The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on April 27, 1892 · Page 2
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 2

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 27, 1892
Page 2
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mmn Dm MOINE& , IOWA, WEDNB8DAY4.Aim.ff.jM IOWA, Tnfe oldest living naval officer in the world is Commodore Henry Bruce, of the United States navy. He is 95. Miss VIOLA GniLwoijD,' the only woman in a class of forty-eight men at the College of Pharmacy, Northwestern University, carried off the first prize. EBONY is said to be so abundant in some parts of Mexico that it, is used as firewood by the people and as fuel by the railways. THE Silk association of America and the Silk Industry association have decided to combine in making the finest possible exhibit of sHk goods and products at the world's fair. THE little ten year old daughter of Professor Hudson has sreated a great sur prise in England. She has re-written the book of Euclid, added original examples, and every one of her propaitions. THE world has cause to regret the death of that talanted lady Dr. Amelia B. Edwards, authoress and Egyptologist. She was attacked by la-grippe during her tour in this country in 1889, and never fully recovered. QQEKN VICTOKIA'S crown, made in 1838, contains 3,000 precious stonon, and is valued at $1,500,000. five sixths of the stones are diamonds. THE lower part of • the band is a row of 129 pearh, the upper part of 112. It also contains saprhirea, emeralds and rubies. THE Massachusetts legislature has killed a resolution in favor of shutting up the •world's fair Sundays. The New York up- propriodon provides for Sunday closing in the departinsut of the fair from that state. THE king of Shun possesses one of the finest collection of jewels in the -world. He has determined to sell a part of it, and has sent an agent to Paris to dispose of a quantity of superb diamonds and unset rubies. THE now voting machine that was tested at Lockport, N. Y., the other day, ought to make its inventor a rich man if i 1 ' can do right along what they say it did at Lockport. About 400 votes were cast, and within five minutes after the closing of the poloa the result;; was announced in all its completeness. THE first steamship of the now lino between tlio linked' States and Mexico has mftdo her first voyaare from Philadelphia to Vera Cruz. This steamship was built in a British shipyard by a British firm, though tho Mexican-American company might have got better steamships built ia American shipyards by American firms. THE "Toocled island" in the exposition grounds in beginning to assume the character which in great part it will have during the fair— that of a gigantic (lower garden. - Already, the floricullural depiirt- ment has received 27,000 rose bushes and other plants, several thousand of which came from abroad. These are being transplanted on tha island. THE New York legislature has enacted a law which will delight hotel keepers more than thoir guests. Heretofore a'man could deposit his valuables in the safe of the hotel and the proprietor was responsible for their return, regardless of the value. The new law limits his responsi. billty to $250. If there is a loss from any cause the owner muat stand all beyond the amount of $250. MKB. Fnnon SHELDONJ the woman explorer of Africa.spentmany months in the dark continent, the companion of natives and surrounded by \i ild beasts and great serpants without any show of fear. She was named "the Master woman" by the native chiefs, who were ever reaedy to do hsr bidding. She returned from Africa with many trophies of her hunting expeditions where she faced tigers and escaped thecoilh of pythons. IN South Africa nature furnishes ready to handtia substitute for the fly paper Americans have BO patiently to prdpa,'/e in the shape of plant botanically roridula dentata. It yrows sevcra 1 feet high, und is hung in room's of the colonists to catch flies just as the artifiual article is here. It is closely allied to the Droseras— the Sun-dews of par swamps—made so memorable by Mr. Drawin'a works, in which he shows that these plants catch insects for the direct purpose of eating them— that they are really carnivorous plants. So well did the trustees of the great Tildeu estate manage their trust that when tho estate was recently divided it was found that the net profits on income for five years amounted to an increase of $1,000,000. This was exclusive of all expenses of litigation and administration. Samuel J. Tilden'a estate was originally appraised at $5,000,000. The Governor was a shrewd » buyer, but some of his purchases proved bad. With now investments the trustee* so managed, however, that New York city is not a little indebted to them for a good share of the amount that tho heirs did not absorb and which goes to the end that the testator meant a much larger sum should go to, namely, a great public library. THE LATEST NEWS. GENERAL NOTES. A DISCOVERY of gold is reported from Buckner, Ark. COL. GEORGE GRAY, the New York lawyer, is dead of paresis. JOHA.NN MOST has resumed his anarchistic harangues in New York. SAMUEL JACKSON, -the most famous manufacturer of fireworks in the country, is dead. THE Duluth & Winnipeg road secured terminal facilities in Allouez bay, where the Mesaba & Northern will build ore docks. OUR recent blizzard is now raging in Englahd, and is continuing its course northeast toward (he Baltic sea. TIIE Georgia supreme court has affirmed the constitutionality of the law making railroads amenable to county taxation. ON Wednesday night, General A. G. Edwards, for many years United States sub-treasurer at St. Louis, died, aged 80. AT New York, Miss Georgine Welters has be-n awarded $126,000 in n breach of promise suit against Schulz, the wealthy inventor. FIVM hundred and forty chinamen—the largest invoice ever received from, the Flowery kingdom—have reached British Columbia, and will try to get into the United States. CHIEF ENGINEER N. B. CLARK, of Washington, inventor of the deflective armor now used on the •warships of all nations, died Monday morning. TRUMAN A. MERRIAM, who was a member of the forty-eighth congress, and for many years a reporter on the staff of the New York Sun, died Saturday. BARON FAVA has received orders to return to his post flt the Italian legation in Washington, THE president has nominated John E. Tanner, of Illinois, to be assistant treasurer of Chicago. JOHAN MOST, the New York anarchist, was released from prison Tuesday, having served ten months for an 'address inciting a not in November, 1887. M. J. TIEHNEY, a Louisville freight conductor, who was injured by the explosion of a barrel of naphtha, has secured a verdict of $20,000 against the Standard Oil company. THE National Civil Service Reform League will hold its annual meeting in Now York April 28 and 29. George William Curtis is among the speakers who will address it. THE twenty-fourth New York republican congressional district!convention met at Albany. Henry G. Hunger and Hobart K.rum, Harriaon men, were named as delegates to the convention at Minneapolis. ANTI-LICENSE .carried at Iroquois, Ills., by a majority of onej rJurt of the license ticket was elected, however. ROSWELL SMITH, A president of The Century Magazine company, died Tuesday morning of Blight's disease. He has been unconscious a month. AT the biaiclist meeting' at Brighton Tuesday, Fowler, an English rider, in u hall-mile scratch race beat Arthur A. Zimmerman of the New York Athletic club, iiino yards. THE steamship Conemaugh with the '280,000 pounds of flour for the famine stricken people of Russia, sailed from New York Monday for Philadelphia; to complete her cargo and will then sail for Riga. THE people of sis counties in Texas are starving because of three years of poor crops. An appeal has been published asking for contributions of corn and other supplies to bo addressed to the central committee, care B. R. Monroe, San An tonio, county iudge. >• SAMUEL F. HEHSEY, who was suspended on the Sth.inst. from' practics before the pension office, .pending the investigation of that cilice on account of misuse of con' gressional call slips,' has been disbarred entirely from practice before the interior department and all of its bureaus.. IT is reported that Col. Frank Wheaton, of the Second United States infantry, stationed at Omaha, appointed to the vacant brigadier-generalship, and that tions at Cadiz will be mite outrages. marked by dyna- IN accord with the- notice given by the Federation of Master Cotton Spinners of England, the majority of the Cotton mills in the federation were stopped Saturday throwing many thousands of people out o; employment. OBIM.B. FIRE bugs are jperating at San Antonio, causinsr much excitement and terror. A GRAND FORKS bank cashier embezzles. He attributes his downfall to gamb- ing. * RICHARD M. WATSON, a New York stock broker, committed suicide ir Philadelphia Friday. EUQENE KAUFFMAN, postmaster at Reisel, Texas, was assassinated by two negroes who were trying to rob his store, A NEGRO doctor near Quiacy, 111., killed a man for refusing to pay him for treat lug his mother for cancer, to cure her. having failed THE body of Mrs. Catharina Biever, of Buffalo, N. Y., was found in bed with the head crushed in by an ax. Her husband had committed the murder. W. C. EHSKINE, of Pittsburgh, Pa., was knocked down by footpads Saturday morning and robbed of $1,000 and all his valuables. THEODORE WEIS, n St. Louis cigar- maker, 35 years of age, committed suicide by placing the muzzle of a revolver in his mouth and discharging it, blowing off the upper portion of his head. WILLIAM: E. WOODRUFF, ex-state treasurer of Arkansas, .'charged with embezzling state funds, has been acquitted by a jury. A. M. HEATON, teacher in the primary department of the public schools at Fairview, 111., committed suicide Saturday morning by shooting himself through the right temple. WHILE Bishop Perry was preaching at the Episcopal church in Dubque, Iowa, Sunday night pickpockets worked the throngs wliich filled the aisles, but got little wealth. A NEGRO robbsr in Mississippi was pursusd to the mountain?. When brought to-day he killed one of his pursuers and gave the other two a terrible Jight before he waa finally captured. .* CHARLES BLACKMAN, a cattie'.tuief who for five years has eluded officers of the law, has been captured and placed in jail at Cuslon, Iowa. There are several indictments pending against him for wholesale cattle stealing. EX-SENATOR EUGENE F. O'CONNOR, of Brooklyn, brother of. James Owen O'pou nor, the actor, has been sued by his sister who charges that he has conspired to de fraud his brothers and sisters of their share of thoir father's estata, which is valued at $500,000. was ratified The treaty at treaty with Great Britain with substantial unanimity. is signed by Elaine and Panncefort HOUSE.— The Noyes tested election case length, but DO decided action was taken in the matter. A resolution was reported by Mr. Catchings of Mississippi, providing for an investigation of the alleged violation of the civil service laws by Federal offiiers in Baltimore.- The resolution was adopted. WEDNESDAY, APRIL 20. SENATE.— The silver resolution of Air. Morgan was taken up. ' Mr. Teller addressed the senate at length in favor OL free silver, an'l declared himself as strongly opposed to the force bill, as having no relation to the question of silver. The senate, after some time spent in executive session, adjourned. HOUSE.— Tbe Rockwell-Noyes election contest was again taken up. Mr. Cobb commenced the debate in a speech sup- portong the minority report, and was followed by Mr. Gillespie in behalf of the committee No iurther action being taken before adjournment. 'FIB3S AND THE Cumberland Spoke company's factory at Biiruside, Ky., burned Sunday nicrht. JOHN CHAMBERS wa,s aeddently shot and killed Sunday at Bloomint'ton, Ind., by William Doub. ' _ MRS. JANE HAWSEN, a?ed 65 years and living at Franklin by a train. Grove, 111., was killed when confirmed hefwill Vancouver' barracks, the the Columbia. be asfigned'tc headquarters of FOREIGN. SNOWSTORMS are raging in the Alps, and many towns in Austria and the Tyrol are'snowbound. FIRE in a St. Petersburg tenement aouse Wednesday resulted in the death of at least nine persons, and many more are missing. ' ELABORATE preparations are ' being made at Madrid to celebrate the 400th mniversary of the discovery of America jy Columbus, . PRESIDENT DIAZ has been unanimously alected a candi»ate for re-election by the liberal party of Mexico, MARSHAL Joveller y Soler, president of the supremo council of war and marine, of Spain, died Saturday. IT is rumored that the second daughter af the duke of Edinburgh ia betrothed to the grand duke of Herze, THE Russian nihilists are reported to have emphatically rejected anarchitt overtures for an alliance of forces. RUSSIA has loaned Persia $2,500,000 at 6 per cent. This is in order to counteract British influence in Persia. THE banking house of the Rothschilds it Frankfort is «iid to havo lost 1,000,JOO marks through an absconding cashier. LARGE numbers of distressed Russian peasants are gathered on the German frontier, and are trying to enter that country in epite of the guards. HE death is announced of Henri de Hock, tlio French playwright and novelist. He was born in Paris in 1821, and was a son of the grout novelist, Paul de Kock. A 1-HIE8T was buheaded in a Spanish ihurch. The murderer killed and injured several others with swore! and revolver be:'ore he was captured, SENOR ANTANO CLESI-O, son of .he 'eader of the Venezuelan revolution, is in 3an Autonio without a cent in his pocket. IB will remain in this country until the war in which his father is engaged, is ended. ! , THE Cadiz authorities made a further discovery of seuruted dynamite, and mu$a alarm prevails among the inhabitants. It is feared that the May day deniori8tr.ft- Miis. JULIA Biinssr, of West Bay City, I Mich., while in a skiff in the to\v of the ' steamer Atlantic, Monday, on Clinton River, became frightened, foil overboard, and was drowned. THE Forcite powclnr works, on Lake Hoplaconga, N. Y., exploded Monday afternoon. Several are reported killed. GLADWATER, a village near Longvww, Tex., was struck by a cyclone Wednesday morning. Several houses were'wrecked, two persons killed and several injurad. r~] A MAN named K«)llRoy was fatally in jured at Iowa Falls, Iowa, Tuesday evening by being caught in a cog wheel at the tile works. The enpine could not be stopped in time. A TORNADO swept through Petersburg, Va., Saturday morning, demolishing a number of dwellings and killing Mrs. Milton R. Rose and a servant girl in her employ. THE yarn mill of E. B, "Wnodworth, at Oriskany Falls, N. Y., was destroyed by tire Tuesday night. Loss, $50,000. FIVE buildings belonging to the Staten Island dyeing works, at"West Newbright, L. I., were burned Tuesday morning. Loss, $100,000; insurance, $40,000. CONGKKSS. SATURDAY, April 16. HOUSE.— The following bills were passed: For the establishment of a military post at Little Rook., Ark.; to authorize the Marinette & Western railroad company to construct a railroad through the Menominee Indian reservation in Win- "ousin. In the committee of tbo whole several addresses were made on the naval appropriation bill, but no definite notion was taken. . MONDAY, April 18. SENATE —The attention of the senate, wus called to an alleged discrimination made by the United States & Brazilian stsamship company atrainst the merchants and produce dealers of the south and west, by refusal to Jnnd at the port of Newport News coffee shipped from Brazil. A bill and resolutions bearing on the subject were referred to the committee on com merce, The vote whereby the t-nmite passed the bill to amend the act of 1890 to establish the ciicuit court of appeals, nnd to define and regulate th« jurisdiction of i the courts of the United States, was taicoii up and after some amendments was n-,'airi passed. The bill to facilitate the disposition of cases in the court of claim*, wa taken up aud passed. Tho president, sant a message- to the senate on the Bering Sou modus vivendi, which w-is referred to the committee on foreign relations. Housu,.-—Mr. Mcllao, a Arkansas, called up the bill to adjust swamp laud grunts and fix a limitation for the filing of c'mms thertuader. After considerable disau.s • ion tho bill was lost by a vote of 113 to 76. The naval appropriation bill was then taken up in committee of the whole, ami elicited u lengthy debate. Several uinevid- ments ware offered, but th°y wore all lo-r.. The committee tuen arose, aud. the bill was passed. THURSDAY, ArriilJ). SENATE.—The silver question was debated at some lengih. On a molioa to ke out the provisions in the Arizona funding jj bill.making the interest payable in gold aud insert instead of the words "lawful money," a yea and nay vote was called for. Mr. Hill, of New York, voted aye. The motion was adopted after a general silver debate. Th,e modus Groat Uritiiln Must Unit. WASHINGTON, April 21.—Great Britain Is to be politely but firmly informed that the Monroe doctrine is still in working order, and that encroachmeutB in Venezuela are contrary to his teachings and must stop. This information will be" officially conveyed to Great Britain in the near future. That country may fancy that because the United Stated has witnessed the robbing of the weak Venzuehms of territory without protest no protest is to be made. It is true this country has been apparently remiss. But, in so grave a matter haste is not compatible with conservative statesmanship. But trustworthy investigations have been made, and this government has arrived at the opinion that Great Britain is in no way entitled to the territory she has been acquiring. Appeal of Colored Men. WASHINGTON, April 21.—A delegation bearing an address adopted at s recent mass meeting of colored people in New York called on tbo President to-day, asking on behalf of their race whether the attention of the country could not be called to the outrages perpetrated on the negroes in the South. » Replying, the President said in brief that the constitutional limitations of his office prevented his interference, and advised a compilation of the outrages covering a period of a year for presentation to the country. He promised to aid in any proper way in an effort to arouse such a state of public opinion as would make a repetition of such outrages- impossible. JJension O/flco Investigation. WASHINGTON, April 21.—The pension office investigation, was continued today. J. M. Greenwell, a clerk, testified that lie had been discharged from the office for being a Democrat, but was reinstated after an interview with Secretary Noble. He got back through political influence. 'He was now a Republican. Special Examiner Brooks testified that a clerk named B. A. Martin had secured an attorney's mail from the postoilice in Topelai. Martin testified that the attorney had axithoriswd him to get the letters. It was a private matter. It had nothing to do with getting pension information. Presidential Nominations. 'WASHINGTON, April 21.—The President to-day sent to the Senate the nomination of Nathan O. Murphy of Arizona, to be Governor of Arizona, vice John N. Irwin, resigned, and these postmasters: Minnesota—James E. Williams, Watervllle; II. Luce, Owattona; James A. Foote, Anoka. Iowa—George Sanborn, Fonda. North Dakota—Iver \\. Chantland, Mayville. Deficiency Appropriation. WASHINGTON, April 21.—The speaker laid before the House to-day a letter from the,acting secretary of the Treasury submitting estimates for an appropriation of $533,633, required by the various departments of the government, to complete the service for the fiscal year ending- June 30, 1892, and the prior years. Whitney for President. WASHINGTON, April 21.—A Democratic United States Senator made the statement this afternoon that the breach in'New York Democratic ranks had been healed by an agreement to support Whitney for President.Gorman is said to be responsible for the agreement, and he will accept a seat in the Cabinet. Nothing in the Story. WASHINGTON, April 21.— Secretary lilaine was asked this morning eon- Oarning- the report that San Domingo had been bought by an American syndicate aud that the purchase met wit* his approval. He replied: "There is not a word of truth in v it," SHOCKS STILL FELT. A Kecnrrence of the Earthquake Wave Extends Throughout Central California. At Sacramento it is Sharper Thau Before and Causes Much » Damage, At Many Other Places Chimneys Fall uiid Brick Building's Are Demolished. SAN FRANCISCO, April 21.—There was a recurrence of the earthquake w.ave today in the central part of the state, perceptible in this city and noticeable as far east as Reno. It was felt as far north as Red- bluff, and south to the S^n Joaquin valley. The shock was not quite as severe as that of Monday night at most points, but at Sacramento it was sharper than any previous one and caused some excitement. At the state capitol building, one of the plaster figures above the main portico was over-' turned and precipitated to the ground. At Woodland, brick walls fell clown and a, number of chimneys were overturned. At Dixon and Davisville several brick buildings which were damaged Monday were demolished. A survey of the damages at six towns in the Vaca and Sacramento valleys show that the buildings were of & frail character. In this city and Sacramento the shock was not noticeable in strong business blocks nor the mission churches, many of which are over a hundred years old. A dispatch from Esparto says a severe shock occurred there this morning, completely leveling the brick portion of the town. Every brick chimney was thrown to the ground and wooden buildings were wrenched out of shape. Several people were painfully injured. Reports from the country^ around Esparte tell of great destruction to property. Many teams broke and ran away, wrecking many vehicles and injuring stock. Extensive excavations are reported between Esparto and Woodland. At Sacramento, the plastering; fell from a number of ceilings, many chimneys toppled, and glassware was broken in crockery stores. In the state house besides the toppling over of the plaster statue a crack was made in the ceiling extending from one end of the building to the otiier. Books were thrown from shelves in the library. At the town of Winter the shock completed the demolition of buildings injured Monday, one man being badly hurt by a falling wall. At Davisvill<) the shock seemed to exceed that of Monday, fissures in the ground showing considerable enlargement, and much additional damage being dona to property. At Dixon toda y's shock completed the wreck begun Monday. Only two or three brick buildings in town are safe. There were many nairow escapes frooi serious accidents. At Woodland, old breaks were enlarged' -and many now cracks wore noticeable, the hoiel and several prominent buildings being injured. Reports of a similar nature come from all the towns in the valley. Another slight shock of earthquake occurred at 7:15 this evening. Shocks were also reported from a number of other places in the northern part of the state and also from Carson, Nevada. DIXON, Cal., April 21.—Another severe shock was experienced here this morning, completing the wreck which was already commenced. Only t«ro or three brick buildings in town are safe, and all the occupants have moved out. No one has been injured but there were many narrow? escapes. The «people are again panic stricken and it is believed that the ruin of the town will be completed before the shock hai ceased. The wreckage is being cleared and the condemned buildings torn down before serious accidents occur. ASK A HEARING'. THE REPORT SDENIED. Among There Has JJoeii No Fight Hoomers. EL BKKO, Ok., April 21.-Captain tt oodson and Gov. Seay were asked tonight regarding the reported shooting yesterday of eight boomers and the reported fig-lit in County C, between the Kansas and Texans, Captain Wooclson explicitly the report of the shooting of the boomers, aud |both tho Captain and tho Governor believed the' report of the fight in County C. was untrue. The Captain has a troop of cavalry at County C, and had a lino ,,f couriers arranged from there to Fl Ueno, who wore under strict orders ;<> report immediately not otily conili.-i. of the nature reported, but all casualties. Several miuor : Rustlers Say They Have Heen Maligned. WASHINGTON, April 21—The president today Deceived a request from Buffalo Wyoming, asking him to receive a delegation to lay before him the facts concerning the ^recent trouble between cattlemen in tin state. The telegram states that contrary to all laws an armed body of capitalists have entered with the intention of taking possession and controlling the same in its own mterests.and itjis bslievod aims to terrorize and depopulate the country, and, if need be, murder all who resisted The telegram adds that the citizens of the country are greatly maligned and their actions misrepresented. TKtTNK TRUST. AH the Leading Manufacturers Great Combine. . OSIIKOSH, Wis., April 21.-Definite information was fecurcd today of the formation of the National Trunk Co beinff coDBolodated of seventeen trunk" mana- tactunng companies located in Oshkosh Dn ™1? k< r'- R * cine / Chica e°- Cleveland! iJetroit, Cincinnati, Louisville and St Louis. All tho concerns sell out to the new company, which will have heaCar- ooo ln ffi cago v;- ^ Ci ! p - ital i8 &3,oooT- 000. The object claimed is not lo be a trust or to raise prices but to di 1±£!&2*™& «W of sales'. SHOt DOWN BY H'lSi WIFE. tTnderthkcr Harrlgan of Brooklyn R • ceiveg a Bullet In the Breast. * NEW YoBK, April Sil.—James E. Hat rigan, 42 yearfc old, ol 680 Fifth avenue'I one of the best-known undertakers i,! I Brooklyn, was shot in the breast bv his wife, Mrs. Mary Harrigan, in their house. The bullet penetrated U le breastbone and lodged in the muscles of the breast, inflicting a wound which the doctors say is not likely to prove fatal. Mrs. Harrignn, who is about ten years younger than her husband, y in clanger of her life, she claims, and Bhbt him in self-deferfse. Harrigan said to have become addicted to drink ' and quarreled frequently with his wife,' They have two children—a boy 13 y e . old and a girl 2 years old. Stores and Shops Under Water, ENGLISH, Ind., April 21.—The lit Blue river, gorged by saw logs below, "I has caused the water to spread over the ^ town and the business portion is under a water. Fifteen stores and shops arj soaked in water five feet deep, Up to noon yesterday the rain had .poured in torrents for fifteen hours, besides show. ers during the previous thirty-six*1 hours. The waters rose at tho rate ol'I eighteen inches per hour. Tho sudden-ll ness of the flood prevented the releasoil of animals from stables and pencil Thousands of dollars' worth were lost,'-ff though no human lives are sacrificed. 'I The upper bridge is gone. Cattle and!;| sheep and hogs are drowned. County Democrats. OTTAWA, 111., April El.—I county Democrats hold their convention here to-day. State Senator}; O'Conor is slated for temporary chair*..'I man. The delegates to Springfield,'! will be instructed for Hon. M. T. Ma-! loney of Ottawa for attorney-genera).'>| An effort is being made to select adol-ij egation favorable to Judge Altgeld for r| Governor, but John C. Black has a respectable following here, and knowing'4 Democrats say the delegates will go toi| the State convention uninstructed. ; Later. ; _ Tho LaSalle county democratic conven-; tion today split on Palmer and Cleve- : i land, and the delegates will go to Spring- :'| field uninstructed in the state cocven-ii tion on the national ticket. Thn convention instructs for Altgsld for governor and Hon. Maurice T. Mahoney, of;| Ottawa, for attorney general. Form a Carpenters and Bosses Agree. CINCINNATI 1 , Ohio, April 21,—Grand Secretary P. J. MeGuire, of the Nation- i al Brotherhood of Carpenters, succeed- : ed in bringing the carpenters and tlieir;| bosses to an agreement last evening,and settling their difficulty for two 1 years to come. The working day is to be »inc hours and the wages will be thirty cents an hour for the first six months and thirty-three and a half cents au hour for the succeeding eigh- to.-.n mouths. This contract between &;, bosses aud the workmen has been, duly signed and made binding. •Wintry Weather In Austria. VIENNA, April SL— Tbo weather is of wintry seventy throughout almost' all Austria. Snowstorms are raging in the Alps, and the country between Trieste and Baden is deeply covered with snow. Bregenz, a frontier town of Austria, in the Tyrol, and other places situated on the Lake of Constance are snowbound. Traffic oh railroads is impeded and telegraphic communication is interrupted. Paris Police Threaten to Strike. PAKIS, April 21.—The outlook for May day took on a new aspect to-day which gives promise of affording the anarchists and other lawless characters an opportunity to make trouble. The | police threaten to strike. They are believed by many to bo taking advantage of the feeling of uneasiness to make claims that at any other time they would not have thought of. No Fusion In Minnesota. ST. PAUL, Minn., April 21.—S. M Owen, Alliance candidate for Governor in J 880, declared that there was not : the slightest probability of fusion between, the Alliance and Democracy tliis ; fall. Mr, Owen said emphatically that he would not take a nomination for Governor upon a fusion ticket under any consideration. Shot by HiH Own IMatoi. ST. LouiB,,Mo., April 31.—Capt. W. W. Ashley, who was beaten badly in a street quarrel here recently with Joseph and Henry Labarge, and wlio was also shot by his own pistol, died to-day. t Jt has not yet be<*i determined whether tho beating or the pistol shot caused death, and upon this depends future action by the police. IIAUI)WAKE COMPANY FAILS. The Assets are $75,000 Mor« than Urn Liabilities. applie lie pl A appointment o aecever ' lant was recently destroy at sm,,r- ousuu ousuu,. had been reported, he said, but noting of a fiht m Con fight m County 0. « TOIU , , and her son Wilhelm, who was her accomp executedat JD " of the elder Another *„,„„ FlgU Athletic Club. ^ p S3G.OOO for Broach of Promise, Nw YOIJK, April 21 A breach ot promise suit for $50,000, instituted by Miss Georgine Walters against her faithless lover, Schultz, the inventor, whoso wealth is estimated at $250,000, was concluded last evening by a jurv verdict awarding $35,000 aud fl.OOP ' extra counsel fees for the plaintiff/ HI,' Blaze at Olean. OI.KAN, N. Y., April 21.—Fire night destroyed tho Commercial twelve houses imc'l three barns. *50,00(). Bank Wiiuts Money They AVon From M Kjiubezzlinc; Dooklceepet'. GiUNu FOKKS, N. D., April 21,-Ctf Nelson, bookkeeper of tho Union National bank, who embezzled nearly $12,000, VW held to tbe grand jury by the TT "'*° H states commissioner today. The the gamblers, Murray and were dismissed, but the men were ,.,-, rested on an order from the district c(W< 011 the petition of the bank's asking for a judgment against ?iO,70p, the amount |t ti ''" W0natpok.erlfrp.n) Nelson,

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