The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on June 14, 1893 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 14, 1893
Page 7
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THE OTPEtt t^* MntNttS. ALQOKA. IOWA . JUNE 14. 1893. Caution to (jnstottierg. g of original or superior merit but "has Its Imitations and counterfeits, even to Imperiling the health of communities. For this reason the proprietors of Hosteller's Stomach Bitters, caution their patron's to scrutinize every bottle offered [and It is sold outt in bottles] and verify its many mark* of genuineness. . K sufficient warning to those meditating fraud can be found in the unbroken Hue ol Judicial decisions, exposing and severely {mulshing every one detected In counterfeit, fne tne Bltters.and the redoubled efforts that are being Hindu to protect the public from the deception of these unprincipled pirates. 'Remember the Bitters is so Id in bottle* only, never by the gallon or in bulk. Fritz Keeler, a resident of Cornmon- wenltli, Florence county, was MUed by falling ore while at work in a mine. He leaves a wife in an insane asylum and six children. * A HUMAN TELEPHONE. ASK your grocer for a dollars worth of Dobbins' new perfect soap, 5u a bar. If he hasn't it lie will get it. A bar is worth two bars of any other 5c soap ever made. J. C. Campbell's rendering establishment at Stevens Point was damaged $300 by fire. N. K. Brown's Essence Jamaica Ginger is a wonderful touic. None better. Try it. 25«. Fred. Vanderliclden, of Mcnasha, was kicked by a horse and had two ribs broken. BEBOHAM'S PII.I.B cure wind nnd pain In the stomach, giddiness, fullnes*, dizziness, drowsiness, chills and loss of appetite. W. T. Stead Describes His Peculiar Personal Experience. Life, as ws know it consists of three dimensions—the first is length; the second, breadth; and the third, height; and the fourth is throughth, if I may venture to give it a name." Thus writes Mr. Stead in the Review of Reviews, and proceeds to demonstrate that we are "on the eve of the fourth dimension" by describing his personal experience as "a human telephone." He Is, he states, 'prepared to prove that he has a friend in Edinburgh who can use his (Mr. Stead's) hand when its owner is in London to write particulars of events occurring in Edinburgh, or even states of mind or feeling, without the intervention of any [kind of mechanical intermediary." Specimens of these messages have been submitted by him to the Psychical Research society and are to be reported on in due time. Meanwhile Mr. Stead assures his readers that every one wns written by his own hand without its being aware of what it was going to write before he took up the pen. Sometimes he confesses his mind will write messages which, on inquiry of the persons from which they are supposed to emanate, are discovered to have no foundation. On the other side of the account there are persons who write constantly', with his hand and "rarely make mistakes," From, one friend he has almost every day for several months past received communications several Englishmen, stand on the list, paid not for what they write, but vtoat they simply keep still. The company has also its "pensioners," people who have lost their whole fortunes ha play, and receive support iii proportion \o the amount which they' have lost, example, one Englishman who 2,000,000 receives another 10, ami For lost 40 francs a day, others the same "German A Matter of Health | Syrup" amount per week. Among the oJlier expenses is that of the removal of the victims of play. The hotel bill is paid, a railroad ticket bought, and twenty or forty francs given -,hem, ncordlng to the length of the- journey. The entire expenses of the company are 11,250,000 francs yearly. The number of suicides during the last year was live. Those happened in the hall itself, the numerous other cascso never coming to liglrJ. A young American having lost Ms own fortune and that of his mother and sister, tlircw himself under tho wheels of a railroad train. Two Americans from Now Orleans shot themselves not long ago afJor they haul lost 1,000,000 francs. 'T POSE. For weak and Inflamed eyes use Dr. Isaac It Is a carefully ".on. Thompson's Eye - Water. It is wrepared physician's prescript! The barn of John Peterson, In the •town of Yorkvllle, Racine county, was destroyed by fire. Loss $500. of this "automatic telophatic" kind. One of his correspondents on whom Mr. Stead conferred the name of "Julia," is described as an "Invisible intelligence that from time to time WORK. FOR WORKERS! Are you ready to work, and do you want *o make money? Then write to B. 1<. Jolui- «on & Co., of Richmond, Va., aud see if • cannot help you. Mrs. Sarah Jane Lowe died very suddenly at her home in Janesville, aged •66 years- TO CLEANSE THE SYSTEM. ^Effectually yet gently, when costive or bll- •Urns or when the blood is impure or slug, .irish, to permnneutly euro hfbitual bonsti- Nation, to awaken to the kidneys, and liver without irritating or 'to a healthy uutivii'j', .»»m««« ... n -.weakening them, to dispel headaches, colds >or fevers, use Syrup of Figs. JUiinelauder bought five pianos last week. How's This. "We offer One Hundred Dollars Reward fo rany case o.f Oalarrh that cannot be fifed bj ' H *F. J C CnENEY& CO., Props., Toledo, O "We the undersigned have known 1. -J •Cheney for the last 15 years, and believe bin •.perfectly lionorablein all business trnnsac •tlon and financially able to carry out any ••obligation made by the firm. . "WEST & THUAX, Wholesale Druggists, Tole WAI/OTXG, KTNJTAX & MAUVIN, Wholesal Druirglsts.'Tolcdo, 0. 'Hall's Cnlarrh Cure is taken internally -acting directly upon tho blood and Mucoti surfaces of the system. 1'rifO 75c. per hot. • tie. Sold by all Druggists. Testimonials free. Man Denounced As "A Horrid, Sar/ castic Crcatui',d." "Have you noticed the latest fad?" said a gay girl with laughing eyes this afternoon. Tho man with whom she was talk- Ing followed tlie direction of her glance and saw a group of half a; dozen fashionably-dressed young women wilklng with, a single naval officer, whom they hod got all to themselves. I T costs more to make Royal Baking Powder than any other, because its ingredients are more highly refined and expensive. But the Royal is correspondingly purer and higher in leavening strength, and of greater money value to the consumer. The difference in cost of Royal over the best of the others does not equal the difference in leavening strength, nor make good the inferior work of the cheaper powders, nor remove the impurities which such powders leave in the food. Where the finest food is required, the Royal Baking Powder only can be used. Where the question of health is considered, no baking powder but Royal can be used with safety. All others are shown by official analyses to contain lime, ammonia or alum. <* f* 4» JUDGB J. B. HII.L, of the Superior Court, Walker county, Georgia, thinks enough of German Syrup to send us voluntarily a strong letter endorsing it. When men of rank and education thus use and recommend an article, what they say is worth the .attention of the public. It is above suspicion. " I have Used your German Syrup," he says, "for my Coughs and Colds on the Throat aud L,uugs. I can recommend it for them as a first-class medicine."-— Take uo substitute. 9 CUMBEL BROTHERS. "You mean "Tho attitudes, of course. Don't ontrols my hand." "Julia" once askscl: "Why do you tiling dt strange lat I can write with your hand? Any ue can write with your hand." Mr. tend asked what she meant, and she uswered: "Any of your friends." So he colloquy is continued, Mr. Stead's hand—alternately a voluntary and an iivoluntary -instrument—writing, of ourse, both questions and answers. 'For several months past," said Mr. Stead, "I have almost every day re- jeived communications from my friend vhen anything interested him or he felt he had anything to communicate with ne. The immense majority of these communications are of a private character, and can only be preferred to here. Often they are but brief memoranda regarding a visit to a church, or a business appointment, or a visit to some friend. Frequently mention is made of books he has been reading, and the usual information given as to the state of health, of good spirits, or depression, which one friend might send to another. On one occasion he startled me by' reporting ' a rather disagreeable fracas which had taken place in a carriage on the Southwestern railway, but which fortunately terminated happily. The aggressor took alarm and jumped out of the train as it was slowing up at a station. Nor was it only contemporary events which were described. On one occasion a rather painful chapter in my friend's history, •liich he had shrunk from telling me you see that every one of those girls is standing will her arms akimbo!" -"Why, so they are." "Well, that is the very newest thing. In order to make the balloon sleeves look as big as possible the proper fashion is to put the hands on the hips. Observe the effect now Avhen I do it!" "I shouldn't think thau was neccssa- ' "Oh, that is because you don't understand. Everything! is necessary thatt is the fashion. It is even done at meals." "I don't think I've observed it." "Of course not. Men have no eyes. But when you go into dinner presently take notice* and yon will seie that the accepted form is for a woman to hold her left arm akimbo, tho hand on vlie hip, while she ea-,ts with her right hand. All tlho swellest girls do it." "You don't, I suppose?" : "I halveu/t adopted it at meal sjust yet, but I am trying to loam. Yon see, it is rather uncomfortable at first. But I dare say it comes easy after a while." "I never heard of anything more absurd." plished, and Intrusting the work to him without competition. A competition may. result in bringing out hidden talents and give new men opportunities which they would' not olIDcrwise secure, but the older men who have legitimate work to attend to," wliich cannot be neglected, cannot bo drawn into competitions for the mere sake of a chance to increase their practice, perhaps at the risk of unfair treatment, of prejudiced decisions, and of unreasonable demands upon their time; so that it is. very seldom that tho iseut to enter into the object of the reason competitions, same is thereby immediately defeated. The system of paid competitions, which has been lately adopted (where a. limited number of men are selected, and offered a nominal sum. to present x that all th' natcral wonders of tli 1 world could be lumped hi that there little one horse shanty, but people kept goin' in an' comin' out an' kinder laugh- in' like, an' every time two bits would bo paid this year chap would go into the 111111 shop next door, an' when he d come out hp'd add a few monsters o th' deep or a howlln' sometliin'-or-othcr to the show. Till at last I paid my two bits an' went in. "Now, Judge, that was th' greatest fraud on carth-wors'u th' hayfork swindle: what caught me last Fall. There wasn't no band, nor no monsters o' (the deep, nor no pelican, nor changeable elpliants-uothtii' but a ordinary room with a mussd-up bed, a table an' empty bottle an' two chairs. So I caught th' tamal swindler an' gave him over to th' first policeman I see." Milwaukee, May, 181* Carpets at Gimbels' Body Brussels,!, $1,1111 Tapesir]Brassels,50,t»« lopttn, $1.00,1.25. Velvets, $1.13 and 1.38. Axminster, $1.50,1.78. Mtons, $1.75,2.28. Ingrains, 40c to 75c. Straw Matting, 13c to 65o?(L Linoleums, 25c to $1.00 a yarfl Layers with MB are plenty. Hit Bervice is quick and delays rareljl occur if you are prompt with you* • tie. Sold by all Druggist: D. C. Spitznagl was found dead in a '.room over his tin shop in Canton, 111., •from wounds inflicted by himself with a razor. .Mrs, Theresa Hartsoit .Albion, Pa. , . ; i ' ' Misery Turned to Comfort .Kidney Troubles, Sleeplessness, Distress, All Cured. Albion, Erie Co., Pn., T?ob. 18. '93 •"I can truly say, that Hood's barsnparllla 'has done more for mo than all llio preserlp tlous and other medicines llinve ever taken For fourteen years I have suffered with kid ney troubles, my back being so lame a ;times that I Could Not liaise Myself •up out of my chair. Nor could I turn my • Belt in bed. I could not sleep, and SWFEUEI • GUEAT UISTUES3 Wllll Illy food. I lllVV '•taken four bottles of Hood's Sursaparill 'With the most gratifying result. I feel like >a new person, and my terrible sufloriuga i{i ave all gone. 1,11'o Is Comfort -compared to the misery it used to bo. I can now "o to bed and have a good nights rest; «an eat heartily without any distress. I am Hood's i-ma" Cures willing Ibis should bo published for others' good.' 1 Mus. TUBUBSA UAKSTON. i detail, was written out by my hand 1th the utmost minutiae, and, as he iformed mo when T read it over to im, with the utmost absolute accuracy. Uthough it had happened some years go it hud made a very deep impression .pou his mind at the time, and it ro- naiiicd as vividly present in his mind s if it had happened on the previous ay. In my communication Avith this o'rrespondeiit 'A' the mistakes are cx- remcly small. I have frequently, kept ippoiutments and written letters, and 3ven sent checks in response to com- mmications written by my hand, nor lave I on any of these occasions found tluit there' 'was a mistake. Once or Avice my hand has written that 'A* was about to. visit me and I have been aisappoiutecli but in every case I have afterward hear that he had actually started, to call upon me; but had been hindered by.,some uuforseeu event." 'Every new fashion is absurd until one gets used to it. I ivave been practicing lately at standing with my arms akimbo. The first time manvna saw mo do it she wiis startled 1 . She called mo to her and asked me if I was trying to look like a milkmaid." "The attitude is certainly not a graceful one." "That Uoesn't make the slightest clil- fereuco ,,o long as it is the accepted form. If you possess any powers of ob servation you would have noticed long ago that attitudes for women altei torn time to time like any other styles Mamma says that when" sh* was a girl she waa taught that the only correct way for a lady to sit was with her knees aud feet close together. Such a thing as crossing the logs was con-sldci 1 ed altogether impossible. Even the gentlemen avoided) that position because it was too degage." "Certainly no such ideas govern ^±. w »••-- --- 4. -0 n "Wiiii- Ihavoi von to say for yourscn, it being sometimes under- Q J™^™ n , Jf1 ° utl ™ TllJ(liro . with the *— <• t is really a gamble, a speculation, and therefore the system does not fully overcome tflie difficulty. It is natural, as long as architects are, expected to furnish for $500, 'virtually preliminary drawings for work entailing very often an expenditure of $1,000,000 for which it is agreed the world over that architects shall charge 1 per cent, or $10,000, that the best men, tho busy men, will not consent to compete, though the layman is only too anxious to have, a competition on those terms. If competitions are ever to bo a success, they should be in the first place, in the writer's opinion, be made such as to commend themselves to the attention of the entire profession. The men with established reputations will 1101 look upon competitions favorably, and out to seo ni Cue, an " "Wake or christening!" "Neither; only th' opeuin' of th' base-ball season." "And how's tho menagerie now? "All gone but the old monkey wid th' blue pants an' a few varcegated birds." "Five days to g'ejt tho avi-fauua on of your system." part of the work GIMBEL BROTHERS, MILWAUKEE. will not take part in them regularly, regular schedule has been es- making uniform charges for out A PLAGUE SPOT. A Business That Pays 38 Interest. Per Cent Harper's Weekly:—The Soclete Auo- iiymo ties Bains do Mer et du Cerclo dos Etraugers, which hi vulgar English moans tho company which runs the gnmbllng-hell at Monto Carlo, held its general meeting recoir.ily, at which tho business of the year was discussed. Tho winnings of the fiscal year.ware 23,000,000 francs, or 1,000,000 more than for the year previous. The capital of tho company is 30,000,000 francs, bearing 5 per cent, interest, the clivi- doncls, which nro always declared in May,' varying. Last .May 1(15 francs wor paid one, each sharo, the toval re- now." "They aro out of date, of course. I can myself remember the time when divans camo into fashion, and I sup- poso that it was oil account of them to some extent that women got into the way of lolling when they sat. At all events, of late years it has been considered entirely proper for ladies to cross thloir knees in public, and when I Avas in Boston two or three years ago I .came across something quite new to mo then in the way of a, fad. It was practiced extensively by the women who thought they had pretty ankles." "What was it?" "Why, it was simply to cross the legs and lift the skirt in such a manner when sitting clown as to display a liberal bit of ankle. Could anything be more absurd?" "I should think not, considering tho fact: that they wore Boston ankles," said tho young man. competition drawings, in the same manner as for other professional services. Such a schedule, with all allowances for tho privilege offered to compete, will place the architect's services on a business basis—which is the only possible one. It will'reduce the number of competitions and of tho competitors, in eacli cqinpotiition—confining them to the most important buildings—and elevate the standard of the work. These will bo the only terms upon which the leading men will always bo willing to enter competitions for building other than public buildings. HOOD'S PILLS cure constipation byre-' storing tho perlslttllie iKtiuu of the alimentary ttinnl. ' . BEST POLISH IN THE WORLD, HIS IDEAL MENAGERIE. Mr. O'Rourkc-Wus Too Imaginative to Suit an Uiiappreciative Audieuqe. "Michael Fontenoy O'ltourke, obtaining money by false pretenses!" read tho clerk, audl a pale, woe man with' red, evasive eyes, sticky hair aud a trembling hand rose in his place, says tlio. San Francisco Examiner. Peter Simoiitou, a YacaviUe fruit grower took tho stand against him and said: "I was goiu 1 along Mission street vi'StL-i-day afternoon an' was attracted political THE ANGELIO HUSBAND There are husbands who are pretty There aro husbands who aro witty, There are husbands who in public are as smiling as the mom; There are husbands who are healthy. There aro famous ones and wealthy, But the real angelic husband, Avell-flie's never yet boon horn, gome for strength, of love are noted, Who are really so devoted, That whene'er their wives are- absent they are lonesome and forlorn; And while now and you'll luid O11O Who's a fairly good and kind one, Yet the real angelic husband—oh, he's never yet been bom. So the woman who is mated To a man who may be rated As "pretty fair," should cherish him forever and a day. For the real angelic creature, Perfect, quite, hi every feature- He has never been discovered, and toe won"t be, so they say. Thomas Bailey 'Aldrich. Positively cure Bilious Attacks, stipation, SicJc-Headache, eta. 25 cents per bottle, at Drug Storoh Write for sample dose, free. J. F. SMITH & CO., p '° f '«NewYork. CREAM BALM TOII'I' CUKE CATARRH Price) SiUcoutB. ply Balm in each nostril. A H»w York, "You aro a horrid, sarcastic croat- i by a loud slumtiu' as if a meetin 1 was 'hi progress. This lire," responded tho girl with the blue eyes. . 00 NOT BE DECEIVED ...... ' with Tastes, Enamels, and Faults which • »Uin'the hands, injure the "iron, and burn • .red. .The Rising Sun Stove Polish a Bnl- ' liaut, Odorless, and CutaUo. Each package contains six ounces; when moistened WW • • '(n*ke several boxes of Paste Polish, venuo of cnt-h share being 190 frinics, or 38 per cent. In each of tho last six years 1,000,000 francs has beon sot aside as reserve fund, which in 1013 will «nml the capital of tho company, and will then be paid back to .the stockholders. In addition to tills, the company will still possess all tho building's, gardens, ami other really. Each year the 1,250,000 francs fliaid him by the company foi the privilege of carrying on the nefarious work in his province is applied by tho present Prince, of. Monaco to the building of churches schools, and hospitals. In addition, ;ftie company pays tho entire cost of government of tin? province. Tho population has the schools free awl pays no taxes, bnt has no part in public affairs. The company pays the \ttieatre 250,000 francs yearly; tho orchestra; costs the same amount, and tho pay-roll for officers and servants, among them 100 croupiers, foots np 1,500,000. To tho press is paid yearly 800,000 francs, one Paris paper alone rccc-lv hi" 75,000, others 25,000 and tho provincial papers from 1,000 ;lo 10,000, according to their importance. News paper correspondents also, among them Mr. and Mrs. Bradley Martin and Lord and Lady Craven sailed on the Teutonic for England Saturday. The . , ^^ _ party will reside for a timo in London, ' 55jS» " m Or Debilitated Women, should uaa BRADBELD'S FEMALE REGULATOR, Every ingredient possesses superb Tonio properties and exerts a wonderful influence in toning up and strengthening her system, by driving through the proper channels all impurities. Health and strength guaranteed to result from it3 use. <> M.V wife, who was bedridden for olgh. teen months, after uving Uratlfleltt'a female Regulator for two month* la getting w«ll.» i BRADJ-mtD HEOULATOU Co., Atlanta, Ga, Bold by Urugglaw ttt f 1.00 per and a round of gayeties" will be given in honor of Lord Craovn and his young '• American bride. After the London entertaining Mr. and Mrs. Bradley Martin will be the guests of Lord and Lady Craven at tho Graven seat. WHJEK hope— ,--,— i-- — disappear, md in ton days •vmptom« are removed. of wltli Vegetable Ueinedl cured ** From flrstdos* 0jinp. SPEAKING FROM Hills—What causes EXPERIENCE, "that tired fcol- ARCIUTKCTURAL COMPETITIONS. Reasons Why They Do Not Bring Forward tho Best Architects. Architectural competitions, in the judgment of most arcliitocts, are a snare and a delusion, writes John M. Can-ore, u New York architect, in this Engineering Magazine. The principle of bringing men into rivalry in the solution of tho same problem with the hope of producing the best possible work seems to be a correct one, but, even disregarding all other practical reasons, it fails to produce the desired results, because in the manner of presenting the solution—namely, by drawings—it is impossible, no matter how was malU'n' all th' noise. Ho stood by Hi' door of a small house an' shouted something like tins: ""Walk thbsh way, gentlemen! Hi 1 thisli way! (Jre.ites' show oil earth! Bee the ten legged calf wif four lioadsh —somelimo«!l)> three 1111 sometimes!! four, 'cording to th' time o' day. Walk up an' see th' ring-nose gyascutus, all pink an 1 a purple tail. A room full of centipedes, crawlin', crawlin', crawlm. All til' snakesh from the jungles of Iirjy- •Ul of 'urn an' more, too. Snakesh with wings and long yeller claws-Hying air biv/Hlu' like th' llcuds o' hell! See 'em, gentlemen! " 'Don't miss th' gran' p'rade— ov'r.v day tliish hour. Hear.tli' ban' play- hoar it now! It's playiu 1 th 1 dead march from Boom-ta-ru-ra! Th' animals is all out now. Th' ring-streaky ing" I seo advertised so much? Hulls—Playing the races.—Truth. A FULL STOMAOH ought to cause you no discomfort whatever, Jf it does, though—if there's any trouble after eating—take Dr. Picrce'a Pleasant Pellets. They're a, perfect anil convenient vest- pocket remedy. One of thesu tiny. Eugur-couted, anti-bilious granules ttt n dose regulates and corrects the entire system. ™ Kick or Bilious Headaches, Con- 5» Btipution, Indigestion,- Bilious Attacks, and all derangements of tho liver, stomach, and bowels arc prevented, relieved, and permanently cured. They're llio smallest, easiest to tnKe, cheapest, and bust. They're guaranteed to give satisfaction, or money is returned. is perfectly, permanently, croil b Dotpi- lllgS—U IS impUSSUMi:, iu< i.mii.v.1. "«•• .1....= .« ..~ ---• o.iprnd 1'uV llio drawings illustrate tho idea, | an'-stripy tiger is i cvoun «*'»'«, £ .... , i,,i.., ,,,v,, r .r,,,Hnn nl ! tln» lilnf. llnmil WLlll til Six tallb. Ill 1.1U to give a complete conception of the work as it will appear. This would be triti', even if tho judges who select this wcrk wore always as able as those who aro competing; and there is no doubt that in aivhitewturo as in all other liberal arts and professions, the best results aro generally obtained by selecting a man oil his yecord, selecting him, from what lie has actual!) accom- phanf changes his spots every live minutes to-day, gonis-beaut'ful iri-beau- 'i'ul spots! Wheel See th' tlamin 1 pelicans an' th' will" ostrich! All for one price ol'admls; C!rente*' bhow on earth! li' cents, all now goto' an' voun"." "Wei;, Yer mlruouloiw ci MDajs Treatment Furnlshe M. 11 mil i sou weiiuiw. (THE LATEST SENSATION I World's Fftlr Souvenir Playing Curds, consisting Of D»ckol K Cards, Tlz.: King, Queeni Jack, aiid IT- 1 gnout beautiful and uuinue Deokol PlaylM »yer i at on the market—tho best-uoHlug note duoeA. Ageut» wtuited. Sample Deck, 60 ... Fnbl'av Co.. Ul S. Haluted Bt., Chicago, Overoonw* results o{ ^T;oi5tl|Tatronrileaioi'eiCouu,le^ouTSavOBpcStor& lUa. Samjjlufree. iiAiiWBLDTKAOo.,3WW,46l*Bt.M.T. Cures Sick Headache Kx:ini<nntloii uml Advloe »s to Patejitabillty of III- vuntlon. Semi I'ur luvuiitora' Gulilo, or HowtoQet '' . u 1'uteut. 1'iTiuci , Washluuton, D. 0. , THOMAS P.SlMPSON.Waehlngton, 1' ^- N" utty'sfco until Pateiitob. luod _ -- euro. positively cured by Bago's Catarrh Remedy. Tho proprietors of this medicine prove that by their oll'or. It's $500 cash for a 1 ciise of Catarrh which' tuny By (01 druggists, OP' < ' 3.?r»lu last war, 15adj«dicatiui:claims, utty sluoe. $75,00 to SS60 00 ' monthly wortUng 1'or B. Ulcliiuouil. Va. F. JOHNSON g relief * LAST *Ss5j/&Wi |tP**^*n ywvou Mo O- W. r tlN VlOfcr»l->'4 \rmit\tunn aostA. Hww- ..'»•'(*/ »! tiding pkvricJkK), NfU nudl uvrca. &<i&4 fie In ,M.X>.,

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