The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on May 31, 1893 · Page 2
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 2

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 31, 1893
Page 2
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THE QMBEg ttES MOIKES WEDSESDAT.J4A1- 31 1893, IOWA, KJMjg (,< Miua. 11) JJS iTJj<- Bljj.i! Mite,- . WjJU.-u.ij - if. . isitu- i\u<! at !, )!JW VHfeL BarSet aafl JJar-j — s.t tuioe <IisjiH.t43i*!Cl «e»8 trad all poafiMe aid wae : Affirfijer Asconnt. i toS??*** 1 ' " Wfe * ^^ ^"~ A frei *? ri j Jsartral *vae wrecked about on^^fe! ilh of tM*y- s iate at T o-<3oefe last i i»u ^Tiie train parted in tte middle.; » «*le track a* rear part i^toio^! £iu wr*^cji*jci fivf* cars > ^ ko tiainps^-srwe in a box csir- ^6 f?lQ5ts5i^d into kJHfUlnyn cnvn across the fenov oil ~ JU f tht wa.dt but beyond "a iW » OF THK PRESS QEESS Uf CHICAGO. OGN- My«tefioTis CSooHMenee of Disfillerr s« cessions and Btrralnation Period I " ADSEB ^ -S WAT. nn * 2>o Get 3Ifll3a Se to Hold One Stntdl j.i. round UK-it is W and th« rw*nt KdL 1^ ll lii&v on **itSj*^r SKife-.^A! "tlu-* tr'tr*}' On the train Vw three- lani ear* Jed whh jrasonu^ and two of these- Meefing All Try Themselves in the Peoria, UL, May 24.—The JOIIT publishes today wnai purports to bo • inside facts concerning the aHf-swi withdrawal of certain distilleries from the whisky trust as follows; TKKTTij 11jeTe is a meeting of directors of tlie Distilling and Cattle Feedine Company in course today. Those who are !in consultation are Messrs. Greenhu 1 Beggs, Hobart. Green. Freiberg, Hot' uessy and Morris. is an import ant session is evident in the fact of recent sensational developments ana it Trifif* f*r*r*r\t\-r\i-i j l-i.1m~ 1.*, js_ ___-•.. Afternoon—General Proceedings the PJBBSB Congress. ens ana it mar reasonably be deemed the most important of its Mud that th* M»i> );tiiii>:iin. n<>t' Mni'iiiiy. >• frf Dl. ,/. JJ .Murphy. n-,» i/j Hi. J'auJ .M.UIJ a Jjj.ti-k.jt ^v.m<:m;!; at t leajieci out and .satunit"d and oxjvnjH^j ti,^ wwe surroundw3 by fl'ameB. L™^™ uad * V<^'la** jmJ b^dTiMB'E:H^^^. : S:^^SSs il&wt U* <*t.y. " ! r»iw« ha* I**,, K ,,..„,. . Shortly ^,T^,. Y ^ "»?*• Th^onih^boyTTfj^CX 101 '^ C | Paluier JH " J Trail1 , uUnn and th,: au- SS t^.. L,. J f. * to ^' — ' • ],„ ., •• • '•»" "> frjui» ) ^XJ K.i.,.. i — ' "iuj.U) UJL A'Oft JlOV ] ! wwu!i IwT "-"^ by * ' Ji< -' k "'''^' w>w<- ''<tt'%'Jn i<J ' y ^ lwk VMrfMiut&sii lA'ieu BjrtHaal; Central company' o'clock they ^un He had * way so that i 'h<:lt 1.lif.y »MU-y "iwj, ) U 1Jll; : CHICAGO, May 24 ; »«« t«d thvir w a y ia tfie Art *n-, i. wa* another woman's dav in the - Oonp-ess. To be .sure some men ^tog-'-Uier in the afternoon tr» the me-.-ting- was not by th« fairer be. - J3«id a JiiiHJn^s.s confer- •em i, Bide room, yet it wa b but a '! ^'-'"'-"nJT m comparison, anu '.-there was, n ot oni-r more of tmi_t,hey took a e-realir-Jnu-rest K before tbein ivitb mort . "a" n j ma . ana natara-lly drew the la-r^-r man"i T"" ^ aU wel1 enough lor Sa? ^ utb ^ tof .b"^ the super-fur anj- ^t U wn «n A cornt-B to reg-ulatinir the n^^ Ot ttiS W0rld ' and Perhapb! S!™.-^rA at,dac..^fr W . eXCeptions a ^an looks *na ictbill at ease In a like tho« anxiJi^ con ? re sf f es . He\eUs i&ht to be done to greater and of zation has ever seen, A sisth factor wus added to the complication of y**. t«rday afternoon. This in the foraj ^f a demand in wiitinr from Warren Corning, of Cleveland , Ohio, for rental all«.-<jd to be due on account of the Monarch distillery. Thy receipt of this demand was promptly acknoirl«k'ed on b'jhalf c'f the company bv Pre^-nt Greenhut, who tak.^s the « : o-and that no rent is due. On June 3. isyi'. writtPn notice was served on Mi-. Comin- hv the Distilling and Cattle Feed in:: "nm pany that the original valuation "on wluch the lease rentals were basf-1 had <xpir«fl by natural limitation. Th- five years of its contract existoncc having run out He was informed that the- compiiny or trust or whatever th« fancy oi the individual reader cht>os»s de- fiirt'd a revaluation, and was r^ady to name its appraisers with a view to---lily settling the new rental Coming was requested to o seect his appraisers, but he did not do so •Several tunes since then similar better sort of ^ a half-heart*! i way, of er " nCe t lter ' or M .v on the subject. Ji e f , yjting^ d i bted JL» j real doet, think and fi^^lv i.i 1 4I...J.. .' Ule • <if;Ufi |,(l:,l ,tt(,i>rit.. r ..f ,1 " r . _. . . " /_ debated the ' ** ijair-^^^'-lss-s^s^^ :Si^-SS«S<^^ "- \VllJl Mlw.itt- il.j._t.- _... . witli alxjut thirty : right there and then," To ! S^S, £ whi ^ *»e « a I force, which i her the innntii7~. !')'))<; 'i'liuniii'ivr th<; .N'y.v;/J g land nine w of ite ' " ——-«--i^ *-U- U ,LJ. jail i i | ^-^j- (Jt*•were made, but without eliciting any practical response. The revaluation never mateiialzied. not bv virtue of any failure on the part of the company to facilitate the process,, but solely insofar as the Monarch d£ tillery is involved, through Warren Coming's neglect The company announces its willingness to pay "everv eent of rental to date as soon as the valuation is adjusted. ,z«? te ' fa the afternoon of yesterday will Puch. a local representative of the Monarch, served a notice of canella- toon of lease similar in form to the I written announcements made by the five original seceders. This, too' \vas promptly acknowledged, and in response- I resident Greenhut served notice that the lease is not subject to canc-eUation. Xllf*ll 1 ir>imr 4l-. n «,„ m nit! KUiiiiin-r HI;I">I', twilling fo t - j-; U w ,.' j ' u ft; " . UUJJ -' 1 ^'he nine yr^rs 01* iu> <'x- d;-jiw/i oul ^f \\ii? x,. w y<,,'j< m\Av." '-(I • '''*' -^' a - V! ^ JJamwlw ;ji iSJ.i-<--''.^-s' 1 'i ~~— jUuujIx-JB thirty jjjijjjjju>j-s, with fifty-onr-i bilA-ka siivl %win,i)i)i) fa i)'i- : 'iHij,- v unto* i '^ Jl) rt-yltuAit)!; in, }<Jj».i.i'ii/.xx /f ,1, l i ' :li " il:i '> AMiltt <Jj-;jy aaii A<jji J'-iiif),-,-.. i> ' ac '-* ! without-any organization, witJi flV/,, ^J^,-;J/MX ; ll ,^ l . ,,[*', \K'>r»*W'>»-"h,, ^ i, ^ f ;;:7^^"^^^v,,,J^a« U^nV'? MfMn '* reW " ^ £ 2,(S1 Houlk J^.^'^y^L.fLry^ ««vy«..-,,y u, (; T,U, J,^- ^'V '^'Y U ^^'^^ U-a!n !ni i ^^^'^T "^ ^"^ fjv «>«'« UmU^l «^U«K J,M,, i£^ Wte - i'«J'«.«- «•;« Sn»kf M,"ff' ^ m ^' : J ^«. i UK- Jwi f,, w „„,„»,* 'li>n> r , lM » H ' y ' nn " w ' )lfj " !>** >h" invil \,,'" A wn> vugmwy wJiJl« Uw wonj- ,''f K^ ,'T , IJjJnt ' fi0 ^' Wisconsin, lili-1 >™i™ .,t «>, it ' h *<:,: ,„ :n^ ^ «"-^*H w .»-^:j,X"'.^r l>o " o;<j <jji u *""« *«i«™ ^'Si IT- Caj ^ mk - °«« w i ««• ;iywJ/U>jfr lri,»S I "'"l/O.^, U,^- w-n-j,,^ ,, J( .,,. ',,,.,, , ;, , u ' J ^ <; - j^,. K ; 1;J> " 1 ' Jt IJUK a ooll«. w at likm-,! A ,i,M fl', „ ,- f >w u ' '^'^j,,,, w^;,,/,, ' tS, // w " 1 ^ u »« «!'•'« '^ 17 y,,j,«, | wU i'J,±s ^ . Wa * att/; ' J ' 1WJ by fift - v st 'H /J. >!l"ltU!»A' ll'nlil II,,, |'i,l|.,.l u....... .- ,.,x.. l. , , " '-"'' M>JIVJ<,1. M<J-l';,ti|x nr/,,.,. .,.. ... . ... .... ' "'"' •IHIIIJi lilSt VC.'I !• >i n,t <!,, ! ,. — —-" the women audiences. ' Mr ovr-r I1a > rtha ^ owe ^vidson r oier the gathering j n the Hall 'hinsrton. anH tv,« «,-.. _"_ jCldU Such beiuy the case any attempt'to- interfere with the operation of the Monarch Distilery or any loss due to- such inteif eneuce will be directly charg- . aua carries it I ^ to Tnrrc-n Coming, and he "was ac" is small won- cordingly informed that he would be aavethe larger held individually responsible. He was, further notified that no interferene, di- or indirect in the control of the would be tolerated and all —„- 01- loss would render him lia- Wc- to the stockholders and officers of Tfir j f*f\1~l'\T\n T1 TT 4- r-. -.. -1 1 . -. was by Mrs.'J. C. Croly of N^'vorif ^, ™.y«?. b ? in .* '^ditorial'Ll 0 ^ tti^fS^t^^^ III <\\ i-v^fM, u,^^,- /, ;. ;^ ( ;^;'^. S ,rr " ^ tt ««^ «t i^ ehir,«i n ^ ^1^0^, le f of he; ! ;:^'^^ I HUwjvj/-,,,j J/, f,, lur ,. jx lo />r , ^^ /"'„'*': l><;<fu f' i<J "^' ( J. <h.;y s ;1 j<i, to tfo lo M.'-'rw/'t JW> V"* (JU ' sitI °" ' >f r!J1 '» ilJ « *5,- i p ?P er wasof the didactic son^nd full" ii r »:cKsr!^K^^^ i)« JMO.I..I-I, v ...,« i/,.,.7,..,..,.., '""rfjl" '»urt uxJay. TJ J<; «•!,-]« «,-,, (,,.1,1 J1U V". *' W<L(J .' ;( ' J'uWtahwJ Jn f;i,ja 1K0 . Tim; ,,J " lowi ?« 1 her Mrs. Linden w WJ/J ^/^J; In., /il {)>•: i warn inline-ill i,l , f'>r UK; ol/l ' " ' hy ll „, iltivtt a hold The (\vn- i ? '.'JC'ct additio/uil buil»h'jjgs It' Will b, Jli^ K^aSiT °'?f' r ' ai ' w Cal1 '^ '^' ! *.J«ikftW«j/j«t, j,uMlnh«J j n f;i,Ja 1K0 . rjjl , •« <x>j w i*atj w in t»j» city te OJ J f ; y™™ oW but to tt W.(XW cimrch uM a constantly in.croa«i,.- m.^mbersJiij,. HJ;<f tiltttn>'l>iuu'.i'» i»ii>\>i)ii>i>lit\v <-lly. iji^lll 'in «" • four ,\<, Hi/;ji'/wU'ij/;iur,-. /u ,,<| »,ny /j<;,-ir < I/IK tlmu Aboul, 7;,-.. uorlb bou/Mj, TA,NK (JAH.S J'JXJ'JXJUK. \Vrwk OH Hi Mail Killed. • i » , WlH,, M;iy a-J.—'j; <iV(;/i inon; s)j.ock- wilt sil- ^'{'li"' woniiiii wli,, wo,, inii,-,, iv,,,,, ( 1.1,11,11-, ,TI'W ^ I,.'It, ),, II 'ill. J |i,||lihil|, |(, H r ^ |( In,.), ,,/ 'Will,,III wi'iv niil'/VMii,( (V,,l,i iilri,||,,|| ;i ,,, II HlYl-C, In (I, ' ' '/I' < 'lllll'li-H I/, I'm-li,,' ,,,' I 'In 1 '"'HI ii| I |,| l'niiill,y. Mm i,n ;.,,., M "•*' ll "" l "" 1 "' 'i|'l»'iini In H,i, in,) MI f i T( or v. Tin 1 tlulti! .mil i|i| ( .| M ., V( „(' y t . MIHl III,i Illl,-ill |,,||.| V „,„„, | ,, ,,,. 1 .,i' r '' <t,i t,, ii , •••in i' r i in ) \v I rr I'Ml Al,,ii,in, v )iv u ,. (| . ' , , ' "'»/ "»ftf~titni nnn niii \ M<hi s ,» ,n H ii,,rH,.«H, „,„) „„ t ,';;j; VVHI b<. »H /'.l»||||;ir , U) 0)/ J,, H ,,, , ()1 ", iJflcJilijg nijj No. 2U, i i/l tWO. TJlO two CO|(1(J(;<I Jjeill" ' l . , wlilolt wifr.j J«>»(J,-xl wllli Two of the- Ilio la Ho, A wn.-cklng illHpill«-,||<!<| lo Ilio mid wllli UK , rn/in/ig iii- ilio groin,,) and Homo of it Jnio W nn of (ho i of a n.nnb..r of tin-nn<rH In Ijnii. vlclnlly u. ( . work "f /vjii(,vlii K |||<! dobrlH from II... tnu;k H wiw begun, VVI.ilit II,.. me,, W ero working lo c u I'lii'initr'N boy llii! (illicit will! u liwiom anil ilin Ki'ouiiil. li. Homo jiuuj. 1'nnii IJ.i! liu.icn. <:(>IHIHIHI;- •• ••- • 'l IIK <i<)|J l,JlIlil jj/4 IJjj l)( Jljt mid n icrrlllc, I'xploKlon l'o||owi!.|, ll.o /IIIIIH-H "'•ri'iulliiK Illii; I. (liiHli, III I lid I WilllMlllg of ,|,| (.yo ll.i! (In- 1, M( | hy in, 1 ,?,'.'" 1 ,.," 1 """, "'" I' 1 '"'" '" ^'""•"V''" 1 r inn' ' ""'" "'"" " '' " iWlllill |H-«VI|l|lMl |||. |||(, HUH! I'lilllll In AT BKLOJT. JtegJincjut of UjUforinefl Hunk K. of P. HfiloH, WLs., May 24,-At a niPPtlng of UK; o/JIwi-H of UK; uniformed rank KijJ^jtH of PyUilaH, heW In this city Uio tlilnl raiment O f Wteconsln wus 01-fc'ajuV.wJ. TJj ( > now r<;«iinc ? nt will (^D- KIHU Of (flfrtlt dlvlfilOfW UH folloWK! B('- lolt No. 12; Mliioral Point No. 15; John A. J-JfiiKoy No. 17i of Monroo; Baraboo No. Ma; AV. A. jjj,, w .y No i2 «, of QOOII. OKIOwo«; r/i.fayoU;,. N o . 27, of Khulls- bui-x; (intowity No. 4, of La CroHBP, iu.,1 Kriinlc Ma.-i-y No. 7, of Bouvor Dam AU but Ilio L» fjj-oHso jinrt Uuayor DIUH rllvlfiloiiH wi'ro a piu-t of Die iluni biiKallon. TJ.o ( lti c rOHSO ( ij v j Blon , H li-riiwlViT.;,! from a, 0 H t'coiid to the Ililnl ivtflniciil. Tlio Collowliif'- r)/Hc(>i-K \voi-o nloctml 1 f.'oloiiel, J'. |.». (Jnillion, Bcloll:; lliiiitan- ""I, ( S. I. OHboi-a, Mini-nil Poliil.; iar in ln e New paper was of the o interest to women seekij of information it contained J-oJJowing- her Mrs. Linden W Id -!, S rf d f ? aper P^Pared by Mi' Ad, ; le Cliretam of California on "Difl CrU c '' Ot , th « Mus1 ^ a»1 ^ama i'e ^mic, and then . Mrs. " • s an ocers of the company to whom his house was- sold sold ago utright and paid for six years This then, is the exact relation t. N . Then a new factor in woman's work came, to the front. Mrs. Ida T°me KJocker took the subject, "Woman ^s a Race Keporter," and nroceeded to tell her auditors that aspbrting writer need not necessarily be a man Klocker lives at.independence, wh 1 -—« ^v.^., ^, i uc t'Aact relation of the Monarch Distillery to the complication. Sam AVoolner and his associate wreckers wallow in the glory of the Monarch withdrawal, if such indeed it can in any sense be termed, but the odds in, the race arc heavily against them I heir actions and attitude create a suspicion which time serves to irritate and foment. Tlie misterious alamitics whicli- seera on the surface to overtake the- trust are coming too thick to be the- result of accident. They seem infected •with the poison of design. There are facts commencing to leak out that cive the affniii n snliln «„<- TT . ocer ves at.independence, low where her father runs a newspaper and she used to help him. She becam e the correspondent of several KW™? 11 Ot a job i like Independence, where the cm- respondent is only ca ii ed on onco ™" twice a ear the town e on o twice a year, and paid only for Bent in. Uut one day y famous trotters, came other "" "l" IVM'III. .,. /v l "" 11 '" VMM MIIIVII Mir,-,-., i,,,,,, ' III llm 1 .llllmi-iiill'il ri|l|,. r "(m,,,.;)" „ lh " H "' 1 »'l' > " »r U.- IMM-I.V mill si. ".' llll|(l " "I V.II-IHIIM unlnlM ,,|- "I'llHLv In MM- |,I,.IM,II l| >" iMlllllnil|iiilln ,\. HI I lll'llltl'll I"H- II llllM W \viiri'i'''I'M.'""''' '"'' ' Wl>lt ' l< l "'" v "" l ' (l • "'• "'('i HUH*" nunilng '" llnil "iii/iliM'ii.i-iii, xiii- liduu.s 11,11,^ ll.i'lr imlli. Tito mi!!, wni-i! luiiikiHlrlkcn ^ I'j 'I Ml"' HllllH HUH. H |,,, |,, w I,,.,.,,!"!!.! I. IIIIMlllOI-of ||,,,,|| III l|li.||-i,u,li;,, v . 'i nr l.iiii ||',,. ii|i|iorii||,||y ,,|' |,, |lnl urn lo (.Hcii|H» ImriiliiK oil liiiniicd mi-, mi-- rri|iiir,.|iii.|iiij ,,(' ],,,,, (.j,,,^,,,, ( , a || Inlo ll.o |,i|<o. ' ' l'"f l/i IH-«I <MV., I,,,,,,,, ,,. Hh( , , lll(1||( | M II wim Illu, ,lumping from t | 1() f,. y | nK , ' IMt ,1 .-In,,„,,-„,,(„,,. 0| . i,,,,,!^,.,,^,^ |ll,I. Inlo ||,o ||t. 0| liou-DVl'r, IIH (ho Oil ;"';,.!"'";."'» i-^.i.,,',^ ,,,ii ( . M1 ., ,,• •„,„, i.a.i H,,r,., H i ..v,,,- „ (mw , ,„,,„ ,„...,.,.,.. • ; 4UIIHTIUI i (in,,; luiijo,- I 1 /. <«. Hodolf, Lit O.-osHii; wirgoon, It' B |)liii-k, .(..(In; ndjiiiaiil, o. A. Hllll, Tin- I|'M; 'liiarli'i-niiisU'i-, fj. o. Oratlol, nliullHburg, ocfiK!on"""MV,« 1 """i J ' 1 i UO rose to th e occdbion. oho askecj her Cliio- papers if they wanted trottinc- hm^A news and they tiaid they did So sh« proceeded to fnvniKii i* + Ti °ut3 -•- *•* »• v\jn m II VL U \ a sporting writer need bo u man. the affair a sable tint. Here are a few of the factors: It seems that an alleged failure to- pay rental on leased grounds is the- basis of the so-called secession. This= failure is very singularly discovered' Shortly after tho time for the regular- stipulated revaluation provided for in, tlie original contracts. Tho revaluation failed to materialize, not because- of tho company's action but because- the owners of the leased ground failed! to name or select their appraisers.' HAULED DOWN THE FLAG. Stars and Bars Raised Over the TJ S Grant University. VOTJOD TO STIUICIO. ;>ls, May 24.-r-Tho A somewhat cognate paper was «VV , ° IUi ' by Corn P l! ! a T - Crosby mines. to- favor {,£ '. day )i "ho i****»*iU \JL J.' ^y waw interesting. Tim other In M|i|il,\ »< H IlllUl Hi I I' UlllO tfCHMl. IIIH. liuil HJI.VIHI OVO |- n | mw „,.,,„ |)( . wat( ,' r mill II Hci'.nod IIH If llm onlli-o lake "'•' >• Tlio orlca of Iho men •"• lo i-Mi^ijio Ilio lli>rc.o . CH Wlo Iliy lluinuloiTd nlmul. In Urn wnhu- wt>iv i'- An old Hoollon.lnuiil who liniipoiuMl lo ' NldiidliiK uoiir (ho Iniiiv t-oiiliitnliig n> J»i|.i(!Jii wlion Iho O.X()|OM|OH ow!iu'" ri'<l, wim bun.I-.! almosl. lo a (ulsp, 11 Is li..|ioK.slblo lo obtain Ills namo as • railway olllclals n-fuso | 0 gi vo n I'l.O SUpportw-M )f 11,., ivsol.Mloll )•(',! "wmu-rt DIW.OOO m| lu ,,. M ,„.,! tl.-> ,.,„, . iionla ropivsoutod MM),)()() m| m -r.s. Vho confiM-oiKio Ihou iu-oooo(l;.(| .„ ( |ii. um , s U <mo.slloa of a m.h'o^.l sinuc ,«, !„" lori'o Iho olyhHioiu- Hyatam. Tho discussion of ih| a ,, U( . 8 ii.m AMIS Homowlmt longll.y, a . . u -j,.g minoillv Iw-i'B iiWiliist Iho jH-oposliion for a «"IUo. '(ho H.ipporl:jvs of i;..^ IHJIIO Ion wi-i-o vi'homont h ilidi- ,!,.,!..,,.. ii-Hons Iho. cut," by (nooga, is th n £ f tlle " Ul " uuex11 -aietJiodist cl °ii Saturday night some one gain I cess to the tower of the main bun down the United States ii^;;e^ta.%KU±yS; b i:f^ way, toolc a different ' view " uluiriiuter ami habits of the Tji Q « ^ — »"""«s*-v con- -ine nag was fotmd floating morning, and it was-some „ had been securely fastened I nsmiu?^^ """^ m!lul toms the big l^^^ST^^S^ effort to locate tjhe offender the penco and dignity of''the- out at ptvsoiU. niiU-t' Train l)lsiml<«l.or w. u. Sti-ach- 'in. Who was on boanl tho (rain W hon Ilio invlihui. oi-oiiri-t-d, WMM 8ovi>n>lv bui-nwJ, bu( not fatally. TWO tramps who woro stollng a i-Ulo woro tvuight lu Ilio iltuuofi iui(l woro Iw-rlbly bunuxl '""»" lUo hotly oiul logs. Then wun- i-oin|'oll(Ml omploycrs and loKl.sia(o IV s [JJ imw.lxo (hat tho minors woro dolor- IHlllflM I/l Ul\i>-nt.i 1 . i . • - »••« 4uuii'iM \VtU'0 (I(M(U^ !Kr.,.::,' eciiro wiwt »«* ^'»*i I "•n fipilved, Uut'tney cou- vMnmitali tt- trrl+li iVin Ilieii- Whon II,,. >ijii-ii LUO qiiosiion was [u an overwholmlng majorlly K ffloS B^w^wSrg ^in^^ii^rA 1 ^^^ i.ol, St. J'i,,l! Mlnn^' ratiw W' JCuturo of tho American'Cou t.-y News! puper," Albert Shaw, BevWof it£ =^,^^ ! Si^-feol/i ;~,ism,. M .>. ^ um ^"S e 1s Intoi-vleW Rogardlug the State- Ti-ensniy Cases. S£H~«- irffiL^M 10 , 8 ' 1 ^ treiis «^ SSSS^FJH one of the i£!u?: h ° Wtls 1Jl6 ° nl y comnello, l^" 10 " wl '° could be , n ummllonnl strike, whllo voted in f llv or of an . .-,.. r .._ wvoAakv-i n MULI who opposoU such notion QiHy 380,000. Tho sal & ll

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