The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on April 27, 1892 · Page 8
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 8

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 27, 1892
Page 8
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ARRIVAL AND DEPARTURE OF TRAINS, CHICAGO, MILWAUKEE A ST. PAUL. _. . e< . -poos — West-Pass 3 "i .^15,n 1 Ko..l:55p ln 82' ?V 11:45 a M No. 14 ...... 2:30pm No"! 6 .'.'.'.'•"•'. 8:17 pm No. 10 ...... 12:15am Eftf-J— Pass.— a ....... ^ ^ ^ 4.. ...... 9:30pm ° th ~ CHICAGO & NORTHWESTERN. South~ ..... 8:18 am ..... «!<?Knm 3:35 Pass 2:37pm Mixed 6:07pm «- oa , , . O.OlJ U 1** WAlAdA u .w I ^/ an Pass'arrives at Chicago at 7 am; arrives at T,r. a lfn1neB at 8:15 p m. Lv. Des M. 2:30 a m. Des Molnea at8:15pm THE CITY. Sid. Cotterell has a pension of $8 a month. , Read Langdon &Hudson's new advertisement. Supper at Congregational church tomorrow evening. John Goeders' big carpet sale continues another week. Special meeting- for work in the order of eastern star this evening. The Hamilton lumber company have a new announcement this week. Rev. J, F. Black, brother of the -presiding elder, is preaching at LuVerne during Rev. Eighmy's absence. Our readers should remember that in spite of the bad roads and cold weather it is Jones who pays the freight. Those who have not read Mr. Dolliver's tariff speech will find a copy in this issue, and will enjoy perusing it. If you want wall paper—and everybody does at this season—read Frank W. Dingloy's announcement this Week. W. B. Quarton spent three days in Garner last week, trying a hay case in which Gray Bros, of Wesley were par. ties. Rev. Daniel Williams of Bancroft is planning a trip to Europe, and promises our readers a few items if he gets time to write. Rev. Bowen is having difficulty in getting a vacant house in Estherville, and may not go up for several weeks with his family. Jas. Cowan has the foundation fn for a large new house south of his present home. He will have a good building when it is done. A list of bargains at Frank Bros.' old stand is advertised this week that will bring trade in spite of the weather. Bead them over. J. W. Tatham and Miss Libbie Hoag came to Algona last week from a town down the road to be married after the Episcopalian form. A dance will be given at the Thor- ingto'n house Saturday evening by the club, the Marshalltown orchestra furnishing the music. • We notice that C. L. Lund is billed for an address before the farmers' alliance in Ramsay, Friday evening. He speaks'at Ramsay schoolhouse. The date fixed for the lecture of Mrs. DeVoe on woman suffrage is Monday evening, May 9, at the Congregational church. Admission will be free. It cost G. W. Skinner of Bancroft $150 for the team that died from over feeding on his hands. That and this weather are rather rough on a land man. It is reported that Geo. Frink of Wesley was married down at Hampton yesterday. We congratulate him and his bride, aud wish them prosperity unbounded. G. W. Pangburn was down from Elmore Monday. He says excavations are being made for three brick buildings, and a lot of dwellings are going up in that thriving town. The Wesley Reporter says that L. J. Anderson of Rolfe will start a democratic paper at Ledyard. This is more definite than previous rumors, but it scarcely seems probable. P. A. McArthur, a son of Thos. Me- Arthur of Union, and Miss Daisy G. Hutchinson, also belonging to a well known family, are licensed to wed. May good fortune attend them. Some unknown parties broke into the Methodist church at LuVerne and put a plush cushion on each pew. We know of several societies in Algona who would welcome such a piece of vandalism. Regular meeting of W. C. T. U. at reading room Friday afternoon at 3 o'clock. Members are requested to be present as there are some arrangements to be made in relation to the coming convention, The Hr&t number of the Whittemore Advocate came yesterday, and we welcome its editor, Chas. E. Floyd, to the fold in Kossuth. The paper is a six- column folio, and promises to bo a spicy local sheet. In Father Taylor's rominscences he notes that in 1858 there was a heavy snow storm during the forenoon of April 26 and another during the night. That proves that this season hasn't beaten the record yet. Letters are advertised at the post- office for L. Tuttle, Mrs. Etta Swartz, Jack Seigle, Miss Flora Poop, Miss Mariano Nielson, Frank Wagoner, Hendrik Jorgenson, Fritz Gronback, Mrs. Ada Johnson, Mrs. Collins. E. G. Bowyer has quite a curiosity now in the way of a ship's chronometer. This is the most expensive timekeeper there is made, the best ranging as high as $600. Mr. Bowyer's is a very fine one, and is well worth going to see. We understand that Mrs. Laura Bars lou is having the manuscript arranged here in town for a new book she is shortly to publish, entitled " The Infidel Converted." Mrs. Barslou, some years ago, was one of the country's best known poets. The names of well known families in Kossuth are mentioned in the marriage license issued to R. J. Skilling and Elizabeth M. Dunn, two very populai young people. The marriage occurred at the Episcopalian church Monday evening. A number of odd fellows went to Estherville yesterday to attend the an nual meeting of the lodge of this dis trict; and to celebrate the birthday o the order. But for bad weather the Algona lodge would have sent a big delegation. A social reception will tie held at Dr McCoy's home Friday evening for th< THE TJPFER Congregational church choir, 1 and a short musical programme will be rendered. The evening will be very pleasantly spent and all are invited to be jresent and enjoy it. Extensive preparations are being nacle for the temperance gathering of the Humboldt district to be held in Algona May 19-20. The full programme will be published in due time and prom- ses a very pleasant time. A, A. Sifert is in charge of the matter. Here is a puzzel for the arithmetically minded, which J. L. Edmonds hands us: " A gentleman sends a boy out to buy 20 pencils, giving him 20 cents; some are to cost four cents apiece, some two for a cent and some our for a cent. How many of each does he get? ' A May day social will be given at the lome of Gardner Cowles Saturday even- ng, the feature of which will be the winding of the May pole by a band of girls. All are invited to attend and to ontributelO cents for the Epworth eague in whose interests theentertain- ment is given. The dispute between the board of upervisors and Geo. F. Holloway about the amount to be paid for some grading was settled last week. The board ap- rainted Alpheus Johnson and H. O. Jatch to view the work and decide on ts value. They have awarded Holloway ill he claimed; $05. Mrs. Dr. Barr's father, James Brad- ihaw, has buen at death's door for loveral days, and her two sisters. Mrs. Darmichael and Miss Emma Bradshaw, ire here from Omaha to attend his death-bed. Miss Bradshaw is a teacher in the Omaha schools and came Saturday in response to a telegram. A deal is on foot between the members of the old cigar company who own he building and lot on Thorington, nd it is likely that a building will go in there to be part of the opera house block. That will make four fine fronts on Thorington, and give solid brick down to Jones & Smith's office. Algona is in it this season. C. L. Lund owns a road grader of his own and intends to keep the highway rom his farm to Algona in good re- lair. Ho says it is a matter of economy or him to grade the road, on account of the travelling and hauling he does over it. His example is one more of our people could follow with advantage ,o themselves and the county. Lund & Ryan's office building will be moved to the old Ford corner as soon as the weather will permit, Hay & Rice want to sell their office, and Thos. 3ennott htis moved his butcher shop to the Heise building, all to make ready 'or the opera house block. Thos. Henderson will do the moving and will lave the old buildings out as fast as he can get at them. A. A. Brunson is enjoying a visit rom his brother who lives in the south Dart of the state. He has also had a ;eles;ram from his brother, who lives n Winters, Gal., the town which was destroyed by earthquake, which announces that he and his family escaped. Only two buildings in the town were not damaged so as to be unsafe and the Deople are living in tents. The outcome of the domestic troubles n the family of Henry and Minnie Swartz at LuVerne is a divorce case in ;he coming term of court. Geo. E. Clarke is Mrs. Swartz' attorney, and VIonday he secured an order from Judge Carr for an attachment of Hen•y's property to the amount of $2,000 to cover alimony. Mrs. Swartz claims in icr petition that she has been brutally ,reated, her life threatened, and her icalth impaired. Bancroft votes Friday on waterworks. The proposition is to bond the town for 53,500, and the polls will be open from ) a. m. to 6 p. m. If the majority is or the proposed plan, a well and tank and two blocks of mains will be put in. This would give fire protection to the main part of town, and is about what vns first proposed for Algona. Many "avor a larger sum, however, and a more sxtensive plant. The sheriff's jury put a good estimate on the value of the soil in northern Kos- iuth, in assessing the damages for •ight-of-way for the new railroad. Their valuations ranged from $16 to 530 in acre, and the total ran up to $1,200 or what they condemned. Mr. Clarke says the company will appeal from some of'the valuations as they are clearly too ligh. Work on the road will begin by ,he middle of May. A late comer from the old country put up at the Rutherford house a few lays ago, and ordered a glass of beer with his dinner. Failing to get it he ifterwards told his companion that he guessed the landlord thought he was drunk because he refused to bring it. This surprised and grieved him, but it wasn't a comparison to his feelings when he learned that he couldn't get seer here anywhere. The LuVerno school contest case over the location of a school at Hanna station was heard by Supt. Reed last week Tuesday. John Meyers wanted the school and he was represented by 'Squire Raymond. C. L. Genrich appeared for the township. After weigh- ng all the evidence the superintendent decided that a school was needed and the thriving new town of Hanna will no longer be without educational facilities. A very pleasant wedding was attended by immediate relatives and friends a week ago last evening at the Episcopalian church, Miss Nannie B. Hill, and Edwin Simpkins being the parties contracting. Miss Hill is the only daught- MOINM! ALGDNAj IOWA, WEDNESDAY, AP&tL 27, 1892. er of a well known family in the county, her father dying a few years ago, while the groom is a younger brother of Geo. Simpkins. Many friends wish them all good luck in their new relations. Court is in session at Emmetsburg and Geo. E. Clarke is over to attend a curious casn. The Milwaukee train not long since carried some passenger a mile and a half past the station and he was compelled to walk back. He says he was damaged by the walk in the sum of $200. Mr. Clarke is thinking of subpoenaing the pedestrian club as witnesses to prove that the man owes the company for affording him a chance to exercise. Invitations are out for the wedding reception for Max Herbst and Miss Dell Tennant, which is to be given at the bride's home Saturday evening. Many good wishes will attend this well known couple of Algona's best youngpeople in view of the happy event. The mar v ago will introduce them at once to >ractical housekeeping as they have itted up a home in the Belle Mikkel- on house in the west part of town. County Attorney Joslyn was called to uVerne yesterday, the case being hat a German residing near by had truck a five-year-old child of his sis- er, who has been making a visit. ?he story told did not seem to warrant a, prosecution and as the child seemed a be uninjured he talked the lady out 3f legal action. She says now, how- ver, that she will sue her brother for noney to get back to Indiana with. 3he don't want to visit any longer and ms no ticket to return. We met an old settler the other day who was satisfied with the weather, le said he had observed the seasons lere for 30 y'ears and he had noticed hat no matter what happened some- hing else always happened to even it up, and we always got a crop. Last pring grain seeding was late, and corn uanting very late and corn cultivating ater yet, and probably the best all- round crops ever raised in the county same last year. Something always 3omes to help us out at the last minute. Part of the fixtures for the water works are here, and one car of mains has been shipped. The council hold a neeting: Saturday evening when it will consider how to arrange for laying hem. They talk some of charging all expense to abutting property owners, ind this JB doubtless the fairest way hero is. No arrangement has been made with the Northwestern road as he man who attends to such things was absent from Eagle Grove last week. If that Emmetsburg man can get $200 or walking a mile and a half, Bros, Hinchon and Starr have a clear case igainst the Milwaukee company on hat walk they took at the editorial neeting after midnight. The man in ,his case don't set up any aggravating jircu instances, and if he can win, what lamages should not be assessed to compensate for being taken down to the )ork packing factory and shoved off in dark. We advise our brethren to .vatch this case. Bradley & Nicoulin have started iheir buggy tent out this spring already, and'are at Lake Mills. From they go to Albert Lea and other Minnesota points. The Lake Mills Kiper says: Bradley & Nicoulin, the veil-known buggy firm of Algona, have decided to make Lake Mills adistribut- ng point for their goods. They manu- acture and handle a full line of all styles of buggies and spring wagons and .heir goods are first class in every particular and are fully warranted to give mtire satisfaction to the purchaser. Thos. Wangsness of Norman has charge of the business here. Mr. Wangsness s well known in Winnebago county as in honorable business man. The normal school board heldameet- ng Monday evening and decided to re- )aint and refit the present building, and ippointed as a committee to visit the citizens Messrs. A. A. Call, Dr. McCoy, A. A. Brunson, and D. A. Haggard. D rof. Chaffeo appeared before them and )roposed in view of this expenditure to nake the school self supporting, and to ask no aid for teachers' salaries or school expenses. He desires a business •oom fitted especially, for that work, ind the building put in good repair, le has the lease of the school for the loraing two years and will assume all 'esponsibility for its success, if the citizens will aid to the extent mentioned. The committee should meet with a cordial i-eception under these circumstances. Do You Want Some Tile Laid? I have purchased a new outfit of tools and will be prepared to lay tile during the coming season. Will also continue •ny plastering and concrete business. 5t2 OLOF JOHNSON. FOR BIG TURF MEETINGS, A Bargain In Tills. We have a very fine and paying hotel property in a live town in central Iowa or sale or trade for a good farm or un- mproved lands in Kpssuth or adjoin- ng counties. We think it a splendid >pportunity for some one who desires ,o retire from farming and go into the lotel business in one of the most pros- jerous farming districts in Iowa. Call ind see us or write up for full informa- ion. LUND & RYAN, Algona, Iowa. Grass Land to Kent. The east half of Sec. 8—94, 29, to .•ent. Must be let in quarters on or be- 'ore May 7. Will be let to the best and lighest bidder on sealed bids. Send jids to C. Byson, Algona, Iowa,—5t2 SEVEN head of young horses and colts for sale on time, or will exchange 'or town property. Inquire of Brunson & Co,, at cigar factory. For Sale, The office building which we now occupy. HAY & RICE. E. REEVE & Co. now have a compe- ;ent dressmaker in their establishment. NEW and nobby styles of soft and iff Vioto nt. rinlVii.nit.Vi'H stiff hats at Galbraith's. FISH, Fish, Fish— Mackerel, herring, white, salt or smoked, at Langdon & Hudson's, — 5t2 __ You want an umbrella — we have them in cotton, linen, and silk — all styles handles, at Galbraith's, HOUSE of seven rooms to rent. Inquire of Brunson & Co. FOR real estate time loans at the very lowest rates, make inquiry at the Kossuth County bank. _ CORN— 26 cents delivered on my farm. C. L. Lund.-51tf ___ SWEET potatoes at Langdon & Hudson's. — 5t2 ___ ARRIVED today, a new assortment o: ladies' spring jackets at Galbraith's. MAPLE sugar at Langdon & Hud son's.— 5t2 ___ GENTS, see those new corset-fitting suits, the latest thing, at Galbraith's. JUST received, at Galbraith's, a big line of gents' fine dress shirts and neck wear. HATS at 25c. E. Reeve & Co. Arrangements Abont Perfected for the Northwest Iowa Racing Circuit— Algona Hangs Up $1,500- The State Sportsmen's Meeting to Occur May 24 to 26 at Des Moines— Sporting Notes. Last Thursday the various representatives of the towns desiring a racing sea- on gathered at Algona and arranged or meetings. There were present Dr. C. Davis of Emmetsburg, John Winkel of Bancroft, A. P. Fleming of Webster City, L. C. Coffin of Rolfe, and Trank Mulligan and T. B. Cowan of Sagle Grove. Eldora was not repre- ented but desired to be admitted, and i 1 . M. Taylor represented the Algona ssociation. Everything went pleasantly ind dates and details were arranged atisfactorily to all. As soon as the notion of this committee in ratified by .ho various associations the work of n-eparation will begin. The name chosen was Des Moines ind Boone Valley Trotting circuit. ?he races begin at Rolfo, the date being ~uly 2,4 and 5. The date at Emmets- jurg is July 12, 13 and 14; at Algona, "uly 26, 27; 28, at Webster City, Aug. 2, 3. 4, aud at Eldora, Aug. 9, 10, and The programme of the races is as ollows: First Day—8:00 trot, $1150; 3:84 trot, ¥200; mile run and repeat, SlfiO. Second Dny—Two-year-old trot, 9100; rce for all pace, §200; hnlf rnilo run and epeat, $100. Third Dny—2:45 trot, $150; free for all rot, $200: niHe and one-half novelty, $200; green running race, half mile dash. The State .Sportsmen's Meeting. The Register says preparations arc )eing made by the officers of the Iowa atate association for the protection of ame and fish for the annual tournament of the society, which will be hold upon the grounds of the Highland Gun 2lub, north of the city, May 24 to 26 inclusive. President J. G. Smith of Al- jona and Secretary Nelson Royal of hat city are actively at work arrang- ng the programme, which will bo is- ued about the lOth of May. A num- 3er of valuable prizes will be offered and the crack shots from all over the tate will be there and compete. The innual meeting of the association will je held in the parlors of the Kirkwood Tuesday evening, May 24, when officers or the ensuing year will be elected, ["he Thursday evening following the isiting sportsmen will be tendered a )anquet at the Kirkwood by the High- and Gun club. Ernest Hough, representing the Forest and Stream, and Dr. Home of the American Field and a rep- 'esentative of the Sporting Review of Chicago, will be present and make addresses. Sporting Notes. John G. Smith and Henry Durant vent to Grirmell Monday for the four lays' shooting contest to be given there. 3ne feature of the meeting is a live- contest between Budd and Grimm of Clear Lake. A meeting of the Algona racing association was held Saturday evening, and ;he programme arranged by the committee was adopted. Officdrs were elected for the year, D. A. Haggard, ^resident and treasurer; F. M. Taylor, secretary; A. Rutherford, Jr., marshall. President Haggard appointed as executive committee, P. Winkel, C. D.Petti- jone, W. H. Nycum, Frank Nicoulin, M. Bronson. Charlie Grimm of Clear Lake is get- Ing to be a crack shot. The State rlegister says he and Budd, after the ""rinnell meeting, " will go to Kansas City, where they will witness thecham- )ionship race between Fulford and Eliott and the tournament of the state association. They will then return to Des Moines and participate in the state shoot. Mr. Grimm has issued a chal- .enge to any 11 Chicago shots to shoot H matches of 100 live birds a side for 5100 a side each match and he has posted his $250 forfeit and is patiently awaiting acceptance of the challenge. The shoot may be shot in Des Moines." The Best Spring Medicine s a dose or two of St. Patrick's Pills. They not only physic but cleanse the whole system and purify the blood. For sale by druggists, PEBSONAL MOVEMENTS. J. W. Sullivan went to his old home at Iowa City last Friday for a visit. Mr. and Mrs. G. B. Whitney of Burt spent Sunday with Fred. Fuller. They .eft Monday for Waucoma. Mrs. L. P. Powers of Centralia, Wis., is here with her daughter visiting her sister, Mrs. J. W, Tennant, and will remain during the summer. A young lawyer just over from Denmark is visiting at C. L. Lund's, and may remain during the summer, and " learn the lingo" in Algona. Miss Jennie Mclntyre is up from New Hampton for a two weeks' business trip. She says it is likely that Mrs. Mclntyre will return to Algona before long to make her home again. A brother of Geo. Platt is here from California visiting him and his othe* relatives. He is a preacher and is accompanied by his wife. They went to LuVerne for a few days with the quil" driver of the News. I, Ames, who came up from Missour a few weeks ago, left for there yester day and will remain. Among othei things he takes his imported stock horse with him. He reports all the Kossuth residents at Appleton doing well and enjoying their new surround ings. J. R. ERASER wfll pasture 100 head of cattle on reasonable terms. Giv< him a call. The Best for lUieumutlmu. A traveling man who chanced to be in th store of E. V. Wood at McKees Rooks, Pa. says while he was waiting to Bee Mi Wood, a, litle girl came in with au einptj bottle labeled Chataboiiniu'u Puiu Balm and said: •'Mamma wants uuotlior bottl of that medicine; she Buys it is the bee medicine for rheumatism ghb over used. Fifty cent bottles fov eulo by I am still at the old stand, where I am prepared to meet allcompetition in Hardware, as I have successfully done for the past TWENTY YEARS. Among my first-class goods are the Family Garland and Charter Oak Cook Stoves, Heath & Milligan's Mixed Paints, Baker Barbed Wire, asoline stoves (new process), Iron and Wood pumps, and 3tiilding Hardware at bottom prices. I am prepared to do all kinds of metal roofing. Please call and get prices. J. W. ROBINSON. HARDWARE Wall Paneis Cheaper than Ever Before. • • Our prices on these goods and beautiful patterns are the magnets which attract the trade. Our stock this season is made up of the finest patterns from all the best factories. We can sell you good paper at all prices. We have an especially fine line of GILT As lo s w as 15c per double roll. If you are going to do any papering this season call and look over our line and we will guarantee to please you in quality, prices, and beauty of designs, for we have the largest and best-selected stock of wall papers in the country. We also carry a full line of PAINTS of all kinds, and can save you- some money on anything in this line that you may need. F. W. Dingley. If you wanfc CLOTHING t> Call on us before you buy. We have added largely to our clothing department and have all the latest novelties. We have a mammoth Stock of Wall Paper this spring, at bottom prices. Dry Goods, Boots and Shoes, and cheap counter goods arriving daily,

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