The Oregon Daily Journal from Portland, Oregon on October 20, 1916 · Page 11
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The Oregon Daily Journal from Portland, Oregon · Page 11

Portland, Oregon
Issue Date:
Friday, October 20, 1916
Page 11
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NEBRASKA FOOTBALL TEAM ARRIVES WITH BLARE OF CADET BAND Speciaj Train From Lincoln Contains 97 . Passengers, . Including Gladiators. MEET AGGIES TOMORROW Coralraakar Ky Bltf Boar Throws Xnto Them by Mvm of O. A. 0. Victory Orar th W. 8. C m m Tacts Conoarala Tomorrow rootbaU Cluh. Team University of N-braaka v. Oregon Afaiea. Place Multnomah field. Time 3:10 o'clock. How to gat-there Take west bound cara on Waahlngton street to Btott atreet, then walk, two biocks south; take "W" car on Morrison street to Chapman atreet, then walk one block weat and ons block south. Admission Grandstand $1.50. General admlSMlon fl.OO. Of flclala George Yarn ell. referee. Others to be selected. Nearly 100 strong, the University of Nebraska football special pulled Into the Union depot at o'clock thla morning. The arrival of th Oornhuaker was greeted by a cheer from former Nebraakans and football followers In general. After posing for the nioviea and a small army of photographers, both amateur and professional, the team paraded to the Oregon hotel, with the Nebraska cadet band In the lead. A number of Dr. Stewart's friends surrounded him as he stepped off the special and he atated that he was gTad to get back again, even though he was Jn the camp of th enemy. ' The former Aggie coach said: "We thought we had soma chance of beating O. A. C. until w heard of their victory over the Washington state and believe me that threw a scar Into our player. , 13 to 0 Bcor Xs Oood. "I have a light team, much lighter than th followers of football think I have, and I am not sure of winning from th Aggies. If we hold 'them to alt to 0 score w will be doing good." "My back field Is as light aa that of th Aggies and the regular varsity line Is- about the same weight as th Aggies. I have a great defensive team, tout th scoring machine is not there as yet. - Th loss of Rutherford, who Is now the assistant coach, and Cham fcarlaln, put a crimp In th team this season and I have been forced to construct an entirely new back field, two new guards and an end, but despite this we will give th Aggie a hard battle. Besides Coach Stewart and Assistant Coach Rutherford, th team manager, trainer and physician, accompanied th team. Dr. Clapp was th faculty representative. Itttl Quibble Over Officials. Immediately after the arrival at th Oregon hotel. Dr. Stewart went Into conference with Bverett May, graduate feaanager of th Oregon- Agricultural UNIVERSITY OF NEBRASKA FOOTBALL SQUAD WHICH ARRIVED IN PORTLANd THIS MORNING k " i i lit - f , i; - (f "ts I college team, regarding officials. Stewart Is holding out for Roscoe Faw-cett as umpire, but the latter up to the time the team went out to practice this morning has refused to act, and Stewart will not agree to both the men suggested by th Aggies. It Is believed that th official question will be settled lata thla afternoon. Xmbrs of th Team. Th membera of the teams and their weights are: H. Cory, captain, left tackle, 204; Ted Rlddell. right end. 179: R. B. Rhodes, right fullback, 170: Lum Doyle, left fullback. 160: Ellsworth Moaer. center, 174; Roy Cameron, left tackle, 166; Ben Dale, right auard, 188; Hugo Otoupallk. left end. 168: Ed Ko-eltfrky. left Kuard, 178: Loren Caley, left halfback. 145; John Cook, right halfback. 160: Harold Wilder, left guard, 180: Jim Gardner, right half-bark, 160; Ed Shaw, right tackle. 175. Substitutes Pat Norrls, 172; Mike Selzer. 166; Grove Porter, 160; C. Don-negan, 185; P. W. Procter. 150; Bud Heller. 180; Jim Maloney. 170; Paul Dobson. 160; SJd Hoadley, 150; Sam Kellogg. 162. Kootera and Boosters. O. W. Palm. R. E. Greene, A. I Adams. A. W. Farmer. J. E. Shuff, W. C. Wilson. A. V. Elava, C. I. Anderson, W. T. Irons, E. E. Angle, W. M. Bauman, H. Wilson. V. E. Jones, E. J. Prusa, J. A. Cejnar, E. W. Truman, Jr.. R. W. Hicks. Th Band. D. T. Lane, majors R. J. Saunders, captain and drum major: Fred Garrison, W. A. Schumacher, ft. L. Theisen, H. N. Aldrlch, Don Stevens, C. I. Meising er, Leslie Ellis, D. P. Thomas, Earl Wilson, P. T. Babson, Fred Creuts, Burge Neumann. Cecil Beacb-m, Harry Huffman, Ed. Young, Aug. Zuhlke. R. E. Miller, G. H. Foe. A. G. Matousek. Jack Emley, D. B. Dow, M. L. Springer, E. F. Moore, H. B. Reynolds, R. a. Fulton, M. C. Kuns, H. H. Lewis, Harry Harris, E. a Wat-kins, C. F. Sllsbee. L. W, Kline, L. H. Red elf s, P. B. Polnlcky, Raymond Tur-iture. H. G. Schroeder, Edward Bush, B. F. Pitman, E. 8.. Seng. General Staff. E. B. Slosaon, general agent. Union Pacific; Cy Sherman, Lincoln Dally Star; R. A. Lindsay motion picture photographer; Pog white, master of properties; A. M. Hegelund. Pullman conductor; S. I. Park, dining car steward; George Doudle. train electrician. Team Officials. E. J. Stewart, coach. R. B. Ruther- ti3ri MMimmSitmtS-mti''ii ilMaDTM fata FOR rlEW I : TMPC MARK 8 , PROTECTION against chilling of the body; often a 1 fore-runner of colds, pneunjonia and rheumatism. Famous over half a century for its superior qualities. Everr garment shaped to the figure . and guaranteed not to shrink. Glaitenbury Two-Piece, Flat KruV Spring-Needle Underwear is made In fifteen grades, . several weights of fine wools, worsted and merino. Adjustable drawer bands on all except $1.2 J grade. Natural Cray Wool, winter welsht per garment $IM Katora Gray Wool, winter ht Mper garment 1.78 Nataral Orar Woo , wiator waiakt ( doabl thread) per aarment 2.00 Natural Gray Wool, waiakt per sartaent US Kataral Gray Worsted, light welsh v per garment l.TS Natural Gray Australian Lamb's Wool. Ughr weiaat. per garment 2.00 Nataral Gray Wonted, taadhin waigbt..... per garment 2.00 L Natural Gray Australian Lamb's Wool, winter walsht per garment 2.SO For Sal by Leading Dealers FLE1SCHNER, MAYER CO Wholaaal Distributor, Portland. Writ for booalat aampl cuttings. Yours (or tb asking. Olaatonbury Knitting Company, Glaatonbury. Conn. : WM! if W ri . 1 SMART MeesTmay be all right but for a good, honest wof kin' partner give me a man that's got his learnin9 slowly an' mturally H VELVET gets its goodness tbat Way two years giarural ageing. H3E 1L 9M The big nnlTersitj squad from Lincoln photographed just after step-- ping from the all-steel de luxe special (VW. R. & N. train at the union depot this morning. Below is a portion of the parade from the station carrying one of the big Nebraska pennants which will float from Multnomah field tomorrow. ford, assistant coach; Guy E. Reed, manager; Jack Beat, trainer; Dr. Clapp. faculty; Dr. Oliver Everett, physician; Mrs. Oliver Ev.erett, chaperon. Yale Won't Tip Mitt To Football Scouts bV H. C. Hamilton. New York, Oct JO. (U. P.) The new Tale attack and defense which are expected to prove the insurmountable obstacle for th Blues' football opponents this year will b well under cover when Tad Jones sends his warriors against Virginia Poly, this afternoon at New Haven. "Spies ' are as thick around th Tale bowl aa ticket speculator at a world's series; and, as th gam is not Important, It will glv th Blue coaches a chance to throw a littl dust Into th yes of those who would see what Tale Is going to turn loose. our regulars of th Blue squad are ailing, and will be unable to take part In today's contest, and other regulars will doubtless watch th gam from th sld lines, and th second string men. will be used. Besides Captain Black, who is out with a lame ankle. Callahan, center; Smith, quarterback. and Sheldon, tackle, will be out. Jack Vorys. aubstl-tuU center, also Is badly bunged up. Portland Golfers Must Play Matches Players In th championship round and th first and second flights at the PdHland Golf club must be On th Job or they will forfeit tbalr places In th club tournament. Chairman Sam Ar cher of th tournament ootnmltte Insists that all matches scheduled for tomorrow will be defaulted If th players do not appear. If both players fall to show up th match will be thrown out entirely. Chairman Archer's ultimatum may appear a little drastic, but back of Archer Is the greens committee, with a phalanx of sharp lances, ready to prod th players off th field until they can place th greens in snap for th winter. Th greens committee expects to do a lot of fall work, and one of th Important things will be the protection of th tender blades of grass with a covering of sand. Therefore, it will be seen that Bam has a good reason for hurrying hi players along. Colored Sprinter Cause of Sensation -Des Moines, Iowa, Oct. 20. (TJ. P.) Th arrival of Howard Drew, .the famous negro sprinter, and his enrollment in Drake university here, has caused a stir In university circles, Drew wishes to enter a "swell" col- leg boarding house, but several of th students hv objected on account of his eolor. Tb faculty faces a dif ficult problem, not wishing to hurt his feelings. ON THE ALLEYS B. WEIXS REALTY I ST. NICHOLAS T.t. iff. Tot. At. Wrils 42 143 K lit RH 1KI Anstey 4SH 14 KUrln 485 JflS Dater 485 l2!Heffron 480 100 Hnoa 619 178i8wa 641 180 m D7V lWdiKow BOT leu Totals ....2427 i TMtl High scar. Swan 218; high aTerace, Kms IK. E. Wells Realty Co. won two games. OREGON ALLEYS I - E8TES GHILL Weltmacb ... 65T 18AWnan WO 1P0 Hanno 487 162iLenc 619 173 Radonlch ... 665 188i8klff B27 176 MeUter 530 KQjWoldt 6S4 193 Kneyaa Co 18AIPr Lee 612 171 TbUl 270H I TWal ' 247 High acora, Badooich 232; high aware, Woldt 196. Oregon Alleys won two games. $74,000 for Stock Exchange Seat. Now York. Oct. 20. (I. N." 8.) Percy K. Donner, th Pittsburg millionaire clubman and broker who about a year ago was suspended from th New Tork Stock Exchange for having had dealings with brokers whom th exchange considered bucket shoppers, today sold his exchange membership. Th purchaser la C McGee Baxter, who paid 174,000 for th seat, or th gam pric paid at tb last previous sal. Celebrate Golden Wedding. . Hug-en e. Or., Oct. 29. 'Wednesday was th golden wedding day of Mr. and lira. -Sidney Stickela of this city and to properly celebrate it their son. Fred a. Stlckels, city treasurer, invited a large number of friends of th family to his residence to greet th aged couple. Eighty-three ware present and sat, down to sv dinner. - - y i-y.-r Cattle King Leaves Money for Charity Attorney Says Will Provides for Distribution of Thousands Among Zn. stltntlOBS Aiding Dependants. San Francisco, Oct. 20. (TJ. P.) Charity comes in for a large number of bequests in the will of th late Henry Miller, wealthy land and cattle owner. It was announced today by Edward F. Treadwell, attorney for Miller. The vast Miller land holdings are bequeathed to Miller's daughter, Mrs. J. LeRoy Nickel, and her husband as trustees and there is a provision for sal of th land for development pur-posea Instead of being willed to th state, Mount Madonna, near Gllroy, Is designated as Miller's last resting place and the will sets aside $26,000 for the preparation of the mausoleum. The poor of the city of GHroy, where Miller made his start, are left $16,000 to be distributed at Christmas. Miller also bequeathed $26,000 to th poor of hla birth place, B roc hen helm, Germany. Charttabl Institutions and churches are also remembered. CITY ATTORNEY OF BAND0N IS SHOT TO DEATH (Continued from Pag On.) Coach then put th revolver to hla left tempi and fired again. Th bullet passed through Coach's head. He was taken to th Baxter hotel and is being attended by Dr. Hamilton. Witnesses said that Coach had apparently been drinking. Widow and Children SurriTS. Graydon T. Treadgold was SS years old and is survived by a widow and two children. He came originally from Michigan. H has been city attorney of Bandon for three or four years past His brother, Manton E. Treadgold. Is United States commissioner at Bandon, and laat year th father and mother, Mr. and Mrs. M. W, Treadgold, cam from th east and have been re siding on a ranch near Bandon. Tather Xft tl.000,000. Joseph Coach was about 85 years of age. . His father, th lata Colonel Coach, was one of the most prominent men in Coos county. About six years ago Colonel Coach died and left an estate valued at $1,-000.000. There waa no will and it went to the three ehUOren, Joseph Coach, Arthnr Coach and Mrs. Leo J. Cary, the .latter formerly of Michigan but now of Bandon. Joe Coach had spent most of his life In Coos county. Patal Pud starts. ' After the father's death there began all sorts of litigation in which Treadgold figured. attorney. After receiving his share of the as- tat Joe Coach bought a saloon at Bandon. which h conducted for some time. Treadgold was city attorney and brought a charge against Coach, John Herron and others, charging that thev gave liquor to two girls, daughters of an eaitor. xne whole trouble resulted Arrow COLLARS' GO WELL WITH BOW OR FOUR-IN-HAND 13 eta. each, far 90 ct. CLUsrr. pea body oca incm4ju O-SO-EZY Best Body Polisli Try It' 1 -I, r.r . lM7AfaJJsai.yJ J Duke of Connaught j J Is Back in England 7ormr Goreraor-Creaeral of Beach Xrfadoa TfaaaaoBod Bs-earns of Activity of.TJ-83. V London, Oct 20. (U. P.) Th Duk of Connaught. former governor-General of Canada, and Duchess of Con-naught and the Princess Patricia, reached London today. Th Duk of Connaught's departure from Canada was kept secret for several days and the nam of th vessel on which he sailed waa not revealed, presumably because of th presence of the German submarine U-53, In the Atlantic. SERBIANS SCORE SUCCESS; TAKE , BULGARS' GUNS (Continued From Pagr One.) nation was again more critical, despite severe military measures reported yesterday. On th western front heavy rains continued to Impede operations through yesterday and laat night. The Germans reported the recaptur of trenches north of the Somme from the British, but otherwise French. British and German war offices agreed there were no developments of Importance. In the city attorney succeeding two years ago in closing Coach's saloon. Since then Coach has resided on the ranch. . Serious Charges Mad. Later Coach and others, including Detective Mitchell, who was in his employ, were arrested on a charge of kidnapping the pirls. They got out of that charge, but on suit after an other xouowea. 'rreaagoid last year bad a libel suit against the Marsh-field Record on account of statements mad at the time In the nowapaper. He secured $500 Judgment and the case was appealed. Treadgold Is said to have received large fees when he settled the estate of Colonel Coach and succeeded in having a guardian appointed for Arthur Coach. In the various suits and criminal cases which followed one after another In th feud serious charges were made by the girls against Treadgold. TraTdy Cans 2fo Sarprls. On the witness stand Treadgold waa accused of the downfall of two of the girls. Th feeling between tho two factions became very bitter and it was not a surprise to those who knew of the case that it ended in a tragedy. A German brickyard employs a mechanically operated rammer to push piles of bricks from a platform upon the body of a motor truck to sav time in loading. Germans Claim Successes. Berlin. Oct. 20. (I. K S.) Important successes in both western and eastern theatre of war were claimed by th German general staff today. In th west a large trench section on th north Somme front, previously lost to the British, was recaptured. In the east new gain in Volhynia and in the Carpathians wer made. Th official statement follows: "The largest portion of trenches west of the Faucourt L'Abbaye-Le Marque -road, lost to the British October It, hav been recaptured by us during the past 24 hours. "An attempt by the British laat Light to break through the German line north of Courcellett and east of Le Sara on the north Somme front, was stifled by our curtain of fire. "Three British tanks' were battered to pieces by heavy guns. "New gains were made along the Stokhod river, north of Sviniawaka and on th west bank of the Mara-jowka river. Fourteen officers, 2060 men and 11 machine guns were captured by us. "An important victory was won In the Carpathians, our troops recapturing the summit of Trusulua height." The statement admitted temporary Serbian successes In Macedonia. We have receiyeiJ from New Yorli a shipment of F Glenmorgan Overcoats tfew, stylish garments, beautifully tailored. $25 to $40 Gfenmorgans are big, loose, swagger coats, with the easy draping and graceful lines impossible to produce in cheaper garments. ( - Glenmorgans are Benjamin-made. In Portland r1r ff lie - I Buffurn&PendletonCo. g Clothiers, Hatters and Haberdashers j 127 Sixth Street II B. N. Pendleton Winthrop Hammond Roumanians Capture Town. Bucharest. Oct 20. (U. P.) Th Roumanian counter offensive has won further victories against the Teutons, it was officially announced this after noon. In th OHus valley the enemy has been driven back to tne frontier. Monteuru has been captured by the Roumanians. Bradbury System Business Suits for Father and Son Both want style, but not the same. We have clothes for both; English and Pinch-Backs for Son, and smart conservative models for Father. Priced $20 to $40. Just come in and see. Hats for Men Adrienne Hats. $3.00 Imported check styles $3.50 Eastern Special $4.00 A Charge Account Your Privilege 'Outfitting (9. Washington St at Tenth See thv "Cornhtukera" and thm "Affiec" in the Great Game Saturday. OREGON ELECTRIC SPECIAL TRAIN From Corvallis, Albany and Salem to Portland and Return for the Nebraska University 0. A. C. Football Game Saturday Oct. 21 Special train will leave Corvallis at 7 A. M.; Albany, 7:25 A. M. ; Salem, 8 :15 A. M. ; arrive Jefferson st. 9 :45 A. M. ; North Bank Sta. 10 A. M. Returning, leave North Bank Sta. 7:00 P. M., arrive Corvallis 10 P. M. Low Round Trip Fares'From AH Stations on Special and Regular Trains- Good Until Monday for Return Orf ob EI c trio Ticket Officaa Tenth and Stable. Seward Hotel. Fifth tnd Stirk. Tenth and Morrison. Jeffersot-stfieet Station. North Bank Station. Iunmim The Drink That Fits For Sale Everywhere Portland Brewing Company GOOD HUNTING in Willamette Valley October EE Frequent Train Service and Week-End Round-Trip Fares To AU Principal PoinU CITY TICKET OFFICE, SIXTH AND OAK ' Broadway 2760, A-6704 John M. Scott, General Passenger Agent Southern Pacific Lines Hone Show in Portland, October 2V, 28 Low Fares Salem, McMinn ville and North Phones Main 703, A-5325 Portland, Oregon

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