The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on June 21, 1893 · Page 2
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 2

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 21, 1893
Page 2
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tJPJPER frflS MONESA ALGONA, IOWA. CONDENSED, NEW.S. iff In four days there were 155 deaths Jf ' from cholera in Mecca. ^ . Another citp defender, the Vigilant, | was launched at Bristol, R. I. i The canal strike at Lament, ill., ends In the defeat, of the strikers. The Illinois courts decide that women Ciiii practice law in-flint state. A canal will be built connecting Bruges, Belgium, Avtth the sea. 1»wo .thousand pilgrims 'visited St. Anthony's shrine at Butler, Pa. E. E. Kipling, a New York diamond Importer, failed with .$150,000 liabilities. President Camot, of France, Is ill with liver complaint, Frederick D. Grant, ex-American minister, has left Vienna for the United States. The Iron Company bank, of Crystal Falls, Mich., has resumed business. The Nashville (Tenn.) Savings company, Avith liabilities of $222,870, has assigned. The duke of Veragua is no longer a guest of the nation. Ho Avill travel incognito. Four armed and masked men stopped ly changed, but his voice was recog- a Missouri Pacific express train In nlaed by an aged and blind -woman the suburbs of Omaha but were scared named Amelia Chatham, and his arrest off before they had secured anything. Ex-President Harrison AA-as at tho AA'orld's fair grounds the past, week, 1 folio-wed. A three-story brick building collapsed Keokuk without warning and burled looking about, the exhibit buildings. a number of occupants in the collar. One afternoon ho went to the Indiana Hairy Young was taken out first sus- stjvto house and met, quite a number of taiuing Injuries that are thought to be friends. r [fatal. John Real was,-terribly bruised The Groat, Northern will reduce pas- about the chest, but will recover, Rob- senger "rates between St. Paul and Pu- |0 rt Oillard, Dan Stebiuger, Charles get Sound points 50 per cent, unless.Jenkins, and William Hlgham were all • JERMANS HAVE A BIG DAY AT THE FAIR. competing lines abandon their tourist sli'cplng-wir service. Clifincellor Crehi'hton, of .the Ne- injured but not seriously. Officials at the state department are of the opinion that the arguments of braska Wesleyan university, announced j counsel before the Bchring Sea nrbitra- The parafflne works of Merriam & Morgan at Cleveland were destroyed by tire. Loss, $200,000, Holmes Conrad, of \ ii^inla, has been appointed to succeed Julin R. Cotton as assistant The supreme lodge of Hie knights of honor has created the office of su- . promo medical examiner. Two trunks from Toronto were seized at chapel his intention of handing in his resignation. Senators "Wnsh'burii and Pefl'cr have concluded their grain investigation at Minneapolis, Minn. Senator Feffer has gone to Omaha, where he will mak< further inquiries. Six brothers Avero In a shed at Adman. Mo., when n bolt of llghtninj mattered the structure. Joseph and iVrlght Avere killed and flu four others were prostrated. A gold medal commemorative of the 400th anniversary of the discovery of America was presented to President Cleveland by the Turkish minister in behalf of his .sovereign. The coroner's jury at Decatur has returned a verdict implicating three men In the lynching of the negro Bush. They are Charles Britton, William Vest and Thomas Atterbcrry. At Moravia, Ap-pnnoose county, Iowa, Avhilc Mrs. Patterson's l(?-year-old son was cleaning his rifle it Avas accidentally discharged, the bullet piercing his mother's heart, causing instant death. Mrs. Cal. Lyon got a verdict of $0,000 damages against the Chicago & Eric railroad, at Huntingtou, Ind., for the at Buffalo and were found to contain ,' th O ' t ,, cp husb . 11Kli who was klUcd 200 pounds of smuggled opium. Evans and Son tag. the •'wounded California desperadoes, will pi;obably re- in a collision Avhile a passenger ueer. , With a six-shooter prominently dis COY PI* ' ' ' I played a daring robber Avent. among th Baron Fava Avas presented to the sts of m Hotol ColornclOi nt G1( , u president under his new title of ambassador. lion will be concluded within the next ten days, and that, With the exception of General Agent oFster, all of the officers connected with the preparation and presentation of the American case will then return to the United States. THOUSANDS VISIT THE PARADE IN CHICAGO. After a Splendid Pageant the Thou sands Take Possession of Jackson Park and Enjoy the Day—Never Before Was the Crowd So Large—Program of Exercises. MENAGERIE PRICES. What if: Costs to Stock Up with Rare Wild Animate. wood Springs, Col., and collected moue> and jewelry, to the amount of som _. , , , , . , War has again broken out in Samoa ?2> OOU, with which he escaped. between the nval km.:*. Mutanfa anct Jollu Snilth 18 ears old ntte jMaiictoa. Jollu Snilthi 18 years oldj ntteulpto< to shoot Emily Ebert, aged 15, at Phil iwo San'o oauks lost $0,300. adelphia, and end his own life. He wn rais by "raised" checks passed by an uu- knoAvn man. Russian Immigration to Hamburg has been prohibited as a preventive of a cholera invasion. disarmed after four shots -were fired Neither of the young people was in j tired. Robert E. Burford, Avho murderec United States Deputy Marshal Lc- Honcel Herink a farmer. 22 years of! strnnBC , lt Webster, Fla.. in November age, killed himself 011 his father's tarai, 1800 8lUTClldcivd nml j s ln iail . HL • TIPnr Hf^ntT^nn X T nli ,-..... near Beatrice, Neb. Vice-rresideut Stevenson has received the degree of LL. D. from Center college, DauA-ille, 111. One man Avas killed and several wounded in a battle at Lanston, Ok., resulting from a. race Avar. Several persons Avere killed or in- TI, Ihonon . " lra made a full confession. President Ezeta, of Salvador, has been granted six months' leave to visit tlie Chicago exposition and make an extended tour through the United States. Congress voted him $100,000 for expenses. Thomas Sexton has reconsidered his I intention to Avithdraw from the British burg, die. tl ° : Garde, Franco. hollse of commons, the Irish tel pj"' t "\^A5^ 1 ! ?llt i lwvin * r rescinded the resolutions in » hlm tmm thc Freeman's Journal Y. One, it is thought, will i, OiU . a of control. A TU . , , , George W. Cnruth, the newly ap- Aud or Ackerman's report shows pointed American minister to Portugal, that he salary Us of the world s fair will , stavt from Lonr]ou for L , b £ '_ for ttie month ot May amounted to m-day next. Gilbert A. Pierce ex-min$850,000. The trial of Dr. Graves at Denver, charged Avith poisoning Mrs. Baruaby, has been postponed till September.' Annie Murphy, convicted of forgery at St. Cloud, Minn., has been sentenced to four years in the penitentiary. Cornelius Vandcrbilt, of New York, accompanied by his family has left London for Paris. Every business house in Alba, Mich., except the Exchange hotel and hall Avas The Pioneer Lithographing company at Denver has made an assignment. Liabilities, $134,380; assets, $53,780. Tlie French Catholic church of St. Anne, 111., whose shrine has gained national reputation, Avas struck by lightning Saturday night and destroyed. The steamer Wlnthrop, of the M:il- ister to Portugal, is HOAV in London. He Avill sail for New York in a few days. Albert von Gelder, who Avas employed by Charles M. Rosentlial in the hitter's exhibit of diamonds in the Austrian section of the manufactures building at the world's fair has been arrested for stealing precious stones from his employer. Jewels valued at $1,500 Avere recovered from pawn shops where; Von Gelder had sold them. Orders have been issued bv Acting Secretary of the Navy McAdo'o for the co.tst defense ship Monterey to proceed from San Francisco to Portland to participate in the celebration July 4 of the opening of the great Northen Pacific. The department of state has not been informed of the reported purpose of McClures' Magazine.—"Prices of wild animals differ from time to Wine, according to the fashion; for I can assure you that there Is as much fashion in wild animals as there ds hi ladies' .answered Mr. Haganfreck. "Prices are also rising and falling, according as the market supply is high or IOAA-. I can remember that once I sold in one day a cargo of African beasts for $30,000. A full grown hippopotamus, is IIOAV worth $5,000. A ..two-horned rhinoceros, Avhlch AA-as Avorth $3,000 in 1883, cannot. IIOAV be obtained at any price An Indian tapir twts $2,500, an American tapir $750. Elephants vary iccording to their sixe and training, from $1,250 to $2,500. A gocxt forest- bred lion, full grown, Avill fetch from $750 to $1,000, according to .species, rigors rim from $500 to $750, according to their variety; Do you knoAV," he continued, "that there are live varlties of ru.val tigers? And, besides them, there are the tigers AA'lilch come from Java, Sumatra, Penang, and even from the Avasites of Siberia. Snakes are very much down in the market at present. Those Avhich formerly fetched $25 or $50 you can IIOAV get for $10. Very large one sometimes run tip to $30; loopardK $150; black panthers, $200 to $300; striped and spotted panthers, $125; jaguars run from $150 to $(500. A good polar bear Avill fetch from $150 to $200. BroAvn bears from $30 to $50. Black American bears from $50 to $100. A sloth from Thibet, $125 to $150. Monkeys run from $1.50 apiece. Tlu<v arc most expensive in the spring, Avlien. they Avill sometimes fetch as much as $5. Giiraft'es are alto- gpitlier out of the market," continued Mjr. Haganlreck, AAith a, sigh, "for there are none to be obtained." CHICAGO, June 10.—There must be nearly r>00,00j Germans here and if they did not all get into Michigan Avenue this -morning it was because Michigan Avenue between Park row and .Monro-i Street won't hold that many peoole. There is nothing meek and lowly about these 500,000 either. When they once wrenched a day from the week for their own uses they made all Chicago recogni/.e it whether it wanted to or not. They closed up their own sh.ops and factories, the courts and the public offices indulged them in many cases,,nd finally they turned the down-town stieets into a writhing tangle in which ordinary traffic was ti-amplsd like a fly in a spi ier's web. There was no getting about anywhere within five blockn of the line of march. As for Michigan Avenue, where the fun centered, the Germans had got fixed na firmly as logs- in a jam before 10 o'clock, and unless you wanted to duck under the hoofs of; the horses you had no business trying to make your way up that street. Tue police had to use their clubs all the time to keep the crowd from bursting over the cui-b and tangling up the I processionists who were hurrying along to f,et into the park before the line should start. ! origniest sur tnat ever snone over tne White City and a cool breeze that •wept gently in from the lake contrlb* uted an inspiring influence to the holi* day temper of the crowd And made each visitor, willing or not, a victim of the carnival spirit that reigned. Topullst Women In, %r»r. TOPEKA, Xan., June IS.—Populist women held a State convention here to organize woman's suffrage association and got into a row. Mrs. Eva Harding, who proposed the movement, wanted to be President of the association. The Women of this city tried to pack the con* vention and elect Mrs. Anna L. Diggs. This angered the friends of M«. Lease, Mrs. Diggs* mortal' foe, who went to Mrs. Harding, The wife of ex-congressman Otis led the DiggsiteB. On the first ballot Mrs. Harding lea. but there was no election. Votes hacj been cast for Mrs. Otis and she was asked by the Hardingites to withdraw. She refused to do so. The convention then elected Mrs. Otis president. The bolters may organize an independent association. AFTER CONFESSION Nobles of the Mystic Shrine. CINCINNATI, Ohio, June 15.—The Imperial council of the Nobles of the Mystic Shrine yesterday spent much time in the consideration of the action of imperial Potentate Mclish in suspending Recorder Luce of Chicago. The action was not sustained on the ground that the constitution and rules )f the order gave the imperial poten- ;ate no such authority. Officers were sleeted as follows: Imperial poten- .ate, Thomas J. Hudson of Pittsburgh deputy imperial potentate, Charles L. Ticld, San Francisco; chief rabbi, frank Locke, Boston. ANTOiNE WELLER ADMITS A LIB AND FLEES. STATES THAT HIS TRAIN WRECKING STORY WAS UNTRUE. Gavo as Sheriff the Slip—He Tore Up the South Shore Track hi Hopes of Receiving a Reward—Several Shots Fired at Him—Wisconsin News hi General. Thinks He Has a Cluoh. WASHINGTON, June li.— Charles VY. Schindler is said to have as good as an ironclad mortgage on the New Albany postottice, and the chances are that his commission will be made out not later than July 1. Jason Brown is his sponsor and did much to expedite the appointment. NEWS IN BRIEF. Several buildings at Mexico. Mo., it was a merrymaking crowd and a were damaged by a severe electric boisterous one that lormed the pro- Storm. pro- came cession. First the marshals through wearing plug hats and riding M Blll . llierB „,„ „„„ lieni boots and smoking cigars. Everybody nac e were probably fatally in llllfi smnkpd nm it. WH.R Rtnvt.linn- t« _. i»»uwu.uiy j.utuuy * in line smoked and it was startling to see a crusader sitting on top of a wooden horse in a beer Avagon pulling away at a long black cigar. Then the turners, as fiue a NOT THE DEAREST. When the Season for Vegetables is at It-ij Height They Are the Best. By .slow process .of cooking, such as brassing, etc., says Maria Pat loa, it is possible, to produce palatable and uutritouss food from the cheapest :uts of meat. If one Avill select the fish that is abundant hi that neighborhood ivhere he lives, rather than the rarer ;iiuls, it imtiy, wiiith a little care and skill in tho preparation, be made to •ival tlie more expensive kinds. Green vegetables are ueA r er cheuip vheii they first come, nor when the pason or them is nearly over; but vhen the market is supplied in abtui- laiice they are not only cheaper, but, jelng grown nearer home, are better. t: will be best, therefore, to use these 'egetables only when they are cheap. •V fresh vegetable diet ds not cheap u a large ci,ty. Still fresh vegetables re necessary to perfect health, and hey should be provided for the table vheiiiever they are in season and within ." .Hie.'s means, .Macaroni, rice, dried looking regiment of broad-chested young fellows as ever gets out in Chicago, swung through at a company front with their little walking sticks on their shoulders. The German veterans followed in Grand Army blue-and-bruss. Some of the old fellows were mixed up in that '48 affair which sent Carl tichurz across the border and made JudgeBrentano's father embark for this > ountry. They were cheered as they went up to get in line and as they came back marching behind the carriages. Then there was a lot of floats. Young fellows in masquerade clothes rode in caravels and talked German to Christopher Columbus, a fat man with a beard which fell off four times on the way to Park row. A pyramid of Five men vvere injured, one fatally, and twenty cars smashed in a wreck on the Niekle Plate road at Hamburg, Evans and Sontag, the California bandits, will recover from their wounds, it is now believed. They will be taken from Visalia to Fresno for trial. William H. Price, President of the savings bank at Norwalk, Ohio, had three ribs'broken and received serious internal injuries by an attack from a bull. John R. Asmus shot William Mat- thing. Wellen s'lid if>xvs fiiro fimoo o* •, n.. 1 rM. - I """<=>• 1V1-1M.U ftiUU Ashland, Wis., June 14.—Antoine Welieu, the man who professes to have discovered and frustrated an attempt to, wreck an express train on the Du- iuth, South Shore & Atlantic railroad near Sauboru, was arrested yesterday it Marquette charegd with the attempt :o wreck the train and was taelui to Sunborn. While Sheriff O'Brien, of Ashland, was'eatiug dinner tlie prisoner escaped and lied down the railroad track. He was followed by the u nicer and a dozen shots were exchanged, but he'is still at large. Tne prisoner had confessed he tore up the track, and he showed the officers where the tools were concealed. Welieu posed as ilie savior of hundreds of human livi s. On the night hi question Welieu fl.-iv.ged the train a short distance from a high bridge and told the engineer an attempt had been made to wreck the train by three men who had torn up one of the rails on to bridge. He claimed that he was on his way home when he came across the men at their work and remonstrated with them, but they threw him from the bridge into the creek and left him for dead. According to his story he succeeded in reaching the track In time to warn the engineer and prevent an awful calamity. After the rail had been replaced the train proceeded on its way, taking Wellcn along. He told two or three different stories regarding the affair, and Conductor Egan became suspicious. After the train reached : Marquette, Mich., one of the company's detective's was put to work on the case. The detective accused Wolleii of being the instigator of the whole affair, and the latter broke down and confessed every- thews five times at Vasalia, trouble grew out of a laAVi ^»^ thews' wounds are believed to be fatal. OURRENT NOTES. When money gets tight it is locked up.—Elmii-a Gazette. Some people imagine that tbey de- pretty girls with yellow hair of their ' s.'i-ve a month's rest every time they own ana gauze w.ngs of the costumers do right.—Galvestou News. stood at the ieet of a buxom Germania, guarding her against all ioes, and holding on to her so she wouldn't be jolted off the wagon. A Bavarian windmill led by a man with The man who delights to get up with the lark is never seen out upon one after dark.—Boston Courier. The after-dinner speaker and the abag of meal across his saddle was before-breakfast speaker may be one kaiser) went by sitting on a throne ana surrounded by Unser Fritz, Bismarck VOH Moltke and the rest of hi staff, the united Germans alonj Falls. • The Viking ship arrived at New London, Conn, The little vessel experienced some severe gales, but behaved admirably. It is announced that Canon Paolo Emtilio Bergnmaschi has been made sec- W. F. Furrow, livin field by ding The run on the savings banks in Detroit, Mich., has spent its force. Near- ed those officers': fy all the banks posted ninety-day notices. of Washington, D. C., and the inability to be present of the wife of Vice-President Stevenson the proposed congress of the daughters of the American Revolution at St. Paul, Minn., has been abandoned. ^Obituary: At St. Paul, Mrs. Caro- of General Merritt.—At Cleveland, Mrs. ««*.) vi iiiiiiitugmiima lor me amurs lino Warren Merritt Avife of C> • •• 1 anada and the United States. Wesley Merritt.—At Cleveland' Aris V. F. Furrow living near Spring- Martha Honvorth, ino e of Tosenh (1, HI., was shot and fatally wounded Ha worth, the actor, a-J seven v two a burglar on the d:,y before his wed- -At Havana, Seno C^os N vanSoj Simon Mahoncy, a patient in tlie gold cure institute at Niagara Falls, shot the Cuban poet. | Rockford college trustees have elect- 'ed those officers: President, Joseph Emerson, D. D.; vice president, G. A. Sanford; secretary, W. A. Talcott; treasurer, Miss Julia C. Lathrop; new W. India that it will resume business June 10 with $750,000 in cash in its vaults. At, radical meetings in England names of royalty -were hissed and it was voted to ignore the wedding of the duke of York and Princess Mary. The inter-shite wnvontion of the American Sabbath union met at Indianapolis and formulated a protest against Sunday opening of the world's fair. Tlie British house of commons has the third clause of sec- A deficiency of Institution has been dis- New York; dent Clarence D. Henton and Secretary William II. Buxton had made overdrafts of $845 and $25,000 respectively and after making tlie n mounts good Js a most .satisfactory veyatablu; so are C!Ulllwl Iomiltoc8i whl(jh alll b(S ' scrveu in soups, sauces and as a vegetable, simply stewed or etjcallopcd. Cheese, when properly cooked, Ls healthful and nutritious. In a perfect Welsh rarebit or when toasted or combined with macaroni, cheese makes an appetizing, wholesome and economical dish. cheered by all the Bavarians, and « n d the.same person. But you wouldn't William ^ (tho old I think it to compare his remarks on the " 'two occasions.— Washington Star. "How did Wilkins happen to get bald-' headed so young?" "He began sitting in the front row at the theater when he was 10 years old and has kept it" up ever since."— Detroit Free Press. "Tennis is a splendid game, don't you think so, Miss Highflyer?" "Yes, indeed; my brother Tom, who is great on football, you know, says tennis is simply immense— for girls and duffers." —Boston Beacon. Husband (after a sharp quarrel)— "You may buy the dress if you wish, street roared unanimously Emperor seemed to en the applause. Strange t SKLDOM PINCHED THAT WAY. Dutroit Free Press.—"Could I ask a great favor?" asked the guest of the hotel clerk a.sf he beckoned at tlie keyboard for tho key to room No. 44. "You could, sir." "W'ill you sell or lend mo about a pound of chicory until tomorrow? I've been out, but all the groceries arc closed up." "Couldn't possibly do it, my dear sir," was the bland reply. "The steward just, told mo that we hadn't over teii pounds ofl cliticory for breakfast, with ]5() fe r »<'si.s in the house, and we may were forced to resign. The paying tell-! be obliged to use as much 1 as two or the The j°y say he recognized many people" in the crowd and bowed to them. At liar rispn Street he leaned out and saic affably, '-How-de do, Lena," to a gain front row. Nearly all the people who rode in open carriages with th flags of America and Germany on thu horses' heads and pink and green roses on the doors sang song's, and the sharp shooters and canary bird raisers stopped long enough to serenade the Bavarian windmill. It was a great parade. Many saidi. equaled the civic demonstration las October in honor of the dedication o: the Exposition. Headed by a squad o: Central detail policemen,' under the command of Lieut, liehm, Chief Marshal Frank Wentcr, with his numer- ovs staff,rode proudly in the van of the winding procession. The brass band ol the Guard du Corps, looking stunning in their white uniforms and dazzling helmets, burst into a storm o) music when the column got fairly in motion and continued to play until the Auditorium was passed. There was a chorus of exclamations from the admiring multitudes when Director Herold's musicians passed, and not even the sight of Gen. Lieb on horseback, at the head of the first division could displace the impression they imprinted on the spectators. A. cheer went up all along the line at the next detachment. It was the veterans of the Twenty-fourth and Eighty-second Illinois • Volunteers. They were old men, most of them bent with ' toil as well as years, but they Avaved their canes in glad re.- sponse to the hearty recognition. Between their ranks Avalked three women abrea&t, wearing badges Woman's Relief Corps. of the or, D. D. Tompkins, is said'to have stolen $18,000. More than 8,000 coal and iron miners have now quit work near Khulno, Bohemia. The police and two companies of military attempted to prevent the been under debate since May 30. Local creditors have forced an assignment of .the Rockford Folding Bed company. The company owes in the neighborhood of $50,000, with assets of half that amount. followed thirty or forty rioters were wounded. A desperate and bloody combat took place at St. Joseph, Mo., between two tailors, William AValsh and John McGee, the weapons used being shears. Both men were literally and frightfully tho recovery of either is three, pounds of coffee- to got out of the pinch." TO MAKIO CLOTH WATEKPItOOF. supposed to be that of Herman Schaff- considered improbable ner has been identified as that of Her- - "'U»o»ai>it. man Flasch. Fire at Cleveland burned the plant of the Merlam & Morgan ParafHne com- P, an y &»d fte Jroncjaxj paint company's -Jjg.1..r.,,.. . i'm ""trB-r-.....!,.., t^.^AAMAjflAA.^ _ _, _ ' . . Twenty-four years ago George Morris "- shot and killed at WheelervlHo, Here Ja a receipt to make ordinauy cloth waterproof. In a pail of soft Avater put half a pound of sugar of lead (Iho acetate of lead) and half a pound of alum; stir this at intervals until it becomes clear, then pour 4t oil' into another pail and put lluj gninneuls therein mid let them stand for twenty- four houra. Then hang up to dry without Avringing. Garments treated thus can bo worn In the wfldcst storm of Aviud or rai^ Without the wearer getting cA r en damp. The rain hangs tin globules upon the cloth, and cloth that GREATEST WAV OF ALL. Never Before Was the Crowd to Large at Jauksou Park. CHICAGO, June 15.—This was a great day at the fair. Trams rattled into the new terminal • station every few minutes and from each hundreds of nersons were unloaded. It was fch« r&'rgeist crowu 01 people ever gainerea at the fair, or at any other one place in this country, for that matter. In* diana folks who came up to dedicate their building helped out, and so did the world at large, but sons and daughters of vaderland, and their sons and daughters, were easily first in numbers and merry-making. The crush became so great at the two busiest gates that all the turnstiles were put in operation and only ope at entrance WHS devoted to passes. The fun started as soon as the people got inside of the gates because the friend and nelgh, Hob- He was confident the company would reward him handsomely for his bravery, but he did not figure on having the affair turn out as it did. He had inflicted wounds on his face and arms to indicate that a desperate struggle had taken place Avth the alleged train wreckers and gain the sympathy of the passengers and trainmen for his bravery. TOOK LAUDANUM. A La Cro.?so Veteran Makes an Attempt to End His Life. La Crosse, Wis., June 14.—P. H. Lee, n'ged 70 years, and a veteran of the rebellion, took a dose of laudanum last aight with intent. He told his (vil'e what he had done and she summoned a doctor who pumped the man >ut and saved his life. He gave no reasou for the action except that he was tired of life. WHALEN IS INDIFFERENT. Efforts Will Be Made to Establish the Insanity of the Murderer. but I shan't pay for it." Wife—"Then"' . tTanesvule > Ju^e 14.—The coolest man they'll sue you for the amount." Husband—"So much the better; in case I'll pawn the piano for money."—Huinoristische Blatter. that the FIXING A FLOOR. It was tlie misfortune of a woman whose carpets were several of them rugs to move into a house where the floors were of soft wood, unevenly laid in the circuit court is the man to whom the future should look the blackest- Charles A. Whnlen, charged with a heinous murder. With the certainty of going to the state's prison or to the madhouse, with, nothing apparently to look forward to but this, he was as unconcerned yesterday as tlie stalwart bailiff who watched him. One leg was hooked over the side of Is chair, while one hand hung carelessly at his side. With the other and filled with many knotholes and i hand he hung carelessy to his coat col- cracks. Some way must be found to make the floor a suitable background for rugs. Filling was a possibility, but it Avould be the same trouble at housecleaning time as a carpet and not as sanitary. After a diligent study of Avays and means she tried an experiment that proved a success. The cracks were filled with a papier nmche made from the pulp of neAvs- papers, torn into fragments and soaked n Avater. Then the floor Avas painted with a thick coat of Indian red cou- :alning a little more oil than Is usually nixed AAith such paint. When the mint Avas dried sufficiently about the fourth day after painting, the floor covered AA^th a thin coat of shellac, thinned Avith alcohol as it was put on. In about a week the floor was ready lar. His coat and vest were unbuttoned owing to the heat of the court room. Most of the doiy AVOS ocupled in .trying to get a jury, and a-t 2:30 o'clock the last man had been accepted and the trial Avas under way.' The attorneys for the defense were extren ely critical in the selection of a jury, the principal object was to find o-at If the talisman understood and believed in heredity, and if the juror was lllcely to treat insanity as a disease that could be transmitted frprn generation to generation. The general answer was that they thought Insanity could be transferred. Another point on which each' talesman wns questioned was whether or not he would be prejudiced against a man who used liquor. From this question 'or polishing, and a mixture for tho !t was e vMent that the testimony Avould nu-pose was made from, eight ounces U eal Vfi ^ 1 the intoxication of the de- )f yelloAV beeswax, a piece of rosin *"~ he size of a small butternut and a hit of turpentine. Tills was heated, mixed thoroughly and cooled. A polish- ng brash with a long handle is a nec- »ssity at this stage of the work, and t must be admitted that the brash is Heavy and hard to handle. If you an convince your stronger half that ollshing the floor is as healthful, ab •Iding a wheel or boxing, then apply liis polish with a flannel cloth while t is Avann, putting it on as thin and venly as possible. In three or four oui-s the Avielder of the brash should o over each board lengthwise half a ozen times. Continue t,o Avax tho floor "tig way once a month for a time, you will soon have a rich-colored Shining floor, Dust it daily wttk ft fendant. Another question was- "If it was shoAvn that the defendant Avas tramping at the time of the niurder would such facts cause you to question his statements?" The testimony was devoted wholly to statements as to traces of insanity in T^ en ^ n , t>S fa f lly - °' A " Herron,Mi*. John Usher, Miss Ella Whalen, sister l Peter ™m' f ° mer em P lo yei's of Whalen, William Harts, a fellow miner of ^f • and Dr " *">«'* Green, all Shullsburg, were on the stand. They testified as to the father's and Mm. Robert Hander, of

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