The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on June 28, 1893 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 28, 1893
Page 7
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THE UPPER MS MOtNES, ALGONA, IOWA, WEDNESDAY, JtJNE 28 1893. * n GiMJBBLS G1ET IT. Sheriff's Sale of the Lappen Furniture Stock. Milwaukee, June IT.^It took Sheriff Dunn just ten minutes this morning to sell the stock of the Lappen Furniture company. The successful bidders were Glnibel Bros.* the well kndwn Grand avenue dry goods merchants. . The price paid was ?45,725. .The stock had been invoiced at $00,350. Within an hour of the knocking down of the entire stock to Ghnbel Bros., Sheriff Dunn received notice that he would be required to pay the amount due on the Robert Hill judgment, as well as the amount of the Tarbell judg. merit, into court. What the result will be, or where the complications will cease, is at present a matter of specula, tion. That Terrible Scourge, Fever and apuc, nml its congener, bilious remittent, besides affections of the stomach, liver and bowels, produced by a mlnaninUc air and water nro both iM'iullrntud and pro- vented by tlio use ot llnsluttur'B Stomach Bitters, a purely vegetable elixir, indorsed by physicians, and more extensively used as a remedy for I lie. above clnss of disorders, as •well as lor ninny others, than any medicine of the age. A languid circulation, a torpid elate of the liver, a'want of vital stamina, ore conditions peculiarly favorable to inal. arinl diseases. They are, however, surely remedied by the great preventive, which, by Invigorating the system and endowing it regularity as veil as vigor, provides It •with a resisting power which enables it to withstand disorlers, not onl.y of a malarial type, but a host of others to which feeble and ill regulated systems are subject. The Eitlers are a safe as well as searching eriulicanr, and have widely superseded that dangerous drug, quinine, •which pullatcs but does uot eradicate malaria. Nearly 900,000 grown English people can neither road or write. There is more Catarrh in this section of the country than all other diseases put to. gether, and until the last few years was supposed to be Incurable. *'or a great many years doctors pronounced it a lochl disease, and prescribed local remedies, and by constantly failing'to cure with locul treatment, pronounced it incurable. Science lias pro. ven catarrh to be a constitutional disease and therefore requires constitutional treat, mcnt, Jlnll's Catarrh Cure, manufactured by F. J. Cheney & Co., Toledo, Ohio, is thu only constitutional cure on'the' market. It is taken internally in doses from' 10 drops to a teaspoonful. It acts directly on the blood and mucous surfaces of the system. They offer one hundred dollars for any case it fails to cure. Send for circulars and testi. mouials. Address. P. J. CHENEY & CO., Toledo, 0. Sold by Druggists, 75e. The Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul Railway company intends to erect a new depot building at Watertown In the near future. The structure will cost about $12,000. N.- K. Brown's Essence Jamaica Ginger will aid indigestion. None better. Try it. 25 ets. Convict Prier, who escaped from the Indiana pr!.-on south, Las been caught. His sister lul'onned upon him. No OTIImi Sc soap has ever been made of half the merit of Dobbins' new Perfect Soap. Due trial will drive all otliur 5e soaps out. Please ask your grocer for it. 5e a bar. Matthew Lummls, an old resident of Appleton, took an overdose of .morphine by mistake. A physician was called and the stomach pump brought Into piny. He will probably recover. BEBOHAM'S PIM.S take the place of an entire medicine chest, and should be kept for us.e iu every family. 25 ec.nts a box. The jury of inquest on the death of Melchior Fox at Eau Claire rendered a verdict that the deceased came to Us 'death by a shot fired • by a' person or persons unknown. ON FINDING AN OLD , GKAPH. PHOTO- Sue or Bees or Isabell? Which it is I cannot tell. Isalxell had" golden hair, lint then's Sue's was full as fair. Here's a lock she gave to uio, With a sprig of rosemary. Sue or Bess or Isnbcll? Which it is I cannot tell. IsabeH or Sue or Bess? Let nie make a guess. ' These are Brss' eyes of blue; Isa bell's were azure too. How could I those eyes forget, They are looking at me yet. Isabel! or Sue or Bosw? Let me make at least a guess. Bess or Isabell or Sue? Han? it all, I wish 1 knew ! Sue had lips of cherry red; Bess had kissed a rose that bled. Listen! there's a whisper low From those lips of long ago. It is— All! the curtain falls- Amy from the garden calls. — Harper's Weekly. Gub Mr, Joseph Godfrey ••10,000 Needles Beemed to be sliclcing in my legs, -when I W»8 suffering with a temlile Humor my legs beiug a MASS OP RUNNING SOUKS from knees down. 1 was urged to takulIOOD'ti SARSAPAKIUjA and iu a short timu 1 wns Hood's Snrsa- parilla Cures perfectly cured. I am nn old sailor, aged 74, in the best of licalth, thanks In Hood's." Jos. GoiH'ituv, Sailors' Snug ilurbor, SUiluii Island, N. Y. HOOD'S 1'ILLS nro' the best nftor-dlnpov Pills, assist digestion, prevent., constipation.' THOMAS P. SIMPSON.Washlpttok I) C. No ally's too until Patent ob lulueil. Write tat Inventor 1 !Quid* 00 «OT BE DECEIVED n'lili Piistpa, Enamels, and Taints winch itain tho'hands, injure the iron, and Inirn led. Tho Rising Sun Stove Polish is Bril- lUnt, Odorless, and Durable. Each package CQiit«i!iB mi ounces; when moistened mil tu»ko several boies ol Paste Polish. US AD AiW SALE OF 3,OQQ TONS. WIS PUB UNION 17—?5 Of course no one Anil believe me Avhen I say that Mellish Avas in every respect •xcept one an exemplary citizen and a rood hearted man. He Avas generous to a, fault, and he gave many a young felloAV a start in life where a little money or u feAA r eiicouragoiug Avords Avere needed. He drank of course, but he Avas a connoisseur in liquors, and a connoisseur never goeS iu for excess. Few com'd tell a humorous story as well as Mellish, and he seldom dealt in chestnuts. No man can be Avholly bad Avho never inflicts an old story on his friends, locating it on some acquaintance of his and alleging that it occurred the day before. If I wished to Avrito a. heart rending urticlc on the evils of gambling, Mellish would ito the mini I Avould go to for my facts and for the moral of the tale. He spent his life persuading people not to gamble. He never gambled himself, he said. But if no attention Avas paid to his advice, why, .then he furnished gamblers wth the most secluded and luxurious gambling rooms hi the city. It Avas supposed that Mellish stood in Avith the police, which was of course a libel. The idea of the guardians of the city standing in AVtli a gambler or a gamblug house. • The statement Avas absurd on the face of it. If you asked any policeman in the city where Mellish's gambling rooms Avere you Avould speedily learn that not one of them had over heard of tho- place. AJ1 1his igoes to shOAA r IIOAV scandalously people Avill talk, and if Mellish's rooms Avere free from rMds, it Avas merely Mellish's good luck, that Avas all. Anyhow, in Mellish's rooms you could have a quiet, gentlemanly rame for stakes about as high as you cared to go, and you AVere reasonably sure there Avould bo no fuss, and that your name Avould not appear in the papers next morning. One night as Mellish cast .his eye around his well fl,lled man room lie noticed a stranger sitting at the roulette table. Mellish had a keen eye for strangers, and in an unobtrusive Avay generally managed to find out something about them. A stranger in a gambling room bifngs in Avith him a certain, sense of danger to the habitues. "Who is that boy?" Avhispered Mellish to his bartender, generally knoAvn as Sotty, ah ex-prizefighter and a dangerous man to handle if it came to trouble Thugs' rarely came to trouble there, but Sotty Avas, in a measure, the silent symbol of physical force, backing the AveJl knoAA'n mild morality of Melllsh. "I don't knoAV him," ansAvered Sotty. "Whom did he come in Avith?" "1 didn't see him come in Hadn't noticed him till noAv." Mellish looked at the boy for a feAV minutes. He had the fresh, healthy, smooth face of a lad from the country and he seemed strangely out of place in the heated atmspliere of that room under the glare of the gas. Mellish sighed as he looked at him, then he turned to Solly and said: "Just get. him aAvay quietly and bring him to the small poker room. 1 Avant to have a feAV Avonls AVilh him." Sotty Avho had the iilmost contempt for the humanitarian feeling of his boss nothing, but a look of disdain swept over his florid features as he Avent on his mission. If he had his Avay, ho Avould not throAV even a sprat out. of the net. Many a time he had knoAvn Mellish to presuade. a youngster with more money than brains to go home, giving orders at the double door that he Avas not to be admitted again. The young man rose Avith a look of something like consternation on his face and follOAved Sotty. The tiling was done quietly, and all those around the tables AA r «ro too much absorbed in the game to pay much attention. "Look here, my boy," said Mellish Avhen they i AVero alone, place?" "I guess,' said the lad Avith an expression of resentment, "I'm old enough to go Avhero I like Avithout being brought." "Oh, certainly, certainly," said Mellish , diplomatically knowing IIOAV much very ! young men disliked being accused of | youth, "but I like to knoAV all visitors here. You couldn't get in unless you came Avith some one known at tho door. Who vouched for you?" "See here, Mr. • Mellish," said the, youth angrily, "what are you driving at? If your OAVH doorkeepers don't IUIOAV their OAAII business, Avhy don't you speak to them about it? Are you going to have mo turned out?" "Nothing of tho sort," said Mellish soothingly, putting his hand in a fatherly manner, on the young man's shoulder. "Don't mistake my meaning. Thr fact that you are here shows that you have a right to bo here. We'll say no more about that. But you take my arl- A-ico and quit the business litre and noAv. I was a gambler before yoxt were bom, although I don't gamble any more. Take the advice of a man AVho knows. It doesn't pay." "It seems to have paid you reasonably well." "Oh, I don't complain. It has its ups and down like all businesses. Still, it doesn't pay me nearly as well as perhaps you think, and you can take uiy word that in the long run it AA'ou't pay you at all. HOAV much money have you got?" "Knough tqfcpay if I lose," said the boy impudently. Then seeing the look of pain that passed over Mellish's face he added more civilly: "1 have three or for hundred dollars." "Well, take my advice and go home. 1'ou'll bo ,1ust that much better off in the morning." "Do you mean to say that you don't play a square game here?" "Of course we p'.ay a square game here," answered Mellish, Avith indignation. "Do you think I am a card sharper?" "You wined so cocksure I'll lo>se my money that I Avas just Avouderiug. Now, I can afford to lose all the money I've got and not feel it. Are you going to chuck, me out?" "Oh, you can play if you Avant to. But do not rome Avhining to me when you lose. I've warned you." "I'm not a Avhinuer," said the young fellOAV. "I'll take my medicine like a. man." "Illght you are," said Mellish, Avith n sigh. He realized that this fellow, young as he looked, Avas probably deeper in vice than his appearncc indicated and he kncAV the uselessess of counsel iu such a case. They Avent iut.o the main room together and tho boy, abandoning roulette, began to play at one of (the card tiibles for fever increasing stakes. Mellish kept an eye on him for u time. The boy was having the luck of 'most beginners. Ho played a reckless game and Avon hand over list. As one man had cough and rose from the table another eagerly took his place but there AA'as no break in the boy's winnings. i'ony' Ilowell arriving at the hhvpys late fti ambling rooms. On 'who brought you to this ELY PURE f All other baking powders are shown by the latest United States Government Report to be inferior to the Royal in both Purity and Strength. (See Bulletin 13, Chemical Division of U. S. Agricultural Dept.) this occasion he.entered, irreproachably dressed and Avitli the quiet, gentleinan- y demeanor habitual Avith him. Tho professional gambler AVIIS never known o lose his temper. When displeased, le became quieter, if possible, than before. The only sign of inward anger ivas a mark like an old scar, Avhich extended from his right temple, beginning over tho e.Ve and disappearing in iis closely cropped hair behind the ear. This line became an angry red that stod out aganst the general pallor of hi face Avhen things AA r ere going in a Avay 'that did not suit him. He spoke in a low tone to Mellish. •'What's tho exciement down at the oilier end of the room? Every one seems congregated' there." "Oh" answered Mdlish, "its a boy— a stranger—Avho is having tho devil's OAvn luvk at th'o start. It Avill be the ruin of him." "Is ho playing high?" "High? I should say so. He's perfectly reckless. He'll be brought up Avitli a sharp turn and Anil borroAV money from me to get out of to\vn. I've seen a flutter like, that before." "In that case," said Pony tranquilly, "I must go at him. I like to tackle a. youngster in the first flush of success, especially if he is plunging." 'You Avill soon have a chance," ansAV- ered Melllsh, "for even Ilagstock knoAvs AA'heu lie has enough. He will get up in a moment. T 'knoAv the signs." With the air of a gentleman of leisure somoAvhat tired of the frivolities of this Avorld, KoA\ell made his way slOAA'ly to the group. As he looked over their shoulders at the boy a curious glitter came into his piercing eyes, and his lips, usually so AveJl under control, tightened. The red mark began to come out as his face paled. It Avas evident that he did not .intend to speak and that lie was about to move away again, but (lie 'magnetism of his keen glance seemed to disturb the. .player, Avho suddenly looked up over tho head of his opponent and .met. tho stem gaze of Koweil. The boy did three things—he placed his cards face dowmvards on the table, put his right hand over the pile of money and drew his chair back. "What do you mean by that?" cried Itagstock. Tho youth ignored the question, still keeping his eyes on ItOAvell. "Do you squeal?" he asked. "I squeal," said Tony, Avhatover the question and ansAver might menu. Then ho said, slightly raising his A'oice so that all might hear: "This man is Cub McLean, the most notorious card sharper, thief and murderer in the went. He couldn't play straight if he tried," McLean laughed. ."Yes," he said, 'and if you want to see my trademark look at the side of Greggs' face." Every man looked at Pony, learning for the first time that he had gone under a different name at some period of his life.- During the momentary distraction Mo Lean swept off the. money on the table and put. it in his pockets. "Hold on," cried Gagstock, seemingly not quite understanding the situation. •Von haven't Avon that yet." Again McLean laughed. "It. would have been all the same in 10 minutes." He jumped up, scattering tho croAvd behind him. "Look to tho doors," cried Pony. "Don't, let this man out." McLean had his back to the Avail. From under his coat he Avhipped two revolvers, Avhich he held out, one in each hand. . , . "Yon ought to (know better than that, Greegs," ho said. "Do you want me to have another shot at you? I Avon't miss this time. Drop that!" The last 'command Avas given in a. ringing voice that attracted every one's attention to Sotty. He had picked up s\ revolver from somewhere behind the bar and had came out with it in his mud. McLean's eyes seemed to take u every motion in the room, and he instantly covered the bartender AA'ith one of tho pistols as he gave the command. "Drop it," said Mellish. "There must be no shooting.' You may go quietly. No me will inierfer Avilh you." "You bet your sAvcet life they Avoti't," •said McLean with a laugh. "Gentlemen," continued Mellish, "the house Avill stand the loss. If I alloAA- a swindler in my rooms, it Is but right that I alone should suffer. Now you put up your puns ami walk out." "Good old Melllsh," sneered McLean, "you ought to be running a Sunday school." Notwithstanding the permission to do- part McLean did not relax his precautions for a moment. His shoulders scraped their way along tho Avail as he gradually Avorked towards the door. He kept Pony covered Avith his left hand Avliile the polished barrel of the revolver in liis right hand seemed to have- a roA'ing commission all over the room to the nervous dread of may respectable persons Avho cowered Avithin rangip. When ho reached the door, he s--aid (o Pony: "I hope you AA-ill excuse me Groggs, but this is FAIR OPEN SUNDAYS Ol-llEK JUSTICE FULLElt SO EUL13S AGAINST UNCLE SAM. CUOWD PllES-liNT AT COUHT TO t HKAK THE NEWS. An Appeal to the Cannot Be Heard Thu Judges Are Question— Essence Supreme Court Before October— i Unit On the of the Opinion. Chicago, June 17.—Chief Justice Fuller this morning overruled the decision of the federal circuit court, which is- Kutd ;in injunction restraining the dlr oclors from opening the fair on Sundays. Ho decides for the United States court of appeals and remands thrt "German Syrup" My niece, Emeline Hawley, was taken with spitting blood, and she became very much alarmed, fearing that dreaded disease, consumption. She tried nearly all kinds of medicine but nothing did her any good. Finally she took German Syrup and she told me it did her more good than anything she ever tried. It stopped the blood, gave her strength and ease, and a good appetite. I had it from her own lips. Mrs. Mary A. Staccy, Trumbull, Conn. Honor to German Syrup. GIMBEL BROTHERS. Milwaukee, M«y, •ood an opportunity to suit to the circuit court. Justices Btam and Allen concurred in the opinion. Tlie decision moans' to a certainty tlutt (lie world's fair will be kept open on Sundays, and settles the case for all time, as a appeal would have to go to the supreme court of the United, which docs not meet until! 1 October, when (he fair will be over. miss, I'm going to kill you in your tracks." 'That's about your size," said Pony, putting his hands behind him and standing in his place, while those near him edged away. "T am unarmed, so it is perfectly safe. You will insure your arrest; so blaze away." _ _ ^,^. "Dodge under the table, then, and 11 Every seat was taken fully an hour wiil let you off." before the time announced when the lie turned suddenly auf ' cour t W ould decide the case, and stand- lowered the muzzle of his rcvo, i ug room was socm exhausted. The that Hellish who stood nearest him, saw crowd was so douse that no one of that the hair on his temples was grey, the many feminine sightseers in the Line of anxiety had come Into his appar- corridors succeeded in gaining entrance oiitly youthful face as he scraped hia to the court room, way nlQiig the wall. | The court of appeals iinds (1) that "Good night, all!" ho shoutod baclt it had jurisdiction in the case; (2) that the United States has no such equity in Carpets at Gimbels' Body Brussels, 90UIIJ5Ji Tapestry Brussels J, 60 Jfl lopttes, $1,00,1,28, Velvets, $1,15 and 135. Axminster, $1,50,1,75, ffiltons, $1,75,2,25, Ingrains, We to 75o, Straw Matting Jo to 65o Linoleums, 25c to $1,00 a yard Layers with us are plenty. Tie service is quick and delays rarely occur if you are prompt with youi part of the work, GIMBEL BROTHER* MILWAUKEE. itojfaas from the stairway.—Luke Detroit Free Press. Sbani in AN ARKANSAS' CUSTOM. It was on the Washita river in south, ern Arkansas. I had boon told where to stop to secure information about a ] decision, which is unanimous. Justices certain piece of land. I reached the Bunn and Allen acquiescing at the promises as to entitle f.t to the relief originally prayed for; (8) that tho local corporation by reason of its greater financial interest in the fair lias an Minify surpassing that of tho United States. Chief Justice Fuller read the place to find it a very dilapidated log cabin, and in front of it sat a long, lean man, who was so yellow in the face that I at first look him for a mulatto. He was stretching and yawn, ing as I rode up, and he apologized for not getting up by saying: " 'Sense me, stranger, but it's about time fur my chill." ' "Much ague around here?" ' Heaps of. it." "Do you live here all alone?" "Reckon not. The ole woman is in thar, but she's got a chill. Sal is my point. every Some Interesting parlor experiments with the metal tin are thus described by a technical, journal: A candle, blow, pipe and tin foil are necessary. With the blow.pipe direct the flame of the candle against a strip of tin foil, and it will readily take fire and bum with a brilliant light, the melted incandcs. cent globules falling to the table and dancing about in a very curious man. ner. It will be noticed that the pro. duct of the combustion of the tin is a oldest, but she's chillin', too. Rube is I white powder, the oxide of tin, and it beyaud the mewl shed, and he's got it was observed many years ago that this bad today. Yo 1 kin see Danny out by the log heap, and Susan may be up on tho roof. It's our chillin' day and everybody has got to chill." I expressed my sympathy and began to ask after the land, but he held up a shaking finger and said: "Stranger, I don't know what the custom is elsewhere, but right 'round yere Avhen a feller hns a chill he makes it his business to be chilly and to 'tend to nuthin' else but shakin'. 'Deed, it's all he kin 'tend to. Sorry to disapp'iut yo', but from now to 4 o'clock I shall hev my back agin this cabin and be shakin' all the chinkiu' out from atween tho logs. Come back arter that and I'll talk to yo 1 ." I returned that evening and he cheer, fully -gave me all desired information and when I rode away he callod after me: "Mighty sorry to have put yo' to so much trouble, but we've got to foller custom, yo' know, when we're a.chillin', but when the chill goes off and the fever comes on then we drop all for. malities and try to act natural to every, body."—Detroit Free Press. calx, as it was called, weighed more than the original tin. This simple ob. servation was the beginning of the long series of investigations which finally led to the discoveries of Priestley, Scheele, and Lavoisier, and laid the foundations of the modern science of chemistry, j In one of the Comstock mines a new water-wheel is to be placed which is to run 1150 revolutions a minute, and have a speed at its periphery of 10,805 feet per minute. A greater head of wa. ter than has ever before been applied to a wheel will be used. An electric acid meter, or instrument for measuring the amount of acid sub. stance in liquids, has recently been perfected, and is expected to come into extensive use In refineries, breweries and many similar establishments. THEY COME HIGH. During last year no less a sum than £30,487 was subscribed in the country by infatuated enthusiasts towards the Utopian object of converting the Jews to Christianity. The annual report states that 12 "converted" Jews .were conllrmed during the year, of whom, •however, only five were adults. It appears, therefore, 'that it costs about £3,04O to convert each Jew, but this is far too low an estimate, inasmuch as seven out of the 12 were "infants."London Truth. SELF IS WANTED by the women who are ailing and suffering, or weak and exhausted, And, to every such woman, help is guaranteed by Doctor Pierce'a Favorite Prescription. For young girls just entering TIII i •..• IIUHIM womanhood; wo- ra *» men at the critical "change of life"; women approaching confinement; nursing mothers; and every woman who is " run-down " or overworked, it in a medicine that builds up, strengthens, and regulates, no matter what the coudiUpn of the system. It's an invigorating, restorative tonic, anntVlinfl* nm*4 tiVunnlnjv **4im*tn.n n«j4 + Vi«i , and the lor "female "- a soothing only gua complain ing-dq; ' Positively cure Bilious Attacks, Go»- Btipation, Sick-Headache, «** 25 cents per bottle, at Drug Stor**. Write for sample dose, free. i/. F. SMITH & CO.S"*"'New York. "flOTHER'S •. FRIEND" / is a scientifically prepared Liniment and harmless; every ingredient is of recognized value and in constant use by the medical profession. It shortens Labor, Lessens Pain, Diminishes Danger to life of Mother and Child. Book '-To Mothers" mailed free, containing valuable information and voluntary testimon ials. Sent by express, charges prepaid, on receipt of price, $1.60 per bottle. , BRADFIELD REGULATOR CO., Atlanta, Ga. \ Bold by all druggists. CATARRH Prico 60 cents. Apply Culm In each nostril ELY BKOS., 66 Warrta St. . N»w York. Garfield Tea Onreoilok Hemiuclio,ROB tore* Complexion.* Bills. Sample tree. G*uiru£U)TKtOo.,3lJ w. Cures Constipation OR. J. ; Lib<UKm,OU» Ban relief Tht Oldest Medicine in tin World it TOIL ISAAC THOMPSON'S „ CELEBRATED EYE-WATER. This unlulo is u carefully prepared puyBurlau'a pre crlpllon, uml has t.ceu tu constant nso for nearly A century. There, ore few discuses to which mankind nro subject inoro distressing than soro eyas, and nono, perhaps, for which nioro romuUiag Imva beei} tried withoiitsueccss. Korall external Intlatnmutlon ot the eyea It Is un Infallible remedy. 1C Ilia dlreo tlons are followed It will novprfall. ' We part Iculttrly Invite tho'ntU'iitiou of physicians 10 Its merits. For tale by all ilriiK'glsts. JOHN' L. TIJOMl'SOJJ, .SONS & CO., Titov, N. V. Established 179i./ tnen cetori, tint of tmd Stak SuiUtngL .. tto«t be«utUu.l and. unique . ~s —v ~ different JfaMonai, foreign, ( ngt of the world'* fair. mttktiiH tn( " unique Deck of PluytBK Card* > BQBtk. K lm«ai ftj F"- jt* VMnj pbrrfeuiV. K» •Hr Theimadi cured, fiend l« Ik iu ^ O. W. B 1 . HNVDISK, M. P., J«»U »*pU 7" t,aVlota«x-'« T'h.M.tar, OUlo»«.>. JflV PATENTS. TRflDE.MflR8CS,

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