS. A Humboldt Comity Woodsman Has on Exciting Experience. Eureka Standard:-Jamos Steel met with an unusual experience in the woods recently which he will not forget for many, a day. He w ith T. Tn °. v down this column by a vertical , C ,L° n by bevel Baring below; the driving nuts which Iran on these screw's ore very long and completely envelop the screws, thus having ample wearing surfaces; the tool saddle is balanced by a weight inside the column supported by vertical chains, and automatic and hand feeds are provided The driving is effected through two Shield* and sets of pulleys, tho smaller giving the} brushing' quick return motion after the cut, and of the belts are so arranged that one "their belt leaves the first pulley before the' other begins to drive, thus day. Charles Avlth Harry Johnson Avere tr , £ f ^ miles bflck p *' Thoy lmd left "" " X ° ^^ on tho went back *>r them. beautiful exterior, only back again in my happy I should be!" Mr. Brown was so "If sho Avas house, IIOAV absorbed in of „ that ho did not observe,'until the porch which ran house, tho bright n --------driving from vertical to horizontal can be effected instantaneously. SLOW EDUCATION. London Tidbits: Tlie steamboat en- , basket. Ho paid no particular atten in, 1 to The Girl . H'ul 1 HI gs as he whistled Left Behind Me," but as l!!L B ,! 0ra)ecl behind tho bushes tor the basket the Avhistle stopped were three largo broAvn bears b f»tiful wife of millionaire of Norwalk, Conn., IMS created a big sensation thereabouts by suimr her husband for non-support. She is a leader in society at Norwalk aiud Boston. The couple have been man-led some twenty years and hove five children attending educational Institutions m different parts of the country. The family live in a costly mansion near tlie shore on Wilson Point road, and In lavish style. Recently Mrs. Walsh de sired .extensive >improvements made ibont the house and on entire new out fit of furniture, but her husband ol> looted to the prices, and refused to mve the work' done. This caused a nmily row, which culminated in the ssue of papers for non-support which Mrs. Walsh had served on her husband Mr. Walsh says his household expenses are more than $10,000 annually, and that his wife's charges ore absurd It quickly fonow mvoi ' co GOWN FOR THE YOUTHFUL. Among the many novel ideas of tills summer is a dainty princess gown of flecked cheviot in light weight and in ''' !l soft fawn jvlth brown spots. I he sleeves are of Just that shade of green velvet that seems to have been undo to go with fawn. AU around the fop of tlie waist are set little boivs of green velvet ribbon, each having one long fish tail end hanging loose ind around the bottom there Is a ser- es of bows of tlie same with two ends ipiece, set so closely together that it almost forms a flounce. When the ymd sets all these pretty bows a-flutter he effect would be very attractive. t is a gown for the youthful only. > "" «, Surpnsed at out such he an With tho hammock AVO cannot help associating the guitar, for on entering places where the swerve of a fraction of an inch would throw him upon the Tho branches swept rocks tho door into the room Avheuce it: proceeded, and there stood the di^nrhil and inviting supper table Avith Mary, entering; hid Mary, beside it, looking Just tlie «„ ... - •• sure .to see; same, except: that her eves and cheeks Spanish Instrument in some corner 'were brighter than he had ever soon s , .°, m itJae wll UeAvashod them before. Slu< happy, loving smile "Your aro late wns P 0 "^ and attentive. It may there. They had Just fled he that he was flattered by the fact lunch, which seemed but that a lady so impressive in her man- 1 their appetites for a niore sn ner should, have come to him for in- ! meal. Steel comprehenflea 1 h o forma ion At any rate, he told herJHon and at once stepped back "nil about If-Just where the steam ! ting that he had aoy abode wo tunned the same the Innimoc , uie Hammock. This swinging couch Once or tAvico it seemed almost Impossible to penetrate the thick growth Avhich almost covered the path The dangerous part Avas yet ahead of him; the narroAv, winding, steep cut Just above Mllbury. x Tho wheel went spinning Wvn the trail, and Dick looked like some gnome iipou a spider Avc-b as ho sweptv alou^ •flhe steep. v * ;in<l soflly singing tender or sioned love songs. When Oio guitar is laid aside bo indulged in provided tho i>vn ,, ino bruins. came into the cylinder, where it es-l They did not p ropose to"lot lumnff coped and how it was that the piston- easily, howover. S?ere £0-0 L rod attached to tho crank turned the boar., and one man and Oo formf wheels that propelled the little vessel hungry for gore 1G1 .OARING FOR PETS. Buffalo News: The principal thing to o .remembered if you would get the art results from pets, particularly o? ie feathered tribe, is the feeding anoiries (thrive better and sing veaay if thought is given in tafi Parrots come under this through the waves. She appeared to bo wrapped up in the information, and when he had flu- ished she turned o beaming f ace upon " on a impas- post, Mr. BroAvn fell readily Into tho spirit) of this. "I you,' him and said: "Now tell me, what is their sight and finally escaped them! who deposited it in "refipblir"6rremonieB^4:«^'Wi . I . o"* *** IT*«»*-vi-c;^*. ,' "«>i .m.; oaiv11 lHUtJIUJJ Here is no one by to harshly cVlticise;; "HOAV do you like It? (hen <i little sewing may be doif graceful,/ easy-going way. Of some arc's more lazy—AVO beg i~~ 'vliistrious-thau others. Avhile nearly all to find this Avork-box for ho said, placing it cm the table. "It is very beautiful; Just! Avhat I have been wanting." exactly Here the oyes of Mrs. Brown's forced The uext m f tl/'twi cecT/ imp o/ si two met, and imposure gave sho lay sob- ^v4v*t«eJy the boiler?" hungry for gore. They started in pursuit of Steel trot, and Steel says a bear trot is a right .smart gait." They followed him for four hours, when ho got out of til 011 1 sifrhf mirl tfttnii'., -. H ,.. - Poll J r sweets, the like are particularly m . l^P/^^^aMon a grant measure the hue of the plumage. .. -— <md fresh fruits nnri these are good for them. / ' a e Ho then thought about getting back — —" "«v/usni, idiuui sotting Dock to Wide omta^S-^b^a of soft ^K^S^^?**** Empire girdles, to lie wm-n ™ui, „,,,.*„ ' T., ,.,._ .. ,.,: fe ... ° t - ani l ) ou £ht to be. mpire girdles, to be worn with white In the middle Hanry Rasmussen fell sixteen feet from the scaffold of the IIOAV Racine Jail, in company AA'lth a wheel harrow full of bricks, and escaped without serious Jpjury. to a stream which he took for Fresh' water creek and started to follow do it, expecting follow down to come out at Fresh water At about 0 o'clock he came to Brown's, old dam on Elk will 01 al ' al rays fl 'esh keep them, water.

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