The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on May 31, 1893 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 31, 1893
Page 7
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Tttfe UPPtift f)FS MOINES A LGOKA. V I< >WA* AVKny tisl ij\ Y, MAY .11,18H3 . BrlghteBt Part of my Trip. llhe frew York fashion corresponclpnt 6f & Southern paper gives out the following: A lady writes: "I have read your letters for a long time, and have often fen-vied you the opportunity you enjoy of seeing thfe beautiful things you,describe. I. : usefl to think, when I read of those charming dresses and parasols and hats at Lord & Taylor's, that theirs must be one of those stories where a timid, nervous woman like my self,, having but a few dollars to spare for a • season's outfit, would be of so little account that she would receive little ; iention; but when you said, In one • /your letters a few months ago, that tads of the same quality were really " cheaper there than elsewhere, bocnuso they sold more goods in their two stores than any other firm in New York, :ind that because they sold more they bought more, and consequently cheaper, 1 determined, if I ever went to New York, I would go to Lord & Taylor's. "That long-waited-for time camo in tho early aiittinm, • and I foiind myself standing before that great entrance', With these-wonderful windows at cither side. I summoned my courage and, entered, as' I suppose tens of .thousands of just; such timid women as I, have done; before..' My fears were gone in un ijjstaut. The agreeable attention put me 'a.t my ease ;at puce, and I felt as much aMio' though I were In .the little country > store where my people have .'traded';V-for nearly a quarter of» a cdntury. V ',' ! ' : "And now, as I wear the pretty things I purChasbdr or see them every day and Kind' them . all so satisfactory, 1 think of my visit to this great store as the brightest part of my trip to New York.". ... GOVERNMENT .POSITIONS WHICH FBAV MEN WILL that oiit-of-the-way spot, but no one Nobody Wants to Collect Revenue from Tennessee Moonshiners, Because It is Ktitiier" Unhealthy—No Rush for I take the place. There are ninety- seven resignations of postmasters now on lile from the state of Washington \ alone, and there are applicants for only u few .of these positions. Hundreds of postoliices have to be discontinued ^very .J'cnr, because nobody will take chargoi: of them. There are 10,000 post-offices whicihi pay tho incumlx.nit Duty on. tlie Phantom Lightshiji~f Post Offices oiid Consulships Tlirrf D6 Not Pay. ' • - : - -. •-•*' Offices that go begging! It 'would 'ess than $20 a. year. Whenever then- »_ ». i_j u | i i _ __ ^i. _ j* „ .1 i i_j J.; —.. -. j. A*».I ~i. is a change of administration at Washington, resignations of postmasters pour ill. ; Many of. liliem notify the postmaster general that they have sold .out to somebody; vise. Most sniall post- oiiices arc! in country stores, and tlk 1 proprietors dispose of the niail 'privileges, together.with tho good will hnd lixtui.cs. ...Of course, such a bargain is not recognized by the department,, but. tho purchased is llkey to be appointed if tho neighbors indorse his application. A fourth-class postmaster gets no salary but receives a. percentage on liis sales of sliunps. Ho is entitled; to 100 per cent, on the first $50 worth of! Maiinette Is to have a new system of sewerage! The contract has been let to a Port Huron, Mich., firm for $50,000. A bam belonging to Patrick Fitzgibbons, a farmer living near Kewaunee, was destroyed by fire. Loss, $1,000. Beware of Ointments for Catarrh Mint con- tulii Mercury, As mercury will surely destroyjthe sense of niiell nnd completely (lurnn'ge the whole sys' when entering- 'it through the mucous nurfncus. Such articles should never be used except on prescriptions of physicians, us the damage they will do is ten fold to the good yon can possibly derive from them. Hall's Catarrh Cure manufactured by F. J. Cheney & Co., Toledo, O., contains 710 mer. cury, and is taken internally, iieling directly upon the blood nnd mucous surfaces of tho system. In buying Hall's Catarrh Cure be mire you gut the genuine. It is taken inter- W nfllly and made In Toledo, Ohio, by F. J if Cheney & Co., Testimonials free. JSgTSold by druggists, price 75 c. per bottle. Miss Lena Hanson was married tc Charles A. 'Knudson at the home of hei parents at Manitowoc. TO CLEANSE THE SYSTEM Effectually yet gently, when costive or bilious or when the blood is impure or sluggish, to permanently cure habitual const!nation, to awaken the kidneys and liver to a healthy activity, without Irritating or'weak, ening them, to dispel headaches, colds or fevers, use Syrup of Figs Spring U needed by nearly everybody to purify th» blood, cleanse the system of tho winter's accumulation of. impurities, and put th* whole body in good condition for the sum. mer. Such universal satisfaction has Hood's Sarsaparilla given for this purpose that It is thn most successful and most popular SPRING MED. ICINE, If you feel weak and tired, Hood's Sarsaparilla is just what you need to restore your strength and make you feel perfectly well. ..'•'-..- hardly be supposed that there wi-ro any such, judging front th'e swarm of place hunters that has besieged Washington for the last two months, says the Star of that city. In fact, however, then: are many salaried positions in the government's gift which it is hard;to get men to accept. Sonic of them involve great danger, while otherh are too poorly paid to be desirable.' For example, just now the treasury finds it almost impossible (o secure available men for revenue agents'in the mountains of Tennessee. A number of those officers have been murdered recently in that, region by moon- shiners. Three o'f them- were shot from an ambush and killed, only the other day.T,he occupation ill which they met their 'death is the most hazardous known. -During three consecutive years twenty-five of thcseisoclccrs after illicit stills we're slain .'-and- 49 wounded. No wonder that it 'is difficult to'fill tlielr' places at .fG a day and'' expenses. To do the duty well requires sensg.und discretion as well as courage. • .Oiio fool agent in five minutes can get the Internal revenue bureau into till '•embarrassment that, will take a year .'to get out of, besides entailing great expenses. Tho Treasury.; Ha.rd to get niid retain officers on b;bard' of-thc; New South Shoal lighiHship, Avhich is sta!tipnr;d twenty-eight miles South of Nantucket. Hero, in- a region of almost eternal storms,' the vessel rides at anchor. .Like the storied phantom ship, she Ls perpetual!?? buffeted by the waves,' though nC \r destined to go anywhere. From Mint ^} time she; breaks adrift nnd is blown out into'tile-'ocean. During three- consecutive months, of. last year she was absent in two such involuntary cruises—once for thirteen days and the other "time for eight days. Usually on such occasions she is towed back by a steamer that is sent to look for her; sometimes she manages to get back under sail. Besides rations and clothing , the captain or keeper gets $83 month, tlie engineer .$80, the assistant engineer $05 and tlie assistant keeper $50, In Spite of such good pay, it is rarely that a man win be persuaded to spend .a second winter on this lightship, which is the lost landmark, so to speak, seen by trans-Atlantic voyagers on their way to Europe. The .marine hospital service, which belongs to tho treasury, is having.' trouble in finding physicians to send abroad •for service as inspectors of vessels at European ports during the approacn-1 tlie war department. The Indians having summer. These officers, who wil examine all ships bound for the United next $200 worth' and 40 per cent, on all stamps sold over and above. Even the department, of state bus IKiidolUccs in its gift which nobody actually can bo induced to take. Among these are consular agenslos in such out-of-the-way parts of the world as Algiers, the Barbary states and Turkey in,Asia. The incumbents are remunerated by fees. Because Americans will not accept those places they are held by natives of those countries. They are usually merchants who arc willing to occupy the positions for tho sake of the • prestige wfliich gives thorn-influence and protection. It often happens that one man will thus act as ro- presentativb of half a do/en nations. Be on your Guard. If some grocers urge another baking powder Upon you in place of the " Royal," it is because of the greater profit upon it This of itself is evidence of the supe- •riority of the "Royal." To give greater • profit the other must be a lower cost powder, and to cost less it must be made with cheaper and inferior materials, and thus, though selling for the same, give less value to the consumer. To insure the finest cake, the most wholesome food, be sure that no substitute for Royal Baking Powder is accepted by you. Nothing: can be substituted for the Royal Baking Powder and give as good results. i $ "German lyrup" My acquaintance with BoscJiee'S German Syrup was made about fourteen years ago. I contracted a cold which resulted in a hoarseness and cough which disabled me from filling my pulpit for a number of Sab' baths. After trying a physician, without obtaining relief I saw the advertisement of your remedy and obtained a bottle. I received quick and permanent help. I never hesitate to tell my experience. Rev. W. H. Haggerty, Martiusville, N.J. Q The Best Waterproof Coat in the ThcKISH liltAND SLICKER la warranted wnl'-r- proof, and will kc«p yon dry In tho Imrdest Rtorm. 'i he now i'OMMEL BI-ICKEK la a perfect rl.lim; emit, and covera the enure aaddlo. llcwnroof IniKullulla. Don't bUTAcoat If tll«"Fi«h Brand" Is not on It. Illustrated Catalogm ft««. A. J. TOWlill, lloatun, Muaa. J Over his Srhaps -ire Him- lo tlio lmw/p« flags of Cs.s f J uiv of arms arc displayed above his door. Thus sheltered, he is not likely to be interfered with, and visitors from broad naturally go to his shop to buy. Tho consular agency at Esmcralda, in Ecuador, is at present vacant, because there is nobody' who wants it. It is difficult to get persons to serve as vice consuls, because they get no pay except when the consul is absent. Native' storekeepers act in such capacities commonly. The regulation now is that they must get their remuneration out of the consul's salary; but until very recently congress made a regular annual appropriation for tho pay- meiit of "consular officers not citizens of the United States." Among the 10,000 places in the gift of the departm"ut of tho interior there are only a few which go begging.. These a,re the) situations of custodians of abandoned military reservations. Many such reservations, formerly used for military posts, havo been given up Itjy and Japanese. It was kept open for a long while before anybody could bo i NOT TOO NEA.K, PLEASE, found to fill it. Tho salary of the In- Tllio consciousness that a. youth whoso • necktie exactly matched his eyes in were . shade awaiting her coming In the front .t the hot blood coursing . r veins. Suddenly her brow wages to them. But for economical W as darkened wilfli a doubt. "Mamma," slile 1 willed petulantly—a tired-looking lady with pale, before wan the reasons the government prefers to rate them simply as clerkships. They are used as trapte for highly skilled Indivldu- chocks came and stood „ als who may chance to be compelled maiden—"shall I Avear my crinoline by want of money to drop Into them, down town to-night, mamma.?" Once having done is difficult for j "Yes, my child, by all means. Hast them to get out. When they die or (the mother's hand fondly caressed the resign the traps are baited for fresh "-olden curls)hast forgotten tliat tliou vlctlms - . I partookcst of onions to-night, and that A study for the present offce-seeklng too great a degree of proximity oft epidemic affords fresh evidence of the tends to disillusionment?" surprising anxiety which men common- Tho girl sighed regretfully, but the ly exhibit to secure places under the exigencies of the occasion were appar- govemment at any sacrifice. They will. O nt to her mlnd.-Detrolt Tribune, abandon occupations which yield good ' incomes ha order to get hold of positions ha Uncle Sam's gift which afford pect of The Emperor William, it is said, nearly petrified the officials at the ruilrlnal does not deter llii'in. The treasuiy has no trouble in employing capable agents to go to yellow fever ports. The place at plague-stricken Panama was vacant for a while not long ago, but it has been filled by a V The following h from Hon. "Wm. S. War ' ner, n guntluiuau highly estuemud by nil v^lio know him: "1 can truly say that I consider Hood's fiarsnpiirUla tho liust mudldno for piirifvlng the blood. lUlld inu good \vliun physicians ~" " ' " It has increased Cures aucl othur nicdieiiies failed. Hood's my appetite and Sdctnocl to renew my youth. This is absolutely trim." ^., .4 W. S. WAKNISK, Fond du Lac, Wis. 'S PILLS cure all Liver Ills, Bilious. u, Indigestion, Sick llouduche. States, are required to have had exper ienco of cholera. Furthermore, tliej nmst know the language spoken in tlu place to which tliey are dispatched auc must possess some acquaintance with the country. For example, the mcdi cal agent at Liverpool ought to be familiar with the slums of London in order that ho may be on his guarc against pci-sons coming from dangei soots. Few available persons are willing to accept commissions from the treasury to represent the United Slates government on the seal islands in Bering sea. These isles are 1,500 miles from Sltka and 3,000 miles from San Francisco After'the steamer leaves in October they, are shut off from communication with tho rest of until tho following .Time. ', For lllce reasons few men: care, to serve us observers for. tlie weather bur eau-ori top of Mount .-'.Washington. Olli- cers at this station must live througil the winter' in aiv iceberg, chained and anchored to r'ociis amid the clouds—for into such a shape is their...cabin shelter transformed by frost and the accumulation of snow. . For months together they are cut off from ail the rest of mankind. Peak are The qtiite conditions similar. on Pike's Professor if; Oldest Medicine in the World is firotatly ISAAC '1'IIOMI'SON'S EL.EBRATED EYE-WATER Srwoje is u carefully prepared pEj'sieTuu's pre- i, ami has been iu constant use for nearly a liiere are few diseases to which mankind Jpject more distressing than sore eyes, and perhaps, for which more remedies have been •gthout success. For all external inflammation —ss it is an tnfalllule remedy. If the dlrec- i followed it will never fail. We particularly le attention of physicians to its merits. For :ists., JOitN L. THOMPSON,,SONS Established 1707. POLISH IN THE WORLD. ITBE OEQEIVED Pastes, Euaracls, and Painta which ;he liftnds, injure the iron, and burn JPJie Eising Sun.Stove Polish is Bril- il'..0<lorlo88, and Durable. EuoU package jp,s »i? ounces j when moistened wftj |^e several bo^es pi Paste Polish. ; AN AMUALSALE OF 3,000 TOK8. Harrington recently excused (himself for havmg kept a disreputable, poison in charge there on the ground that he could not get any more desirable individual to accept the job. When tho weulHier bereau was absorbed by tbto department of arglculture. its observers .were classified under tho civil service law. Thus their pay became from $1,200 to $1,000 a year. Previously they received only' the remuneration of sergeants in the army— $34 a month, with rations and clothing. During the recent pleuro-pueumonia excitement the agents sent otit by the department of agriculture to inspect cattle and slaughter diseased animals, whetlhor the owners wore willing ' or not, found their occupation a very hazardous one. They -\vero frequently received with pitchforks, brickbats and bulldogs. Some of them were badly hurt. Consequently it was hard to procure- veterinary physicians to do this work for salaries of $1,000 to $1,000 per annum. For the small wages paid the navy department has difficulty in retaining the experts employed to handle high explosives at the Newport torpedo station. These men manufacture dynamite by mixing nitroglycerine witli in- fusorial earth. They turn in ordinary lathes of iiitro-glyccriiie, which is the most dangerous of all konwn explosives into shapes for loading shells. .Also they eliop it up with chisels. While undergoing these operations the stuff is kept saturated with water. If by an accident it got a little dry ' it would blow tho factory to pieces. It is in the postofHco department that ofiices go begging by wholesale. There are thousands of fourth-class postofllces which it is Hard to get anybody to accept. People are constantly sending in requests effect ( , ghaU be appointed a $ tijjs 9? settled, there is no further iise for the posts. Under such circumstances th reservations are .turned over to th interior department to be surveyed ani sold. Congress has provided a sma amount of money for taking care o them in the interval, but it: is not uearl. enough to go round. Custodians tiri needed to see that dishonest person do not walk away with the building piecemeal. This is a common form o theft where lumber is scarce, and th doors and windows, particularly of , deserted house, quickly disappear However, tho reservations fremientlj remain unguarded, because men are un willing to accept appointments whicl have no pay or rations attached to them They are permitted to reside in tin buildings, and in some instances thoj do so, keeping an oye on tliii .gs foi tho sake of obtaining the privilege o. cultivating the area of tillable and well watered land, which, is usually .included within the limits of such governmen property. It is somewhat hard to find suitable officers of the army and navy to oc cupy the positions of military and nava nttnciios to tho United States legations in foreign countries. To satisfactorily fulfil the duties of these posts plenty of money is an essential requisite. A man attached in such a capacity to the embassy at Paris or at London needs a private fortune to keep up with the social requirements of tho situation. He must move in the most richly gilded swim and must meet all sorts of unusual expenses. It is expected of him that he shall live like n- gentleman of rank and wealth, beAuise the attaches at tho legations of other nations are rich and noble. A clear understanding of these facts would lessen tho number of applications for these positions which aro sent in by young officers to tho do- wtmonts of Avar and navy at Washington. They desire the appointments for ho sake of tho agrecablonoss of the luties and tho social prestige belonging to thorn, not. realizing that they could lot keep up appearances decently on heir pay alone. There are plaoos in several of ihe niflan offices vacant for a long time after ho incumbents have died or resigned bo- cause persons competent to fill them can not be easily found. Occasionally one reads in the Washington newspapers an advertisement issued by the civil service commission announcing that on a certain day a competitive examination will be held for the purpose of filling a situation which requires familiarity with plane and spherical trigonometry, differential calculus, tho. science of calculating the center of heavy ordnance, three or four European languages, typewriting and stenography. The fortunate candidate is prqm^ ised an appointment at $900 or $1,000 a year. . In the Nautical Almanac office there are men who are employed to calc]uJate parallaxes, the delineation and right ascension of | all stars at all^hours, and all sorts of other astronomical puzzles. TUey are .Raid, from $TQO to $§OQ per > conntr - i man wtu> * s ' w ^ n S to vegetate in that . V* t ,,i i wretched spot and take his chances of press would linvo a suite of seventy- Ihrcc pcraons. Tlie appartmonts pro- pared for them, both at the qulrinal and at tho Royal palaces at Naples, were entirely decorated and refurnished at enormous expense. annum.. Tfeeje 1% 'a Army, Medical p'f bo^' surviving for a salary of $2,200 a year. WILLIAM KEMP'S LONG DANCE. Old-Time English Actor AViio Skipped From London, tn Norwich. Sample Pnoknpo Mulled Free. Address Hinull liile Benns, New York. Forty Small Bile Benns in each bottle. Prevent and cure Constipation and Sick- Headache, Small Bile Bettns. B0 j 113KB THE NEXT MORNING I FEEL BRIGHT AND NEW AND KiV COMPLEXION IS BETTER. My doctor nays It nets gently on the itomtoh, IWc* and kidneys, and luaploaaant laxative. Thli dinf la tundo from herbs, nud IB prepared (or use u — as too- It U called All ilrU|!Kl»l/l wll It lit BOc «nd »1 |»r j.iakw. U Jto« mil* ft It, trail your xlilrein tor » free tmnple. Lnue'l FstiitlT HtdUM •DIM It* l>»nel. ruth d»j. In urdtr t» fe ktsllhy, IbU U HM '"JL ^Mr..M ORATOK P. WOnnWARn. T.«Ror H. T. I " MOTHERS* FRIEND" MAKES CHILD BIRTH EASY. Colvln, La., Doo. 3,1886.—My wife ui«d MOTHER'S FRIEND beforo her third confinement, and Bays sho -would not bf without it for hundreds of dollars. DOCK MILLS. Sent by express on receipt of price. £1.50 per dot tie. Cook "To Mothers" BRADFIEL.B REQUUKTOn CO., ton OAI.I BYAULDHU Suit has been commenced against S. and John O'Brien by A. L. Osborn at Ashland, to recover $3,720. The longest dance on record is probably that of William Ken up, an actor of some celebrity in the reign of Queen Elizabeth. He was a comedian and danced all tho way from London to 'Norwich. He was attended by a laborer, a servant and an overseer, and, the Boston Globe thinks, it was doubtless a good tiling for him that (hero wore no omnibuses or police then—for they ' o1 ' Elkhart, f e n down a stairway and would probably have imposed more ini- , cut ^ s tongue so badly that it was neces- podiments in the way of his progress , sarv to P ut six stitches hi it. CmiL'lm, IToiirHonesfi, Soro Throat, etc., juicKly rolievud by liiunvN's HUONCIIIAI, THOCUBS. Tiii>y Hiiriii^HiiU oibur |)ru|iiiiiitlonn In rpinovlug lioiirn(*neh-H and us u couijli remedy are pre-eminently the best. The C-year-old son of John Keppler, than did IJio country Ho- start- , . Ed ward Heyn, an old resident of She- For sick lieiuliu'lie, dizziness or swimming in Ilio head, pain in the lim-'k, body, or rlieu- mutism, tuku Uuuuliuin's Pills. A tramp entered the room of Otto Buchman, at Appleton, and helped himself to. two suits of clothing. Inspector Pulclfier made an examination, of tho Cahunet office., today and claims that he found a rliscrcpency in government accounts of-$2,301.77, The matter was adjusted by the sureties and the retirement of t'ho postmaster followed. o»l Avith several jiresents of groats and b °ys an » &<& at ^ e a se of 08 years. He crooked sixpences for luck, and laden| was a Prominent Odd Fellow. with these, danced to Stratford with-1 out rotet. There many invited him to drink, but tho notes of tho tabor cut short, his jocularities, and ho pranced oCT to Ilford, where ho had to reject another carouse .that was offered to him. From liford he danced in tho moonllgjit to a point near Komford, and that ended his first day's exploit/ Subsequently he went in for oii.rly risings to avoid market peopel, and though suffering from a sprain of the hip which lie received, he danced It well again, to the rlollght of the crowd that accompanied him, some 200 in number, AVhon he reached Cholmsford ho was so cxhanst- >d that he could not dance at all for a time, and his fourth day's dance was a lard one—thick woods on each side and anes full of deep holes, so that sometimes, ho says, he "skipt up to the waist," which nmst havo placed him in a woeful plight. Ho rested at Brain- .rei>, and danced throe miles off his U'xt day's journey. His next stop AVOS it Sudberry, where a butcher tried to lance with him, but In half a mile he was tired and had to give in. He danced ho ten miles fiom Bury to Thetford in lireo hours. His next stage was to lockland, from which point his host at tempted to accompany him, but lay lown from fatigue- at the end of two ields. When he reached Norwich ho lad to dance in and out of tho city wipe, for lils overseer missed him In ho crowd and made him d.o tho dis- ance over again to avoid any possiblll- y.of .error. ' Cnren Consumption, Coughs, Oroap, Bar* Vhrontt Sold by «H Drurgiitt on a GuarantM. foi • Luna Sido, BHC!C or Chest Shilah'a PorOM Plattof will gi*a ri»»t utlxfactioo.—13 c«n«a. Check tho first Approach Of rheumatism, and further attacks may be scaped, If proper precautions against ex- josure are taken, and there bo no hereditary >red<i>posillon. Unfortunately, people'who lllimatuly become chronic, suil'erers. too. il'ten neglect the. trilling- twinges- and pro nonltory stiffness whtclr'henCId thu advent if this ugonlxing nutUidv. Among Che disuses for which Hosteller's Si'omitch Ulltora ins been found ellk'acious this is one, and lie medicine buiny ]jurfec|.ly safe,,it is cer- alnly lo be preferred tudruge used for its urn, winch are fretiuoiilly-- useless, and otlilng more or less Ihuii poisonous. The ubdtltiiUon of this pleasant and pure blood qpiireut for medicines inimli'itl Jo. life iu ft Iglit overdose, I* a. measure whU'h may fitly ,o nrnvtl upon persons who desire to ellef- safely, or whp liave |all,e4 th,e SOMETHING UNUSUAL, as a medicine, ia Dr,' Plerce's Golden Medical Discovery. And, because of that, there's something unusual in the -way of selling |t. Where every other medicjne of its kind only promr isea. this is guaranteed. If it ever fails to benefit or cure, ybu have your money back. It's the only guaranteed remedy for every disease caused by a disordered liver or impure blood. Dyspepsia, Biliousness, the most stubborn Skin, Scalp and Scrofulous affections, even Consumption (or Lung- scrofula) in its earlies stages, all are cured by it. It purifies and enriches the blood, rouses every organ into healthful action, and restores strength and vigor. In building up both flesh and strength of pale, puny, Bcrof tilous children, or to invigorate and brace up the system after "Grippe," pneumonia, fevers, and other prostrating acute diseases, nothing can equal the "Discovery." You pay only for the good you get. ELY'S CREAM BALM WILL CUKK CATARRH i'rlco DOceuta. Apply Balm In each noitril. ELY BHOb., 66 Warren St. H«w York. L/ureu constipation, Kuutonu Complexion, Haven D - . Bills. Sample free. GAJurucLDTBACo.,a»W.«tuBt».n..». Cures Sick Headache World'* y»lr Souvenir Playing D«ok of'W Cards, via.: Kiiuj, Q '?. ""r* 1 "*'"••* ai «J*i wueen, jacK. and &».«*•/«e»^ «?*/> &rd U !«A(w-ac/l Wt«n colon, ant of Uu 48 M mut SUUtAnidtnitoftlul^ ftont beautiful and unique Deck of Playln* u»i * * in ">. market-fije beat-ieluSi no«l& A tr*ni*i ^•niait C3.^._t, •KT_Tr I? -TT-• — d. Agent* wante ltr PubVnc Co.. 1S1 -— -£•"•• arw«**a4« UUTVAU JV* . Sample D«ok, u otntS. I. Halated Bt.. OtloiaoVnT PATENTS. TRflii-F^RKS. Examination and A dvioe as to Patentability of In, ' van I Ion. Send for Inventors'Guide, or How toQet a 1'uteut. IM'ruioii O'FABBsu. Washington.D-CL . Washington, C. a , .m«.»U. Him- J"T Ucta, P i,,unM)..., .. Tbotuogdicuniil. B»>4 (< IB .uujpj MNYIJBK.M. D., M»il —-•"«--•---- 'fihu , toii, D.O, Successfully Prosecutes Claims. »e Prmolpal Bioiatner U.S. Pensioa Bureau. r, lSuu>uUcatiii^clalmij, uttynUioe. WIS PUB UNION" >x-, P- «• Ni. atty's^uo until Patent o talnea. Write for Inveutor'ii Quiae. 17-21 Agents Wanted for tho JEST WHEEL JN THE MODEL 0, .Weight 30 Ibs

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