The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on April 13, 1892 · Page 9
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 9

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 13, 1892
Page 9
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MQESES, ALGONA, IOWA WEDNESDAY, APRIL 13 V 1892« MB. Wit. A. LEHB of Kendallville, Ind., eays Hood'i Barsaparllla Ii King of Medicines And His Cure Was Almost a Miracle "0.1. HOOD & 00., Lowell, Moos. "Gentlemen: When I wna 14 yearn of age I wan nnflned to my bed for several months by an attack I rheumatism, and when I had partially recovered I did not have the use of my legs, so that I had to go i crutches. About a year later, Scrofula, In the White Swellings, Appeared on various parts of my body, and for leven years I was an invalid, being confined to ny lied alx yenrx. .In that time tea or eleven of genres appeared and broke, canning me great i and suffering. Several times pieces ot bane' orked out of the sores. Physicians did not help m* Became Discouraged "I went to Chicago to visit a sister, as It was .might a change of air and sceue might do me good, nt I wns confined to my bed most of the time, I was 0 Impressed with the success of Hood's Sarsaparllla 1 osses similar to mine that I decided to try It. 80 ^ bottle was bought, and to my great gratification B seres toon decreased, and I began to feel better, i strengthened my faith In the medicine, and in L short time I was UP and Out of Doors "To make a long story short, I continued to take Hood'i Sarsaparllla for a year, when I had become > fully released from the chains of disease that I ok a position with the Flint & Walling Mfg. Co., 1 sinoe that time have not lost a single day on to- nt of sickness. I always feel well, am in good , and have a good appetite. I endorse Hood's Sarsaparilla 'or It has beon a great blessing to me, and to my • jnds my recovery seems almost! miraculous. 1 nk Hood's Sarsnparllla is tt ' " .ei." WILLIAM A, LEHB, No. , Kendallville, Ind. A REPAST. the king of all medi- 9, North Bailroad Hood's Pills euro Biliousness. This GREAT COUGH CURE, thit success-. I CONSUMPTION CURE is sold by drug' i an a positive guarantee, n test that no other t can stand successfully. If yen have a DUGH, HOARSENESS or LA GRIPPE, it "I cure you promptly. If yonr child has th» "UP «r WHOOPING-COUGH, use U Jy aad relief Is sure. If you fear CON- IPTION. don't wait until your caM is hopes, but take this Cure at once and receive njnediate help. Price SQC and $140. : yonr drugK"t for SHILOH'S CURE, r lungs are sore .or back lame, usa 's Porous Plnsters. ••Why Are You Sick?" " I know precisely how you feel; it is that nervous, irritable feeling; your back troubles you, and when .you try to read a little, your head aches. Isn't that so? I it. Oh, bother the doctor I Get a ottle of Vegetable Compound, and take it lithfully, as I have done. I've been through •*• thing myself, but am never troubled pow. Do as I tell you, my friend." Prudent women who best understand their ailments find in the (Compound a remedy for "•U their distressing ills. It removes at once pains, aches, and aknesses, brightens spirits, restores di- tion, and invigorates he system. _ Druiglrts tell ' mall, In form (i, ur aent f. fills ot usages, on receipt of SI .OO. ter I'llli, »Sc. Corre- londenco freely aniwercd. lUreii in confidence, — 1 E. PIHKJUM MKD. Co., * , MASS. An Excellent pinner as Serrcd In the MOT- Ician Hot Conntly. - Our dinner was astonishingly good. Just think <>f a meal in that semi-barbarous place down in the hot lands of Mexico equal to the best to be had in the Italian or French restaurants that stand high in the favor of artists and other bohemians in New York! There were nine bountiful courses, served in excellent style, at a total cost of three reales, or Ihirty-seven and a half cents in Mexican money, hardly more than twenty-five cents American, with exchanfie reckoned as it was then. The watermelon served at dessert was the most delicious I had ever tasted—a deep red pulp of a firm texture and mealy crispness that almost melted in the mouth. The melons in this fogion are raised on the sandy beds of the streams in ttie dry season, where they mature quickly in the intense beat. For drink there was pulque from Apain on the table land, brought by railway train to the nearest elation, and ttence hauled by teams across country. This fonda was, of course, patronizsd by the" quality"—the visitors from the neighboriug great estates, city people who had come over from Jonacatepes, and. rancheros -with their families. These latter, like tarmer-folk the world over, I believe, were undemonstrative and chary of speech, exchanging but few words as they sat at table, awkwardly handling their knives and forks, and evidently awed by the unaccustomed magnificence of their repast. Don Ernesto had entered into a little friendly chaffing with Maria, a proceeding upon which a good ranchera, who sat opposite with her husband, looked with evident disapproval. "Drunk!" she was heard to remark to her husband, under her breath. "Yes," he responded, with a confirmatory glance. Poor young fellow, to be so harshly misjudged for his metropolitan manners, when his delicate health made him a total abstainer. Jovita, one of the waitresses, became a great favorite with us all. She was a girl of about fifteen, slight, with regular, delicately chiselled features, and glossy dark hair falling in two long braids—a type of lovely rural innocence. There was an exquisite shy grace in her movements. "Take her photograph," suggested Don Celso, and the proposition was heartily seconded _ by all hands. But even here the function of a hand-camera appeared to be known, and Jovita took sudden alnrm. "No, no, 1 ' she appealed. Her head drooped, pretty fingers wont shyly to her mouth, a flush stole over her brown cheeks, and she stood there with face averted, a picture of lovely shame. She was now oh her guard, and ever glanced apprehensively towards us. Every time she saw the instrument aimed in her direction she would turn her face quickly • away. It was too shadowy in the t'onda for a good snap-shot, and so I really did not lose anything. But when we rose to leave, Jovita was standing by the range, well out in the light, and awaiting an order. She had seen us start, and deemed herself in safety. Sho was looking the other way, I was within a few feet, and my camera was ready, "Adios, Jovitaj" I said. She turned m'y way unthinkingly. Click went the shutter, and 1 had lier. A. shout of merriment from my companions .greeted the uuccess of my stratagem, and the expression of dismay on Jovita's face gave way to a rippling little smile, as if to say that now it was done, it was no great harm, after all.—Sylvester Baxter, in Harper's Magazine for "April. * Bud lo 819 W. •BthSt. , N.E. ,Joi BimplM o( Over. comes eul » 1 »KJ« ) «*e« Sick Headache} . neiu««iy n-««. Xnatant Ilellof. Fiuo.1 oure in 10 days. Never returns! uo I' ur BOi no salvaj noiiupposltory. A victim T"'" "very remedy has 'dinoovered a simple '^ h , Ue wl " '""'I 'fee to M" *»"°w snUerera. J. It. n IJEVES, box 8200, New York City, N. Y. jKJfHIOM»_ Jwnblert. $2 loo for increase. 26 years ex!." e ,".y°- Write for lows. A. W. MoOonMIOK , I). O. and OIHOIHMATI, O. TAKE H *•• VM? i 0 ' 8 , 1 doso oft01 ' Bstcmlshes the iu-' l, buoy- . 1LES AJf AKESIS gives Instant relief, uud Is an INFALLIBLE CURE for PILES. Price, fI; at druggists or by mall. BampUw free. Address "ANATCESIS," Box 8416, NEW YOKK Oiry. IM THE WORLD. »nd Pdlnts which on, and burn OOH- AH One ot the Dlost Extraordinary Military Men of Ancient Times. The most useful man of antiquity, Caiiis Julius Caesar, came of good stock. In youth he was one of the dandies of Rome, but commanded reppect. Sulle remarked "that it would be well to have an eye to yonder dandy." . It is worth nothing that the so-called '•exquisites" have generally made good soldiers from the days of Alexander's "Companions" down to the time of Wellington, who wrote home from the peninsula for "another regiment of dandies." Caius Julius had been a sickly lad, but gymnastics and a right regimen had given him a fair physique; his education had been attended to, and he early made a Deputation as a lawyer and orator, bad several public offices,and became a leader of the young upper tendom of Rome. Crosar did nothing, however, that showed any exceptional force of ((character until he was a middle aged man. His foe, Pompey, was surnamed "The Great" at 34. Caesar's discinguiehing work did not open until he was 42. His opportunity came when he was chosen consul, with Gaul as his province. Bath he and Pompey belonged to the triumvirate that governed the Roman state, but Pompey was the leader. Caasar eaw that if he could subdue the Gauls—always the terror of Rome—he would be the great national hero. He saw, ioo, that while fightiug th<* barbarians he would be creating an army pf veterans with which he could rise to sole control. His way of approaching the new business of war shows that Cassar considered first the "strategic situation," just as Alexander or Hannibal would have done. In those clays "strategy" was understood as a science. Tactics—the art of manoeu- vring trgops on the battlefield was well developed. •; ;;• Strategy has been called the art of moving troops on the map. It is the art of .moving armies over a large section of country in such a manner as to place the enemy at a disadvantage. Ceesar made a. careful study of the natural features of Gaul—its mountains, rivers, forests and coast lines. Then he form'ed u general scheme of conquest. Some of the chiefs of Gaul were very able men, but in eight years CiBjar made the country a Roman province. Shortly after Caesar and Pompoy found themselves arrayed in arms against each other—the other inejuiber of the, triumvirate, Crassus, had died. Pomey stood for the aristocratic party, Cmsar for democratic ideas. Pompey had vastly larger resources, but CiBsar in 10 months had driven him over to Greece and himself held all Italy. He marched into Spain, and captured and disbanded Pompey's several legions fhere. Then he went into Greece with his veterans and fought Pompey again, and Pompey fled to Egypt, whither Caesar leisurely followed. There were campaigns iu Africa and Asia, but the end was that, after only 14 years of war, (this man, who was not- bred a soldier, stoodi monarch of Rome in all but the name, And controer ot the then known world. land doing 1 He is How was it? He had gone into the business of war with a trained brain in the maturity of its superb vig_er. His intellectual grasp of any situation was perfect. His control of men was complete; his character imposed on every one that ever approached him. His nervous strength enabled him to undergo any toil, any strain. And Ceesar was always lucky. He knew the fact, and seemed sometimes to rely on it. He often' did things glaringly careless. He invaded Italy with, one legion, when Pompey had 10; he sailed to Greece with less than 20,000 men to attack Pompey, who had 60,000; he landed in Egypt with 4,000, and was soon surrounded by an army of 20,000; he went into Africa again with 3.000, where the Pompeiians had an army of 75,000. But perhaps (lamr did not rely on his luck. One of his traits was his determination to succeed in any affair of fight which he had undertaken with sufficient means. v..It was when encountering overwhelming odds that he most fully displayed his splendid vigor, his wonderful skill. Though fighting was often a matter of "mood" with Ccasar, and sometimes he would not give battle until compelled to, we may judge of the extraordinary military greatness of this greatest man of ancient history by one feature of all his campaigns—their short duration.—Theodor Judge in Boston Weekly Globe. INDIA'S SOCIAL, COURSE. Dooming: Toung Children to a Life of Degradation and Slavery. The name of Behramji Malabari deserves to be known and respected in Eng— J as that of a nativelndiau who is good work in social reformation, one of the oldest and at the same time most temperate assailants of the greatest social curse of India—infant marriage. In a pamphlet which he has published he invites English women to realize^if they can, the meaning of such expressions as "infant marriage," "baby wife," '-'girl mother," "virgin widow." As we explained the other day, if a "wife" becomes a "widow" even .while she is still an infant, a widow she must remain all her days. The most ill-fated of these child wives are of course those who become wives not merely in law but in fact at aees varying from 10 to 12. "Girls of 12 and 13," writes M. Malabari, "have to bear the burdens of wifehood and motherhood," and he adds that 'toot a few of these married martyrs sucutnb to the shock of the first childbirth." This horrible, this hideous practice of child marriage explains most, if not all, of the poverty and the misery—the physical and moral degradation—to be seen in" hundreds of thousands of native Indian families. One of the worst forms of girl mariage is known as "marrying girU to the gods," which practically means slavery of body and soul to priests, great numbers of whom live upon the immorality of their girl wives. This dreadful custom of child marriage is one which the legislature that had the courage to abolish suttee has been afraid to meddle with. It was universal. To uproot it would have seemed like uprooting native society. But the custom is doomed, nevertheless. And its extinction will come about in a way not the least flattering to the rule of tl e English. The condemnation of child marriage is coming from the people themselves. Its disappearance will not be the work of a day, b"iit when it does come it will bo a splendid tribute to the benign civiliziner influence of England in the east. Mr. Malabari's own countrsmen, the Parsees of Bombay, have for years been laboring in the good cause with a zeal and intelligence which it would be difficult to overpraise. We have already described how the native barbers of Bombay have pronounced against the cruel custom. The- educated and intelligent natives of Madras are petitioning for fixing the minimum age of girl marriage at 14 years. Nor should it be forgotten that some of the native chiefs are not onlo theoretically in fa^pr of reform, but have introduced it of their own free will and without any recommendation from the supreme government. The intervention of the supreme government has been chiefly confined to collecting evidence on the question throughout the length and breadth of India, and to the distribution of papers to the local administrations,—London Daily News. HARRISON GOES HUNTING. He Will Shoot Snipe in Chesapeake Bay. WASHINGTON, April 7.—President Harrison left Washington tonight for jSTew Church, Va., on Chesapeake Bay, to enjoy a brief respite from his official cares and to do some snipe shooting. He expects to return to the city by Saturday evening. THB pleasant coating of Beecham's Fills completely disguises the taste without impairing their efficiency. 25 cents a box. The appointment of Dr. Vaughan as' archbishop of Westminister, in succession to the late Cardinal Manning has been approved. The proprietors of Ey'» Cream Balm do not claim it to be' a cnre-tll, but» tare remedy for Catarrh and Cold In the head. , I bare been afflicted with catarrh for 20 ( years. It became chronic and extended to my throat, causing hoarseness and great difficulty in speaking, indeed for years I was not able to speak more than thirty minutes, and often Ibis with great difficulty. I also, to a great extent, lost the sense of hearing. By the use of Ely's Cream Balm all' dropping of mucous has ceased and my voice and hearing has greatly improved.— Jas. W. Davidson, Attorney at Law, Mon- Inouth, 111. Apply Balm into each nostril. It Is Quickly Absorbed. Gives Relief at once. Price 50 cents at Druggists or by mall. ELY BROTHERS, 56 Warren St., New York. Frank B. Draeger. of Fort Wayne. Ind., shot Mrs. H. O. Kick, of Cleveland, four times. She cannot survive. Ho says sho. Had been hypnotizing him for the last five years. .fl. NATURAL EpDeptlo Fits, Falling Sickness, Hysterics, St. Titos Dance, Nervousness, Hypochondria, Melancholia, In* ebrlty, Sleeplessness, Diz* ztaess, Brain and Spinal Weakness. TesteOy Time. For Bronchial affections, Coughs, ,eto., BROWN'S BnoNoniAL IUOCHES have proved their efficacy by a test of ninny years. Price 23 cts. A luyatic named Hartjon, who escaped from un asylum in Bremen, crept into Ills wife's h'-use, cut the woman's throat, threw the body on the bed, set fire to the bed- clothing and escaped. CKAOIN & Co., Philadelphia, Pa., will send, poitlpnid, for 3 Dobbins' Electric Soap wrap- purs mid ten cunts, any volume of "Surprise firrlcR," (best authors), 25 cent novels, about iWJ pages. Send 1 cunt stamp for catalogue If the present weather should continue tho straits of Mackinaw are likely to be clear of Ice by April 10. Bversman & Spreck's grocery at Effingham, 111., was closed by the sheriff. , i This medicine has direct action upon the nerve centers, allaying all irritabilities, and increasing the flow and powet i of nerve fluid. It is perfectly harmless and loaves no unpleasant effects. f |*^f—A Valuable BOOK *n Worvons L BJ14 M Diseases sent free to any address, f n* f and poor patients can also obtain I Bib IB tills incdlclno froo of charge. This remedy has beon prepared by the Rovorend pBBtor Koonlft, of Fort Wayne, Ind., Blnoe 1876, and Is now prepared under hia direction by the KOENIG MED. CO., Chicago, III. Sold by DroBsrlsts at 81 per Bottle. OfbrMfc ,81.75. 6 Bottles for 89. IF you suffer from sick, nervous, neuralgic, spinal, bilious, or dyspeptic headaches, Bradycrotlne will cure you promptly. Ot all Druggists. Fifty cents. "German Syrup" I must say a •ftord as to tha efficacy of German Syrup. I hare used it in my family for BronchitU,, the result of Colds, with most excellent success. I have taken it xny» self for Throat Troubles, and hav* derived good results therefrom. I therefore recommend it to my neighbors as an excellent remedy in such cases. James T. Burette, Earlysville, Va. Beware of dealers who iofferyou "something just as good." Always insist on having Boschee's German Syrup. ® THE MAN YOU DON'T MEET EVERY DAY. But If yoa wish to meet him, come and take • look at onr Eef rlgerator«. We handle more goods of this description than any one home In the United B?atos. Xhli is on« reason why oar prices art correct. Oar cold dry air Befrlgerators ar« gaining a reputation. Our line ol Safety Bicycles, Baby Carriages. Reclining and Invalid Rolling Ohalrs, Office Desks, Ao., are the Tory latest patterns. Name goods wanted and Catalogue will be sent. Bpeclaf discounts to the trade. IiUBDBG MANUFACTDBINO CO o. 8th St.; School, Library, and S-H-O-U-L-D Have a Dictionary. Care should bo taken to GET THE BEST. THE INTERNATIONAL, New Irom Cover to Cover, Successor of (no "UNABRIDGED," IB THE ONE TO BUY. 10 years spent revising. 100 editors employed. 8800,000 expended. WEBSTER'S .INTERNATIONAL DICTIONARY Sold by All Booksellers. Bend to G.& O.MKREIAM & Co. TublUhe/s, Springfield,Masa.,U.S.A. for free specimen pages. A woma/rs am is to look her best—but she'll never reach it without perfect health. For perfect health, take Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription. All the functional irregularities and weaknesses that make life miserable to women, are cured by it. It's a powerful, invigorating tonic, and a soothing and strengthening nervine-—purely vegetable, perfectly harmless. «For ulcerations, displacements, bearing-down sensations, unnatural discharges — everything that's known as a "female complaint"—it's a positive remedy. It's the only one that's gwrdnteed to give; satisfaction in every case. It costs you nothing, unless it helps you. You can afford to £ry it, on these terms. Can you afford to neglect it? A PROMPT AND PLBASINO WAT oi 1 EASING Asthmatic Wheezing. Use HALB'S HONBT pp HoimnouND AND TAR, PIKE'S TooTHAOHa DUOPS Cure in Minute. » one Besolutions were introduced in the Massachusetts board of trade asking congress to create a now cabinet office to be in charge ol a "Minister of Commerce and Trade." PLEURISY x*AiNB,~and all Asthmatic and Bronchial Affections are soou relieved by that certain remedy for Coughs and Colds, Dr. I). Jay no's Expectorant. D. W. Smith, of Springfield, wa» elected president of the Illinois Permanent Road association. The Only Oue Bver Printed—Cam Yo» Find the Word? There is a 8-inch display advertisement in this paper this week which has no two words alike except one word. The same la true of each now one appearing; each week from Tho Dr. Hartor Medicine Co. This house places a "Crescent" 011 everything; they make and publish. Look for It, Bend them the name of the word, and they will return you BOOK, DBAUTIVUL LITHOGRAPHS Or SAMl'LBS FRKB. Of Visitors «ro leavlug Par/Is on account the frequency of dyuumHp explosion*. ' Uow's XhUT We offer One Hundred Dollars Howard f case of Catarrh that cannot be oured by Hall's Cfttavrh Ouro. ', * _!•• J. CHENEY & OO./ Props., Toledo. O. We, the uuderalguea, hitva tnown F. J. che- uey for the last fifteen years, and believe him perfectly honorable In all business transactions WEST bvt T & TB UAX, Wholesale Dr Toledo X.)9.j JOY® Both thQ method and results when flyrup of Figs is taken? it is pleasant tnd refreshing to the taste, and acto gently yet promptly on the Kidneys, Liver and Bowels, cleanses the system effectually, dispels colds, headaches and fevers and cures habitual constipation. Syrup of Figs is the only remedy of its kind ever produced, pleasing to the taste and acceptable to the stomach, prompt in its action and truly beneficial in its, effects, prepared only from the most healthy and agreeable substances, ito many excellent qualities commend it to all and have made it the most popular remedy known. Syrup of Figs is for sale in 60o aad $1 bottles by all leading druggists. Any reliable druggist who may not have it on hand will procure it promptly for any one who wishes to try it. Do not accept any substitute. CALIFORNIA FIG SYRUP CO. SAN FRANCISCO, CAL, lawaviui. xr. NEW YORK. N.r. Kennedy's Medical Discovary Takes hold in this order: Bowels, Liver, Kidneys, Inside Skin, Outside Skin, you Prlvlng oTwythlBg b«for« it to be out You know whether need it or not. •old bjr «Tery druggist, and mamaf >,et»r«4 fcf < DONALD KENNEDY. ROXBUftY. MAM. BULE8 regulate ana D Jyer and bowels, puri f T the blood, are safe end effectual i the best medicine-known for biliousness, constipation, dyspepsia, foul breath. headiieho,mental depression, painful digestion, bad complexion, and all diseases caused by failure of the stomach, liver or bowels to per•form their proper functions. Persons given to over• eatinfr are benefited by taking- one after each meal. • Price, S31 sample, 15o. At Druggists, or sent by mall. • RIPiNB OHEMIOAIi CO., 10 Spruce St.. New York., 'ItKATJUO FKEK. PMitivaly Cured with VegoUbla Romaditj Have cured many thousand oiaes. Oure uatlont •renounced hopeless by the best physloianr. ZVon SHI A ?f* ^ytePli rapidly disappear, and In t«n aaya at least two-thirds of all symptoms are removed Ueua lor free book of testimonials of miraonlons onni. Ten days treatment farnished free ft SJE2.««««l.S**A«?JlJKLS?9t.lnjit^« D i The Oldest Medicine in the World it probably DR. ISAAC THOMPSON'S CEX.EBRATED EYE-\VATER. This article is • carefully prepared physician 1 i pro, soription, and has been in conutant use for nearly a century. There are few diseases to which mankind are subject more distressing than sore eyes, and none, perhaps, for which more remedies have been tried without success. For all external inflammation ot the eyes it is an infallible remedy. If the direol tions are followed it will never fail. We particularly invite the attention of physicians to its merits. For sale by all druggists. JOHN L. THOMPSON, SONS * GO., TBOI, N. Y. Established MOT. DO YOU It Cure* Colds, Cough Inilnenzfi, Whooping Asthma. A certain oure itasos, and a sura relief in advanced stair**. at onoe. You will see the excellent jOSoVs) faidiur the first dot*. Bold by d**l«n ewtrwfi IiW«e battles. »«ent» «A JW* 1 •Inmlira w »B* MOODY*! {MFMYIB in. TZMBofDrm e»UI»f. B*. Yl«4 t* tit*,, Any Mr ii ttffa InUIl ItnMou qnleklj ui •uflj Iwn to nt «M mtkt l*n»it t* uy it;!*, t» •ny nwmn, TONIC ,BIX>OD, rejrnlatj ____ 3, remove I.IVBB order, build strength, rcanw appetite, restore health and Tlgororyouth. 'Igorof youth. Dyspepaijw Indigestion. thattiredfeeU Iniahsolntely eradicated, nd brightened, brala power increased, > bone*, nerves, mu» clcs, rooelve new fore*. L «tnTerlng from complaints M. | onllsr to their sex, uslnglt. BM - a safe, speedy oure. Betonr rose bloom on cheeks, beantlfles Oomplezloiu Bold everywhere. All genuine goods bear "Orescent.'' SeodnjacentstAmpforW-' pamphlet. DK. HARTEB MEDICINE CO.. St. Uola, H*. GRATEFUL—COMFORTING. Epps's Cocoa X BREAKFAST. "Br a thorough knowledge of the natural lam. jrhloh gorern th« oMratlons ot digestion and nntrl.' •on, and bjr a cartfol applloatlon ot the fine proper- DM ot well-ssleoted Ooooa, Mr. Eiipa has prorlded »nr breakfnst tablto with a delicately flarorec 5er. V*f» which innjr saio as man/ hnavy doctors' bills. • t M bf the judicious us* ot such articles ot diet that a constitution may be gradually built up nntll strong enough to resist every Undency to dliieas*. Hundreds of subtle maladies are floating around CJ 1 ready to attack wherever there is a weak point We may escape many a fatal shaft by keuulng col ' lelves well fortified with pure blood and a proporK nourished frame."—"Civil Servloe GuinUe.'- Mode simply with boiling water or milk. Sol* only In half-pound tins, by Qrooers, labelled thus: JAMJL'H Kl'^S A CO., Ho. .oaopathlt Chemists . LONDON, ENGLAND. D T7MQTOM JOHN w. MORIUS, HvlM kbiUIN wiiBiiiiigton, r>. o. r Successfully P.roseoutes Claims. Lato Principjtl J^xnmiuer U. B. Pension Bureau. 8 yrs. in late war, 15 adjudicating claims, utt'y 0tuoa, Page Book Freb. W.T.FITZGE1UIJ), WABHIMUTOH, 1). U. M1<;N '''° 'WtAVlSt. WenayfSO to $100 a month and expenses. & \\KIA.INGTON, Madison, Wig, Month and To Agents to Sell CIGAltK TO UKALKKS. loss a aisnro * oa, ....... _......... ft.rMi.Muft. SAMPLES FREE) Tll ° addresses ol all eoldlera who homosloiicled a less iiumbor of acres than IGOaud FAT FOLKS REDUCED .o., writ* :lou of 126 Ibu." For circulars midri'na. with Co., y.BNVOBB. McVlcliBv'n'I'heatie. fjhloitaii.tll. THE COST IS THE SAME. Hall's Catarrh Cure Is taken Internally, aotlna directly upon the Wood and muoou* s the system. TesUmontala sentfwe. pw bottle. Sold by all Druggists. fl ^ •;? FTE 4 $ Z <ii * E'A *> $ fia. CATCHING COLB. When you catch cold you simply chill a portion of the surface of the body. The skin hag been busy iif taking some of the carbonic acid out of the blood and the surplus water. A cold closes the pores of the akin, and this process stops. The work then is thrown upon the kidneys and lungs, for they with the skin have the whole task of purifying the blood. The blood vessels of the throat and lungs become gorged, a phlegm is secreted in the throat in these vessels, and the cough is Nature's effort to throw it off. REID'S GERMAN COTJQH AND KIDNEY CURB will remove these evils, In the first place it stimulates the circula* tion so that the skin resumes its normal action. In the next place it incites the kidneys to action, and this being done the lungs are relieved of their pressure and the system throws off the disease. When you take cold, get a bottle of REID'S GERMAN COUGH AND 'KiDNEY CUBE. You can get it of any dealer. BYLYAN REMEDY Co., Peoria, 111 i» GSM Morphine Jfntilt Cnr«d in 19 to JJU (l.'lyg. No pay till cured. S Ohio. Ooiunmptlwei »ad people vrbo bare wrfk long. *r Aittt- puo'i Care for It h« erred it baa not briar- 4&

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