The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 22, 1953 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 22, 1953
Page 10
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PAGE TEN BLVlhlliVlLLK (AiiKO OUOUlfcK MhWS BATUKUAK, AUGUST Grunewald Charged With Bad Conduct JERSEY CITY, N. J. (AP) — Henry (The Dutchman) Grunewald, one-time Washington mystery man who was found in a gas-filled room with a woman friend, was released in his own custody last night, police announced today. Grunewnld had been charged*— with disorderly conduct yesterday after he and the woman, Mrs. Ann Anderson, 46, were found overcome by gas in an apartment. Police said a pot of coffee on the stove may have boiled over, putting out the fire and allowing gas to escape. The pair had been taken to Jersey City Medical Center to recover, and it was thought that Grunewald and Mrs. Anderson would remain there until their expected arraignment in the disorderly charge Monday. However, agistrate Michael F. Riley paroled both in their o— recognizance last night and set a hearing for Aug. 31 on the charge, a police spokesman confirmed today. "No Account" After being rescued, Grunewald and Mrs. Anderson were booked on charges of being disorderly persons because they couldn't give a satisfactory account of why they were in the apartment. Police Capt J Leo O'Connor said this is the way Grunewald explained what had happened: He, Mrs Anderson and Richard J Tarrant, a Jersey City lawyer and once director of the Newark branch of the office of Price Stabilization, were driving to New York from Newark when Grunewald became ill. Tarrant suggested that they stop at the apartment of'a relative of his. That was how they happened to be at the apartment, which neither of them rented. After a rest Grunewald felt better and he and Mrs Anderson dined out with a friend, and returned to the apartment. There Grunewald sufered a heart attack. While tending to him, Mrs Anderson forgot about a pot of coffee heating up on the stove. It boiled over and put out the flames. The two jets poured gas into the room and both passed out. The building superintendent called the police and, the emergency squad came, revived them and took them to the hospital. Grunewald became famous through his reluctance to testify before the congressional "influence-peddling" probes, where his name kept popping up frequently. He was fined $1,000 and given a suspended 90-day jail sentence for contempt of Congress. STRIKE (Continued from Page 1) • if authorized by union leaders. Wages are the chief Issues in hoth disputes. Long distance service between several Indiana cities was halted early today by cable cutting Incidents. An Indiana Bell spokesman said cables connecting Indianapolis -and Bloomington were chopped apart with an axe in two places south of MartinsviUe. Service between Marion and Fort Wayne and Marion and Indianapolis was interrupted by severing of two cables in a manhole in Marion last midnight. Yesterday three cables were slashed in the Kokomo area. Reports of other cut telephone cables were received in St. Louis yesterday. Cables were severed at two locations, putting a few telephones out of service for several hours. The firm minimized the incidents and the union disclaimed responsibility. Service in the six-state area was reported near normal but delays in long distance and other calls requiring operators were noted. Narriman Gets Clothes CAIRO OP) — Ex-Queen Narriman can have the clothes she left behind in several of Egypt's royal palaces when her now estranged husband, Farouk, was driven into exile. But she can't have the fortune in jewels and other valuables she got on her wedding day. The official custodian of the for- ruled that jewels and other wedding presents were given Narriman in her capacity as queen, and therefore are state property. 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He was the guest of honor at dinner given by Peisal last night at his official residence. Asserting that under the Iranian constitution the highest crime is armed resistance to the government, the. Shah declared. "The crimes of Mossadegh are the most serious a person can be responsible for." Death Hinted He said lie was not certain whether Mossadegh, as a civilian, would be condemned to death but he added "a soldier convicted of such activities would be shot." "Mossadegh is an evil man who wanted only one thing out of life; power at all costs," the Shah said "To accomplish this end he was ready to sacrifice the Iranian people and he almost succeeded. Thank God my people finally understood him I" The former Premier was arrested after pro-Shah forces led by Gen Zahedl overturned his regime in a violent coup Wednesday. Only a few days before Zahedis flee with his queen U> Italy, had been a fugitive in hiding and Mossadegh had forced the Shah to flee with his queen to Italy The three Mossadegh aides arrested by Zahedi's forces yesterday were Kashavnr Sarir, former governor general of Iran's old capital, Isfahan, and two leaders of Ihe , ex-Premier's National Movement faction—Asghor Parsa and Bagher Jalal Mossavi. The Shah said he planned to meet with foreign ambassadors to his country—obviously meaning envoys of Western nations—and appoint ft new government soon after his return to Tehran. An authoritative American source reported, meanwhile, that looters sacked Point Four offices in central Tehran at the height of Wednesday's fighting, causing damage estimated at 75,000. Some of the loot, however, has been recovered, he added. IN THE PROBATE COURT, CUICKASAWBA DISTRICT, MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, ARKANSAS Estate of Mrs. BeUle Glover, deceased. Last known address: Cnlumet, Miss. Co., Ark. Date of death' August 7. 1053. The undersigned has been appointed Executor of the ahove, named decedent. An instrument dated Oct. 35. 1946. has beon admitted to probate as the last will of the above named decedent, nnd the undersigned has been appointed Executor thereun- der. A contest of the will can be effected only by filing a petition within the time provided by law. All persons having claims against the estate must exhibit them, duly authenticated, to the undersigned within six months from the date of the first publication of this notice, or they shall be barred and precluded from any benefit in the estate. This' notice first published August 15. 1353. Prank C. Douglas, Executor, 215 West Walnut Street, Blythevillp. Ark. South system America's rinoco River s largely navigable. RITZ THEATRE Manila, Ark. SATURDAY FORT APACHE With John Wayne And Shirley Temple SATURDAY OWL SHOW BAD BLONDE With Barbara Pay!on And Tony Wright SUN. & MON. COW COUNTRY With Edmond O'Brien And Peggy Castle *•••*••*< • *•« NAMED IN TESTIMONY — Mr. and Mrs. Edward Rothschild lerfve a public hearing of the Senate Investigations Subcommittee. One witness before the group identified Rothschild, a bookbinder at the government Printing Office, as a one-time member of the Communist party. An earlier witness said Mrs. Rothschild was an active worker for Communist party organizations in the late 1940s. (AP Wircphoto) 'OLD MAN OF THE EAST' — Pull of spirit despite all the time he spent in a Communist POW camp. Cpl. Glen L. Householder of Port Wayne, Hid., emulates a familiar Korean sight, including pose, a Korean pipe and gontee. He's shown at Freedom Village, following arrival from Red prison on the llth day of "Operation Big Switch." (AP Wlrcphoto) NEA Funeral Directors Meet A meeting of the Northr.nst, Ar- kalisas Funeral Directors' Association has been set for 6:30 p.m. Monday in the Motel Noble here, it was announced today by the Mississippi County board of the n«io- clation. On schedule Is a "Ret-log ether," .. dinner and a business meeting. [ The Rev. Eugene Hull of Dell will j be after-dinner speaker, and n pro- j ;ram of music is to be presented < by Gene Still, Jr. | i Lloyd Russell of Piggott. aF.socia- ! tlon president, will preside over the j business meeting. Hosts will be E. i M. Holt of Blytheville, chairman of the entertainment committee. W. H. Stovnll of Blytheville, Stove Bov:!:er of Oscrola and H. H. Howard of Lcachville. French Still Strikebound PARIS iVP.i — French railroads, post oUicps and other vital services remained strikebound today cle.spit.e n government, .settlement with two bi<* non-Communist unions. Tho wave of walkouts that have disrnted the nation's economic life for 17 days appeared far from over. MCCARTHY (Continued from Page 1) newspapers any special rights." "it does give their readers protection from the totalitarian methods of doctoring and falsifying news which Sen McCarthy wishes to adopt," the statement continued, 'Graham said "we continue to believe our editorial was fair." The report signed by all 1 of the ASNE committee members, he added, described McCarthy's questioning as placing "particular emphasis on editorials and columns critical of Sen McCarthy and other congressional investigators." McCarthy's letter went to seven members of nn ll-man committee of the American Newspaper Editors (ASNE) which studied the question whether McCarthy's interrogation of Wechsler last April 24 and May 5 constituted a danger to the freedom of the American press. The committee as a , wholn reached no conclusion Wiggins, chairman of the committee, and three other members filed a separate statement contending the McCarthy-Wechsler hearings did pose a serious threat to American liber- lies. McCarthy in an earlier letter to the same seven editors, who did not sign the minority statement, urged them to investigate whether Wiggins had "prostituted and endangered" freedom of the press. No such investigation developed, though Wiggins said he would welcome it. The editors are Paul Block Jr., of the Toledo Blade, Raymond L. Crowley of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, William H. Fitzpatrick of the Wall Street Journal, George W. HeaVy Jr., of the New Orleans Times-Picayune, L. D. Hotchkiss of the Los Angeles Times, Joseph W. Lee of the Topeka <Kan.) State Journal and Pope. McCarthy in his second letter asked that Wiggins be invited to quote any part of the record that showed Wechsler was questioned about editorials critical of the Wisconsin senator, and said Wiggins should be "called upon to give an .ccounting as to the reason for the falsification and whether he thinks this furthers the cause of press freedom." Pope said last night in Louisville that the ASNE committee's report was apparently incorrect on the specific issue whether Wechslev was questioned about editorials critical of McCarthy. He said: "McCarthy quizzed Wechsler as to his attitude toward Sen. Jenner (R-Ind), Rep. Velde (R-I1I(, the chairman of the House Un-American Activities Committee in general and the FBI. But I do not believe he mentioned any editorials about McCarthy. "As to the senator's feud with the Washington Post ... it should be fought out on Capitol Hill and in the columns of the lost. "I dnn't think this battle has anything to do with mail rates." He wrote to McCarthy that if the Post editorial contained an error, he thought it was unintentional and Church Meeting Set A meeting of the MCBF District of Sunday' School and BTU Congress rind Young: Women's Association will be held Aug. 25-28 at°the ••Ir-rci First, Baptist Church. Cleveland and Franklin. Rev. T. H. Hayward is pastor. Read Courier News Classified Ads. A flashlight-size dry cell is be- incr perfected that uses the oxygen of the niv as, one of its reactive ingredients. When exhausted, it can be refueled like a cigaret lighter. YOUR fJHENPLT THtATEj Enjoy Coo/, Air-Conditioned Comfort SUNDAY & MONDAY Continued Showing Suntjay from 2 p.m. When its time To Repaint You'll save money fay st-ler.tinR good paint. Good paint lasts longer anil Ihe longci intervals between painting lowers your annual cost We recom menri VANE - C A L V E R T Paints, made by "America s Oldest Mixed Paint House." Phone 4552 and we will figure the cost and recommend a goad painter. E.G. LUMBER CO. NEW MANILA, ARK. Air Conditioned By Refrigeration Matinees Sat. & Sun. Phone 58 "Your Community Center" FOOD POISONING VICTIMS — When 257 Mexican farm laborers were stricken with food poisoning at Merced, Calif., hospital facilities were so taxed that officials were forced to set up a temporary aid station on the lawn outside Mercy Hospital. A priest passes among the stricken men. Meat loaf packed In the lunches of workers and carried into the fields was suspected of causing the attacks. Many of the workers are still confined in the hospital and the National Guard armory which was pressed Into service. (AP Wire- photo) saw no purpose in an investigation of Wiggins, "whom I respect as an editor of unassailable integrity." Healy said in New Orleans: "If Sen. McCarthy thinks that the Post Office Department is subsidizing newspapers by granting cheap second class postal rates, which I do not believe, he certainly should not suggest that this subsidy is dependent upon the content of the news columns or editorial columns of those newspapers. "Personally, I think that in this respect. Sen. McCarthy is being very silly." In Topeka, Lee said any proposed investigation of Wiggins "is absurd." 'Sen. McCarthy did question Mr. Wechsler closely about the editorial policy of the New York Post which are publicly known to be violently anti-McCarthy," he continued. "I believe Mr. Wechsler could have refused to answer those questions . . . under the First Amendment of the Constitution guaranteeing freedom of the press." In a letter to McCarthy, published in the State Journal, Lee said he insisted on the right of all concerned to speak out, adding, "No one has been shut up." Hotchkiss, on vacation in Honolulu, was not available for comment. Block said at Toledo he would have no comment until he had seen McCarthy's letter. Latest available Post Office records give deficit on handling second class mail as $240,386,260 for the fiscal year ending June 30, 1952. Newspapers and magazines make up the bulk of second class TRUSSES Spring or Elastic Abdominal Belts Kirby Drug Stores Television SERVICE ANY MAKE PA Systems for Sale or Runt PHII. CO FACTORY SERVICE ocks DON'T MISS! IN NMURftL VISION ON THE SCREEN ( YOU'VE EVER HEARD ABOUT OR SEEN CAN COMPARE WITH WARNER Boos! VfNCBIT PRICE-FRANK LOVEJOY PHYLLIS KIRK- {BW POWs (Continued from Page 1} by the Reds Saturday who had been taken prisoner recently told of good medical care at Communist frontline aid stations in recent months. One repatriate was taken to a six-story communist hospital dug into a mountain. However, the men who had spent months . and years in Communist captivity told the familiar stories of Red harshness and brutality. Marine Pfc. Leonard Steege, Medford, Ore., was captured just eight days before the end of the shooting in Korea. He said he was well treated. Rope Scars However, Army Pfc. Kenneth H. Connacher, Altoona, Pa., who was captured in March 1951, came back mail. The deficit for third class mail and parcel post totaled $345,648,539. with rope scars on both arms and another sear on his face from a rifle but wielded by a Chinese guard. As punishment for an escape attempt he was bound in such a way that he was on his knees with another rope holding his neck up so he could not change his position. «••••••••••**••••• ALWAYS A DOUBLE FEATURE Phone 4621 Show Starts Weekdays 7:00 p.m. Sat. & Sun. 1:00 p.m. AIR CONDITIONED BY REFRSGE51ATION& ON OUR WIDE VISION SCREEN SATURDAY Double Feature — AND CARTOON & NYOKA SERIAL SATURDAY LATE SHOW 11:30 —PLUS- Cartoon & Serial: PiRATE'S HARBOR SUNDAY & MONDAY Double Feature DMK A Paramount Picture ' CARTOON & SHORT C TUES • WED C THURS • FRI Four Big Days! -BLYTHEVILLE'SFIRST- Three Dimension Picture & Comedy Three Stooge' Comedy "SPOOKS" In Third Dimension —PLUS— TULSA In Technicolor With Susan Haywurd Robert. Preston ,«••••••••••••••••••*•••••••••••

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