The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on April 13, 1892 · Page 10
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 10

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 13, 1892
Page 10
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^.jr^r^'n.yi-- « >s. 3 c - - 1 i JS! . I'- DES MOINESJ ALGONA, IOWA, WEDNESDAY, APRIL 18, . . _____ __ .__... 7 / -*..^_ , . * - n ", ! iTflnarjrllliJMitt^all^HM^™'™^. 8 "**** hilki, PAID rBOM OOttfiTY CASH. fiecot-d of the Bills Allowed by the County Hoard—The Hull-way Ap- poHloflment—Other Dolntts of the April Session. lie county supervisors audited bills at the regular April session as per the schedule hereto annexed: ^ , COUNTY FUND. Bailey Bros, goods for court house f 2 70 J F wldman, tax receipts, etc 70 50 J.W Robinson, jail locks and repairs.... 14 10 Ham A Carver, mortgage record, etc.... 1840 Durnnt Bros, goods for court house.... 820 C C Purtnton, road tax. lists, seal 26 00 Peter Pnrrls, material and work treasurers oiDce 29 50 GHLatnson, assessor Algoua 02 00 K B Darlson, same, Bancroft 14 00 B E Thomas, same, Weslej- 34 00 Emmet count r, sta.e vs. Hubbard and Ranlzow 2700 JRCarvel. Ink Wells... 180 Perkins Bios & Co, deed record 15 00 Carter & Hussey. supplies 97 SO B F Reed, county superintendent 22700 J W Hlnchon. ijr'af-,13. stationery 87 OS W ti Joslyn, flrst quarter salary and expellees ". IflOOO Joh n Wood, assessor Greenwood s .'J 00 J J Bnd'ong. trustee saTie 6 00 C A Tellier, repairing trauclt 30 03 J B Robinson, assessor Irvingtou 40 00 A B Johnson.same,Cre.'co.- 35 00 R W McGetchie, same. Plum Creek.... 40 00 J P Gray, same, Buffalo 28 00 WmKadlg. same. Lotta Creek 40 00 CCDunn. same, Sherman 4000 Chas A. M ' .iter. same. Ramsay 43 00 GeoIlN'elson, tuisiee liudalo 400 A A BruuMm. 'ees state vs Alderman, allowed S 10 Same. J A Falway 13 00 Mat pjvrrott & Sous, supplies 3 GO COUIH-: l;-,i:ik Book Co, reciter of wills r 1-200 In-jhiiui .•: iVarren. printlae 5175 J W Hay*, printing 55 08 H KJingri'.iu.AT, trustee Whittemore G 00 Wm I)o<:u. rame Union 200 John Benke, same. Lu Verne (i OU Wm Lamsruux. same, BiifT.iKi 4 00 Ma;tin Uonsteuer. tame. Gartleld 2 00 LACSheeiz, bo.ird equalization, AI- ,Eon.i o 00 S S Sessions, same 2 00 "Wm Cleary. s<. ti-.e 2 00 AWMoflai., baiue -J 00 J WHinchon,same 2 00 CH Ulos'om, same 2 00 J I> Maguusson, same 2 00 PE Smith, same 200 Naudaln Bros & Winkle, coal for court house 7400 A A Brunson, sfwuus, supplies, etc !) 00 Jno Goeders Jr, matUiis superintendent's office 1230 James Orr, paiiKiujr in treasurers office 1580 D A Haggard, special tax collector.".!. 5612 Obed Kouinsou same y (jo J E McEaroe, deputy sheriff, fees 8710 J B Hollus, stamps, express, etc !•> ->i J G Graham, two pairs handcuffs o 75 Mike Hubbard, work at court house 800 L C Chandler, board of prisoners 51 00 Emmet count}-, state vs. Hubbard anfi Rantzow 27 00 J, D Rntan, clei-k. same 32 "5 J G Gvaham, sheriff ;ees 18 75, witness 1700 J MPrlde.sarne 1300 Jennie Bowman, same 8 75 Walter Steboius, same 8 75 JWCallahan same s 75 John Ramer. same 875 Ignatus Kamer, same 875 Seymore Alien, same 8 75 AU Johns, sa.ue 875 JP Collins, same 8 75 B W Haggard, defendants witje.-s 1000 Harvey Ing-ham, fcame 1000 Mrs Hubbard, bame 10 00 Mrs Hantzow. name 1000 JW Sullivan, suiue...' 135 POOH FUND. Olaf Johnsou, CiU-eMudlue j'amj'y 4!l 00 S Benjamin, looking a-rer poor o 00 L, Losslng, coillu 1700 J G Smith, goods for pooi farm 57 34 L A Sheetz, med i.cme poor farm 5 05 auditor before payment is made for the work done. In the case of renting school section 16, in Itomsov, J. M. Stewart's Ieas6 was sustained by the board, providing he gives good security within a reasonable time This is the section that B. Devine basso long used. Dr.T.J. Felling's bill for attendrnceon Wm. Scbulenberg was not allowed because the family is not a county charge. The treasurer is authorized to refund the tax of 1891 on the south half of the northwest quarter of 24, 97, 27, to Mary Rieb samen. Matt. Ho'zbaner was allowed $20 a month from Mt-y 1 to Nov. 1 for janitor services. C. A. Tellier was authorized to secure a certified copy of the government field notes of Kossuth county, at a cost not to exceed The road petitioned for by Swan Henseu, oeginnuig at the northwest corner of section 13, 9S, 29, running north two miles to the northeast corner of 1, 98, 29, is ordered CAUGHT laid as per report, except Callanan & very, who were allowed $30 damages. Sa- . , — .. — _ _. >v . ,, ^,v. ^>w wauiojic^. The road petitioned Tor by D. (3. Adams, beginning et the northwest corner of 20, 98 M, running thence east to northeast corner of same section, was established'as commissioner's report, and damages lowed as per appraisers' report. per al- Road petitioned for by Martin Thompson beginning 90 rods east of the northwcstcor- ner of 32, OS, 30, running thence east to the northwest quarter-post of 33, 98. 80. and to vacate so much of highway as lies wholly within sections 29-83, was ordered laid, provided petitioners pay all damage, costs of commissioners and appraisers assumed bv the county. Road asked by Paul Hoeck was ordered la'd as follows: To begin at the southeast corner of 10, 98, 29, thence north one-half mile C. Banwart allowed ISO, John Wv- mnn ?lo, Paul Hoeck uo damages. The school fund loans made by the county auditor were approved. Mrs. Fay Richardson of Appanoose county understands how t.o make money out of poultry. She has already sold one orate of spring chickens and has 100 more ready for the market at fancy prices. The Burlington & Northwestern narrow guage passenger train,' which arrives at Burlington at 7 p. m., was blown from the track 30 miles north of there, April 1. Four persons were seriously injured. A dozen other passengers sustained minor bruises. The train was running at full speed about 30 miles south of Oskaloosa, when a hurricane struck it broadside, blowing it completely off the track. The Keeley institute at Des Moines has been sued for §50,000 damages by the heirs of the late Dr. Plumb o'f Ames, who lost his life by jumping from a window in the Keeley institute building a few months ago. Dr. Plumb had taken treatment at the institute about five mouths previous to bis sad end, and The Best for Rheumatism. A traveling man who chanced to be in the store of E. V. Wood at McKees Rocks, Pa w™i w i-?i be - , was w . aitin S to see Mr! i ..i ' ? I 1 e glrl came ln with an empty- bottle labeled Chamberlain's Pain Balm and said: "Mamma wants another bottle of that medicine; she says it is the best medicine for rheumatism she ever used " Fifty cent bottles for sale by druggists. ' SEE the bargains in braith's. shoes at Gal- TRY Golden Eggs noodles for soup at ane-dnn .fe TTnrUnn'a _Oto Langdou & Hudson's.-2t2 SHOES worth from S3 ?2, at Galbraith's. to So for only all FBOM THE COUNTY TOWUS. WESLEY. WESLEY, April 12.—Farmers are » L1 busy seeding in this part of the county. There will be as large an acreage sown as there was last, if not Ford, is building a this year larger. Our editor, Mr. new office just west of When done it will add the very postofflce. much to Bailey Bros goods for poo.' Naudaln llros & Wink'e, u J M Farley G E Boyle, k coal for poo; 3187 :oal poor.... 37 05 1 00 , goods for \ioor 451 Frank winkel, meat :or poor •t 40 8 40 i poor W F Carter, goods for poor.. Chrischilles & Herbst, goods Durant Bros yo W W Jones, pasiurin^ siock poor farm 10 "5 W F Carter, goods ior poo> farm 210!) R J Hutchinsou, horse pooi- 'arm oo -'5 A D Clarke, flour poor f a :m i <jO wm Nolan, coi'n pooi- f.-nu 1130 G M Howard, hardware poor I'arui 1200 Bennett & Anderson, meat poor farm 1000 Jas Merricle, meat poo:. f t v.*iu 015 E E Sayers, medicine add I'ttend- ance 8 75 Isaiah Fry, look'ns aiter poor 1200 BRIDGE FUND. J B Carr, repairing b.-jcl^e 225 Thos Henderson, bi'dge wo; k and repairing 28 50 S K Hives, grading bouth line section 28-00, 27 noOO Alpheus Johnson, cutting ice and repairing bridge 11 0! > E J Bruer, hardwai-e forbr'c'ges n 03 John C Hill & Co, lumber for bridge...' 30 48 HOHolienbeck, committee wo^k 400 G H Peters, .snuie 0 08 J_O Rawspn, saiue \'" n s± Taylor & Hume, bridge plauk 1795 INSANE FUND. A L Seeley, care or Panu'eo 568 A A Bi-uasoii, couiai^sioner of insanity and other fees In case of\V Panulee 55 °5 Same, Jaine' James 0080 Same, Geo Iiudwly "4 48 Same, Agnes Murray 3190 r Damages ou Uoad'No. :)UU— Win Knoll J30 00 I G C Heuley 30 00 i \\'m Trepto 12 00 Jolm Douglas.. 3000 _. i Isaac Ames 3000 Thos Hanna.. 2000 Road No. 307— Geo C Call 40 OOjL &ABSbeldon 30 00 Eva R Mlnzer.. 30 00 Sigiia O Warner 30 00 J Krahu $30 00 Fred Kapka 3000 JHelgeus _>o 00 Frank Aines IS 00 J A Foster 3Q 00 E A Klumau 3000 Conrad Johnson 24 00 John Roswell 24 oo AB Straus 2400 J Hutchlnson 1200 O Schenuerhoru 48 00 E Thompson 12 00 >ign .__ L R Crammond 24 00 E N Valentino.. 2400 A D Clarke & Co 24 00 Chas Darumanu 48 00 Lydla Deltrick 30 00 CE Mallory.... 30 00 Francis Secor.. 2400 AV J Story .'..... 24 00 Joseph Thompson, appraiser ou roads.. 530 "WFHoUus, same.... 5:10 Myron Sciienck, same 5 30 Road No 308— C C Chubb 40 OOlGeoEClarke.... 1000 Thos F Cooke.. 10 00 Road No. 300— John Nymaii.... 15 00|CasperBarnhart 30 00 Road No. 371— S N Goodspeed.. 25 OOlAlburt Jacobson 30 00 W W Alcorn.... 25 00 T Helgasou.... UO 00 Road No. 372— WH Nyeum..., 10 00 A ACall .......... 40 00 Callauau & Savory ............. 50 00 R E Davidson, appraiser on roads ...... 825 C W Goddard, same .......... ............ 825 O A Searlo, same ......................... 8 "5 Resolved, That the members of this board are entitled to the sums set opposite their several names as per diem and mileage at this session : G H Peters, 2! J days, 10 miles .......... ?11 00 J O Rawson, 2 days, 15 miles ............ i) 80 HOHolleubeck, !>_4 days, 12 miles ...... 1140 LDLovell, 2(4 days, 14 miles ............ 11 08 JBoltz, 2>,i days, 17 miles .............. 1204 Hallway Apportionment. The following apportionment of railway property was made for taxation purposes,: Burlington, Cedar Rapld.s & Northern— Gartleld, -I 30-100 miles, *.'.), 140 per niilu*13,502 Minneapolis & St. Louis— LuVeriH', U 57 luO miles, $3,500 a mile '.':.', 0!)5 Samo inn. 1 23-100 miles, ¥3,500 a mile 4,305 Chicago & NorthwfsiiM'n— LuVeriie, 0-100 mile, &>,r>40 a ml In. . . . 7."0" Same iuc, 1 30-100 m'les, $5,540 aiullo 33" Sherman, 0 titi-100 miles, $5,540 ;i mile 3(i.800 Irviugtou, 4 53 100 miles. $5,540 ;; ui'lu 25.0IIU Oresco, 1 1-100 miles, $5,5-10 a mile ____ 5.51)5 Algoua liie, 1 72-100 miles. *.V>40 a ni'lo ',1,520 Union, 70-100 miles, $5,540 a mile ____ 4,377 Plum Creek, 5 05-100 miles, $5.540 a mile ... Portland Buvt, Qreemv ......... _______ Bancroft, 83-100 miles, 85,540 a mile.. 4,508 Same, iml, 2 25-100 miles, f.i, 540 a mile 12,405 Harrison, 1 22-100 miles, $5,r>40 a mile 0,75!) Ledyard, 5 32-100 miles, -$5,540 a mile 20,473 Spriugllekl, 0 7-100 miles, $5. 540 a mile 33,028 Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul- Wesley, 4 70-lOtt miles, $5,225 a mile. . 25,028 Prairie, i 21 100 Oliles, $5,225 a mile.. 0,322 Irvlngum, 5 04 lou ijiiles, ?5,225amlle 31,03(1 Algoua iuc, 2 7-1UO iin'iijs, $5,225 u mile 10,810 Cresco, 4 i)-100 miles. iS5\225 a mite.... 21,370 Whittvuiorti, -1 11MOO mii\«s, tu,2Sa a, mile ...................... V ............ 21,803 Same, iiie, 2 0 100 mites, if5,;225 a mile 10,704 mile 31,301 Portland, 43-100 miles, $5,540 a mile.. 2,382 Jurt, 5 07-100 miles, 85,540 a lui'o.... 31,412 Ireeuwood, 3 U-lOOmUes. $5,540 a mile 10,020 Other Hoard All persons using tho couii\ty pile driver shall return tho sumo ami rojkprt to county the looks of that part of town, and also be more convenient than the building he now occupies. G. W. Eddy intends building an addition to the building he now occupies for the postofflce. Fred Rogers has his new house up and partly inclosed in Park addition. Miss Belle Miller is visiting her sister at Algona. B. W. Haggard was seen on our streets Monday. Rev. E. L. Stevens of Swaledale will fill the pulpit at this place for Rev. McBride next Sunday morning at 11 a. m. Rev. McBride is visiting his family at Thornton this week. He will be gone till after Sunday. He also intends to preach at Swaledale in Rev. Stevens' place, while the latter preaches here. Three more car loads of emigrants unloaded her since Saturday. Mr. and Mrs. Jo. Cosgrove are rejoicing over the arrival of twin girls, whose ages date from the 8th. All are doing well. J. T. Standring of Cor with was in town Tuesday on business. ,> Wesley markets: Wheat, 64c; oats, 20e; corn, 20@22e;'barley, 28o'; flax, 7Cc. timothy, 95c; hay, loose, $4,' pressed S4.50@5.50: hogs, $4.' Rev. McBride organized a Methodist class and also a Sunday school last Sunday afternoon at the C. Ward school house. Hereafter there will be services held there every two weeks at 3 p. m., aud Sunday school every Sunday. LU VERNE. LuVERNE, April 11.—Dr. Geo. Lacy has a brother visiting him at present from Massachusetts. Jno. Black of Luni purchased Joe. Shultz' span of mules. Rube. Buell spent Sunday at Livermore. Matt. StaurTacher of Renwick Sun- dayed here. W. B. Persons begun work this morning on Sam Pearson's hay barn, which will be a large building. Miss Augusta Hintz is quite sick at present, Jno. Gould has a daughter who is quite sick. R. P. Bowley has bought the Jno. Thurston residence property. J, T. Gustin has bought Joe, Shultz' blacksmith shop, E. Dimler and C. J. Alvourd took the train for Fort Dodge to be gone over Sunday. Mr. Jno. Gould has bought the Mills property. S. C. Platt returned from Pipestone Friday. Mrs. Downs is very sick at present. Mrs. Robert Smith, north of town, died on the 5th, and was buried at the cemetery here, Rev. Lohr officiating. R. V. Scott has gone to Lisbon, N. D,, to dispose of some land he has there. G-us Johnson and brother from Boone, Iowa, aro back to Lu Verne again. Miss Jesso Morson of Luni was a caller on Mrs. H. L. Simmons between trains last week. Everybody is getting ready to make garden. Miss Lottie Eggerth returned home from Chicago on the 2nd, where she has has been for the past three weeks. Frank Hill of Renwick came up today on business. Frank says Ronwick is booming. II. Kfindt has returned from Chicago, where ho has been purchasing his spring stock of goods, A. Luchsinger is sick at present. E. Pearson of Cedar Rapids was in town on Saturday. Frank Chapman and Jno. Robertson have rented tho rooms over Chas Liohty's store. was down to Des Moines on a visit and called at the institute to spend the night, renting a room from a woman to whom a portion of the institute rooms are sub-let, During the night he made the fatal leap, aud now his hoirs seek- to make the institute pay 8-50,000 damages. Every cow in Fort Dodge is for sale. The last vestige of the sovereignty of the once famous Fort Dodge bovine, whose supremacy over the city was exploited far and wide, is ended. A year ago a county herd law was passed bv country votes, and it was thought the town cow was downed. The city government, however, was for the cow, and the county law was laxly enforced. The issue was not raised at the recent municipal election, but very quietly all anti-cow aldermen were elected. The first ordinance passed by them was one prohibiting any live stock from running at large in the city limits at any time, winter or summer, day or night. The vexed question seems to be settled. D. N. Richardson, of the soldiers' monument commission, expresses the sentiments of plenty of people in saying that the location is a poor one. He says: "The state had better have bought suitable property for its location even if it nad been obliged to give that lot away. The monument, it is said, will endure a thousand years, and it will be a thousand years of regret and curses over the shaft built by Iowa to commemorate the sacrifice of its gallant soldiery." There is some talk of letting the whole matter drop until the next assembly, and then have the location of the column changed. The points of objection at present are these: The grounds themselves are unsightly; the towering dome of the capitol would dwarf any monument into insignificance, and besides the erection would be hemmed in on all sides by buildings. "MOTHERS 9 FRIEND" MflKES CHILD BIRTH EASY, Colvtn, La., Deo. 2,1886.—My wife used MOTHEE'8 PBIEND before her third confinement, and says she -would not be without it for hundreds of dollars. BOCK MH.I,a. Sent by express on receipt of price, gl.50 per bot |le. Book "To Mothers "mailed free. BRADFIELD REGULATOR CO., Sold by L. A. SHEETZ, Algona. PROFESSIONAL DIRECTORY. • •—~-— ^~^~* —^ ^_^ GEO. E. CLARKE, ATTORNEY AT LAW. Office over First National bank, Algona, la. W. B. QUARTON, ATTORNEY AT LAW. Over Kossuth County bank, Algona, Iowa. E. H. CLARKE, ATTORNEY AT LAW. Collection agent. Over Kossuth Co. bank. DANSON BROS., ATTORNEYS AT LAW. Loans and collections. Over Prank Bros. S. S. SESSIONS, ATTORNEY AT LAW. Prompt collections. Money to loan on chattel security. Over Chrisohilles' store L. K. GARFIELD, M. D., PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON. Office, State st., one door east of Cordlnelev Residence, McGregor St., east of the public school building. H. C. McCOY, M. D., PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON. Special attention to city practice. W. E. H. MORSE, PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON. Office: Rear of Heise's brick building, State street, Algona, Iowa. G. T. WEST, M, D., PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON. Next door to J. a. Smith's store, Algona, la. J. E. HILL, M. D., PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON. Wesley, Iowa. Day .-.ud night calls attended to wllii promtuess. Johu DeGroote, a farmer living five miles west of Humboldt, wjas accidont- allj'shot through the bowcflsand killed Friday by W. H. Daveilport, while loading his gun into a wagon for a duck hunt. ° T. J. FELLING, M. D., PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON. Consultation in English and German. Office and residence over H. Coetsch's store Whittemore, Iowa. ' LOOK. THE DR. GEO. J. HOLTFOERSTER, PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON. West Bend, Iowa. Special attention to dls- eases of the akin. Fits, epilepsy, etc./cured $25 YOU CAN BUY ~- , , A Sewing Machine that re' alls for W5 Get fu!>. information at the U. D. M?office. T EGAL BLANKS— * B W t^eBi at the Upper Des Moiues office and get {lie most approved Jonus. o 1 JOHN PAUL LUMBER GO. SUCCESSORS TO J. J. WJLSONL Office and yard on Dodge street, south of State t ALGONA, fiOWA* Handles the best of all descriptions of Which includes everything that is possibly needed for the' construction of 'any 'thing j 'roin a, picket fence to the very finest residence. WE MEET ALL COMPETITION. t Come and give us a chance to figure your bills, and we will prove to you that what we say is the truth. -A-g-ent. Time Will Tell 5 P H' THATOT IS (D Q 2 I TO USE For Sidewalks, Stable Floors, Fences, Bridges, Crossings, and sills for all • buildings, and that the POmiLLE FELT ROOFII is water proof, durable, and cheap, and absolutely the best roof you can get. bold only by J. A. Hamilton & Co., JOHN GBOY£ — WBIH 9l*m}J»\f\-JSZ£} Livery, Feed, and Boarding Stable, TO-.,* ._ ^ O " ' ' S West o/Thprtngton House ' •i_, . ,. a

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