The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on April 20, 1892 · Page 9
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 9

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 20, 1892
Page 9
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THE MP^ tititi MOINJES, ALGONA, IOWA, WEDNESDAY, APRIL 20, 1892. Mr. Warren D. Went* of Geneva, N. T., |(i given the highest endorsement for hon. ity and Integrity by all who kno-w him. |F*r years he has worked for Mr. D. P. Wll on, the harness maker and member of the lOenera Board of Health. Read the follow. [Ing itatement of his terrible lufferlugg atom Dyspepsia ind his cure by Hood's Snrsnpnrllla: "I WM taken ilck last October with gnstrle firer, nd my recovery wns oonetdered almost hop«leM. «r ieren weeks the fever slowly left me, but T aid not eat the simplest food without Terrible Distress |t Memed that I had recovered from the fever to He of starvation. I took pepsin compounds, timuth, charcoal, cod liver oil and mlt until my Ihjriclaa eonfeised that he did not know what else 0 trf. Everything I took «eemed [Like Pouring Melted Lead pto my itomaoh. I happened U thlmk I ht>d park If i bottl* of Hood's Snrsapurilla 1t»t had .been In he bonn for two or three years, that I fonnd had nefitted ne previously for dyspepsia. I began liking It and soon began to feel better. I hare now a little over two bottles and can truthfully say feel -well again and can eat anything without t me, even to Pie and Cheese hleh I hare been unable to toaoh for y»ars. Ths glUh language does not contain word* enongh to lit ma to express tlie pratie I would like to I . • Hood's Sarsaparilla Hood's Pills ear. Liver Ills Advice to ailing Fre letters are received by us from ailing women in ' all parts of the world, seeking advice. Alj are answered in a prompt arid iful manner, ^giving each the benefit of s great library o£ reference compiled bring a woman's life's work among suffering pmen. These are the largest records tanning Female Complaints in the .world.- fiousands of women have been benefited Mrs. Pinkham's advice after all other atment had failed. Don't throw away ps chance. Write us about youf case.' It cost you nothing, and may save your - Your letter will be;'received and swered by one of your sex. Cotrespon- nee strictly private. We never publish en a letter of testimonial: without the on's unqualified consent. '-, r . II Druggliti Mil It, or lent by msll, In form of Pi 111 01 engti, onrewlptofSl.OO. Liver Pllli, »5c. ' '""'Ponotnc* Tr«elv tniwered. Addreu In confide LTDIA B. FINKUAM MKD. CO, LYMN, UJ There is ease for thbse far one in consumption—not ecovery—ease. TJiere is cure for those not Tfhei|e; is prevention—bet"*?th^n;cure—for those who i rthreat'ened. Ij,et .us send you a book on EFU£ LIVING and Scott's imulsion of podJiver oil. • - ••'•'.•'• <" , |ven if you are only a little lin. Free. Sew"?' ^ Bow *" ! ' ChemliM, i ji South sth ATOSU*, |Your druggist keeps Scott 1 ! Emulsion of e»d-Uv«r •Idrusgisueverywh»r« do.; |i. \f\ f ft lllUHtnttmi Publication H,wlU> U |_ |_ MAPS. 4e»cnl)iUK Mlnoeuota, f\r I* Nortlj bakota. Mo n tin a, Idaho, 11 L l_ Washington and Oreizon. tlio Free •*••"• Government tunl OH12AI — Northern i Pacific R. R. Iliest AKrlcoltnral. Qrazlnf aua -iimoer ,iy»naf r."° nw , ?i.'S n to nettler*. Hailed. FBEK. Addrcel g. B. UHBOU, LundOom.MJPaUL.Bt.rani.Mina Siu HBSUT Tnourso», tua most noted physician of Eng- j eland, says tliut more than ; t naif of all diBCuscs come from [ errors in diet, Send for Free Sample of JGarfleld Tea to 319 West 145th Street, New York City. ARFIELDTEA orbatl entiuu;cures Over. c o mo » result* A Cample Cake of Soap On 8 ,_. Nerroai and Blood teaeoi. Bent willed for lOc,; algo Dli-flgnro- menU Ilk* Birtu Marki, Molei, Warta, India Ink , , and Powder mark*. Bea JittiUKi,«edhei*o(McB»> Superfluous Hair. Pirn-. lea, etc. JOHN H, 1 O O D B V K. Yy 41ta alreet, N. (ieerat oflkeW (,jr letter. [68T PQUOH IN TH § SUK ure t}i* iron, and bum ri Btoyf poliia il 8r«- The Mlgratlbn And VBefalaess of Oar During the winter months, save the partridge, prairie chicken, quail and a few other species, Wisconsin has no birds. But as soon as bare ground begins to appear and the warm rays- of the sun to Ioosen i the soil, getting free beetles jrtic caterpillars, so soon there appears among us the robin, the bluebird and the gull Where did they, come from? Early, in April the little brown creepers are clain bering like woodpeckers over tree trunks and limbs, the purple finches are plucking buds from various trees, and the .golden crowned kinglets are" driving a vigorous business among the villagn shade trees, in Rroves and in thickets bordering marshes and streams, but in about thirty days these have vanished-: as mysteriously as they .came. Then come the early May mornings, and;somehow with them thai wonderful^ group of woodland t warblers, clad in inapproachable wedding robes, evolved during the centuries in the solitudes of American forests. But in about three weeks neatly every species of this bea.utiful train "vanish. Tesir after year they come and go as regularly an the tides But the warblers do not reach us alone With them come the swallows, the green- lets and many of the finches as well as numerous other species, some to remain during the summer to build their nfists and rear their young, while others pause fcr a day and then hasten on. On the other side of summer, during the later days of September and early October, these birds which come suddenly in the spring and as quickly vanish again reappear but only to set off in a few short days.' These sudden appearances and disap pearances of birds have, from the earliest periods, attracted the attention of people both civilized and uncivilized. • So stoutly and persistently has it been.Bffirmed that swallows hibernate in the mud at the bottom of ponds and streams, as frogs do, that it is still believed to be the., fact by some people both'in thin country and in Europe; and yet it is a well established fact that the great majority cf birds in the cold and temperate zones of the northern hemisphere make longer or shorter jour neys regularly twice each year. Every spring a vast throng of feathered forms turii their faces poleward to reponu- late.nearly a full third of the land and shore waters of the northern hemisphere. With heads full of plans, breasts tull of feeling and throats full of song, they turn their backs upon the sunny south with all its luxuriance, and move, like a great army, out of South and Central America, out of the Carribean islands, out of Africa and out of Jndia-with its adjacent islands, toward frozen lands and frozen seas. • The distances over which -birds, migrate vary between wide limits and are often surprisingly great,' _ especially when we consider tbe small size of some 'of these animated beings which transport themselves twice each year across th"e interval between their homes. The bobolinks, which rear their young on the shores of Lake-Winnipeg and then go with them to Cuba and Porto Rico to spend the winter, must twice traverse a distance exceeding 2,800 miles, or more than a fifth of the cir- sumference of our earth each year. Th^ kingbird breeds as far north as the 57ch degree of [attitude-, and is found in the wiuterln'-South America. The biennial pilgrimages of the little redstart exceed 3,000 miles, and those of the tiny humming bird, whose- body .would make a scant thimbleful of flesh all told, are scarcely less,,.and c'ertainly exceed 2,000 miles. But that beautiful little summer yellow bir,d, which: occasionally builds i s nest under our chamber window, sends some of its kin even to the white Eea-foam of the Arctic ocean, where they arrive tbe ast of May, only ten or fifteen days after ;he sun has begun to ride continuously above the horizqrj, and yet these have oome all theiway frpm Gauteinala, over a distance of 3 800 miles, leaving members, even of their own species, to spend the bummer among those tropical scenes. Wonderful. mechanism that, which,in''a stomach no'larger than a pes; and an aji- f y canal about six inches long, -wall manufacture from .two or three slim cater'-' jillars, a fly, a moth or a spider, its own 'uel and use it with such incomparable economy as to transport ilself ihrougb tbe air during a whole night, at the rate of ibout fifty miles.per hour ancl at the same ,iuie maintain its temperature at about 104° F. in a surrounding medium not exceeding fifty or sixty degrees! and yet this 's what the summer yellovv bird does dur ng its extended journeys. , It has been jptimated that some .of tlp^ shallows are capable of doing seventy miles aij h.our... The exquisite and varied.songs'qf mpny nrds,,their beautiful colors," their grace• "ul forms, their curious, methods of nest 3Uilding and their attractive ways hav-e always made them objects of intense nterest to the young. There is, however, mother side to bird life which should be 'ar .better < known, arijl muot\ more li^lly appreciated. Uian it is. 11>, refcir; to* tjieir great an<d indispensable seKvi.ce^ ilp:rnan, is insect' destroyers, • There*are 'exc>>pl ions 0 the general rule, it is true,'but 'taken as 1 class the world over, it, ia safe to say that more than three-fourths of tbe food of nil land birds is insects,, • , , From tbe stomach of a wild pigeftn were taken nine full grpwn crickets, tour grasshoppers, two caterpillar's and. one harvestman". From tbe stoaiach of a young partridge less than a week-r^d 1 .were tHl^eii thirteen caterpillars, sevfin h if vest men and one grubj-froin that of a night-hawk were taken'five grasshoppers, eiynt square shouldered bugs and ten scorpion bugs, none of which than three-fourths o"f "an inch long. iThree golden winged \yopdpppkers had-in their stomachs respec- tively'255,' 220 and $00 ants e«cb. In the stomach of' one hairy wooiipecker were found eleven wood-boring grubs and thirteen measuring worms. The actual amount of food which these birds consume daily, if we except the night-hawk is probably three times that wnat was found in their stomachs. Seven Carolina waxwings, or cherry birds as they ar<j called with us, shot in an orchard infested_ with canker- worjus, were.found to have 'in their stomachs nearly 100 of these destructive pests each, : ' v . '.', '•• It' has b?en shown by carpful estimate that the number of bird • which spend tbe summer in Wisconsin must exceed 22,000000 and the members of this vast army are hotly in pursuit of our insect enemies during 120 consecutive days, capturing and destroying certainly more than fifty insects each daily. Further than this the number of birds which pass through our state on their way to and from their summer homes is much greater than those which, live with as and the service (bey render is very grew and extremely important, lit Jh,e spring th,ey enutcb, yp <a_any a, beetle, B-Qtb a»dfly w»wh. h&v^mve4 " '"lOTi those *hich have either found or are in quest ,6f winter homes. Twice fevery year the birds of British America Janea,ck, the ^TJnited States and hold the average yield'of orchard, garden, pasture, field and meadow far pbove what it might otherwise be. '• Much may be done' to increase our bird jpopujation, and in this direction is to be found one of: the great advantage« ol Arbor Day efforts. Birds are fond of trees and manjr require them. The lone trees standing in the fields should not all be cul down, the king birds need them and they will more than repay whatever damage these trees may do. I believe it would •Day, not only to leave some of those native trees standing which are growing along line fences, but to plant others tfiere for the express purpose of furnishing nesting places for birds. _ Boys should be encouraged to put up bird houses, not only upon the barn or house, but at various places in the open fields. The bluebird, house wren and the purple martin are birds which never molest fruit or grain and will occupy these houses gladly. Barns should be constructed to let the swallows in rather than to keep them out. They are great destroyers of the mosquitoa and flies which worry stock, including the bot-fles which infest horses, cattle and sheep. Every town has its boys and men who think they must learn to shoot on the wing, and no bird is a better target for them than the meadow lark. The result is thousands of these birds are destroyed every year. The whole of this sort of bird shooting and nest robbing which is 'done for pastime should be prohibited. Even if it were not unpardohably cruel the birds render too valuable service to be destroyed in this manner. I believe that every meadow larK reared in a meadow saves annually a full ton of hay in the destruction of grasshoppers, .crickets and cat worms which infest hay fields, cutting off the fine leaves and tenderest blades which constitute the most valuable part of the crop. Arbor Day, •"''" "''' Written in 18& r >. Teachers can easily interest their pupils in adorning the school grounds. With proper preirrangement as to the selection and procuring of trees, vines and shrubs, Arbor Day may accomplish wonders.— Many bands will make merry, as well as light,; the work. Such a holiday will be an attractive occasion of social enjoyment and improvement. The parents should be persuaded to approve and patronize the plan. Intends to fraternize the people of a district, when they thus meet on common ground,and young and o!d"work fora common object, where all differences of rank, or sect, or party are forgotten. The plantings and improvements thus made will be sure to be protected. They will remain as silent, but-.t ff. ptive teachers of the beauti- .ul to all pupils, gradually improving their taste arid character. Such 'work done iround me scuool naturally extends to the aomes. You improve the homes by improving the schools as truly as you improve tbe schools by improving the homes. "The hope of A-mericais the homes of America.. 1 ' It has long been my ambition to improve the homes and home-life of our industrial classes, and help them to realize that the highest privilege ?nd central duty of life is the creation 'of happy homes, for the aome is the chief school of virtue, the EoiSiutain-headof individual and national itrength _and prosperity. It is a worthy ambitipn. to surround one's^home led children with such scenes and .nfluences as shall make, the every-day ife ,-arid tabors brighter and happier, md help one to go sunny and sing- ,ng to his work. , Our youth bhould sarly share • in such efforts for ''adorning ;he surroundings of their homes, and planting trees by .the wayside.... How at- .ractive our roads may become by long avenues ot trees. This is beautifully illus- :ratedin many •- countries.o£ Europe. Arbor Day will become one of the institutions of the country,- in which our boys and girls wijl take an eager. share and jeriufne pleasure',.and thus gain, 4' liking* : or trees that will -never be effaced! Ne- iraska has the honor of originating Arbor Day. Some ten years ago, at the request of its State Board of Agriculture, the governor appointed tha second Wednesday in April as tbe day to be devoted to economic ;ree-planting, and it is claimed! that ;welve Bullions of tiees were planted on that day. • The successive governors have continued thus to recognize this day. The schools last spring adopted the "Cincinnati plan" of planting "memorial, trees." The recent > spring floods and summer Jroughts in Indiana, O.nio, and elsewhere, ncreasingly and now alarmingly destruc- ;ive, are calling public attention to the cause and remedy as never before. The denudation of- the hills and mountain purees of 'the sp'ririgs is tne leading cause of t.bese freshets, and these can . be rem- died only by the extensive re-foresting of such lands. This great result, which must be the wo»k Of time, will be best accomplished by. interesting the young, as well as the old, in tree-planting. The krbor'Day in schools will do immense food in this direction. We need,to popu- Hrize the sentiment of trees. This will" best' secure th'eir 'propagation and prote^'ipn. The frequency of forest ires is the'copiinon objection- to economic <ree-planting.'"'But" let tbe'sentiment of rees be-.ctyly.,.cultivated, an,d. they wijl be regarded-fts-'Qur jfriends, as ia' the cai-e : in }erman>.' The public need to understand hat the'interests of all classes are coil' lerned in the conversation of forests. In Jerinany, Switzerland, Sweden and othi-r European 'Countries, this subject- is so taughc'in flieir -schools that the people generally appreciate the value of trees and leed of protecting them. Hence 'an en- ightened ...publio.Bentiment is a better guardian of their forests than the national >olice. . . B. Gr. NORTHROP. Tb« Coll»*M of •> Botten Tenement, With crumbling foundation »nd ihakjr, Wftlll, U not moc* certtlnljr to b« looked lor thu the laddea living «WI»T of t coaeUtotlon lipped bj orerwork, unremitting tnxlety N expoinr* to htrdihlp and malign climatic Inflaencet. Againii the dlfaatnwi effect* of each and til of theee, UoitetUi'i Stomach Bitten Ii an effectual ia.f«- guard. It fortlflen th« ijriUm agalnit tbem bjr inf<uln| Into U fteoU rigor begotten of •nd cotnplet* dlgettloa and a«Blmilatlon of the food, a«d lit consequent reparatlve action upon theexhaaited Uitiue* KuA Imporeriibea cltcula- tlon. Wo prep»r»tlT» (or the ucderaoluf, without Injury, of »n nnaiual »mo«nt of bodily or mental , »o R«*AI of ftvvtUng malarlil Infection, 01 'tUeorder* born of b«4 dftt *nd impure w»t«i e<jB»li thU •sperUllTely fine 4«ltenilTi ,»ot. T»ke It for di*p«p»U, coutil An Importent DI<r>r*)Be«. To make U upprrent to thooMxl*, who think themselves ill, that their are not affected with any disease, bnt that th« «y§t«m •Imply need* cleansing, la to bring eomfort home to their hearts, a* a ratlfe condition I* e«lly cured by using Syrup of Fig*, Manufactured by the California rig Syrup Co. "What do you think ot your a«w toT- eraeii, Tomniy?" "Oh, she'i all rightfo? a beginner, but she'll loon learn." ANT book In "Surprise Serle», M (best au- UiorB), 85 cent novels, about 200 pageB each, sent free, postpaid, by Cragin & Co., of riiilndelphla, Pa., on receipt of 20 wrappers of Dobbins' Electric Soap. Send 1 cent for catalogue. Squire Beldon-"AVlmt did you give for that turkey, EastusV" Uncle Kastus—"De liull seat ob my trowscrs, eah." TUB progress of science in medicine hns produced nothing better for human ills'than the celebrated Beechain's Pilla. Shade of Lowell—"ITowclls Is one of oui autocrats." Shadoof Dickens—"Yes: witli the accent on the 'rats.' " ABB KlLLBD BT CoUOHS that HALB'B HONET OP HORBHOCND AWD TAB will cur*. FiKB'g ToornAoni Daon Car* fca on« minute. Flr«t Small Boy—"What doei jronr ma do when you lie to her?" Second Small Boy— "She tells pop I take after him." Made to I,oo1c T,lke New. Dresses, Gent's Clothing, Fcathora, Gloves, etc., Dyed or Cleaned, Plush Garments Steamed, at Otto Piutch'u Dye Works, 240 \V. Water St, Milwaukee. Send for circular. Armlesg wonder—"Will yer come out rldin' next Sunday will mo?" Circassian beauty (scornfully)—"Naw; wot's de good —oven if yer can drive wid yer feet." Had* to took Uke N.w. " ' Dreweg, Uent't Clothing, Feather*, Gloves, etc., Dyed or Cleaned, Plush Garments Steamed, at OttoPietcu's Dye Worki.SiS W. Water St., Milwaukee. Send for circular. Armless wonder—"Will yer come out ridln' next Sunday wid me?" Circassian beauty (scornfully)—"Naw; wot's to good —even if yer can drive wid yer feet." Tni?n U i£ H , S> HOA RSENESS, SORE 1HKOAT, etc., quickly relieved by BBOWN'S BitONOiiiAL Titooiiiis. They surpass all other preparations in removing hoarsenesa ana as a cough remedy are pre-eminently tlu Visitor—"What community of interests ie there among the ladies of your villace?" Hostess—"The interests of the entire com. iiiuuity. Tlie Only One Ever Printed—Can Ton Find the Wore?"' Tliere Is a 8 Inch diH]ilay advertisement !u lliia paper tills weelc which Jias no tKo words alike e.\eej)t one word. The same Is true of each now oiiojmpimrliijf i:«di weelc from The •Dr. 11 iirter MedieineO... This house places u CniBcoiil" on evuryllilng they make and ]>iil>lisji. Look for it, send them the name of the word, and they will return you BOOK. HIlAUTIFUI,.I.lTlloailAl'I!8 or SAMPLES 1WBB Wenderby—"Beatrix, why do. you refuse me when you know a single kiss from thosu ?, w ??o,, lll)8 would intoxicate me with de- liglitf Beatrix—"Because, George, this i« a prohibition town." ., . : Denlnoss COn't Be Cured By locol applications, as they cannot reaoh the diseased portion of the oar. There is only one way to cure Deafness, and that is by confititu, tional remedies. Deafness in caused by an ini flamed condition of the mucous lining of the EuBtaohiau Tube. When this tube gets inflamed you hiive a rumbling sound or imperfect hoar. Ing, and when it is entirely closed Deafness is the result, and unless tho iuHa>mnation can be taken out and this tube restored to its normal condition, hearing will bo destroyed forever; nine cases ont.ol. t°n are caused by catarrh which is nothing but an'inflamed condition of the mucous surfaces. Wo will fdve One Hundred Dollars for any oase of Deafness (caused' by Catarrh) that we cannot cure by taking Hajl's Catarrh Cure, (tend tor circulars, free. F. J.:CHENEY & CO., Toledo, OuJo Bold by Druggists, 75o. Goes riflht to the spot —one of Dr. Picrce's Pleasant Pellets. They do tho right kind of work when they get there, too. No violence, no \niplcasantnoss—but a mild and gentle cleansing and regulating of the whole system. Sick Headache, Bilious Headache, Dizziness, Constipation, Indigestion, Bilious Attacks, and all derangements of the liver, stomach and bowels, are promptly relieved and permanently omud. They're tho best Liver Pill ever made. Purely vegetable, perfectly harmless, easiest to take, and always fresh and 'reliable. Gently aperient, or strongly cathartic, according to size of dose—one tiny " Pellet " for a dose. They're the smallest in size, but the moit satisfactory in result. They're the cheapest pill you can buy, because they're guaranteed to give satisfaction, or your money is returned. Ton only pay for th« good jou get Can yon ask moral G»c. u »lus Dniiue Cured I. VI1L SAN ANDBUAS, Gal., February, 1890. My boy, 13 years old, wai go affected by Bt, Yitng Dance that he could not go to gohool tar two yearn. Two bottles of Tutor KoenJff'l Nerve Tonlo restored hig health, and h» it now attending gohool again. MICHAEL O'CONKEL. Kecomraenda It to Many. BBTMOTO, Ind., Oct. 1, MM. If7 daughter become epileptic about flTeyearg ago through a fright. All phyelolanu' treatment availed-nothing, nntll.I uied Fagtor Koenig'g Nerve Tonio, which at one* dlipolled tbe attack*. -It la the boit remedy I «rer need, and I have recommended It to many pi neb at are goffering from thig dread dtgeaM, MARTHA ZIOKLEB. Valuable Book era ITerroni _-*easea sent free to anraddreea, and poor patients can alio obtain tills medicine free of charge. This remedy has been prepared by the BeTerend Pastor EoenlR. of Fo.rt-.Wa/ne, Ind, since 1310. and gnow prepared undertus direction br the KOENIG MED. CO.. Chicago, III. Sold by Drugs-lifts at 81 per Bottle. ir.nrcn Size, 81.75. 0 Bottles for 89. thBBtbmach IfvJFaiJa'X^'l*"'* 1 *'' tj the blood! nru nafo and eHe'cttial i! I the best medicine known for bilious-e and all diseases caused by failure o^ e the stomach, liver or bowels to per-* • form their proper functions. Persons given to over-J - :<itlng are Benefited by taking one utter each meal. • Price"-- '.*„..„'•... . , ; Bainplo.l6c. At Druggists, or sent by mall. IPANS OHKMIOAI, CO., 10 Spruce St., New^ "PEOMPT AND PBEMANMT!" THE PECULIAR EFFECTS OF ST, JACOBS OIL Are Its Prompt and Permanent Cures. BUrillMAT9fiM — £ an> J . 7 « H 83 ' GEORGE O. OSGOOD & CO., " nllumM • »»"•• Druggists, Lowell, Mass., wrotq: "MR. LEWIS DENNIS, 130 Moody St., desires to say that ORRIN ROBINSON, a boy of Graniteville, Mass., came to hisJhoiise in 1881, walking on crutches,- his lee •was bent at the knee for two months. ' Mr. Dennis gave him St. Jacobs Oil to rub it. In six days he had no Use for his crutches and went home cured without them." . . Lowell, Mass., July 9, '87: "The cripple bov ORRIN ROBINSON, cured by St. Jacobs'Oil in 1881, has remained cured. The young man .lias been and is now at. work every day at manual labor." DR. GEORGE 0. OSGOOD. — Aberdeen, S. Dak., Sept; 26, 1888.: "Suffered several years with chronic stitch in the back-: was given up Two bottles of Su Jacobs 'Oil cured me." ... ; HERMAN SCHWAYGEL. by doctors. fiMFAPFR THAN RARR WBRF HUMANE, STRONG, VISIBLE, UnCHrCfl in All DAnD WBIlCi ORNAMENTAL. th of »ny othor fence; will not stretch, n 0r eel Young Mothers! W* Offtf FBW • Semedy vihith JtMwr«« Safety to " MOTHER'S FRIEND " Aotf Confinement tfits ttUn, Horror and Kith, , t:«e bottle of " Mother 1 * Friend"! " W2a,«% l «SH!»sSa» FAT FOLKS REDUCED nnounped, tb,a^ Prince attend the world's fajr. CYGLE SHOW, This timo It ia lielug hold 'at tho I.KIillltU tVV'ti ' 323 nuci saa n, stii til.', I'lillHdeliililu. It iu- cliuled tUo Sprluter SafetJ, a uiauiuud frame,long heud long whool bate, -*-••- j~"0 11 *4vv* *r«*RV| Nbt •!£ U» tubes throughout, etc., and the Sprinter, a handaouit drop frame. The TrareUr Safotie* are the beit value ever offered and range In price from 019.0O tuaUO.OO. Abouttwounn- dred different itrlei to (elect from. We alto manufacture Ohlldren'a Carriage*, Kefrlgeratori, Office Deiki, Reclining and Intalld Boiling Ohalri. Karne Keodi- -wanted and catalogue will be sent. Liberal 4i*oouuU to the trade. Patents! Pensions! Hid i 0 ' 1 ij V --*'. 0 -^S?if 6 .°. lr .P 0 *. t »OV t *'? »Patent. Tulrlfk ' August Flower" " Ihavebeeo afflicted withbiHoo* ness and constipation for fifteen yean and first one and then another prep* aration was suggested to me and tried, but to no purpose. A friend recommended August Slower and words cannot describe the admira* tion in which I hold it. It has given me a new lease of life, which before was a burden. Its good qualities and wonderful mcri ts should be made known to everyone suffering witi* dyspepsia and biliousness." JESSW BARKER, Printer, Humboldt, Kas.® DO It Cnre«.Colds, Cotifflin. Sore Throat, Oroo Influenza, WhDopiii^ Couth, JUronohltla R Aatlnnii. A certain euro for Conmiinption In ..LI. <L kui IOAII i-iii u lui wiiniiiii|iL. u _^ __ ..**— , and a Kiirn relief In mlvunuod NtiiBofl. Ufl» at once. You will nee Iho excellent efleotaftw taking the lirxt iloso. Bold by dealers everywhere, targe \>oUlu»,6l>oonta ana »UX>. ^ DO NOT OBIP1S HOU SICKKft Sara cura far SICK HEAT> ACnK, Impalnd d^e.tlon, con«k pitlou, torpid Klnnilg. ThcyaniHt vlui orgtix, ninon »UM«, 4\m- nc * v - Act Ilk* mute on KI<1« oey« and bladder. OOBOOM billons nerronn disorder*. EiUMIlk Mt. iiral DAILY Aotio>. Benntlfy complexion by purifying blood. FOUILT VSOKTABL*. Ihe doit Ii nlctty «d)urteJU>niU MTtrbjtoouiuch. Etch rial conU pocket, llk> lead ptacll. Ituilln . coTiTcnlence. Tuk«n eMler than iu««r. Bold (my- »lnjm. All (tnuln* pwdi bear "Crtttmt" B«iMl 1-oiDt itamp. Y«u gel 81 pni« book with m«»le DR. HARTER MEOICIME CO.. St Uwta. •*. V* mil COM, M OtM Dpi MB nUint O, caniedU TW| mine** man'i sn* MRS. PARNELI. Mrs. Parnell has finally compromised the quarrel over her aunt's estate. She is obliged to give her former husband, Captain O'Shea, a half life interest in her property, but as this amounts to about $350,000 Kittie will still have enongh left to live on. Mrs. Parnell has been ill with the grippe, or perhaps she would have fought the case to a finish. If she had taken REID'S GERMAN COUGH AND KIDNEY CUBE she would have been able to have , bid defiance to her enemies and would have struggled along success- . fully. This great remedy is the best thing in the world for all pulmonary troubles, and especially for the ' coughs that follow the grippe. It contains no deleterious substance whatever, but it will cure all maladies that arise from a cold. Ask your druggists for this great remedy, and if he will not order it for you, write to us. Small bottlea 25 cents, large ones 50 cents. SYLVAN REMEDY Co., Peoria, HI. FREE j r«or« null, cireiiUrii «f HOODV'iF.w »Bd MOODT'B IMrKOVEB TAILOR fit- TKMSot Drill CattUf. t* 4»tt. lulj «» •rdfntrr qntekl; «ui to e'ot ud m»k« »jr •uy ilyW, to aoT mcMtm, forLail.., jail Cutt- dreu. Gu-ffloDlf (It. perfectly -Uhoul Hil«( -on. Addrtw 'MOODY too. CINCINNATI,*, GOLD MBPAL, PARIS, 187a W. BAKEB & CO.'S Breakfast Cocoa from which th* •!•«•• of «N hu» been remored, It tolttblt, No Chemicals *r* B§ed In It* prep»r»tlon. It fau mart Man Mr«« «m«« M« itrtngth of Coo«» ulx*d •witk BUrch, Arrowroot or Ba|*r, i tnd Ii therefor* tut »ere *«•I Domical, ceiling hit 1/uin *n« \otntacup. ItUd«l|ei*a»,Boflk 'Uhlog, itrenythcalng, «4in,l »dmlr»blr »dtpl«d for U>T»Udf M well M fbr per»oni_ln_be»lth. |«14 bj graceri «Ttr7whtrf. W.BAZEE &CO.,Dorolieit«r,Maa, $125-00 IP I dp If.wwiuiui C1QAHB Vss, SKA Cheapest.

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