The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on April 27, 1892 · Page 10
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 10

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 27, 1892
Page 10
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THE UPPER PES MQINES. ALGONA, IOWA, WEDNESDAY, APRIL 27, 1892. :i Oan't be found equal of Dr. Pierco's Golden nl Discovery. If other raedi- of its class tvere i like it, they'd guaranteed. Thia is. If it Boesn't benefit or cure, in every i«ase for which it's recommended, E bu get your money back. It n't a "cure-all," but it does cure Idl diseases arising from a torpid Jor deranged liver, or from impure Iblood. For all Scrofulous, Skin and •Scalp Diseases, it's a positive rem- jedy. Even Consumption, or Lung- Jiorofula, is cured by it, if taken in •tirno and given a fair trial. That's loll that's asked for it—a fair trial. •Then, if it doesn't help you, there's |no pay. We claim it to be an uncqualed emedy to purify the blood and in- rigorate the liver. We claim it to te lasting in its effects, creating an 1 Appetite, purifying the blood, and preventing Bilious, Typhoid and alarial fevers, if taken in time. be time to take it is when you st feel the signs of weariness and By druggists. "A Woman Best Understands a Woman's Ills." Thousands of women have been benefited by Mrs. Pinkham's advice, and cured by her remedies after all other treatment had failed Lydia E. Pinkham's Vtgttablt Compound has icen more successful Iti curing Female Com- ilaints than any remedy the world Jus ever nown, including Leu- orrhea, the various /omb and Uterus 'roubles, Backache, nd is invaluable to the Ihange of Life. For Kidney Com- laints the compound is nequallcd. All Drupslats ecll it, or Brut f mail, in form of Pills or oiengos, on rrroiptofgiJ .OO. ver Fills, ifftc. Corrc- lomlcnco freely answered. Idrese in conflik'itco, mii H. I'INKIMM MED. Co., LYNN, .MASS. JEWV JOYS, oth the method' and results when Trup of Figs is tajcen; it is pltsasant nd refreshing to the taste, and acts enfly yet promptly on the Kidneys, jiver and Bowels, cleanses the «ys- »m effectually, dispels colds, head- ones and fevera and cures habitual onatipation. Byrup of Pigs is the nly remedy of its kind ever pro- noed, pleasing to the taste and ac- eptable to the stomach, prompt in i action and truly beneficial in ifcj : wets, prepared only from the moat withy and agreeable substances, to ny excellent qualities commend it all and have made it the most opular remedy known. Syrup of Figs is for Bale in 60o «1 II botfles by all leading drug""k Any reliable druggist who "»7 not have it on hand will pro-, [W « promptly for any one who **to to try it Do not .accept any ibsiitute. FIB SYRUP CO. KT. mew YOM. «.& A Sample Cake of Soap "*- und 128 page Book on Derma• tology unil Bounty, lllus- truted. On BlJn, Scalp, Nervous and Blood Din \ ''uses. Sent sealed for , IOC,; uleo DiHflgure- HmentBlikN Birth Marks, t Mules, Warts, India Ink :J and Powder marks, Soars f I iUillK8,HodllOB(iOf N050 nupornuouB llnlr, i'ini- ' . JOHN H, \VOOUBURY, lulwloiifikt, 125 vntw 1 «?n* " v »» 42d ttlreet, N« /•Ball.SO* Y. city. Consultation I W" 1 free, at office or' by let jy orc toan ftU our competitors, and are still — LEADERS 0* LOW PRIOES, p BO 2 Man Cart_...only 8 0.50 00 Open Buggy...only 87.50 ~ gy....only 88.00 •.. 8UQOViOARTC ULaw.St.Clnch,uati.O, , »nd P«klnt9 which »nd burn A w »™a»:* B tot,el y tlfe-Snrronnded by the Bones of Her Tribe, , On the lonely wind-swept island of San Nicholas says the San Francisco Examiner, eighty miles off the coast of Ventura count}, where, as far back as the memory of man runs, hundreds of white skeletons have dotten the valleys and hillsides, local archaeologists are now busy gathering the relics of a strange extinct race. The island ten miles long and oval in shape, being four miles across the widest pait. btrange utensils of serpentine, sandstone and steatite are found among the human bones, and the island and its erstwhile inhabitants have a history so curious that it is difficult of comprehension. In 1835 the padres of Santo Barbara, earning that there were but sixteen of Uie strange Indian race then living there, determined to rescue them from tbe island. They went over in a sloop and succeeded, :is they thought, in aettiiitj all on board. At the last moment an Indian woman returned for her child, and one of the frequent storms of the channel islands springing up, the sloop was driven away without her. The sloop went on the rock's of Point Conception and all on board were lost. •> • Sixteen years later Capt. George Nidever and two men went from the coast on a sloorj to hunt olter eft' San Nicholas On landing they were, like Crusoe, astonished to discover human footprints in the sand. They saw no one, however, and a storm compelled them to put to sea. It was two years thereafter that the adventurous captain, revolving in his mind the > sight of the footprints in tne uncanny island, determined to go and discover and bring over the lonely woman of whom he had vaguely heard. Men accompanied him, and at length they saw on the surf-beaten shore a woman with long tawny hair dressed in a queer garb of colored bird skins, and scraping, with a bone knife the blubber from a seal. They surrounded and approuched her stealthily, and although suddenly con-, fronted she did not appear in t^e least afraid, but smiled, and then, falling on her knees, prayed to the sun. Tho wild woman offered no objection when by signs she was made to understand that she was to go with them in the boat. , They reached Santa Barbara across the rough sea, and the first thing the Indian woman saw Dr. S. L, Shaw, now eighty rears old. and yet living there, riding i horse. She had never seen nor heard o any object like it, and thought the man and horse were one, and she knelt on tL shore aud offered her devotions to it Two weeks afterwards the last inhabitan of rock-ribbed, tempest-tossed San Nicho las died from eating food to which sh was unaccustomed, furnished by he rescuers, and the curtain fell on her race forever. •'..•: Wild dogs had'eaten her child. Her dresi of red and blue feathers, a wouderfu creation of barbaric hands, was sent to the pope of Rome. Relic hunters havi gathered mo'-tnrs, pestles, olias, toy steat ite canoes and other curious things there for some years past and shipped them tc various eastern and European universities Skeletons and parts of skeletons have alsc been collected in large numbers, but today the bones of thousands of Indians ave sputtered .about there. .Some iic lice down, indicating that they have fallen ii battle. There are so many human relics there that San Nicholas is known as the "Isle of Skulls." "The lonely island, whose highest part is but 1,040 feet above-the sea,'" said a resident, of Ventura, "is noted for the high artistic class cf many of its relics Had the woman 'rescued, then fifty-two years old, not died, a story passing strange would no doubt have been tolc of the .race so long hemmed in by the waste of waters about. As it is, much of the story is shrouded in mystery for ever. A MOST GRAPHIC STORY. It la Taken Direct from Seal Life i Charming New England Lady Tells Her Experience Both Abroad and in America. GBEAT WATJfiK FJROKXS. Some Picturesque Luke Forts and Their Harbors. The lake ports present novel and picturesque features. Unlike the rule o: cities by the sea^their harbors are often open roadsteads; islands and land-locked bays are the exception and not the rule; and, instead, breakwaters and costly piers protect ships and cargoes from the waves and tempests. Their situation is generally at the mouth of rivers, whose channels, sometimes navigable to the heart of the city, become the harbor proper; it is thus that the river, instead of the lake front, is frequently _the scene of mills, docks, shipyards, immense elevators, warehouses, and railway, depots. The water is covered with graceful yuchts, puffing tugs, great four-masters and steel pro pellers, a confusion intensified at nightfall by the many-colored lights and the whistling din of departing steamers. Chicago is divided by its river into three sections, thus securing a water-front greater than Liverpool's;' its water-works, among the wonders of the world, com prise a tower, from the base of which a tunnel extends two miles under the lake, the water entering through a grated cylinder, enclosed in &.n immense cab on which are a lighthouse and dwelling. Milwaukee, similarly divided, is bunt partly upon high bluffs; its atmosphere seems bracing and healthful, ar impression confirmed by a.delighted drive along the cliffs overlooking the lake, Detroit is on lower ground, but offers the cupolas of great wheat elevators. for a fine view of St, Clair and Erie; its opera-house is one of the finest in the country; and its avenues, radiating from the Grand Circus, in' terseot the other streets as do those of .Washington, and form small parks that diversify and ornament the place. Cleveland is so embowered in trees that little save the spires of churches can be seen through the green; a great stone viaduct spans the river valley between the two divisions .of the cityj and Euclid Avenue, the street of millionaires, is lined with costly residences in beautiful grounds. Buffalo, on a plain sloping to the water, seeks recreation in superb parks, connected by boulevards.— Charles C. Rogeis, in the March Scribner. True Sorrow, Sorrow for sin only because it exposes to punishment is not true repentance. He that sorrows after a godly sort, would not sjn, though escape from the consequences were possible, for the heart is changed, he is renewed in the spirit of his mind; he loves God and his service, and has lost relish foi the pleasure of sin. The society of the army of the Cumberland has changed the date of its re-union to be held on the battlefield at Cbicka- mauga, September 27 and 28, in order not i to interfere with the annual encampment of ih,e gr^ftd army pf fee repubJw. • l .\ '.' ' —i- The unwritten romance* of life are more wonderful and far more Interesting than the most fivld works of fiction. The one we are •bout to relate occurred In real life, and Is both Interesting mid instructive. Mrs. Jennie Ray formerly lived In Manchester, N. H. Her home was pleasant, her surroundings comfortable. In the year 1880 she visited England, and while In that country began to experience strange sensations. At first she attributed them to the change of climate, but they continued and increased* until finally, like many another woman, she became utterly discouraged. It was while in this condition that Mrs. Kay returned to America and her home. Thousands of women who read this story can pprcciiito the condition in which Mrs. Bay llion ivus, und sympathize with her suffering. Two prominent physicians were called and endeavored to du all In their power for .loi 1 roller. In spile, however, of their skill .Mrs. Kay grew wcnUur and more depressed, while the agony she endured seemed to Increase. It was at this time that a noted physician who was called declared that Mrs. Kay was suffering from cancer, said there was no help, and told her friends she could not live more than a week at the farthest. And here comes the interesting part of the story, which we will endeavor to tell in Mrs. Kay's own words. She said: "Unknown to all these physicians, I had been using a preparation of which I had heard much. I did not tell the physicians uecnuse I feared they would ridicule me, and perhaps order its discontinuance. During till the while that the physicians wore attending mo the preparation was steadily and fuitlif ully doing its own work in its own way, und I had faith in 1U power. At last tho iloctor said there was no use of his coining, lor ho could do mo no good. I had suffered i-o much that I was (jullo willing to die, but it seemed that I was nearer relief than I know. One week from the day the doctor last called, a falso growth, as large as a i-offce cup, and which looked as though it nad been very large, left. me. I sent fora ,-loctor, and he declared it was a fibroid tumor, but said ho had never known one to come away of itself before. I immediately ucjran to n'liin health and strength, and I un- nusilatiiigly declare that my rescue from death was due solely to the marvellous effects of Warner's Safe Cure, which was the remedy I to&lc unknown to the physicians, ,ind which Certainly rescued mo from tho irravo. It is my linn belief that many ladles who are Bald to die of cancer of the womb are cases like mine, und if they could bo in. ilueed to use Warner's Safe Cure they, like me, might be saved." The above graphic account is perfectly true in every respect.. Mrs. Jennie Ray Is Uiow living' at M3 West Olh St., South Dos- .on, Muss., and ill any lady doubts the above itatcmcnl she can address Mrs. Kay,, who ivMl gladly tiiiswer all questions or grant au interview-of a confidential nature to any lady who may choose to call upon her. It ks mud that "truth la stranger than fiction," mid when the thousands of suffering, helpless women who are upon the road which ,• physicians say leads only to death, consider the story as above given there is reason for hope and joy, even although they'maybe •BOW in the depths of despondency and mls- jry. To such ladies the above trutliful t/£ count is willingly given. THE MODUS OPJEKANDI. The Old lady Was Practiced In Ropes and Lilies. To polite clerk 'in swagger Broadway drug store enters imposing and moderately middle aged female. The roses which blooui upon her cheek are there for keeps, while the lilies of the same are of a like enduring 1 quality. • . , Polite cferk approaches with an insinuating smile. ; • '.'1 want some rouge—for amateur theatricals," remarked the imposing female in a smiling stage whisper. "What'kind, madame?" ''Well, really, I don't know—I've nevpr bought any before. Now, what would you recommend?" • "We have an excellent variety on porcelain." "I have heard that is too crude." "Then' there's the real theatrical thing." ., . , . 1 "Dear ine, BO. I have a 'friend whose conplexion wds nearly ruined by it!" "Then ,we carry a very fine imported 'article—rouge cosmetidue, Brizard et die." "You can honestly advise it 1 ?"-"Yes, mtfdame." 1 • ''Then pub me up three boxes; three of tho other ladies in the cast asked me to buy for them, too." Package is delivered. "You're so kind," chirps the elderly one, "I'really don't know what I should have done without your advice!'' . "Don't mention it," answers the polite drug clerk,'and as he goes behind.the prescription desk he hums something that aounds strangely like, "The same thing over again.?'—Commercial Advertiser. STQT BKADY TO DIB. Why She Decided There Should be no Funeral oil Her Account. Some forty years ago'a Massachusetts wife lay in her bed apparently dying with consumption. As the family, lived four miles fron) the undertaker and minister, ind as the'roada were blocked ; with snow, the husband,_when called to tho village on business, decided to save an extra journey in that bitter weather by 'engaging the minister and undertaker at once and appointing the funeral for Friday, On Wednesday the sick woman heard of this, and arousing herself from her supposed dying condition declared: "1'here'll be no Funeral in this house this week." The :uneral took place forty years after it was originally set. The husband is still living at the age of eighty. WISCONSIN NEWS. A Kenosha man named Matt Williams was run over by a freight truin on the Northwestern road near Racine. 'He is now lying in a critical condition at a Racine hospital. The body of _Nela Fountain, of West- was found in a marsh in that place. [t is thought he was partially insane and ,aid down in the mud where he smothered. A dartardly attempt was made to mur- iet David Stone, an old blind man, at his some in Fulton, near Edgerton. Stone is an old settler and has considerable property. As he stepped from his door Friday svening he was struck three times on th head with a club. His cries brought his vife to him and his assailant fled. Stone ms a serious scalp wound, but will recover, ["here is no clue to the murderer. Albert W. Weiebrod, of OsLkosh, a prominent lawyer, and one of the attorneys in the celebrated state treasury cases died suddenly. Palling O»er ft Preolpie* I* a terrible thing *v*n in dream*. TM tlctbn o thli frtqnsnt term of nightmare awakei with a start and a erjrj hli limbs bathed In cold perspira n°5lf h !Si* art ttmm Pl n R tremenduously. Moral fi£2M.rt 6 t p »£V onr b *. ck ' P«»«ilaf]y « yon arc troubled with dy«pep»la and nervonineis, and ns« HoBtetUr's Stomach Bitters to cnre thete Joint tronblM. For Bleeplepsnegg, the inwpar ! l?,,£ t H nd& ?} t ,? f &I? nlc Dyspepsia, and Its off- 3»lpg as well, the Bitters is a eurpaiilnR remedy. Thotttsordored stomach is the progenitor of imm- ferlew haraselni; symptom*, and the organs ot thinking}* a faithful reflector of Its disturbance, in which the liver and bowela also Bhar*. If we nre to restore quietude to the brain and nervous system, we must enforce the stomach and regulate the action of the digestive, secretive and evacnative organs. Prevent and remedy mnlarla, inactivity of the kidneys and bladder, debility heartbnrn, sick headache and la grippe with this remedy, which hai rocelved the unqualified «anc- tloa »f •mutest phyilciani. The celebrated Russell poisoning case was called in couru nt Eau Claire aud was postponed until tho 25th, owing to the inability of Prof. Haines, of Rush Medical college, Chicngo, to be present. He had made an expert examination of the stomach of Bertha Erickson and his testimony was wanted by the stato. Tlie Only One Ever Printed—Can Ton Find the Word ? There Is a 8-lnch display advertisement in this paper tills week which has no two words alike except one word. Tho same is true of each new one appearing each week from Tho Ur. Barter Medicine Co. This house places a "Crescent" on everything they make and publish. Look for it, send them the name of the word, aud they will return you BOOK, BEAUTIFUL LlTIIOOUAl'IIS Or BtMK.Ha FKHB. During the month of March 1,085,997 bushels of wheat were marketed in Michigan. The condition of the (rowing crop is reported to be excellent. Made to Tjook Like New. Drosses, Gent's Clothing, Feathers, Gloves,, etc., Dyed or Cleaned, Plush Garments Steamed, at Otto Pietch's Dye Works, 246 W. Water St., Milwaukee. Send for circular. Cardinal Mczzofantl is credited with having mastered over 60 distinct languages, as well as numerous dialects thereof. His talents were developed at an early ago. If afflicted with Sore Eyes use Dr. Isaca Thompson's Eye \Vator. Druggists sell it 35c. Fire at Orange, Texas, did $50,000 damage to tho Bancroft Sawmill company's mill and lumber yard. Insurance, $33,000. CUAOIN &Co., Philadelphia, Pa., will Send, postpaid, for 3 Dobbins' Electric Soap wrap, pcrs and ten cents, any volume of "Surpriso Series," (best authors), 25 cent novels, about 200 pages. Send 1 cent-stamp for catalogue. The railway which is to connect Buenos Ayros with Valparaiso is completed to whore the tunneling begins. The mountain trip connecting the ends of the lines can bo made in from eight to ten hours. IF you will be truly happy keep your blood pure, your liver from growing torpid by using Beecham's Pills. 25 cents a box. One of the first copies of the "Iliad" was written on the "great gut" of a dragon, said intestine being 130 Inches in length and 18 inches,.,l)road. It was destroyed in tho great fire at Constantinople. FOB A Conon on SOBB TKHOAT the besl medicine by far is HALE'S famous HONE? oi< HOKEUOUND AND TAB. PIKE'S TOOTHACHE DROPS Cure in one minute. Alexander Hockaday, of Blue River township, Indiana, is said to bo 113 years old. He is the father of 12 children. II is wife is still living. She is 30 years his < junior. * Bin. c. D. PAVNE, publisher of the Union Signal. Chicago, 111., writes: I never saw' anything that would euro lieailaclic like your Bradycrotlne. Of all Druggists. 50c. BROWN'S BRONCHIAL TROCHES are widely known as an admirable remedy Bronchitis, Hoarseness, Coughs and for Throat troubles. Sold only in boxes. Paper is now beiiii? made • fireproof, an? U extensively used in the construction ol dwellings. It can be made of any color de <ired, mid cnn be polished rtud worked like «n>i*l wood*. THEM! la more Catarrh In this eoctton of the country than all othor diseases put togothor, anil until the last few yours wan supnoaed to be Incurable. For a great many years doctors pronounced It a local disease, and presort :>uil looal remedies, and by constantly failing lo cure with local treatment, prononncod It Incurable. Bolenoe has proven catarrh to be a constltu- tlonal disease, aud therefore roqnlren constitutional treatment. Hall's Catarrh Cure, inann- factured by F. J. Cheney & Co., Toledo, Ohio, is the only constitutional cure on the market, It IB taken Internally In doses from ten drops to a teaspoouful. It acts directly upon tho blood and mucous surfaces of the system. Thoy offer one hundred dollars for any ease It falls to cure. Bend for circulars and testlmoulali. Address, F. J. CHBNBT & CO., Toledo, O. <®-Bold by Druggists, 75o. ' Tho mikado lias appninted a committee of seven mcrnborfl, including five Ir/suling noblomBti, to reporl; a d'liffc of a revision of the treaties between Japan ami western JDaiico Cured I VIII. Bur ANDHBAS, OaL, February, 1890. My boy, 13 years old, iros BO affected by St. Vltns Danoa that he could not go to school for' two years. Two bottles ot Paitor Eocnlg'B Nerve Tonlo restored his health, and h« ii now attending school again. MICHAEL O'CONNEL. Recommends It to Many. SBTMODB, Ind., Oct. 1,1890. My daughter became epileptic about Art years- ago through a fright. All physicians' treatment availed nothing, until I mod Pastor Eoenlg's Nerve Tonic, which *i once dispelled the attacks. It Is tha best remedy I evor used, and I have recommended it to many of inch a» are suffering from this dread disease. MABTHA ZIOKXiBB. >—A Valuable Booft on TTorrons Diseases sent free to any address, and poor patients can aleo obtain this medicine free of oliaree. FREE KOENIC MED. CO., Chicago, III. Sold by Druggists ot SI per Bottle. 6 for 95, X.nrce Size, ISI.75. G BottleH for S10. It is for tho euro of tl.vsj)opsljv anil Us k attendants, siok-Uoaiiucho, coiistiptv-j tlou aud piles, that s become BO famonH. They a , without griping or nausea. ANAICESl'S Riven i uni relief, sud ir an INFALLIBLE CURE for TILES. Price, $1 j nt dniEBista or by mail. Samples free. Address "ANAKKSI8," lioraiUi, NKW YOUK OITE. Herbert Davey, aged 14, committed suicide at Earlville, Iowa, by hanging self. No cause U assigned for the rash act. Willie Snilbroole Son of Mayor Tiilbrook Of McKeesport, Pa., cured of Scrofula in the Neck Jty Hood's Sartaparilla All parents whose children, suffer from Scrofula, Salt Rheum, or other diseases caused by Impure blood, should read the following from Mrs. J, W. Tillbrook, wile ot the mayor of McKeesport, Penn.: "0.1 Hood & Co., Lowell, HUBB. "My little boy Willie, now ilx yean old, two years ago had a Bunch Under One Ear which the doctor said was Scrofula, As it continued to grow he finally lanced it and it dli- charged for Borne time. We then began giving him.IIood'B Sareaparilla and he improrodvery rapidly until it healed up. Last -winter It broke out again and was followed by Erysipelas We again gave him Hood's SaruiparUla with most excellent retmlts and he h»i had no further trouble. Big cnre is due to the use of Hood'a tiareaparilla. He nai never been very robust, but now seems strong and healthy and daily growing stronger. The doctor Memed quite pleased at his appearance and said he feared at one time that we should lose him. I have also taken Hood's Sarsaparilla myself and am satisfied that I have been helped by it." MBS. J. W. TIIJLBBOOK, 6th Avenue, UcKeeeport, N. T. THERE : A.RE ONLY A FEW LEfT. Who can design and trim Ohll- , dron'B Carriages that will compare with ours for ueauty and strength. We enjoy the reputation of having the handsomest deslgng of any Carriage Manufacturer in the United States, and you can depend upon the prices being "rock bottom. Over one hundred design* to select from and all up to date. •' We are also manufacturers of Bicycled, Ilofrigerotors. Reclining and Invalid Boiling • Chairs, Boiler Top Desks, etc., and offer liberal discounts to tho trade. Namo goods denlred and catalogue UJBUBG MFO. CO., <•),, 821,823 A 826 N. 8th St., W Philadelphia, PB. TAILOE BYI- TEMBoIDreii Onttlmg. E,. rind to d>te. Any Mr of vrdfntrT Inttlll-, fence OKM Ml Ut nuke •»/ (•rneit IB uy etyle, t* •ay meuure. t p«rfc«lly w|lkcut Urine -'on. Addieu MOODY i 00. CINCINNATI.! A Month and Eipenses To A««ata to Bill CI«AJ18 TO UIIALKUS, JOES a KISIVQ « oo« »....,... - n J^. SIMPLES FREE I Hood's Pills «e purely vegetable, perfectly harmless, do not grip*. D TT>T\TCTO"\r Jomsr AV. MOBBIS, Jl/iN OlVJiN Wiftihliigtou, D. O. r Successfully Prosecutes Claims.. Lute Principal Kinmlner U. B. I'oualon Jiureau. 8 yrs. in lute war, 16 adjudicating claims, otVy »lnoe. C3 A' TP C Hil *T «* 50 Pa ? 8 Hook Free. ff"^/4 I kill I JfcW.T.MTZOBBALD, • ** " fc» • ^ • \f • . yttmima*, P. 0. P I!lXSIONH-I>«e all (SO I.IUKU S I H disabled. $2 fee for increase. 26 yean experience. Write for laws. A.. W. HoOonMIOK & BONB, WABHmaTO», D. 0. and OmoimtATi, O. WANTED SOLDIERS 'KESTJESHOMESTEADS: The addruesue of all Boldlerg >vho huiiiosteadod a lesu number o£ uc.i'en than 100 and 1874. W. E. P.O.Box .Oola, FAT FOLKS REDUCED VNX /y\ Mrs. Alice Maole. Oregon, Mo., writes: \ \\l I J"MyweUhtwii8a20iioundB,nowitial05, eduotioii^of lliO^bs." For ciruuliifrt udilresi*, will; V9;» THE COST IS THE SAME. THi HARTMAN STEEL PICKET FENCE e !. a£ £ olr tb»* *b«truot» the Ylew and will rot "German Syrup cured bottles of German Syrup me of Hemorrhage of the I/ungs when other remedies failed. I am a married man and, thirty-six years of age, and live with my wife and two little girls at Durham, Mo, I have stated this brief and plain so that all may understand. My case was a bad one, and I shall be glad to tell anyone about it who will write me. PHIUP I,. SCHBNCK, P. O. Bpx45, April 25, 1890. No man could ask a more honorable, business-like statement. • BALSAf* tt Cures Colds, Coughs, Bore tinuonza,, Whoovlnft Couch, no Asthma. A certain euro for Consumption In - Tho Excretory Organs. The excretory organs consist of the .ungs, the kidneys, and the skin. Th« .ungs remove the carbonic acid from ;he blood, the kidneys take the urlo acid from the blood, and the skin r«« moves the surplus water and at the same time assists the lungs in removing the carbonic acid. Now if the skin be suddenly chilled, the small ' pores through which the water hai been oozing are suddenly closed. Tha work is then thrown upon the lungs and kidneys. If a large portion of the skin is thus affected, the kidneys reuse to perform their office, and, in common language, "the cold settles upon the kidneys, "and the result is that all the work of purifying the blood has' to be done by the lungs, and if this is ; prolonged for any length of time they) break down, and the result is pneumonia or pleurisy, and, under certain, conditions, consumption. EBID'S GISBT MAN COUGH AND KIDNBY CURE in- cltes the kidneys to action, stimulate* the circulation, and thus enables tha system to relieve the lungs of part of their work. Get this remedy of any dealer ; 25 and 50 cents a bottle. SYLVAK REMEDY Co., Peoria, 111. Medical Discovery Takes hold in this order: Bowels, Liver, Kidneys, Inside Skin, Outside Skin. before Driving everything i* be out it You know whether you need it or not. •old by every druggist, and m.naiaotu** % DONALD KENNEDY, . ROXBURY, MAS& •••••. IPANS TABULES regulate ch, Wer and tow R the stomac elsT purify tho blood, are safe and effectual | the best incdlcliie&uown for bilio ness, constipation, dyspepsia, f breatii, hoadiicho.inonuu depression, ( painful digestion, bad complexion,' Sp" & 11 diseason caueod by failure of 1 ness, constipation, dyspepsia, foul hoadiicho.inonuu depre ad comple w -._——— od by failu ! ^^^ the stomach, liver or bowels to perform their proper functions. Purtjons given to over- RELIEVES all Stomach Distress. REMOVES Nausea, Sense of CONGESTION, PAIN. REVIVES FAILING ENERGY, RESTORES Normal Circulation, WARMS TO TOE TIPS. PB. HARTR8 MEDICINE CO., St. Loult, Mai 1 ICYCLE3 OF TH« •^ HIGHEST QRADB Baoers and Roadsters, Ladles' Fhiest Line In thp West. Write fpr Catalogue. Agent* Wanted. Exclusive Territory. Manufacturers' Pricw. T. D. GAIVSE, Importer and Klfra. Ageut, 60S State St., CHICACiO, . Oouiuni|>tlvu» und people who have weak lungs or Aa'th- ma, should use Plio's Qure for Consumption. It has oorea tboiuuud*. it has not Injur- ad to ta It Is not bad to take. uji. Bold everywhere, 85e.

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