Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on August 20, 1896 · Page 5
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 5

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 20, 1896
Page 5
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Patent Adjustable Umbrella. Roofs. Your Umbrella Hade as Good as New While You Wait. DEWENTER The HATTER And FURNISHER UP=TO=DATE TAILORING. POPULAR PRICES. That's He—My Fall Woolens are ready for Inspection. Can't I show you through, H. C. TUCKER, The Original Pearl Street Tailor. GREATER Than Ever 3 :'» i ' Beyond the shadow of a doubt, our new arrivals in Stylish Shoes •Stevenson & Klinsid THEY'RE WORKED UP. 403 Broadway. FIRSI nATlONAL BANK -OF- LOGANSPORT. . . INDIANA. CAPITAL $250,000. A. J. Murdoch, Tret. W. W. Eos», Cash. J. P. Brookmeycr, A«it. Cash. D1BZCTOBS: X. 3. Bice, W. H. Brtngborst, A, J. Mnraooc, Dennis Uhl. . Banking In all Ita Departments promptly and carefully done. ,,.,., Safety to Customers and StockholderB •ought for. Strong BiMervt Fund maintained. Business Change. James Beshoor has purchased the Pelton meat market. He now occupies the B*W room Just erected- to the west otthe oM stand, and It la -Ms Intention ^S run a flrst-claes Shop and handle a ''full line of fron and salt meats. The Logansport Humane Society (INCORPOJR'ATED.) For the Prevention of Cruelty to Women Children and Animals E. S. Klce— Pres. Ceo. TV. Walter*— Sec. J. J. Hlldebrnnilt— TroiiH. \V. M. MlHUop-Humnne Officer. Z, S. Rice. J. C. na(M«y, F. C. Coolbough Goo W Walters, J.J. Hlldebrwidt, peeked Justice, ' I?aah idunn. Mrs. W. D. Pratt Mrs. J. N. Nelt, Telephone No. 30. Report cases o( crueltj to Sectetaij. DAILY JOURNA THURSDAY, AUGUST 20, 1SOC. Mocha and Java coffee.—Rotherniel. Hammocks at your own price at Geo. Harrison'*. Geo. Harrison 'has the finest line of hammocks In the city. Charley. Ferguson, oC Ferguson & . Jenk's ^tilling store, is.taking a vacation. . ' ' Don't delay! Purchase your peaches no-nv Prices OOc and ?!' per' bushel. —M. McCaffrey. Contestants in Bicycle Races Will Go for Blood. The bicycle races at. the park this afternoon will prove more interesting than was at first imagined. The rivalry for the handsome Martin medal aud the''championship of the club has led some of the younger members, who have not ridden In races yet this year, to try their sprinting abilities and, as nil will bc given as nearly as equal show as possible in the handicaps, they will, endeavor to qualify for the final by coming first,' second or third in the race today./There will be six or more starters in .this race alone, anil In the sprinting events, the eighth, quarter and half-mile events, the entries will be numerous. The greatest interest of course centers in the match race of a mile between Grant and Skinner. Both riders have their champions and there has been much "chin" racing Indulged before the actual race comes off. Both .will bc in the live-mile race, and they will have to.beat Charley Ferguson to win. A nice between 'these'/throe Is worth seeing at any time. 5fhe half- mile sprint between . Clare Ray and George Riddle will not be slow and the, winner will ride from tape to tape. SOLirfORf Pedagogues Listen With Exemplary Attention. PROFITABLE MEETING Further Proceedings of the.Coun- ty Institute. ..,.>,:.;.,,- The institute was. opened yesterdav morning by devotional exorcises con-' ducted by A. Jones, president of the Marion Normal college, after which Dr. Dennis continued his, lecture on Physiology, his topic beirig "Blood." Taking up the subject of "Bldod;\he commenced with .the. white cor-puseUX aying that they are the standing aynij 1 of the body. They are like'the'youns men, the college graduates ready to begin any kind of work. They-can bc cither, doctor^ lawyers, or educators. The white corpuscles '"may bo bone, cell, muscle, etc. Dr. Dennis continued lis subject in the afternoon,, speaking, of the origin of the blood. In. spe.ak^K of the understanding of .food .lie^ai<fc •Starch, fats and albuminoids' are' foods, but all have a different effect. 1C run down in tlesh, should^ liet himself on albuminoids he would n a course of time die, while on the. other hand if ho would eat fats and •starchy substances he might recover. To digest is to jli.sso.lye. ; lodjwi; turns starch blue. Starch is Insoluble, grape sugar is soluable, Potatoes, corn, etc., contain a curtain amount of <tarch stored away for future use. The gastric Juice is acid instead of alka- ine. This is found out whenthe'stom'- Are Times Really Hard? Js Money Scarce? You Want to Buy Cheap? Echo Answers NO. Republican Meetings. Republican speakingswlll be held at the following places In Cass county: Deacon, Deer Creek township, Thursday evening, Aug. 20th—Q. A: Myers. Twelve Mile, Saturday evening, Aug. 22d—W. T. Wilson. Young America,. Saturday evening, Aug. 22d—D. C. Justice. Logansport, Saturday evening, Aug. 22d—Hon. Theodore Shockney c-f Union City. Logansport, Thursday evening, August 27th—Hon.' Frank S.' Posey of Evansville, at the rink. Paliuer school house, Washington township, Friday evening, August 21st —W. T. .Wilson. Aiioka, Tuesday evening, Aug. 23th —W. T. Wilson... The Noble township McKinley club will meet at Red school house Thursday night,' August 27th. There will be a meeting at the school house"" at Adamsboro, Wednesday night, August 2G1.1). will talk on sound money. Harry Whistler The State Fair is nearly here once more, being this year the 14th to the 10th of Sept., and the managers are actively preparing for the event. The premium list is being mailed'on application and the changes made will Interest exhibitors. Especially Is this true in the live stock department where the changes give three premiums where before there was awarded but two. All diplomas have been abandoned and cash prizes substituted. The number of premiums are thus greatly ncrcascd aud the live stock exhibitor that this year fails to receive an award will certainly be very badly outclassed. Entries in all. departments close Sept. 7th, and exhibitors should write for a list at once. Address Chas. F. Kennedy, Room 14, State House, Indianapolis, Ind. . • ach is M a strike. What Is-the bi-lc for'.'' ISUs known to have a physical y* .••..,'.. l(1 use," .':'$ • '.';."'.'..'".'."... Prof '-p. B. Bryan continued' his tajti on sociology at the conclusion'.^ Dennis's morning talk... He said-:,^S.o; clology is a study of the bread -andijnit? tor question. It Is uot as hlglr'as-.the study of Art, but no artist eatv-;d<* Ms work unless bread nmV'biitter'ls'pro'i vlded beforehand. I am •'here: --'--'-'because my forefathers went' me and hoed potatoes and rolled, logs.; Of course that Is not the highest.work, 1 , I shall'view society first., f rora • :-;t]ie standpoint of production. The islttgesare: (1) hunting, (2) fishing, (3) pastor al, (4) agricultural, (5) trade and com- n;orcc." Mr. Bryan was on the program to continue his lecture, in the afternoon ,but Prof. Jesse H. Brown ot Indianapolis was present and he consumed Mr. Bryan's time, in talking and illustrating drawing. Prof. Brown told how different sketches should be made. 'He said that straighriines indicate strength, but that it took curved make beauty. He drew sketches of animals, fruits, leaves, flowers and the face and bust of a human. Prof. A. .Tones followed Prof. Brown. liis first subject being ;'". ^ "^ He said in part: '' ' ', .- ..v ARITHMETIC. . ' : ".;'...J/,"An understanding of the; fuadn mental principles of arithmetic-' de pends upon an understanding "of the decimal system. Multiplication ls"the process of uniting numbers at ^oiice.' The process is synthetic,,thinking tb'e parts Into unity, ''in multiplication the mind moves from definite. ...parts and 'an indefinite, whole,,. to : definite parts and an Indefinite 1 whole.- : -'-'It ; >is like addition in that the processIs : s'yn-_, thetic—thinking the parts Into ;nn'ity; Multiplication Is a rememberetfV ; pr0; cess and for that reason, the .union.of; the parts Is immediate. . It is-unliko addition, that the parts to.be -.united are equal, while-in addition'they may be unequal. Multiplying by-'ten c6n ; slsts in moving nil the-'figures ; of 'the multiplicand one place to tlie left ,oi' to the next higher order by. placing, zero in units place. "Thq same....Jaw holds in multiplying by any .power -of tens." GRAMMAR. "There are two sides to the sentence,, the thought side and the forin side,%r form and content. The inventor pushes- hls thought out into form iti the ma-, chine. The relations of the machine' may be seen in the working- of".--the' wheels and levers, and the work donn; by it. The machine has/a use.other than the expression 'of thought.' Not so, however, with tire sentence. You can not cut wheat or saw wood with.a sentence. It exists for one tiii.hg..qnljr ; —the expression of thought.. The subject matter of. grammar Is the sentence. Thought contains three • elements: subject, predicate and copula; When the mind thinks It establlsh'cji the relation between two ideas.' "One of these Ideas is the thought subject,,, the other Idea is an attribute, or ob~i "But we say Yr-s, Yes; Yes, times are hard and money is scarce and in soire ef appai ent indifference of the people to snap really and! trolly great bargains, we will continue to keep sharp look out and offer for sale such bargains as we secure. a /i^fcf \f* and C/\ Successors to Blacker Gerstle & . UCrMie cUlU WU., Co Cincinnati, Ohio write-In consequence of an error of their representative in forwardingdiscription of order on Ladies' Full Dress Patent Leather Lace 20th Century Nfef6Xjll6 Toe Shoes they authorize us to close out the lot 100 pairs re- giilar j$i5 SHOES at $2.5O, and they will stand the loss allowing c.ne Week to make the sale. Respectfully for the manufacturers. !TO KRAUS "Of Course ject.%-&fch; is' joined to the subject by the "relating activity of the mind. The elements of thought determine the t'omr of the• sentence. It is the purpose of grammar teaching to work out fh<J" : r'olafi'bn' between thought and cou- teufc-s.entencc ami. the .-underlying thought which, gave it form. From a. study'of these relations wo conclude that the organizing idea, the unifying principle is the relation of the three -clemeuts of thought as correctly expressed in the sentence. This relation 'of ''sentence to thought should duter- iriinc the' movement of the teacher in giving instruction iu the subject of grammar," '•'Prof.'W. I/. Bryan, vice president of the'state'university, occupied the en- tiro evening with his lecture, 'The Holy Laud.'" .Every scat in the assembly Voo.m was occupied, and the lecture was' heard 'with -the closest attention. i.tNvas such..a talk as'would bc classed among, the high productions of oratorical effort'and'was greatly enjoyed by those" who . heard it. It, is regretted that'it is impossible to publish copious extracts from the lecture, but those \yliq heard It will prove excellent pro- pOKii.iiilis.ls. FARMERS' PICNIC Big Event to Take Place August 27th Near Adamsboro. THE BEST SPEAKERS THE Munsoo Typewrite Is a Good Machine. Hon. W. D. Owen, W. S. Haggard and F. B. Posey Coming. Tih-ere wiM be a big picnic of ••'.;(• .:«.<: old-fashioned kind ::; :!.r „:••••• • -- '•—.' North bank of ihe Kel river, out- nvilu cast of Adanwboro, Thursday, August I 27th. Those who at'ucnd will bc ex- to add die contents of well-load- ADDITIONAL LOCAL. The Marmont fair is iu progress. 1 Born to Mr. and Mrs. Michael Z.'ihl- baum,.a daughter, ; MrTHarry Long of the Golden Rule •lias returned to work. : Call ' and see the new black dress gooils in plain and fancy.— Schmitt & Ho'i'iily. '• George and ,7obn Chapman are at- tondlug'-a family reunion in Parkc ] Harry -Whistler spoke Monday night lio .aii.-enthusiastic meeting of the McKinley club recently formed at New Waverly. ' • ' \ Onlyitwelvc days left to close out our Stock... There will- be no let up with iWry Frank until all is sold. Mo mat-ter what price. ' y j There will bc a.'meeting of the Sound Money, 'club'. at Adamsboro next 'Wednesday' 1 night, August 20th.. Harry '.W^sfler'wlll'be the speaker. ' v -The Infant .son of Mr. and Mrs. '.qiirirles.;Sclilelgcr"died last night at 9 :o!ciocli'aV'"the home, No. 208 Sixth street!- aged ten days. No arrange-' •'in'ents have yet been made for the fn- Tieral, : .....'" ; ,'".•" . ' "., {ili;.'.'and -Mrs^C.'M. Eurlt have returned f,r.om ; n weeks' stay at Chicago. ; il.'.jI..Betterton from New Vicuna 0., cd baskets to the general good cheer, and -a good time te promised. There wjll be good musifc, both- instrumental acd vocal. Glee clubs wffl render excellent patriotic songs, and tihere will be sound money speeches tJiat It wJU profit all people of .ill beliefs to hear and attend to. | The prominent speakers to be present are Hon. W. D. Owen, of Logomspor.t, Hon. W. S. Haggard oX Lafayette, Hon. F. B. Popey of Evausville, anfl Hon. Hiram -Brawn lee of Marion. All residents -within reach of the pioufc gTOnnds should not fall to be present at this basket meeting. , • i hlgb standard of eiceilence. Manj ugec ot the "JlunsoB" cODBlder It THE BEST. You win find It a valuable asslstaut In TOOT office. Address lor particnJara THE MUNSON.TVPEWR1TER OK BIAXCFACTURERS. 840-244 Went Luke St., Chicago, Til. ireatest Discovery or tne Century. There will be a union meeting of the railroad men at Terre Haute next Sunday. All railroad men and their wives and families are Invited to attend. A permit from the head of the department in which they work will transport, them over the road. The train will leave the Vandalia station at 7 a. in., and will return the same evening. • ho ' has been visiting iu the city for 'tlie,,past few days, returned home yes• :•. - iTesse, the two-year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. Franklin Gottshall, died.yes- : terdiiy 'hfteruoon at 5 o'clock at the jhcmie' in Washington township. The if iine'riii will be held from the residence 'ati 1'dVcloek Friday morning. -,; W" 111 - S. Close, who was some time hg'o 'taken sick at Marion with typhoid •ferer, died at the home o.f his father Diinlel Closer'No. 1132 High street, at S:i")''I:ist 'nightl aged 30 years. No arrangements have yet been made for the fiin&al.' ;,'.i.ast night at Hie school house in Xdan'isboro, the McKiuley club held a "ijieetinj? for. the discussion of the live .issues. Dr. Towell spoke, and Harry Whistler, and others gave short ad-' 'dresses. 'The school house was filled with, people, and fully half of the listeners were- Democrats and I'opujists, ' paid strict attention to what was - -It -was ..a -good and onthusistic meeting. . , The Rev. J. P. Piukham of Minnesota' will make an address under the auspices of the Prohibition party at the corner of Fifth street and Broadway at 2 o'clock this afternoon, and will speak at the court house in the evening. It is claimed for Mr. Pinkh.im' that he Is an able speaker. All members of Wea Hay Loft No. .' 170M: are requested to be present on next meeting night, August 20th. Object, business of importance. You are also requested to bring your, receipts for dues 'with you.—Wm. Updcgraff, Chief Haynmker. , •There was a meeting early This week in Deer Creek township, of the bill posters of the Wallace and those of the Robinson shows. The fight was a spirited one, and started when the latter men caught Wallace's boys plastering bills over the posters-of Robinson. A watermelon party was given last night at 1he home of Otto and Lottie Tyner In Clinton township. More than one hundred guests enjoyed a ride to and from the hospitable Tyncr home." and a most pleasant evening was passed with the popular young hosts. ' 191; Dr. HXW BKMXDT Medicated Air *or the Cure ol CKljirrh, Antliinr nndall Pulmonary DlceaacR, It bus no equal for Sick and Nerrotu Headache, 1,000.000 people die annually from the above named disease!. Wny- nottef and die, when Medicated Air le guaranteed W care jac- tedlcat-td Air and Drug Co., Richmond, Ind., U. €. -it. It ll the best remedy on earth for'I* .i'^pe. It will give Immediate Mil*; •i will effect a cure where all etttt •awUea fall. - iold by B. F. Keeellng. STATE NATIONAL BANK LOGANSPOKT, ISD. J. F. Johnson, President. B. W. TJJlery, Vice- President H. T. Heltbgnk, Cmahler.. DIRECTOHB. /. F. Johneon. B. W. Ullery. J. T. Elliott. W. M. Elliott. W. H. Snider. Buy and B»'I Government bohfls. Ixiac •oney «n pcrsonaJ security and eoiuter- Ue. Issue speoial certificates of depoelUt beftrint; t per cent. Interest when left one f*»r; 2 per cent, per annum when deposited six months. ' ' , „ . ^._ Bozea In Safety Deposit Vaults of thtc bank for the deposit of deeds, insuraaa* pcllclea, mortgages and ether v r*nted at from V* to JIB ?or year. KROEGER & STRAIN, Undertakers fcEmbalmers. 610 BROADWAY. f? Daisy Duncnn of the AVcslside, h;is-^one to Kokouio nntl YOUUK Auier- icn, to spend a .two weeks' vrtcation among- relation and friends. Special $1.00 Saturday excursion to Lake M.ixinkiickee-, the 22d. Tr.ilu leaves Taudnlia station at 10:30 a. rt>. CHAS. L. WOLL, :-: UNDERTAKER •-• N* «7 Market Street Calls attended to promptly, d»y tc nfeht. Central Union and Mutual telephone*. OfQce, No. 3C; Kesldcnce, No. 12L Tou need Hood's SarsapariUa to ec- rlch and purify your blood, create -an appetite and give sweet, refreshice sleep. 5B John L* Sullivan. His Adfflbslon Only 50 Cents. , .1. ••^'••••••^ ^ \ i John L Suilivaii' suppbrtied by an All Star ^^0R1 ' ' -'( - - — Ifl- ft'KS'P 1 ]. Comblnatiori: Don Oireedcm, Toin. TraceF, Tom White, Billy\;Miu^p^f!(]fb]»'B6rtrans-,'B|g Tom- Chandler, Big' • -fetf^rntstrong,- and others under direction ofl^PBraM^Davies BROADWAY RINK. One Night Only. Friday Aimusi 21st

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