The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on June 7, 1893 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 7, 1893
Page 7
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BRBOJUM'S Pif/r-S have been In popular use in Europe for 50 years, f nil nre n cafe, sure ftnd gentle remedy. 25 cents a box. The presbyterian church congregation at Appleton has decided to erect a now edifice to cost $20,000. *// KEVELATIOXS Educational Opportunities Afforded at the Fair. It is a comparatively easy matter for „. visitor to find his way into the gal levies of the great art palace nt Jack- sou park and to succeed in locating the exhibits of the different nations afterward, but if he has anything more than a passing interest in pretty things will find it very difficult to leave, Jin • w 11J. *iij.\* »« ' - - t/ — j for' opportunities are there presented for art study such .-is have never before been afforded. , Not all the best pictures in the world nre to be seen there, although all the best schools, hneieut and modem, are represented and many of the masters bv their best known works. Neither were all the works of merit that were offered accepted. Space would not permit of the acceptance of even half of Profoundly Grateful POT Help Derived From Hood's Snr- snpa-Hlo. those that wore up to the standards set by the judges who had the matter in charge, but enough of the. greatest nnd best are shown to make up such a collection as the world never saw before and to afford opportunities for comparative study that will bo of inestimable value to those who Uro able, to take advantage of them and to the progress of art in general. The plan of arrangement is admirably convenient. The galleries Viking will be towed to New York. The reception committee will charter a steamer to meet h'er at City Island, and Secretary Herbert will send a suitable naval vessel to escort the Viking from City Island to an anchorage In the Hudson river. The secretary has also instructed Rear Admiral Benham to confer with the committee and ma.te all necessary arrangements. , The committee has decided that the Viking shall arrive here on a Saturday afternoon, and a large fleet of excursion steamers and steam yachts will accompany the ship in tlie triumphant procession from City island to the Hud- sou river. She will remain in tills port about five days and will then be towed to Albany nnd through the canals to Buffalo. Slie Will then go on to Chicago under sail and oars. If the weather is favorable her voyage from hero to the world's fair city should not take longer than eighteen days. The Viking will slhlp twenty Norwegian sailors in Brooklyn, and will be driven along by thirty-two oars and her huge square i lam profoundly impressed with live mcd. 'cal virtues of Hood's Siirstipnrllla. I was ^•HRBATEXfiD WITH CANCEH, and rtisngrec- fcble eruptions on mj bade nnd other places. The cancer was appearing oil my lip. rrov'dciHlally I obtained n botUa of Hood's Sarsaparlllit, and by the timu it wiw gone, the bad symptons had nearly nil disappeared. I'have used four bottles, iuul 1 bulievu it has tfaved Me From reriiuituru Death. 1 am now almost 7!J years of ngu .null Wo UK UKE A TIGEH. And I KNOW that TImjd'S Sarsiiparllla has hud much to do with my Vigor and strength. KEY. 0. 11. POWEK, 2924 Hanover SUuut, Chicago, 111. HOOD'S Sarsaparilla CURES. simple aud asslgu'id to together so each nation are grouped far as possible, and the HOOD'S PILLS are tho test after-dinner Pills, assist digestion, cure headache. Z5c. KNOWLEDGE Brings comfort and improv.meni and tends to personal enjoyment when rightly used. The many, who live better than others and enjoy life more, with less expenditure, by more promptly adapting the world's best products to the'needs of physical being, will attest the value to health of the pure,liquid laxative principles embraced in tne remedy, Syrup of Figs. Its excellence is due to its presenting in the form most acceptable andI pleasant to the taste, the refreshing and truly beneficial properties of ft perfect lar- ttive j effectually cleansing the system, impelling colds, headaches and feyen l»d permanently curing constipation. It has given satisfaction to millions and met with the approval of the medical profession because it acts on the Kid- •evs, Liver and Bowels without weak•nine them and it is perfectly free from •very objectionable substance. Byrup of Figs is for sale by all drug* Kioto in«0c and$l bottles, but it is^man- fractured by the Oaliforma Fig: Syrup works of uoue but representative national artists are admitted to the walls, he French exhibit is far and away ae best and has the best assignment f space after the United States, the ntire east annex of the Art palace hav- ig been allotted to France, with the xceptlou of three rooms hi the west- m end reserved for' the display of oreigia masterpieces- from private Vmerican collections. The nuuibei-of French pictures among these private collections no doubt accounts in great measure for the iuiiu- >nce of thu French schools upon Amer- can art (for there is such a thing as distinctively American art, despite rabid'assertions to the contrary), an influence sufficiently shown forth upon the 35,000 feet of wall space reserved for works of American artists, even if it were not more loudly proclaimed in the statuary and sculptured mural de- coratious upon the various departmental buildings of the fair and about the grounds. ' • . Considerable criticism of these same decorations by persons unaccustomed to viewing .representations iu marble and oil of the undraped human form has been evoked, and they have been designated' "Frenchy" with a sneer that" classifies them at once with hu- moral pictures. How unjust this is only a refined artistic taste can estimate, and to such a taste the suggestions conveyed arc entirely, those ol nobility, strength, 'grace and beauty and have nothing in common with the morbid and erotic. These prudish critics need educatioi sadly aud will never have a better op portunity for it than right here at the wcrld's fair. They need to learn firs of all that what Is called "the nude h art" is a means to an end and not, a they seem to suppose, an end hi itself 'Perhaps this truth 'will be borne in upon them when they contemplat some of hte masterpieces upon Scrip rural and devotional subjects,.in th French collection and perceive the fidelity to inspiration which is -the ruling spirit of French art work, as it should be of all art. : But, liberal as is the space assigned to France in the Art building; 'it does hot contain a tithe of the forms in which French art manifests 'itself, of the exposition in which After a few weeks at the fair the quaint ship Is to be sold to the highest bidder, the proceeds to be applied to the starting of a retreat for sailors in Norway somewhat after tho fashion ot our OAVU Sailors Snug Harbor. The committee has already refused $5,000 for her: this amount being offered by the proprietor of n freak show. Tho cost of the Vildug aud hor expedition is about $20.000. all raised Ji.v popular subscription In Norway, is consigned to Christopher Ravn, Norwegian royal commissioner at tho the ^^tf****^^ : | There are a H ~ few people left I . | who still follow antiquated methods of raising ?• bread, biscuit, cake and pastry with home-made 'I mixtures of what they suppose to be cream of | tartar and soda, compounded haphazard, | | but there are very few { The best housekeepers use the Royal Baking | Powder instead. Its scientific composition insures Jj uniform results. By its use alone can the finest | flavored, roost wholesome food be produced. To f any housekeeper who has not used the Royal Bak- | ing Powder we would like to send our Cook Book, 3 Mark your request "For instruction." J Royal Baking Powder Company, g 106 Wall Street, New-York. I ' 2 VSi Wv£ *;^^fc»>'fe*/«f»!fife»> > «f * "August " For two years I suffered terribly with stomach trouble, and was fofr all that time under treatment by a physician. He finally, after trying everything, said my stomach waa worn out, and that I would have to cease eating solid food. On the recommendation of a friend I procured a bottle of August Flower. Itseem-l ed to do me good at once. I gained strength and flesh rapidly. I feel now like a new man, and consider that August Flower has cured me." Jas. K. Dederick, Saugerties, N£gj> TEW IS 1 98% LYE I Powdered nnd " "* t MGK. SATOLLI. vile brothers have boon disappointed, the opening of North Milwaukee Chicago exposition.. The ship, if she encounters no bad weaffiier. ought to arrive at Newport next Saturday or Sunday. ' Tn Chicago the welcoming address will be made by ex-Minister Rasmus B. Anderson. SHORT AND SWEET. A spanking team—o\ir parents. Whisky and the police get a good police force employment. Tea and coffee are well termed "luxuries of the grocer kind." The proper repast to. bo served after a card party—a game supper. Weak commerce is expected to be strengthened by belts of railroads. Never judge a man by the coat he vears. It. may be a borrowed one. A man may not have a stitch to his lack, but stiil have one in his side. The most successful dentist must ex- lect to run against a snag occasionally. Flatterers are the cleverest Biought- •eaders; they tell you exactly what you ns mo opening 01 ru^m *".,>, Tto rw ' s cE": tt ''"^rri^i'^cu» *_ groat charm for thorn. Milwaukee May 2C.-Mgr Satolli, tho The convent building la far from com- present, or if he does it will be withoutostery. . _. j_i .!.„. A i.n1\1 \tti1t f\r\ T^iltv.Al* L .L (pAT«irntD.) The ttronfitst anil purest Lye mM« •', Unlike other Lye, it being • ftn« /' powder aud packed In ft can wt» «. rcmova' le lid. th» contents ar« always ready for nje. Will mrtj the lent perfumed Hard Soap in » Mlith* best for cleansing dleluteotlnR elnki, olo««tl, Ing bottles, palnti, teeei,, • 1-ENNA. SALT M' 1 ' ij c ' Qon. Asti., Phlto., Pa. previous notice to Archbishop Katzcr. Mgr Zelninger stated this morning that ALL who use Dobbins' now Perfect toap he did not think there was any possi- ?raUe it as the *» t * «>BP i . ^ rt. 0r Tour7;occ7can"gotTt-oYT,is jobber. bility that ]\Igr. Satolli would come to jSIilwaukee, despit-3 the other reports. If it had been the intention of Mgr. The Bnloon building of William Zlm- think. The skillful mariner, strange as it Co. only, whose name is printed on every "package, also the name, Syrup of ; Figs, »nd being well informed, you will not tccepv any substitute if pfiered. MONTHS A troublesome skin disease caused me to scratch for ten months, and was SW!FT> Upper Marlboro, Mo. PEC|FIO I was cured some In my leg by using symptoms of rl easeT Many prominent phyBiciang at we and failed, but 8. 8. 8. dfd the work. PAUL W, KIRKPATRICK, Johnson City, TicMlsc on Blood and Skin plseaiei ratted fteo, argogobf "milte Swelling » nd have j' ad( ,? 1 ? *"« of * e ^ Biciang attended Frerichinen havo secured rooms bears Witness to this-, but none perhaps so elpuently : as the section of the Manufactures' building demoted to French ceramics and tapestries. Treasures in Sevres porcelains and Beauvai^-: and Gobelin tapestries are to be seen there that have never before been sent from fbe factores and have only beeii. exhibited there to a favored few. ;' Strange, isn't it, that China should still be the only country to seriously dispute the supremacy of France in tho manufacture of porcelain? The .Mongols have sent some of their finest speclmans, but the chances are that nine out of ten of the visitors to the fair will remember the Chinese chiefly becaxise of the peculiar architecture •md decorations of their combined tea- louse, theater, josshouse and museum in Midway plalsnnce. The big chandelier in the theater is really more interesting than the plays enacted by the light of it, though it seems odd- that it should be illuminated by electricity VIKINGS 'ARE COMING. nay seem, is hardly ever grounded in his craft. Nothing will trip the light fantastic wit!h more ease than: a loose brick iu the sidewalk; A limited liability act prevents a man from paying more debts than suits his convenience. It is astonishing how many old schoolfellows a successful man always finds he used to have. It is one of the peculiarities of tilings in general that the freshest' men generally tell the stalest stoiies. The washerwoman, like the poet, spends a good deal of time over a Hue, and finds life full of hard rubs. It hurts a man just about as much to burn him in eftigy as to have his shadow on a wall butted by a goat. The iirince of Wales was recently seen in Paris with a pair of green gloves on. But he'll never get the Irish vote. A young lady who refuses to kiss her beau is very ungrateful; she forgets how much she was kissed herself when fflre was a baby. Dishonor is something which attaches Satolli to visit this city, he said, the archbishop would surely have been notified. The convent of tlic Servites is at Granville, about two miles west of tho railroad station. When the Servites conceived the project of erecting a monastery, numerous sites about Chicago were' considered but all were too near the city, and as the Servites wished to secure solitude without going too far away Granville was selected, as it was thought many years would elapse be- mer, at Stevens Point, was destroyed by fire. Loss $1,200; Insurance $500. N K. Evown's Essence Jamaica Ginger is t. gentle tonic. None better. Try it. Only OSc. Andrew Lehn, a. resident of Richfield, Washington county, since 18-10. passed away at the age of 84 years. Looking Better feeling better— better in every- way. There's more consolation in that than well people stop to ponder. To get, back flesh and spirits is everything. Scott's Emulsion of pure Cod Liver Oil with Hypo- phosphites is prescribed by leading physicians everywhere for ailments that are causing rapid loss of flesh and vital strength. Scott's Emulsion will do more than to stop a lingering Cough-it fortifies the system AGAINST coughs and colds. Prnpnrcd »>y Scott. & Bowno. K. Y. All dfuggliit^ "" BROTHERS. She.—Have you been to the beauty show? He (looking at her)—No. That's foi-eW move would be made to build why I came to call.. (The cards are in that direction. But in this the Ser- out.—(Chicago Record. ST. JACOBS OIL CURES LUMBAGO, SCIATICA, SPRAINS, BRUISES, BURNS, SWELLINGS, A copy of the "Official Portfolio of the World's Columbian Exposition, descriptive of Buildings and Grounds, beautifully illustrated, in water color effects, will be sent to any address upon receipt of I0c. in postage stamps by THE CHARLES A. VOGELER CO., ialtimore, Md. itself like a bvu-r to a poor man Avho has committed a petty crime, but which falls off from a liclh. man who makes millions 1 by it as water falls from a slate roof. Milwaukee, Mny, 1898. Eiicourngcmei.i.t for the Feeble. So Ions' as the failing embers of vitality aro capable of being rekindled into a warm and genial glow, Just so loiur there is hope for [lie weak and Inmclutcu invalid. Lut ulm not, therefore, despond, but derive-encour •cement from this, and from the furrher fact that there 1* a" restorative most poten In renewing the dilapidated powers of a broken clown system, Yes, thanks to Its unexampled tonic virtues, Hosteller's Stomach Bitters is dally reviving strength in tha bodies and hope in the minds of tho feeble and nervous. Appetite, refreshing sloe)), the acquisition of flesh and color, are Wess- Ings attendant upon tho reparatlve proces. BOS which this priceless invigornnl speedily Initiates and carries to a successful couclu- B!OII. Digestion is restored, the blood fcr. tllined, and sustenance afforded to eacb ufe- sustaining organ by the BlUei-s.which is in, offensive even to the feminine palate, vuget- City of Toledo, \ Lucas Co., >S. S, State of Ohio. ) Frank J. Cheney makes oath that he is the senior partner of the firm of F. J. Gheney & Co., doing. business in the City of Toledo, County and State atoresaid, and that sak" firm will pay the sum of ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS for each and every case of Catarrh that cannot be cured by the ust of HALL'S CATARRH. CURE. ' ' ' '' Carpets at Gimbels* Body Brussels, it, $1,1.15,1.25. Tapestrpriissels, 50,60, W6 Motpiettes, $1.00,1.25. Velvets, $1.15 and 1.35. taiinster, $1.50,1.15. lltonsjl.15,2.25. Ingrains, We to 15c. Straw Matting, 13o to 65ofl Linoleums, Z5c to $1.00 a yard The offenslve able in composition, and Use it, and regain vigor! thoroughly safe Sworn to before me, and subscribed in my presence, tnis 6th day of December, A. D. 1889. A. W. GLEASON, NOTARY PUBLIC. Layers with us are plenty. Th« rervice is quick and delays,rarely occur if you are prompt with, your part of the work. GIM-BEL BROTHERS, MILWAUKEE. CoilPiNT In Minnesota. Un. They will be sent to you ACRES OF LAND for aalo by the SA 1 NT PAUL A DULOTII KAILUOA* Eeud for Maps and Ciroo* Address HOPEWELU CLARKE, • Land Commissioner, St. Paul, Mlna,. HALL'S CATARRH CURE IS TAKEN INTERNALLY, and. acts directly upon the Blood and BEST POLISH IN THE WORLO. OONOTBEDEOEIVEP n . t ... with Pastes, Bnftmela, and Paints winch Btain the hands, injure the iron, and burn ted. The Rising Sun Stove Polish is Bril- Jiant, Odorless, and Durable. Bach package opntains six ounces; when moistened will jnafce several bo?es of ?aste ?phs^. AN APUAL §AIE OF 3,QOQ TON5. UNION 17-23 How the Quaint Norwegian Ship and Her Men Will be Received. New York, May 30,-Tlie 10,000 Norwegians domiciled in Brooklyn aud the 2,000 persons of the same nationality who dwell hi New York, rejoiced to read that the Viking ship, under command of Captain Magnus Anderson, has been spoken off St. Johns, Newfoundland, and that all were well on board. The good news incited the two Committees to do some hustling, as it .s the intention of the Norsemen in our population to give the Viking ship a ight royal reception. It was originally intended that the Viking should put into New London, Conn., but the Newport cottagers, foK lowing the lead of. ex-Commodore S. Nicholson Kane, have promised to give the Norsemen such a hearty welcome 1 _ that tho committee has decided that tioji Newport shall have the honor of first entertaining Captain Anderson and his crew of volunteers. .Thus both Boston and" New York pilots have been n-. structed to Hail the Viking, if they happen to sight her, and tell her skipper to point her nose towards Newport. After ft few days spent there the The Maltoou factory at Sheboygan caught lire Sunday night, but was extinguished • without serious damage. KhineJander bought five pianos last week. THE WAT SHE LOOKS , troubles the woman who is delicate, run-down, or overworked. She's hollow-cheeked, dull-eyed, thin, and pale, and it worries lior. Npw, the way to look well is to be well. And the way to be well, U you're any such woman, is to faithfully use Dr. •Pierco's Favorite 1 re- scription. That is the only medicine that's guaranteed to build up woman's strength and to cure woman's ailments, female complaint," irregularity, ;, and in every exhausted condi- femftle E B. WA1VT*AI.I. & CO., Druggists, Horse Cave. Ky., 8*7; "Hull's Catowli Cure cures evcry-ne that takes H." CONDUCTOR K. D. LOOMIS.Dctroit, Mloh., BOVS- "Tk9 effect of Hull's Catarrh Cure !s wouuerfuJS," Write Mm about it. KKV. H. P. CARSON, Scotland, Dafc., sayi. " Two bottles of Bill's Catarrh Cure complete' ly cured my little girl " J. 0. SIMPSON, Marquess, W. \a., »ay»: "Hall's Catarrh Cure cured me ot a very bad case of catarrh." Hall's Catarrh Cure Is Sold by all Dealers in Patent Meoicinea PRICE 75 CENTS A BOTTLE. THE ONLY GENUINE KAIL'S CATARRH CURE IS MAOTJFAOTUKED BY 40,000.000 Karaed by the Bell Telephone Putent Iu IHflr. Tonr Invention may be valuable Yon Hlioulil protect It W patent. Addreee for full particular* »nd internet ••^«^'«-cf clmry,^ CQ Solicitors of Patents, Pacific Bld'g, 688 F. St , N. W., Mention this paper, Washington, P. O. Unlike the Dutch Process No Alkalies — OB— Other Chemicals are csed in tho preparation of W, BAKER & CO.'S reakMGocoa wJttch it absolutely pure and soluble. It has morethan three tlmet (Ae strenath ot Cocoa iiiUed with Btarcb, Arrowroot or . Sugar, and is far more 6cp< nominal, oonfrw less than <m« cent a cup, It is delicious, nouXfllilng, and BASIL? DIGESTED. ^ Sold pyOrocer»_eT£rjnher». W, BAKER & CO,, Dorchester, Mais, to.benefit;or euro; you have your money back.' •'. : ' '' -'''.upn — There is 'pnly one medicine for Catarrh worthy the name. Dozens are advertised, but only the proprietors of Dr. Sage's Caturrh Remedy say this: "If we can't curt you, we'll j>«y you— j $500 in caihl" CHENEY & GO,-, making .t ol W»yJng Ow<U est-aolliug novelty yel T**tlo?onlals seat free on application IAWW^» _»»W Ww. 1 ? **""• Vt;„. _,ni an in more Eood tlwn

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