The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on April 6, 1892 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 6, 1892
Page 7
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gljft DES MOINES;At(K)NA v IOWA, WEDNEB1DAY, APfelL 6, 1892. Mr, R, J~. Srundago Of Bnxton & Brtmdage, expressmen, Norwalk, Ct., says It fa No Wonder People Spenk Well of 'Hood's Sarsaparilla He was a long time variously troubled with Indigestion |And Dyspepsia. Una tnken three bottles of mood's Sareapnrllla and has not felt no well I for years. Seldom has distress In the stomach jnow. Head this from Rflr. B.H.Rose 6 Well known as the head of the firm ot Rose & (Eddy, wholesale and retail dealers In general | hard ware and house furnishing goods, at 137 Eaet lain Street, liocheetor, N. T. The statement of 110 prominent a man must Command Attention "I send this unsolicited as I feel to congratulate myself that I used Hood's Saroaparllla. Six imonthe ago my digestion was very bad, and I had f almost a cape of Chronic Dyspepsia |l was also broken down by overwork, eo that] iconld not Bleep nights. My stomach la now per- I feet, my nerves In excellent shape, and I have [gained 10 pounds in 6 months. For all this bane- f fit my gratitude is due Hood's Sarsaparilla. Ac- leapt my beet wishes for Hood's Sarsaparilla |The oest medicine in the land." B. n. EOBK, ol IBose & Bddy, Rochester, N. T. Hood's Pills act easily, yet promptly and | efficiently on the liver and bowels, cure headache. This GREAT COUGH CURE, thi« success- 1 hi CONSUMPTION CURE h sold bjrdrue- 1 I fists on a positive guarantee, a test that no other | Curt CM stznd successfully. If you have aj COUGH, HOARSENESS or LA GRIPPE, it I »rill cure you promptly. If your child has tho I CROUP or WHOOPING COUGH, use it dclcly and relief U sure. If you fear CON. "MPTION, don't wait until your case is hope. s, but take this Cure at once and receive) immediate help. Price 300 and $1.00, _sk your druggist for SHILOH'S CURE, If your lungs are sore or back lame, us« Bhfloh's Porous Pln?rer=. . Know ,, , all Women The most thoroughly successful remedy science has ever produced for the cure of all forms of Female Complaints is Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable . ___ Compound. It has stood the test of many years, and to-day is more widely .and successfully used than any other remedy. ' It will entirely cure Ovarian troubles, Inflammation and Uiceration, Failing and 'Displacements, also Spinal Weakness, and is particularly .adapted to the Change of Life. It will dissolve and expel tumors from the uterus in an early stage of development, and check the tendency to cancerous humors. Lydia E. Pinkham's Liver Pills cure constipation, biliousness, etc. All Drucslltl c«U it, or if lit bj mill, in form of Pilli or Ix»engcs, on receipt of SI .OO. Urer Pllli, Stic, Corrc- E idenco freely uuwered, ren In confidence. u E. PI.NKIIAM USD. Co., ' LIMN, 1U89. •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••C* "MOTHERS' FRIEND" To Young Mothers ~> Makes Child Birth Easy. Shortens Labor, Lessens Pain, Endorsed by the Leading Physicians, Both to "SIother*" mailed FREE. BRADFIEUD REGULATOR GO, ATLANTA, QA. BOLD BY ALL, DRUQQIST8. f\ Sample Cake of Soap ~ umi IU8 pages lino); on Denim- tology (ludllfuuty. lllua- trated. On Skin, Scalp, Nervom and Blood Dig crises. Sent sealed for 19o, ; a!eo Dlslignro- mentallke BlrtH Jlurka, Moles, .Warts, India Ink! and Powder marks, Scan I' ittlQKt.Kedneis ol Noas Superfluous Hair. 1'ira- ies, etc. JOHN H. , i>ermiatoloijrUl, 185 , . Y, VHy. Cousultation fee*, at offlc»»r bj l»lUr, BEST POLISH IN THE WORLD. witU P^tes, Euamelu, and Paints which stain the bands, injure the lion. »nd bum off. . ^ho RlsSpg SWB Stoy* Polt»h is BrU- ll»int, Odorless, Pur«,blfl, con- A KAl'It*S OF STAlU-CLIMBERS. »h6 Beninese Have n Fondness for Ltvlng ', , lA *op-Storjr 'partinents. I callfj upon American friends. It just at >/iat hour whenisolid midnight sets in here re o'clock), and when, in response to a ring, the heavy iron door opened with a softi click, there was revealed a ^ew step?, and beyond there was darkness. I did not know on what story my friends dwelt, having only the number of the house. After striking .several matches it appeared that those sought did not H^ell on the first or second floors, More matches were struck, and at last the name appeared. There was nothing to say about so strange an adventure. It is the wily of the town. One has to get the hang of the dark stairways or stay in first-clans hotels. A friend related a similar experience. He was making a call in a fashionable quarter, and after lighting his way to the fourth story of a large house, and he counted the steps—there were 103 of them —he entered an apartment that was brilliantly lighted, and found a charming circle of ladies in lovely evening costumes. He expected some explanation of his passage up the stairway, 103 dark steps, but it was not regarded as remarkable in any respect. The peocle upon whom he was calling were Americans with a superfluity of money, and abroad for personal repose and educational facilities. The people are used to the climbing of stairs, and regard it as a form of necessary exercise. A redidence is not a house, but a series of apartments; connected and separate from others. There is a common stairway, and it is guarded by. a porter, who watches the one front door, behind which, at various elevations, are half a dozen well-established families. There are probably four floors, with room for a family, perhaps iwo of them on each floor. You come to an iron and glass door, say 15 feet high, and ring a bell. You are at once under inspection from the lodge of the invisible porter and if he regards you as eligible he pulls a lever or torns a crank and the spring latch is withdrawn. Then you ascend to the floor where your friends are at home and ring another bell and you can enter .a private hall, though often on this hall tiiere are several parties who merely know each other as neighbors. This is the way to concentrate population and encourage architecture. I know a young man who ha? not been in Berlin long, and has u, fancy for counting the stepa he climbs to see his friends. ^ The number of steps ranges from 5ft to 111. The average height of eligible Hpartments is about 70 steps. There are fine accomodatinns in abundance at the height of steps.—Pittsburg Dispatch. A SUKB SIGN OF DEATH. An Unfailing Tost May be Made by Blistnr- Infir the Kuutl or Foot. From time to time we are horrified by learning that some person I as been buried alive, after assurances of death. Under these circumstances the OD'.nion of a ris ing French phjsicUn upon I he subject becomes of world-wide inteiest; for since the tests which have been in use for years have been foun:! unreliable, no means should be left untried to prove beyond a doubt that life is actually extinct bsfore conveying our loved ones to the grave. Ductor Martinet asserts that an unfailing test may be made by producing a blister on the hand or foot of the body by holding the flame of,a candle to . the same, for a ; few seconds, or until the blister is formed, which will always occur. If the blister contains any fluid it is evidenco of life, and the blister only that produced by an ordinary burn; if, on the contrary, the blister contains only steam, it may be asserted tbat life is extinct. The explanation is as follows: A corpse is nothing more than inert matter, under the_' immediate control of physical laws which causes all liquid heated to a certain temperature 1 to become steam; the epidermis is raised, the blister produced, it breaks with a little noise and tbe steam escapes. But if, in spite of appearances, there is any remnant of life, the organic mechanism-continues to be governed by physiological laws and the blister will contain serous matter, as in the case of any ordinary burns. The test is as simple as the proof is conclusive. Dry blister: death. Liquid blister: life. Any one \nay try it; there is no error possible. —Public Opinion. A SALT DESERT. ~ .It Covers un Imiiieuse Territory in Asia . South of Teheran. One of the natural .curiosities of Asia is the gre'at salt desert of Persia, Which covers a large Territory about seventy miles south of Teheran. Mr. C. E. Bid- dulpb, who recently visited this plase, says that'Daryau-Napak is an extensive tract of ground, sloping' on all sides toward the cento,: cpvered with an'incrus- tation of solid 'salt several feet thick in most places, while in some parts it is of unknown depth. ; It must have taken many centuries to form. As he Saw it from the mountain-top it sfcretcbe.d away for many miles, appearing like a vast frozen lake. It extended as far as the eye could reach toward the south and west and glistened in the sun lite a sheet of glass. . . . His party finally approached the margin of the salt plain and decided to cross it. They found swampy ground for a mile or so and then entered upon 1 the sheet of salt itself. Near the edge the incrustation was thin and the salt sheet was soft, sloppy and mixed with earth. At a distance of three or four miles fr;m the edge the salt looked like solid ice as it is seen on any' pond in northern latitudes during winter. The surface is not quite level but resembled that of ice which had partially thawed and then frozen after a slight fall of snow. Of the solidity, of this incrustation there could be no doubt, for camels, horses and mules were traveling over it without a vibration of any kino being perceptible. After marching about eight miles upon this unusual surface the party halted to examine its composition. They tried by means of a hammar and an iron tent-peg to break off a block .of salt t<i carry away as a specimen. The sajt, however, was so very hard that, they could make ^ho impress.—Geographical Magazine. Kleptomania. We wonder if the eminent scientists who spent so much time in inventing the society disease known as kleptomania ever paused to consider the fact tnat they were creating a term for theft merely ad-, justed to tbe grade of the theft. A bank president of religious repute never steals; be defauts or embezzles, A refined woman dawdling over the glove counter and slipping an extra pair into her muff without payment is not a thief; she is a kleptomaniac. Doubtless there is such s, disease p kleptomania just 99 feere is such a disease a homicidal mania. But why is the offence committed by a poor and underpaid girl who violates trust and steals to support her helpless mother not covered by the cloak of disease? Why is not the theft of potatoes by a poor woman on the east side not the result of a disease aiide from tbat^known as starvation? Kleptomania in inelegant detective technique .is "shoplifting" and "hoisting." If Kleptomania were dropped out of the vocabulary and plain shoplifting or stealing substituted there might be fewer cases like that reportfcd in our news colutana. PEUSONAli POINTS. The earl of Rosebery, doubtless Great Britain's most eligible widower, wears his face smooth and I6oks more like a decorous young curate than the political and social personage he uhdoubtedly is. * * * England's representative at the Behring Sea conference in Washington, Sir George Baden Powell, is a pronounced free-trader. As an author in the economic field he has made his mark. , * * * An irreverent critia is said to have shocked Mr. Augustin Daly greatly by observing of Baron D'Eyne.court's recent sylvan drama: "Tennyson is in no sense a Sardou. Nor, for the matter of that, ie he a sardine." * * * Mr. Thomas Hardy's fame as a novelist is now so thoroughly established that it can do him no harm to let his American admirers know that he once devoted his pen and his talents entirely to poetry. Mr Hardy's poems would now bring high prices beyond a question, whatever their intrinsic merits. The commercial value of a literary composition has very little relation to its actual worth. But—shall it be said?—ho once burnei the whole budget? Lucy Hooper writes from Paris that Mrs. Deacon was not a very sympathetic person to the world at large. She was in no way brilliant or intellectual, but she made up for the absence of these qualities by being very snobbish and very vsin. She had but little to say and.said it at some length But society pronounced her desirable, and society's dictum could not be gainsaid. HI*" Strength Will bo Utilized. JOLIET, 111., March 31.—ri)r. Mo- Adams, the Gardener bank burglar, was delivered at tbe penitentiary yesterday. This morning ho %vas located in the kitchen under dipt. Host, where his strong physical make-up will'be utilized as porter in duties that none but strong- men coultl undergo. When searched and measured he was proclaimed a Goliah among the Philistines. ' •' • She Is Converted Again. ROCKFOUD, 111., March 31.—Mrs. Medora Kinneban, who raised such, a racket in the Westminister Presbyterian church several years ago by announcing at prayer meeting that she had been converted to the belief of George Jacob Sclwomfurth, has repented and stirrcdcup another sensation by applying for reinstatement. British Comininsloucr at Homo. LONDON, March 31.—Sir George Baclen Powell, the British Bering sea commissioner, sirrivecl at Queenstown from New York on the Inmnnline steamer City of New York. Sir George states that he has all along had absolute confidence that the Bering sea troubles would be amicably settled. . Portugal's Ministers Disagreeing, LONDON, March 31.—The Lisbon correspondent of the Times telegraphs as follows: "The minister of public works intends to resign owing to a difference of opinion with the premier, who desires, in order to oblige France, to annul the contract of an English company to lay the Azores cable in favor of the French syndicate." Iff. do Glers Not Yet Out of Danger. ST. PETERSBURG, March 21.—M. de Oiers, the foreign minister, who is suffering from an attack of erysipelas, is not yet out of danger. His illness is aggravated by a painful ulcer. From the City of Urotherly Love. PHILADELPHIA, Pa., March 31.—Additional contributions received by Drexel & Co., traasurers of the llussian famine relief fund, make-the grand total 8116,267. Maryland's Oldest Judge Is Dead. BALTIMORE, March 31.—Judge Peter Wooa Grain, Maryland's oldest Judge, Is dead, Judge Grain was for many years nrominent in Maryland politics. The Only One Evsr Printed—Can Too Find the Word T There is a 3-lneli display advertisement la this paper this week which has no two words! alike except one word. The same IB true of each new one appearing eaeli week from The Dr. Hnrter Medicine Co. This house places a "Crescent" on everything tlicy make and publish. Look for it, Bend them the name of the word, and tlioy will return you BOOK, BBAUTIVUI. i.raioaiui'iis or BAHPLBS BUBS. "Checked your grip yet?" asked the giraffe. ''Didn't have to," 'replied the elephant. "I have U in uiy trunk." lllU 1-HllltH. "Tlio pleasant effect nnd pufect safety with which Indies may use the California liquid laxative Syrup of, Fiffs, under all conditions, makes it their favorite remedy. To get tho true and genuine article, look for the name of the California Fig Syrup Co., printed near the bottom of the package. Whether or not a cheap coat makes a cheap man, there Is no Question a sealskin eacque becomes a dear girl. Bewftr*'"'< OlntmtTufr for Catarrh tbat Contain Mercury, Aa mercury 'Will surely destroy the eenae of Bmell aud completely derange the whole system u lieu entering U through the mucous surfoooa Such articles should never be used except on prescriptions from reputable physicians, as tho damage they will do is tenfold to the food you eau possibly derive from them. Hall's Catarrh Cure, manufactured by F. J. Cheney & Co., To- • leap, o., contains no mercury, and ft taken in«[?_ d .«?«! «Ure?My"upon the btoodand BKECHXM'S FILLS are not a n£w remedy. They have been used In Europe for SO years, all well tested and excellent. Teacher— "What is faith f" Dick Boy— "That which enables folks to enjoy eating elain chowder." FOR THROAT DISEASES, COUGHS, COLDS, etc., effectual relief is found in the use of "Brown's Bronchial Troche*." Price 25 cents. Sold only in boxes. "Does your wife always get tho last word?" "No; she hasn't any last word. She never stops." Charity may begin at home, but It Is wiser for subscription-seekers to call at a business office. A Brilliant Dlseorery tn Dematolorf • It it said that superfluous hair can b« per. inanently removed without pain. An Interesting and valuable discovery has recently been made by John H. Woodbury, of 125 West 42ud street, New York City. It is a remedy for the permanent removal of superfluous hair, consisting: of a fluid which U applied to the hair follicle by means of an electric needle. It ia designed to be used by patients at their homes, and is said to be fully as effectual as electricity. Full particulars In reference to this valuable remedy, are found in a little book of 128 pages, which is sent to any address for 10 cents, on application to the discoverer. Smythe—"These mugwumps would make poor bridegrooms." Tompkius—"Why so?" Bmythe—"The're always expecting the best man to win." THB LUNGS Ann STUAINBD AND RACKED by a persistent Cough, tho general strength wasted, and an Incurable complaint often established thereby. Dr. D. Jayno's Expeo- toraut Is an effective remedy for Coughs and Colds, and exerts a beneficial effect on the Pulmonary and Bronchial organs. There are too many people who would like to go to heaven If they could take tho devil with them. TA.CKLH A.N OBSTINATH Couon OB COLD with ELLLB'B HONET OT HOUEIIOUND AND TAB. PIKE'S TOOTBAOHB DBOFB Car* In one Minute. The rain falls upon the Just, but not upon the unjust who has stolen the umbrella of the former. IMnrto to JLook T,lk« Now. Dresses, Gent's Clothing, Fouthura, Gloves, etc., Dyed' 1 or Cleaned, Plush Gnrmeitls Steamed, at'Otto Pielch's Dye Works, 210 W. Water St., Milwaukee. Scud for circular. "I wouldn't mind my wife's having the last word," said Mr. Meekins, "if she would only hurry up and get to It." ANT book in "Surprise Series," (best un. tliors), 25 cent novels, about 200 pages each, scut 1'rec, postpaid, by Cragln & Co., of Philadelphia, Pa., on receipt of 20 wrappers of Dobbins' Electric Soap. Send 1 cent for catalogue. Tho world Is full of men so engaged in saying "Amen" that they fail to see tho contribution basket. Ma J. H. ESTILI,, President MorninR News Co., Savannah, ,Gu., says: A member of my family who has boon a martyr to noural'-'lc headaclios for twenty years, has found In Bradycrotlno ah infallible remedy. Of all Druggists; Fifty cents. Before the cause of consumption was known (that was only a few years ago) we did not know how Scott's Emulsion of cod-liver oil did so much good in consumption and in the conditions that lead to consumption. The explanation is interesting. We send it free in a book on CAREFUL LIVING. SCOTT & BOWHB, Chemisti, i ja South s th Avenue, Your druggist keeps Scou's Emulsion of cod-liver oil—all druggiiti everywhere do. $i. MAS AI AgttlAL 8AU OF 8.000 TMB. The explosion of a bomb Is not more sudden or unlocked for than the attack of some malignant disease -which would not occur were the blood in order. To impure blood is duo a great variety of ills that make life a burden. All the year round, you may rely noon Dr. Pierce'a Golden Medical Discovery to purify tho blood and invigorate the system. It's not like the Barsaparillas, that are said to bo good for tho blood in March, April and May. Tho "Discovery" works equally well at all times, and in all cases of blood-taints, or humors, no matter what their name or nature. It's tho cheapest blood-purifier, sold through druggists, because you only pay for the good you get. Your money is returned if it doesn't benefit or cure you. Can you ask more? "Is lifo worth living?" "That depends on tho liver" Dr. Pieroe's Pellets are tho best Liver Pills. A I J crr«ct Sin-cos*, VU The Rev. A. Antolne of Ilofuglo, Tex., writes: As far aa I am ablo to judge, I think ranter Koenlg'a Nerve Ton!o is a perfect suocosa for any ono who has Buffered from a most painful nervousness as I did. I feel like my soil again after taking the Tonic. WBST SIDE, Iowa, Oct. 4,1890. ' I was suffering from nervousness, brought on oy overwork, for nbout three years. I could not Bleep nights, I could not •work, and my memory got Impaired; I commenced using Pastor Koonlg'u Norvo Tonic, and, after (<(viiig it a trial, 1. foel much bolter, my sleop has returned, and I ivm every way wojl pleaflod with its effect on me, THOMAS DOWL1NQ. WoODSIDB.'Mlnn., Nov. 27,1890. Pastor Enonlg'a Norvo Tonic cured mo of 'heart trembling" and "swimming in tho head." ANU1UCW JAN6JGN, i—A VnlunWo ISoolt on Korvons DlBcusoM sent i'roo to any addrenu, anil poor patients can also obtain this iiiocllciuo free of dial-go. This remedy ban boon prepared by tho Reverend Pastor KoenlK, of Fort Wayne, Ind., eiiico 187G, and Is now prepared undorhls direction by tho KOENIC MED. CO., Chicago, III. Sold by Druggists at 81 per Bottle. C for $5, Jtorge Size.JB1.75. 6 Bottles for SO. FREE v tw iar ^rr <w ^^ ^r ^f ^w • If you have no appetite, Indigestion, )l>'liitulenco, Kick-Ueiuliicho, "all l-uiil down" or losing ilcsli, talco ,BB& on 5 B B"" iHttsnny p They tono up tho weak stomach nnd ( build up tho Hugging energies, JSfie. SIB BENHT Tnoursox, the most noted physician of England, Bays tbat more tuan half of all diseases come fron errors in diet Send for Free Sample of Garfleld Tea to 819 West I 15th Street, New York City. I Ovor- •c o me a ^^ _,_. _.. reuulu VM of bad eatlng;carea Sick Headache; [Toa;careBCon«tlpatloi>. RELIEVES all Stomach Dl^treaa. REMOVES Nausea, Sense of 7aIla«P\ CONOKSTJON, PAIN. REVIVES FAILING ENERGY. RESTORES Normal Circulation. GOt WARMS TO TOE TIPS. OR. HAHTEH MEDICINE CO.. St, Louis, ••; **»*<>* *«»**»*oe« •«•»•>•••<>••••••••.. J >«EBfe, R1PANS TABULES regulat«! S 1 "-' ytoiiiut-h, liver and Tiowela, purl- , ,? ,'° l'lo°<l, are Baro and effectual ;, Hie heat medicine known for uUiouiH ness, constipation, dyspepsia, fouli breath, headacho.meulaf depresBlon, i I" 1 '"'''! digestion, bad compleilon. i and all dUeasea caused by failure ot* , tu » Btomouh, Hvec or bowels to p«r-J • form tnclr proper function*. Persons given to orer- f are uenellted by taking one after each meal f le. 16c. At PniKKlsta, or sent by malL I OOT. loTpruee^ "New York:} • HI . OAL jFotoreaComplezl - ........ relief, nnd la an INFALLIBLE CU1US for P1LEB. Price, $1; at druggists or by mail. Baronlpa free. Addresa "ANAKESIS," BoiMlfi, NliW You* Urn. FAT FCUS RESUQiED | airs. Allos Maple, Oregon, Mo., write* I \ Ul J.J"Mr«eightwasaaipouBds,BOwltlsU$ • rcdootlon of 12S Ibs." For olroulars address, with to- P». OWJ JINYBES. MsTick.r> Toeatn, Ohl«a««, £GC PILES Itemeily Free. Iimturit ltell«f. Final cure iu 10 daya. Never returnflj no purge; no salve; nonuppoiiltorr. Arictlin [Q every remedy has uiuoovered a aimiile care ,which he will mull free to his fellow eufleroru. tried in vuin every remedy haa mull free to . Address J. H, REEVES, bo^i 8200, New York City, N. Y. Patents!; ; Pensions! Bend for Inventor's Guide or How to Obtain a Patent. Send for Digest of fnitlonund Bounty I.uiv«. O'Vnrrtl, Wnklilngtoii, b. €. Morphine Jlablt Cured In 1O to20dHjti. Tiojiay till cured, DR. J, STEPHENS. Lebanon.Ohio, , THE POSITIVE CURE. ^iS^l I KI.Y BUOTURR8. 80 Warren St., New y«rb. Prltio 00 ota.iSr^^-^r l >2s! CHEAPER THAN BARB WIRE. m ™t£S^™> HARTMAN L«f_fW!,?* : "August Flower" " I am happy to state to you and to suffering humanity, that my wife has used your wonderful remedy, 1 August Flower, for sick headache and palpitation of the heart, with satisfactory results. For several year* she has been a great sufferer, has been under the treatment of eminent physicians in this city and Boston, and found little relief. She was in* duced to try August Flower, which, gave immcdaite relief. We cannot say to much for it" I* C, Frost, Springfield, Mass. « ou -'acv It Onrei Cold* Oonitli*, 8or« Throat. Oral Influenza, Whooping Couu'li, Bronchitis i A • thin n. A certain euro for Conmnnptlon In f Itanei, and a Bnrn relief In advanced stave* at once. YOU will BOO the excellent effSot a MdnKthe first clo.e. Bold by d.Jtm .Vfrnrt Ltrat bottleu, to tent* uid 11*0. SUN DOGS. During the past week the West has been visited .with a peculiar appearance in the sky known as "sun dogs." In some places beautiful solar IM]os were observed, and at night a cross has been seen on the moon. These halos are caused by the reflection of the sunlight through crystals of ice or snow float" ing in the upper atmosphere. They were the immediate result of the blizzard from the norbhwest. _ A great many people are superstitious enough to think that they portend some dreadful calamity. The only thing they give warnings or' is this: They indicate cold \vciiLlior, ;ind we should therefore be cfirul'iil about taking cold. When we do hike cold we should take REID'S GERMAN COUGH AND KIDNEY CURE und be speedily cured. This great remedy is the best thing in the world for every form of lung trouble. If your druggist will not order it for you, write to us. Small bottles 25c., large ones 50 cents. SYLVAN RKIIEDY Co., Peoria, HI t>j return mall,' full detorl|illT< circular, cf HOODT'SNew »d MOODY'B IMPROVED l TAILOR SYSTEMS of Drcll Gutting. D«10 dau. Any ltd ~ OOLD MBPAL, PARIS, 18?a W. BAKEE & CO.'S Breakfast Cocoa from which the (xccti of oil f ha> been removed, * f* abiolutely pure and it it soluble. No Chemicals are uied la Its preparation. It hai mort than thrtt limit tfu ttrtngth of Coco* mixed with Starch, Arrowroot or Bugu, and la therefore far more *eo- L nomlcal, editing leu Man ant Ictntacup, Itlidellclom,noar- ' Ishlng, itrengthenlng, IABILT and admirably adapted for invalid* u well ai for peraopi In health. Sold by Orocerijererynhere. W.BAggB & CO., Dorchester, MaM,' WEIGHT, SEVEN POUNDS. Pretty llsht-,-but rou know Baby will prow, dad before long wlllnexl a carriage. Woll.wofcrs making thoujandi of coaoliei every year, u veil M bicycles, and 11, you are looking for a] gopd lubitantial car>| rlage, Bond to ug for price? and Btylei. We art also manufacturing Reclining Chulri. Invalid Kolliug Cunlri, Itdtrlf- cratora, Dc«ka, oto. Liberal illacuunta ana apodal inducement! »rr - -•»•! given to tliotrauo. Namo goods wanted and Catalogue will bo forwarded. I,VBUBG MANfFACTOBlSa C0. r . ', 811-323-3:43 No. Sib tit., Illuxtritt eU I'ubllculluiiB, JUAFU, itesurlliun' Uluuuuotit North Dakota, Montana. Idaho, WauhiuKtou andUreKon, th« Fres) I 1 B - • Tf •VOU'UMWU *UU ^yiOKUIli t/iV , •••**• (jovenuueut iiuU CUKAl Northern I hMh Pacific R. R LHnU aV, Qra?l.u».W3.;Rmberi fr.A d . 1 Bubt Agricultural, now open to (111. I. UMBOII. to settlors. Maile $125.00 » HV i m* KriuiuHjii (j JOHN 0. BUINO & CO., e .U DI .... EDe ., . st.Paul.Minn. SAMPLES FREE! m^v WtVi,^**.r»,'jB

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