The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on June 7, 1893 · Page 4
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 4

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 7, 1893
Page 4
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twenty-Eighth Year. BY INOHAM A WARREN. Term* to Subscriber*: One copy, one year........ ti One copy, si* months.... ....«i.ou One copy, three months..„., '. 40 Beat to ant address at above rates. *^SSfI,PJ draft, money order, express or8i «r postal note at our Hsk. Bates of advertising sent on application. WEDNESDAY, JUNE 7,1893. of Iowa colleges were held at Moines on Friday at the state UTTER*COLLEGIATE ATHLETICS. The third annual field-day exercises Des fair grounds. Nature looked more kindly Upon college muscle than some people do, and allowed the sun to shine all day, while the track was in admirable condition. There were seventeen various contests, in which the winner>was marked five, second 'best three, and third best two, the grand total for each college determining 'who should hold the silver cup tbe 'coming year. Iowa College at Grinnell has won tho cup twice, and if her men were successful this time would becomo.permanent owner, so from the start it was Grinnell against the field. And although the Agricultural college,'Coe college, Iowa Wesleyun, and other colleges were present with good •men it soon became evident that tho state university was the only school thtit^was lin tho race. * ' ! MQIKESf ALGOKA, IOWA, WEDNESDAY, JtJtffi 7,'' 1893, nation's authority respected in South by local officers. A,judge can tell a grand jury that it isn't .in hie power to enforce a law, the responsibility is wholly on them, and crime will go unpunished. Buta judge can. go at his business as Judge Hyatt has been doing the past six weeks, and the.grand jury, and the prosecuting attorney, and the witnesses, and the petit jury, and the public at large will all at once find law enforcement the natural thing. Why could the officers close the saloons easily enough after the Muscatine outrage and not before? It was no easier to file informations or serve papers. Public sentiment was aroused and united, there was the difference. When Gov. Northen announced a few weeks ago that the next time there was a hanging or burning bee in Georgia he would see to it that some of the active participants had a touch of something similiar he did more to stop mob violence than all the constables in the state could do, and he has no more merely individual mechanical authority than they do. It has been asked what direct effect on closing saloons a unanimous declaration by a republican state convention for law enforcement would have. All the effect in the world if the convention meant whatit said, and named whose election would be that the declaration would be regarded. .A governor today with Judge took first rank among this women in her discussion of the topic, " The Press as a Factor in Civilization." She delivered it as a queen would an edict and it was accepted as from one having authority. Mr. Young's address was the brightest we have read for a long time, and his address before the northwestern Iowa editors at LeMars, an entirely different one, was just as racy. Mr. Young is one of Iowa's foremost orators. He writes equally well and the Capital has become a great power under his management. The cowboy race is billed to start text week. The Minneapolis humane society is trying to stop it and appeals for funds. Its officers will visit Illinois and Iowa and work with the authorities. They expect to prevent it. men an assurance The rivalry was hot'fronvthe start, and the 2,000 people ^present saw little else but GrinnelPs red.and bla6k banners and Iowa City's old gold at the end of each event. Tho contests themselves were exciting;and •• close, dash was made in 64-6 yards in 10J seconds; 220 yards in 23 seconds; 440 yards'in 55 seconds; half mile in 2:131-5, and mile 5:014. Horse racing is nowhere 'in interest compared to the'mile run Where Grin-' nell's champion .passed 'Iowa City's score 'line, and within ten feet.Of the won by his width. Among the other contests the 16- pound shot was thrown 36 feet and 4 inches; the 16-pound hammer 84 feet. One jumper in the pole vault cleared a bar 9 feet and 7 inches high; the running high jump was 5 feet and 6 inches; the running broad jump 20 feet and 4 inches; the running hop, step, and jump 44 feet and 9 inches, or nearly 15 feet to each. The* mile-walk, in which the knee and hip joint had to lock at each step, was made in 7 .minutes and 11 seconds. The two-mile bicycle race was run in 7:01 4-5. Bert:Edmonds was to have gone in this, but was ruled out as not being a Drake college student. Tennis formed part of the contest, and the most interesting of all were the two hurdle races, one at J20 and one at 220 yards. Gillette of Iowa City won both, breaking the state record in the first in 17 1-5 seconds. When the sun had set and the judges had figured up the totals of .all the men Hyatt's convictions and Judge Hyatt's personal courage could enforce every law now enacted or to be enacted 5n Iowa, in every county in the state, and he wouldn't have to file any informa- tions either or appear in justice court. Gov. Merriam didn't appear as a con- The 50-yard stable when he stopped the prize fight seconds; 100 * n st - Paul and thereby put an end ;to prize-.fights in Minnesota: Gov. Lowry didn't file any informations when he had Sullivan and Kilrain brought to time for violating the law of Mississippi; Gov. Buckner was not talking in justice court when he announced that law would be regarded in Kentucky or blood would flow. People may think as they please about the expediency, justic&or wisdom of prohibition, but when it comes to the question of enforcing the laws of the state of Iowa, they do not differ much about the silly pettifogging nonsense that that is a matter for the constables. It is a matter for every man, and especially for those whose official positions make them representative of public opinion. The present anarchy in Iowa is a disgrace. The town councils which in open violation of law and of their oaths President Aylesworth of Drake college at Des Moines is the prohibitionist candidate for governor. He is said to be a rather versatile man with better judgment in most things than he has in politics. The Sioux City Journal says: "Lafe Young has achieved his chief reputation among Iowa newspaper men as an incisive and pungent paragrapher. Governor Boies m all his public utterances is long and prolix. If these two gentlemen are chosen to lead their respective parties in Iowa this fall,'It will be a contest between the para- grapher and the essayist, and republicans may take comfort in the reflection that the former is becoming more and more in vogue at the expense of the latter." Coupling pins were used , is said. They will probably chance to visit the world's fair if their headlights are not too bedimmed to enjoy the sights. In speaking of the Algona Dramatic company at Garner the Signal says; Everybody seemed well pleased with the performance. We understand Mr. Hill is trying to arrange with our ama- tures to put on a play here in the near future. The following from the Gazette will interest Mr. Heckart's friends here at his old home: An attempt was made Monday night to get into J. C. HecU- art's grocery store. An entrance was .effected into the outside building at the back, but the would-be burglar could not reach the inside or main part of the store room. Emmetsburg Democrat: Rlngling Bros.'circus is billed for Algona June 12, This will be world's fair enough for many of the Kpssuth county people A1(MA ttASfft A BOOM, But She Has What is infinitely Better, a Snfe, Steady, and Substantial Growth. A Brief Record of the Improvements Already Completed and Others that Are Under Way. on all grades and bridge petitions in Lotts Creek. Road in center of 13-94, 28 laid, the county to pay all damages except for for right of way. Col. Chas. A. Clarke at Des Moines last Friday said that the state revenue commissioners would soon have their report ready, and will make it the last of the monjh. He says they have tried to arrange for the separation of state and county taxes. J. T. Robinson, an old resident of B-'tt was kicked by r ' - ' killed. The State Register says: The Register still believes that this is the time for the republican party to get back on the national platform and to prescribe no other tests of party fealty. We shall continue to believe that this is the right and the wise policy. But whether the party does this or does something else, if it shows a lack of courage to be honest and independent and liberal, it will probably be defeated. Senator Allison thinks Boies will be re- nominated for governor and that Col. Henderson would beat him. J. J. Wilson of Algona came over Saturday and in the evening he and Harry went to Spirit Lake on a fishing expedition. Mrs. J. J. Wilson spent Sunday with Mrs. Wilson of this city. Bancroft Register: The Emmetsburg Democrat in speaking of Kenna's escape from the Algona jail, said that he "saturated his body with soap" and bent some of the bars and escaped. Our dictionary gives as a definition to saturate, " to impregnate till no more can be imbibed; to fill full." The jail management should not furnish such large 'quantities of soap. West Bend's new school house is to be 83x52 feet, two stories high, of Sioux City pressed brick, with Maiden rock cut stone trimmings. It will contain six rooms and a large recitation room upstairs. TheSmead heating, ventilating and dry closet system has been adopted and contracted for. The contract for the school house was let to L. F. Gardner & Co. of Omaha for $6,671 and is to be completed and ready for occupancy by Oct. 15. J. W. Sullivan made a hit in his decoration day address. The Democrat says: We go to press too early to give particulars of the entertainment at Columbian hall last evening. The attendance was large and most of the selections were of a patriotic character. The address, on the subject of the It is said that every circus or show that goes to Jefferson in this state visits the grave of Yankee Robinson, who was buried there. Not long ago a strolling company was there over Sunday and the entire troupe headed by the band marched cemetery and decorated the grave. to the are licensing saloons are more cowardly than Herr Most and equally dangerous. The manly words of Judge Hyatt, the democrat, are a fitting rebuke to too many republicans, ;and to Three students of the Iowa state university debated in Minnesota May 26 with three from the Minnesota state university casion, by Mr. J. W, Sullivan of Algona, was a splended effort. Mr. Sullivan is a smooth, polished speaker and his discourse from the commencement to the close was marked by careful research, brilliant ideas and patriotic utterances. He. is one of the rising young men of northern Iowa and our citizens will doubtless frequently hear from him in the future. The following bean story is from the West Bend Journal: Three years ago Barney Long, who lives near Russell's switch, bought a quarters's worth of dried apples at McFarland's. Among the apples he found a bean that had an attractive look about it, so he saved it, planted it, and thereby furnished the reporter with this item. The bean grew apace and in the fall yielded 76 The most Important building improvement under headway at present in Algona is Gardner Cowles' double front brown stone block for which the basement is about excavated. This will be one of the handsomest buildings yet put up, and will cost probably $6,000 to $8,000. But a number of other buildings are under headway, and it looks as though this would equal any year we have had. THE NEW HOTEL. The new hotel at the Northwestern depot is enclosed. A. Wolf is building 40x40 feet, two stories and a half high, and will spend$3,000. MAX HERBST'S NEW HOME. The foundation is about in forahand- some residence on the Jots west of the Tennant house which Mate Herbst is building. It will be 33x3!Ffeet, after a neat design, and with the improvements on the grounds will make one of the pleasantest places in town. THE RICE RESIDENCE. T The frame is already up for the house L. J. Rice is putting in between the Geo. Simpkins place and Mrs. H S Langdon's. It gives promise of a very handsome house. The foundation is 30x40 feet and the design is after the late modern styles of houses. THE LUTHERAN PARSONAGE. The Swedish Lutherans are erecting a house 26x44 feet opposite their churca in the north part of town, for a home for their pastor. IN GENERAL. Chas. Single's large upright part to his house is nearly, completed. Louie Haage has a very commodious two story house about done near Dan- SOD 8. is refitting in the O. W McMurray repah-s The new shop built for the marble Hal1 is W. C. Dansoii is finishing a two story W. J. Crammond on the question: Resolved, That the United States should own and operate the I beans of a superior quality. 'Mr. Long every ' and it .appeared that Iowa City had won by two points over Grinnell, the S. U. L war cry was heard all over Des Moines, and— " Haw, Haw, Haw, Hi, Hi, Hi, Hawkeye, Hawkeye, S. U. I." resounded on all the streets and in the hotel corridors until the students boarded the train for home. ' Field day was a great success, and the excitement and interest felt at this one insures a growing attendance next year, when each college will attempt to regain what it has lost or outdo its previous records. citizen who because he personally doe's not approve of any law, encourages its flagrant and indecent violation, and especially to such persons as, holding high stations, try to wash their 'hands of the whole business : by laying the blame at the door of the constables. carefully saved these and planted them the next spring and had the satisfac- . , , -. -—, tion of gathering a pailful of chnW telegraph system. The Iowa men were on beans that fall. When spring caml the affirmative and won the debate by a Mr - Lon g consigned his now historic unanimous vote of the judges, who were all bea ns to the guardianship of mother Minnesota men. | earth, with the result that last fcll he Three of the compositors Register are colored men. on the State harvested a fine crop. time to market some of It was now them, so he w.j. Crammond is enlarging his house to more than twice the size and rebuilding nearly all of it. Albert Hackman is building a two story house with wing on Elm and will make his home there J.AYS DOWft THE LAW, Judge Hyatt's Charge to a Hampton Grntnl Jury - A Fe-W More Such Men Needed in Iowa. Judge Hyatt of Webster City, a democrat, charged the grand jury as follows regarding violations of the pro* hibitory law: In the light of events, that have occurred recently in this state 1 feel inclined to say more to you than I otherwise would at this time in relation to the enforcement of this law. The diabolical attempt to commit murder down here at Muscatine the other day warns us of the evil consequences of permitting a law upon our statue books to go unenforced. It is not so much that liquor was sold in Muscatine; it is not so much that liquor was sold there in violation of law, but it is because ot the neglect of duty on the part of grand juries, courts and officers of courts, the people had been educated to the idea that any law which does not meet with their approval muy be disregarded with impunity. This is the great evil which grows out of tho neglect to enforce the prohibitory liquor law. When you have taught a people that they may violate one law with impunity, you have paved the way for the violation of another law, and still another law, until, ere long the very foundation of society will be uprooted because of that growing tendency Quite recently I found it a serious question whether the court or the saloons should control the grand jury, and found the grand jury parading the streets with bottles of whiskey in their pockets, boasting that while they served as grand jurors it didn't cost them anything for what they wanted to drink. I found it necessary, in order to preserve the dignity of the court, in order to make any show toward a proper enforcement of the law, to change the grand jury. A very radical step to take, but one that was made necessary, and I should not hesitate to do it In any county in the district where it is necessary. I am glad to say, however, that I apprehend nothing of the ch&r- acter is likely to occur in this county. But the grand jury in their conduct should be like Cassar's wife, "above suspicion." They should be very careful what they do in respect to this law. i charge you to investigate each and you have or may every case of which Edwin Booth, the actor, is dying. , brought in six bushels and sold them to McFarland & Son, realizing $12 for the crop which grew from a single bean picked out of a bunch of dried apples Rhet. Clarkson said not long ago: " The first money I ever earned was when I was a boy of 13. It was in Cincinnati. My father moved out from Ohio to Iowa, and I went to Cincinnati to strike out for myself. I got a job setting type, and at the end of a year I had saved up $100 in gold besides my THE MATH'S MAGAZINES. ^^/^Sffi^ 1 ^. 31 *^ With a fine sense of appropriateness, Romance presents this month a "Special Scandinavian number," with which to temper the heats of June. More than half the contents of this issue are characteristic stories of ",the land of the midnight sun" A BOGUS ESTHERVILLE MUSE. The Divine Afflatus Up In Emmet Is Not a Product of the Native Breezes-Who is Finley. Some weeks ago THE UPPER ^ I JJ°«» found a really likely poem the Est DES . ,. , extensive ad- to his home done. He has nearly doubled the size of his house . £• M - Doxsee has the new house he is building south of D. H. Setchell'R plastered. It is a commodious home. W. H. Miner has built a house and barn north of the Mrs. Hill place this spring. Both are substantial additions. _ a house wmlo-st^OOO^^^^L^ome 1 ho^as^,7e\^^£^l a !<-» for a lady whose learned. re the improvements casually now m progress. J. D. " Alex. Herman's Northwestern depot name we have not noted noted -i- -. ... b v. u u^oiuco my *-'«jv-ooii, xviuiiauu, oiguru, JrCter Toft and *i, -n i*«~i** iu expenses. I was prouder of that $100 than ^ n . n ^ Wahlenbarg. The rest of the num- . e • . erville Republican and repub- the HOW L.AW IS K Judge Hyatt, the democratic judge, from Webster City, who dismissed part of the grand jury at Fort Dodge a few weeks ago, said some vigorous words to the Hampton grand jury last week. They are a credit to him as a judge and show what influence may be exerted for the enforcement of law by those not directly responsible for the filing of in- formations. There is a theory abroad in Iowa that the enforcement of law lies wholly with the constable, and are delightful love stories. Among the now comes the Spencer News and ™ ^^.^PL^^telareGuyde Mau! "In another column wllZ ?n. of any money I have ever earned since T S^e^T^atrl stfiU 1™^!^%™^^! ™^ * "atf™"aTth.7 farm for §4,000 and with my brother bought the Des Moines Register. The&i,OOOI got for my farm represented all I put into it. The paper now pays over ?40,000 a year The money obtained by the sweat of one's brow seems to go further and to produce presumed But u ly see a big addition to Algona , r . j *•*»* 1*1* > t, \JL UJrtV obtain any information, whether it be saloons or whether it be under the device of club rooms (perhaps the most damnable method resorted to for the sale of intoxicating liquor in this country today) or whether it be by druggist holding a permit from the district court of the county. I charge you to investigate each and every case where you think the law has been' violated, and return bills of indictment against parties if the evidence will warrant you m so doing. TO EVERY FARMEE. Some Hints on How to Feed Stock and Get the Best Results.' To the Editor: May I be permitted to call the especial attention of every farmer to the importance of using plenty of oil cake meal for feeding stock? Did they but know its value there would be no necessity for this reminder from me; but I know the most of them do not stop to consider the many advantages and benefits resulting from its use. It is a fact fully demonstrated by our best stock raisers, dairymen, and feed?™,^ t ^ r S.?, B ». ot w«e.".sea - DONE Al- little better results than money that is given to 3-ou or comes without any special effort The seed seems to fall on richer soil for M This periodical comes from Romance Pub' column will be found' „ selection called ' Sand ' say the least is readable as to m omance ub -. , Hsh ing Co., Clinton Hall, Astor Place, New «°™P°Bition and not wanting in point. York; J25cents a number, $3.50 a year Our a DADgi They Meet In Regular June Ss 8s l on and Grind the ir sua i Grist-Zoo™ ; at the County Bastlle. regular June session know to be for their"beet intoS. s ' 1 As a milk and butter producer ground linseed cake has no equal. It not only greases the flow of milk, but great y ThA ™, nt , «. • ~~~ d to lts nchnes s in cream. With a The county fathers met Monday in cow accustomed to corn meal bran iP-nlni. Tuna , .• , J Ishni'f.n nnrt fVin i;i,~ *.-< ," lci ", Ulan ana yesterday Our attention was called to the poem by one of our business men about a 'Senator- Lodge and Mrs. Burnett take the montn .ago, appearing without credit or some reason. 1 papers in the state some of the best seem to have accepted it. Judge Hyatt's course is a fit and timely rebuke to it. He was under no absolute legal obligation to do more than give the grand juries he presides over the usual perfunctory instructions, and leave tho responsibility of suppressing lawlessness wholly with thorn. But his idea has been that he as judge can and should exert a direct influence for the enforcement of law, and the effect is already marked. There never was a more abwurd notion than that law is i enforced by tho merely mechanical The Bancroft Register under the now management is greatly improved as a newspaper. It has a good field in Bancroft and the people deserve a flrst-class paper, and the Laidleys seem to be able to furnish it. The Council Bluffs Nonpareil has changed to a six-column, eight page paper, an d is greatly improved. C. A. Weaver, who did good work at Webster City, is now on the Nonpareil. The Carroll Herald, which is published in a strong anti-prohibition town, and which has favored modifying the present law, says: "Tho Muscutine outrage has made any move for modification wholly impracticable." As a matter of politics this is true. But tho move wae impracticable long before this outrage, simply because no one could tell what the modification was to be. There are thousands who would support a change provided it is to bo the right change. But all tho talk about returning to local option on the part of republicans, or, we believe head of ;the column in the current number of St. Nicholas and tell the praises of the national capital, to which Mrs. Burnett gives the name, " The Cities of Groves and Bowers"-certainly a more pleasing title M an r P lt ? °, f Ma & n iflcent Distances." Mr Lodge's sketch gives the important facts and legends connected with the city's past, and commends the wisdom that set quotation marks in the Chicago Grocer of April 17, where we naturally supposed the thingoriginated. Last week however, THE UPPER DES MOINES republished it with favorable comment, crediting its authorship to J. Pinley of kstherville, a circumstance noted with apparent pride by the Estherville Re- P ubllca n. Now if Mr. Finley is the . apart a ^ruly national city for the capital, author of these lines the Chicago Gro- lde » >eaer s will be surprised to oer has done him an injustice in nub- result of Ushing them as original. Likewise if ' . . *!»^? 8h »?fr ton i«»te »• morning went down our jail again. and looked over Mr. Rawson took a few - f --- » uvi/iv Hi It)\Y lessons in cracking pad locks and then astonished the rest by onenincr „„ easily, while Senator Chubb 1C? h ?self, in the cage and pried on tv, 0 i No kodak bei g ng pres^" we cannot rive our readers a picture of the scene & Nn g ow h cow, to be able to the two quarts at each of reached a compromise. Mrs. Burnett ut ,,, iulll; iies the subject from a point of view most suitable to young readers. In graceful and I poetic style we are told why Washington shpu d be a paradise for children. Both articles are fully illustrated. ~++~ The Century for June opens with a reproduction of a cast of the Juno of Argos discovered in 1893 by the American School of Athens, and here printed for the first time. This is to accompany an account of t */ - - -|-i—j-- -»—»•-*—. v**uu* ii'oin Chicago Grocer and sent them out as hie own, he is guilty of plagiarism and should be stripped of his stolen laurels. Let us have the proof. One cannot afford in these days of struggling competition to be robbed of even small honors." Will the Republican please prod Mr. Finley and announce whether his inspiration is bona fide, or whether he hooked his poetry from a journal? grocery process of swearing out warrants be-1 of reco °" izin S ^e saloon system, has been fore justices. It is public sentiment that enforces law and not the individual informer. It is the united courage of organization as represented by fearless officials in high places that makes the merely mechanical application in isolated cases easy and natural. When Andrew Jackson said that by the eternal ho would hang Calhoun if South Carolina didn't pay the United States revenue, the duties of the collectors be• came merely routine. When Buchanan was wavering and talking about what the constitution wouldn't permit him to do or didn't authorize him to do, all the individual couruge that belonged to the martyrs couldn't have made the more idlo expression of Btampcded political loaders. Prof. Wilcox of Mason City has been called to the Des Moiucs schools at u salary of $1,800 a year. Prank Blagburn, a Des Moines colored man, was admitted as a registered pharmacist lust week after a very excellent examination. Ho is the second in the stuto. Tho Ottumwu Courier suys two of tho best addresses at the great press congress ut Chicago were by lowans. Win. Penn Nixoii, editor of the Inter Ocean, paid Hon. LafoYounga very high compliment by suyiug that his address was tho best he had hoard ut tho National Press association for ton years, and Mrs. Paulino S^olin easily importunt additional discoveries in the neighborhood of Argos. Profile views of I the statue are also shown in the article ine number contains two seasonable articles relating to sports, the first by Lieutenant Win. Honn, the well-known naval officer and yachtsman, who, in 1886 sailed the Galatea against the Mayflower for the America's cup. IN THIS NEIGHBORHOOD. thoKuHh. 18 discussin £ celebrating | _ Eagle Grove Gazette: A church society in Algona will serve meals on circus day next week. Rev. Flanigan preached a Memorial sermon at Eagle Grove and delivered the address Tuesday at Williams. Hancock Signal: Algona sportsmen KECTYON'S ASM WAS SHOT, Register Tells How The Haucroit ins Hands It came about do, in another go^^weaT^arorSn? THE ROUTINE REPORT. W. W. Alcorn allowed §25 for aditoh on south line of 17-98 30 Rawson appointed to investiffnto bridging in southwest corner of Rive dale and to put in bridges and grades" R«adsuperintendentallow^m^ t erffi to repair bridge on 84-95 29 ualeUcU kifledby y d a og. all ° Wea ® 10 ' 2 ' 5 '<» hog _ Auditor ordered to omit lot 5 in T,.,, ington from tax list on account £ double assessment. account of , Burton appointed to grade and bridges on south line 14 99, 30 Auditor instructed to Drake's lot and A. G. i list of It prevents cholera. It ha= 60 ra'BJS-±!fflLH™SS consumed. omit P. in this manner. and Chas. Larrabee had come in from hunting, and Larrabee was putting up the team while Kenyon took the robes and guns into the office of the livery | corner He brWgesonou^lte o'f two for 480 pounds rSmi1t L n Pj JoInte a on 98 2 ° bridge between guns a bench the expense. Also thn and was to catch ____ a _. a little overbalanced and overreached the falling weapon at that instant! caught or struck the hammer against something and exploded, tearing the share bridges __ £•_£. WILSON. _ How to Visit the World's Pair enable everybody to se exposition the world h o sit the World's Pair It s something description return » to g , mtest nnT u nown and beyond o,,^ i«iuou i, , •»,-•—; —«- < —"»"b ""« ranst waste move powder and lead in nana neai ' Iv off at the wrist joint, and they may deem necessary. !ls Grade ordwecl above' y and will be {rood for ,.«t Ct> 3] ' ra 15, 1893. Ask for tiol t route, with ' , until N °V shooting contest's than any oTher''club" , bl ™ing a hole in the side of J the' barn ™*&t'S%rL3™Z*}'* in the state, judging from the number la 'Fl ei ? ou e h >° P u ' one's hand through, bridge east oMt ™ .if« ^, -°? , =" of tournaments they have. Elmore Post: water and the large enough to put one's hand through, bridge east of t on thn ^, n i - aml the A fortunate feature of tho unfortu- 94 80 n-i w=rm •? south llne of 5- nate affair is that he had just taken out ilawsnn W,»^ ? , mmitUeo< [ a $4.000 life and nn.nirtonT «;;,,.„.„"„ „„,,'^ w . 8 9 n cpmimttoeto make dUni,™ Bleeping cars, cars. ^szs p erijtsn« ysrragS5^ssS ffi1 .s?a»s£ North wnsi.m.n tn nnnrii. « n «i, ~i .if-.. i - I *... "»'? .... .„„«>." ^ **V»»owtty ana will 30 and adinin n» n,,,«,,. North western to punch each the queen's taste, at Alg-ona, N , , -rT*. v the policy with agent Holloway and ^day?''' eCe - 1VO$1 ' 500 fr ° m th ° COU1RU ' 13 J. ditch ° 8 -96, TOWN at F. / S.

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